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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
replicatf(sfnet) replicatf Private Transformie Server by phoenix, lite ves... DOWNLOAD
plataformaudap(sfnet) plataformaudap Software de recopilación de datos basado en Fil... DOWNLOAD
dupradar(sfnet) dupRadar dupRadar consists of a java counting tool and ... DOWNLOAD
fastmedianfilt(sfnet) Fast Median Filter A fast Median filter, developed to support my P... DOWNLOAD
xswag(sfnet) Extended SourceWare Archive Group XSWAG (Extended SourceWare Archive Group) is a ... DOWNLOAD
onlyfortest(sfnet) onlyfortest This is a simple page, DOWNLOAD
skrupelxtension(sfnet) skrupelxtension Various extensions and add-on's for the browser... DOWNLOAD
graficosao(sfnet) graficosao ... DOWNLOAD
excelwrapper(sfnet) excelwrapper .NET Excel wrapper make it easier for you to au... DOWNLOAD
satuu(sfnet) satuu test create project to our team use svn. DOWNLOAD
nexusphp(sfnet) nexusphp BitTorrent private tracker scripts written in P... DOWNLOAD
javainetlocator(sfnet) Java IP (InetAddress) Locator Java and ColdFusion libraries to lookup country... DOWNLOAD
oracle-magpie(sfnet) oracle-magpie Oracle-magpie is a class library for calling or... DOWNLOAD
weblate(freshmeat) Weblate Weblate is a Web-based translation tool with ti... DOWNLOAD
shinrai(sfnet) shinrai Shinrai is a password manager. Nowadays, access... DOWNLOAD
joomlacaptcha(sfnet) joomlacaptcha Custom Form Captcha For all components This i... DOWNLOAD
toshibajtoffopn(sfnet) toshibajtoffopn A little document file explorer and viewer laun... DOWNLOAD
cogtriangles(sfnet) cogtriangles Software for making Clusters of Orthologous Gro... DOWNLOAD
korreio(sfnet) Korreio Korreio is GUI to mail systems management based... DOWNLOAD
love-calculator(sfnet) Love Calculator This love calculator is program that calculates... DOWNLOAD
scrogson-test(sfnet) scrogson-test Move along. Nothing to see here. DOWNLOAD
txter(sfnet) Txrt DOWNLOAD
rsbotscripting(sfnet) rsbotscripting credit to who ever im just posting to help peop... DOWNLOAD
libuio(sfnet) libuio libuio is a light-wight C programming library t... DOWNLOAD
hgefordelphi(sfnet) hgefordelphi This Sprite Game Framework Engine is a collecti... DOWNLOAD
supersoup(sfnet) supersoup Redcode evolver. Uses a "soup" of war... DOWNLOAD
chocoada(freshmeat) chocoada Chocoada is an Ada to lisp translator/compiler. DOWNLOAD
remote-ssh-access(freshmeat) remote-ssh-access remote-ssh-access is an application for creatin... DOWNLOAD
bilderupload(sfnet) Bilderupload "Bilderupload" ist ein Projekt für ei... DOWNLOAD
rt-thread-rtos(freshmeat) RT-Thread RTOS RT-Thread RTOS is a real-time operating system ... DOWNLOAD
genparse(freshmeat) Genparse Genparse is a generic command line parser gener... DOWNLOAD
ofed-2(freshmeat) oFEd oFEd is a simple desktop application allowing y... DOWNLOAD
pyclips(sfnet) PyCLIPS Python Module Python module to interface the CLIPS expert sys... DOWNLOAD
fastpng(sfnet) fastpng Fast Java PNG Decoder originally written by Mat... DOWNLOAD
nessus-xmlrpc(freshmeat) nessus-xmlrpc nessus-xmlrpc is a Ruby library for the Nessus ... DOWNLOAD
ippolice(sfnet) ippolice ippolice is linux iptables based firewall with ... DOWNLOAD
bcparadoxplug(sfnet) bcParadox Plug-ins Revolver- automatic filter which follows the am... DOWNLOAD
moodlequestionparser(sfnet) Moodle Question Parser A projekt célja, hogy létrehozzon egy olyan seg... DOWNLOAD
rootannotator(sfnet) RootAnnotator RootAnnotator computes root posterior probabili... DOWNLOAD
dbxquery(sfnet) Relational XQuery Abacus Technologies Relational XQuery is an XQJ... DOWNLOAD
dnddmsuite4e(sfnet) D&D DM Suite 4E A combat tracking tool for 4th Edition Dungeons... DOWNLOAD
gtkproj(sfnet) gtkProj DOWNLOAD
jll(sfnet) jll Trabalho II de Técnicas de Programação DOWNLOAD
cabalhelper(sfnet) Cabal Helper Site de ajuda a jogadores de Cabal Online Brasi... DOWNLOAD
justlock(sfnet) Just Lock Now you can lock your important files with Just... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-obscure-text-cla(freshmeat) Wolf Software Obscure Text Class Wolf Software Obscure Text Class is a simple cl... DOWNLOAD
asklost(sfnet) Social Tagging Tool for Learning Objects Social Tagging Tool for Learning Objects is a w... DOWNLOAD
prestashopmodulepaypalfee(sfnet) Prestashop Module Paypal + FEE_PS14 - 15 Module Paypal Extra Fee Description PayPal pay... DOWNLOAD
fnpsystem(sfnet) fnpsystem Técnicas de Programação - Trabalho Final DOWNLOAD
prenotazioni(sfnet) prenotazioni Gestisci le prenotazioni dal tuo sito DOWNLOAD
mameow(sfnet) Cat Speaking Cat Speaking For Android DOWNLOAD
phpbb3napoli(sfnet) Napoli Forum Napoli is a free forum software, which based on... DOWNLOAD
androiddrawview(sfnet) Android DrawView This project is now hosted on GitHub -- https:/... DOWNLOAD
personalmenu(sfnet) Personal Menu Swing menu generator application for personal use. DOWNLOAD
kukki(sfnet) kukki kukki is a white label professional publishing ... DOWNLOAD
cse484lab3(sfnet) cse484lab3 Lab 3 for CSE 484 at the UW DOWNLOAD
shmap(sfnet) shmap Library that contains a collection of different... DOWNLOAD
ntail(sfnet) ntail Ntail is a small-scale business application fra... DOWNLOAD
pdfebookcutter(sfnet) PdfEbookCutter PdfEbookCutter is a cutter program for pdf file... DOWNLOAD
prosaic(sfnet) A test project First test project on sf DOWNLOAD
dvienc(sfnet) dvienc The dvi_enc is an example of implementation to ... DOWNLOAD
scumgun(sfnet) SCUMgun STL file of SCUMgun, a monument to Valerie Solanas DOWNLOAD
fci-cu-calculat(sfnet) FCI-CU-Calculator my first project is calculator . thanks DOWNLOAD
emp2p(sfnet) Etile Meat P2P Etile Meat P2P (Programmer 2 Programmer) will b... DOWNLOAD
projectweed(sfnet) projectweed weed wallpaper, weed dock, weed icons DOWNLOAD
yggdrasildream(sfnet) yggdrasildream Platformer built using Construct. Will update ... DOWNLOAD
win4chanchaser(sfnet) win4chanchaser 4chanChaser is a Windows tool that will monitor... DOWNLOAD
javagooglealertsapi(sfnet) Java Google Alerts API Java Google Alerts API provides you with a ligh... DOWNLOAD
distme(sfnet) DistMe DOWNLOAD
aliyunas(sfnet) aliyunAS DOWNLOAD
splmetrics(sfnet) SPL Metrics Tool for calculating source code metrics in Sof... DOWNLOAD
winscplite(sfnet) WinSCPLite WinSCP Lite is a Windows installer for WinSCP w... DOWNLOAD
anteclipse(sfnet) Ant Eclipse Tasks Ant Tasks for Eclipse. DOWNLOAD
owlspeak(sfnet) OwlSpeak OwlSpeak is an ontology-based spoken dialogue m... DOWNLOAD
fat4pic(sfnet) FAT filesystem for PIC This project aims to provide (initially) read a... DOWNLOAD
mpjtau(sfnet) mpjtau project for Profiling MPJ Express Programs DOWNLOAD
dvbtools(sfnet) DVB tools A set of command-line tools for DVB cards such ... DOWNLOAD
datadraw(sfnet) DataDraw DataDraw is a feature rich database generator f... DOWNLOAD
formps(sfnet) 4mps 4mps is a Xoops-addon team dedicated to the enh... DOWNLOAD
jword(sfnet) Globalleafs Java Editor We are developing "Globalleafs JWord"... DOWNLOAD
jptc(sfnet) Java Performance TestClient JPTC is a tool for testing the performance of J... DOWNLOAD
sleepjava(sfnet) SLEEP - Scripting Language for Java SLEEP is the Simple Language for Environment Ex... DOWNLOAD
trpconnect(sfnet) Thompson River Project upload tool TrpConnect is a Common Lisp program for uploadi... DOWNLOAD
rtsshooter(sfnet) RTS Space Shooter This is an RTS space shooter kind of game (as s... DOWNLOAD
ksgen(sfnet) ksgen - RHL kickstart generator ksgen is a kickstart generator, implemented in ... DOWNLOAD
golem-amiga(sfnet) Golem-Amiga - Program finansowo ksiegowy Golem is Amiga bussines software targetted for ... DOWNLOAD
libayq(sfnet) libayq (To pronounce, just say the letter: AAY WHY QUE... DOWNLOAD
tbvkanseigoal(sfnet) Free Tvm for TestBuilder They are made by The TestBuilder C++ class libr... DOWNLOAD
tamvats(sfnet) Chris Hannam To create a quick but detailed analysis of web ... DOWNLOAD
stones(sfnet) Stones Stones is a native Cocoa-Mac OS X full-featured... DOWNLOAD
pluk(sfnet) The Pluk programming language Pluk is a programming language. Something i am ... DOWNLOAD
controlpanelwit(sfnet) Control panel with a new OS L'objectif est de pouvoir utiliser le control p... DOWNLOAD
samchess(sfnet) samchess A chess application written in Java. Currently ... DOWNLOAD
microes(sfnet) microes open source DOWNLOAD
jbackupfw(sfnet) jBackup Framework jBackup Framework is very simple and easy to us... DOWNLOAD
unrealrealm(sfnet) UnrealRealm UnrealRealm Is a Game Made by me DOWNLOAD
airreceiver(freshmeat) AirReceiver AirReceiver is a software implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
mademoiselleent(sfnet) mademoiselleent description: DOWNLOAD
estclean(sfnet) estclean Universal Clean Software Package for Next Gener... DOWNLOAD
asmlight(sfnet) ASM Light ASM Light is an IDE for NASM and in the future ... DOWNLOAD

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