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deeppacketinsp(sfnet) Deep packet inspection using CBE Deep packet inspection is a tool for detecting ... DOWNLOAD
live555mp4(sfnet) live555mp4 This Project aims at enhancing the Live 555 Med... DOWNLOAD
project3b(sfnet) project3b Study of IO behaviour under virtualization. Des... DOWNLOAD
libtaskq(sfnet) libtaskq This project is an userland library implementat... DOWNLOAD
rootanthraxr(sfnet) rootanthraxr We designed this project to make work easier fo... DOWNLOAD
pyrevu(sfnet) pyrevu Python module for RAMS weather forecast model (... DOWNLOAD
snakeng(sfnet) Snake New Generation Funny multiplayer version of the SNAKE game usi... DOWNLOAD
key(sfnet) Key - a Java MOO / talker Key is a multi-user Java based operating system... DOWNLOAD
simplexengine(sfnet) simplexengine a 3D game development framework base on Microso... DOWNLOAD
bouncethis(sfnet) BounceThis IRC proxy server BounceThis is an IRC proxy server written in C ... DOWNLOAD
x3270man(sfnet) x3270man A little program (GUI) created to automate, man... DOWNLOAD
dynamicquerygen(sfnet) dynamicquerygen DQGen is a framework to generate dynamic sql qu... DOWNLOAD
mathflashcards(sfnet) Math Flash Cards A simple java application that will quiz the us... DOWNLOAD
striplinecalc(sfnet) striplinecalc program to calculate stripline's parameters DOWNLOAD
rhinounit(sfnet) rhinounit Unit Test for JavaScript on Rhino DOWNLOAD
rpxml(sfnet) rpxml A fast XML pull-parser with constant buffer siz... DOWNLOAD
mabiost(sfnet) Mabi OST DOWNLOAD
bootstrap3wp(sfnet) bootstrap3wp bootstrap 3 theme for wp DOWNLOAD
netpac(sfnet) NetPac Pacman clone that lets you play on a network. DOWNLOAD
yahoum(sfnet) yahoum the yahoum project for wow DOWNLOAD
mercurytest(sfnet) Mercury Test Framework Test Automation Framework for Mercury language.... DOWNLOAD
postaholics(sfnet) Postaholics A test of effects on a open Website DOWNLOAD
krinakb(sfnet) krinakb Personal knowledge base utility system. This al... DOWNLOAD
gematria(sfnet) gematria Small command line utility to display gematria ... DOWNLOAD
geobox(sfnet) GEOBOX A GIS Virtual Machine DOWNLOAD
recipepress(sfnet) recipepress Recipe Press is a Wordpress Plugin that allows ... DOWNLOAD
phpwebcamvideorecorder(sfnet) PHP Webcam Video Recorder The VideoWhisper Video Recorder allows site use... DOWNLOAD
beam(freshmeat) BEAM BEAM is a toolbox and development platform for ... DOWNLOAD
addictedhs1(sfnet) AddictedHS by zVictOrHz Todo referente al Clan AddictedHS, y sus pogramas DOWNLOAD
elric(sfnet) Elric, Spawn of Elric Elric is a 3D engine (and gui) for .NET 2.0 tha... DOWNLOAD
trivbot(sfnet) trivbot Trivbot is a a multilingual quiz/trivia bot for... DOWNLOAD
blackedboard(sfnet) BlackedBoard for use with all types DOWNLOAD
caemos(sfnet) caemos A free CMS simple and configurable. DOWNLOAD
faile(sfnet) Faile Faile is a free chess program which plays a fai... DOWNLOAD
librenms(freshmeat) LibreNMS LibreNMS is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL-based ... DOWNLOAD
osnug10(sfnet) osnug10 This is the public release of code for the Syno... DOWNLOAD
its-sounder(sfnet) its-sounder This is an implementation of a PN-sequence base... DOWNLOAD
kxmlrpc(sfnet) XML-RPC for Java ME kXML-RPC is a Java ME (J2ME) implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
templateblocks(sfnet) Template Blocks A visual template engine that can help you visu... DOWNLOAD
tabcss(sfnet) tabcss sample css file for my site DOWNLOAD
zjzengdongyang(sfnet) zjzengdongyang 东阳建站 DOWNLOAD
terraria-zapinator-mod(sfnet) Terraria Zapinator Mod DOWNLOAD
asm48(sfnet) 8048 cross assembler A cross assembler for the ubiquitous Intel(tm) ... DOWNLOAD
mac3dec(sfnet) mAC3dec Decodes AC-3 audio from DVDs, or QuickTime audi... DOWNLOAD
teste08-03(sfnet) teste DOWNLOAD
teachershelper(sfnet) Teachers Helper Teachers Helper will help any teacher plan, tra... DOWNLOAD
csdbase(sfnet) csdbase A simple DBMS made for academic purposes / use ... DOWNLOAD
memdaily(sfnet) My Every Move Daily My Every Move Daily - Gallery DOWNLOAD
smtp2sms(sfnet) SMTP2SMS (India) SMTP2SMS is a SMS client for sending SMS to the... DOWNLOAD
yama86(sfnet) yama86 Dbc et Maps pour serveur WoW. DOWNLOAD
visionloc(sfnet) VisionLoc Vision algorithm for the localization of robots... DOWNLOAD
sinc(sfnet) SINC (SINC Is Not Cron) SINC (SINC Is Not Cron) is designed to be a fre... DOWNLOAD
mety(sfnet) Mety Mety is a non-relational database system DOWNLOAD
cycloneloop(sfnet) cycloneloop Cyclone is a powerful music application that ha... DOWNLOAD
netrisv2(sfnet) netrisv2 Netris is a free, open source, Tetris™ clone wr... DOWNLOAD
allcodecsmplay(sfnet) allcodecsmplayer Codecs Rmvb, Xvid, Divx para Debian Lenny, Ubun... DOWNLOAD
libbook(sfnet) libbook This Lotus Notes-application is easy groupware ... DOWNLOAD
trippin(sfnet) trippin 19050 - Games Development Group Project. The ga... DOWNLOAD
openswot(sfnet) openswot openSWOT is a web based SWOT tool, which allows... DOWNLOAD
bouncer-xbox(sfnet) BouncerX BouncerX is a homebrew game being developed for... DOWNLOAD
militarycraft(sfnet) MilitaryCraft This is a new all out war mod being developed f... DOWNLOAD
incapablesencry(sfnet) Incapable's encryptor 2.0 An encryption library written in C# on .net 2.0... DOWNLOAD
sculptwordpresstheme(sfnet) Sculpt WordPress Theme This theme was created from Sculpt and Undersco... DOWNLOAD
delta-gdk(sfnet) Delta Delta is a cross-platform game development kit,... DOWNLOAD
mvnapp(sfnet) mvnapp DOWNLOAD
sufsolver(sfnet) sufsolver Very fast command line sudoku solver written in... DOWNLOAD
ontextractor(sfnet) OntoExtractor OntoExtractor is a way of building ontologies t... DOWNLOAD
shellcat(sfnet) shellcat shellcat is a template processor, which uses sh... DOWNLOAD
youtubegallery(sfnet) youtubeGallery show youtube's user playlist using classic asp DOWNLOAD
nukeevolution(sfnet) PHPNuke-Evolution A PHPNuke based CMS with added security, functi... DOWNLOAD
jberries(sfnet) JBerries JBerries is a lightweight Java development envi... DOWNLOAD
vlcmediaplayer(sfnet) VLC mediaplayer VLC est un lecteur multimédia gratuit et libre ... DOWNLOAD
canvasfrostedgl(sfnet) Canvas Frosted Glass A small JavaScript class to emulate the "f... DOWNLOAD
fassispeak(sfnet) fassispeak FassiSpeak é um programa feito para complementa... DOWNLOAD
shot-change(sfnet) Video shot change detector A simple DirectShow video shot change detector ... DOWNLOAD
cppluacorelib(sfnet) Cpp Lua Core Lib Library incapsulate lua state and give some add... DOWNLOAD
role-project(sfnet) ROLE The ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments... DOWNLOAD
tomtko(sfnet) tomtko Tomko,is a queue to manage land. Developed for ... DOWNLOAD
fiorinisoft(sfnet) Fiorini Software DOWNLOAD
q-play(sfnet) QPlay DOWNLOAD
cbench(sfnet) Cbench - Scalable Cluster Benchmarking Cbench is intended as a relatively straightforw... DOWNLOAD
extmail(sfnet) ExtMail a high performance webmail ExtMail is a flexible web based Mail User Agent... DOWNLOAD
codepaw(sfnet) CodePaw Program for auto generating main functions from... DOWNLOAD
ooomacros(sfnet) Macros OOoMacros is a repository for ma... DOWNLOAD
friendface(sfnet) friend face This website is a copy of facebook. We want to ... DOWNLOAD
xerie-mobile(sfnet) xerie-mobile Aplicación en JAVA de soporte diario ós disposi... DOWNLOAD
port-gpw2c(sfnet) port-gpw2c This is a simple porting of compiler "gp2c... DOWNLOAD
jackmaster(freshmeat) JackMaster JackMaster is a master-mixer for jackd that (un... DOWNLOAD
au3impact(sfnet) Au3Impact Au3Impact UDF use 3Impact game engine to blende... DOWNLOAD
zmanim(sfnet) zmanim Zmanim is a software package that computes zman... DOWNLOAD
barbarosa(sfnet) barbarosa this application is a new remote exploit in win... DOWNLOAD
tetribot(sfnet) TetriBot The goal of this project is to create an intell... DOWNLOAD
meuuu(sfnet) meuuu ,sd,f,mdfgm,fdmgfm,dfd,fsdfdgffdgfhgh DOWNLOAD
mygameproject(sfnet) mygameproject Welcome to the test page where u can test my ga... DOWNLOAD
dicciopia(sfnet) Dicciopia DOWNLOAD
fsu(sfnet) FSU Lib FSU Lib, un outil pour les développeurs Java qu... DOWNLOAD
lums(sfnet) LDAP User Management System An LDAP administration library written in PHP. ... DOWNLOAD
hantaogo(sfnet) hantaogo DOWNLOAD
jmeterforwindows(sfnet) JMeter for Windows This package install the tool JMeter on Microso... DOWNLOAD
myownsearchbox(sfnet) MyOwnSearchBox Führen Sie eine gezielte Suche im Web, indem Si... DOWNLOAD

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