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aq-ogc-services(sfnet) OpenGeospatial OGC NetCDF WCS Service OpenGeoSpatial Web Coverage Service 1.1.x for C... DOWNLOAD
anticensorship(sfnet) fact - forum anti-censorship tool This is a program written in perl, that monitor... DOWNLOAD
ulogipac(freshmeat) ulogipac ulogipac is a powerful IP traffic accounting to... DOWNLOAD
f3php-fat-free-framework(freshmeat) PHP Fat-Free Framework The PHP Fat-Free Framework makes it easy to bui... DOWNLOAD
optiflp(sfnet) optiflp An open access program for the optimisation of ... DOWNLOAD
ocdoctor(sfnet) ocdoctor The Ops Center Doctor is used to check requirem... DOWNLOAD
vpsproject(sfnet) Einstein OS Einstein OS adalah Distribusi GNU/Linux berbasi... DOWNLOAD
hibrefptbr(sfnet) Hibernate Reference PTBr Tradução para o português da documentação de re... DOWNLOAD
wekaoutlier(sfnet) weka outlier weka outlier is an implementation of outlier d... DOWNLOAD
datamatrix-dll(sfnet) DataMatrix dll DLL. Creates IEC16022 2D barcodes (aka DataMatr... DOWNLOAD
olive(sfnet) olive Sistema de informacion Nutricional - Olive. Des... DOWNLOAD
kekkainchi(sfnet) Kekkainchi Juego programado en fenix DOWNLOAD
quaggos(sfnet) quaggos quaggOS is an OSPF/BGP routing linux live distr... DOWNLOAD
msgchatcl(sfnet) Messenger CommandLine Client Project is about developing command line client... DOWNLOAD
jbosscc-needle(sfnet) Needle Needle is a lightweight framework for testing J... DOWNLOAD
mtracing(sfnet) mtracing Optical ray tracing library based on MATLAB env... DOWNLOAD
futuresx(sfnet) futuresx menawarka online mini DOWNLOAD
julisdeck(sfnet) zeon coverter 1.0 DOWNLOAD
makat(sfnet) makat It's a non-complicated free patch that allows y... DOWNLOAD
matrixsaver(sfnet) Matrix Screensaver The Matrix Screensaver is an animated screensav... DOWNLOAD
seos(sfnet) AVR-SOS It project is a simple operating system for AVR... DOWNLOAD
shadybank(sfnet) shadybank Im Shadrack Kioko, Kenyan in Nairobi. This onli... DOWNLOAD
antterm(sfnet) ANT-Term The ANT-Term cross platform terminal program su... DOWNLOAD
evolution-rs(sfnet) Evolution RS Update Version RS · Added New Data, Av... DOWNLOAD
regexerator(sfnet) regexerator A (really pretty) regular expression testing tool. DOWNLOAD
egogameeditor(sfnet) egogameeditor Scene editor based on OGRE Rendering technology DOWNLOAD
multilocusbarcoding(sfnet) multilocusbarcoding arthropod dna barcoding with multi locus or met... DOWNLOAD
perlftpclient(sfnet) perlftpclient This is a small FTP client written in Perl, it ... DOWNLOAD
gpressing(sfnet) gpressing La gestion informatique de votre Pressing DOWNLOAD
grub2rand(sfnet) grub2rand grub2rand is a perl script designed to change t... DOWNLOAD
droidtunes(sfnet) floatsync A tool to sync iTunes music with Android phones... DOWNLOAD
cryptoexchangeiwidget(sfnet) CryptoExchangeIWidget In order to use the CryptoExchangeIWidget, you ... DOWNLOAD
deutschwortrezitieren(sfnet) DeutschWortRezitieren DOWNLOAD
joda-convert(sfnet) joda-convert Small project providing conversions from Object... DOWNLOAD
automseat(sfnet) Linux multiseat automation This project will provide an application which ... DOWNLOAD
reposserver(sfnet) reposserver Repos Server is a set of tools for Subversion s... DOWNLOAD
rebeccaerbstoes(sfnet) rebeccaerbstoesser Current art gallery for Rebecca Erbstoesser DOWNLOAD
mirex(sfnet) MIREX MIREX (MapReduce Information Retrieval Experime... DOWNLOAD
suacomp(sfnet) suacomp library complementing the SUA (Subsystem for UN... DOWNLOAD
jhackbycordand(sfnet) jhackbycordand A library to manage address and process with ja... DOWNLOAD
getmarketdata(sfnet) Market Data Software used to get data from public services ... DOWNLOAD
jabb(sfnet) Java Application Building Blocks Reusable components for building Java applicati... DOWNLOAD
gjam(sfnet) gjam gjam is an attempt reimplement Classic jam(Perf... DOWNLOAD
kvtlensprofiles(sfnet) kvtlensprofiles Profiles for Nikon Lenses, created with Adobe L... DOWNLOAD
qmail-auditor(sfnet) qmail-auditor The mission of this project now is control traf... DOWNLOAD
sketchify(sfnet) Sketchify Sketchify is a creativity support tool that imp... DOWNLOAD
gestiondesocios(sfnet) Gestion de Socios Sistema Web para el control de socios de una In... DOWNLOAD
ghosttrap(sfnet) ghosttrap GhostTrap is a classic 3-in-a-row puzzle game (... DOWNLOAD
prioritylist(sfnet) priorityList Sistema para gerenciar as prioridades pessoal d... DOWNLOAD
xistrat(sfnet) xistrat The project is about turn-based, networked mult... DOWNLOAD
pigebox(freshmeat) PigeBox PigeBox is a complete solution to record contin... DOWNLOAD
modu-2(freshmeat) modu modu is a high-level toolkit for building datab... DOWNLOAD
dtdprune(freshmeat) DTDprune DTDprune performs external DTD simplification a... DOWNLOAD
tellu(freshmeat) Tellu Tellu is inventory management software that col... DOWNLOAD
pdfdownload(sfnet) pdfdownload PDF Download is a Firefox extension that improv... DOWNLOAD
teleporter(freshmeat) Teleporter Teleporter is a file transfer Web app designed ... DOWNLOAD
nswebengine(sfnet) NetStudio PHP Web engine Little but very fast and powerful easy to imple... DOWNLOAD
lm-list-movies(freshmeat) lm lm (list movies) is a command-line script that ... DOWNLOAD
pagework(freshmeat) PageWork PageWork is a wiki that focuses on fast content... DOWNLOAD
applogger(freshmeat) AppLogger AppLogger is a library that allows an applicati... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-templates-for-java-xml(freshmeat) Java XML XPath - Eclipse Templates Java XML XPath - Eclipse Templates is a set of ... DOWNLOAD
kanban-board(sfnet) Apex Simple Kanban Board Simple Kanban Board for Application Express. DOWNLOAD
jctalk(sfnet) jctalk This project is to develop an instant messaging... DOWNLOAD
shutdowner10(sfnet) shutdowner10 Download the application really easy, takes jus... DOWNLOAD
ywanes(sfnet) ywanes programas utilitarios - ywanes DOWNLOAD
solverls(sfnet) SolverLS Solver of linear system (opera widget) DOWNLOAD
ok678(sfnet) ok678 DOWNLOAD
nektek8(sfnet) nektek8 nektek8 is a new game DOWNLOAD
winaudittool(sfnet) winaudittool Simple Windows Audit Tool uses Microsoft Window... DOWNLOAD
jtchronograph(sfnet) jtchronograph A simple chronograph for Toshiba Jt and wince d... DOWNLOAD
nb-tostring(sfnet) nb-tostring toString(..) generator for java in Netbeans DOWNLOAD
beobachter(freshmeat) Beobachter Beobachter is a file monitor, usually used to w... DOWNLOAD
frakeos(sfnet) FrakeOS FrakeOS is a new OS developed by Charles Frake.... DOWNLOAD
openaz(sfnet) OpenAz Provide XACML capabilities to the general autho... DOWNLOAD
tagprint(sfnet) Baykit TagPrint TagPrint is a DOM serialization library. It pri... DOWNLOAD
miruna-asterisk(sfnet) Miruna Asterisk System Miruna Asterisk System is a PBX/Asterisk GNU/Li... DOWNLOAD
fcastone(sfnet) FcaStone FcaStone (named in analogy to "Rosetta Sto... DOWNLOAD
gofans-client(sfnet) GoFans Client The "GoFans Client" is a Javascript p... DOWNLOAD
winstats(sfnet) SysStats SysStats displays widgets on your windows deskt... DOWNLOAD
sockplugin(sfnet) sockplugin Firefox NSAPI plugin that implements sockets/pi... DOWNLOAD
qtillusions(sfnet) Illusions A multiplatform Image viewer that offers all th... DOWNLOAD
tunertools(sfnet) TunerTools This is an open source project for Honda tuning... DOWNLOAD
terraria-default-inis(sfnet) Terraria Default .ini's DOWNLOAD
xplosiongroupmanager(sfnet) XplosionGroupManager DOWNLOAD
preditor(sfnet) preditor PREditor is an advanced text editor for POV-Ray... DOWNLOAD
friendlybloke(sfnet) friendly bloke friendly bloke desktop application DOWNLOAD
mcconverter(sfnet) mcconverter A small project for a great converter. DOWNLOAD
usblinux(sfnet) usblinux Files and scripts to aid in setting up an emula... DOWNLOAD
speedybusiness(sfnet) speedybusiness Autenticador para Usuários do Speedy Business e... DOWNLOAD
motm(sfnet) Menace of the Mines Menace of the Mines is a fast-paced roguelike w... DOWNLOAD
edms-sgde(sfnet) edms-sgde The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS)... DOWNLOAD
car-calculator(sfnet) car calculator Console based application which should compile ... DOWNLOAD
openvacation(sfnet) openvacation OpenVacation it's a simple mail vacation softwa... DOWNLOAD
bitn(sfnet) BitN Class for working with variable length fields o... DOWNLOAD
agametemplate(sfnet) IrrSolid - GameFramework Very simple and stable C++ game framework. This... DOWNLOAD
calculadorajdm(sfnet) Calculadora JDM Calculadora aspirante a científica, desarrollad... DOWNLOAD
background(sfnet) Background Changing Application Windows Program : This program randomly selects... DOWNLOAD
ltcminteriwidget(sfnet) LTCMinterIWidget This iWidget supports the following LTC miners:... DOWNLOAD
wagon(sfnet) Wagon Card game for windows. Built on .Net and WPF. H... DOWNLOAD
javavideo(sfnet) javavideo jVideo is a collaborative desktop application, ... DOWNLOAD

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