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geomajas-rest-face(freshmeat) Geomajas REST face Geomajas REST face a face for the Geomajas mapp... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-static-security-plug-(freshmeat) Geomajas static security plug-in Geomajas static security plug-in is a security ... DOWNLOAD
libfastcounters(freshmeat) libfastcounters Libfastcounters is a C library to maintain coun... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-google-layer-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas Google layer plug-in Geomajas Google layer plug-in is a raster layer... DOWNLOAD
abserver(freshmeat) Address Book Server with Calendar Support Address Book Server allows you to share your co... DOWNLOAD
clone2fs(freshmeat) clone2fs Clone2fs copies an ext2/ext3 file system to ano... DOWNLOAD
scare(freshmeat) SCARE SCARE (Source Code Analysis Risk Evaluation) an... DOWNLOAD
stellar-forces(freshmeat) Stellar Forces Stellar Forces is a squad-level, turn based, mu... DOWNLOAD
alsa-modular-synthesizer(freshmeat) Alsa Modular Synthesizer AlsaModularSynth is a realtime modular synthesi... DOWNLOAD
gdvdslides(freshmeat) gdvdslides gdvdslides allows you to create a slideshow vid... DOWNLOAD
fulworx(freshmeat) Fulworx Fulworx is a REST framework that uses simple an... DOWNLOAD
adjector(freshmeat) Adjector Adjector is a lightweight, fast, and flexible, ... DOWNLOAD
pdflibraryv092b(sfnet) pdflibraryv092b A simple program to view your favorite pdf docu... DOWNLOAD
rpdbng(sfnet) Random PDBN Generator The random PDBN generator is a partially dynami... DOWNLOAD
windowi(sfnet) The windowi Library Library provides extended GUI controls manipula... DOWNLOAD
taxcloud4oscom(sfnet) taxcloud4oscom taxcloud integrate oscom DOWNLOAD
elisa(sfnet) elisa Elisa is an open C++ library for constraint pro... DOWNLOAD
conquestgame(sfnet) The World Conquest Console Game Draft deploy and attack. The early beta version... DOWNLOAD
webon(freshmeat) webon webon is a Web content management system. It pr... DOWNLOAD
thegate(sfnet) thegate Final Project for Team OOMPA in COMP3073 DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-sudoku-solver-cl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sudoku Solver Class Wolf Software Sudoku Solver Class is a complete... DOWNLOAD
tpcfan(sfnet) tpcfan Controlling fan speed for Think Pad DOWNLOAD
bash-on-rails(sfnet) Bash on Rails Bash on Rails is quote database engine (like ht... DOWNLOAD
w7lc(sfnet) w7lc A utility written in C# which allows windows 7 ... DOWNLOAD
pygsl(sfnet) pygsl A Python interface to the GSL library. The wrap... DOWNLOAD
osroad(sfnet) OSRoad OSRoad is a french web app to display road stat... DOWNLOAD
edtprojectv(sfnet) Project V Vibrant Project V Rom DOWNLOAD
fullonsms(sfnet) FullonSMS software This is a desktop client for to s... DOWNLOAD
carbonfive(sfnet) carbonfive This project serves as reposito... DOWNLOAD
tfs-logon(sfnet) one-click TFS logon for VS 9,10 Visual Studio does not remember TFS credentials... DOWNLOAD
pecanalysis(sfnet) PECA Protein Expression Control Analysis (PECA) is a... DOWNLOAD
gentil(sfnet) gentil Este programa serve para criar imagen (png) com... DOWNLOAD
dnabarcode(sfnet) dna-barcode Find and analyze barcodes in DNA sequence files DOWNLOAD
libaam-jack(sfnet) libaam-jack Jack Audio & MIDI support for energyXT2 DOWNLOAD
bcsfinawvideos(sfnet) BCS Learn Flash In A Week Video Viewer Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer. This applic... DOWNLOAD
lxlogo(sfnet) lxlogo - LOGO programming environment An interactive, X11-based "turtle" L... DOWNLOAD
dbfeeder(sfnet) DBFeeder With DBFeeder you can generate testdata for Ora... DOWNLOAD
wiser(freshmeat) WidgetServer WidgetServer is a Java/XML server-side GUI-fram... DOWNLOAD
slick36(sfnet) ROCMS A new web-based application to manage model roc... DOWNLOAD
mushrek(sfnet) mushrek MuOnline Season 5 Dedicate Server MuShrek Entre... DOWNLOAD
lilcritters(sfnet) Lil' Critters Simulation in very early alpha that tries to sh... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-library(sfnet) Eclipse Tapestry Tools An eclipse plugin to help tapestry developers. ... DOWNLOAD
gnucashportable(sfnet) GnuCash Portable GnuCash Portable provides a st... DOWNLOAD
codigofuenteitc(sfnet) Codigo Fuente ITC Diseño de Sitio Web basado en PHP, que maneja e... DOWNLOAD
dmcf(sfnet) Dynamic Management Control for WLAN DOWNLOAD
snakepopcap(sfnet) snake (PopCap framework) DOWNLOAD
gmpee(sfnet) GMPEE is a reality site for Medical workers... DOWNLOAD
legal-ip(sfnet) Legal IP Sobre o software: Legal IP versão 1.0 é um sof... DOWNLOAD
plk(sfnet) plk Open source programmable logic controller (hard... DOWNLOAD
storekey(sfnet) storekey Programa para dispositivos Windows Mobile para ... DOWNLOAD
saveallpassword(sfnet) SaveAllPasswords Allow you to save all passwords in Chrome/Chrom... DOWNLOAD
xoopsnullos(sfnet) xoopsnullos Arhives de Xoops Nullos Planet (Site Non Offici... DOWNLOAD
commandlinegui(sfnet) Command Line GUI Command Line GUI is for composing options of co... DOWNLOAD
pong-harmjankors(sfnet) Pong! A simple Pong clone Requirements: Microsoft ... DOWNLOAD
sopwindowsdnsautoflush(sfnet) SoP Windows DNS Auto Flush This batch file runs a quick couple of commands... DOWNLOAD
tclgd(sfnet) Tclgd The project provides user a Tcl interface for G... DOWNLOAD
tremmisc(sfnet) tremmisc This is were all the Tremulous files, that have... DOWNLOAD
kickweb(sfnet) kickweb web based application to track soccer (and fant... DOWNLOAD
benchtest(sfnet) Benchtest DOWNLOAD
razdc(sfnet) RazDC RazDC is an MS compatible Active Directory doma... DOWNLOAD
sysinfosh(sfnet) SIS (System Information Script) SIS is a very simple and portable, system info ... DOWNLOAD
findmydriver(sfnet) findmydriver night of Computersince. Team Silver Bullet DOWNLOAD
ubnz-soft(sfnet) ubnz-soft We are an amateur group of programmers and hack... DOWNLOAD
opa(sfnet) Online Proposal Appraisal OPA (Online Proposal Appraisal) is a full-featu... DOWNLOAD
sutb(sfnet) sutb sutb - txt2mid file converter. Reads a text fil... DOWNLOAD
yanfotor(sfnet) yanfotor talking around basic photography and crate video DOWNLOAD
autobackup0(sfnet) autoBackUp This app will back up you file in a regular tim... DOWNLOAD
hmclicker(sfnet) hmclicker Mouse click automation tool. You can setup time... DOWNLOAD
skywaybuilder(sfnet) Skyway Builder Community Edition Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) is an Ecl... DOWNLOAD
licmanager(sfnet) License Manager The purpose of the License Manager is to enhanc... DOWNLOAD
gwnangnaru(sfnet) gwnangnaru 오픈트타 패키지 DOWNLOAD
construct2d(sfnet) Construct2D Construct2D is a grid generator designed to cre... DOWNLOAD
chinaphone(sfnet) china mobile phone China mobile phone system build DOWNLOAD
grepwikipediaalllanguage(sfnet) Grep wikipedia all language Very simple script to find wikipedia one-line d... DOWNLOAD
bqedison(sfnet) bq Edison DOWNLOAD
trs(sfnet) Turnout Response Systsem TRS is a web-based system to facilitate the res... DOWNLOAD
grunt-vfs(sfnet) grunt-vfs Grunt is a file synchronizer based on the Apach... DOWNLOAD
aq-ogc-services(sfnet) OpenGeospatial OGC NetCDF WCS Service OpenGeoSpatial Web Coverage Service 1.1.x for C... DOWNLOAD
anticensorship(sfnet) fact - forum anti-censorship tool This is a program written in perl, that monitor... DOWNLOAD
ulogipac(freshmeat) ulogipac ulogipac is a powerful IP traffic accounting to... DOWNLOAD
f3php-fat-free-framework(freshmeat) PHP Fat-Free Framework The PHP Fat-Free Framework makes it easy to bui... DOWNLOAD
optiflp(sfnet) optiflp An open access program for the optimisation of ... DOWNLOAD
ocdoctor(sfnet) ocdoctor The Ops Center Doctor is used to check requirem... DOWNLOAD
vpsproject(sfnet) Einstein OS Einstein OS adalah Distribusi GNU/Linux berbasi... DOWNLOAD
hibrefptbr(sfnet) Hibernate Reference PTBr Tradução para o português da documentação de re... DOWNLOAD
wekaoutlier(sfnet) weka outlier weka outlier is an implementation of outlier d... DOWNLOAD
datamatrix-dll(sfnet) DataMatrix dll DLL. Creates IEC16022 2D barcodes (aka DataMatr... DOWNLOAD
olive(sfnet) olive Sistema de informacion Nutricional - Olive. Des... DOWNLOAD
kekkainchi(sfnet) Kekkainchi Juego programado en fenix DOWNLOAD
quaggos(sfnet) quaggos quaggOS is an OSPF/BGP routing linux live distr... DOWNLOAD
msgchatcl(sfnet) Messenger CommandLine Client Project is about developing command line client... DOWNLOAD
jbosscc-needle(sfnet) Needle Needle is a lightweight framework for testing J... DOWNLOAD
mtracing(sfnet) mtracing Optical ray tracing library based on MATLAB env... DOWNLOAD
futuresx(sfnet) futuresx menawarka online mini DOWNLOAD
julisdeck(sfnet) zeon coverter 1.0 DOWNLOAD
makat(sfnet) makat It's a non-complicated free patch that allows y... DOWNLOAD
matrixsaver(sfnet) Matrix Screensaver The Matrix Screensaver is an animated screensav... DOWNLOAD
seos(sfnet) AVR-SOS It project is a simple operating system for AVR... DOWNLOAD
shadybank(sfnet) shadybank Im Shadrack Kioko, Kenyan in Nairobi. This onli... DOWNLOAD

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