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qss(freshmeat) Qmail-Scanner Statistics Qmail-Scanner Statistics (QSS) uses the Qmail-S... DOWNLOAD
genprojpage(freshmeat) Generic Project Page Generic Project Page is a generic, configurable... DOWNLOAD
pimpbnc(freshmeat) PimpBNC PimpBNC is an IRC bouncer written to be easy to... DOWNLOAD
discomatic(freshmeat) Disc-O-Matic Disc-O-Matic is a GTK+ CD/DVD-ROM archiving too... DOWNLOAD
ventilation(freshmeat) Ventilation Ventilation is a journal Web site administratio... DOWNLOAD
finalsolution(freshmeat) FinalSolution FinalSolution is a network administrator's tool... DOWNLOAD
ppm(freshmeat) PPM PPM is yet another Game Boy (Color) tile and ma... DOWNLOAD
jabberxmlrpclib(freshmeat) jabberxmlrpclib jabberxmlrpclib is a Python module for making ... DOWNLOAD
owx(freshmeat) OWX OWX (OmniaWeb-X) is Web-based site mangement so... DOWNLOAD
openpop(freshmeat) OpenPOP.NET OpenPOP.NET is a class library/component writte... DOWNLOAD
sfmenu(freshmeat) Simple Flash Menu Simple Flash Menu is a Macromedia flash script ... DOWNLOAD
surnia(freshmeat) Surnia Surnia can check an OWL ontology/knowledge base... DOWNLOAD
cglib(freshmeat) cglib cglib is a set of utility classes that can be u... DOWNLOAD
gpostman(freshmeat) gpostman gpostman is a simple mail checker for X. It dis... DOWNLOAD
rve(freshmeat) RVE RVE renders real time effects on a video played... DOWNLOAD
ferretcms(freshmeat) Ferret CMS Ferret CMS is a Content-Management System based... DOWNLOAD
taglib-imagetweak(freshmeat) Xephyrus Image Tweak Tag Library The Xephyrus Image Tweak Tag Library provides ... DOWNLOAD
rpnjcalc(freshmeat) rpnjcalc rpnjcalc is a Javascript-based Reverse Polish N... DOWNLOAD
dasystem(freshmeat) Dynamic content Administration System DAS is a Dynamic content Administration System ... DOWNLOAD
wycsv(freshmeat) WyCSV WyCSV is a Web interface for CSV-SQL table mana... DOWNLOAD
designer-fw(freshmeat) Designer Framework Designer Framework is a highly customizable e-... DOWNLOAD
yaapg(freshmeat) YAAPG YAAPG (Yet Another but not just Any Playlist Ge... DOWNLOAD
goem(freshmeat) Goem Goem is a bookmark converter. It can convert fr... DOWNLOAD
cdplayer_app(freshmeat) is a small CD Audio Player for GNU... DOWNLOAD
iog(freshmeat) IOG IOG is a network I/O byte grapher made to graph... DOWNLOAD
ldarch(freshmeat) LD-Easy-Archive LD-Easy-Archive is an interactive shell script ... DOWNLOAD
memfetch(freshmeat) memfetch memfetch dumps the memory of a program without... DOWNLOAD
huffzip(freshmeat) HuffZip HuffZip is a Huffman compression program. DOWNLOAD
3dscheme(freshmeat) 3DScheme-Anim 3DScheme-Anim is a 3D modeler in Scheme with a... DOWNLOAD
cqfd(freshmeat) CQFD CQFD is a multi-platform instant messenger prog... DOWNLOAD
foocache(freshmeat) foocache foocache is a simple caching system for PHP4 wh... DOWNLOAD
ttchess(freshmeat) TT-Chess TT-Chess communicates with a DGT Sensor chessbo... DOWNLOAD
just4log(freshmeat) Just4Log Just4Log is a library to dynamically enhance th... DOWNLOAD
spidered(freshmeat) Spider Data Aggregator Spider is a complete standalone Java applicatio... DOWNLOAD
napshare(freshmeat) NapShare NapShare is a fully-automated Gnutella P2P clie... DOWNLOAD
oap(freshmeat) Open Automaton Project The aim of the Open Automaton Project is to dev... DOWNLOAD
penguincards(freshmeat) Penguin Cards PenguinCards is a two-player card game. The aim... DOWNLOAD
wsprops(freshmeat) WSProps WSProps is a utility for calculating the therm... DOWNLOAD
gltzpr(freshmeat) GLT ZPR GLT ZPR is a mouse manipulation module for C or... DOWNLOAD
veth(freshmeat) VETH VETH is a daemon that creates a virtual etherne... DOWNLOAD
canship(freshmeat) PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator/Module This module provides a simple way for merchants... DOWNLOAD
liquidircdservices(freshmeat) LiquidIRCd Services LiquidIRCd Services provides channel/nick regis... DOWNLOAD
x10cm17a(freshmeat) X10 CM17A API X10 CM17A API is a Java API to control the X10 ... DOWNLOAD
gswitchit(freshmeat) GSwitchIt gswitchit is a simple keyboard state indicator ... DOWNLOAD
alsa-patch-bay(freshmeat) ALSA Patch Bay ALSA Patch Bay is a small GUI patchbay for conn... DOWNLOAD
lash(freshmeat) LASH Audio Session Handler LASH is a session management system for JACK au... DOWNLOAD
madthought(freshmeat) Mad.Thought Mad.Thought is a Web-based PHP diary/journal pr... DOWNLOAD
pymusicd(freshmeat) Python Music Daemon PyMusicD is yet another jukebox daemon written ... DOWNLOAD
libbadpenguin(freshmeat) libbadpenguin libbadpenguin is a small static library used in... DOWNLOAD
cl-interpol(freshmeat) CL-INTERPOL CL-INTERPOL is a library for Common Lisp which ... DOWNLOAD
libhardware(freshmeat) libhardware and scanmodule libhardware is a very small static library used... DOWNLOAD
libgringo(freshmeat) libgringo and gringosh libgringo is a library to writes applications t... DOWNLOAD
mecca(freshmeat) mecca Mecca (MEmory CAche) is a light, portable, and ... DOWNLOAD
moonbeam(freshmeat) Moonbeam Moonbeam is an XML socket server written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
libnewmail(freshmeat) libnewmail libnewmail is a generic mail checking library f... DOWNLOAD
salstat(freshmeat) SalStat SalStat is an small application for the statist... DOWNLOAD
webjournal(freshmeat) Journal for the Web Journal is a Perl/CGI script that allows the us... DOWNLOAD
uob-nomad(freshmeat) UoB-NOMAD UoB-NOMAD is an implementation of the NOMAD pro... DOWNLOAD
ve_edit(freshmeat) VE-EDIT VE-EDIT is a Web based editor with syntax high... DOWNLOAD
mci(freshmeat) Mirror Connection Info Mirror Connection Info contains two small progr... DOWNLOAD
jcap(freshmeat) JCap JCap is a Java application for adding captions ... DOWNLOAD
hcc(freshmeat) Hany's Char Convertor HCC is character filter which replaces certain ... DOWNLOAD
busyb(freshmeat) BusyB BusyB is a simple system for automatically exec... DOWNLOAD
musatagger(freshmeat) MusaTagger MusaTagger is a very complete tag editor, suppo... DOWNLOAD
asplinux(freshmeat) ASPLinux ASPLinux is an RPM-based general purpose Linux ... DOWNLOAD
antispam-filter(freshmeat) AntiSpam Mail Filter AntiSpam Mail Filter is yet another Bayesian fi... DOWNLOAD
w2u(freshmeat) winblast2unix winblast2unix fixes files/directories you impor... DOWNLOAD
openccm(freshmeat) Open CORBA Component Model Platform OpenCCM (Open CORBA Component Model) is an impl... DOWNLOAD
jnews_py(freshmeat) Jeff's News Aggregator Jeff's News Aggregator is a news getter / page ... DOWNLOAD
tkwebbud(freshmeat) Tk Web form Buddy Tk Web form Buddy is useful for all that repeti... DOWNLOAD
forumtalk(freshmeat) Forumtalk Forumtalk is the collective name for an Apache ... DOWNLOAD
javabluetooth(freshmeat) The JavaBluetooth Stack The JavaBluetooth Stack is a 100% Java impleme... DOWNLOAD
pystripchart(freshmeat) PyStripchart PyStripchart provides a set of widgets for disp... DOWNLOAD
ob3_theme(freshmeat) ob3_theme ob3_theme is an openbox pipe-menu program that ... DOWNLOAD
ob3_headlines(freshmeat) ob3_headlines ob3_headlines is an openbox pipe-menu program ... DOWNLOAD
ob3_q3stat(freshmeat) ob3_q3stat ob3_q3stat is an openbox pipe-menu program that... DOWNLOAD
hdr-env-masq-minihowto(freshmeat) Header and Envelope rewrite mini-HOWTO The Header and Envelope rewrite mini-HOWTO expl... DOWNLOAD
fontlinge(freshmeat) Fontlinge Fontlinge searches for font files, sorts them i... DOWNLOAD
mediafs(freshmeat) Media File System Media File System is a simple product that prov... DOWNLOAD
comonfeelthenoize(freshmeat) Com' On Feel The Noize Com' On Feel The Noize is a tool generating an ... DOWNLOAD
zoltan(freshmeat) ZoltanPlayer ZoltanPlayer is a music playing daemon. It acce... DOWNLOAD
libsmtp--(freshmeat) libsmtp-- libsmtp-- is a library that implements the clie... DOWNLOAD
pushmail(freshmeat) pushmail pushmail aims to be the opposite of fetchmail. ... DOWNLOAD
phpwatermark(freshmeat) phpWatermark phpWatermark aims to provide a simple way of ma... DOWNLOAD
netpbm-free(freshmeat) netpbm-free netpbm-free is Debian's fork of netpbm that was... DOWNLOAD
hasas(freshmeat) HASAS HASAS (HydroAcoustic Signal Analysis System) is... DOWNLOAD
xalbumlist(freshmeat) XMMS Album List XMMS Album List is a small program written wit... DOWNLOAD
ppgplot(freshmeat) ppgplot ppgplot is a Python package (extension) providi... DOWNLOAD
empy(freshmeat) EmPy EmPy is a system for embedding Python expressio... DOWNLOAD
socketw(freshmeat) SocketW SocketW is a cross platform (Linux, FreeBSD, Un... DOWNLOAD
securityfilter(freshmeat) Security Filter SecurityFilter is intended for use by Java Web ... DOWNLOAD
liboop(freshmeat) liboop Liboop provides a generic, callback-based event... DOWNLOAD
squidefender(freshmeat) squidefender Squidefender is a Perl script which analyzes a ... DOWNLOAD
latex2slides(freshmeat) latex2slides Latex2slides is a simple graphical program that... DOWNLOAD
scponly(freshmeat) scponly scponly is an alternative "shell" of ... DOWNLOAD
xmu(freshmeat) xmu: xml-Menu xmu (xml-Menu) uses libxml2 to parse an XML fil... DOWNLOAD
vpnmonitor(freshmeat) VPNmonitor VPNmonitor is a free Java tool for observing ne... DOWNLOAD
chessdgmrb(freshmeat) chessdgm.rb chessdgm.rb converts a standard chess postion f... DOWNLOAD
diskimg(freshmeat) DiskImg DiskImg is a small command-line utility that d... DOWNLOAD
vcd-plugins(freshmeat) Media player Video CD plugins These Video CD plugins strive to add the full c... DOWNLOAD

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