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audiorecorder(sfnet) Audio Recorder ActiveX Audio Recorder ActiveX control developed by MOX... DOWNLOAD
back-end(sfnet) Back-End CMS Back-End is a multi-lingual CMS based on the ph... DOWNLOAD
duplicatedestro(sfnet) DuplicateDestroyer DuplicateDestroyer is a project written in C# t... DOWNLOAD
getlive(sfnet) GetLive Fetches your Hotmail Live mail such that it can... DOWNLOAD
rut(sfnet) rut Remote Update Tool allows to update your applic... DOWNLOAD
usegacampaign(sfnet) usegacampaign A plug-in for Omniture's s_code.js. It automati... DOWNLOAD
communityid(sfnet) Community-ID CommunmityID is a free available OpenID server.... DOWNLOAD
shotnrun(sfnet) Shot'n'Run Jogo desenvolvido com a linguagem C++ e com a a... DOWNLOAD
mat4j(sfnet) Mat4J MATLAB Engine for Java is a library that uses t... DOWNLOAD
onetimepadnet(sfnet) One Time An implamentation of the One time pad system in... DOWNLOAD
hrdag-analyzer(sfnet) hrdag-analyzer Analyzer is used to collect, maintain and analy... DOWNLOAD
jellykingi9100(sfnet) Jelly King I9100 DOWNLOAD
awig(sfnet) Belajar DOWNLOAD
webmininglms(sfnet) WebminingLMS Aplicación de minería de datos aplicada a LMS m... DOWNLOAD
fistfuloffreedom(sfnet) Fistful of Freedom DOWNLOAD
esempiinjavaswing(sfnet) EsempiInJavaSwing Esempi di Java Swing in lingua italiana. Poco p... DOWNLOAD
sfisa(sfnet) sfisa sfisa is a shorcut of search files in subfolder... DOWNLOAD
mdb1987(sfnet) Movie DataBase GUI for the MovieDB-module of LamaCMS (http://l... DOWNLOAD
datepick(sfnet) DatePick DOWNLOAD
seomp(sfnet) seomp DOWNLOAD
dbtreetravclass(sfnet) DB Tree Traversal Class for Delphi Delphi class for managing hierarchical data in ... DOWNLOAD
gestpayasp(sfnet) GestPayCrypt-ASP Questa classe è il porting in VbScript della cl... DOWNLOAD
audimus(sfnet) Audimus The goal of this project is to develop educatio... DOWNLOAD
sofclient(sfnet) SoF Client Souls on Fire Client Software DOWNLOAD
jclops(sfnet) J-Clops Java command line processing J-Clops is yet another Java library for parsing... DOWNLOAD
gcodeforreprap(sfnet) G-code for RepRap An interpreter for the G-code language, which c... DOWNLOAD
henglian(sfnet) henglian 亨联系统是一个开源ERP系统。包括一个eclipse RCP... DOWNLOAD
mwslideology(sfnet) Extension:Slideology for MediaWiki Extension allowing to create slide shows on Med... DOWNLOAD
rdbmstoolbox(sfnet) Free RDBMS Toolbox RDBMS Toolbox is a set of free rdbms and tools ... DOWNLOAD
sldwmedia40(sfnet) sldwmedia40 SLDW Media 4.0 Professional Freeware Edition DOWNLOAD
jwebthumb(sfnet) jwebthumb JWebThumb is Java API for WebThumb ( DOWNLOAD
migcms(sfnet) MiGCMS MiGCMS is a PHP and MySQL based CMS framework. ... DOWNLOAD
learningplus(sfnet) learningplus Learning Plus - Network Teaching Platform DOWNLOAD
monopolygbfr(sfnet) Monopoly GB (US to FR) Je vous propose une version traduite au mieux d... DOWNLOAD
ticeval(sfnet) ticeval Le projet TICÉVAL a pour ambition de concevoir ... DOWNLOAD
bmcapptunepaq(sfnet) BMC APPTUNE Performance Advisor Queries PASQL is a collection of SQL queries helpful in... DOWNLOAD
slffea(sfnet) San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis SLFFEA stands for San Le's Free Finite Element ... DOWNLOAD
kmediaplayer(sfnet) KMediaPlayer (media file player) A player for video and audio files made totally... DOWNLOAD
listenarabic(sfnet) listenarabic ListenArabic Music Download MP3 (beta) allows y... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg-progressbar(freshmeat) FFMPEG Progressbar FFMPEG Progressbar shows the status of the conv... DOWNLOAD
dbengine-2(freshmeat) DBENGINE DBENGINE is a management system for using the d... DOWNLOAD
mysql-database-manager(freshmeat) MySQL database manager MySQL database manager is a PHP class which all... DOWNLOAD
ncdproxrserver(sfnet) ncdproxrserver A embedded server that runs in Digi's .net ethe... DOWNLOAD
cyberopcserverf(sfnet) CyberOPC ServerFrontEnd Front End for a generic CyberOPC Server based o... DOWNLOAD
lollysite(freshmeat) Lollysite Lollysite is a simple but powerful Web site cre... DOWNLOAD
exiffilerenamer(sfnet) exiffilerenamer Small application for rename pictures with thei... DOWNLOAD
mendelson-oftp2(sfnet) mendelson-oftp2 The mendelson OFTP2 is a JAVA-based open source... DOWNLOAD
liblzw(sfnet) liblzw A library for lzw arithmetic. It is used to enc... DOWNLOAD
movietrader(sfnet) movietrader Mega-Vidéo-Php est base sur le sript de torrent... DOWNLOAD
adr(sfnet) Amherst Distributed Reality A virtual reality (VR) system for the Internet ... DOWNLOAD
emerge-activity(freshmeat) Emerge Activity Emerge Activity is a small utility that parses ... DOWNLOAD
stunnel(freshmeat) stunnel The stunnel program is designed to work as an S... DOWNLOAD
ecgl-stk(sfnet) ECGL-STK ECGL-STK is Engineering Computing GNU/Linux sub... DOWNLOAD
phptwitteraddon(sfnet) phptwitteraddon This is a PHP Twitter addon I am working on, I ... DOWNLOAD
the-marionette-collective(freshmeat) The Marionette Collective The Marionette Collective (mcollective) is a fr... DOWNLOAD
mgslci(sfnet) mgslci mgs lightcone paper I DOWNLOAD
mpath-tools(freshmeat) mpath-tools Mpath-tools is a set of programs for Linux 2.6 ... DOWNLOAD
bootos(sfnet) BootOS BootOS provides Operating systems for your use.... DOWNLOAD
colorlib(sfnet) ColorLib Library for working with color morphologies, fu... DOWNLOAD
fster(freshmeat) FSter FSter is a virtual filesystem implementation ba... DOWNLOAD
legalfinger(sfnet) legalfinger Legalfinger is a bunch of Java-based software ... DOWNLOAD
mwnapp(sfnet) mwnapp Mwna++ has as purpose to be a Swiss knife to t... DOWNLOAD
pigsvszombiesbeta(sfnet) Pigs Vs. Zombies Beta DOWNLOAD
linux4astronomy(sfnet) linux4astronomy Linux4AstronomyF11DVD2.iso is a bootable fully ... DOWNLOAD
xraksamp(sfnet) RakSAMP DOWNLOAD
linux-rooteris(sfnet) linux-rooteris Bash Script and other utilities to Root HTC Eri... DOWNLOAD
jbeeper(sfnet) jbeeper JBeeper is a software made by Shreyas Tallamraj... DOWNLOAD
mysql-to-mssql(sfnet) mysql-to-mssql This project hosts a couple of XSL files which ... DOWNLOAD
mkingbasketball(sfnet) mkingbasketball marlon king is a basketball player DOWNLOAD
pudelquest(sfnet) The Quest for the Lost Pudel A 2D shoot-em-up with a story about a lost pude... DOWNLOAD
pwcdoc(sfnet) pwcdoc Hey this download is for the PWC DOWNLOAD
jyposh(sfnet) jyPOSH POSH dynamic plans are technique for implementi... DOWNLOAD
cyclomaticpath(sfnet) CyclomaticPathFinder This tool provide the all the possible paths &a... DOWNLOAD
dancedraw(sfnet) DanceDraw DOWNLOAD
imageencryption(sfnet) imageencryption Image Encryption encypts a text into an image, ... DOWNLOAD
slogo3b(sfnet) Logo Brasil Versгo em portuguкs do MSWLogo, conhecido no Br... DOWNLOAD
xslt-gallery(sfnet) XSLT-Gallery This is an XSLT powered gallery system. I desi... DOWNLOAD
icsi-i9000(sfnet) ICS Inspired I9000 DOWNLOAD
jqueryengine(sfnet) Search Engine using jQuery and Mysql I have created my first jQuery Search Engine wh... DOWNLOAD
lazygal(freshmeat) lazygal Lazygal is another static Web gallery generator... DOWNLOAD
dawidrussu(sfnet) FTP DOWNLOAD
egyptro(sfnet) egyptro DOWNLOAD
andhsli(sfnet) Android Hotspot Login Application for ANDROID mobiles to automaticaly... DOWNLOAD
fenderbenderslive(sfnet) Fenderbenders Live DOWNLOAD
diascriptlaunch(sfnet) diascriptlauncher Launch a customizable list of shell script from... DOWNLOAD
vocabulator(sfnet) vocable trainer This web application, based on a time interval ... DOWNLOAD
fib(sfnet) Imagebrowser Image viewer/browser writed in Python and Pygame DOWNLOAD
matnmr(sfnet) matNMR MatNMR is a highly flexible toolbox for process... DOWNLOAD
serialglcdlib(sfnet) serialGLCD library for Arduino A library for use with Sparkfuns Serial Graphic... DOWNLOAD
logview4net(sfnet) logview4net logview4net is a log viewer/log monitor for dat... DOWNLOAD
qbcc(sfnet) QB > C Converter Aims at bringing the QuickBASIC language to the... DOWNLOAD
jserie(sfnet) jserie Pamplemousse is a program that lists your serie... DOWNLOAD
ffcluigi(sfnet) Fantacalcio DOWNLOAD
fsxaddons(sfnet) FSX Addons Makeing FSX Addons DOWNLOAD
openemr(freshmeat) OpenEMR OpenEMR is a medical practice management, elect... DOWNLOAD
spacecars(sfnet) spacecars A simple game in Python and Pygame DOWNLOAD
ligaunidadpuntoflotante(sfnet) Liga & Unidad Punto Flotante DOWNLOAD
estimateproject(sfnet) estimate_project ESTIMATE (Estimation of STromal and Immune cell... DOWNLOAD
maxaxlesegoboos(sfnet) Maxaxle's Egoboo Stuff All of the custom things I make for Egoboo will... DOWNLOAD
mooshabaya(sfnet) Mooshabaya Mooshabaya is to generate Mashups using XBaya, ... DOWNLOAD

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