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thexxxsoftware(sfnet) The XXX Software The script is a project to build the first free... DOWNLOAD
slackmon(sfnet) slackmon Slackmon is a tool to monitor and rsync slackwa... DOWNLOAD
kccc(sfnet) K CD Cover Creator Kccc creates covers for compact disks in LaTeX-... DOWNLOAD
jeditor(sfnet) JEditor JEditor is a simple Java text Editor with synta... DOWNLOAD
thecameoproject(sfnet) thecameoproject Cameo is a portable desktop environment built u... DOWNLOAD
javakeytoolgui(sfnet) JavaKeyToolGUI JavaKeyToolGUI is the GUI interface for JDK Key... DOWNLOAD
fnix(sfnet) FnixForth Fnix is based on an independently developed dia... DOWNLOAD
mam-python(sfnet) mam_client mam client is a simply implementation in python... DOWNLOAD
komclean(sfnet) KOMclean KOMclean is a client for LysKOM (http://www.lys... DOWNLOAD
mamory(sfnet) mamory Mamory is a library that allows easy roms manag... DOWNLOAD
log3(sfnet) log3 Log3 ("LogFree") is a FREE REAL-TIME ... DOWNLOAD
jtmosnm(sfnet) JTMOS New Millenium DOWNLOAD
hollyandroidtest(sfnet) HollyAndroidTest test android DOWNLOAD
in-effect(sfnet) Inside Effect Hier die Downloads von Inside Effect DOWNLOAD
web-engines(sfnet) web-engines Here you can find web engines for all.For examp... DOWNLOAD
knews2010(sfnet) knews免费手机报 移动用户的免费手机报。它利用移动的免费139邮箱会... DOWNLOAD
kommplot(sfnet) KommPlot a tool to execute a shell command from time to ... DOWNLOAD
budgeter(sfnet) Budgeter A program designed to help families or individu... DOWNLOAD
gmailmailsender(sfnet) GMail Email Sender This project is written in C# and Windows Prese... DOWNLOAD
openedl(sfnet) OpenEDL Simple Nonlinear Video Editor, Renderer and Tra... DOWNLOAD
slidesgenerator(sfnet) Slides Generator GUI application for make video slide shows in m... DOWNLOAD
ntfs-search(sfnet) NTFS-Search This tool enables users to search their NTFS fo... DOWNLOAD
parallel3m(sfnet) Parallel3M Parallel3M can provide the basic infrastructure... DOWNLOAD
aimancala(sfnet) AI Engine for Mancala This AI engine developed using CPP with minor Q... DOWNLOAD
cypherpunks(sfnet) Wikileaks and Intelligence, Cypherpunks. /* UNDER CONSTRUCTION */ Our servers have been... DOWNLOAD
short-cut(sfnet) ShortCut This application provides one-click access to c... DOWNLOAD
weimarnetz-fw(sfnet) Weimarnetz-Firmware Erweiterungen der speziel... DOWNLOAD
cpp-fps-tm2012(sfnet) Travail de Maturité - FPS en C++ Travail de maturité Gymnase de Burier 2012, jeu... DOWNLOAD
lunagenerator(sfnet) Luna Data Layer Code Generator A data layer code generator for DOWNLOAD
slnetworkbridge(sfnet) SilverlightNetworkBridge Silverlight Network Bridge DOWNLOAD
bioinfoperl(sfnet) Bioinformática DOWNLOAD
sslproxy(sfnet) Symbion SSL Proxy The Symbion SSL Proxy listens on a TCP port, ac... DOWNLOAD
tview(sfnet) tView An Image Viewer that currently supports basic i... DOWNLOAD
eidors(sfnet) EIDORS Electrical Impedance Tomography and Diffusion b... DOWNLOAD
ircn(sfnet) ircN A modular utility script for mIRC with its own ... DOWNLOAD
cliptastic(sfnet) Cliptastic Cliptastic is a tool for Windows that keeps a h... DOWNLOAD
jdx(sfnet) Java Desktop for X Window JD4X is a completely Java orientated desktop fo... DOWNLOAD
php-pm(sfnet) PHP Project Management PHP-based Project Management system, designed c... DOWNLOAD
neoshark(sfnet) Neocron Netcode Dissector for Wireshark Neocron is a Cyberpunk MMORPG released by Reakk... DOWNLOAD
filterunit(freshmeat) filterunit filterunit allows unit tests to be devised for ... DOWNLOAD
utstatsdb(sfnet) UTStatsDB Server stats parser and database for Epic Games... DOWNLOAD
eclipsecpppack(sfnet) EclipseCppPack EclipseCppPack is a distribution of Eclipse, CD... DOWNLOAD
wordmailmacro(sfnet) Word Mail Macro A Visual Basic Macro created in Word in order t... DOWNLOAD
fofmodhemo2(sfnet) FOF mod Hemo2 A mod for Frets On Fire DOWNLOAD
addictionfree(sfnet) AddictionFree This program shows the time elapsed since its f... DOWNLOAD
massexpand(sfnet) Mass Expand Mass Expand is a simple utility to decompress a... DOWNLOAD
scebuilder(sfnet) scenario builder DOWNLOAD
batchproject(sfnet) Windows Batch Programming DOWNLOAD
arcoiris(sfnet) arcoiris Arcoiris busca ayudar a los pequeños empresario... DOWNLOAD
jdsecurity(sfnet) JD Security Ein komplettes Anti-Viren System: JD Security ... DOWNLOAD
j2eeindustry(sfnet) J2EE Industry Management Tool Will allow web based (Facelet) ant compile/buil... DOWNLOAD
element-ephesus(sfnet) Project Element Project Element is a very simple, platform-inde... DOWNLOAD
troypckisiselwb(sfnet) troypckisiselwb Troypc Kisisel Web Sitesi Scripti TroypcDesign ... DOWNLOAD
gpgmpi(sfnet) gpgmpi The need for speed is always a challenge for la... DOWNLOAD
pascal-p4-for-free-pascal-and-(freshmeat) Pascal-P4 for Free Pascal and Delphi Pascal-P4 for Free Pascal and Delphi is a port ... DOWNLOAD
mz800em(sfnet) SHARP MZ-800 Emulator Mz800em is a GPL'd SHARP MZ-800 emulator, runni... DOWNLOAD
mcptapelabellog(sfnet) MCP Tape Label Logger Utility The tape label logger is a utility for recordin... DOWNLOAD
pybrella(sfnet) PyBrella PyBrella is a script designed to automate the u... DOWNLOAD
htmldbquery(sfnet) htmldbQuery - jQuery plugin for Apex 3.x jQuery plugin for Oracle Application Express 3.x DOWNLOAD
npcomm(sfnet) npcomm Network Pseudo Communication port DOWNLOAD
rangoontime(sfnet) Rangoon Time A small application for KDE 2.2.x displaying th... DOWNLOAD
humingjie8888(sfnet) humingjie8888 Public Description:Public Description:Public D... DOWNLOAD
mypythongit(sfnet) myPython GIT This is my first try on don't get s... DOWNLOAD
spa(sfnet) Simple Pseudo Assembler A simple interpreter of a pseudo assembler lang... DOWNLOAD
archivistndca(sfnet) Archivist NetDCA Archivist is a network device configuration arc... DOWNLOAD
spammonitor(sfnet) spamMonitor Windows program to detect if a computer is send... DOWNLOAD
myjar(sfnet) myJAR Used this Jar file to enhance your Java Code. ... DOWNLOAD
freefallproject(sfnet) FreeFall Hourglass. Simple Qt application for Symbian. W... DOWNLOAD
agtesttest(sfnet) AGTesttest DOWNLOAD
discogstagger(freshmeat) discogstagger discogstagger uses discogs to tag all related d... DOWNLOAD
workflowdotnet(sfnet) Workflow.Net create an workflow engine using Microsoft .Net ... DOWNLOAD
sdfkdsd(sfnet) sdfkdsd DOWNLOAD
webshifone(sfnet) webshifone DOWNLOAD
linecat(sfnet) linecat Concatenate successive lines within a text file... DOWNLOAD
ogm2d(sfnet) ogm2d Open Game Maker 2D is a free, open source and c... DOWNLOAD
excel-domain-parser(sfnet) Excel Domain Parser DOWNLOAD
umcforlinux(sfnet) UMC Linux I've never found a fast calculator for linux wi... DOWNLOAD
qmailadmin(sfnet) QmailAdmin QmailAdmin is a web interface for managing emai... DOWNLOAD
sharparchiver(sfnet) SharpArchiver SharpArchiver is a simple to use file archiver.... DOWNLOAD
reserver(sfnet) Report Engine DOWNLOAD
recens(sfnet) recens Recens Control Panel - free web system for mana... DOWNLOAD
makeitso(sfnet) Make-It-So MakeItSo converts Visual Studio solutions to gc... DOWNLOAD
pystructtools(sfnet) Structural Engineer Tools in Python Small Python programs for the structural design... DOWNLOAD
bsoftplayer(sfnet) BSoftPlayer Win32 SQL Based Media Player BSoftPlayer is a MySQL based MP3 player that ha... DOWNLOAD
ipv6-updater(sfnet) ipv6-updater ipv6-updater is an DynDNS client for IPv6. It... DOWNLOAD
jdoinstruments(sfnet) JDOInstruments - Java OODBMS "JDOInstruments" is programmed in JAV... DOWNLOAD
sqlutil(sfnet) sqlutil python library with utility classes for: - acce... DOWNLOAD
framegameg(sfnet) Project FrameGameG game engine A Very simple EXSE based system for making game... DOWNLOAD
plugineclipsepd(sfnet) plugineclipsepd this plugin is toolbox for php développers, it ... DOWNLOAD
image-header(sfnet) image-header A simple to use class to generate an image for ... DOWNLOAD
inse6180sum2011(sfnet) INSE6180Sum2011Concordia It's a term project for data mining course INSE... DOWNLOAD
clens(sfnet) clens clens is a convenience library to port code to ... DOWNLOAD
intrusionblock(sfnet) Intrusion Block Intrusion Block (IBlock) is a small Linux daemo... DOWNLOAD
tar(sfnet) tarskill DOWNLOAD
pcwhatsappbeta(sfnet) pcwhatsapp-beta DOWNLOAD
databasepro(sfnet) Database Pro (OpenOffice / Excel) Database Pro has been designed to manage addres... DOWNLOAD
feelhome(freshmeat) FeelHome FeelHome connects your computer to the Internet... DOWNLOAD
fisherman(sfnet) Fisherman Fisherman is a system for managing and monitori... DOWNLOAD
dorsl(sfnet) DORSL DORSL stands for the Dorsl Open Requestable Scr... DOWNLOAD
bowtranslate(sfnet) Bow!Translate Android 2.2 App for translating from German to ... DOWNLOAD

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