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audio-daemon(freshmeat) Audio-Daemon Audio Daemon is a Perl module to daemonize vari... DOWNLOAD
homebrewdecompiler(freshmeat) Homebrew Decompiler Homebrew Decompiler is a GPLed tool (written in... DOWNLOAD
soffic(freshmeat) Secure On-the-Fly File Integrity Checker SOFFIC is a Linux kernel patch that provides fi... DOWNLOAD
zauruskeyring(freshmeat) Keyring Keyring is an application for the Qtopia palmto... DOWNLOAD
commons-cli(freshmeat) Jakarta Commons CLI Jakarta Commons CLI provides an API to create r... DOWNLOAD
scannerdamon(freshmeat) OpenAntivirus ScannerDaemon ScannerDaemon is the virus scanner of the OpenA... DOWNLOAD
jcm(freshmeat) Java Conduit Manager The Java Conduit Manager is a Java application ... DOWNLOAD
i740fb(freshmeat) i740 Linux framebuffer driver This project is a Linux framebuffer driver for ... DOWNLOAD
gtivo(freshmeat) gtivo gtivo is a Gtk/GNOME utility for displaying the... DOWNLOAD
staticcharge-gtk(freshmeat) StaticCharge GTK StaticCharge GTK is a front-end that allows you... DOWNLOAD
jazzy(freshmeat) Jazzy - Java spell checker API Jazzy is a Java spell checker based on the algo... DOWNLOAD
microsieve(freshmeat) Microbrew MicroSieve Microbrew MicroSieve is designed to be a high s... DOWNLOAD
asmix(freshmeat) asmix This tool displays a volume knob on a ground pl... DOWNLOAD
constraint(freshmeat) constraint The constraint package is a constraint satisfac... DOWNLOAD
emphetamine(freshmeat) Emphetamine Emphetamine is an extensible download manager f... DOWNLOAD
javarg(freshmeat) JavaRG JavaRG is a set of geometric classes and method... DOWNLOAD
ymusk(freshmeat) ymusk ymusk stands for Yenzie's Mush Klient. It is a ... DOWNLOAD
minimal-router(freshmeat) Minimal-router Minimal-router is a Linux-based router containi... DOWNLOAD
arbomb(freshmeat) Arbomb Arbomb facilitates the detection of volatile ar... DOWNLOAD
zuc(freshmeat) ZUC: Zaurus Unit Converter ZUC is a unit converter designed for the Zaurus... DOWNLOAD
make_audio(freshmeat) make_audio make_audio is a graphical tool to create audio ... DOWNLOAD
jcom(freshmeat) JCom SDK The JCom SDK is a network package for the Java ... DOWNLOAD
xconq(freshmeat) Xconq Xconq is a general strategy game system. It is ... DOWNLOAD
freecheck(freshmeat) FreeCheck FreeCheck is a free check-printing utility, cur... DOWNLOAD
ssniffer(freshmeat) Network Traffic Analyser Network Traffic Analyser (formerly known as sn... DOWNLOAD
nukelayout(freshmeat) NukeLayout PHP Class NukeLayout PHP Class is a PHP class that allow... DOWNLOAD
dbos(freshmeat) Database OS The Database OS (DBOS) is a Java prototype of ... DOWNLOAD
poof(freshmeat) PHP Object Oriented Framework POOF is a PHP library that separates the Page C... DOWNLOAD
kutttpech(freshmeat) KutttPech KutttPech is a MPEG-player in Java, capable of ... DOWNLOAD
rpcap(freshmeat) RPCAP The RPCAP (Remote Packet CAPture) system for Li... DOWNLOAD
peercast(freshmeat) Peercast Peercast is a P2P broadcasting program that can... DOWNLOAD
sctl(freshmeat) sctl sctl is used to control the Bearcat BC895xlt, B... DOWNLOAD
bmf(freshmeat) Bayesian Mail Filter This is a mail filter which uses the Bayes algo... DOWNLOAD
hsp16(freshmeat) Hardware Simulator for Pesona 16 HSP16 is a Pesona-16 ( mic... DOWNLOAD
gid3(freshmeat) gID3 gID3 is a GUI ID3 tag editor with a very nice u... DOWNLOAD
fake(freshmeat) Fake Fake has been designed to switch in backup serv... DOWNLOAD
glaxium(freshmeat) Glaxium Glaxium is an OpenGL-based space-ship "sho... DOWNLOAD
check(freshmeat) Check Check is a unit test framework for C. It featur... DOWNLOAD
gdbm(freshmeat) gdbm gdbm is a database indexing library replacement... DOWNLOAD
arla(freshmeat) arla Arla is a free AFS client and server implementa... DOWNLOAD
ttyrec(freshmeat) ttyrec ttyrec is a tty recorder. Recorded data can be ... DOWNLOAD
phyperoid(freshmeat) phyperoid phyperoid is an enhanced shoot-the-asteroids ga... DOWNLOAD
xmradio(freshmeat) xmradio xmradio is a radio tuner program for X (using t... DOWNLOAD
phpframework(freshmeat) PHPFramework PHPFramework aims to be a collection of reusabl... DOWNLOAD
scm2wav(freshmeat) scm2wav scm2wav extracts sound files from an ICQ sound ... DOWNLOAD
imapassassin(freshmeat) IMAPAssassin IMAPAssassin is a SpamAssassin-enabled IMAP cli... DOWNLOAD
pcwsd(freshmeat) PC weather sensor daemon pcwsd (PC weather sensor daemon) is a TCP daemo... DOWNLOAD
cicerone(freshmeat) Cicerone Corporate Information System Cicerone is a multi-platform, multi-server, mul... DOWNLOAD
elspy(freshmeat) elspy elspy is a layer of glue code that enables you ... DOWNLOAD
xcn(freshmeat) X Chat Napsterizer X Chat Napsterizer (XCN) is an XChat script th... DOWNLOAD
mcpics(freshmeat) McPics McPics is a small, simple image gallery. It pro... DOWNLOAD
tsocks(freshmeat) tsocks tsocks provides transparent network access thro... DOWNLOAD
queue-admin(freshmeat) queue-admin queue-admin is a bash2 shell script for managin... DOWNLOAD
kppp_logger(freshmeat) kppp_logger kppp_logger uses the kppp program to establish... DOWNLOAD
statsnet(freshmeat) statsnet Statsnet is a small set of scripts that will ge... DOWNLOAD
sarvant(freshmeat) sarvant sarvant analyzes files from the sysstat utility... DOWNLOAD
moz2web-tools(freshmeat) Mozilla Bookmarks 2 Web Tools The Moz2web tools allow you to publish your Moz... DOWNLOAD
rpfcd(freshmeat) Remote packet filter control daemon rpfcd (Remote packet filter control daemon) all... DOWNLOAD
osxvnc(freshmeat) OSXvnc OSXvnc is a VNC server that allows for remote c... DOWNLOAD
gkrellkam(freshmeat) GKrellKam GKrellKam is a plugin for GKrellM that displays... DOWNLOAD
xclose(freshmeat) xclose XClose is a simple tool which can be used to e... DOWNLOAD
pofhq-wapmail(freshmeat) pofHQ-wapMAIL pofHQ wapMAIL is an IMAP mail client for use wi... DOWNLOAD
newseasons(sfnet) New Seasons Cart To create a secure and easy-to-use store front ... DOWNLOAD
mig(freshmeat) My Image Gallery Mig (My Image Gallery) is a photo gallery manag... DOWNLOAD
modgb(freshmeat) mod_gb mod_gb is an Apache module which supports ASP a... DOWNLOAD
silgraphite(freshmeat) SILGraphite SILGraphite (formerly OpenGraphite) is a projec... DOWNLOAD
ieee1394diag(freshmeat) IEEE1394Diag IEEE1394Diag is a GUI application that presents... DOWNLOAD
spreadsheet_writeexcel(freshmeat) PHP Spreadsheet_WriteExcel PHP Spreadsheet_WriteExcel is a collection of c... DOWNLOAD
streamgate(freshmeat) StreamGate StreamGate is a proxy server for MP3 streams wr... DOWNLOAD
jreferences(freshmeat) JReferences JReferences is a program written in Java for ma... DOWNLOAD
einsatz(freshmeat) Einsatz Einsatz is a Java application to plan medical s... DOWNLOAD
tcpsg(freshmeat) TCP Simple Gateway TCPSG is just a simple TCP port forwarder desig... DOWNLOAD
funkyou(freshmeat) Funkyou Funkyou is a solution for DJs that includes MP3... DOWNLOAD
dmake(freshmeat) dmake Dmake is a portable implementation of 'make'. I... DOWNLOAD
pythoninterfacemodulesfortxobj(freshmeat) txObject Python Modules The txObject Python Modules provide an interfac... DOWNLOAD
tk150(freshmeat) tk150 tk150 is a multiplatform programming and clonin... DOWNLOAD
cledit(freshmeat) cledit Cledit is a change log editor that uses the d... DOWNLOAD
menuworkshop(freshmeat) Menu Workshop MenuWorkshop is an HTML menu generator. It can ... DOWNLOAD
encod(freshmeat) Encod Encod is a GNUstep frontend that allows one to ... DOWNLOAD
tk3(freshmeat) tk3 tk3 is open source, multi-platform software for... DOWNLOAD
openai(freshmeat) OpenAI The OpenAI site is centered around an Open Sour... DOWNLOAD
xbelld(freshmeat) XBellD XbellD is a small daemon for replacing the stan... DOWNLOAD
lfsbuild(freshmeat) LFS-Build LFS-Build is a program to automate the process ... DOWNLOAD
lonix(freshmeat) Lonix Lonix is a console-based full Linux system whic... DOWNLOAD
pymps(freshmeat) Pymps Pymps (PYthon Music Play System) is a Web-based... DOWNLOAD
powertemplate(freshmeat) PowerTemplate PowerTemplate is a cross-platform template syst... DOWNLOAD
xbasic(freshmeat) XBasic XBasic is a comprehensive program development ... DOWNLOAD
minkowsky(freshmeat) Minkowsky Minkowsky is a combination of a calendar, addre... DOWNLOAD
tinyq(freshmeat) TinyQ Since version 3, Qt has become more than a GUI ... DOWNLOAD
snort-rep(freshmeat) snort-rep snort-rep is a Snort reporting tool that can pr... DOWNLOAD
webservjava(freshmeat) Java Webserver Java Webserver is a Linux/Unix server written i... DOWNLOAD
libdvbsi(freshmeat) libdvbsi libdvbsi is a library for controlling a DVB SI ... DOWNLOAD
fzap(freshmeat) fzap fzap is a channel zapping program for dvbs-card... DOWNLOAD
xgame(freshmeat) Xgame Xgame is a script to fire up a game in a separa... DOWNLOAD
ec-laby(freshmeat) EC-Laby EC-Laby is a small net-game with 2 teams of pla... DOWNLOAD
openquicktime(freshmeat) OpenQuicktime Based on the sources of Quicktime4Linux, OpenQu... DOWNLOAD
tk8500(freshmeat) tk8500 tk8500 is an open source, multi-platform GUI pr... DOWNLOAD
menubuilder(freshmeat) bash menubuilder Bash menubuilder creates pretty bash pseudoGUIs... DOWNLOAD
anna(freshmeat) Anna Anna is a set of AIML (Artificial Intelligence ... DOWNLOAD
udhcp(freshmeat) udhcp Server/Client udhcp Server/Client is an embedded DHCP client ... DOWNLOAD

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