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bnthelper(sfnet) Helper for Blacknova Traders DOWNLOAD
droidbuntu(sfnet) droidbuntu Droidbuntu is a Linux distribution preconfigure... DOWNLOAD
domoticz(sfnet) Domoticz Domoticz is a home automation system written in... DOWNLOAD
nimpserver(sfnet) nimpserver Fast portable web server for web developer. NIM... DOWNLOAD
kera(sfnet) Kera The current release is a beta version of Kera. ... DOWNLOAD
gnumusic(sfnet) Inactive Inactive. DOWNLOAD
lincbase(sfnet) LINC Base Software for collecting financial inventory da... DOWNLOAD
watobo(sfnet) watobo WATOBO is intended to enable security professio... DOWNLOAD
livinginsky(sfnet) livinginsky Game made with Blender3d You play a simple char... DOWNLOAD
sgdweb(sfnet) sgdweb Sistema de Gestion de Documentos Web (SGD) , co... DOWNLOAD
goosala(sfnet) goosala JAVA program gives reminders of daily prayer ti... DOWNLOAD
wdb(sfnet) wdb - weather/water database system Open-source weather database system for storage... DOWNLOAD
kimwebsites(sfnet) Kim Websites CMS Website whose graphics and design can be ea... DOWNLOAD
envision(sfnet) Envision Envision is a Data Mining Tool for Business Ana... DOWNLOAD
travelingsales(sfnet) Traveling Salesman traveling-salesman is a GPS -route-planning and... DOWNLOAD
arabicreader(sfnet) Android Arabic Reader Arabic Reader is an open source ePub, doc and t... DOWNLOAD
giblet(sfnet) Giblet fast ip genorator DOWNLOAD
circinter(sfnet) circinter A school project demonstrating a sweep line alg... DOWNLOAD
superficie(sfnet) Superficie 3D visualizer Superficie is a small program that allows to vi... DOWNLOAD
gqclient(sfnet) GQ LDAP client GQ is an LDAP client based on GTK+/GTK2 DOWNLOAD
wyther(sfnet) Wyther Wyther is a simple Python wrapper to the Yahoo ... DOWNLOAD
qtpbplugin(sfnet) qtpbplugin This project is a small dynamic library that pr... DOWNLOAD
ecstore(sfnet) ecstore CMS orientado al comercio electronico o e-comme... DOWNLOAD
messagesleuth(sfnet) MessageSleuth MessageSleuth is designed to be a network admi... DOWNLOAD
javamaze(sfnet) maze "maze" is a an application that is us... DOWNLOAD
bore(sfnet) BOR Engine (BORE) The BOR Engine (BORE) is the source code of the... DOWNLOAD
macdoku(sfnet) Macdoku Sudoku assistant, generator, and solver for OS X DOWNLOAD
bytepet(sfnet) Byte Pet A simple experiment into machine learning using... DOWNLOAD
l2tpd(sfnet) L2TP client / daemon A Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol VPN client/daemon ... DOWNLOAD
mosshe(freshmeat) MoSSHe MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment)... DOWNLOAD
marblesync(sfnet) MarbleSync Il permet de créer des profils de synchronisati... DOWNLOAD
bordnet(sfnet) Board.Net Board.Net is banchwork for simple board games. ... DOWNLOAD
flacrat(sfnet) FLAC Rip and Transcode FLAC Rip and Transcode is a set of scripts for ... DOWNLOAD
azul-cms(sfnet) Azúl CMS Azul-CMS is a content management system built o... DOWNLOAD
mythstream-rtl(sfnet) mythstream-rtl Mythstream parser for the http://www.rtlgemist.... DOWNLOAD
ixpress(sfnet) MonsterMedia This project is no longer just about BugTrak. I... DOWNLOAD
numericpuzzle(sfnet) Advanced Numeric Puzzle Game This is a Game with Random Numbers . Player hav... DOWNLOAD
ngwebsite(sfnet) ngWebSite ngWebSite is a divergence of phpWebSite and tre... DOWNLOAD
download-webgui(sfnet) Download - WebGUI for wget Wget network overlay for FreeNAS Require: Wget ... DOWNLOAD
music-mp21(sfnet) music-mp21 Music-MP21 provides an authoring tool to pack a... DOWNLOAD
dtvargentina(sfnet) dtvargentina This project aims to mirror files related to op... DOWNLOAD
sessionfilter(sfnet) TCP Session Sniffer this pcap based project is used for capture tcp... DOWNLOAD
jfileconv(sfnet) jfileconv Project moved to DOWNLOAD
frenchmozilla(sfnet) French Mozilla Translation Projet de traduction française de Mozilla et se... DOWNLOAD
chesstimer1(sfnet) ChessTimer Simple mobile program to count time during chas... DOWNLOAD
aricom(sfnet) Aricom, The Arithmetic Coding Compressor Aricom is a file compressor. It is based on ari... DOWNLOAD
linkdl(sfnet) The Python LinkedLists module. linkdl stands for LinkedLists. linkdl is a Pyth... DOWNLOAD
phpmanga(sfnet) PhpMyManga PhpMyManga is a web-based application for catal... DOWNLOAD
aisystem(sfnet) aisearch Search engine. DOWNLOAD
connect2truth(sfnet) connect2truth In many times we want to help our friends and f... DOWNLOAD
ptlinksoft(sfnet) PTlink IRC Software IRC daemon/IRC services integration and developing DOWNLOAD
bashcompletion(freshmeat) bash programmable completion Since v2.04, bash has allowed you to intelligen... DOWNLOAD
billcalc(sfnet) BillCalc BillCalc is a simple system for managing bills ... DOWNLOAD
hornetq(freshmeat) HornetQ HornetQ is a multi-protocol, embeddable, high p... DOWNLOAD
xlayout(freshmeat) xlayout xlayout is a terminal-based utility to get and ... DOWNLOAD
mapmaudio(freshmeat) mapmaudio mapmaudio is an 1f42 MPEG audio stream mapper. ... DOWNLOAD
qap(freshmeat) METSlib QAP solver The METSlib QAP solver is a Tabu Search solver ... DOWNLOAD
xtrascreenhacks(freshmeat) Xtra Screen Hacks Xtra Screen Hacks is a collection of graphics d... DOWNLOAD
libpff(freshmeat) libpff libpff is a library and tools to access the Per... DOWNLOAD
python-keyboardleds(freshmeat) python-keyboardleds With python-keyboardleds, you can interact with... DOWNLOAD
relex(freshmeat) RelEx RelEx is an English-language semantic dependenc... DOWNLOAD
geny(freshmeat) GenY GenY is a chat client for Yahoo! It features in... DOWNLOAD
onceradix(freshmeat) once:radix once:radix is an integrated development environ... DOWNLOAD
vfx(freshmeat) VFX VFX is a video mixing, triggering, and manipula... DOWNLOAD
morris(freshmeat) Morris Morris is an implementation of Nine Men's Morri... DOWNLOAD
libferrisloki(freshmeat) libferrisloki libferrisloki is a Loki library that has been a... DOWNLOAD
puppylinux(freshmeat) Puppy Linux Puppy Linux is a Linux distribution that is abo... DOWNLOAD
styx-library-for-net(freshmeat) Styx library for .NET StyxLib is a .NET implementation of the Styx (9... DOWNLOAD
isotrol-docgen-bouml-plugout(freshmeat) Isotrol DocGen BOUML plugout The Isotrol DocGen BOUML plugout is a practical... DOWNLOAD
transcriber(freshmeat) Audio Transcriber Audio Transcriber records large audio samples, ... DOWNLOAD
mozilla-kiosk(freshmeat) Mozilla Kiosk Mozilla Kiosk is a kiosk-style Web browser. The... DOWNLOAD
kato(freshmeat) KATO KATO seeks to transform the Web from a time was... DOWNLOAD
aeterean-a(freshmeat) Aeterean-a Aeterean-a is an automatic image downloader. Yo... DOWNLOAD
annoyme(freshmeat) annoyme annoyme is a program that plays a sound effect ... DOWNLOAD
thread-weaver(freshmeat) Thread Weaver Thread Weaver is a framework for writing multit... DOWNLOAD
pdfxmlrpc(freshmeat) PDFXMLRPC PDFXMLRPC enables client-server PDF creation fr... DOWNLOAD
auxrames(freshmeat) Auxrames Auxrames is a Web-based PHP tool that allows hu... DOWNLOAD
mistletoe(freshmeat) Mistletoe Mistletoe is a JUnit extension intended for int... DOWNLOAD
kfsmd(freshmeat) kfsmd kfsmd (kernel filesystem monitor daemon) is a d... DOWNLOAD
ruby-irc-statistics-generator(freshmeat) Ruby IRC Statistics Generator risg (Ruby IRC Statistics Generator) is an IRC ... DOWNLOAD
rootkid-automat(sfnet) rootkid-automat The following rootkit scanners are installed: ... DOWNLOAD
karma(freshmeat) Karma Karma is a Web service provider for tracking &q... DOWNLOAD
tidy-yum-cache-plugin(freshmeat) Tidy YUM Cache Plugin tidy-cache is a plugin for YUM, a software mana... DOWNLOAD
jniexec(freshmeat) jniexec Jniexec provides a Java class library and a Jav... DOWNLOAD
dicomperl(sfnet) A Perl DICOM Library is a Perl library allowing interpretat... DOWNLOAD
nasmanager(sfnet) nasmanager Application for easy mount NAS (Network Attache... DOWNLOAD
gonvert(freshmeat) gonvert gonvert is a conversion utility that allows co... DOWNLOAD
kacst-acptool(sfnet) Khawas 1- The first tool in its type with Arabic user ... DOWNLOAD
phpgenealogy(sfnet) phpGenealogy This project is dead. DOWNLOAD
fipa-os(sfnet) FIPA-OS Agent Toolkit FIPA-OS is a component-based toolkit enabling r... DOWNLOAD
ded(freshmeat) ded ded, the directory editor, allows you to naviga... DOWNLOAD
glasm(sfnet) glasm GLAsm, Alternativa3D, GLScene DOWNLOAD
ulizard(sfnet) ulizard prova DOWNLOAD
seqsimla(sfnet) SeqSIMLA DOWNLOAD
hibernate-swf(sfnet) Spring Hibernate-WebFlow Template App This is a template application that implements ... DOWNLOAD
xsurfer(sfnet) xsurfer This is open-source web browser ! Best view of ... DOWNLOAD
qastrocam-g2(freshmeat) Qastrocam-g2 Qastrocam-g2 is a fork of the Qastrocam project... DOWNLOAD
w3c-php(sfnet) W3C-PHP W3C-PHP is a little php-cli script that can val... DOWNLOAD
texmacs4w(sfnet) texmacs4w This is a native Windows port of GNU TeXmacs - ... DOWNLOAD
mp3commander(sfnet) Mp3 Commander Mp3 Commander is a program for searching and pl... DOWNLOAD

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