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pdfxmlrpc(freshmeat) PDFXMLRPC PDFXMLRPC enables client-server PDF creation fr... DOWNLOAD
auxrames(freshmeat) Auxrames Auxrames is a Web-based PHP tool that allows hu... DOWNLOAD
mistletoe(freshmeat) Mistletoe Mistletoe is a JUnit extension intended for int... DOWNLOAD
kfsmd(freshmeat) kfsmd kfsmd (kernel filesystem monitor daemon) is a d... DOWNLOAD
ruby-irc-statistics-generator(freshmeat) Ruby IRC Statistics Generator risg (Ruby IRC Statistics Generator) is an IRC ... DOWNLOAD
rootkid-automat(sfnet) rootkid-automat The following rootkit scanners are installed: ... DOWNLOAD
karma(freshmeat) Karma Karma is a Web service provider for tracking &q... DOWNLOAD
tidy-yum-cache-plugin(freshmeat) Tidy YUM Cache Plugin tidy-cache is a plugin for YUM, a software mana... DOWNLOAD
jniexec(freshmeat) jniexec Jniexec provides a Java class library and a Jav... DOWNLOAD
dicomperl(sfnet) A Perl DICOM Library is a Perl library allowing interpretat... DOWNLOAD
nasmanager(sfnet) nasmanager Application for easy mount NAS (Network Attache... DOWNLOAD
gonvert(freshmeat) gonvert gonvert is a conversion utility that allows co... DOWNLOAD
kacst-acptool(sfnet) Khawas 1- The first tool in its type with Arabic user ... DOWNLOAD
phpgenealogy(sfnet) phpGenealogy This project is dead. DOWNLOAD
fipa-os(sfnet) FIPA-OS Agent Toolkit FIPA-OS is a component-based toolkit enabling r... DOWNLOAD
ded(freshmeat) ded ded, the directory editor, allows you to naviga... DOWNLOAD
glasm(sfnet) glasm GLAsm, Alternativa3D, GLScene DOWNLOAD
ulizard(sfnet) ulizard prova DOWNLOAD
seqsimla(sfnet) SeqSIMLA DOWNLOAD
hibernate-swf(sfnet) Spring Hibernate-WebFlow Template App This is a template application that implements ... DOWNLOAD
xsurfer(sfnet) xsurfer This is open-source web browser ! Best view of ... DOWNLOAD
qastrocam-g2(freshmeat) Qastrocam-g2 Qastrocam-g2 is a fork of the Qastrocam project... DOWNLOAD
w3c-php(sfnet) W3C-PHP W3C-PHP is a little php-cli script that can val... DOWNLOAD
texmacs4w(sfnet) texmacs4w This is a native Windows port of GNU TeXmacs - ... DOWNLOAD
mp3commander(sfnet) Mp3 Commander Mp3 Commander is a program for searching and pl... DOWNLOAD
gpme(sfnet) GPME Genetic Programing Framework for Java Micro Edi... DOWNLOAD
cabbar(sfnet) cabbar cabbar is a GTK+/GNOME client for Jabber(http:/... DOWNLOAD
xrate(sfnet) xrate xrate is a simple program written in C which ca... DOWNLOAD
glibench(sfnet) GliBench SMP GliBench SMP is an SMP enabled benchmark for te... DOWNLOAD
xhabie-crew(sfnet) X-Habie Crew DOWNLOAD
myorm(sfnet) myorm Myorm is a simple and convenient ORM (Object re... DOWNLOAD
ejin(sfnet) ejin . . the ejin DOWNLOAD
fxpy(sfnet) FXPy FXPy is a Python extension module that provides... DOWNLOAD
libccgi(sfnet) CGI Library for C Decodes CGI data from standard input, $QUERY_S... DOWNLOAD
magicaccountant(sfnet) Magic Accountant Magic Accountant is a web based Magic The Gathe... DOWNLOAD
yahoofinanceapi(sfnet) YahooFinance API Get stock quotes, historical data and exchange ... DOWNLOAD
trackrita(sfnet) trackrita The RITA database application helps WFP and the... DOWNLOAD
cgisock(sfnet) mod_cgisock A module for Apache that implements a CGI inter... DOWNLOAD
xtheater(sfnet) Xtheater MPEG-1 player in GTK+ capable of playing MPEG-1... DOWNLOAD
mymusthave(sfnet) MyMustHave Portable soft, PPC soft, Internet DOWNLOAD
junit(sfnet) JUnit We are deprecating our SourceForge installation... DOWNLOAD
jsadmin(sfnet) Jumpstart Administrator (xsadmin) jsadmin has now been renamed as xsadmin. xsadm... DOWNLOAD
tvtcpresence(sfnet) tvtcpresence DOWNLOAD
satip(sfnet) Sat>ip This Project should help to control Sat>Ip ... DOWNLOAD
cpuinfo(sfnet) CPUInfo A simple library aimed at determining CPU featu... DOWNLOAD
vktools(sfnet) vkontakte tools vkontakte tools and other DOWNLOAD
xelfa(sfnet) XELFA XELFA is an essential library for Arduino which... DOWNLOAD
mqcontrol(sfnet) mqcontrol This little program allows you to monitor your ... DOWNLOAD
pwan(sfnet) The pwan OCL library This is an implementation of the UML's Object C... DOWNLOAD
fileinput(sfnet) jQuery UI themeable file input no images Shimmy's jQuery UI themeable styled file input ... DOWNLOAD
reformatimagess(sfnet) reformatimagess This service will be available in Finder's Serv... DOWNLOAD
multipads(sfnet) MultiPad Having simple text editors to open plain text o... DOWNLOAD
sips-es(sfnet) SIPS en Español SIPS en Español (sips-ES) es el proyecto de tra... DOWNLOAD
openptc(sfnet) OpenPTC OpenPTC is a portable frame-buffer library for ... DOWNLOAD
free(sfnet) FREE e-democracy project We aim to provide a non-commercial private, sec... DOWNLOAD
alurec(sfnet) Alumnus Records This porgect is developed by LEGO team(SIT NUM)... DOWNLOAD
aufgabelokomoti(sfnet) Aufgabe Lokomotiv Der Quelle code von der Classe Lok soll durch R... DOWNLOAD
luyusocketdemo(sfnet) socket_pure_demo 一次demo代码.来源于孙卫琴同志的 精通java socket... DOWNLOAD
pokercountdown(sfnet) Poker Tournament Countdown Software to help keep track of and sound an ala... DOWNLOAD
jquizme(sfnet) jquizme jQuizMe is a webpage quiz application made with... DOWNLOAD
rubikcube(sfnet) rubikcube Simulation is complete.,send any suggestions if... DOWNLOAD
medithin(sfnet) MediThin This is a .NET/C# project for interfacing with ... DOWNLOAD
mysqlforgrid(sfnet) MySQL for GRID This project will include some tools to manage ... DOWNLOAD
gnochive(sfnet) gnochive Gnochive is a Gnome front end for all archivers... DOWNLOAD
e-tv(sfnet) E-TV A small Enlightenment (e11t) TV-Epplet viewer f... DOWNLOAD
pkcolorpicker(sfnet) pkcolorpicker Do you want to use the popular pkColorPicker in... DOWNLOAD
ext2resize(sfnet) GNU ext2resize Obsolete tools for resizing ext2 filesystems. N... DOWNLOAD
braincracks(sfnet) braincracks Braincracks acts like a continuous snapshoting ... DOWNLOAD
papad(sfnet) Publicly Available PAssworDs Program to capture cleartext passwords from the... DOWNLOAD
lyricstagger(sfnet) Lyrics Tagger Automatically Attempts To Tag Any MP3 File With... DOWNLOAD
jjjmpd(sfnet) JJJMPD An incomplete Java MPD client which uses JavaMP... DOWNLOAD
purrpackage(sfnet) PurrPackage Extends Cobertura to measure and report on code... DOWNLOAD
thisara(sfnet) Thisara GA optimized Nearest Neighbor Classifier Framework DOWNLOAD
vnaccount(sfnet) Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts v. 2.50a for OB DOWNLOAD
hkgo(sfnet) hkgo a blog for my friends. DOWNLOAD
drtopo(sfnet) Dr. Topo Dr. Topo NEW, videojuego de plataformas program... DOWNLOAD
gtksourcecomple(sfnet) GtkSourceCompletion This library adds completion support to GtkSour... DOWNLOAD
linkonavt(sfnet) LinkOnAvt - бесплатен; - интеграция с sape и xtool; - а... DOWNLOAD
gtk-mui(sfnet) GTK-MUI A GTK+ to Zune/MUI (Magic User Interface) wrapp... DOWNLOAD
sitehoster(sfnet) sitehoster ABK SiteHoster is aLEHNS (a Lightweight Extensi... DOWNLOAD
sef(sfnet) sef SEF is a framework for server applications base... DOWNLOAD
routeplanner(sfnet) RoutePlanner RoutePlanner is a highway trip planning program... DOWNLOAD
antaean(sfnet) Antaean Two layer project consisting of the PDB, a OODB... DOWNLOAD
aparefman(sfnet) APA Reference Manager Application written in C# to store references f... DOWNLOAD
witicket(sfnet) wiTicket Help Desk Front-End Help Desk front-end window for Sharepoint, DotN... DOWNLOAD
hessianphp(sfnet) hessianphp Implementation of the Hessian binary protocol f... DOWNLOAD
gvhidrastack(sfnet) gvHIDRA Development Stack Stacks para la instalación rápida de aplicacion... DOWNLOAD
electrispayroll(sfnet) Electris Payroll an ajax lamp payroll sotware. mostly based on D... DOWNLOAD
scripturescript(sfnet) scriptures script An effort to provide a freely available, versat... DOWNLOAD
lohimedia(sfnet) Lohimedia Lohimedia is a wiki based on the open source mo... DOWNLOAD
monsoon(sfnet) Monsoon Monsoon is a JFC Task List Manager. DOWNLOAD
datalog(sfnet) datalog The Datalog package contains a lightweight dedu... DOWNLOAD
benderwebviewer(sfnet) Bender Webviewer Webviewer Bender is a small program that can in... DOWNLOAD
snakeskin(sfnet) Snake Skin Bean Breaker The Snake Skin Bean Breaker converts Python syn... DOWNLOAD
glftpdadministr(sfnet) glftpdadministr A open-source management tool for glFTPd server... DOWNLOAD
jarrodsgame(sfnet) jarrods game 3d game DOWNLOAD
switchminer(sfnet) Switch Miner Switch Miner analyzes Cisco switches. Using SNM... DOWNLOAD
setborder(sfnet) setborder This program control keyboard language indicati... DOWNLOAD
shellfire(sfnet) Shell Fire Purpose of this project is to develop 2D cannon... DOWNLOAD
asrsetup(sfnet) ASR Setup Tool [318] Developed by 318 Inc., ASR Setup Tool is an app... DOWNLOAD

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