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netsmsgw(sfnet) Network SMS Gateway netSMSgw is a SMTP to SMS gateway. The goal of ... DOWNLOAD
nightfallrl(sfnet) NightfallRL A roguelike game written in python with the Dor... DOWNLOAD
hderp(sfnet) hd-erp ebay erp, amazon erp, smt erp DOWNLOAD
mylinuxcode(sfnet) my-linuxcode DOWNLOAD
keitaiflash(sfnet) KeitaiFlash App for studying vocabulary flash cards on a Wi... DOWNLOAD
lopcomru(sfnet) lopcomru is my own website .hope can bring so... DOWNLOAD
flipimagesservi(sfnet) FlipImages Service This service will be available in Finder's Serv... DOWNLOAD
codephire(sfnet) CodePhire Utilities for .NET DOWNLOAD
opensyobon(sfnet) opensyobon A cross platform, open source version of the un... DOWNLOAD
deltixpoc(sfnet) deltixPOC DOWNLOAD
voops(sfnet) VOOPS VOOPS is a Vector based graphics application wr... DOWNLOAD
katefrench(sfnet) katefrench About Kate French who is most popular for playi... DOWNLOAD
trenoces(sfnet) trenoces Trenoces is a little platform with wich you'll ... DOWNLOAD
kxxstg(sfnet) kxxstg KxxSTG is a cross-platform 2D vertically-scroll... DOWNLOAD
bookssss(sfnet) bookssss luu ma nguon o day ne DOWNLOAD
smartsoft-ace(sfnet) SmartSoft-Robotics-ACE "SmartSoft" provides a component base... DOWNLOAD
iphp(sfnet) php DOWNLOAD
dlese-oai(sfnet) jOAI - OAI Data Provider and Harvester jOAI is a Java-based OAI data provider and harv... DOWNLOAD
ldapfuse(freshmeat) ldapfuse ldapfuse is a virtual filesystem for FUSE which... DOWNLOAD
mavro(sfnet) mavro DOWNLOAD
callgraphdrawinginterface2(sfnet) Call Graph Drawing Interface 2 DOWNLOAD
evolute-csharp(sfnet) evolute-csharp A genetic programming library made in C#. A ver... DOWNLOAD
fengxingang(sfnet) fengxingang DOWNLOAD
toroo(sfnet) toroo TorooOS adalah linux yang di kembangkan oleh To... DOWNLOAD
exiddis(sfnet) ExIdDis -External Identifier Distributor ExIdDis is an external distributed system that ... DOWNLOAD
frettacool(sfnet) SVNfretta Fretta Download from my server here DOWNLOAD
sicten(sfnet) SiCTen Basé sur AutoIT, ce logiciel simule votre futur... DOWNLOAD
akutan(sfnet) akutan Various quantitative finance algorithms in area... DOWNLOAD
jcppn(sfnet) JCPPN An implementation of the Compositional Pattern ... DOWNLOAD
arsplashform(sfnet) arSplashForm Componente Delphi para implementar efeitos em i... DOWNLOAD
scte(sfnet) SCTE The Software for Controlling Testing Equipment ... DOWNLOAD
htgroupworks(sfnet) htGroupWorks htGroupWorks offers an interface to use functio... DOWNLOAD
doci(sfnet) doci Components for access to ORACLE 8(8i) Server fr... DOWNLOAD
hide(sfnet) hIDE (Heterogeneous IDE) hIDE is an Integrated Development Environment (... DOWNLOAD
taitofootball(sfnet) TaitoFootball DOWNLOAD
wowmapviewer(sfnet) WoW Mapviewer A Mapviewer for World of Warcraft with some fea... DOWNLOAD
rebroadcaster(sfnet) rebroadcaster Rebroadcaster is a program that intercepts keys... DOWNLOAD
powerpressure(sfnet) powerpressure Power from water pressure DOWNLOAD
qutim(sfnet) qutIM qutim - multiplatform ICQ instant messenger. DOWNLOAD
eeqt(sfnet) eeqt EEQT (Event Enhanced Quantum Theory) is an Open... DOWNLOAD
tsm100tools(sfnet) TSM100 Tools A couple of tools for enhance the capabilites o... DOWNLOAD
magento-blog(freshmeat) Magento Blog Magento Blog is an extension that provides blog... DOWNLOAD
modus(sfnet) Modus (ColdFusion CMS framework) Modus is an attempt to provide a light-weight c... DOWNLOAD
neoscript(sfnet) Neo Script This is another irc script with a lot of powerf... DOWNLOAD
didgets(sfnet) didgets Didgets is a GPL-licensed object-based drawing ... DOWNLOAD
mifos(sfnet) Mifos - Microfinance Open Source Mifos X is the next generation of the Mifos sof... DOWNLOAD
slab3d(sfnet) slab3d slab3d is a real-time virtual acoustic environm... DOWNLOAD
opencdn(sfnet) OpenCDN OpenCDN aims to hierarchically chain a set of S... DOWNLOAD
lambdatracker(sfnet) lambdatracker LambdaTracker is a free and open source Interne... DOWNLOAD
sschanger(sfnet) sschanger this is to find the dif's in dx64 async and non... DOWNLOAD
javavideogames(sfnet) Java Video Games Video games written in Java. DOWNLOAD
emofilt(sfnet) emofilt - emotional speech synthesis EmoFilt enables the free-for-non-commercial-use... DOWNLOAD
pulinapussi(sfnet) PulinaPussi A very simple IRC client written in C. DOWNLOAD
omtsearchlyrics(sfnet) SearchLyrics This is small open source program that search l... DOWNLOAD
davadionet(sfnet) DavadioNet A web browser with something for everyone. DOWNLOAD
boujouimport(sfnet) Blender Boujou import script A unofficial script to import Boujou camera tra... DOWNLOAD
dpkgmini(sfnet) dpkg_mini dpkg_mini is a very compact script that does s... DOWNLOAD
crowd(sfnet) crowd CSF-Crowd Simulation Framework A Massive Crowd ... DOWNLOAD
microcms(sfnet) microcms The Tiny microCMS is a tiny and easy to use Con... DOWNLOAD
fotouploader(sfnet) fotouploader Erlaubt die Auswahl von Fotos im Filesystem wel... DOWNLOAD
mgsmtp(sfnet) MgSMTP MgSMTP is a lightweight SMTP MTA, designed for ... DOWNLOAD
unpod(sfnet) unpod A simple perl Tk module to rename ipod-obfuscat... DOWNLOAD
qdroid-inst(sfnet) qdroid-inst Qdroid installer,shell script creating the SD c... DOWNLOAD
maplestoryv95(sfnet) maplestoryv95 An SVN repository of the current v.95.4 of Mapl... DOWNLOAD
tablecomparator(sfnet) tablecomparator This Excel Macro helps you to quickly compare t... DOWNLOAD
isort(sfnet) iSort Bonjour aux amis Jquery-iens et Ajaxeur ! J'ai ... DOWNLOAD
sharepoint2010e(sfnet) sharepoint2010e SharePoint 2010 EUPC (End User Password Changer... DOWNLOAD
xpd(sfnet) XPD XPD is a Distributed Computing project from the... DOWNLOAD
hebros(sfnet) hebros C/C++ sources and some project DOWNLOAD
studbook(sfnet) Student E-Recordbook (aka LogYanker) ASP.NET application for retrieving student's pr... DOWNLOAD
metroidzeromiss(sfnet) metroidzeromiss Proyecto de computaciòn gràfica avanzada DOWNLOAD
tppxmlparser(sfnet) tppXMLparser This program parses data out of the interact*.x... DOWNLOAD
menghuan(sfnet) menghuan Menghuan Online Bookstore was one of my class w... DOWNLOAD
spaceinvaderssc(sfnet) spaceinvaderssc A space Invaders Remake in Scheme Langage DOWNLOAD
oscar(sfnet) Oscar OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resource... DOWNLOAD
peachy(sfnet) peachy Peachy is an API used by client-side PHP progra... DOWNLOAD
simuml(sfnet) simuml The goal of the SimUML project is to create a U... DOWNLOAD
btstruct(sfnet) BTStruct A librairie devoted to backtrackable data struc... DOWNLOAD
midi2keypress(sfnet) Midi2KeyPress Simply catch midi input and convert it to key p... DOWNLOAD
flyffmap(sfnet) Flyff Interactive Map ..... Coming soon ..... DOWNLOAD
javacalculatorstudentproject(sfnet) Java calculator (student project) This is a small projected that 2 computer scien... DOWNLOAD
tronproject(sfnet) tronproject Jogo baseado no filme Tron DOWNLOAD
spritedecompose(sfnet) Sprite Decomposer Decompose and create animations from a sprite s... DOWNLOAD
ion-dtn(sfnet) ION-DTN The Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) softwa... DOWNLOAD
provman(sfnet) Prov-man The Provenance manager (PROV-man) framework pro... DOWNLOAD
bulkemailer(sfnet) Bulk-Emailer It supports you search the specified keyword an... DOWNLOAD
sgal4pivot(sfnet) sgal4pivot Sgal 4 Pivot is a DB less gallery extension for... DOWNLOAD
voctray(sfnet) voctray This is a vocabulary trainer which organizes th... DOWNLOAD
leetnuke(sfnet) leetNuke leetNuke is a website management system based o... DOWNLOAD
ponktv(sfnet) PonkTV PonkTV is a P2P media server for the TV. It all... DOWNLOAD
pm2html(sfnet) PageMaker to HTML (pm2html) system PM2HTML takes PageMaker files and makes a cohes... DOWNLOAD
memail(sfnet) MeMail Modular Email client MeMail is a no-nonsense, fast, and reliable ema... DOWNLOAD
mushunformat(sfnet) MUSHUnformat MUSHUnformat is a MUSHcode unformatter written ... DOWNLOAD
zidrav(sfnet) ZIDRAV ZIDRAV is a file corruption detection and repai... DOWNLOAD
greptweet(freshmeat) Greptweet Greptweet is a minimalistic Web application to ... DOWNLOAD
tknetman(sfnet) TK Network Manager TCL/TK based NMS (MySQL) with plugin capability... DOWNLOAD
yalt(sfnet) YALT - Yet Another LDAP tool A Java web application which handles user looku... DOWNLOAD
mnews(sfnet) Mega News FREE Open-source Architecture for news sites. C... DOWNLOAD
boote(sfnet) Boot Everywhere Linux bootE Linux is yet another minimalist Linux dis... DOWNLOAD

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