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c-dynalib(freshmeat) C-DynaLib C-DynaLib is a Perl module that allows Perl pro... DOWNLOAD
furl-cpan(freshmeat) Furl (CPAN) Furl is a fast pure-Perl HTTP client library. I... DOWNLOAD
scope-2(freshmeat) scope Scope is a time-domain and frequency-domain sof... DOWNLOAD
tux-football(freshmeat) Tux Football Tux Football is an arcade-style 2D football gam... DOWNLOAD
linuxminicom(sfnet) linuxminicom Distribuição GNU/Linux/ utilizado nos Telecentr... DOWNLOAD
soccerssecretwr(sfnet) soccerssecretwr Soccer's secret writing Tool ist ein Programm m... DOWNLOAD
pedometer(freshmeat) Pedometer Pedometer is a collection of tools that retriev... DOWNLOAD
magicflac(sfnet) magicFLAC A conversion front end written in python which ... DOWNLOAD
novatechteammod(sfnet) nova tech team mod pack this is a mod pack from nova tech team for more... DOWNLOAD
songbox(sfnet) songbox Cloud based mp3 player. Provides - easy indexin... DOWNLOAD
lessudoku(sfnet) lessudoku A sudoku game I programmed in C++, win32 api, a... DOWNLOAD
newtonator(sfnet) Newtonator The Newtonator is an LV2 soft synth that uses a... DOWNLOAD
cqedsimulator(sfnet) CQEDSimulator A C/C++ library for Cavity Quantum Electrodynam... DOWNLOAD
randomprogram(sfnet) Random Random Value DOWNLOAD
frostwire-android(sfnet) FrostWire for Android FrostWire is a native BitTorrent & Cloud fi... DOWNLOAD
toners3(sfnet) Toners 3 -keeps a database recording all your media file... DOWNLOAD
bacnet4j(sfnet) BACnet for Java A high-performance implementation of the BACnet... DOWNLOAD
open3sp(sfnet) Open3SP Open3SP is a unique system administration frame... DOWNLOAD
systemglue(sfnet) SystemGlue SystemGlue is a Java framework which aims to en... DOWNLOAD
jblack(sfnet) jblack JBlack is a unique Java API test automation too... DOWNLOAD
sblim(sfnet) Standards Based Linux Instrumentation SBLIM (pronounced "sublime"), the Sta... DOWNLOAD
supargenchino(sfnet) supargenchino DOWNLOAD
rtfossd(sfnet) RT FOSS Distribution (rtFOSSd) rtFOSSd is a simple, lightweight PHP/MySQL appl... DOWNLOAD
iuvbeurlshorten(sfnet) URL Shortener This URL Shortener is based on PHP and MySQL. T... DOWNLOAD
magesiwebbro(sfnet) magesiwebbro Magesi Webブラウザ-それはロシアのイメージホステ... DOWNLOAD
myutilitiesbund(sfnet) My_Utilities_Bundle_NET Pack contains various utilities and fun apps i ... DOWNLOAD
easybackuper(sfnet) easyBackuper easyBackuper is a program that allows users to ... DOWNLOAD
b2ipourcent(sfnet) B2i % Permet de calculer le pourcentage d'items valid... DOWNLOAD
jmediacat(sfnet) jMediaCat jMediaCat is a simple audio file catloging/data... DOWNLOAD
dualsphysics(sfnet) DualSPHysics DualSPHysics is based on the Smoothed Particle ... DOWNLOAD
indelldplot(sfnet) IndelLDplot DOWNLOAD
interlegisdns(sfnet) interlegisdns Código fonte do projeto DOWNLOAD
wetmw(sfnet) wetmw please leave youe suggustions DOWNLOAD
knitdisplay(sfnet) knitdisplay A desktop application to organize your multi-mo... DOWNLOAD
firetool(sfnet) Fire Tool Fire Tool is a simple and easy to use anti malw... DOWNLOAD
qvox(sfnet) QVox Volumetric data visualizer and editor DOWNLOAD
contentdirect(sfnet) ContentDirect Content Direct (CoDi) is a web content delivery... DOWNLOAD
bac2010(sfnet) Aplicatia Bacalaureat 2010 Reimplementare a aplicației Bacalaureat 2010 DOWNLOAD
rdbdynamicnews(sfnet) rdbdynamicnews This project is all about creating a dynamic ne... DOWNLOAD
rvainet(sfnet) RVA I-NET DOWNLOAD
cowget(sfnet) cowget cowget is a command-line download manager for w... DOWNLOAD
osmosys(sfnet) osmosys Osmosys is a GUI enabled download manager and a... DOWNLOAD
quakewordos2(sfnet) QuakeWorld/2 QuakeWorld/2 is a port of QuakeWorld & Quak... DOWNLOAD
createplot(sfnet) CreatePlot Matlab script to create nice plots DOWNLOAD
tntpingtool(sfnet) TNT Ping Tool A simple ping tool to check how well a website ... DOWNLOAD
helinav(sfnet) helinav Autonomous navigation and mapping for a micro-h... DOWNLOAD
empireproject(sfnet) mangos This project contains new stuff for those who u... DOWNLOAD
droidjava(sfnet) DroidJava DOWNLOAD
nfienfcollector(sfnet) NFI enf collector This is an ENF collector in java for collecting... DOWNLOAD
concurrent-disp(sfnet) Concurrent Task parallel library built on top of Grand Cen... DOWNLOAD
g3torrent(sfnet) G3 - Bittorrent Client Objective: To create the most visually appealin... DOWNLOAD
devontikz(sfnet) devontikz Latex bar figures with TIKZ. It creates bar gra... DOWNLOAD
hyphentype(freshmeat) hyphenType hyphenType is a commandline interface for Java.... DOWNLOAD
bitmaptompeg(sfnet) Bitmap to Mpeg Bitmap to mpeg video delphi source DOWNLOAD
simulatepcr(sfnet) simulate_pcr Assessing primer specificity and predicting bot... DOWNLOAD
jmario(sfnet) JMario JMario is a side-scroll game, built in Java, ba... DOWNLOAD
moprop(sfnet) PopUp Killer Detect annoy popup and disable it! DOWNLOAD
gothickck(sfnet) GothicKCK DOWNLOAD
behavior(sfnet) behavior editor eclipse plugin This project is a Behavior eclipse plugin which... DOWNLOAD
mvp(sfnet) mvp This is a collection of my most useful Java cla... DOWNLOAD
mcwutil(sfnet) Minecraft World Utility The Minecraft World Utility is a set of simple ... DOWNLOAD
sitecontroller(sfnet) Site Controller Published in source code. DOWNLOAD
cmsdbfree(sfnet) CmsDbFree This is a very simple CMS like Joomla, Drupal o... DOWNLOAD
grprename(sfnet) grpRename These VBscript programs were developed as simpl... DOWNLOAD
servalivecheck(sfnet) servalivecheck SERVALIVECHECK is a java application for monito... DOWNLOAD
hostans(sfnet) hostans HostAns - All your biz solutions! DOWNLOAD
jpaxjc(sfnet) jpaxjc JPA-XJC is a JAXB 2.1 XJC plugin for annotating... DOWNLOAD
gene-tex-lib(sfnet) gene's TeX libraries Several packages and classes for LaTeX are host... DOWNLOAD
remotevolctrl(sfnet) RemoteVolumeControl Remotely control your PC's volume from your iPh... DOWNLOAD
contbeam(sfnet) ContBeam ContBeam is a program capable of solving struct... DOWNLOAD
phonixj(sfnet) PhonixJ PhonixJ is a simple, light and feature rich des... DOWNLOAD
solitari(sfnet) solitari 4 famosi solitari italiani. Il gioco permette d... DOWNLOAD
liveschemaupdat(sfnet) liveschemaupdat This software supports live schema updates in r... DOWNLOAD
youtube-dl-gui(sfnet) youtube-dl GUI DOWNLOAD
starship-starflight-simulator(sfnet) Starship Starflight Simulator Developed between 1992 and 1999, this is a very... DOWNLOAD
camit(sfnet) CamIt CamIt is a Windows command line tool for contin... DOWNLOAD
bac(sfnet) BAC - Boule And Carre This is a little reflexion game developped in F... DOWNLOAD
happygraphs(sfnet) Happy Graphs A library of graph algorithms non-trivials. An ... DOWNLOAD
vipermatic(sfnet) Viper Matic Surf The web with Viper Matic DOWNLOAD
profor(sfnet) profor Author : André Rezende - andrerezende_br@yahoo.... DOWNLOAD
frozenuniverse(sfnet) Frozen Universe A multiplayer real time strategy game set in s... DOWNLOAD
hostthis(sfnet) hostthis DOWNLOAD
cs310project1python(sfnet) CS310Project1_python DOWNLOAD
oak-repository(sfnet) OAK-Repository - OAK Repository는 지식정보를 생산하거나 서비스... DOWNLOAD
kernelbuilds(sfnet) Kernel Builds DOWNLOAD
assasin(sfnet) Assasin This Project is just for check DOWNLOAD
yeti3dpro(sfnet) yeti3dpro This is the last know development of Yeti3D bef... DOWNLOAD
firestone(sfnet) firestone java game library like slick2d without native api DOWNLOAD
gather(sfnet) Gather The open source software that reunites. A 100% ... DOWNLOAD
statsvn(sfnet) StatSVN StatSVN is a metrics-analysis tool for charting... DOWNLOAD
inertiajs(sfnet) inertia.js a free open-source browser-based presentation u... DOWNLOAD
iiiteplaunch(sfnet) iiiteplaunch This is a multi platform UI for EP launch . DOWNLOAD
mw-by-milan-kazarka(freshmeat) MW by Milan Kazarka MW is a low footprint embedded UI framework cor... DOWNLOAD
kukadla(sfnet) xeyesDOTnet xeyesnet is .NET clone of xeyes program. It dis... DOWNLOAD
xalbumlist(sfnet) xalbumlist xalbumlist is an XMMS clone of the Winamp plugi... DOWNLOAD
xhb1639(sfnet) xhb_1639 DOWNLOAD
pandasql(sfnet) panda-sql Panda-Sql is a Browser and an Sql/PlSql Editor... DOWNLOAD
textzap(sfnet) Text Zap Text Zap is a Ant based filtering program to fi... DOWNLOAD
flfm(freshmeat) Fast Light File Manager FLFM is a file manager based on the Fast Light ... DOWNLOAD
cppncsssyntaxc11(sfnet) cppncss syntax c++11 In the spirit of sharing the changes. Only som... DOWNLOAD

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