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mw-by-milan-kazarka(freshmeat) MW by Milan Kazarka MW is a low footprint embedded UI framework cor... DOWNLOAD
kukadla(sfnet) xeyesDOTnet xeyesnet is .NET clone of xeyes program. It dis... DOWNLOAD
xalbumlist(sfnet) xalbumlist xalbumlist is an XMMS clone of the Winamp plugi... DOWNLOAD
xhb1639(sfnet) xhb_1639 DOWNLOAD
pandasql(sfnet) panda-sql Panda-Sql is a Browser and an Sql/PlSql Editor... DOWNLOAD
textzap(sfnet) Text Zap Text Zap is a Ant based filtering program to fi... DOWNLOAD
flfm(freshmeat) Fast Light File Manager FLFM is a file manager based on the Fast Light ... DOWNLOAD
cppncsssyntaxc11(sfnet) cppncss syntax c++11 In the spirit of sharing the changes. Only som... DOWNLOAD
psypong3d(sfnet) PSY PONG 3D PSY PONG 3D, is a three dimensional Pong clone ... DOWNLOAD
stormone2(sfnet) stormone2 The official STORM download Area STORMOne for m... DOWNLOAD
teamoctos(sfnet) teamoctos DOWNLOAD
toxxicfreebuild(sfnet) toxxicfreebuild DOWNLOAD
nopgallery190v1(sfnet) NopGallery1.90 v0.01 An image gallery manager for NopCommerce 1.90, ... DOWNLOAD
biohazardcms(sfnet) biohazard CMS DOWNLOAD
itunesmatchautotagger(sfnet) iTunesMatchAutoTagger This tool automatically scans your iTunes music... DOWNLOAD
wedash(sfnet) wedash Wedash Antvirus is Created by Aat Shadewa, in h... DOWNLOAD
gearthplot(sfnet) gearthplot This PHP script allows You to plot bubble chart... DOWNLOAD
commandlinerpn(sfnet) CommandLineRPN An RPN command line calculator. DOWNLOAD
pir2clock(sfnet) pir2clock A cool java clock which can be used with many l... DOWNLOAD
rffitemsheet(sfnet) rffitemsheet This is intended to be an item pseudo-database ... DOWNLOAD
locationmanager(sfnet) JS Location Manager Small and simple JavaScript implementation of a... DOWNLOAD
miranospacetrip(sfnet) Mirano's Spacetrip Simple 3D game, uses mainly the function glVert... DOWNLOAD
blku(sfnet) blku site-ho-tome........ DOWNLOAD
diagnostics(sfnet) diagnostics Quite useful library for code diagnosis. As for... DOWNLOAD
arraylist(sfnet) ArrayList A FreePascal library that provides dynamic arra... DOWNLOAD
ajaxform(sfnet) Ajax Form Ajax Form is a jquery plugins, which can send t... DOWNLOAD
mcnavimaps(sfnet) mcnavimaps PROCESSED MAPS FOR MCNAVI. If you want submit y... DOWNLOAD
rafael(sfnet) Web services Meu projeto é criar um sistema de avaliação de ... DOWNLOAD
feiyi(sfnet) feiyi a php blog,a very good blog. DOWNLOAD
actionmapper(sfnet) MWLL Actionmapper MWLL Actionmapper java frontend for changing ke... DOWNLOAD
chipchipnorm(sfnet) chipchipnorm A novel normalization scheme specifically desig... DOWNLOAD
ckteam(sfnet) wan No description DOWNLOAD
lynx-js(sfnet) Lynx.js Lynx is a lightweight HTML5 game engine designe... DOWNLOAD
gencoupenavi(sfnet) gencoupenavi This project is specifically for hacking with t... DOWNLOAD
vnch(sfnet) fashion design china DOWNLOAD
dacme(sfnet) DACME Distributed Admission Control for MANET Environ... DOWNLOAD
saviorlinuxos(sfnet) SaviorLinux OS Savior Linux è in lingua italiana ed ha le segu... DOWNLOAD
zeep(sfnet) Zeep HTTP Server Zeep is an open source HTTP server, designed to... DOWNLOAD
rcfose(sfnet) rcfose A operating system executable for windows DOWNLOAD
winbatch(sfnet) winbatch Windows services batch files to switch Windows ... DOWNLOAD
thedeck(sfnet) The Deck The Deck is a full featured penetration testing... DOWNLOAD
gklab(sfnet) gklab Gklab bring you another dose of General Knowled... DOWNLOAD
sqlitephpmgr(sfnet) Sqlite Php Manager Single PHP file manager for sqlite databases. -... DOWNLOAD
biebian(sfnet) JustinBieberLinux Justin Bieber Linux, also called Biebian, is a ... DOWNLOAD
qmcalc2(sfnet) qmcalc2 Full featured graphical scientific calculator m... DOWNLOAD
genomerunner(sfnet) GenomeRunner Latest news: check our blog @ https://sourcefor... DOWNLOAD
desire-adhoc(freshmeat) desire-adhoc desire-adhoc allows you to connect your HTC Des... DOWNLOAD
modpoll(sfnet) modpoll This is a simple php based interface driver bet... DOWNLOAD
java-engine-for-testing(freshmeat) Java Engine for Testing The Java Engine for Testing (JET) is a system f... DOWNLOAD
euclid-wm(freshmeat) euclid-wm euclid-wm is a minimalist tiling window manager... DOWNLOAD
convertepst(freshmeat) ConvertePST ConvertePST is a tool for reading messages in M... DOWNLOAD
nlinear(freshmeat) NLinear NLinear is a generic linear algebra toolkit for... DOWNLOAD
serd(freshmeat) Serd Serd is a lightweight C library for RDF syntax ... DOWNLOAD
libsord(freshmeat) LibSord LibSord is a lightweight C library for storing ... DOWNLOAD
suil(freshmeat) Suil Suil is a library for LV2 hosts intended to mak... DOWNLOAD
lilv(freshmeat) Lilv Lilv is a library for LV2 hosts intended to mak... DOWNLOAD
ltblighttaybind(sfnet) ltblighttaybind Version légère du TayBinder (keybinder destinée... DOWNLOAD
mojadieta(sfnet) mojadieta Moja Dieta, projekt serwisu DOWNLOAD
erekobotcommunication(sfnet) ErekoBotCommunication DOWNLOAD
touchcontrol(sfnet) TouchControl TouchControl MediaPortal Plugin TouchControl pr... DOWNLOAD
pltc(sfnet) pltc Prolog to Turbo C compiler with runtime for DOS DOWNLOAD
naev(freshmeat) Naev Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in ... DOWNLOAD
defragmenter(freshmeat) defragmenter defragmenter is a braindead filesystem agnostic... DOWNLOAD
emptracker(sfnet) empTracker Emptracker is a new project to improve the old ... DOWNLOAD
md5hunter(sfnet) MD5Hunter Do you need a simple and easy to use md5 cracke... DOWNLOAD
bazehelicalantennacalc(sfnet) Baze's Helical Antenna Calc Uses IBCrazy's formulas to create helix antenna... DOWNLOAD
fragmentator(sfnet) Fragmentator Project using files fragmentation for security.... DOWNLOAD
pmi-controls(sfnet) PMI Controls PMI stellt DLL Controls zur verfügbar für WinFo... DOWNLOAD
hellotravian(sfnet) hellotravian Project for the Google Chrome extension "h... DOWNLOAD
gengraph(sfnet) Delphi Generic Graph Library DOWNLOAD
msfpayloadgui(sfnet) MsfpayloadGUI This simple software is the gui that I've tried... DOWNLOAD
ravipkfirst(sfnet) Ravi Pk First Project DOWNLOAD
mydvds(freshmeat) myDVDs myDVDs is a complete personal Web-based graphic... DOWNLOAD
transfuchs(sfnet) Transfuchs Simulates a radio connection using VOIP. Very e... DOWNLOAD
isogol(sfnet) IsoGOL An isometric implementation of Conway's Game of... DOWNLOAD
fzadduser(sfnet) filezilla server command line client a command line EXE to add users to filezilla se... DOWNLOAD
recon(sfnet) recon (server reconnaissance) Game (Quake 3) server browser written in Python... DOWNLOAD
spydoc(sfnet) Simple PyDoc A simple program for creating documentation of ... DOWNLOAD
facesmicrophoto(sfnet) Faces micro Photo social Network on php This is micro photo social network written in P... DOWNLOAD
cornea(sfnet) Cornea Video: DOWNLOAD
thebat(sfnet) thebat The Basic Activity Tracker is a Python script t... DOWNLOAD
concurrent-lite(sfnet) concurrent-lite This is a light weight library for building con... DOWNLOAD
hfidevicedriver(sfnet) HFI Device Driver Linux HFI Device Driver for IBM's PERCS integra... DOWNLOAD
nasacontrolsim(sfnet) Mission Control Simulator It´s a small project to test my Delphi-Skills..... DOWNLOAD
edico(sfnet) EDiCo Electron diffraction code for the simulation an... DOWNLOAD
pcx(sfnet) pcx Prototype Compiler for XML (PCX) is a JAXB alik... DOWNLOAD
pinginternal(sfnet) pinginternal This was created so I could ping specific inter... DOWNLOAD
anialpha(sfnet) Animal Alphabet A child learning application DOWNLOAD
randomjunit(sfnet) Random jUnit This project permits to execute jUnit randomly:... DOWNLOAD
question-mark-game(sfnet) Question mark game Simple java casual game w/ random generation of... DOWNLOAD
hopin(sfnet) hopin Project list all permutations of a list of give... DOWNLOAD
fasteros(sfnet) FasterOS A linux operating system which is attempting t... DOWNLOAD
jtelescope(sfnet) jTelescope Virtual telescope written in Java for mobile ph... DOWNLOAD
smvdc(sfnet) smvdc SmVDC++ is a client for the direct connect netw... DOWNLOAD
moniterm(sfnet) moniterm Development of terminal software for monitor. DOWNLOAD
sweaty7z(sfnet) sweaty7z WARNING: Project cancelled. No another version ... DOWNLOAD
ppdragon(sfnet) ppdragon Suite of Perl Script to parse postfix syslog da... DOWNLOAD
papercup(sfnet) papercup A website people use to share information of bo... DOWNLOAD
jsquizgenius(sfnet) Js Quiz Genius Cuba Das Quiz beinhaltet Kategorien mit Wertbelegung... DOWNLOAD
wowrealmchanger(sfnet) WoW Realm Changer Ein kleines Tool mit dem man die World of Warcr... DOWNLOAD

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