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pimentech-dbutils(freshmeat) pimentech-dbutils pimentech-dbutils provides a set of tools for d... DOWNLOAD
zincisnotcanvas(freshmeat) Zinc Zinc is a Tk widget developed with Perl/Tk, Tcl... DOWNLOAD
race-timing(freshmeat) Race Timing Race Timing lets you manage races by describing... DOWNLOAD
kartomnt(freshmeat) KartoMNT KartoMNT is a software program for height model... DOWNLOAD
gsvn(freshmeat) gnome-svn Gsvn is a front end for the Subversion version ... DOWNLOAD
mlmmjadmd(freshmeat) mlmmjadmd mlmmjadmd is a networked server for administrat... DOWNLOAD
slat(freshmeat) slat Slat stands for "Sounds Like A Theramin&qu... DOWNLOAD
medb(freshmeat) Media Database This is a media database that uses PHP for the ... DOWNLOAD
arcangel(freshmeat) arcangel Arcangel is a Jack effect and LADSPA plugin for... DOWNLOAD
powernap(freshmeat) powernap Powernap is a small Python extension for accura... DOWNLOAD
puakmatornado(freshmeat) Tornado Server Puakma Tornado Server is a full featured applic... DOWNLOAD
versatile(freshmeat) Versatile Encoder Versatile Encoder allows you to encode your own... DOWNLOAD
tesa(freshmeat) TESA TESA (Tactics Editor for Squad Action) is a str... DOWNLOAD
wepdecrypt(freshmeat) Wepdecrypt Wepdecrypt is a wireless LAN tool based on wepa... DOWNLOAD
do178builder(freshmeat) Do178Builder Do178Builder is a documentation tool used throu... DOWNLOAD
bogofilter(freshmeat) bogofilter Bogofilter is a Bayesian spam filter. In its no... DOWNLOAD
kfile_chemical(freshmeat) kfile_chemical kfile_chemical is a set of kfile plugins for th... DOWNLOAD
monostack(freshmeat) BitRock MonoStack MonoStack is a distribution of Apache, mod_mono... DOWNLOAD
camelbones(freshmeat) CamelBones CamelBones is a Cocoa/Perl bridge for Mac OS X.... DOWNLOAD
cmap(freshmeat) CMap CMap is a cross map API designed to make coding... DOWNLOAD
glui(freshmeat) GLUI GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library... DOWNLOAD
asciiweb(freshmeat) ASCIIweb ASCIIweb is a text-to-HTML formatting system th... DOWNLOAD
pypt-offline(freshmeat) apt-offline apt-offline is a utility for people using Debia... DOWNLOAD
evaristo(freshmeat) EVARISTO Evaristo is an ERP solution written in Java (2 ... DOWNLOAD
todo2html(freshmeat) todo2html todo2html generates pretty HTML from a standard... DOWNLOAD
dbashell(freshmeat) DBAShell DBAShell is a project based around Shell functi... DOWNLOAD
netsukuku(freshmeat) Netsukuku Netsukuku is a P2P network system that generate... DOWNLOAD
klininfo(freshmeat) KLinInfo KLinInfo is a KDE application for collecting va... DOWNLOAD
wwtk(freshmeat) wwtk wwtk is a wizard-style Web interface for struct... DOWNLOAD
limph(freshmeat) Limph Limph (Limph Is Monitoring Pingable Hosts) prov... DOWNLOAD
alligator(freshmeat) Alligator Alligator is an RSS aggregator. It supports all... DOWNLOAD
w-agora(freshmeat) w-agora W-Agora (Web-Agora) is a database-driven commun... DOWNLOAD
cpdfwriter(freshmeat) cPdfWriter cPdfWriter is a PHP5 class for exporting PDF do... DOWNLOAD
havege(freshmeat) HAVEGE HAVEGE (HArdware Volatile Entropy Gathering and... DOWNLOAD
feedstater(freshmeat) FeedStater FeedStater is an RSS/Atom feed statistics tool.... DOWNLOAD
cavewall(freshmeat) CAVE WALL CAVE WALL (Colored ASCII Visual Editor Without ... DOWNLOAD
phpimagemage(freshmeat) PHPImageMage PHPImageMage is a PHP5-class that acts as an AP... DOWNLOAD
psarchive(freshmeat) psArchive psArchive is a PHP 5 extension designed to prov... DOWNLOAD
smta(freshmeat) smta Secure MTA is a daemon for SMTP passwords and a... DOWNLOAD
strongswan(freshmeat) strongSwan strongSwan is a complete IPsec implementation f... DOWNLOAD
dis(freshmeat) Device Interaction Suite Device Interaction Suite is a framework for int... DOWNLOAD
kagiru(freshmeat) Kagiru Sudoku Kagiru is a Sudoku puzzle game supporting autom... DOWNLOAD
numerictts(freshmeat) Numeric TTS Numeric TTS is a PHP class that can be used to ... DOWNLOAD
enom(freshmeat) Enom API Enom API is a PHP class that can be used to man... DOWNLOAD
gaim-unaa(freshmeat) use_name_as_alias use_name_as_alias is a script that reads a GAIM... DOWNLOAD
sandsurfer(freshmeat) SandSurfer SandSurfer is a Web-based Perl CGI application ... DOWNLOAD
rails-gallery(freshmeat) Rails Gallery Generator Rails-gallery provides a generator for file upl... DOWNLOAD
simpledb(freshmeat) Simple C++ ODBC Database API The SimpleDB API is a C++ API designed to encap... DOWNLOAD
gitarella(freshmeat) Gitarella Gitarella is a Web frontend for the GIT source ... DOWNLOAD
dee(freshmeat) DEE Excellent Editor DEE Excellent Editor is a simple source code ed... DOWNLOAD
anthias(freshmeat) Anthias Anthias is a graphical shell. It integrates the... DOWNLOAD
apetag(freshmeat) apetag Apetag is command line tagging tool for multim... DOWNLOAD
synaptics(freshmeat) XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver The XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver is a... DOWNLOAD
gbindadmin(freshmeat) GBIND Admin GBIND Admin is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for... DOWNLOAD
mumsai(freshmeat) MUMSAI MUMSAI is a Web application designed to manage ... DOWNLOAD
delta(freshmeat) Delta Delta assists users in minimizing "interes... DOWNLOAD
fontpage(freshmeat) FONTpage FONTpage is a utility for viewing, managing, an... DOWNLOAD
peclmnogosearch(freshmeat) mnoGoSearch extension for PHP nmGoSearch extension for PHP is a complete PHP ... DOWNLOAD
srtk(freshmeat) software requirements toolkit Srtk is a coherent set of Unix-style tools for ... DOWNLOAD
nfsstats_pl(freshmeat) is a Net-SNMP sub-agent that parses... DOWNLOAD
s710(freshmeat) s710 s710 lets you communicate from a Linux computer... DOWNLOAD
grochat(freshmeat) GroChat Grochat is a simple Web chat system using PHP a... DOWNLOAD
scijax(freshmeat) SCIJAX SCIJAX (Spell Checker for Inline Javascript and... DOWNLOAD
jtokeniser(freshmeat) jTokeniser jTokeniser is a Java library for tokenising str... DOWNLOAD
timeclock-software(freshmeat) timeclock software timeclock software is an employee time and atte... DOWNLOAD
libfoundation(freshmeat) libFoundation libFoundation is an Objective-C library that pr... DOWNLOAD
sloozephpwebphotoalbum(freshmeat) Slooze PHP Web Photo Album The Slooze PHP Web Photo Album is a Web-based p... DOWNLOAD
originalsynth(freshmeat) OriginalSynth OriginalSynth allows you to draw waves to be os... DOWNLOAD
auogg(freshmeat) Auogg Auogg is a simple Ogg/Vorbis player for the Net... DOWNLOAD
gooooops(freshmeat) GoooooPS GoooooPS is a Java MIDlet that displays a posit... DOWNLOAD
vidigi(freshmeat) Vidigi Vidigi is a QT4-based image viewer. It uses QT'... DOWNLOAD
jconstruct(freshmeat) Construct-java Construct is a framework for command processing... DOWNLOAD
querylog(freshmeat) Querylog Querylog is a console tool for performing SQL q... DOWNLOAD
carworld(freshmeat) Car World Car World is an OpenGL driving simulator based ... DOWNLOAD
mdevinf(freshmeat) Mobile Device Information The Mobile Device Information project is a Java... DOWNLOAD
shizzle(freshmeat) Shizzle Shizzle is an X-session based daemon that runs ... DOWNLOAD
heml(freshmeat) Historical Event Markup and Linking Project Historical Event Markup and Linking Project (He... DOWNLOAD
consultcomm(freshmeat) ConsultComm Project Timekeeper Consultant Communicator (ConsultComm) is a ligh... DOWNLOAD
automanic(freshmeat) Automanic Automanic is a vehicular deathmatch game, hopef... DOWNLOAD
blocksshd(freshmeat) BlockSSHD BlockSSHD protects computers from SSH brute for... DOWNLOAD
somad(freshmeat) Soma suite Soma is a suite of programs that let you play a... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-cpp(freshmeat) sudoku-cpp sudoku-cpp is a simple Sudoku generator. DOWNLOAD
archive-sort(freshmeat) Archive sort Archive sort is a script that sorts directories... DOWNLOAD
xcom(freshmeat) XCOM XCOM is a system designed to support component ... DOWNLOAD
vitalsigns(freshmeat) VitalSigns VitalSigns provides an easy-to-use application ... DOWNLOAD
cdk4avr(freshmeat) AVR Cross Development Kit AVR Cross Development Kit is a CDK for Atmel's ... DOWNLOAD
chouxiang(freshmeat) ChouXiang ChouXiang is an abstract shooting game. DOWNLOAD
trex(freshmeat) TRex TRex is a tool to help maintain test suites wri... DOWNLOAD
webdyne(freshmeat) WebDyne WebDyne is a dynamic content engine for Apache ... DOWNLOAD
archrevctl(freshmeat) arch revision control system arch is a modern replacement for CVS, specifica... DOWNLOAD
vmpsd(freshmeat) ICARUS VMPSd ICARUS VMPSd is a VLAN Management policy system... DOWNLOAD
commitmessage(freshmeat) CommitMessage CommitMessage is a modular, easy-to-use approac... DOWNLOAD
megablanker(freshmeat) MegaBlanker MegaBlanker is a utility to blank CD-RW and DVD... DOWNLOAD
unieject(freshmeat) unieject Unieject is an eject command drop-in replacemen... DOWNLOAD
carnarvon(freshmeat) carnarvon Carnarvon is a software archaeology analysis to... DOWNLOAD
gutenpy(freshmeat) GutenPy GutenPy makes it easier to find and read books ... DOWNLOAD
emerde(freshmeat) Emerde Emerde is a port of Gentoo's portage system tha... DOWNLOAD
libao-pulse(freshmeat) libao-pulse libao-pulse is a libao driver for the PulseAudi... DOWNLOAD
db_bibivu(freshmeat) db_bibivu db_bibivu is a simple MySQL database access wra... DOWNLOAD
vkeyd(freshmeat) vkeyd vkeyd is a Linux daemon, forked from ikeyd, use... DOWNLOAD

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