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ants2011(sfnet) Ants 2011 - bot GreenTea Open code and jar for downloading. DOWNLOAD
clippad(sfnet) clippad clippad redirect console output to the clipboar... DOWNLOAD
pranucook(sfnet) Cookbook DOWNLOAD
studentinform(sfnet) studentinform This is software where you can store student de... DOWNLOAD
solitgpl(sfnet) solitgpl A multiplatform game/framework for card games, ... DOWNLOAD
ipicmaker(sfnet) ipicmaker Simple tool for displaying preformatted text at... DOWNLOAD
scheletuluman(sfnet) scheletuluman Un program al acrui scop este prezentarea schel... DOWNLOAD
rbuild(sfnet) RBuild RBuild is a Linux KBuild like software configur... DOWNLOAD
mirnaworkbench(sfnet) mirnaworkbench In this project we want to create a microRNA we... DOWNLOAD
opendomo(sfnet) OpenDomo open-source customizable platform for home auto... DOWNLOAD
wpocto(sfnet) wpocto octo themes wordpress free thems DOWNLOAD
ieplugin4rm(sfnet) RapidMiner Information Extraction Plugin The Information Extraction Plugin allows the us... DOWNLOAD
archigitrepositoryplugin(sfnet) Archi Git Repository Plugin Archi is a fantastic open source tool for creat... DOWNLOAD
multiexperiment-viewer-mev(freshmeat) MultiExperiment Viewer MultiExperiment Viewer (MeV) is a versatile mic... DOWNLOAD
tao123(sfnet) tao123 DOWNLOAD
hati(sfnet) hati dátumokhoz adott napok számítására szolgáló pro... DOWNLOAD
subluna(sfnet) SubLuna Various tools and libraries to ease development... DOWNLOAD
openx-android(sfnet) OpenX Android Widget An Android Widget which can be used in Android ... DOWNLOAD
terrariawoa(sfnet) Terraria WoA DOWNLOAD
pjf(sfnet) PJF OS It´s a small OS of me. You can add functions wi... DOWNLOAD
openjsmcppnew(sfnet) OpenJSM C++ (new version) As I lost my previous SF account, I made a new ... DOWNLOAD
mailfilesystem(sfnet) mailfilesystem Mail file system created with FUSE is designed ... DOWNLOAD
s1000d-scorm(sfnet) S1000D Transformation Toolkit The S1000D Transformation Toolkit provides a re... DOWNLOAD
ludumdare27(sfnet) LudumDare27 DOWNLOAD
cuadernoprof(sfnet) Cuaderno del Profesor Proyecto de análisis del cuaderno del profesor DOWNLOAD
keybored(sfnet) keybored Turns your keyboard into a musical instrument. DOWNLOAD
moonorm(sfnet) Moon.Orm MQL是Moon.Orm 5.0中的全新设计,是在之前版本的革... DOWNLOAD
matador2010(sfnet) matador2010 Test project......... DOWNLOAD
vk-theme(sfnet) Vk theme music No description DOWNLOAD
gunzwebproject(sfnet) Gunz Web Project GWP, Para las personas que crean servidores de ... DOWNLOAD
aquaticsaver(sfnet) Aquatic Saver A fine, large collection of aquatic life encase... DOWNLOAD
mmource(sfnet) mmource MMource - Vereinigung österreichischer Hobbypro... DOWNLOAD
projets3kejln(sfnet) projets3kejln et des poires DOWNLOAD
jsecureim(sfnet) jsecureim SecureIM facilitates a decentralized and encryp... DOWNLOAD
mksdd(sfnet) mksdd Tools for mass creation and maintenance of syml... DOWNLOAD
simple-weather(sfnet) simple-weather A small web application able to generate dynami... DOWNLOAD
tage(freshmeat) Tage Tage is a tool for texture and terrain generati... DOWNLOAD
freephpblogsoftware(freshmeat) FreePHPBlogSoftware FreePHPBlogSoftware is blogging software with a... DOWNLOAD
extcos(freshmeat) eXtcos eXtcos is an extensible JVM component scanner, ... DOWNLOAD
glue-stick(freshmeat) Glue Stick Glue Stick is a dependency injection framework ... DOWNLOAD
objes(freshmeat) ObJes ObJes is a very simple JavaScript obfuscator. I... DOWNLOAD
shareazaplus(sfnet) Shareaza Plus Shareaza Plus is developed to create the fastet... DOWNLOAD
swcontrol(sfnet) swcontrol SWControl é um software de gerenciamento de pro... DOWNLOAD
morgantechspace(sfnet) MorganTechSpace DOWNLOAD
heldandlost(sfnet) heldandlost Release of different types of ECRIT (Emergency ... DOWNLOAD
richuieditor(sfnet) RichUI Editor DOWNLOAD
grahamposter(sfnet) Graham Poster DOWNLOAD
info-ujf(sfnet) INF DOWNLOAD
dvrmodel(sfnet) dvrmodel An open source data version repository model ba... DOWNLOAD
enginemod(sfnet) enginemod enginmod for garrys mod DOWNLOAD
mawbydevlaunch(sfnet) mawbydevlaunch A wonderful shortcut launcher with some freaky ... DOWNLOAD
klyxbfgu(sfnet) klyxbfgu Used to run nightly. It will pull the rss feeds... DOWNLOAD
unnamedgame(sfnet) unnamedgame This is a game I am creating to get better with... DOWNLOAD
bachue(sfnet) Gestor Documental Bachue Bachue es un gestor documental diseñado para pe... DOWNLOAD
mapbuilder(sfnet) Community Mapbuilder The Community Mapbuilder allows users to enter ... DOWNLOAD
xmodconfig(freshmeat) xmodconfig xmodconfig is a graphical front end for xmodmap... DOWNLOAD
opennebula(freshmeat) OpenNebula OpenNebula is a toolkit to easily build any typ... DOWNLOAD
volleyball(freshmeat) Volleyball Manager The Volleyball Manager supports the planning, m... DOWNLOAD
vde-virtual-distributed-ethern(freshmeat) VDE VDE (Virtual Distributed Ethernet) is an Ethern... DOWNLOAD
icwri-tools-for-ibm-websphere-(freshmeat) Icwri Monitor for IBM WebSphere MQ Icwri Monitor for IBM WebSphere MQ is a Web-bas... DOWNLOAD
libgamepieces(freshmeat) libgamepieces libgamepieces is started with the intent to cre... DOWNLOAD
vdt-visual-disk-test(freshmeat) Visual Disk Test VDT (Visual Disk Test) performs various I/O tes... DOWNLOAD
asciipyngpong(sfnet) ASCII Pyng Pong ASCII Pyng Pong (Pyng because of Python) is cod... DOWNLOAD
aros-clang(sfnet) AROS Clang Modified llvm-clang compiler that targets the A... DOWNLOAD
jlproject(sfnet) jlproject JL project is a open source OS collecter DOWNLOAD
bionixreloaded(sfnet) Bionix Reloaded-G2x DOWNLOAD
phpmyscriptslib(sfnet) PHP MyScripts Library A Collection of php wrappers, classes and funct... DOWNLOAD
klotskisolver(sfnet) KlotskiSolver Platform: Windows. Allows Klotski puzzles to be... DOWNLOAD
pycodb(sfnet) PycoDB A databasing system for users with minimal need... DOWNLOAD
javablock(sfnet) JavaBlock Free Java Flowchart simulator / interpreter DOWNLOAD
treeutils(sfnet) TreeUtils A set of programms which utilize TreeViews to d... DOWNLOAD
jsip(sfnet) The Java SIP library This library aims to implement RFC 2543 (SIP) a... DOWNLOAD
dstyles(sfnet) DStyles DStyles is an easy way to build your website wi... DOWNLOAD
flindercms(sfnet) flinderCMS flinderCMS is a content managment system focusi... DOWNLOAD
supercopter(sfnet) supercopter This is a Java Implementation of the popular he... DOWNLOAD
eclipseexeditor(sfnet) Eclipse Text Editor Extensions (ETEE) Eclipse Text Editor Extensions (ETEE) extends t... DOWNLOAD
n4p(sfnet) n4p Networking 4 Pentesters under Gentoo or Pentoo.... DOWNLOAD
cassebrique21(sfnet) casse brique 2.1 DOWNLOAD
codecollection(sfnet) CodeCollection DOWNLOAD
bcpad(sfnet) bcPad bcPad is a small, open-source program that is v... DOWNLOAD
objloaderforand(sfnet) .obj Loader for Android A small application which lets you load .obj fi... DOWNLOAD
wootz(sfnet) Wootz DOWNLOAD
pacman(sfnet) Project_2007 These are games,Pacman,Battlefield,Tetris and C... DOWNLOAD
pathological(sfnet) Pathological Pathological is an engaging puzzle game in the ... DOWNLOAD
retrosudoku(sfnet) retrosudoku Sudoku game for GNU/Linux with wxWindow GUI. DOWNLOAD
idletunes(sfnet) idleTunes - iTunes for Windows Companion idleTunes is a libary management tool for iTune... DOWNLOAD
httpbrute(freshmeat) HTTPBrute HTTPBrute is an HTTP digest calculator as per R... DOWNLOAD
bsf4oorexx(freshmeat) BSF4ooRexx BSF4ooRexx is a Java language binding for the s... DOWNLOAD
flplug(freshmeat) flPlug flPlug is a library whose purpose is to bring a... DOWNLOAD
tomography(sfnet) tomography tomography reconstruction DOWNLOAD
psyproject(sfnet) psyproject This is a project done for Software Project Man... DOWNLOAD
java42(sfnet) Java 42 This project brings Judges and Umpries a soluti... DOWNLOAD
arsimon(sfnet) ARSimon Using ARToolKit Simon game DOWNLOAD
kaashopping(sfnet) kaashopping A shopping list application for mobile devices ... DOWNLOAD
dtodo(sfnet) dtodo dTodo is an open sources agenda. It will allow ... DOWNLOAD
html-to-pdf(sfnet) html-to-pdf HTML to PDF conversion using GUI or command lin... DOWNLOAD
svnbackup(sfnet) Simple Subversion Backup SSB offers a GUI to the svnadmin dump tool to a... DOWNLOAD
data-transfer-object-for-j2ee(freshmeat) Data Transfer Object for J2EE Data Transfer Object for J2EE provides a Java c... DOWNLOAD
karaz(sfnet) Karaz Karaz is a new generation software platform hel... DOWNLOAD
sunflow(sfnet) Sunflow Rendering System Sunflow is a rendering system for photo-realist... DOWNLOAD

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