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autonom(sfnet) Autonom Autonom is a development project whose aim is t... DOWNLOAD
runer(sfnet) runer RuNer, barra de herramientas diseñada para windows DOWNLOAD
fbpanel(sfnet) fbpanel - lightweight X11 desktop panel fbpanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel. It ... DOWNLOAD
restoreinpaint(sfnet) restoreinpaint Image Restoration and Inpainting: MinGW/OpenGL/... DOWNLOAD
openlaszlo(freshmeat) Laszlo Presentation Server Laszlo is a platform for the development and de... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-games-core-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Games Core Class Wolf Software Games Core Class includes basic g... DOWNLOAD
mnotelite(sfnet) MNoteLite MNoteLite is a simple but effective note manage... DOWNLOAD
gubuntu(sfnet) Ganja OS - the OS for smokers Ganja OS - the OS for smokers; its an distro va... DOWNLOAD
drew(sfnet) Legacy Some links to games which were broken or either... DOWNLOAD
sahider(sfnet) SA-Hider DOWNLOAD
usb007(sfnet) USB 007 The application refers to track what happen wit... DOWNLOAD
lal(sfnet) lal Lal is a clock for the dock. Nothing more, noth... DOWNLOAD
snipegallery(sfnet) snipe gallery Snipe Gallery is a PHP/mySQL image management s... DOWNLOAD
termrec(sfnet) termrec A set of tools for recording/replaying text-ter... DOWNLOAD
myfs(sfnet) myfs MyFSys™ - is short form of MySQL Failover Syste... DOWNLOAD
atanks(sfnet) atanks Atanks is a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone... DOWNLOAD
httprspdns(sfnet) HTTP-R SPDNS Die HTTP-R SPDNS - Parameters muss folgendermaß... DOWNLOAD
echo-engine(sfnet) Echo 3D RPG Game Engine / Suite A 3D RPG game engine written in C# using Manage... DOWNLOAD
pluto-compiler(sfnet) pluto-compiler PLUTO is an automatic source-to-source transfor... DOWNLOAD
prochpform(freshmeat) prochpform prochpform is a pair of well-commented HTML and... DOWNLOAD
spreadsort(sfnet) Spreadsort Spreadsort is a fast general-case in-place hybr... DOWNLOAD
ezportable(sfnet) EZPortable EZPortable is an Application for Windows that e... DOWNLOAD
earthland(sfnet) earthland DOWNLOAD
manytubedownloader(sfnet) ManyTube Downloader What is MTD? MTD is an advanced awesome video... DOWNLOAD
monstersofrock(sfnet) Monsters of Rock DOWNLOAD
antragsbot(sfnet) Antragsbot DOWNLOAD
bitmaptohtml(sfnet) Lulu's BitmapToHTML BitmapToHTML takes a user supplied bitmap and c... DOWNLOAD
openwebenv(sfnet) openwebenv The goal of OpenWebEnv project is to create a s... DOWNLOAD
fli-vm(sfnet) FLI-VM Fli-Vm Emulates FLI-OS with a windows executabl... DOWNLOAD
coopworks(sfnet) CoopWorks Farmers Association Management CoopWorks is a financial and member management ... DOWNLOAD
tictactoegtk(sfnet) TicTacToeGTK TicTacToeGTK - old and good TicTacToe in new vi... DOWNLOAD
hardgames(sfnet) hardgames HardGames3D est une équipe de développement et ... DOWNLOAD
routershock(sfnet) routershock Configurate your router without a manual ,an in... DOWNLOAD
inlinexhr(sfnet) inlineXHR A PHP backend for your AJAX transactions using ... DOWNLOAD
node-cassandra-cql(freshmeat) node-cassandra-cql node-cassandra-cql is a Node.js CQL driver for ... DOWNLOAD
yabsystem(sfnet) yabsystem Yet another blog system. Simple weblog system i... DOWNLOAD
rnio(freshmeat) rnio rnio is a minimalistic nio framework for Java. ... DOWNLOAD
privacyidea(sfnet) privacyidea privacyIDEA is a management and authentication ... DOWNLOAD
wnpojo(freshmeat) WNPOJO WNPOJO is a library of Plain Old Java Objects t... DOWNLOAD
wntrans(freshmeat) WNTRANS WNTRANS performs migration and serialization of... DOWNLOAD
wnejb(freshmeat) WNEJB WNEJB is software to provide scalable, fault-to... DOWNLOAD
pdfedit-2(freshmeat) pdfedit pdfedit opens and edits PDF files. DOWNLOAD
shoutcastcustom(freshmeat) Custom Shoutcast Multi Server Listener Status Custom Graphical Shoutcast Multi Server Listene... DOWNLOAD
zip-center(freshmeat) zip-center zip-center accepts n ZIP codes on the command l... DOWNLOAD
albume(freshmeat) AlbumE AlbumE is software that lets you to create a We... DOWNLOAD
hupnp(freshmeat) HUPnP Herqq UPnP (HUPnP) is a software library for bu... DOWNLOAD
qwertyz(sfnet) QWERTYZ [PL]> QWERTYZ jest polskim oprogramowaniem e... DOWNLOAD
ctivubuntu(sfnet) CtivUbuntu Distribuzione live ubuntu per videomakers insta... DOWNLOAD
musicminer(sfnet) Databionic MusicMiner The Databionic MusicMiner is a browser for musi... DOWNLOAD
vert-virtuemart(sfnet) vert-virtuemart Virtuemart Vertical carousel product viewer wit... DOWNLOAD
skyfiles(sfnet) skyfiles DOWNLOAD
tinyplot3d(sfnet) tinyplot3d 3D Visualization project ( based on VTK Core ) DOWNLOAD
codebird(sfnet) codebird DOWNLOAD
speechcontrol(freshmeat) SpeechControl SpeechControl provides speech recognition for L... DOWNLOAD
youexplore(sfnet) YouExplore DOWNLOAD
elggrecaptcha(sfnet) elggrecaptcha Working on creating a recaptcha module for Elgg... DOWNLOAD
lyricsgrabber(sfnet) LyricsGrabber Lyricsgrabber is a very simple python script wh... DOWNLOAD
monrec(sfnet) Monitor de Recursos Monitore recursos importantes do Windows em seu... DOWNLOAD
bioflash(sfnet) ProjetAnimationBio Production d'une application en Flash concernan... DOWNLOAD
gjtapi(sfnet) gjtapi Generic JTAPI and Jain Jcc and Jcat is a framew... DOWNLOAD
messageforge(sfnet) Message Forge Type-safe Java/C# messaging framework for TIBCO... DOWNLOAD
boomberman(sfnet) Boomberman Mouahahahahahahahahhhhhhh !!!!!! DOWNLOAD
retroflux(sfnet) RetroFlux Web Interface for RetroShare (nogui) RetroFlux... DOWNLOAD
backerup(freshmeat) backerup Backerup is a robust remote backup system which... DOWNLOAD
phpmyordering(sfnet) phpmyordering Manage purchasing orders, inventory and generat... DOWNLOAD
consolecube(sfnet) Console Cube 2D text based Rubik's Cube. Coded in C++ and ru... DOWNLOAD
cottondesign(sfnet) CottonDesign Project for promote clubdistro such as create m... DOWNLOAD
limacallao(freshmeat) LIMA-CALLAO LIMA-CALLAO is an enterprise accounting program... DOWNLOAD
mapcrafter(freshmeat) Mapcrafter Mapcrafter is a fast Minecraft World renderer w... DOWNLOAD
mixmasta-p(sfnet) MixMasta P MixMasta P is a Python script designed to ease ... DOWNLOAD
szotlabbankrabl(sfnet) szotlabbankrablo software lab 4 exercise DOWNLOAD
wssecure(sfnet) wssecure Application Monitor wssecure Application Monitor is a free software... DOWNLOAD
mgtracker(sfnet) MPEG Audio Tracker The main proupose of mgtracker is cut an MPEG a... DOWNLOAD
fte(sfnet) FTE Text Editor FTE is a text editor geared toward the programm... DOWNLOAD
anwiki(freshmeat) Anwiki Anwiki is a Wiki and CMS that is dedicated to m... DOWNLOAD
impao(sfnet) ImperiumAO ImperiumAO is a popular FREE Massive Multiplaye... DOWNLOAD
fetchyahoo(sfnet) fetchyahoo FetchYahoo is a Perl script that downloads mail... DOWNLOAD
wikidns(sfnet) WikiDNS WikiDNS is a small application which grabs the... DOWNLOAD
brook(sfnet) brook Brook is an ANSI C like general purpose stream ... DOWNLOAD
buglogv2(sfnet) Buglog V2 A bug logging and tracking solution with file a... DOWNLOAD
autojump(freshmeat) Autojump Autojump is a tool that acts as a complement to... DOWNLOAD
django-embed-video(freshmeat) django-embed-video django-embed-video is a Django app that provide... DOWNLOAD
sggamegame(sfnet) SG-Game game DOWNLOAD
pair(freshmeat) Pair Pair is a program that reads the strings from a... DOWNLOAD
klessiolinux(sfnet) klessiolinux Arquivos test com arquivos baiaks entre outros DOWNLOAD
netfuzz(sfnet) netFuzz This program was designed to fuzz networks. DOWNLOAD
rtmidirouter(sfnet) RtMidiRouter RtMidiRouter is a small but powerful command li... DOWNLOAD
phpvwo4(sfnet) phpvwo4 Php scripts (vwo 4) made by Stef Beukers DOWNLOAD
haxevwo5(sfnet) haxevwo5 Haxe projects (vwo5) made by Stef Beukers DOWNLOAD
msgmaker(sfnet) msgmaker Msgmaker creates messages (.vbs) through simple... DOWNLOAD
gaberovo(sfnet) phpecho DOWNLOAD
bioflex(sfnet) BioFlex This software provides accession to multiple bi... DOWNLOAD
dvd2xbox(sfnet) DVD2Xbox dvd2xbox is a DVD/CD-R to hdd copy program for ... DOWNLOAD
paintball2(sfnet) Digital Paint: Paintball 2 Paintball2 is a fast-paced first-person game wi... DOWNLOAD
cliniceasy(sfnet) ClinicEasy Aplicativo para agendamento de consultas medica... DOWNLOAD
rsfreemembers(sfnet) rsfreemembers RS Free Membership - program for free membership. DOWNLOAD
astrostack(freshmeat) AstroStack AstroStack is an easy-to-use astronomical imagi... DOWNLOAD
ant-ikvmc(sfnet) ant-Ikvmc Ant-Ikvmc is an Ant task for IKVMC, a tool that... DOWNLOAD
nsaspyingscreenserver(sfnet) NSA Spying Screen Saver Simple screen server displaying the NSA's logo ... DOWNLOAD
pecoff4j(sfnet) pecoff4j A java library for reading/writing files in the... DOWNLOAD

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