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satsolversah(sfnet) satsolversah SAT Solver por Simplificacao Aleatoria HORNSAT ... DOWNLOAD
chichak(sfnet) chichak A personal notebook that can work with many web... DOWNLOAD
sequime(sfnet) Sequime Knime ( nodes for sequence... DOWNLOAD
openglbeginner(sfnet) OpenGL for beginner This program is for the beginner who is learnin... DOWNLOAD
cydiapm(sfnet) Cydia Package Maker Cydia Package Maker (CPM) lets you create appli... DOWNLOAD
secure(sfnet) Secure File Encryption Program Open Source file encryption, written to learn a... DOWNLOAD
mvcgame(sfnet) MVC GAME No description DOWNLOAD
asposeandroid(sfnet) Aspose for Android Aspose Words - Currently this demo app provides... DOWNLOAD
saebs(sfnet) saebs DOWNLOAD
tweakmylogon(sfnet) tweakmylogon This application that is design for Windows 7 u... DOWNLOAD
deliciousj(sfnet) deliciousJ Java API for the social bookmarking service Del... DOWNLOAD
oac-fr(sfnet) OAC_French Here the French version from Openautoclassifieds DOWNLOAD
sica-tr(sfnet) SICA-TR Sistema de Integración Aereoportuaria en Tiempo... DOWNLOAD
bochsgui(sfnet) Bochs GUI A graphical front-end for Bochs(x86 PC emulator... DOWNLOAD
jwizard(sfnet) jwizard A simple, yet powerful wizard framework for Jav... DOWNLOAD
unvi(sfnet) unvi Script con interfaz gráfica para instalar paque... DOWNLOAD
sinet(sfnet) SiNet SiNet is a .NET application that allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
amityframework(sfnet) Amity Framework Open source PHP5 Framework for rapid website de... DOWNLOAD
bistro(sfnet) Bistro Bistro is a new programming language that integ... DOWNLOAD
webtorrent(sfnet) WebTorrent WebTorrent is a PHP driven frontend for BitTorr... DOWNLOAD
chessx(sfnet) ChessX A free and open source chess database applicati... DOWNLOAD
netmate(freshmeat) NetMate NetMate is a flexible and extensible network me... DOWNLOAD
logtail-v3(sfnet) logtail-v3 logtail is used to monitor log files by trackin... DOWNLOAD
flappy(sfnet) Flappy Java version (clone) of old 8bit game created o... DOWNLOAD
mnscommunicator(sfnet) mnscommunicator A Home-School communicator DOWNLOAD
panaceia(sfnet) panaceia Utility Classes for Java/Spring based applicati... DOWNLOAD
minecraft01(sfnet) minecraft01 This contains my custom made Minecraft Beta/Alp... DOWNLOAD
localserveraccess(sfnet) Local Server Access List If you have wondered who has access to your ser... DOWNLOAD
math123(sfnet) Math123 This project will be a basic math instructional... DOWNLOAD
jabol(sfnet) JABOL JABOL - Just Another BliplOg Layout. | JABOL je... DOWNLOAD
mikj(sfnet) awlsh free php awlsh free php Please do not register projects ... DOWNLOAD
fluidity(freshmeat) Fluidity Fluidity is GTD software for Linux. Its design ... DOWNLOAD
unboundid-ldap-sdk-for-java(freshmeat) UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java is a fast, comprehe... DOWNLOAD
zhnzhnba(sfnet) zhnzhnba zhnzhnba is boys and girls make friends DOWNLOAD
bearerbox(sfnet) bearerbox A small program that set the kannel service run... DOWNLOAD
minidict(sfnet) minidict mini dictionary is to collect most of the machi... DOWNLOAD
jsqllogger(sfnet) jsqllogger JSQLLogger is a Java library for logging SQL st... DOWNLOAD
ppm-make(freshmeat) PPM-Make PPM-Make is a Perl module that automates some o... DOWNLOAD
tonguetied(freshmeat) TongueTied TongueTied is a Web based application that help... DOWNLOAD
sshdo(freshmeat) sshdo sshdo issues remote commands or puts or gets fi... DOWNLOAD
osnofianlinux(sfnet) Osnofian Embedded Linux (x86) OsnofianLinux is a set of small distributions i... DOWNLOAD
blaze(freshmeat) blaze 'blaze' is a Netfilter iptables firewall script... DOWNLOAD
gnooutlook(sfnet) Gnosis E-mail Client Portable opensource e-mail client and Personal ... DOWNLOAD
wxglade(sfnet) wxGlade wxGlade is a GUI designer written in Python wit... DOWNLOAD
azoller1devwork(sfnet) Azoller1 Dev Work these are all of my roms, kernels, recoveries, ... DOWNLOAD
corruptedpdfinder(sfnet) CorruptedPDFinder Find recursively corrupted or password protecte... DOWNLOAD
skyperecordnoofficial(sfnet) Skyperecordnoofficial No description DOWNLOAD
android-ptt(sfnet) Android Walkie-Talkie The goal of this project is to use the Android ... DOWNLOAD
hlwhosonline(sfnet) HL Who's Online A small PHP script that queries a Half-Life ser... DOWNLOAD
geturl(sfnet) getURL Copy a URL file across the internet. Use HTTP v... DOWNLOAD
morituri(freshmeat) morituri morituri is a CD ripper that aims for accuracy ... DOWNLOAD
autoformfilling(sfnet) Swing GUI Bean Form Binding A util toolkit which populate the back end form... DOWNLOAD
phpdbconnector(sfnet) phpdbconnector Connect to mysql DB without writing/knowing sql DOWNLOAD
autoindexit(sfnet) Auto Index It Auto Index it is a web based PHP script based o... DOWNLOAD
xsxwhx(sfnet) xsxwhx my file share you nami weishenmeyaonameduo DOWNLOAD
usb8x(sfnet) usb8x TI-84 Plus USB on-the-go driver. DOWNLOAD
jssindex(sfnet) JSSindex: JavaScript Search Engine JSSindex (The JavaScript Search Engine) provide... DOWNLOAD
bbhalotimer(sfnet) Halo Timer Halo:Combat Evolved talking power-up timer for ... DOWNLOAD
edscarddav(sfnet) eds_carddav CardDAV client for Evolution-Data-Server (mod_c... DOWNLOAD
createpdffromim(sfnet) CreatePDFfromImages Service This service will be available in Finder's Serv... DOWNLOAD
noterex(sfnet) noterex Noterex is a note-taking tool. It is usefull to... DOWNLOAD
ncsoft(sfnet) ncsoft Home made small and usefull applications. DOWNLOAD
webalbums(sfnet) WebAlbums1 A convenient java-based web interface to organi... DOWNLOAD
drees(sfnet) DREES Open source software for outcomes analysis in r... DOWNLOAD
whatsfocused(sfnet) WhatsFocused Tiny little application to show the title and e... DOWNLOAD
lpg(sfnet) LALR Parser Generator The LALR parser generator (LPG) is a tool for d... DOWNLOAD
cpplog(sfnet) Applicaton Logger based on C++ A simple application logger class implementatio... DOWNLOAD
totallyremote(sfnet) Totally Remote A free database backend remote support applicat... DOWNLOAD
sxid(freshmeat) sXid sXid is an all-in-one suid/sgid monitoring prog... DOWNLOAD
satsuma(freshmeat) Satsuma Satsuma is an easy-to-use and flexible graph li... DOWNLOAD
adesktop(sfnet) The Agenda Desktop Purpose of this project is to provide the Agend... DOWNLOAD
glmetal(sfnet) glmetal DOWNLOAD
carlino(sfnet) CarLinO Car Linux Object (CarLinO) is a framework, writ... DOWNLOAD
meta-messager(sfnet) Meta-Messager Meta-Messager: A project that aims to develop a... DOWNLOAD
graficos(sfnet) Graphics Aplicación java que para representar gráficamen... DOWNLOAD
fengbg(sfnet) Feng Office Bulgarian Community The Project dedicated mainly to Bulgarian local... DOWNLOAD
hdcreaterbat(sfnet) hdcreaterbat A batch file that create hardlink, then you don... DOWNLOAD
secmic(sfnet) Secmic Secmic is a live Linux security distribution th... DOWNLOAD
gmath(sfnet) Gnome Mathematical Interface A gnome mathematical GUI designed to be a centr... DOWNLOAD
tartheft(sfnet) tartheft TarTheft is a system for archiving based on a c... DOWNLOAD
acmemail(sfnet) acmemail acmemail is a multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gatewa... DOWNLOAD
xvoice(sfnet) XVoice XVoice provides voice control of X applications... DOWNLOAD
cmpe230proj1(sfnet) GoogleEarth-AddIn for User-Specification A Google-Earth application which reads from .cs... DOWNLOAD
deliverables(sfnet) deliverables DOWNLOAD
xwordmaker(sfnet) XWordMaker Crossword construction software. DOWNLOAD
geevir(sfnet) GeeVir GeeVir - software product specifically designed... DOWNLOAD
vektrix(sfnet) vektrix An advanced, plugin-based rich media and 2D vec... DOWNLOAD
kbupgrade(sfnet) Keyboard Upgrade Generic firmware for homebrew computer keyboard... DOWNLOAD
midifighter(sfnet) Midifighter Open source firmware for DJTechTools Midifighte... DOWNLOAD
xi4oh4o(sfnet) acgsourceviewer ACG file images torrent info share apps DOWNLOAD
headliner(sfnet) PHP Headliner Headliner is a PHP component which provides a w... DOWNLOAD
jeu(sfnet) jeu -- A Modular Expert Game System The purpose of jeu is threefold. 1) To create t... DOWNLOAD
phpdbobroject(sfnet) PHP DB Object The point of the object is to connect to a sing... DOWNLOAD
mininet5(sfnet) [ABANDONED-UNUSABLE] Jorg MININET 5 Please, leave a review! At least 1 review! ____... DOWNLOAD
castbox(sfnet) castBox Using Shoutcast and SC_Trans, you can simplify ... DOWNLOAD
antsp2p(sfnet) antsp2p ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net. I... DOWNLOAD
interwgc(sfnet) interwgc 説明なし DOWNLOAD
openpalestra(sfnet) OpenPalestra O projeto OpenPalestra tem o propósito de facil... DOWNLOAD
script-2get(sfnet) 2get DOWNLOAD

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