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vagrantdebianboxes(sfnet) vagrantdebianboxes DOWNLOAD
wisterer-ng(sfnet) Wisterer NG Wisterer is a calendar, address and notes manag... DOWNLOAD
pypsifas(sfnet) Psifas A python library for parsing and building of da... DOWNLOAD
rant(sfnet) Reference And Notation Tools RANT is an environment for handling, storing, a... DOWNLOAD
animalsaver(sfnet) Animal Saver A fine, large collection of animal pictures enc... DOWNLOAD
sqlshell(sfnet) sqlshell A fully functional textual database frontend wi... DOWNLOAD
lxtools-ng(sfnet) HP 200LX connectivity tools There are several connectivity tools to transfe... DOWNLOAD
onebr3(sfnet) onebr3 Reimplementing a non profit website. DOWNLOAD
grainedlogin(sfnet) A fine-grained Qt login system Grained Login is a fine-grained login system fo... DOWNLOAD
schooloslibrary(sfnet) schooloslibrary SchoolOS Digital Library is Free of Cost, Non-c... DOWNLOAD
webrportal(sfnet) RPortal RPortal est un systčme de gestion de contenu we... DOWNLOAD
hanxiaohu(sfnet) hanxiaohu DOWNLOAD
brcontrol(sfnet) Brcontrol Brcontrol is a set of patches to allow some int... DOWNLOAD
openipmi(sfnet) Open IPMI The Open IPMI project aims to develop an open c... DOWNLOAD
lakai(sfnet) Lakai (Linux <> Akai sampler tools) Goal of this project is to initially create a t... DOWNLOAD
gods(sfnet) Graphical Oncology Diagnostic System GODS, Graphical Oncology Diagnostic System, is ... DOWNLOAD
profitpuller(sfnet) profitpuller These are for the use of Hyrule only. Scripts w... DOWNLOAD
legos(sfnet) legOS Alternative Lego OS legOS is an alternative software environment fo... DOWNLOAD
gamminator(sfnet) Gamminator Gamminator is a simple tool for changing the di... DOWNLOAD
mastahteam(sfnet) Pascal’s Interpreter in C++ Simple interpreter of Pascal’s language, which ... DOWNLOAD
patc(sfnet) Public Access Terminal Control Project PATC is a client/server package for controlling... DOWNLOAD
q4project(sfnet) The Q4 IRC Daemon The Q4 IRC daemon is a new modular IRC daemon i... DOWNLOAD
teiboilerplate(sfnet) TEI Boilerplate TEI Boilerplate is a lightweight solution for d... DOWNLOAD
cs310project1(sfnet) CS310project1 Project 1 for CS 310 DOWNLOAD
gy80facetrack(sfnet) GY-80 Facetrack No description DOWNLOAD
kingyes(sfnet) YSforum A PHP Based forum, organized in a tree threadin... DOWNLOAD
hrrtdeconv(sfnet) Parallel HRRT Deconvolution Parallel HRRT Deconvolution is a multithreaded ... DOWNLOAD
tuxes(sfnet) Tuxes - 2D shooting game with Tux Original 2D shooting game with penguin Tux. DOWNLOAD
keyvaluechecker(sfnet) keyvaluechecker A Small application for finding Keyboard KeyVal... DOWNLOAD
mazen(sfnet) Mazen Maze Creator Simple Gnome-base maze creator. Can create vari... DOWNLOAD
scramble-it(sfnet) Scramble! “Scramble your social network data!” - With Scr... DOWNLOAD
fasttrack3d(sfnet) fasttrack3d A 3D car racing game for PC and arcade platform. DOWNLOAD
jmathml(sfnet) jMathML A pure Java library for manipulating content Ma... DOWNLOAD
twofish-py(sfnet) TwoFish Encryption for Python Project to further develop Python Twofish modul... DOWNLOAD
jhtml(sfnet) JHTML JHTML is a Java based HTML Editor that is being... DOWNLOAD
gbeamit(sfnet) gbeamit gbeamit is a gtk-based frontend for's B... DOWNLOAD
webphotopublish(sfnet) Web Photo Publisher Publish pictures from your digital camera to th... DOWNLOAD
efone(sfnet) efone Efone is a distributed internet phone system. I... DOWNLOAD
ftpuploader(sfnet) ftpuploader A small upload tool. We can upload multi files ... DOWNLOAD
kobold-kit(freshmeat) Kobold Kit Kobold Kit is a 2D game engine built on Apple's... DOWNLOAD
regclass(sfnet) RegistryClass Provides simplified access to the Windows Regis... DOWNLOAD
sciwi(sfnet) Sci-Wi Sciwi aims at manage a web repository of scient... DOWNLOAD
pyhrol(sfnet) pyhrol Dynamic C++ library for simplification of bindi... DOWNLOAD
formula(sfnet) formula The project Formula can be used for the computa... DOWNLOAD
gdf465753sd234(sfnet) dct gdf465753sd234 dct project DOWNLOAD
timing-gen(sfnet) timing-gen Timing-gen is a Linux tool to generate high qua... DOWNLOAD
flowy(sfnet) flowy Android app which simulates water! DOWNLOAD
umaw(sfnet) umaw Important : version 10/2013 ! Ubuntu + mame + ... DOWNLOAD
hphrpg-counter(sfnet) HPHRPG stat's counter DOWNLOAD
notemaker(sfnet) NoteMaker 1.0 Beta A little project. Helped to code by Enviromenta... DOWNLOAD
greekeortologio(sfnet) Greek eortologio for KDE4 Greek name-day plasmoid for KDE 4.x DOWNLOAD
xmitty(sfnet) xmitty Xmitty is a small program to configure your sys... DOWNLOAD
bwcloudsensorii(sfnet) BWCloudSensorII A c++ user-mode Linux driver for the Boltwood C... DOWNLOAD
redlinetools(sfnet) Redline Tools A set of tools for working with plug-ins for th... DOWNLOAD
kfo(sfnet) kfo A simple but powerful file organizer to locate ... DOWNLOAD
xicalc(sfnet) xicalc XiCalc is a scientific calculator, which evalua... DOWNLOAD
o3engine(sfnet) o3engine O3 is designed to be a modular multiplatform 3D... DOWNLOAD
moz(sfnet) The Greek Mozilla Project This project is working towards the internation... DOWNLOAD
openspace(sfnet) OpenSpace Persistent RTS space game with custom scripting... DOWNLOAD
anonplus(sfnet) anonplus Social networking platform. Microdemocracy. I... DOWNLOAD
promisance(sfnet) Promisance Promisance is a web-based turn-based strategy g... DOWNLOAD
gensourcelinker(sfnet) GenSourceLinker "Genealogy without sources is gossip"... DOWNLOAD
aapevm(sfnet) AAPEVM DOWNLOAD
tt-2010(sfnet) tt-2010 TT (Times Table) - a fun way to familiarize you... DOWNLOAD
dtron(sfnet) Descriptron A Graph-Based Fact Management Architecture for ... DOWNLOAD
ksoft(sfnet) ksoft Welcome to our site....................... DOWNLOAD
sagu24(sfnet) sagu24 Sistema Aberto de Gestão Unificada, é um sistem... DOWNLOAD
usdanutr(sfnet) usdanutr This is the database of foods and their nutrien... DOWNLOAD
pbb-player(sfnet) PBB Player PBB Player is a multimidia player that plays an... DOWNLOAD
joy2key(sfnet) joy2key Joy2key allows you to control applications acce... DOWNLOAD
tuxdroid-commun(sfnet) Tuxdroid-Community API's Since Kysoh no more. It was decided to recreate... DOWNLOAD
geome(sfnet) Geome GeoME (Geographic Military Enviroment) is a pro... DOWNLOAD
foopong(sfnet) FooPong A fooish implementation of Pong using openGL an... DOWNLOAD
prboom(sfnet) PrBoom PrBoom, the purest Doom-Port? Aims to be the mo... DOWNLOAD
aria2web(sfnet) Aria2Web Aria2Web is a PHP- and Javascript-based applica... DOWNLOAD
whitebird-srock(sfnet) whitebird-srock WhiteBird is a web broswer. Written in C# , the... DOWNLOAD
javarsarray(sfnet) javarsarray Java class that provides you with methods to ge... DOWNLOAD
direct3d9hook(sfnet) Another Direct3D9 Hook System A Direct3D9 Wrapper DOWNLOAD
emailparser(sfnet) emailparser Downloads emails, scans the message body lookin... DOWNLOAD
dados-survey(sfnet) Dados Survey Web application to to perform data collection w... DOWNLOAD
dedalu(sfnet) DEDALU This project is intented to produce and create ... DOWNLOAD
arpscout(sfnet) ARP Scout ARP Scout is a program that will run a script o... DOWNLOAD
postfix-extend(sfnet) postfix-extend extend postfix . 1. extend postfix dict map wit... DOWNLOAD
liquidlnf(sfnet) Liquid Look And Feel LiquidLnF - Java2 Swing Look and Feel of Mosfet... DOWNLOAD
poke-it(sfnet) poke-it POKE stands for POrt Knocking Extended. It uses... DOWNLOAD
banquethall(sfnet) Banquet Hall Booking This website helps any authorized person to boo... DOWNLOAD
xbooloader(sfnet) Xboo loader This is a command line application to upload a ... DOWNLOAD
camerkut(sfnet) Camerkut DOWNLOAD
babysitting(sfnet) Babysitting Application This is an application that is designed for par... DOWNLOAD
simbrain(sfnet) Simbrain Simbrain is a java-based neural network. It is ... DOWNLOAD
killvi(sfnet) Project KillVi OK, this project has been dead for months and I... DOWNLOAD
myechelonaudit(sfnet) myechelonaudit In this project we present myEchelon, an intell... DOWNLOAD
penpanic(sfnet) Pen Panic Pen Panic mantiene protegido el sistema ante cu... DOWNLOAD
qop(sfnet) qop Qt output parser for tar, zip, unzip, unrar wit... DOWNLOAD
recoba(sfnet) recoba Net survey raw date analyser.(only used for AIP... DOWNLOAD
electricowl(sfnet) electricowl Log data from your OWL energy monitor on your P... DOWNLOAD
mscplite(sfnet) Media Server Control Panel MSCP (Media Server Control Panel) is a manageme... DOWNLOAD
netspresso(sfnet) NetSpresso Software for coffe, badminton, lunch, question/... DOWNLOAD
colorpicker3(sfnet) Color Picker 3.0 Cross Browser Color Picker DOWNLOAD
slg(sfnet) SLG This project concerns SLG Comms. A script that ... DOWNLOAD

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