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dailywidget(sfnet) Linpus/daily-widget A beautiful and useful widget to bring you RSS,... DOWNLOAD
paperwork(freshmeat) Paperwork Paperwork is a GUI to make papers easily search... DOWNLOAD
facuobjetivo(sfnet) Faculdade Objetivo/Arquivos Arquivos da Faculdade Objetivo DOWNLOAD
facturake(sfnet) facturake Sistema de facturacion y gestion de comercio. B... DOWNLOAD
freespeech(freshmeat) FreeSpeech FreeSpeech is a real-time speech recognition ap... DOWNLOAD
openflightnav(sfnet) OpenFlightNav 1. Navigation system for private (glider) pilot... DOWNLOAD
salvare(sfnet) Salvare Salvare is a Linux distribution specifically ai... DOWNLOAD
javacoverage(sfnet) javacoverage In a typical software development process appro... DOWNLOAD
disif(sfnet) disif The Disease Simulation Framework (DiSiF) repres... DOWNLOAD
artificialvis(sfnet) Research Artificial Vision Tool Project ready to essay with OpenCv libraries, u... DOWNLOAD
gicq(sfnet) gicq gicq is an ICQ-compatible instant messaging cli... DOWNLOAD
grma(sfnet) gRMA gRMA is a graphical tool for rate monotonic ana... DOWNLOAD
noah(sfnet) Empty project. Empty project. DOWNLOAD
meyshanwall(sfnet) Meyshan Wall Meyshan Wall, This is the ultimate wall paper c... DOWNLOAD
fudabeta2009a(sfnet) Fuda Beta 2009 Fuda Beta - Queue links and download them from ... DOWNLOAD
aodvsimulator(sfnet) AODV Simulator This educational software simulates an Ad-hoc n... DOWNLOAD
eztron(sfnet) Tron Python files for Tron bot challenge. DOWNLOAD
engura(sfnet) Engura Web Construct Template-driven, community website management s... DOWNLOAD
emfprinter(sfnet) EmfPrinter EmfPrinter is a virtual printer driver for Micr... DOWNLOAD
voiploadbalance(sfnet) VoIPLoadBalancer A Load Balancer for a VoIP software on a Mobile... DOWNLOAD
caminhosos(sfnet) CaminhosOS Sistema operacional baseado no Ubuntu que roda ... DOWNLOAD
kernetixauth(sfnet) KernetixAuth KernetixAuth is a module designed to provide an... DOWNLOAD
po-parser(sfnet) po-parser POParser (Program Options Parser) is a small co... DOWNLOAD
gnomeicu(sfnet) GnomeICU GnomeICU (previously GtkICQ) is an Internet-bas... DOWNLOAD
dnswalk(sfnet) The dnswalk DNS database debugger dnswalk is a DNS debugger. It performs zone tr... DOWNLOAD
mev(sfnet) MeV Media Sequencer for BeOS. Based on a MIDI Seque... DOWNLOAD
phpbounce(sfnet) PHPBounce This web application is used to manage day to d... DOWNLOAD
libunicode-plus(sfnet) libUniCodePlus UniCode C++ library, a replacement for libunico... DOWNLOAD
maestriasvn(sfnet) maestria_svn DOWNLOAD
sascsee(sfnet) sascsee 支持自适应调整的组合服务执行引擎(self-adapter ... DOWNLOAD
motoryoda(sfnet) Motor Yoda Motor Yoda is a 2D directx based engine for dev... DOWNLOAD
jrparamprompter(sfnet) --- -- DOWNLOAD
dymnd(sfnet) Dymnd Dymnd is an open source, collaborative network ... DOWNLOAD
javaxmlform(sfnet) JXMLForm Java XML Form is an Object User Interface mappi... DOWNLOAD
odls(sfnet) odls Odalis - the Open Data Linking System - is an I... DOWNLOAD
amb2010(sfnet) AMB Test This is AMB's public file hosting DOWNLOAD
yacdbak(sfnet) Yet another CD backup tool yacdbak is intended to facilitate backups to mu... DOWNLOAD
swingtail(freshmeat) SwingTail SwingTail is a small GUI implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
simmegasena(sfnet) simmegasena Este é um simulador da megasena em que o jogado... DOWNLOAD
pycsb(sfnet) PyCSB Programas para generar ficheros en el formato d... DOWNLOAD
linuxvok(sfnet) Vokabeltrainer fuer Linux und Windows Vokabeltrainer fuer Linux und Windows:<BR>... DOWNLOAD
x-signer(sfnet) X - signer X - Signer is an open source project on signing... DOWNLOAD
pdmak(sfnet) pdmak PDMAK , the pdf maker is used to convert word d... DOWNLOAD
keyfrog(sfnet) Keyfrog KeyFrog monitors the keyboard and visualizes it... DOWNLOAD
echocore(sfnet) EchoCore echo-core is a core library used to build Echo2... DOWNLOAD
echecs(sfnet) Echecs Echecs is a chess game with multiple user inter... DOWNLOAD
jduplicate(sfnet) JDuplicate JDuplicate is a free client/server multiplayer ... DOWNLOAD
telo(sfnet) Test Language for Objects An interpreter which wraps set of (currently) c... DOWNLOAD
ukikl(sfnet) UK-International Keyboard Layouts UK-International keyboard layouts is an effort ... DOWNLOAD
mergelog(sfnet) mergelog mergelog is a small C program which merges by d... DOWNLOAD
n900notifier(sfnet) n900notifier N900 Notifier is a simple application to displa... DOWNLOAD
gac-get(sfnet) GAC Extraction Utility This is a command line utility for extract an a... DOWNLOAD
kepas(sfnet) Kepas - KDE Easy Publish and Share Kepas is a KDE4 filetransfer tool. It discovers... DOWNLOAD
smax(sfnet) smax Simple Mutated API for XML. A prototype of a ne... DOWNLOAD
pannus(sfnet) Live patch for linux C Language, Linux Kernel Patch and tools. DOWNLOAD
turn-basedmulti(sfnet) turn-basedmulti This is a multiplayer server written in Java sp... DOWNLOAD
wordscheck(sfnet) wordscheck WordsCheck is a little program, where you can t... DOWNLOAD
diffgeom(sfnet) DG - Differential Geometry DG stands for "Differential Geometry"... DOWNLOAD
jauus(sfnet) Java Application Update Utility Software Java Application Update Utility System (jauus) ... DOWNLOAD
fusionminer(sfnet) FusionMiner FusionMiner is a molecular biology program whic... DOWNLOAD
plataformastartweb(sfnet) Plataforma Start Web DOWNLOAD
powertweak(sfnet) Powertweak-Linux Powertweak-Linux is a port of the similarly nam... DOWNLOAD
aipex(sfnet) aipex aipex is an easy-to-use html-photo-album genera... DOWNLOAD
digisynth(sfnet) Sample of the dual 555 digital synth DOWNLOAD
vubb(sfnet) vuBB Community Forums Free forum / bulletin board software. PHP and M... DOWNLOAD
myband(sfnet) MyBand "MyBand" is a software intended to he... DOWNLOAD
dedalustr(sfnet) Dedalus-tr DOWNLOAD
clipbucket-v1(sfnet) clipbucket-v1 This is the 1.x branch of ClipBucket DOWNLOAD
findme(sfnet) FindMe A JavaME based Applikation which finds friends.... DOWNLOAD
tinyib(freshmeat) TinyIB TinyIB is a lightweight PHP image board which e... DOWNLOAD
eoeblog(sfnet) eoeBlog Bonjour, voilà le nouveau blogue eoeBlog! Gesti... DOWNLOAD
detach(sfnet) detach detach is a simple program that detaches a prog... DOWNLOAD
flutelisteningq(sfnet) Flute Listening Quiz Flute Listening Quiz is a Java ME program that ... DOWNLOAD
fuploadr(sfnet) fuploadr fUploadr is an application written in C# (under... DOWNLOAD
seyfertprogam(sfnet) SeyFertProgam DOWNLOAD
kharon(sfnet) Kharon Firewall Kharon Firewall is a shell script based on Ipta... DOWNLOAD
powerast(sfnet) PowerAST World first open hardware/software designed emb... DOWNLOAD
ispinterface(sfnet) -INACTIVE- - INACTIVE - DOWNLOAD
coffeearc(sfnet) Coffeearc Coffeearc is a simple, extensible GUI archiver ... DOWNLOAD
paperplatform(sfnet) Paper Platform Paper Platform is a platform game which origina... DOWNLOAD
studytrainer(sfnet) studytrainer This is a Java-based universal vocabulary train... DOWNLOAD
graphicsmagic(sfnet) GraphicsMagic GraphicsMagic is an open source project that di... DOWNLOAD
r-ant(sfnet) r-ant r-ant is a small tool which allows you to run A... DOWNLOAD
quabro(freshmeat) Quabro Quabro is an arcade game in which the goal is t... DOWNLOAD
hino(sfnet) hino HiNO is an open source project that allows to e... DOWNLOAD
dobhelper(sfnet) DobHelper Generate star maps for anywhere at anytime. Ch... DOWNLOAD
licq(sfnet) Licq Licq is an ICQ/AIM clone written fully in C++. ... DOWNLOAD
paradise(sfnet) Paradise Paradise is a multiplayer battle simulation gam... DOWNLOAD
pyfortran(sfnet) Python-Fortran Connection Tool Pyfort is a tool for creating extensions to the... DOWNLOAD
wrabbitftp(sfnet) Wrabbit FTP Server A pure Java-based FTP server with a complete se... DOWNLOAD
fgb(sfnet) Freezing Book Very good Guestbook using PHP + mySQL DOWNLOAD
vitl(sfnet) Virtual IT Lab Is an emulator for signal analysis & digita... DOWNLOAD
wcdownload(sfnet) wcdownload Tải nhanh ảnh trên DOWNLOAD
kwimbablog(sfnet) Kwimba Blog Kwimba Blog is a new lightweight php blogging p... DOWNLOAD
lameinputstream(sfnet) LameInputStream LameInputStream is a simple extensor of InputSt... DOWNLOAD
coeppdvmc2(sfnet) IEEE VAST Challenge 2010 Source Code for Pandemic Data Visualizer Tool. ... DOWNLOAD
pyalgotrade(sfnet) PyAlgoTrade PyAlgoTrade is a Python library for backtesting... DOWNLOAD
blite(freshmeat) Blite Blite is a lightweight blog application with a ... DOWNLOAD
easm-sr(sfnet) EAMS-screenrecorder DOWNLOAD
masktape(sfnet) masktape Projekti i mastape.psd DOWNLOAD

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