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midichordhelper MIDI Chord Helper Chord-visualizable MIDI sequencer application ... DOWNLOAD
win-hadoop hadoop for windows unofficial prebuild binary packages of apache h... DOWNLOAD
bms-dtimporter GLAssist BMSユーザー総合支援ツールの開発プロジェクトです。 DOWNLOAD
kisa10 kisa10 DMMのブラウザゲーム「艦隊これくしょん~艦これ~... DOWNLOAD
craigary craigary Craigary mini ftp server is a tool for which ca... DOWNLOAD
win-r-ext Win-R-EXT Windowsの「ファイル名を指定して実行」をもっと使... DOWNLOAD
daisybell-fonts daisybell-fonts プロジェクト『daisy bell(デイジィ・ベル)』 / Mi... DOWNLOAD
waffletwit WaffleChannel  当アプリケーションは、ディスプレイの右下へツ... DOWNLOAD
nvdajp Screen Reader NVDA Japanese NVDA Japanese Team releases Japanese version of... DOWNLOAD
symreq Symreq テンプレート型汎用メール・フォームCGI。いわゆる... DOWNLOAD
picasatool picasatool Picasaを便利に使う DOWNLOAD
comicreaderapp comicreaderapp 漫画を読むためのアプリ DOWNLOAD
xbyak4d xbyak4d ===xbyak for the D programming language=== ===... DOWNLOAD
thunderdbmanage thunderdbmanage ダウンロードソフトThunderの情報をより簡単に管理... DOWNLOAD
kaho PHP Web FrameWork - KAHO PHPによるWebシステムの再利用性、再開発性を向上...
simplebackup Simple Backup Tool The purpose of this project is to develop a sim... DOWNLOAD
presencontrol プレビューリリース ソフトウェアライブラリ 開発中の未完成プロダクトを配布しています。 プ... DOWNLOAD
xffo2 xffo2 xffo enables computation-intensive applications... DOWNLOAD
cpdlogmanager cpdlogmanager PHPとMySQL によるオープンソースなCPD 情報システ... DOWNLOAD
lifemanager lifemanager 技術調査のためのサンプルPJの作成。 DOWNLOAD
hlsproviderosmf hlsproviderosmf HLS-OSMF-Plugin is an OSMF 2.0 plugin for Apple... DOWNLOAD
classjs classjs Javascriptにおけるオブジェクト指向機能の強化ラ... DOWNLOAD
openmidiproject OpenMIDIProject Here I make MIDI related softwares and librarie... DOWNLOAD
zuruneko 基本画像処理 基本デジタル画像処理高画質リサイズ、画像回転、... DOWNLOAD
vobslideshow vobslideshow スライドショーDVD作成ソフト完成を目指します DOWNLOAD
ikeike-fw - -
midisoftware midisoftware 巷によくあるmidiサウンドを鳴らすソフトですが音... DOWNLOAD
alienfont 宇宙人フォントファミリー こんなフォントがあったらいいな、と思う字体をひ... DOWNLOAD
freemind-ja FreeMind Japanese Localization Freemind日本語化のための情報共有場所(議論のた... DOWNLOAD
comment Comments Delphiのメソッドにコメントを付け加えるためのソ... DOWNLOAD
os-dk OS-DK オペレーティングシステムデベロップメントキット(... DOWNLOAD
futaget FTBucket このサイトで利用している ログコンテナのOSS実装... DOWNLOAD
trimmer trimmer スキャンした紙焼き写真の画像をトリミングで整え... DOWNLOAD
bingo-game bingo-game パソコンと人数分の紙とペンがあればビンゴ大会を... DOWNLOAD
onedraw-bot onedraw-bot ツイッターにおいて多数開催されている【○○版深夜...
lsblk my new This is my first program which is build by C.I ... DOWNLOAD
umumu umumu 資料などに好きな画像を関連付けて保存し、サムネ...
constfilec constfilec 定数ファイル作成プログラム管理用のプロジェクトです DOWNLOAD
atlas2ch atlas2ch 2ch系外部板用保守ツール 外部板とウィンドウズ... DOWNLOAD
blogblog blog engine a good blog engine,use perl,like MT DOWNLOAD
cent65-wordpres cent65-wordpres CentOS+LAMP環境を構築し、その上でwordpressを構... DOWNLOAD
osgeo-live OSGeo-Live Enhanced Project Lubuntuベースでオープンソース地理情報システムを... DOWNLOAD
epsilon epsilon 出退勤管理システムの開発プロジェクト。 DOWNLOAD
docanoffice DoCAN Office ConnectONE DoCAN Officeは、LibreOfficeを基に、... DOWNLOAD
awarsiii Awars IV Awars IIIは正式にアンドロイドで発表されたので、... DOWNLOAD
utah-glx(freshmeat) Utah-GLX Utah-GLX is a project to build a hardware accel... DOWNLOAD
kebook(freshmeat) KEBook KEBook is a KDE application which lets you look... DOWNLOAD
chpasswdforsquid(freshmeat) chpasswd for Squid chpasswd for Squid changes the Squid user passw... DOWNLOAD
admuserforsquid(freshmeat) admuser for Squid admuser allows you to create, change, remove, d... DOWNLOAD
chetcpasswd(freshmeat) chetcpasswd chetcpasswd lets you change the system password... DOWNLOAD
mailqmon(freshmeat) mailqmon mailqmon monitors the Sendmail mqueue file in C... DOWNLOAD
imaverage(freshmeat) imaverage imaverage uses the viewing frequency and viewin... DOWNLOAD
exampleadvancedsambaloginscrip(freshmeat) example Advanced SambA Login Script This is an example script showing how to make N... DOWNLOAD
klavg(sfnet) KDE Load Average Applet This is KDE load average panel applet, showing ... DOWNLOAD
justanotherportscanner(freshmeat) Just Another Port Scanner Just Another Port Scanner (JAPS) is an easy to ... DOWNLOAD
vacm-perl(freshmeat) vacm-perl VACM-Perl is a Perl XS Module which allows deve... DOWNLOAD
convert(freshmeat) convert Based on the idea of the application 'macVerter... DOWNLOAD
radiusreport(freshmeat) RadiusReport RadiusReport can analyse the logfiles produced ... DOWNLOAD
l3(freshmeat) l3 l3 allows users to control the conversion of fl... DOWNLOAD
zuretaslistar-companion(freshmeat) Zureta's Listar-Companion Zureta's Listar-Companion will help you interac... DOWNLOAD
sspft(freshmeat) sspft Using sspft you can TCP connect through a local... DOWNLOAD
javascript-debugger(freshmeat) JavaScript-Debugger JavaScript-Debugger is a simple but useful util... DOWNLOAD
xrun_utility(freshmeat) xrun_utility xrun is a small X11 utility which lets you exec... DOWNLOAD
wave(freshmeat) Wave Database Interface Wave Database Interface provides a consistent, ... DOWNLOAD
minix(freshmeat) MINIX MINIX is a free UNIX clone that is available wi... DOWNLOAD
fixhtml(freshmeat) FixHTML FIXHTML acts recursively upon all HTML files in... DOWNLOAD
ipqmpd(freshmeat) ip queue multiplex daemon Normally, only one process at a time can use th... DOWNLOAD
bob(freshmeat) Bob Bob dynamically (as KBML or IBM's BML) builds J... DOWNLOAD
grkbd(freshmeat) GRkbd GRkbd is a small program that allows you to cha... DOWNLOAD
tridiavnc(freshmeat) TridiaVNC TridiaVNC is a fully supported, commercially en... DOWNLOAD
muser(freshmeat) Mount User (muser) muser lists processes which have a given direct... DOWNLOAD
osage(freshmeat) Osage - Persistence Plus XML Osage is a JDBC-based object-relational mapping... DOWNLOAD
pyhnj(freshmeat) pyHnj pyHnj is an extension wrapper for Raph Levien's... DOWNLOAD
sonicmail(freshmeat) Sonicmail Sonicmail is a simple GNOME applet which acts a... DOWNLOAD
jreporter(freshmeat) JReporter JReporter is a component-based Java 1.2 package... DOWNLOAD
webchat(freshmeat) WebChat WebChat is an chat application for JavaScript c... DOWNLOAD
spf(freshmeat) SPF Stateful Packet Filter (SPF) allows you to cons... DOWNLOAD
txp(freshmeat) TXP.MP TXP is a Macro-Routine to write curved text acc... DOWNLOAD
epstk(freshmeat) epsTk The epsTk package is a toolkit to create powerf... DOWNLOAD
cat(freshmeat) SharkBait SharkBait is a set of two simple C routines mai... DOWNLOAD
rbmake(freshmeat) rbmake Rbmake is a "book maker" for the Rock... DOWNLOAD
k118(freshmeat) k118 k118 is a commandline utility for driving the M... DOWNLOAD
pung(freshmeat) pung pung is a simple server tester. It tries to con... DOWNLOAD
filescanner(freshmeat) FileScanner FileScanner is a Perl script which searches thr... DOWNLOAD
memtest(freshmeat) memtest memtest is a set of programs to test the memory... DOWNLOAD
salmon(freshmeat) Salmon Salmon is a connection manager for multiple tim... DOWNLOAD
virtualfs(freshmeat) virtualfs Virtualfs provides a set of plugins and let you... DOWNLOAD
xtermkit(freshmeat) xterminals toolkit The xterminals toolkit is a kit to install disk... DOWNLOAD
nt2linux(freshmeat) nt2linux The nt2linux kit provides tools to extract conf... DOWNLOAD
daphne(freshmeat) DAPHNE DAPHNE is an emulator that allows you to play l... DOWNLOAD
wolfgl(freshmeat) WolfGL WolfGL is an OpenGL port of the classic first-p... DOWNLOAD
peq(freshmeat) portable easy quote (peq) peq is similar to the BSD game "fortune&qu... DOWNLOAD
jstart(freshmeat) JStart JStart gives the ability to start Java class fi... DOWNLOAD
perlpkgmgr(freshmeat) Perl Packages Manager Perl Packages Manager uses the ExtUtils::Instal... DOWNLOAD
linplanet(freshmeat) LinPlanet LinPlanet is an LDAP directory interface. It in... DOWNLOAD
isbn_pl(freshmeat) contains a single, simple function whic... DOWNLOAD
swinekeeper(freshmeat) Truffle-Swine Keeper Truffle-Swine Keeper is a minesweeper clone tha... DOWNLOAD
phpgwtimetrack(freshmeat) phpgw Time Tracker phpgw Time Tracker is an add-on application for... DOWNLOAD
jplus(freshmeat) JPlus JPlus is a GUI frontend to any console command-... DOWNLOAD
phatcat(freshmeat) :PHatCat PHatCat is a PHP :CueCat decoder based on Dusti... DOWNLOAD

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