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muser(freshmeat) Mount User (muser) muser lists processes which have a given direct... DOWNLOAD
osage(freshmeat) Osage - Persistence Plus XML Osage is a JDBC-based object-relational mapping... DOWNLOAD
pyhnj(freshmeat) pyHnj pyHnj is an extension wrapper for Raph Levien's... DOWNLOAD
sonicmail(freshmeat) Sonicmail Sonicmail is a simple GNOME applet which acts a... DOWNLOAD
jreporter(freshmeat) JReporter JReporter is a component-based Java 1.2 package... DOWNLOAD
webchat(freshmeat) WebChat WebChat is an chat application for JavaScript c... DOWNLOAD
spf(freshmeat) SPF Stateful Packet Filter (SPF) allows you to cons... DOWNLOAD
txp(freshmeat) TXP.MP TXP is a Macro-Routine to write curved text acc... DOWNLOAD
epstk(freshmeat) epsTk The epsTk package is a toolkit to create powerf... DOWNLOAD
cat(freshmeat) SharkBait SharkBait is a set of two simple C routines mai... DOWNLOAD
rbmake(freshmeat) rbmake Rbmake is a "book maker" for the Rock... DOWNLOAD
k118(freshmeat) k118 k118 is a commandline utility for driving the M... DOWNLOAD
pung(freshmeat) pung pung is a simple server tester. It tries to con... DOWNLOAD
filescanner(freshmeat) FileScanner FileScanner is a Perl script which searches thr... DOWNLOAD
memtest(freshmeat) memtest memtest is a set of programs to test the memory... DOWNLOAD
salmon(freshmeat) Salmon Salmon is a connection manager for multiple tim... DOWNLOAD
virtualfs(freshmeat) virtualfs Virtualfs provides a set of plugins and let you... DOWNLOAD
xtermkit(freshmeat) xterminals toolkit The xterminals toolkit is a kit to install disk... DOWNLOAD
nt2linux(freshmeat) nt2linux The nt2linux kit provides tools to extract conf... DOWNLOAD
daphne(freshmeat) DAPHNE DAPHNE is an emulator that allows you to play l... DOWNLOAD
wolfgl(freshmeat) WolfGL WolfGL is an OpenGL port of the classic first-p... DOWNLOAD
peq(freshmeat) portable easy quote (peq) peq is similar to the BSD game "fortune&qu... DOWNLOAD
jstart(freshmeat) JStart JStart gives the ability to start Java class fi... DOWNLOAD
perlpkgmgr(freshmeat) Perl Packages Manager Perl Packages Manager uses the ExtUtils::Instal... DOWNLOAD
linplanet(freshmeat) LinPlanet LinPlanet is an LDAP directory interface. It in... DOWNLOAD
isbn_pl(freshmeat) contains a single, simple function whic... DOWNLOAD
swinekeeper(freshmeat) Truffle-Swine Keeper Truffle-Swine Keeper is a minesweeper clone tha... DOWNLOAD
phpgwtimetrack(freshmeat) phpgw Time Tracker phpgw Time Tracker is an add-on application for... DOWNLOAD
jplus(freshmeat) JPlus JPlus is a GUI frontend to any console command-... DOWNLOAD
phatcat(freshmeat) :PHatCat PHatCat is a PHP :CueCat decoder based on Dusti... DOWNLOAD
textdump(freshmeat) is a Perl5 filter to make tcpdump -... DOWNLOAD
gwave(freshmeat) GNU Waveform Viewer Gwave is a waveform viewer. Its purpose is for ... DOWNLOAD
javare(freshmeat) Java Roundtrip Engineering JavaRE contains a set of tools that supports re... DOWNLOAD
nbfw(freshmeat) Samba netbios forwarder NBFW is a patch for Samba which allows a Samba ... DOWNLOAD
japps(freshmeat) Java Applet Parallel Processing Server Japps is a compact Distributed Processing Serve... DOWNLOAD
ntt(freshmeat) Network Time Tools Network Time Tools (NTT) is a set of network to... DOWNLOAD
asse(freshmeat) A Smart Sybase Editor ASSE is a general-purpose, GUI-based Sybase dat... DOWNLOAD
jasmin(freshmeat) Jasmin The Jasmin software distribution includes an im... DOWNLOAD
dtdc(freshmeat) DTD Compiler The DTD Compiler is a Perl script creating a Pa... DOWNLOAD
mysql2pgsql(freshmeat) mysql2pgsql This Perl script performs translation from MySQ... DOWNLOAD
pxe(freshmeat) PXE daemon The PXE daemon allows network managers to boot ... DOWNLOAD
cgiburn(freshmeat) CGIBurn CGIBurn is a Web-based front end for burning CD... DOWNLOAD
cp_lib(freshmeat) cp_lib cp_lib is a module loader and a collection of m... DOWNLOAD
tinyscheme(freshmeat) TinyScheme TinyScheme is a lightweight Scheme interpreter ... DOWNLOAD
dcron(freshmeat) Dillon's Cron Dillon's Cron is a multi-user cron written from... DOWNLOAD
rs(freshmeat) Rage IRC Services The Rage IRC Services are based on the WreckedN... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_shadow(freshmeat) mod_auth_shadow mod_auth_shadow is an Apache module for authent... DOWNLOAD
lpadmin(freshmeat) LPAdmin Lpadmin is a set of PHP scripts to easily admin... DOWNLOAD
easysellingsite(freshmeat) easysellingsite Easyselling is a Web site creator that uses MyS... DOWNLOAD
radstock(freshmeat) Radstock Radius Analyser Radstock is a tool to analyse RADIUS traffic on... DOWNLOAD
php-mysql-lib(freshmeat) PHP-MySQL-Lib PHP-MySQL-lib is an abstraction library for tal... DOWNLOAD
scurry(freshmeat) Scurry Scurry automates FTP connections, as well as sc... DOWNLOAD
dired-dd(freshmeat) DIRED-DD aka. dired-drag-drop Dired-dd (a.k.a. Dired-DragDrop) is a minor ema... DOWNLOAD
floyd-systemmonitor(freshmeat) FLOYD system monitor Floyd blinks the PC keyboard LEDs with an inter... DOWNLOAD
conflux(freshmeat) Conflux Conflux allows the user (through the PHP-based ... DOWNLOAD
b-chat(freshmeat) B-Chat B-Chat allows you to connect to Blizzard's Onli... DOWNLOAD
pty-redir(freshmeat) pty-redir pty-redir redirects stdin/stdout to a pseudo te... DOWNLOAD
qnx4linux(freshmeat) QNX4 Message emulation library for Linux The QNX Message emulation library provides an e... DOWNLOAD
x-dds(freshmeat) X-Digital Disco System The X-Digital Disco System (X-DDS) is the graph... DOWNLOAD
libgplock(freshmeat) libgplock libgplock is a library for UUCP-style locking r... DOWNLOAD
wecker(freshmeat) Wecker Wecker plays an MP3 playlist file in the backgr... DOWNLOAD
pstoepd(freshmeat) pstoepd "pstoepd" is a converts files from th... DOWNLOAD
nosql(freshmeat) NoSQL NoSQL is a fast, portable, relational database ... DOWNLOAD
bulkmailer(freshmeat) Bulk Mailer Bulk Mailer helps speed the delivery of an emai... DOWNLOAD
s25-logo(freshmeat) S25-logo uploader S25-logo is Tcl script which sends a BMP image ... DOWNLOAD
zephyr(freshmeat) Zephyr Zephyr allows users to conduct one-on-one and g... DOWNLOAD
sid(freshmeat) SID SID is a framework for building computer system... DOWNLOAD
hvacr(freshmeat) The Free HVAC/R Project The Free HVAC/R Project (hvacr) is a project to... DOWNLOAD
lxr(freshmeat) Cross-Referencing Linux The Linux Cross-Reference project is the testbe... DOWNLOAD
lb(freshmeat) laplace balancer The laplace balancer forms a sinus wave out of ... DOWNLOAD
kbedic(freshmeat) kbedic Kbedic is a bidirectional English-Bulgarian dic... DOWNLOAD
sysvconfig(freshmeat) SysVConfig SysVConfig is a replacement for RedHat's ntsysv... DOWNLOAD
intrepid(freshmeat) intrepid intrepid is a simple load balancing server, sla... DOWNLOAD
sslproxy(freshmeat) SSL Proxy sslproxy is a transparent proxy that can transl... DOWNLOAD
tinycms(freshmeat) tinyCMS TinyCMS is a small Web content management system. DOWNLOAD
kcompiler(freshmeat) KCompiler KCompiler is a KDE frontend to gcc, javac, and ... DOWNLOAD
vanessa(freshmeat) VA Network Enhanced Scalable Server Architecture VAnessa, the VA Network Enhanced Scalable Serve... DOWNLOAD
insap(freshmeat) inSap Insap is a XMMS input plugin to decode Atari XL... DOWNLOAD
sapplay(freshmeat) sapplay Sapplay is a console based player. It plays Ata... DOWNLOAD
sandlib(freshmeat) SandLib SandLib is a collection of libraries designed f... DOWNLOAD
quickimage(freshmeat) QuickImage QuickImage is an open-source utility for adding... DOWNLOAD
loki_update(freshmeat) Loki Update Tool The Loki Update Tool was written by Loki Softwa... DOWNLOAD
loki_uninstall(freshmeat) Loki Uninstall Tool The Loki Uninstall Tool was written by Loki Sof... DOWNLOAD
firewallwatchdog(freshmeat) Firewall Watchdog Firewall Watchdog is a real-time firewall monit... DOWNLOAD
king(freshmeat) KINg (KINg Is Not google!) KINg (KINg Is Not google!) is an effort to crea... DOWNLOAD
gpkcs(freshmeat) gpkcs gpkcs11 provides support functions to make the ... DOWNLOAD
cdspeed(freshmeat) cdspeed Modern cdrom drives are too fast. It can take s... DOWNLOAD
treescan(freshmeat) treescan Treescan finds all the files in a directory tre... DOWNLOAD
g3dgmv(freshmeat) g3DGMV g3DGMV is a free viewer for Digital Elevation M... DOWNLOAD
inventory(freshmeat) phpGW inventory phpGW inventory is an add-on application for ph... DOWNLOAD
astaropsd(freshmeat) Astaro Portscan Detection Astaro Portscan Detection is a netfilter target... DOWNLOAD
spatializer-x11-reference(freshmeat) 2D Spatialization of Sound This is a port of a recently announced 2D sound... DOWNLOAD
3dom(freshmeat) 3dom 3dom stands for 3-Dimensional Object Modeler. T... DOWNLOAD
3dsiaprototype(freshmeat) 3Dsia Prototype 3Dsia is a prototype 3D system for system admin... DOWNLOAD
4inarow(freshmeat) 4inarow 4inarow is a small client/server four-in-a-row ... DOWNLOAD
ah-tty(freshmeat) A Helpful TTY Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command promp... DOWNLOAD
abclock(freshmeat) ABClock Analogue Bitmap Clock displays the current time... DOWNLOAD
abyss(freshmeat) Abyss Web Server ABYSS aims to be a fully HTTP/1.1 compliant Web... DOWNLOAD
acalc(freshmeat) acalc Acalc is a small console-based calculator writt... DOWNLOAD
acidim(freshmeat) AcidIM AcidIM is an Instant Messenger application writ... DOWNLOAD

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