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gcomm-sg(sfnet) gcomm-sg gComm-SG is a simple platform for guestbook dev... DOWNLOAD
dndcombat(sfnet) DnDCombat Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition combat simulator. DOWNLOAD
pleddy(sfnet) pleddy PlEd is an Editor. It is written in Java2 and u... DOWNLOAD
hdsync(freshmeat) HDSync HDSync provides synchronous playback of differe... DOWNLOAD
hermesft(sfnet) hermesft Hermes is a fast and secure file transfer progr... DOWNLOAD
gbro(sfnet) GbRO Patch GbRO DOWNLOAD
ffdownloader(sfnet) FanFicDownloader This application is intended to be used to down... DOWNLOAD
e-night(sfnet) E-Night A Program used to fire fireworks via a computer... DOWNLOAD
webhtb(sfnet) webhtb The WebHTB is an WEB Tool Interface for shappin... DOWNLOAD
cardimages(sfnet) card images Provide card images for card games. The first t... DOWNLOAD
anotacoesc(sfnet) Anotacoes DOWNLOAD
pymegaman(sfnet) pygame-pyMegaMan DOWNLOAD
minidjvu(sfnet) minidjvu minidjvu is a DjVu encoder for black-and-white ... DOWNLOAD
overlib(sfnet) overLIB DOWNLOAD
pkmaps(sfnet) pkmaps Archive of maps for PerBlue Inc mobile game Par... DOWNLOAD
parent-eye(sfnet) parent-eye Used to monitor the kids while they are using t... DOWNLOAD
showkeys(freshmeat) showkeys Showkeys is a simple program to display keys be... DOWNLOAD
blockcopy(sfnet) blockcopy This program is a simple tools to copy data fro... DOWNLOAD
adm4gl(sfnet) Adm 4GL Java Developpement rapide d'application java basé su... DOWNLOAD
nsqlunit(sfnet) NSqlUnit NSqlUnit is an NUnit extension that enables tes... DOWNLOAD
cdptowmi(sfnet) CDPtoWMI Program designed to be run as a software deploy... DOWNLOAD
emilygr(sfnet) emily-gr Emily is a greek tts engine for NVDA screen rea... DOWNLOAD
sockets2(sfnet) Sockets++ 2.0 Socket library using a C++ iostreams style inte... DOWNLOAD
onesurvivor(sfnet) One Survivor One Survivor: Horror game showcasing the Aleph ... DOWNLOAD
goggles(sfnet) Goggles Public Hosting of Arduino Firmware for Flicker ... DOWNLOAD
blockcheck(sfnet) blockcheck blockcheck is a simple Linux shell script for a... DOWNLOAD
jarclasspathgen(sfnet) Class Path Generator For JAR DOWNLOAD
simpra(sfnet) Simpra Another bycicle CMS. Try it. Abuse it. Let me k... DOWNLOAD
wikilv(sfnet) wikilv Criação da ferramenta wikilv DOWNLOAD
danens07(sfnet) danens07 Este projeto tem como objetivo o gerenciamento ... DOWNLOAD
rannacms(sfnet) Ranna CMS Content Management System using Codeigniter fra... DOWNLOAD
context(sfnet) conteXt An XML based web app that allows users to defin... DOWNLOAD
webdistro(sfnet) Webdistro This project has moved and changed its name to ... DOWNLOAD
icecafe(sfnet) icecafe ICE Cafe is Open sourse sequence cromatgram alg... DOWNLOAD
titleinsurancec(sfnet) TitleInsuranceCalculator This is a calculator for calculate title insura... DOWNLOAD
rpgrapigiros(sfnet) rpgrapigiros Creacion de un sistema de gestion de giros via ... DOWNLOAD
openhash-net(sfnet) openhash-net OpenHash is a desktop application for .NET whic... DOWNLOAD
roundrobinosalgorithm(sfnet) Round robin & first come first serve round robin & first come first serve OS alg... DOWNLOAD
antimicroportable(sfnet) AntiMicro Portable AntiMicro allows you to use your joystick(s) or... DOWNLOAD
galaxpora(sfnet) Galaxpora DOWNLOAD
weatherornot(sfnet) WeatherLog WeatherLog is an application for keeping track ... DOWNLOAD
inexse(sfnet) INEX Structure Extraction Groundtruth Project related to the groundtruth for the INEX... DOWNLOAD
tools-a(sfnet) Tools 'A' Tools 'A' are tools for developing C/C++ applic... DOWNLOAD
likeview(sfnet) Like.View Interactive Graphics Library. Platform: .NET 2.... DOWNLOAD
e3mcnetmeter(sfnet) NetMeter Revolution You can use NetMeter to monitor internet traffi... DOWNLOAD
seqgenomebrowse(sfnet) seqgenomebrowse SeqGenome Browser, a mini cross-platform local ... DOWNLOAD
registercards(sfnet) RegisterCards RegisterCards for Joomla is a combination of mo... DOWNLOAD
dothework(sfnet) Do the Work Program to help with the procedure called theWo... DOWNLOAD
flauncher(sfnet) FastLauncher The project is intendent to replace the common ... DOWNLOAD
ipbfffte100(sfnet) IPBForumForFree TextEdit A fully powered, feature packed text editor. Go... DOWNLOAD
vdbuilder(sfnet) Visual Data Builder This application want to help programmer making... DOWNLOAD
jiggler(sfnet) JIGL (Java Image and Graphics Library) JIGL is Brigham Young University's Java Image a... DOWNLOAD
prolix-glm(sfnet) Graphical Learning Modeller The GLM is an eclipse-based rich-client applica... DOWNLOAD
miningmadeeasy(sfnet) miningmadeeasy MiME is a tool that can be used for finding pat... DOWNLOAD
vssbe(sfnet) vsSBE Extended event handling in Visual Studio. Full ... DOWNLOAD
tripwire(sfnet) Open Source Tripwire® "Open Source Tripwire® software is a secur... DOWNLOAD
mattsinitramfsinit(sfnet) Matts Initramfs Init This is the source code for init for use with a... DOWNLOAD
event4j(sfnet) event4j .NET style event system written for Java DOWNLOAD
libfranca(sfnet) libfranca Portable text-encoding library. Convert freely ... DOWNLOAD
garrysmodpublishtool(sfnet) Garry's Mod Publish Tool A simple tool that assists you in extracting, p... DOWNLOAD
jstock-free-stock-market-progr(freshmeat) JStock JStock is a stock market software for 26 countr... DOWNLOAD
smasher(freshmeat) Smasher Smasher is a lightweight, cross-platform audio ... DOWNLOAD
mclegocompiler(sfnet) MC Lego RCX C Compiler Mostly C (MC)LEGO RCX C compiler, generates LAS... DOWNLOAD
java-simple-plugin-framework(freshmeat) Java Simple Plugin Framework The Java Simple Plugin Framework is a framework... DOWNLOAD
add-machine(sfnet) Simple Console-Based Addition Machine VERY primitive console-based Addition Machine. DOWNLOAD
linvoc(sfnet) Vocabulary Teacher (linvoc) A perl program that help you learn vocabulary, ... DOWNLOAD
joyd(sfnet) Linux Joystick Daemon joyd is a daemon that allows you to trigger com... DOWNLOAD
feed(freshmeat) FEED FEED is a commandline feed reader supporting At... DOWNLOAD
dlog-reasoner(sfnet) DLog DLog is an Description Logic ABox reasoner that... DOWNLOAD
petridish(sfnet) petridish A simple educational simulator in which you can... DOWNLOAD
knoda4(sfnet) knoda4 - a database frontend for KDE knoda4 is KDE4 port of knoda, a database fronte... DOWNLOAD
elated(sfnet) ELATED ELATED is lightweight, general-purpose, web-bas... DOWNLOAD
targui(sfnet) TAR GUI A graphical user interface for GNU Tar. DOWNLOAD
easyidm(sfnet) easyIdM Easy and free Identity Management System. DOWNLOAD
graveyard(sfnet) Graveyard Graveyard is a collaborative text editor. It al... DOWNLOAD
dhcpstarv(sfnet) dhcpstarv DHCP starvation utility. Use dhcpstarv if a rog... DOWNLOAD
iconvnet(sfnet) iconv .NET The project is convert a file from a encoding t... DOWNLOAD
shycli-project(sfnet) SHyCLI DOWNLOAD
embracesysc(sfnet) EMBRACE-SysC DOWNLOAD
bstracker(sfnet) BSTracker Open source cell-id tracking application with l... DOWNLOAD
robustdepthmeth(sfnet) Robust depth methods for MGED Implematation of robust depth-based inference t... DOWNLOAD
j2eespider(sfnet) j2eespider SPIDER on Rails (new name of J2EE Spider) is a ... DOWNLOAD
ifu(sfnet) I Found You IFU will run TCL scripts upon connection, e.g s... DOWNLOAD
aintnowiki(sfnet) Ain't No Wiki This is a "high-end" wiki system base... DOWNLOAD
visivodesktop(sfnet) VisIVO Desktop 3.0 VisIVODesktop provides a multi-platform desktop... DOWNLOAD
butterfly-persistence(freshmeat) Butterfly Persistence Butterfly Persistence is a simple, no nonsense ... DOWNLOAD
cream(freshmeat) Cream for Vim Cream is a configuration of the famous Vim text... DOWNLOAD
ibottool(sfnet) iBot Tool DOWNLOAD
runpon(freshmeat) RunPON RunPON establishes a network connection by call... DOWNLOAD
solaris-sysstat(freshmeat) sysstat for Solaris sysstat complements Solaris' system tools for p... DOWNLOAD
symplik-fndloader(freshmeat) SYMPLiK FNDLOADER SYMPLiK FNDLOADER is a Java wrapper for the too... DOWNLOAD
qtexengine(freshmeat) QTeXEngine QTeXEngine enables Qt based applications to eas... DOWNLOAD
xslet(freshmeat) xslet / xslui xslui is an XSLT applet to display Web pages wi... DOWNLOAD
merakogps(freshmeat) MerakoGPS MerakoGPS is a set of software for Merako-serie... DOWNLOAD
db2-syntax-analyzer(freshmeat) Zemucan Zemucan assists DB2 users while writing command... DOWNLOAD
jobbox(sfnet) jobbox DOWNLOAD
irrlicht(freshmeat) Irrlicht Engine The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance real-... DOWNLOAD
opencpi(freshmeat) OpenCPI The Open Component Portability Infrastructure (... DOWNLOAD
composestar(freshmeat) Compose* Compose* is a project that aims at enhancing th... DOWNLOAD
blinkbeta(sfnet) blinkbeta DOWNLOAD

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