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gcj-osx-intel(sfnet) gcj-osx-intel This is a build of gcj (Gnu Java Compiler) for ... DOWNLOAD
elixirdb(sfnet) Elixir Database Manager Java Database Manager, harnessing the power of ... DOWNLOAD
xmltemplateproc(sfnet) XML Template Processor XML-based ISO standards for documents (OOXML, O... DOWNLOAD
b-e-c(sfnet) Bulk Extension Changer This simple tool allows you to change the exten... DOWNLOAD
qatanova(sfnet) QAT Based on ANOVA for OSS Quality Assessment Tool for Open Source Softwar... DOWNLOAD
openlabyrinth(sfnet) OpenLabyrinth OpenLabyrinth is a web application for authorin... DOWNLOAD
csharpshredder(sfnet) CSharpShredder CSharpShredder is a security utility that allow... DOWNLOAD
wsiausb(sfnet) USB DE2 VHDL Firmware and LabVIEW Driver The goal of this project is to develop an easil... DOWNLOAD
steambandstable(sfnet) steamband-stable Steamband needs some love, so I'm going to fix ... DOWNLOAD
microline(sfnet) Microline The Microline widget set provides the following... DOWNLOAD
freakily(sfnet) Freakily Libraries A collection of framework library code which ca... DOWNLOAD
isodyn(sfnet) isodyn simulation of isotopic isomer distribution DOWNLOAD
viewit(sfnet) viewit This is a project to visualize the data provided. DOWNLOAD
ionicracer(sfnet) Ionic Racer A fast, actionloaded och crazy multiplayer raci... DOWNLOAD
twitch(sfnet) Twitch A 2d cross-platform top-down arcade game, remin... DOWNLOAD
dailyblockchain(sfnet) dailyblockchain The archive contain uptodate bitcoin block chai... DOWNLOAD
chinesemystery(sfnet) Chinese Mystery DOWNLOAD
shell-command(sfnet) shell-command Shell To Command is a free Mac converison utili... DOWNLOAD
alex-software(sfnet) ALEX software Tool for processing of Orbitrap and other FT MS... DOWNLOAD
whyhoo(sfnet) Whyhoo This is Whyhoo a Yahoo Messenger client written... DOWNLOAD
project3(sfnet) Project 3 DOWNLOAD
theseeker(sfnet) TheSeeker .NET desktop app to find (and replace) text in ... DOWNLOAD
sens(sfnet) sens Various projects developed by members of the SE... DOWNLOAD
easyvalidate(sfnet) Easy Validate Easy Validate provides easy to understand valid... DOWNLOAD
finanzas1(sfnet) Finanzas1 DOWNLOAD
gbml(sfnet) GBML This is GBML, GAIPS' own BML (Behavior Modellin... DOWNLOAD
a2billing(freshmeat) A2Billing A2Billing is a telecom switch and billing syste... DOWNLOAD
natlog(sfnet) natlog Firewalls like iptables usually offer POSTROUT... DOWNLOAD
lawofsinecosine(sfnet) Law of Sine/Cosine Calc This is a little program that I wrote to calcul... DOWNLOAD
comamao(sfnet) comamao DOWNLOAD
winreskit(sfnet) winreskit Windows Rescue Kit is a collection of software ... DOWNLOAD
odmrc(sfnet) odmrc xODMR is an ATRN client that let you use a mail... DOWNLOAD
smartexp(sfnet) smartexp This is a software to manage medical records(El... DOWNLOAD
bmpe(sfnet) BMPE BMPE stands for Bitmap Editor and is an cross p... DOWNLOAD
matrix-os(sfnet) Matrix-OS DOWNLOAD
emacs-versor(sfnet) Emacs versatile cursors Emacs commands managing an "item" cur... DOWNLOAD
watson-desktop-wallpaper-guard(sfnet) Chris Watson's Desktop Wallpaper Guard This software will detect when another process ... DOWNLOAD
infopc(sfnet) infopc Info PC est un logiciel ressemblant à un tas d'... DOWNLOAD
unhide-me(sfnet) unhide-me For facebook "like-to-see" groups, wi... DOWNLOAD
bsvn(sfnet) Blur's SVN Stat Collector PHP based commandline SVN repository data colle... DOWNLOAD
acolorfulworld(sfnet) A colorful world A puzzle platformer based on colors where hero ... DOWNLOAD
insawordyworld(sfnet) insawordyworld words games package. DOWNLOAD
mozinews(sfnet) Mozisurf サイトの d'Actualité et d'Astuces 注ぐ Mozilla ... DOWNLOAD
fateaion(sfnet) Fate Aion Fate Aion, private unique server. DOWNLOAD
iitools(sfnet) iitools Wiimote whiteboard for windows wpf c# DOWNLOAD
unscene(sfnet) unscene weareunscene, hello, we are cool DOWNLOAD
operationspbt(sfnet) Operation SPBT A spambot developed for allowing roblox groups ... DOWNLOAD
switchingpowercalculator(sfnet) Switching Power Calculator DOWNLOAD
mimerdesk(sfnet) MimerDesk MimerDesk is a Web-based groupware environment ... DOWNLOAD
mintymacstarstudio(sfnet) mintyMac-StarStudio The mintyMac Star Studio Linux Distro is what w... DOWNLOAD
snowcp(freshmeat) snowcp snowcp is a fast file copy tool similar to Fast... DOWNLOAD
jab-workbench-freeware-librari(freshmeat) JAB Workbench Freeware Libraries The JAB Workbench Freeware Libraries include th... DOWNLOAD
eqemuquests(sfnet) EQ Emulator Quests A project to produce and maintain a publicly av... DOWNLOAD
kivis(sfnet) kivis on web kill virus for php hosting DOWNLOAD
jabberlib(sfnet) PHP Jabber Lib The PHP Jabber Lib project is a project to buil... DOWNLOAD
libastralso(sfnet) Interface library for Astral data flows DOWNLOAD
gdb-ili(sfnet) gdb-ili GDB-ILI extends the GNU debugger with a generic... DOWNLOAD
vietnamese-tool(sfnet) vietnamese-tool This project contains several tools for process... DOWNLOAD
dreamroom(sfnet) dream room My dream room is I win the lotto. DOWNLOAD
sirenic(sfnet) Sirenic Sirenic is a graphical library that provides re... DOWNLOAD
garkanoid(sfnet) Garkanoid Garkanoid is a .Net clon of the clasic Arkanoid. DOWNLOAD
editfreeproject(sfnet) editfreeproject VERY FIRST ALPHA VERSION ! Platform independent... DOWNLOAD
asteriskncs(sfnet) PacketCable (NCS) Patch for Asterisk PBX This is a patch for Asterisk PBX that makes it ... DOWNLOAD
trasher(sfnet) trasher Trasher is a program conceptualized by Neshati ... DOWNLOAD
ex-engine(sfnet) Existence Engine The Existence engine is a free 3d game engine. ... DOWNLOAD
phone-it-in(freshmeat) Phone It In Phone It In is a very simple North American pho... DOWNLOAD
findfileku(sfnet) FindFileKu This software is designed to find files in stan... DOWNLOAD
imagestopdfconv(sfnet) images to pdf converter an images to pdf converter DOWNLOAD
proxydnsfilters(sfnet) ProxyDNSFilters ProxyDNSFilters are two tools that can be usefu... DOWNLOAD
legoarduinodr(sfnet) Lego Arduino Drivers Arduino drivers for interfacing with various le... DOWNLOAD
jmafreesoft(sfnet) Jan Marques' MODs Some MODs for phpBB DOWNLOAD
open-genesis(sfnet) OpenGenesis Includes: Genesis.Localization DOWNLOAD
itclubweb(sfnet) itclub-web DOWNLOAD
rttim(sfnet) rttim IM,WebIM and Sip voip tool. Client is Win32, Se... DOWNLOAD
anticeptron(sfnet) anticeptron Anticeptron is an attempt to do what people exp... DOWNLOAD
mbox2rss(sfnet) mbox2rss A PHP Software that reads Files stored in the U... DOWNLOAD
royalgallery(sfnet) royalgallery This module incorporates some of your most requ... DOWNLOAD
chilicookbook(sfnet) ChiliCookBook This project is a opensource cookbook for chili... DOWNLOAD
sagaads(sfnet) SAGA DOWNLOAD
cybios(sfnet) Cybios Digital Community Cybios is an online Game-Cybercommunity based o... DOWNLOAD
nhl(sfnet) NHL NHL is an instant messenger network that bases ... DOWNLOAD
illnessindex(sfnet) illness index A computer scientist has attempted to program a... DOWNLOAD
shutdowncontrolpanel(sfnet) Shutdown Control Panel Shutdown Control Panel is free and useful progr... DOWNLOAD
ultralightforum(sfnet) ultralightforum Ultra Light Forum developed in PHP and MySQL as... DOWNLOAD
web-search-script(freshmeat) Web Search Script Web Search Script can search the contents of a ... DOWNLOAD
spellchecking(sfnet) spellcheckingquechua The development of spell checking plugins for i... DOWNLOAD
recruitmanageme(sfnet) Recruit Management System This is an Open Source Software Project consist... DOWNLOAD
mixologist(sfnet) mixologist Private network and communications client that ... DOWNLOAD
things(sfnet) things This website offers mulitiple items DOWNLOAD
appmote-gs(sfnet) Grooveshark [Salling Clicker] Control Grooveshark on a PC from your handheld ... DOWNLOAD
mobnet(sfnet) RAT Considering Mobile Network The software manager will be able to assess the... DOWNLOAD
oformsbeanshell(sfnet) oFormsBeanShell oFormsBeanShell is an Oracle Forms pluggable Ja... DOWNLOAD
audiotomov(sfnet) Audio to Mov Script- (Blender 2.5) Python Script to process a wave file and transf... DOWNLOAD
lightningnote(sfnet) Lightning Note A simple note manager, fast and powerful as lig... DOWNLOAD
calsd(sfnet) CalSD CalSD is a free graphic differential tone calcu... DOWNLOAD
metadatagrabber(sfnet) metadata grabber TCL script to grab music metadata (album, artis... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-pootle-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Pootle Stack BitNami Pootle Stack Native Installer is an eas... DOWNLOAD
cdfw(sfnet) CD-ROM Firewall CD-ROM Firewall is a Red Hat/Centos (yum based ... DOWNLOAD
vcljs(sfnet) VCL.JS A faster way to build enterprise app. VCL.JS is... DOWNLOAD
notlotrelease(sfnet) notlotrelease DOWNLOAD

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