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paygsm(sfnet) PayGsm This project for Kaspersky Lab DOWNLOAD
traycontroller(sfnet) CD/DVDROM tray control application The software has the capability to eject/close ... DOWNLOAD
wannatrak-test(sfnet) Wannatrak Testing Tools Tools for GPS Tracking Systems Testing. This pr... DOWNLOAD
q4wine(sfnet) q4wine Q4Wine is a qt4 ( GU... DOWNLOAD
sclassgenerator(sfnet) SClassGenerator Basic Qt Class Generator for them whose bored b... DOWNLOAD
kosjaguar(sfnet) KOS Jaguar Right Now it is just another OS. I am designing... DOWNLOAD
n64oid(sfnet) n64oid N64oid is a port of Mupen64plus to Android, alo... DOWNLOAD
gbp(sfnet) Galactic Bloodshed Project One of the original update-driven multi-player ... DOWNLOAD
magicpball(sfnet) Magic P-ball This is a project I kind of work on when I get ... DOWNLOAD
oscilib(sfnet) oscilib Oscilib (Open Science Library) aims to be a com... DOWNLOAD
w3v(sfnet) w3v You just type $v=new w3v(filename.ext) and the ... DOWNLOAD
smacstm(sfnet) SMACSTM DOWNLOAD
jpegcompressor(sfnet) jpegcompressor JPEG Compressor is a windows program that is in... DOWNLOAD
bbrb(sfnet) bbrb - a background manager for blackbox GUI background manager for Blackbox. Allows ea... DOWNLOAD
pyta(sfnet) pyta this is a timer made using python(so you recqui... DOWNLOAD
ggce(sfnet) GGCE GGCE is a port of the Polish internet communica... DOWNLOAD
synflood(sfnet) anti synflood SynFlood is a small perl programm intented to w... DOWNLOAD
artlvm(sfnet) ART_LVM Aggressive Rectangle Truncation (ART) with Loca... DOWNLOAD
fretsonfirespec(sfnet) Frets On Fire Special Edition A version of Frets On Fire that has more songs ... DOWNLOAD
ipfinder20(sfnet) IPFinder2.0 This program will find your ip and display it t... DOWNLOAD
safewebcomments(sfnet) Safe Web Comments SafeWebComments adds visitor comments into a te... DOWNLOAD
soulreaper(sfnet) Soul Reaper Soul Reaper is a PBBG where users fight/train t... DOWNLOAD
dbswh-samples(sfnet) DbSWH Apex Sample Applications Sample applications created on Oracle Applicati... DOWNLOAD
essdownloadess(sfnet) essdownloadess DOWNLOAD
ewin(sfnet) EWin Windows GUI Library An MS Windows application-development library s... DOWNLOAD
marxexplorer(sfnet) Marx Explorer Marx Explorer project is a web file manager dev... DOWNLOAD
keynote(sfnet) Keynote Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-lev... DOWNLOAD
injectsocks(sfnet) InjectSOCKS InjectSOCKS is an open source utility for Micro... DOWNLOAD
jaihind(sfnet) JaiHind When it comes to use of Linux, its a champ on t... DOWNLOAD
warlog(sfnet) warlog A very small war application just to display se... DOWNLOAD
ba-bench(sfnet) BA-Bench java tool for benchmarking a university of coop... DOWNLOAD
v4lwebcanon(sfnet) V4LWebCanon v4lwebcanon is a Linux kernel module which prov... DOWNLOAD
balaxy(sfnet) Balaxy php web proxy (phproxy 0.6) DOWNLOAD
jcollectit(sfnet) jcollectit JCollectIt is a small and simple application fo... DOWNLOAD
demonshades(sfnet) Demon shades voor onze Demon shades groep. DOWNLOAD
opensuse-medical(freshmeat) openSUSE Medical openSUSE Medical is a distribution of openSUSE ... DOWNLOAD
jpastebin(freshmeat) jPastebin jPastebin is a simple and easy-to-use Java API ... DOWNLOAD
dllexpcomparer(sfnet) DllExportComparer DllExportComparer differentiates Export between... DOWNLOAD
pngtastic(freshmeat) Pngtastic Pngtastic reduces the filesize of PNG images wi... DOWNLOAD
virttool(freshmeat) virttool Virttool is a high avaliability and Web managem... DOWNLOAD
opennap-ng(sfnet) opennap-ng opennap-ng is a fork of the well known opennap ... DOWNLOAD
freesiege(sfnet) freesiege: a tetris like war game This is a Fallen Angel Siege board game clone. ... DOWNLOAD
sysusage(sfnet) SysUsage SysUsage is a system monitoring and alarm repor... DOWNLOAD
memonaut(sfnet) memonaut Memonaut is a notebook application with brainst... DOWNLOAD
frc138entropy(sfnet) frc138entropy Open sourced code from FIRST Robotics Team 138.... DOWNLOAD
imdbcrawler(sfnet) IMDB Crawler This project is related to crawling data on IMD... DOWNLOAD
dhgetcolor(sfnet) DH GetColor Find color of a pixel. DOWNLOAD
rect-coil(sfnet) rectangular electric coil estimation program to estimate the dimensions of a rectang... DOWNLOAD
spidyinc(sfnet) demo This project is demo. DOWNLOAD
highfantasy(sfnet) High Fantasy This is a project is a user interface for the g... DOWNLOAD
mintymacmate(sfnet) mintyMac-Mate Built from Ubuntu mini (30meg) our 32 bit versi... DOWNLOAD
zerofolder(sfnet) ZeroFolder Command line program that searches for empty fo... DOWNLOAD
platformcraft(sfnet) Platform Craft This is a custom campaign form the game Mega Ma... DOWNLOAD
mp3genie(sfnet) mp3Genie mp3Genie reads all your mp3-files (which you ha... DOWNLOAD
whozyourdaddyforum(sfnet) whozyourdaddy_forum DOWNLOAD
finddatabugs(sfnet) FindDataBugs FindDataBugs finds bugs in data and helps you f... DOWNLOAD
o2sms(sfnet) o2sms o2sms is a program to send SMS messages using t... DOWNLOAD
infocostitre(sfnet) InfoCostiTre A simple widget for android to display informat... DOWNLOAD
wordlogic(sfnet) wordlogic This project was created as a final project for... DOWNLOAD
xinfaxian(sfnet) xinfaxian xinfaxian DOWNLOAD
tetrisattackklon(sfnet) Tetris Attack Klon DOWNLOAD
dbm-to-watt(sfnet) dBm to Watt DOWNLOAD
ppcpp(sfnet) ppC++ ppC++, is an HTML-preprocessed C/C++ language w... DOWNLOAD
virtualmachine(sfnet) virtual_machine crwting virtual machine DOWNLOAD
logixgamix(sfnet) LogixGamix DOWNLOAD
games42(sfnet) 42 Games 42 Games is the new, work in progress suite of ... DOWNLOAD
freexoo(sfnet) freexoo freeXoo is a protocol used to pass information ... DOWNLOAD
big-brother(sfnet) Big Brother Big-Brother is a collection of J2EE filters and... DOWNLOAD
penguinpills(sfnet) penguinpills A graphical interface for use with multiple lin... DOWNLOAD
freeorm(sfnet) FreeORM An opensource Object Relational Mapping library... DOWNLOAD
rally-software(sfnet) rally-software The Rally Integrations Project includes a set o... DOWNLOAD
odt2wackowiki(sfnet) OpenDocument2WackoWiki Simpe export filter for WackoWiki syntax for Op... DOWNLOAD
sdmachine(sfnet) sdmachine System Decision Machine is a rule-based state m... DOWNLOAD
proface(sfnet) Proface PROFACE is a User Interface Prototyper develope... DOWNLOAD
gcj-osx-intel(sfnet) gcj-osx-intel This is a build of gcj (Gnu Java Compiler) for ... DOWNLOAD
elixirdb(sfnet) Elixir Database Manager Java Database Manager, harnessing the power of ... DOWNLOAD
xmltemplateproc(sfnet) XML Template Processor XML-based ISO standards for documents (OOXML, O... DOWNLOAD
b-e-c(sfnet) Bulk Extension Changer This simple tool allows you to change the exten... DOWNLOAD
qatanova(sfnet) QAT Based on ANOVA for OSS Quality Assessment Tool for Open Source Softwar... DOWNLOAD
openlabyrinth(sfnet) OpenLabyrinth OpenLabyrinth is a web application for authorin... DOWNLOAD
csharpshredder(sfnet) CSharpShredder CSharpShredder is a security utility that allow... DOWNLOAD
wsiausb(sfnet) USB DE2 VHDL Firmware and LabVIEW Driver The goal of this project is to develop an easil... DOWNLOAD
steambandstable(sfnet) steamband-stable Steamband needs some love, so I'm going to fix ... DOWNLOAD
microline(sfnet) Microline The Microline widget set provides the following... DOWNLOAD
freakily(sfnet) Freakily Libraries A collection of framework library code which ca... DOWNLOAD
isodyn(sfnet) isodyn simulation of isotopic isomer distribution DOWNLOAD
viewit(sfnet) viewit This is a project to visualize the data provided. DOWNLOAD
ionicracer(sfnet) Ionic Racer A fast, actionloaded och crazy multiplayer raci... DOWNLOAD
twitch(sfnet) Twitch A 2d cross-platform top-down arcade game, remin... DOWNLOAD
dailyblockchain(sfnet) dailyblockchain The archive contain uptodate bitcoin block chai... DOWNLOAD
chinesemystery(sfnet) Chinese Mystery DOWNLOAD
shell-command(sfnet) shell-command Shell To Command is a free Mac converison utili... DOWNLOAD
alex-software(sfnet) ALEX software Tool for processing of Orbitrap and other FT MS... DOWNLOAD
whyhoo(sfnet) Whyhoo This is Whyhoo a Yahoo Messenger client written... DOWNLOAD
project3(sfnet) Project 3 DOWNLOAD
theseeker(sfnet) TheSeeker .NET desktop app to find (and replace) text in ... DOWNLOAD
sens(sfnet) sens Various projects developed by members of the SE... DOWNLOAD
easyvalidate(sfnet) Easy Validate Easy Validate provides easy to understand valid... DOWNLOAD
finanzas1(sfnet) Finanzas1 DOWNLOAD
gbml(sfnet) GBML This is GBML, GAIPS' own BML (Behavior Modellin... DOWNLOAD

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