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vla(sfnet) Voice Leading Analyzer Analyses musical compositions for voice leading... DOWNLOAD
patternpro-rxe(sfnet) PatternPro Regular Expression Engine PatternPro is a regular expression engine, OO i... DOWNLOAD
cmdl(sfnet) C++ CmdLine Library The C++ CmdLine library provides a framework fo... DOWNLOAD
openebusinessfr(sfnet) Open E-Business Framework Framework for supporting reliable, secure E-Bus... DOWNLOAD
graphplot(sfnet) graphplot A small utility for visualizing graphics of the... DOWNLOAD
test-expando(sfnet) test-expando-portlet No description DOWNLOAD
taxcloud4xcart(sfnet) taxcloud4xcart integrate TaxCloud service into X-Cart DOWNLOAD
radionline(sfnet) radionline DOWNLOAD
smallpiano(sfnet) Small Piano This is a very small and very simple piano. You... DOWNLOAD
phpgetfile(sfnet) phpGetFile Simple PHP+AJAX script for downloading file's. DOWNLOAD
xoopsdemo(sfnet) xoopsdemo Traducciones de módulos de Xoops, instalados en... DOWNLOAD
uvcs(sfnet) Urkburk Visitor Counter System UVCS - Urkburk Visitor Counter System Descript... DOWNLOAD
openpilot(sfnet) OpenPilot Navigation and monitoring system primarily inte... DOWNLOAD
hyperkhr(sfnet) HyperKHR - Java API to operate robot(body:khr-1, control... DOWNLOAD
proshow(sfnet) ProShow Producer Разные материалы о Proshow Producer DOWNLOAD
unifex(sfnet) UNIFEX A collection of tools for use with ircII. The ... DOWNLOAD
ncovercop(sfnet) NCoverCop NCoverCop is a custom NAnt task that fails your... DOWNLOAD
vitalshop(sfnet) Vitalshop Kokeilua kuinka rakentaa nettikauppa. DOWNLOAD
xcode-repo(sfnet) xcode-repo development of repository xcode linux. xcode ... DOWNLOAD
msct(sfnet) msct Like-C compiler is a small, easy to use applica... DOWNLOAD
bejeweled3savegamemanager(sfnet) Bejeweled 3 Savegame Manager A Simple tool that will manage your Bejeweled 3... DOWNLOAD
onlinebookstore(sfnet) onlinebookstore Eye Finger багийн вэб төслийн ажил болох online... DOWNLOAD
commonpyto(sfnet) Common Pyto Script that takes a string and generates a list... DOWNLOAD
finaltable(sfnet) Final Table An online poker room with multithreaded server ... DOWNLOAD
coffeeshop(sfnet) coffeeshop Collection of Tutorials for DOWNLOAD
virtualtalker(sfnet) Virtual Talker This is an virtual talker which will be updated... DOWNLOAD
yosucker(sfnet) Y(aho)o!Sucker Download your Yahoo Mail messages to you local ... DOWNLOAD
tdnssd(sfnet) Tiny DNSSD Tiny DNSSD (DNS Service Discovery) that does no... DOWNLOAD
hwshare(sfnet) hwshare HWShare, school organizer built by Cornel and M... DOWNLOAD
communitytest(sfnet) communitytestproj A dummy project we're using in the process of w... DOWNLOAD
mysqlscientific(sfnet) mysqlscientific The aim of this project is to create a series o... DOWNLOAD
ilwtn5(sfnet) ILWT N5 Based on Cataclysm ( http://forum.xda-developer... DOWNLOAD
edumath(sfnet) edumath edumath is a python module. You can do calculat... DOWNLOAD
fluxvizplugin(sfnet) CyFluxViz CyFluxViz - Cytoscape Plugin for the visualizat... DOWNLOAD
teamspeak3admin(sfnet) Teamspeak 3 Admin Tool DOWNLOAD
lolc(sfnet) Minecraft RPG Server Mod A place for a upcoming Minecraft Server Project DOWNLOAD
canislupuscode(sfnet) Wolf Code Repository My explorations into C++ DOWNLOAD
legoraspberrypicase(sfnet) Lego Raspberry Pi Case A Simple lego case designed to house a raspberr... DOWNLOAD
dailycashmanager(sfnet) DailyCashManager A desktop application for individuals and house... DOWNLOAD
plcprogramming(sfnet) PLC Programming This project is for the development of PLC prog... DOWNLOAD
catalogo(sfnet) Catalogo Catalogo is a system for cataloguing resources ... DOWNLOAD
tfnrovercommand(sfnet) tfnrovercommand TFN Rover Commander, for simulating the functio... DOWNLOAD
imperium(sfnet) Imperium Imperium is a multi-user networked Empire-like ... DOWNLOAD
contador(sfnet) contador contador de células criado para iniciação cient... DOWNLOAD
beehplayer(sfnet) Beeh! Player Beeh! Player is a GUI for BeOS port of mplayer. DOWNLOAD
bnwsresourcepack(sfnet) BNW's Resource Pack DOWNLOAD
phpreport2(sfnet) PhpReport2 PHP report engine. Main Features: Group data ro... DOWNLOAD
gannadeshiyade(sfnet) Ganna Deshiya De Our page is controlled by a group of university... DOWNLOAD
templateforresourcepack(sfnet) Template for resource pack DOWNLOAD
browser-java(sfnet) browser-java Web_broswer with limited fo... DOWNLOAD
pockeit(sfnet) pockeit Pockeit is an open source CMS for mobiles and t... DOWNLOAD
slagboom(sfnet) SLAGBOOM web based image gallery A simple PHP photo gallery and metadata manager... DOWNLOAD
maveryx(freshmeat) Maveryx Maveryx is an automated functional testing tool... DOWNLOAD
de-ess(sfnet) de-ess This de-esser uses a novel approach called Temp... DOWNLOAD
roclogger(sfnet) _RoC_ Logger Kişisel bilgisayarınızı kontrol etmek için yard... DOWNLOAD
horoscopeprogram(sfnet) Horoscope_programe this horoscope project created using prolog DOWNLOAD
oszoohelpers(sfnet) oszoohelpers A few small programs to help you when working w... DOWNLOAD
externalizer(sfnet) Externalizer Externalizer is an Ant task to externalize stri... DOWNLOAD
modlayout(sfnet) Mod Layout mod_layout is an Apache module that provides bo... DOWNLOAD
openpoint(sfnet) openpoint Open Point is web application platform designed... DOWNLOAD
zerovm(sfnet) ZeroVM DOWNLOAD
mathine(sfnet) mathine Desktop calculator. Parser based on boost spiri... DOWNLOAD
tanujag(sfnet) tanujag fbdcdggfgbgfbgfbfgbfgbfgbf DOWNLOAD
plus999(sfnet) plus999 DOWNLOAD
image-animation(sfnet) image-animation WordPress plugin that displays GIF animations o... DOWNLOAD
twopong(sfnet) 2Pong 2Pong is a cross-platform SDL based pong clone ... DOWNLOAD
ftip(sfnet) fTip fTip is a soccer multiuser gamble-manager, espe... DOWNLOAD
d3enchantingsimulator(sfnet) D3 Enchanting Simulator Simulator for diablo 3 enchanter. DOWNLOAD
botfb(sfnet) Bot Facebook DOWNLOAD
jctb(sfnet) Java Command Toolbox This is a tool generally for development assist... DOWNLOAD
dahotspot(sfnet) Dahotspot Just testing and learning DOWNLOAD
criptex(sfnet) Criptex Criptex is a free software for crypting texts DOWNLOAD
ptml(sfnet) PTML - Embed Python in documents. PTML is a Python module which lets you embed Py... DOWNLOAD
opengl-lesson(sfnet) opengl-lesson opengl lesson welcome to vrmlstudio. DOWNLOAD
confox(sfnet) conFox conFox - a Firefox extension that allows the us... DOWNLOAD
clipperprogramexample(sfnet) clipper program example I wrote this software about 15 years ago (aroun... DOWNLOAD
trek-communal-web-browser(freshmeat) Trek Communal Web Browser Trek is both a Web browser and a new kind of so... DOWNLOAD
syncless(freshmeat) Syncless Syncless is an experimental, lightweight, non-b... DOWNLOAD
mktwitter(sfnet) mktwitter FREE backup for your Twitter DOWNLOAD
picserver(sfnet) pics? <p>pics? (yes, the question mark is part ... DOWNLOAD
total-utilities-manager(sfnet) Total Utilities Manager The features that include in this software pack... DOWNLOAD
the-nx-array-programming-langu(freshmeat) The Nx Programming Language The Nx programming language is a strictly typed... DOWNLOAD
bikeroute(freshmeat) BikeRoute BikeRoute is an Android application providing G... DOWNLOAD
pbandwidth(sfnet) phpbandwidth PHPbandwidth monitors bandwidth usage in real-t... DOWNLOAD
chimera_(freshmeat) ChiMeRA ChiMeRA is a configuration management tool desi... DOWNLOAD
simplexbmcremote(freshmeat) simplexbmcremote simplexbmcremote is a simple application for co... DOWNLOAD
q-dvd-author(freshmeat) 'Q' DVD-Author 'Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontent for dvdauthor ... DOWNLOAD
txtcod(sfnet) TxtCod TXTCOD encodes and decodes any type of file wit... DOWNLOAD
imapfoldermanager(freshmeat) IMAP Folder Manager IMAP Folder Manager was created to manage IMAP ... DOWNLOAD
pyst(freshmeat) pyst Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and librar... DOWNLOAD
wordpress-for-soteshop(freshmeat) Wordpress for SOTESHOP Wordpress for SOTESHOP provides a Wordpress ext... DOWNLOAD
javaworkshop(sfnet) The Java Workshop The Java Workshop is an online book that show c... DOWNLOAD
archonproject(sfnet) Archon: Archival Information System Archon is an award-winning web application used... DOWNLOAD
ccscoff(sfnet) ccs-coff Displaying information about the contents of CO... DOWNLOAD
javaround(sfnet) javAround JavAround is a free tool designed to ensure you... DOWNLOAD
imprints(sfnet) Imprints Project Imprints is a project to implement a UNIX equiv... DOWNLOAD
ctai(sfnet) CTAI This simple perl script parses a text file prov... DOWNLOAD
sparq(sfnet) sparq A Toolbox for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in ... DOWNLOAD
micflow(sfnet) Medical Image Computing Workflow Medical Image Computing Workflow (MICFlow) is a... DOWNLOAD

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