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sigma(freshmeat) Sigma Expense Sigma Expense is an expense accounting Web appl... DOWNLOAD
qmailsstat(freshmeat) Qmail SStats Qmail SStats is a small script that generates d... DOWNLOAD
xmins(freshmeat) XMins XMins is a distribution of the XWin server, a v... DOWNLOAD
sapiprocessor(freshmeat) SAPIPROCESSOR SAPIPROCESSOR is a compact toolkit for processi... DOWNLOAD
babychess(freshmeat) BabyChess BabyChess is a chess application. It understand... DOWNLOAD
gld-ng(freshmeat) GLD-NG GLD-NG is a greylisting daemon for Postfix. It... DOWNLOAD
lamefwd(freshmeat) lamefwd lamefwd is an easy-to-use single process port f... DOWNLOAD
cvtsa(freshmeat) ClairVoyanT SysAdmin CVTSA is a suite of tools that allows users to ... DOWNLOAD
libieee1284(freshmeat) libieee1284 libieee1284 is intended to be used by applicati... DOWNLOAD
xcall(freshmeat) xcall Xcall is a GTK packet radio program which suppo... DOWNLOAD
sptpl(freshmeat) SpoolTemplate SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based ... DOWNLOAD
vex(freshmeat) Vex Vex is a visual editor for XML. It features a ... DOWNLOAD
mirdir(freshmeat) mirdir Mirdir allows a user to synchronize two directo... DOWNLOAD
litetrash(freshmeat) litetrash litetrash is a light-weight, portable trash can... DOWNLOAD
concern(freshmeat) con:cern con:cern is a workflow engine based on an exten... DOWNLOAD
mammoothlibrary(freshmeat) MammoothLibrary MammoothLibrary is a collection of C++ classes,... DOWNLOAD
mynewsscr(freshmeat) MyNews script MyNews is a program that scans selected Web sit... DOWNLOAD
mynewspm(freshmeat) MyNews perl module MyNews perl module contains Perl object classes... DOWNLOAD
mynewswww(freshmeat) MyNews www MyNews www is a set of Perl CGI scripts to acce... DOWNLOAD
tcb-sysloads(freshmeat) TCB::SysLoads TCB::SysLoads is a DBIx::Frame object written t... DOWNLOAD
mycmspm(freshmeat) MyCMS perl module MyCMS perl module contains Perl object classes ... DOWNLOAD
mycmswww(freshmeat) MyCMS www MyCMS www is a set of Perl CGI scripts to acces... DOWNLOAD
destiney_lottery(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts Lottery Destiney Script's Lottery script is a Web appli... DOWNLOAD
tcb-adduser(freshmeat) TCB::AddUser TCB::AddUser is a package for managing users a... DOWNLOAD
tcb-webdav(freshmeat) TCB::Webdav TCB::Webdav is a package of scripts that can be... DOWNLOAD
tcb-backup(freshmeat) TCB::Backup TCB::Backup is the backup package used to back ... DOWNLOAD
samba-vscan(freshmeat) OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan samba-vscan provides on-access scanning of Samb... DOWNLOAD
echominemuse(freshmeat) Echomine Muse Communications API Echomine Muse provides an easy-to-use Java API ... DOWNLOAD
socks4sv(freshmeat) Socks4 Server This is a C++ implementation of a socks4 server... DOWNLOAD
castgrab(freshmeat) CastGrab CastGrab is a podcast aggregator. It will downl... DOWNLOAD
sciminputpad(freshmeat) scim-input-pad scim-input-pad is an on-screen input pad that c... DOWNLOAD
blogbuddies(freshmeat) blogBuddies blogBuddies gathers RSS and Atom feeds into a l... DOWNLOAD
doublechocolatte(freshmeat) Double Choco Latte Double Choco Latte is a system for tracking bug... DOWNLOAD
osxpal(freshmeat) OSXPal OSXPal is a Mac OS X port of the wmpal Window M... DOWNLOAD
cligs(freshmeat) Cute Little Image Gallery Script (CLIGS) The Cute Little Image Gallery Script (CLIGS) ge... DOWNLOAD
guile-dbd-postgresql(freshmeat) guile-dbd-postgresql guile-dbd-postgresql is a PostgreSQL database d... DOWNLOAD
webxadmin(freshmeat) webXadmin webXadmin is a generic PHP/MySQL application th... DOWNLOAD
prozilla(freshmeat) Prozilla Prozilla is a download accelerator for Linux. I... DOWNLOAD
proxyscanner(freshmeat) Proxy Scanner Proxy Scanner is a tool that looks for proxy se... DOWNLOAD
conquest(freshmeat) Conquest Conquest is a real-time multi-player space warf... DOWNLOAD
vi(freshmeat) Traditional ex/vi Traditional vi is derived from the 4BSD source ... DOWNLOAD
rsyncincr(freshmeat) rsync-incr rsync-incr is a Linux wrapper shell (bash) scri... DOWNLOAD
sdb(freshmeat) sdb SDB (show database) is a utility to manage a co... DOWNLOAD
ejp(freshmeat) Extensible Java Profiler Extensible Java Profiler (EJP) is a profiling ... DOWNLOAD
stdiotunnel(freshmeat) StdioTunnel StdioTunnel allows you to tunnel arbitrary TCP ... DOWNLOAD
n2h(freshmeat) Netfilter2html Netfilter2html is a script developed in AWK for... DOWNLOAD
erwin(freshmeat) erwin erwin is a simple html editor based on GTK2. DOWNLOAD
nicotine(freshmeat) Nicotine Nicotine is a feature-complete client for the S... DOWNLOAD
omlet(freshmeat) OMLet OMLet is a VIm mode for OCaml. It features nice... DOWNLOAD
tux_todo(freshmeat) Tux ToDo Tux ToDo is a simple to-do list manager, inspir... DOWNLOAD
wdm(freshmeat) wdm Wdm is a modification of the X11 xdm package fo... DOWNLOAD
tipiwiki(freshmeat) TipiWiki TipiWiki is a small and simple Wiki which favor... DOWNLOAD
ipfreely(freshmeat) IPFreely IPFreely is a simple application-level TCP prox... DOWNLOAD
droneircbot(freshmeat) Drone IRC Bot Drone IRC Bot is an IRC bot with a modular API ... DOWNLOAD
oorexx(freshmeat) Open Object Rexx Open Object Rexx is an object-oriented scriptin... DOWNLOAD
dtgraph(freshmeat) DTGraph DTGraph builds graphs and stats based on temper... DOWNLOAD
libdvb(freshmeat) libdvb libdvb (formerly dvb-mpegtools) contains three ... DOWNLOAD
dvb-replex(freshmeat) DVB Replex Replex was created to remultiplex transport str... DOWNLOAD
and(freshmeat) auto nice daemon auto nice daemon activates itself in certain in... DOWNLOAD
pyigs(freshmeat) PYthon Interface to Google! Suggest PYthon Interface to Google! Suggest (PYIGS) is ... DOWNLOAD
pyfdupes(freshmeat) pyfdupes Pyfdupes can help you to reorganize your MP3 co... DOWNLOAD
waste(freshmeat) WASTE WASTE is a mesh-based workgroup tool that allow... DOWNLOAD
phpmyxml(freshmeat) myXML for PHP myXML is a PHP implementation of the W3C's DOM,... DOWNLOAD
centerstage(freshmeat) CenterStage CenterStage is a powerful and intuitive media c... DOWNLOAD
pdsimage(freshmeat) PDSImage PDSImage is a Python module for reading single-... DOWNLOAD
rsaver(freshmeat) rsaver rsaver is a simple X screensaver that only uses... DOWNLOAD
glame(freshmeat) GLAME GLAME (GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics) is meant to b... DOWNLOAD
aplaws(freshmeat) APLAWS+ APLAWS is an J2EE Content Management System dev... DOWNLOAD
colordiff(freshmeat) ColorDiff ColorDiff is a wrapper for diff. It produces th... DOWNLOAD
slap(freshmeat) slap slap prints text labels on Seiko Instruments' r... DOWNLOAD
yyyrsa(freshmeat) yyyRSA yyyRSA is a simple program to encrypt and decip... DOWNLOAD
manpages-ru(freshmeat) manpages-ru manpages-ru contains Russian translations of Li... DOWNLOAD
scale2x(freshmeat) Scale2x Scale2x is a real-time graphics effect able to ... DOWNLOAD
testng-eclipse(freshmeat) TestNG-Eclipse TestNG-Eclipse provides an Eclipse plug-in for ... DOWNLOAD
jlipsync(freshmeat) JLipSync JLipSync is a Java application for creating lip... DOWNLOAD
mysqlconnectus(freshmeat) MySQLConnectus MySQLConnectus is a graphical client for MySQL.... DOWNLOAD
fastcst(freshmeat) FastCST FastCST (Fast Change Set Tool) is an experiment... DOWNLOAD
twig(freshmeat) TWIG TWIG is a Web-based groupware suite written in ... DOWNLOAD
ip-sentinel(freshmeat) IP Sentinel IP Sentinel is a tool that tries to prevent un... DOWNLOAD
gaim-vv(freshmeat) Gaim-vv Gaim-vv is a friendly fork of the Gaim instant ... DOWNLOAD
otl(freshmeat) otl otl is a text processor for generating markup f... DOWNLOAD
pv2devkit(freshmeat) PV2DevKit An unofficial dev kit for the PV2 camera. It in... DOWNLOAD
xamimelt(freshmeat) XamimeLT XamimeLT is an email scanner which encapsulates... DOWNLOAD
compierejaper(freshmeat) Compiere JasperReports Integration Compiere JasperReports Integration provides an ... DOWNLOAD
pyflesch(freshmeat) pyflesch pyflesch is a simple script for calculating a F... DOWNLOAD
sx(freshmeat) SX SX is a graphical 3D geometric object modeller ... DOWNLOAD
mntd(freshmeat) mntd mntd is an automount daemon and shared library ... DOWNLOAD
jblog(freshmeat) Jblog jblog is a graphical interface to publish to an... DOWNLOAD
filerunner(freshmeat) FileRunner FileRunner is a two-pane file manager for Unix.... DOWNLOAD
tsnontsgate(freshmeat) tsnontsgate tsnontsgate serves as a transparent bridge betw... DOWNLOAD
openradius(freshmeat) OpenRADIUS OpenRADIUS is a RADIUS server that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
libgtkmdi(freshmeat) LibGtkMdi LibGtkMdi is a GTK+ library to create and manag... DOWNLOAD
phpldbi(freshmeat) PHP LDBI PHP LDBI is a library to handle local databases... DOWNLOAD
psdim(freshmeat) psdim psdim is a small utility to be used in conjunct... DOWNLOAD
statemenu(freshmeat) StateMenu StateMenu is a popup desktop menu for not only ... DOWNLOAD
libdcraw(freshmeat) libdcraw libdcraw is a C/C++ library to decode and manip... DOWNLOAD
longplayer(freshmeat) LongPlayer LongPlayer extends the functionality of a tradi... DOWNLOAD
hostingbackup(freshmeat) Hosting Backup Hosting Backup is a set if PHP command line scr... DOWNLOAD
xadpam(freshmeat) xadpam XAD is a Linux-PAM module which allows a system... DOWNLOAD
jforum(freshmeat) JForum JForum is complete, powerful, database-independ... DOWNLOAD

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