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thekeylogger(sfnet) thekeylogger An Open Source Key logger Created in Borland De... DOWNLOAD
openglut(sfnet) OpenGLUT GLUT APIのオープンソースの進化。 DOWNLOAD
duixml(sfnet) DUI - The XML GUI Editor by Dustin Do you get tired of making your allegro game's ... DOWNLOAD
easyfflib(sfnet) EasyFF_Lib EasyFF_Lib ist eine Klassenbibliothek welche de... DOWNLOAD
phplayout(sfnet) PhpLayout PhpLayout is a small full-stack MVC framework w... DOWNLOAD
ood(sfnet) OODesigner (OOD) A GPL C++ CASE tool for Linux with forward, rev... DOWNLOAD
pat2mif(sfnet) USPTO patent html text to Framemaker MML Collates multiple USPTO text abstracts (html fo... DOWNLOAD
backup-script(sfnet) Simple backup scripts A configurable shell script to backup a single ... DOWNLOAD
vsmproject(sfnet) vsmproject Là một tool hỗ trợ việc quản lí các version rel... DOWNLOAD
feebas(sfnet) Feebas Skype Bot A bot written in Python using the Skype4Py API ... DOWNLOAD
pc-softsynth(sfnet) pc-softsynth A software music synthesizer inspired by 8-bit ... DOWNLOAD
esnm(sfnet) Emacs Speaks NONMEM An Emacs module to simplify creating and editin... DOWNLOAD
controlebiblio(sfnet) controlebiblio This project is a simple web system to control ... DOWNLOAD
cusipy(sfnet) cusipy create check digits for CUSIP numbers DOWNLOAD
cunei(freshmeat) Cunei Cunei is a data-driven machine translation syst... DOWNLOAD
tkdo(freshmeat) TKDO TKDO is a master TODO list with command line an... DOWNLOAD
marlamschlif2cir(sfnet) marlamschlif2cir DOWNLOAD
leepangpw(sfnet) LeePang PW Free file for LeePangPW. DOWNLOAD
zenzora(sfnet) Zenzora Zenzora is a web-based audio management system ... DOWNLOAD
pwkeep(sfnet) PWKeep A small program written in java which helps you... DOWNLOAD
mana-4144(sfnet) ManaPlus ManaPlus is a 2D MMORPG games advanced client f... DOWNLOAD
ccid-utils(freshmeat) ccid-utils ccid-utils is a USB smartcard driver and develo... DOWNLOAD
debshare(freshmeat) Debshare debshare.create is a hackish script used for pr... DOWNLOAD
hdiv(sfnet) HDIV We can briefly define HDIV as a Java Web Applic... DOWNLOAD
mucommander(freshmeat) muCommander muCommander is a cross-platform file manager wi... DOWNLOAD
pymoviemaker(sfnet) PyMovieMaker Software that provides a GUI for movie creation... DOWNLOAD
ted-2(freshmeat) ted ted (Tiny EDitor) is a lightweight commandline ... DOWNLOAD
strum(sfnet) strum Strum aims to improve your musical skills on st... DOWNLOAD
sps2011(sfnet) SymposiumPlanner 2011 SymposiumPlanner 2011 inherits the basic functi... DOWNLOAD
linux-usb-test(sfnet) Linux USB Compliance Project DOWNLOAD
killingsoftly(sfnet) Killing Softly KillingSoftly is a game developed using SDL (Si... DOWNLOAD
xwiki(sfnet) XWiki XWiki is the next generation enterprise wiki, a... DOWNLOAD
ngsmleditor(sfnet) NGSMLEditor A user-friendly tool for the representation and... DOWNLOAD
gstreamerplayer(sfnet) Gstreamer Player This project gives an idea to develop a media p... DOWNLOAD
playmultiplevideosatonce(sfnet) PlayMultiplevideosatonce MediaGalleryPro٠helps you organize, view, and c... DOWNLOAD
phpmusiclyrics(sfnet) PHP music Lyrics music lyrics system / add / edit / delete / fet... DOWNLOAD
transferware(sfnet) TransferWare TransferWare is a collection of tools for the O... DOWNLOAD
rdfse(sfnet) rdfse This JBI Service Engine transforns XML instance... DOWNLOAD
iu5admin(sfnet) iu5admin Administrative module for my univercity project... DOWNLOAD
gccgo(sfnet) gccgo Google go frontend for gcc. DOWNLOAD
frilansfinans(sfnet) FrilansFinans Libs to handle Frilans Finans API Web service. ... DOWNLOAD
tulip-control(sfnet) Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox The Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox is ... DOWNLOAD
pydqp(sfnet) PyDQP PyDQP implementes 11 different dual decompositi... DOWNLOAD
all-roms(sfnet) All Video Games DOWNLOAD
ttmreader(sfnet) ttmreader The Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service of t... DOWNLOAD
tacs(sfnet) TACS, Trust Ant Colony System TACS (Trust Ant Colony System) is a Trust model... DOWNLOAD
dbmix(sfnet) DBMix Digital Audio Mixing System DBMix is a DJ mixer for digital audio. Current ... DOWNLOAD
qingfengzhijia(sfnet) qingfengzhijia DOWNLOAD
macspice3f4(sfnet) MacSpice3f4 MacSpice3f4 is the Macintosh port of Spice3f4 p... DOWNLOAD
previking(sfnet) PreViking Telephony Switching System PreViking is a telephony deamon that is built w... DOWNLOAD
libodbcxx(sfnet) libodbc++ libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
swupdata(sfnet) Software Updata Software for updating other software from appli... DOWNLOAD
sebapastan(sfnet) sebapastan Search Based Password Strength Analyzer Proof... DOWNLOAD
eumat(sfnet) Euler Math Toolbox Euler is a powerful numerical software and incl... DOWNLOAD
ghostscriptnet(sfnet) Ghostscript.NET All other C# Ghostscript wrappers that you can ... DOWNLOAD
jenesis4java(sfnet) Jenesis Java Code Generator This a republished version of the inxar tool je... DOWNLOAD
dlhttpd(sfnet) dlhttpd dlhttpd is a webserver written in Java. It emp... DOWNLOAD
mcip(sfnet) mcip MCIP is a lightweight inter-process communicati... DOWNLOAD
nextmp3player(sfnet) Next MP3 Player Plays the next MP3 in a folder. Calls your nati... DOWNLOAD
svs(sfnet) Samba Virus Scanner Samba Virus Scanner (SVS) -- Samba VFS plugin f... DOWNLOAD
feasensor(sfnet) feasensor feasensor is a program written in gambas for di... DOWNLOAD
vtkgtk(sfnet) vtkgtk - A vtk interactor class in gtk vtkgtk is an interface for using the vtk librar... DOWNLOAD
linuxchix-faqs(sfnet) LinuxChix FAQs Project The LinuxChix FAQs project produces FAQs for th... DOWNLOAD
numpad-emulator(sfnet) numpad emulator Virtual numeric keypad for Windows. DOWNLOAD
puggsy-messenger(freshmeat) Puggsy messenger Puggsy messenger is a simple LAN messenger. DOWNLOAD
dindin(sfnet) dinding DOWNLOAD
prov(freshmeat) prov prov is form overlay printing tool for Unix-lik... DOWNLOAD
graphicalosfp(sfnet) Graphical OS fingerprinting GraphicalOSfp is a python application which aim... DOWNLOAD
jabsframework(sfnet) Jabs Framework Jabs is an Opensource PHP framework . Just thro... DOWNLOAD
sdksolver(sfnet) sdksolver Sudoku Solver is a C program which solves sudok... DOWNLOAD
is3312111408248(sfnet) IS3312111408248 DOWNLOAD
p2p-mm-im(sfnet) p2p-mm-im Our project is targeted to replace typical serv... DOWNLOAD
utlib(sfnet) utlib The UT library is intended to simplify and pres... DOWNLOAD
xayan(sfnet) xayan Customized Ubuntu DVD with latest update and ke... DOWNLOAD
inttechtshirt(sfnet) Int Tec'h T-Shirt DOWNLOAD
xamppmonitoring(sfnet) Monitoring Xampp Linux Using Bash Monitoring Xampp Linux Using Bash And Sending t... DOWNLOAD
oratool(sfnet) oratool OraTool is a "Project Automation Tool"... DOWNLOAD
instigate-gpcl(sfnet) instigate-gpcl Provides core mechanisms and foundation for imp... DOWNLOAD
flosproxyvalida(sfnet) flosproxyvalida EIn kleines Python Script welches per RegEx Pro... DOWNLOAD
mpdisco(freshmeat) MPDisco MPDisco is a Node.js-based music server built t... DOWNLOAD
spamassassin-nt(sfnet) SpamAssassin Windows/.NET Full Windows implimentation of SpamAssassin tec... DOWNLOAD
bibi(sfnet) Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager. Bibi is a graph... DOWNLOAD
jstreeview(sfnet) JSTreeView JSTreeView is a javascript aim to display a tre... DOWNLOAD
pb-stl(sfnet) PureBasic - Standard Template Library This is a collection of some helpfull and effic... DOWNLOAD
miracl(freshmeat) MIRACL MIRACL (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Ari... DOWNLOAD
pkbdetosql(sfnet) PkBdeToSql Free portable convertor for BDE / Paradox datab... DOWNLOAD
injooosm(sfnet) injooosm injooosm integrades OpenStreetMap in Joomla. It... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-win32(sfnet) MPlayer for Win32 Binary builds of MPlayer/MEncoder for win32, FF... DOWNLOAD
php-clarke-and-wright-algorith(freshmeat) PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm is a class that... DOWNLOAD
flexbackup(sfnet) flexbackup Flexible backup script. Easy to configure, use... DOWNLOAD
ipgrab(sfnet) IPgrab A verbose packet sniffer that displays a great ... DOWNLOAD
attiny-vis-prog(sfnet) AVR Attiny26 Visual Programmer Visual GUI programmer for Attiny26 microcontrol... DOWNLOAD
ntfsearch(sfnet) moved to new url DOWNLOAD
pplib(sfnet) Patrick's Programming Library A platform independent C++ library with functio... DOWNLOAD
imagecomp(sfnet) imagecomp The Image Compare project provides two applicat... DOWNLOAD
yellowshell(sfnet) yellowshell A command shell with purely hard-coded function... DOWNLOAD
jinfulin(sfnet) jinfulin 模拟交易软件,可编译指标和智能交易系统,使用历... DOWNLOAD
xmms-applet(sfnet) xmms-applet xmms-applet is a gnome2 panel applet to control... DOWNLOAD
pyvrml97(sfnet) PyVRML97 Python library for parsing, processing and line... DOWNLOAD
xpense(sfnet) XPense DOWNLOAD

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