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phimx(sfnet) PHiMX PHiMX is a command-line tool to generate XMI co... DOWNLOAD
kpym(sfnet) KpyM Telnet/SSH Server KpyM Telnet/SSH Server is a telnet/ssh server f... DOWNLOAD
ircam-openmusic(sfnet) OpenMusic 5 OpenMusic is an object-oriented visual programm... DOWNLOAD
mysqldumpall(sfnet) mysqldumpall Yet another mysqldump rapper, that works with e... DOWNLOAD
subservient(sfnet) subservient Subservient programmer DOWNLOAD
windowsir(sfnet) Windows IR/CF Tools This project is the home of tools associated wi... DOWNLOAD
sketch(sfnet) Sketch Skencil is a vector drawing program. It's writt... DOWNLOAD
jaf-cms(sfnet) JAF CMS JAF CMS - ...just another flat file CMS is a pe... DOWNLOAD
zorumfork(sfnet) ZorumFork Zorumfork was to have been a fork of Zorum. Ho... DOWNLOAD
jremote(sfnet) jRemote jRemote is a small Java-Application which allow... DOWNLOAD
hybrid-share(sfnet) Hybrid Share Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Mono C#/Gtk# Ap... DOWNLOAD
jdbreport-dt(sfnet) JDBReport Designer JDBReport Designer is a simple and powerful rep... DOWNLOAD
pocketgaia(sfnet) GaiaPocket GaiaPocket is a mobile GIS client written on .N... DOWNLOAD
kyayamp(sfnet) Kyaya Media Player Media Player that let's you play video and musi... DOWNLOAD
war3d(sfnet) War 3D WAR 3D is a strategy game, miltiplataform, alre... DOWNLOAD
sealcpp(sfnet) SEAL - Simple Easy And Lite C++ SEAL - A Simple Easy And Lite C++ library of co... DOWNLOAD
cvsaccess(sfnet) cvsaccess cvsacces is a frontend to administrate cvs acco... DOWNLOAD
phlogre(sfnet) Phlogre - the photo organizer Phlogre is Photo Organizer for local photos and... DOWNLOAD
istudy(sfnet) iStudy iStudy is a program designed to allow students ... DOWNLOAD
webmex(sfnet) webmex Webmedia Explorer scans and indexes everything ... DOWNLOAD
welofunc(sfnet) welofunc The welofunc project will develop a load and fu... DOWNLOAD
suserpm(sfnet) LSB RPMs The purpose of this site is to provide many com... DOWNLOAD
ixc(sfnet) IXC IXC (Internet eXchange Client) is a p2p app wri... DOWNLOAD
mivibes(sfnet) MiViBES - Mobile TV/Videobrowser MiViBES is a Mobile interactive Video Browser E... DOWNLOAD
tuxicemaze(sfnet) Tux Ice Maze Tux Ice Maze is a Puzzle Game where you have to... DOWNLOAD
pluggedout-cms(sfnet) PluggedOut CMS "PluggedOut CMS" - flexible and power... DOWNLOAD
nenie(sfnet)'s Eiffel libraries Current libraries: Fenestra (GUI); Net (Interne... DOWNLOAD
sdldoc(sfnet) SDL Documentation Project A project dedicated to the upkeep of the docume... DOWNLOAD
zwook(sfnet) Zwook Zwook V2 (version produit zope). ZwooksManager ... DOWNLOAD
express-linux(sfnet) express-linux Express linux is an ubuntu-based Linux distribu... DOWNLOAD
xqwdroid(sfnet) xqwdroid 将JavaME版本的象棋小巫师移植到Android平台,jpcx... DOWNLOAD
vbcorlib(sfnet) VBCorLib VBCorLib is a Visual Basic 6 implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
rdelkernels(sfnet) rdelkernels Manage and remove kernels of system Ubuntu DOWNLOAD
geocache-borkum(sfnet) geocache riddle solver application this is a tiny application to solve the riddle ... DOWNLOAD
eclassifieds(sfnet) eClassifieds: Classified Ads Solution We at Greenland IT ( have b... DOWNLOAD
wscvt(sfnet) WSCVT Implementation of the Weight Spherical Centroid... DOWNLOAD
vieris(sfnet) Vieris CMS Vieris is a CMS system with many features, adva... DOWNLOAD
jvdrums(sfnet) JVDrums A VDRUMS syx messages editor. The program can r... DOWNLOAD
filesync(sfnet) File and Directory Synchronizer fileSync is an application designed for file an... DOWNLOAD
mbgh(sfnet) Geometry Helper Geometry Helper is simple program (no longer be... DOWNLOAD
manchufont(sfnet) Manchu Font A Manchu OpenType (TrueType-flavored) font whic... DOWNLOAD
suspend(sfnet) Linux suspend This project develops user space tools used for... DOWNLOAD
shorttalk(sfnet) shorttalk Simple library and application for instatnt p2p... DOWNLOAD
bbdbd(sfnet) BB's Database Desktop BB's Database Desktop replaces and extends Borl... DOWNLOAD
connectionpoolcleaner(sfnet) Connection Pool Cleaner DOWNLOAD
fossil(sfnet) Fossil Fossil provides an offline data entry framework... DOWNLOAD
lx-project(sfnet) LX - Cross Checking VHF Contest Logs LX is developed for amateur radio purpose. His ... DOWNLOAD
thekeylogger(sfnet) thekeylogger An Open Source Key logger Created in Borland De... DOWNLOAD
openglut(sfnet) OpenGLUT GLUT APIのオープンソースの進化。 DOWNLOAD
duixml(sfnet) DUI - The XML GUI Editor by Dustin Do you get tired of making your allegro game's ... DOWNLOAD
easyfflib(sfnet) EasyFF_Lib EasyFF_Lib ist eine Klassenbibliothek welche de... DOWNLOAD
phplayout(sfnet) PhpLayout PhpLayout is a small full-stack MVC framework w... DOWNLOAD
ood(sfnet) OODesigner (OOD) A GPL C++ CASE tool for Linux with forward, rev... DOWNLOAD
pat2mif(sfnet) USPTO patent html text to Framemaker MML Collates multiple USPTO text abstracts (html fo... DOWNLOAD
backup-script(sfnet) Simple backup scripts A configurable shell script to backup a single ... DOWNLOAD
vsmproject(sfnet) vsmproject Là một tool hỗ trợ việc quản lí các version rel... DOWNLOAD
feebas(sfnet) Feebas Skype Bot A bot written in Python using the Skype4Py API ... DOWNLOAD
pc-softsynth(sfnet) pc-softsynth A software music synthesizer inspired by 8-bit ... DOWNLOAD
esnm(sfnet) Emacs Speaks NONMEM An Emacs module to simplify creating and editin... DOWNLOAD
controlebiblio(sfnet) controlebiblio This project is a simple web system to control ... DOWNLOAD
cusipy(sfnet) cusipy create check digits for CUSIP numbers DOWNLOAD
cunei(freshmeat) Cunei Cunei is a data-driven machine translation syst... DOWNLOAD
tkdo(freshmeat) TKDO TKDO is a master TODO list with command line an... DOWNLOAD
marlamschlif2cir(sfnet) marlamschlif2cir DOWNLOAD
leepangpw(sfnet) LeePang PW Free file for LeePangPW. DOWNLOAD
zenzora(sfnet) Zenzora Zenzora is a web-based audio management system ... DOWNLOAD
pwkeep(sfnet) PWKeep A small program written in java which helps you... DOWNLOAD
mana-4144(sfnet) ManaPlus ManaPlus is a 2D MMORPG games advanced client f... DOWNLOAD
ccid-utils(freshmeat) ccid-utils ccid-utils is a USB smartcard driver and develo... DOWNLOAD
debshare(freshmeat) Debshare debshare.create is a hackish script used for pr... DOWNLOAD
hdiv(sfnet) HDIV We can briefly define HDIV as a Java Web Applic... DOWNLOAD
mucommander(freshmeat) muCommander muCommander is a cross-platform file manager wi... DOWNLOAD
pymoviemaker(sfnet) PyMovieMaker Software that provides a GUI for movie creation... DOWNLOAD
ted-2(freshmeat) ted ted (Tiny EDitor) is a lightweight commandline ... DOWNLOAD
strum(sfnet) strum Strum aims to improve your musical skills on st... DOWNLOAD
sps2011(sfnet) SymposiumPlanner 2011 SymposiumPlanner 2011 inherits the basic functi... DOWNLOAD
linux-usb-test(sfnet) Linux USB Compliance Project DOWNLOAD
killingsoftly(sfnet) Killing Softly KillingSoftly is a game developed using SDL (Si... DOWNLOAD
xwiki(sfnet) XWiki XWiki is the next generation enterprise wiki, a... DOWNLOAD
ngsmleditor(sfnet) NGSMLEditor A user-friendly tool for the representation and... DOWNLOAD
gstreamerplayer(sfnet) Gstreamer Player This project gives an idea to develop a media p... DOWNLOAD
playmultiplevideosatonce(sfnet) PlayMultiplevideosatonce MediaGalleryPro٠helps you organize, view, and c... DOWNLOAD
phpmusiclyrics(sfnet) PHP music Lyrics music lyrics system / add / edit / delete / fet... DOWNLOAD
transferware(sfnet) TransferWare TransferWare is a collection of tools for the O... DOWNLOAD
rdfse(sfnet) rdfse This JBI Service Engine transforns XML instance... DOWNLOAD
iu5admin(sfnet) iu5admin Administrative module for my univercity project... DOWNLOAD
gccgo(sfnet) gccgo Google go frontend for gcc. DOWNLOAD
frilansfinans(sfnet) FrilansFinans Libs to handle Frilans Finans API Web service. ... DOWNLOAD
tulip-control(sfnet) Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox The Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox is ... DOWNLOAD
pydqp(sfnet) PyDQP PyDQP implementes 11 different dual decompositi... DOWNLOAD
ttmreader(sfnet) ttmreader The Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service of t... DOWNLOAD
tacs(sfnet) TACS, Trust Ant Colony System TACS (Trust Ant Colony System) is a Trust model... DOWNLOAD
dbmix(sfnet) DBMix Digital Audio Mixing System DBMix is a DJ mixer for digital audio. Current ... DOWNLOAD
qingfengzhijia(sfnet) qingfengzhijia DOWNLOAD
macspice3f4(sfnet) MacSpice3f4 MacSpice3f4 is the Macintosh port of Spice3f4 p... DOWNLOAD
previking(sfnet) PreViking Telephony Switching System PreViking is a telephony deamon that is built w... DOWNLOAD
libodbcxx(sfnet) libodbc++ libodbc++ is a C++ class library for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
swupdata(sfnet) Software Updata Software for updating other software from appli... DOWNLOAD
sebapastan(sfnet) sebapastan Search Based Password Strength Analyzer Proof... DOWNLOAD
eumat(sfnet) Euler Math Toolbox Euler is a powerful numerical software and incl... DOWNLOAD

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