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mapnotes(sfnet) MapNotes DOWNLOAD
uml(sfnet) Umbrello UML Modeller A program for creating Unified Modelling Langua... DOWNLOAD
infomgr(sfnet) Information Manager Information Manager is a program that handles f... DOWNLOAD
sengoku-mod(sfnet) Sengoku-mod A mod for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword, dep... DOWNLOAD
elmtprops(sfnet) ElementProps ElementProps is an Internet Explorer context me... DOWNLOAD
backgammon(sfnet) bacKgammon A graphical backgammon program for the KDE. It ... DOWNLOAD
dirphp(sfnet) DirPHP DirPHP is a tool for a) listing all files in it... DOWNLOAD
lencap(sfnet) Lencap 3.20 Use the quad bt878 capture card for video recor... DOWNLOAD
poolman(sfnet) PoolMan The PoolMan library and JDBC2.0 Driver and Data... DOWNLOAD
persistent(sfnet) is a Perl module that helps ... DOWNLOAD
html2dvd(sfnet) HTML2DVD Convert html pages to navigatable DVD menus. Us... DOWNLOAD
linotel(sfnet) Linotel, Hotel Sales and Marketing Linotel sales and marketing offers a platform f... DOWNLOAD
parthiasgames(sfnet) Parthias Games Games and game-related software (such as utilit... DOWNLOAD
quotedatabase(sfnet) Quote Database A database for financial quotes The database i... DOWNLOAD
v-serv(sfnet) VserV Which is short for Virtual SerVer, in its first... DOWNLOAD
activefolder(sfnet) ActiveFolder Welcome to the ActiveFolder project, the open s... DOWNLOAD
mookie(sfnet) Mookie A server-client based system for dynamically po... DOWNLOAD
visitormanagement(sfnet) Visitor, Contractor, Employee Management LAKSHA Visitor Management System - is a reliabl... DOWNLOAD
gstring(sfnet) Gstring Class The gstring class is meant to be a replacement ... DOWNLOAD
stereograph(sfnet) Stereograph for linux Stereograph is a stereogram generator that rend... DOWNLOAD
nswm(sfnet) NS-WebMail A PERL WebMail featuring POP3 retrieval and SMT... DOWNLOAD
restaurantepetitgateau(sfnet) Restaurante Petit Gateau Petit Gateau, sistema de gerenciamento de resta... DOWNLOAD
sqew(sfnet) SQEW No description DOWNLOAD
webservicecall(sfnet) WebServiceCall Its a soap 1.2 client for all kinds of web serv... DOWNLOAD
webhostservices(sfnet) Web Hosting Services My First Project in this Information Technology DOWNLOAD
programmkiller(sfnet) programmkiller Killme! Das Programm mit dem ihr Programme schl... DOWNLOAD
oopguessthenumbergame(sfnet) OOP Guess The Number Game DOWNLOAD
alldayfixer(sfnet) All-Day Fixer All-Day Fixer is a very specific program: It fi... DOWNLOAD
clibratechframe(sfnet) CLibra Technologies Framework CLibra Technologies FrameWorking & Components DOWNLOAD
fgameengine(freshmeat) FDiamondEngine FDiamondEngine is a set of tools that facilitat... DOWNLOAD
dddd(sfnet) dddd DOWNLOAD
the-integrated-financial-syste(freshmeat) The Integrated Financial System The Integrated Financial System (ifs) is a fina... DOWNLOAD
mailappliance(sfnet) Mail Appliance そのため、メールのトラフィックをフィルタするた... DOWNLOAD
project0036456(sfnet) project0036456 i find access to root DOWNLOAD
subtitlessynchronizer(sfnet) Subtitles Synchronizer Subtitles Synchronizer is a nice-looking, user-... DOWNLOAD
pdf4eclipse(freshmeat) Pdf4Eclipse Pdf4Eclipse is a plugin that integrates a full-... DOWNLOAD
jrelinux(sfnet) Java Runtime Environment The script could help you to install JRE for li... DOWNLOAD
dhtmlx(freshmeat) DHTMLX DHTMLX delivers a rich set of JavaScript UI com... DOWNLOAD
eyeappscooker(sfnet) eyeappscooker Here you can develop and collaborate applicatio... DOWNLOAD
verbtestgen(sfnet) English Verbs Test Generator Semplice script python per generare in modo cas... DOWNLOAD
grevis(sfnet) Grevis Grevis is a Linux graphical tool for learning a... DOWNLOAD
imagefix(sfnet) ImageFix ImageFix is intended to be used in a production... DOWNLOAD
fnz(sfnet) Fingo Fingo is a word guessing game. A guessed word w... DOWNLOAD
gbpad(sfnet) gbpad Simple GB Text Editor DOWNLOAD
nicq(sfnet) nicq nicq makes possible to work with ICQ (after min... DOWNLOAD
heapsortlib(sfnet) heapsortlib This is a heap sort lib of c++ language. HeapSo... DOWNLOAD
rainofblooms(sfnet) RainofBlooms Calendar Julian and Jalali Calendar DOWNLOAD
alpmp3(sfnet) a.lp-mp3 ATMEL AVR and FOX Board based OpenSource MP3 Pl... DOWNLOAD
dus01withlibusb(sfnet) dus-01withlibus Userspace linux driver for the DUS-01 with libu... DOWNLOAD
gacc(sfnet) gAcc Personal account manager like Money or Quicken.... DOWNLOAD
pgtclng(sfnet) A PostgreSQL Interface for Tcl pgtclng (PostgreSQL Tcl Next-Generation) is a l... DOWNLOAD
superkde(sfnet) SuperKDE - OpenSuse KDE Edition SuperKDE is Linux Distribution Based on OpenSus... DOWNLOAD
nemu(sfnet) Nick's Emulator (NEmu) NEmu is an emulator/simulator for exploring com... DOWNLOAD
tse2-br(sfnet) tse2-br Brazilian Portuguese translation of game The Sp... DOWNLOAD
geedot(sfnet) Geedot Web Browser Geedot aims to be a lightweight, fully (and onl... DOWNLOAD
mycsv(sfnet) mycsv MyCSV is a PHP Library for fast and simple text... DOWNLOAD
evolution(sfnet) The Game of Evolution A real time strategic game to end users and pro... DOWNLOAD
listar-comp(sfnet) Zureta's Listar-companion This is intended to be an add-on for the Great ... DOWNLOAD
testso(sfnet) testSo No description DOWNLOAD
jpaexplorer(sfnet) JPA Explorer This plugin scans your eclipse workspace for JP... DOWNLOAD
flooda(sfnet) Flooda Flooda is a free SCM/VC (Software Configuration... DOWNLOAD
z3ext(freshmeat) z3ext z3ext is a CMS framework that builds on top of ... DOWNLOAD
acutecp(sfnet) Acute Control Panel If you need to quickly make a website that the ... DOWNLOAD
trust-eze(sfnet) Trust-eze Open architecture for promoting and enabling tr... DOWNLOAD
easylugs(sfnet) Singapore easyLinux customization This is the customization page for Singapore ea... DOWNLOAD
mygtkmenu(freshmeat) myGtkMenu myGtkMenu displays a menu whose contents are de... DOWNLOAD
pyusecase(freshmeat) PyUseCase PyUseCase is an unconventional GUI testing tool... DOWNLOAD
banjo-blog(freshmeat) Banjo (Blog) Banjo is a blogging application with bells and ... DOWNLOAD
rtarm(freshmeat) RtArm RtArm is a system to monitor both machines and ... DOWNLOAD
dxf2papercraft(freshmeat) dxf2papercraft DXF2papercraft converts a polygonal 3D model st... DOWNLOAD
prnudecompare(sfnet) prnudecompare This tool will anonymize images by destroying t... DOWNLOAD
spampig-dnsblcheck(freshmeat) dnsblCheck Spampig DnsblCheck takes the IP address of a ma... DOWNLOAD
unity3d(freshmeat) Unity Editor Unity is a user-friendly development environmen... DOWNLOAD
netboot-server(freshmeat) netboot dhctp/tftp server netboot is a tiny PXE-aware combined DHCP and T... DOWNLOAD
jswingreader(sfnet) JSwingReader Java/Swing RSS NewsFeed Reader DOWNLOAD
ntrawrite(sfnet) NTRawrite NTRawrite is an attempt to create a contemporar... DOWNLOAD
avgi(sfnet) AVeryGoodIdea This project is for learning to write games whi... DOWNLOAD
swrtj(sfnet) swrtj SWRTJ (Sugared Welterweight Record-Trait Java) ... DOWNLOAD
fastftpcontrol(sfnet) Hızlı FTP Kontrol (Fast FTP Control) Hızlı FTP Kontrol (Fast FTP Control), FTP'nize ... DOWNLOAD
contemplatewts(freshmeat) Contemplate Web Templating System Contemplate is a Web templating system that all... DOWNLOAD
mmacmodeler(sfnet) MMACmodeler Eclipse plug-ins to edit a MMAC model based dia... DOWNLOAD
softwaresgrapae(sfnet) Softwares Grapae DOWNLOAD
jssoundkit(sfnet) Javascript Sound Kit The Javascript Sound Kit is a wrapper around th... DOWNLOAD
encore(sfnet) enCore Open Source MOO Project enCore is an online multi-user environment (MOO... DOWNLOAD
bsshop(sfnet) bsshop DOWNLOAD
guie(sfnet) GuiE GuiE, the GUI Enabler, is a software tool to ea... DOWNLOAD
echoping(sfnet) echoping "echoping" is a small program to test... DOWNLOAD
aime(sfnet) AIME MUD engine Written in C++ with an OO design, designed to p... DOWNLOAD
wikialerter(sfnet) wikialerter WikiAlerter is a program, written in C# .NET, d... DOWNLOAD
netpbm(sfnet) Netpbm - graphics tools and converters A whole bunch of utilities for primitive manipu... DOWNLOAD
easyelementaryp(sfnet) Easy Elementary Portal This elementary portal is a PHP / MySQL driven ... DOWNLOAD
lk-patches-fe(sfnet) Fred Emmott's Linux kernel patch sets Linux kernel patchsets containing whatever I cu... DOWNLOAD
winsysinfo(sfnet) WinSysInfo Always been jealous of those great linux guys w... DOWNLOAD
incrust(sfnet) incrust Logiciel libre de traitement vidéo en temps rée... DOWNLOAD
timekiller(sfnet) timekiller a little game for the ez430chronos from texas i... DOWNLOAD
swipe(sfnet) swipe This is a fast C implementation of Arturo Camac... DOWNLOAD
rbappupdater(sfnet) RB App Updater RB App Updater is a simple Realbasic class to c... DOWNLOAD
biblepresenter(sfnet) Bible Presenter BiblePresenter is a small programm that allows ... DOWNLOAD
alientd(sfnet) Alien TD Tower Defense on SDL DOWNLOAD
nzminesweeper(sfnet) Minesweeper minesweeper game in Java applet. Interface is s... DOWNLOAD

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