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Tenfourbird is unofficial build of Mozilla Thunderbird for PowerPC based Mac OS X. Tenfourbird uses changesets of TenFourFox. Latest version is 38.3.0.

Released at 2013-01-14 19:45
Tenfourbird-17 17.0.2

Name Size MD5 Date Download count 27.2 MB
2013-01-14 19:29 243 26.5 MB
2013-01-14 19:29 57
tenfourbird_source-17.0.2.tar.xz 90.2 MB
2013-01-14 19:29 5
tenfourbird_changesets-17.0.2.tar.xz 280.0 KB
2013-01-14 19:29 4 27.4 MB
2013-01-14 19:29 297 27.4 MB
2013-01-14 19:29 52
SHA1SUMS.asc 1.0 KB
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Release Note

Tenfourbird 17.0.2


You can check integrity of files by SHA1 hashes. It also signed by OpenPGP key of t_mrc-ct[at] The public key could get from here or OpenPGP Keysever.


Langpacks for Tenfourbird are not updated since 17.0.


Known Issues

  • Auto Updater does not fully supported. (Update Checker is supported. But you should download and install new version manually.)
  • From 17.0, Tenfourbird doesn't contains Enigmail add-on. It provide separately.

What is Tenfourbird based on?

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<h1>Tenfourbird 17.0.2</h2>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 17.0.2esr and TenFourFox 17.0.2</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 17.0 and TenFourFox 17.0</li>
<li>Enigmail will be provide separately from Tenfourbird.</li>
<li>Add Tenfourbird specific langpack support</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 17.0b2 and TenFourFox 17.0b2</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.10 and TenFourFox 10.0.10</li>
<li>'Open Message...', 'Page Setup...' and 'Print...' dialogs are localized (Dialog window only).</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.9 and TenFourFox 10.0.9</li>




<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.7 and TenFourFox 10.0.7</li>
<li>Update Checker is re-enabled. (auto update does not supported. you should download and install manually.)</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.6 and TenFourFox 10.0.6</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.5 and TenFourFox 10.0.5</li>


<li>Update codebase to Thunderbird 10.0.4 and TenFourFox 10.0.4</li>
<li>Display Tenfourbird tuning Info (CPU name) on About dialog and Finder's 'Get Info' dialog.</li>
<li>Disable Updater (Updater does not work properly).</li>


<li>fix startup crash on 10.4.</li>


<li>fix build errors.</li>
<li>brandname and artwork changes.</li>