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Show CPU usage

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It'll be great, if Crystal Disk Mark will count of CPU usage during each test and show average value after each test. (I mean separate CPU usage values for each test - seq, 512, 4k - and separate for read/write)

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CPU usage depends on CPU frequency. Now, most CPU have Power Management feature (Speed Step, Power Now! etc...).

I think that CPU usage is not important.

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Know CPU usage important, for example, when testing software RAID or Full Disk Encryption systems (BitLocker, TrueCrypt).

For example, look at HD Tune screenshot with CPU usage info: http://www.hdtune.com/images/screenshot.png But HD Tune tests (and show CPU usage) only on disk-level tests, but file-level (used by CrystalDiskMark) are more interesting.

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Sorry, I have no plan to support to show CPU usage, currently.

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