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How to convert mpeg to iphone on mac? (From Forum Message [#59481])

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From Forum サポート(Mac OS X版) [#59481]

[forum: 59481]

MPEG to iPhone Converter Mac: http://www.iphone4convertermac.com/mpeg-to-iphone4-converter-mac.html is definitely your best choice. For it can convert all mainstream video and HD video to iPhone MP4, H.264 video with high quality. In addition, MPEG to iPhone Converter Mac supports large edit functions, including: Extract audio from video, capture video clips, adjust video effect, crop video play region. more inf: http://www.iphone4convertermac.com http://www.iphone4convertermac.com/iphone4-converter.html http://www.iphone4convertermac.com/dvd-to-iphone4-converter.html

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