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irsaudit(sfnet) Installation Reporting System Audit This script will characterize and create a prof... DOWNLOAD
agency(sfnet) AGENCY Software AGENCY is a data system for non-profits, especi... DOWNLOAD
blogweb(sfnet) blogweb sdfsfds DOWNLOAD
gtkjotto(sfnet) Jotto Jotto is a word puzzle game, where each player ... DOWNLOAD
snakespeed(sfnet) SnakeSpeed This is a variant of the well known snake game.... DOWNLOAD
linset(sfnet) Linset Linset is a social engineering tool based on MI... DOWNLOAD
gallerycart(sfnet) Gallery Cart Gallery Cart is a PHP add-on for Gallery v1.5. ... DOWNLOAD
embeddedcv(sfnet) embedded cv In this project, we try to build a computer vis... DOWNLOAD
clusterscores(sfnet) ClusterScores ClusterScores is a cluster benchmarking tool wh... DOWNLOAD
behaviourcontrol(sfnet) Behaviour Control Framework The Behaviour Control Framework is a generic pl... DOWNLOAD
theexceptionhandlingframework(sfnet) The exception handling framework Our framework can parse UPnP XML profiles and h... DOWNLOAD
moltools-lib(sfnet) moltools-lib The MolTools Java library provides tools for bu... DOWNLOAD
justanotherdesktopclock(sfnet) Just Another Desktop Clock Not a hugely advanced piece of software. It tel... DOWNLOAD
destelliumao(sfnet) DestelliumAO DOWNLOAD
mp3studio(sfnet) MP3Studio MP3Studio is a toolwindow plugin for Visual Stu... DOWNLOAD
moch(sfnet) Mocas Shell Mocas is a mini-shell to use in Linux/Unix syst... DOWNLOAD
synchingthunder(sfnet) Synching Thunder Synching Thunder is designed as an application ... DOWNLOAD
neotracker-time(sfnet) NeoTracker, the time tracking program NeoTracker is a time tracking program to recor... DOWNLOAD
onslide(sfnet) OnSlide OnSlide delivers slide and video presentations ... DOWNLOAD
biorithms(sfnet) Biorithms Program which calcs biorithms written using GTK DOWNLOAD
slondb(sfnet) tiny app builder A web application package written in PHP/MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
caesarencryption(sfnet) CaesarEncryption This handy program allows you to swiftly encryp... DOWNLOAD
cola(sfnet) Cola Scripting Language Cola is a simple, weak-typed, object-oriented s... DOWNLOAD
gframe(sfnet) gframe A simple to use PHP framework for faster and be... DOWNLOAD
clondikeprj(sfnet) clondike_prj DOWNLOAD
cpforum(sfnet) Chinese Project Forum A project that translate open source projects i... DOWNLOAD
lurxcs(sfnet) Linux Universal Remote XML Configuration A set of mod_perl pages, perl scripts, XML sche... DOWNLOAD
plato(sfnet) COORDS/PLATO COORDS: C++ Object-ORiented Data/Design System.... DOWNLOAD
gltv(sfnet) gltv OpenGl accellerated TV/Webcam viewer. Require a... DOWNLOAD
jvtv(sfnet) Very Simple jTV Tuner this is a very simple TV controller/recorder ap... DOWNLOAD
sf-upload(sfnet) sf-upload Batch release system for SourceForge. DOWNLOAD
gmotion-control(sfnet) gmotion-control GTK frontend for motion http web interface. DOWNLOAD
jmbd(sfnet) Java Mobile Browser Detector The JMBD is a browser detection tool that diffe... DOWNLOAD
runero(sfnet) RuneRO RuneRO is a private server for the Massively Mu... DOWNLOAD
encrydecry(sfnet) Encry Decry A one stop solution for all your cryptology nee... DOWNLOAD
tclkeymon(sfnet) Toshiba TCL Key and Button Monitor Tclkeymon is a demon, writen in TCL, for Toshib... DOWNLOAD
accteditor(sfnet) Adempiere Chart of Accounts Editor Small application to manage Compiere/Adempiere ... DOWNLOAD
assuma(sfnet) Association Subscribers Manager Association Subscribers Manager allow any assoc... DOWNLOAD
coinjema(sfnet) Context Injection Machine A small library that provides a powerful and co... DOWNLOAD
imlogconverter(sfnet) imlogconverter Convert between different Instant Messenger cha... DOWNLOAD
ngacl(sfnet) nfsv4 acls for linux a project to implement an nfsv4 sytle acl model... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-ping(sfnet) MRTG-ping MRTG-ping is a ping module for MRTG written in ... DOWNLOAD
simpleuploader(sfnet) The (Valid XHTML) Simple File Uploader The Simple File Uploader - is just that. A simp... DOWNLOAD
telefocam(sfnet) TeleFoCam Wireless telescope focus control and optional c... DOWNLOAD
nmche(sfnet) nmche DOWNLOAD
miabmphp(sfnet) MiAbmPHP MiAbmPHP es un conjunto de clases PHP para gene... DOWNLOAD
lazarusfiles(sfnet) LazarusFiles DOWNLOAD
mooch(sfnet) Mooch Mooch is a Jabber and Google talk messaging cli... DOWNLOAD
chmxml(sfnet) Ch Mini-XML The Ch Mini XML package is a Ch binding to the ... DOWNLOAD
vwx-cdev(sfnet) visual wx-c developer a visual wx-c developer tool written in freeBas... DOWNLOAD
privbot(sfnet) PrivBot DOWNLOAD
emt(sfnet) EMT EMT is an application to draw and test turing m... DOWNLOAD
metfsng(sfnet) MetFS MetFS is a filesystem software in userspace tha... DOWNLOAD
yellowcard(sfnet) yellowcard Yellowcard is an address list maintenance progr... DOWNLOAD
eclipseclassloc(sfnet) Eclipse ClassLocationPlugin TheClassLocationPlugin extends the Eclipse Plat... DOWNLOAD
podbb(sfnet) podBB Pre-Modified phpBB distribution. Pre-Modified distribution of phpBB to ease user... DOWNLOAD
excelquicker(sfnet) ExcelQuicker The project is used to design Excel and HTML re... DOWNLOAD
winnetspeed(sfnet) WinNetSpeed WinNetSpeed is a small, handy utility that show... DOWNLOAD
yoosunmyung(sfnet) SunMyung 테스트 DOWNLOAD
flom(sfnet) flom A tool to synchronize shell commands and script... DOWNLOAD
quadblocks(sfnet) QuadBlocks My first flash game. It is a four-player platfo... DOWNLOAD
sexx(sfnet) multiscript A project for a multiscripting language executi... DOWNLOAD
fast-file-finder(sfnet) Fast File Finder 1.0 by Autosofted The Autosofted Fast File Finder is a free tool ... DOWNLOAD
gusi(sfnet) GUSI GUSI (Grand Unified Socket Interface) is a POSI... DOWNLOAD
lnxgest(sfnet) LNXGEST Softwaqre ERP DOWNLOAD
comitatuswebapp(sfnet) comitatus-webapp Framework comitatus-webapp is a framework to ease the dev... DOWNLOAD
phpepic(sfnet) Php-Epic PHP-Epic is a CMS (Central Management System) t... DOWNLOAD
veriindent(sfnet) veri-indent Veri-indent is a verilog source code Parser,An... DOWNLOAD
jpwm(sfnet) JavaScript PHP Window Manager JavaScript PHP Window Manager aims to provide a... DOWNLOAD
ruby-locale(sfnet) Ruby Locale Provide an extension to the Ruby intepreter to ... DOWNLOAD
fear-proxy(sfnet) Fear Proxy An anonymous proxy server HTTP to help users su... DOWNLOAD
comitatuscommon(sfnet) comitatus-common Business Library comitatus-common is a library of Java classes t... DOWNLOAD
wiserecorder(sfnet) IP Call Recorder An IP Based decentralised Call recorder in Java... DOWNLOAD
frodope(sfnet) frodo_pe Automated scripts for creation of plugins for u... DOWNLOAD
sqlcompanion(sfnet) SQLDevCompanion SQLDevCompanion is a Java Application enable ra... DOWNLOAD
b3ta(sfnet) b3ta The B3ta message board. A convenient and versat... DOWNLOAD
phonebazooka(sfnet) IVR with Magic Flow IVR software designed for rapid creation of Int... DOWNLOAD
wgrab(sfnet) wgrab wgrab is an http file fetcher similar to wget t... DOWNLOAD
persvcs(sfnet) Pers Vcs PC Based Version system for any file type. Susp... DOWNLOAD
cd4athenaanalysis(sfnet) CD4 ATHENA analysis DOWNLOAD
frinput(sfnet) french input method DOWNLOAD
mxedeps(sfnet) mxe-deps This project contains dependencies used for mxe... DOWNLOAD
moviecube(sfnet) moviecube moviecube is a mod of the sauerbraten game engi... DOWNLOAD
open-clinic(sfnet) OpenClinic GA OpenClinic GA is an open source integrated hosp... DOWNLOAD
geoformatter(sfnet) GeographicFormatter Written in Objective-C, the GeographicFormatter... DOWNLOAD
tcl-qt(sfnet) Tcl bridge to Qt GUI library Scripting Tcl interface to Qt multiplatform lib... DOWNLOAD
xlsloader(sfnet) xlsloader XLS/Loader is an easy to use, Java based GUI ap... DOWNLOAD
rovercontrol(sfnet) Rover_control DOWNLOAD
paquito-meter(sfnet) PaquitoMeter PaquitoMeter is a small program that shows you ... DOWNLOAD
linux-webstartup-play(sfnet) Linux Webstartup PLAY Distro Linux based on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS with U... DOWNLOAD
actv3p(sfnet) Anti-ComputerTime (Version 3+) A simple program made to crash the ComputerTime... DOWNLOAD
phpgamedev(sfnet) PHPGameDev PHPGame is a framework to develop web based gam... DOWNLOAD
taskbackup(sfnet) Task:BAR "Task: Backup and Recovery" or "... DOWNLOAD
iwf(sfnet) Interactive Website Framework A framework for creating highly interactive web... DOWNLOAD
opacm(sfnet) Org. profiling and competency management OPACM stands for "Organizational profiling... DOWNLOAD
minibrowse(sfnet) MiniBrowse MiniBrowse is an ongoing project to create an i... DOWNLOAD
backstep(sfnet) backstep Backstep is a program for drawing desktop icons... DOWNLOAD
proteogenomic(sfnet) GenoSuite GenoSuite is a framework developed for proteoge... DOWNLOAD
kaiana(sfnet) Kaiana Kaiana is a operating system designed by brazil... DOWNLOAD
spmtemplates(sfnet) 18F-DOPA & 123I-FP-CIT templates The 18F-DOPA and 123I-FP-CIT (Ioflupane - DaTSC... DOWNLOAD

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