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antdefects(sfnet) AntDefects AntDefects is a web-based issue tracking system... DOWNLOAD
jqemu(sfnet) JQEMU JQEMU: Java graphical frontend for QEMU... It u... DOWNLOAD
anounce(sfnet) A Nounce ! A Newsletter mailinglist script, users can subs... DOWNLOAD
tclvs(sfnet) TclVS TclVS libraries. Includes packages for simple ... DOWNLOAD
twitterdownloader(sfnet) Twitter Downloader "Twitter Downloader" is a web interfa... DOWNLOAD
shopper(sfnet) Shopper A J2ME application and a PHP server for managin... DOWNLOAD
babblebox(sfnet) babbleBox A socket based chat room written in Java. It co... DOWNLOAD
phpmailcommand(sfnet) PHPMailCommand MailCommander is a free PHP util that provides ... DOWNLOAD
sigissc(sfnet) Sigis Screen Capturer Sigis Screen Capturer: high quality freeware sc... DOWNLOAD
syncjammer(sfnet) SyncJammer The simple file synchronization tool. DOWNLOAD
fogmoutain(sfnet) Fogmoutain A game for the strategy DOWNLOAD
jtms(sfnet) Java Thread Model Simulation JTMS(Java Thread Model Simulation) tries to pro... DOWNLOAD
planethazard(sfnet) Planet Hazard Planet Hazard is open source multiplayer first ... DOWNLOAD
pmatrices(sfnet) Matrices Unit This is a unit written for Free Pascal to facil... DOWNLOAD
tcpkit(sfnet) Cybiko TCPKIT TCPKIT is a set of libraries that allow communi... DOWNLOAD
csharpexpressionevaluator(sfnet) C# Expression Evaluator Data Types: String: VALOR[t,...] Number: VALO... DOWNLOAD
boost-gdb-printers(sfnet) boost-gdb-printers A collection of pretty printers for GDB 7.x for... DOWNLOAD
lsphp(sfnet) ls.php ls.php is a simple file manager script that com... DOWNLOAD
knmapfe(sfnet) knmapfe KNmapFE is a frontend to nmap ( fyodor net/port... DOWNLOAD
weblayout(sfnet) Web-Layout Providing streamlined interface creation, Web-L... DOWNLOAD
anigraff(sfnet) Anigraph - Graph visualizer This package is intended to provide a user with... DOWNLOAD
openlayer(sfnet) OpenLayer OpenLayer is a hardware accelerated 2D Graphics... DOWNLOAD
btbookmarklet(sfnet) Add Torrent Bookmarklet Generates a bookmarklet which can remotely star... DOWNLOAD
wtextview(sfnet) WTextView, PowerPlant wrapper for WASTE WTextView and WText are PowerPlant and C++ wrap... DOWNLOAD
phpgooglemaps(sfnet) phpGoogleMaps The package is an object oriented abstraction l... DOWNLOAD
avrprog(sfnet) avrprog Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrolers that u... DOWNLOAD
mucom(sfnet) Community Events Communication Software This is a community messaging/discussion system... DOWNLOAD
hippy(sfnet) Hippy - M6800 Studio An extendible Motorola 6800 emulator and IDE. Y... DOWNLOAD
mlrip(sfnet) mlrip mlrip uses secure ripping (multiple rips which ... DOWNLOAD
commandlineeditor(sfnet) Console based Editor Console based EDitor (CED) is console based pro... DOWNLOAD
marser(sfnet) marser - a MIB parser Marser is a tool to parse MIB files written in ... DOWNLOAD
autoperl(sfnet) autoperl Autoperl provides a './configure' script to inc... DOWNLOAD
concurrence(sfnet) Concurrence Concurrence is a networked file editing program... DOWNLOAD
moiuniversityprofiles(sfnet) Moi University Profiles This program is used by the staff members of Mo... DOWNLOAD
balancetrainingcomputergame(sfnet) Balance Training Computer Game Serious computer game for physical balance trai... DOWNLOAD
backtester(sfnet) Backtester Backtester software allows stock market trading... DOWNLOAD
turbounit(sfnet) TurboUnit TurboUnit runs MS and NUnit tests DOWNLOAD
jalls(sfnet) jalls JAmes Ldap List Server. A mailet for the Apache... DOWNLOAD
javalayer(sfnet) JavaLayer JLayer is a JAVA library that decodes, converts... DOWNLOAD
sharphp(sfnet) SharphpColor Free c# color hilight On web DOWNLOAD
getpress(sfnet) getArabicPress getArabicPress is a simple perl script to downl... DOWNLOAD
softwareprojektlk14(sfnet) Towerdefensegame - Softwareprojekt LK Hier wird ein Towerdefensegame entstehen, gesch... DOWNLOAD
obeliskcc(sfnet) Obelisk Contact Center Obelisk Contact Center is a software that trans... DOWNLOAD
myvision(sfnet) MyVision Foto Album A fast, modern-styled, multi-user, ASPx-based X... DOWNLOAD
crispy(sfnet) Crispy It is a lightweight API to invoke web services ... DOWNLOAD
tclerswikidata(sfnet) Tcler's wiki data This projects makes the data used to drive http... DOWNLOAD
refed(sfnet) .NET Batch Reference Editor Refed is a utility created for managing referen... DOWNLOAD
kiwimp(sfnet) Kiwi MP Data mines the voting record and other actions ... DOWNLOAD
indigosim(sfnet) IndigoSim The question of how to promote both growth and ... DOWNLOAD
sleepless-esp(sfnet) Email Service Provider A platform independent solution to ease the pro... DOWNLOAD
exemplarmap(sfnet) Fizmez Exemplar Map Fizmez Exemplar Map is a geographic data visual... DOWNLOAD
cpprelay(sfnet) cppRelay An IRC Relay Bot in C++, built for connecting c... DOWNLOAD
gnurdyguy(sfnet) GnurdyGuy IRC Bot GnurdyGuy is a SIMPLE IRC bot written in Perl f... DOWNLOAD
calar(sfnet) CalAr CalAr is a free graphic harmonic calculator sof... DOWNLOAD
lpml(sfnet) Linux Packaging Markup Language LPML is the Linux Packaging Markup Language and... DOWNLOAD
eyeris(sfnet) Eyeris If you spend long times on screen this simple p... DOWNLOAD
firefoxbookmarksmerger(sfnet) Firefox Bookmarks Merger Merge the duplicate bookmarks folders, Delete e... DOWNLOAD
saga-gis(sfnet) SAGA GIS SAGA - System for Automated Geoscientific Analy... DOWNLOAD
gadivintegrationserver(sfnet) giServer The giServer is an easy-to-use integration serv... DOWNLOAD
jelo(sfnet) jelo JELO (Java Easy LayOut) allows Java Swing compo... DOWNLOAD
dark-side(sfnet) Darkside - Darkice Configuration Tool DARKSIDE is a PERL/Tk configuration tool for &q... DOWNLOAD
php-qt(sfnet) PHP-Qt PHP-Qt is an extension for PHP5 that aims to wr... DOWNLOAD
phpmediagallery(sfnet) phpmediagallery An intuitive MediaGallery for PHPNuke based Web... DOWNLOAD
properties2java(sfnet) Properties2Java Properties2Java is an Ant task for automatic co... DOWNLOAD
jx3shipinpaishe(sfnet) jx3shipinpaishe 剑3视频拍摄插件下载地址,尽量保持最新版本 DOWNLOAD
calistry(sfnet) calistry DOWNLOAD
debased(sfnet) dsslive There is not great magic behind Dsslive if not ... DOWNLOAD
swtbinding(sfnet) SWT Binding JGoodies Binding extension for SWT UI library f... DOWNLOAD
hibern8dao(sfnet) Hibern8dao An applied hibernate dao implementation. Facili... DOWNLOAD
mod(sfnet) My Own Diary Very simple to INSTALL and maintain your own di... DOWNLOAD
mediakatalog(sfnet) MediaKatalog MediaKatalog or MK, as the name suggests, is a ... DOWNLOAD
tcpbeholder(sfnet) TCP-Beholder TCP-Beholder is a client/server traffic sniffer... DOWNLOAD
ajaxac(sfnet) AjaxAC AjaxAC is a PHP framework for easily developing... DOWNLOAD
outcook(sfnet) OutCook Express Program pozwalający na gromadzenie i z... DOWNLOAD
antcount(sfnet) AntCount Set of Ant filters that can be used to gather s... DOWNLOAD
sasuketiimer(sfnet) sasuketiimer sasuketiimer(2009.04-) looks like the timer sho... DOWNLOAD
pybtremote(sfnet) pybtremote Execute commands on Linux using Symbian series ... DOWNLOAD
peersync(sfnet) Sync! Peer-to-peer file synchronization tool DOWNLOAD
gpic(sfnet) GPic GPic is a software in which the main goal is to... DOWNLOAD
tau-ws05a-pnn(sfnet) Parallel Neural Networks For All User friendly application with graphical interf... DOWNLOAD
tp-sofiasip(sfnet) Telepathy-SofiaSIP Telepathy-SofiaSIP is a SIP connection manager ... DOWNLOAD
xialing(sfnet) 夏玲电视API 夏玲相关电视API 地址 DOWNLOAD
mieric(sfnet) mieric addressBook password protected MieRic address book is wrote in PERL and holds ... DOWNLOAD
calpcs(sfnet) CalPCS CalPCS is a free pitch class set calculator sof... DOWNLOAD
mmorpgcomplex(sfnet) PHP MMORPG (AcetoneRPG) A PHP, MySQL and AJAX ( asynchronous javascript... DOWNLOAD
openmta(sfnet) OpenMTA A security-oriented email server that implement... DOWNLOAD
j2me-graphics(sfnet) J2ME-GRAPHICS This project contains a 'zip' file with J2ME pr... DOWNLOAD
parsesnip(sfnet) Parse-Snip This software parses input data for various app... DOWNLOAD
testing123456(sfnet) testing DOWNLOAD
astipupdate(sfnet) Asterisk IP updater & SIP blocker astipupdate script, detects public ip and sip p... DOWNLOAD
filedb(sfnet) Duplicated Files - Find & Destroy File Database Windows application designed to h... DOWNLOAD
pawed(sfnet) PAWed PAWed is a simple, easy to use, source code edi... DOWNLOAD
ispring(sfnet) ISpring ISpring is an OpenSource Project for developing... DOWNLOAD
gcomm(sfnet) Gcomm serial communications program Gcomm is a serial communications program simila... DOWNLOAD
biffles(sfnet) BiffLes mailing list client Biffles is a mailing list client: mails are sor... DOWNLOAD
tcldbi(sfnet) TclDBI A Tcl extension interface to the C libdbi gener... DOWNLOAD
arp2(sfnet) arp2 ARP2 is currently just a collection of open sou... DOWNLOAD
myred(sfnet) MyRed MyRed is a kind of small framework for PHP webs... DOWNLOAD
webspa(sfnet) WebSpa WebSpa is a Java web knocking tool for sending ... DOWNLOAD
fcpp(sfnet) FC++: Functional Programming in C++ FC++ is a software library which aims to facili... DOWNLOAD

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