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similarimagesearch(sfnet) Similar Image Search Similar Image Search is a desktop reverse image... DOWNLOAD
ytl(sfnet) Ytl is a Thumb Library Ytl is a C++ lightweight framework for developi... DOWNLOAD
drygerfax(sfnet) DrygerFax DrygerFax is a HylaFAX client that lets you fax... DOWNLOAD
gabriel(sfnet) Gabriel Gabriel is a simple client-server software that... DOWNLOAD
identifiercache(sfnet) IdentifierCache IdentifierCache is software designed to make it... DOWNLOAD
gates(sfnet) GATES A Middleware for Distrubted Data Stream Processing DOWNLOAD
cwtexteditor(sfnet) CWTE-TextEditor CWTE - A full screen line oriented text editor ... DOWNLOAD
javaeditork(sfnet) javaEditor This is a simple java based application. This a... DOWNLOAD
xmms2(sfnet) XMMS2 Second generation of XMMS music player. DOWNLOAD
windernutsoffice(sfnet) WindernutOffice DOWNLOAD
spdpoammo(sfnet) spdpo-ammo Download and build instructions for the spdpo p... DOWNLOAD
lunesmbs(sfnet) Lunessaphir Mini Beam Simulator Lunessaphir Mini Beam Simulator is a simulator ... DOWNLOAD
restore(sfnet) Restore, backup and recovery RESTORE is a complete enterprise network backup... DOWNLOAD
lim(sfnet) Licenses and Medias LIM helps a company to administer data about me... DOWNLOAD
booch95(sfnet) Ada 95 Booch Components The Ada 95 Booch Components is a container libr... DOWNLOAD
dmcat(sfnet) dmcat dmcat - Digital Music CATalog DOWNLOAD
gcmd(sfnet) Google on command line gcmd is a command line interface for Google. It... DOWNLOAD
cpclassic(sfnet) CryptoPad Classic A WordPad-like cryptography program. Includes A... DOWNLOAD
better-eventcal(sfnet) BetterEventCal lists Events by date BetterEventCal is a free event calendar written... DOWNLOAD
beep-tunnel(sfnet) Tunnel over BEEP In the world of Intrusion Detection there is a ... DOWNLOAD
unitconverter12(sfnet) Unit Converter 1.4 Converts many different units of measurement in... DOWNLOAD
polarshot(sfnet) PolarShot DOWNLOAD
vann(sfnet) vann Tool for visualizing artificial neural networks... DOWNLOAD
wikijavadoc(sfnet) JavaWikiDoc WikiJavadoc is an inline Documentation Tool whi... DOWNLOAD
eyeofdawn(sfnet) Eye Of Dawn Chaos has consumed much of our System. The U.N.... DOWNLOAD
etechies(sfnet) eTechies Tech Support DOWNLOAD
projectnrg(sfnet) Project NRG In Beta DOWNLOAD
mrilab(sfnet) MRiLab The MRiLab is a numerical MRI simulation packag... DOWNLOAD
facetext(sfnet) FaceText FaceText is a .Net-powered utility which allows... DOWNLOAD
exetoc(sfnet) ExeToC Decompiler Decompile win32 program and DLL to C++ step by ... DOWNLOAD
prime-number-finder(sfnet) Prime-Number-Finder Program by: Ravi Sharma (rvisharma) Prime-Numb... DOWNLOAD
erwin2(sfnet) Erwin Data Structures and Tools Tool for generating libraries of void*-free dat... DOWNLOAD
wiseslap(sfnet) WiSeSLAp The Widget Set for Super-Light Applications is ... DOWNLOAD
bbowl(sfnet) Blood Bowl A Java porting of Blood Bowl, the fantasy footb... DOWNLOAD
telegramnuker(sfnet) Orville Write Nuker This is a program meant to message flood users ... DOWNLOAD
edb-jdbc(sfnet) EDB-JDBC The EnterpriseDB branded JDBC driver. DOWNLOAD
mossadscripts(sfnet) MossadScripts A Series of BASH script Who provide a control o... DOWNLOAD
sqdnt(sfnet) sqdNetToolbox Moved to DOWNLOAD
ztds(sfnet) The Dirty South, inspired by Zelda A 2D top-down adventure / RPG inspired by Zelda. DOWNLOAD
libestr(sfnet) libestr This is the initial public release of libestr, ... DOWNLOAD
pokedexproject9(sfnet) Crossover Pokédex .net A offline, opensourced Pokédex for Windows to d... DOWNLOAD
colorcross(sfnet) ColorCross ** WARNING: contains brightly colored fast movi... DOWNLOAD
ejlogger(sfnet) Easy Java Logger Easy Java Logger. Allows you to inject log stat... DOWNLOAD
linuxusbtool(sfnet) Linux USB Tool Linux USB Tool is an application that copys a I... DOWNLOAD
csgalib(sfnet) GALib A small C# Library that provides the scaffoldin... DOWNLOAD
piglatintransmogrifier(sfnet) Pig latin Transmogrifier Pig Latin Transmogrifier is a toy app designed ... DOWNLOAD
coolromeasydownloader(sfnet) Cool Rom Easy Downloader is a just a downloader without virus and no use... DOWNLOAD
atvtw(sfnet) Ancillary/Trait Validator for Total War This is the second iteration of the ATVTW tool.... DOWNLOAD
megamath(sfnet) megamath MegaMath is a C#/VB.Net library that computes b... DOWNLOAD
isupportcenter(sfnet) Gnu Internet Support Center iSupportCenter is a multiplatform and feature r... DOWNLOAD
xmmslib(sfnet) XMMS Library XMMS Library A xmms-plugin that provides the ba... DOWNLOAD
hidemydrive(sfnet) HMDHideMyDrive This program changes the visibility of drives i... DOWNLOAD
twitchchannelwatcher(sfnet) Twitch Channel Watcher Never leave your browser window open all day ev... DOWNLOAD
bingocardprinter(sfnet) Bingo Card Printer / Caller Application Card Printer is a Windows based application des... DOWNLOAD
mindkeyboard(sfnet) MindKeyboard This is a little application that lets you type... DOWNLOAD
orcus(sfnet) orcus - playground and incubator orcus is a playground and potential incubator f... DOWNLOAD
jmicroscope(sfnet) JMicroscope JMicroscope is a library and framework for mobi... DOWNLOAD
hadesfix(sfnet) HadesFIX Implementation of the FIX protocol to version 5... DOWNLOAD
rpmplus(sfnet) rpmplus IBM AIX ships with version 3.05 of the Redhat p... DOWNLOAD
fuzzysetsforada(sfnet) Fuzzy sets for Ada Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing imple... DOWNLOAD
akilaize-gchat-im(sfnet) Akila’ize GChat IM - Chat Client Akila’ize GChat IM is a free Instant Massager C... DOWNLOAD
phpcorecreate(sfnet) phpCoreCreate PHP Core Class Generator, given a specific MySQ... DOWNLOAD
squeel(sfnet) squeel Linux file and directory monitoring system DOWNLOAD
mmrd(sfnet) Multi Mode Relais The Multi Mode Relais is a software for buildin... DOWNLOAD
wtsa(sfnet) Wavelet Transform Spectrum Analyzer Wavelet Transform Spectrum Analyzer: a tool for... DOWNLOAD
glpsolve(sfnet) GLP-Solve This IDE replicates the official lpsolve projec... DOWNLOAD
portingcenter(sfnet) Porting Center With Porting Center, you can edit any kind of M... DOWNLOAD
scire(sfnet) scire DOWNLOAD
phpg(sfnet) phpg phpg is a brand new database free gallery softw... DOWNLOAD
freetray(sfnet) Freetray A notification area implementing the freedeskto... DOWNLOAD
osgaction(sfnet) osg animation library Animation library for the OpenSceneGraph graphi... DOWNLOAD
ipscalc(sfnet) IPSCALC IPSCALC for PBX Telephone System NEC 2000 IPS /... DOWNLOAD
paperdog(sfnet) PaperDog PaperDog is a J2EE-based C/S-system for version... DOWNLOAD
giki(sfnet) Giki A flat-file, simple PHP wiki system based on Wi... DOWNLOAD
multishort(sfnet) MultiShort Ever wished you could have, say, Firefox run to... DOWNLOAD
hash-compare(sfnet) Compare by hash A CLI program for Linux to allow users to list,... DOWNLOAD
kendoviewer(sfnet) Kendo Tournament Viewer This tool is an extension of the Kendo Tourname... DOWNLOAD
photofillter(sfnet) Photo Fillter Photo Picture Catalog Manager DOWNLOAD
gpl-up2date(sfnet) GNU up2date An Open Source fork of the Redhat up2date clien... DOWNLOAD
mazesmith(sfnet) Mazesmith Mazesmith is a maze generator, written in JavaS... DOWNLOAD
dancebox(sfnet) DanceBox DanceBox is a fork of the pyTone jukebox highly... DOWNLOAD
linux-fn(sfnet) failure notification framework "failure notification framework" noti... DOWNLOAD
http-launcher(sfnet) Http Launcher Http Launcher is a software programmed for wind... DOWNLOAD
jtexsynth(sfnet) JTexSynth JTexSynth is a texture (2D image) synthesis pro... DOWNLOAD
beepd(sfnet) beep daemon beepd daemon and kernel module. Performs user-d... DOWNLOAD
bwrenamer(sfnet) bwRenamer An application to batch rename files. Use versa... DOWNLOAD
mobilebloger(sfnet) mobilebloger Blogging client for Windows Mobile DOWNLOAD
dmz-usb-lcd(sfnet) Datormagazins Usb-Lcd A combined hardware-software project where a ho... DOWNLOAD
enr1xcripts(sfnet) enr1x's Life Scripts A collection of "good" Bash scripts I... DOWNLOAD
etnia(sfnet) Etnia Workbench Extensions to CDT project wich configure extra ... DOWNLOAD
eats(sfnet) EATS EATS is an open-source text-based Tcl implement... DOWNLOAD
odine(sfnet) Odine A minimalistic imageviewer written in Java for ... DOWNLOAD
drgarbagetools(sfnet) drgarbagetools Dr. Garbage Tools Project is a set of open sour... DOWNLOAD
perlman(sfnet) perlMan This application was designed to be a web inter... DOWNLOAD
genvm(sfnet) genvm "genvm" Is a powerfull script bash to... DOWNLOAD
peaftpd(sfnet) Pea FTP Daemon FTP Server for windows written in Delphi. It su... DOWNLOAD
rmock(sfnet) rMock rMock 2.0.0 is a Java mock object framework ba... DOWNLOAD
ck2httt(sfnet) CK2HttT Just as the name implies: It converts Crusader ... DOWNLOAD
nix-utils(sfnet) The Nix Utilities The Nix Utilities are a set of Single Unix Spec... DOWNLOAD
smoothris(sfnet) Smoothris A tetris clone, featuring vector graphics, smoo... DOWNLOAD

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