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web4runner(sfnet) forerunner-webtools Tools for creating a dynamic website capable of... DOWNLOAD
walkerwars(sfnet) Walker Wars Walker Wars is a first/third person 3D shootemu... DOWNLOAD
evolveproject(sfnet) Evolve Evolve is a simulation written in java that use... DOWNLOAD
otrs-persian(sfnet) Persian Open Source Ticketing System Persian Translation for OTRS (Open Source Troub... DOWNLOAD
phpcomplocator(sfnet) phpComputerLocator Web interface for monitoring network switches t... DOWNLOAD
proe(sfnet) PROE Pseudo Random Optimized Encryption Powerful 512bit pseudo random encryption, optim... DOWNLOAD
celestum(sfnet) Celestum Framework A core framework based on .net technology to pr... DOWNLOAD
labyrinthe(sfnet) Labyrinthe Labyrinthe is a board game for 2 to 4 players. ... DOWNLOAD
jscanviewer(sfnet) JScanViewer Imageviewer/database combo that lets you import... DOWNLOAD
jcrypt(sfnet) JCrypt JCrypt is a framework for developing cryptologi... DOWNLOAD
iqtestweb(sfnet) Any IQTest WebApplication General purpose Test Anything (IQ) Web Applica... DOWNLOAD
reed-frostepi(sfnet) Reed-Frost Epidemiology Modelling Tool Software implementing various forms of the... DOWNLOAD
micrologos(sfnet) MicroLogos JavaME dictionary. Lightweigted, fast T9 search. DOWNLOAD
rldapd(sfnet) rldapd rldapd is a LDAP proxy, that allows re-writing ... DOWNLOAD
jbtask(sfnet) JBTask, ANT Tasks for JBoss App Server JBTask is a collection of ANT Tasks for JBoss A... DOWNLOAD
mcmsmanager(sfnet) MCMS Manager In Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) a... DOWNLOAD
jxref(sfnet) JxRef JxRef is a tool that will help you identify ref... DOWNLOAD
taxabase(sfnet) Taxabase Taxabase is being developed as an open source, ... DOWNLOAD
nukeleus(sfnet) NUKEleus NUKEleus - A DotNetNuke Installation Program DOWNLOAD
oropuro(sfnet) Oropuro trading system Complete technical analysis & trading syste... DOWNLOAD
whsystems(sfnet) whiteHawkSystems WhiteHawk Project: A GNU/Linux Desktop environm... DOWNLOAD
casse(sfnet) Casse et détruit This is a console mp3 player for linux based on... DOWNLOAD
addgeocoding03(sfnet) ADDRESS_GEOCODING_03 se project on address geocoding DOWNLOAD
flappybirddownloadpc(sfnet) Flappy Bird Download PC DOWNLOAD
egparser(sfnet) Entrez Gene Parser in Perl Perl Entrez Gene Parser project provides Perl p... DOWNLOAD
randomdresser(sfnet) Random Dresser This application allows you chose randomly from... DOWNLOAD
speck(sfnet) Prout Academic project aiming to write an alife Avida... DOWNLOAD
chamber(sfnet) Chamber Interior Ballistics chamber is a reactive hydrodynamic modeling too... DOWNLOAD
process-control(sfnet) Statistical Process Control (SPC) This open package aimed to addresses frequency ... DOWNLOAD
myphpcms(sfnet) MyPHP CMS MyPHP CMS is an open-source software package, c... DOWNLOAD
menix(sfnet) MENIX MENIX is a WDP(web development platform), and a... DOWNLOAD
cdromdosdrv(sfnet) ODD DOS driver This is a DOS driver to access CD/DVD in Optica... DOWNLOAD
phpdmca(sfnet) phpDMCA DMCA stands for Dynamic Module and Component Ad... DOWNLOAD
danube(sfnet) danube Text Segmentation from Pictures. Aim of project... DOWNLOAD
cdphotoindex(sfnet) CDPhotoIndex CDPhotoIndex application helps you print a cd c... DOWNLOAD
libxmldiff(sfnet) libxmldiff - Simple XML Diff Library libxmldiff is a library to provide diff functio... DOWNLOAD
gson23(sfnet) gson-2.3 support field/method binding in gson by small c... DOWNLOAD
txtmob(sfnet) TXTmob TXTmob allows groups of users to share informat... DOWNLOAD
statemenu(sfnet) StateMenu StateMenu is a popup desktop menu for not only ... DOWNLOAD
perlccc(sfnet) Perl Cyan Chat Client Perl implementation of a Cyan Chat client. DOWNLOAD
chaospad(sfnet) ChaosPad (CPad) All-purpose HTML/Perl/Plaintext Editor. DOWNLOAD
ryldeathzonefullpatch(sfnet) RYL DEATHZONE FULLPATCH DOWNLOAD
porminorvpn(sfnet) PorVPN DOWNLOAD
xscrape(sfnet) XScrape XScrape analyzes forum posts to map relationshi... DOWNLOAD
httprequester(sfnet) HttpRequester This program is a custom solution to the proble... DOWNLOAD
seeyp(sfnet) SEEyp: collection of code snippets SEEyp is a free collection of code snippets (PH... DOWNLOAD
ose-distrib(sfnet) ose-distrib OSE is a linux distribution based on CentOS whi... DOWNLOAD
pitherorem(sfnet) Pi theorem Pi is a command line utility able to check the ... DOWNLOAD
graphpico(sfnet) GraPHPico Web & Tool to generate dynamic charts on th... DOWNLOAD
easyquery(sfnet) Easy Query A simple PHP script that helps to run querys on... DOWNLOAD
acorndrop(sfnet) Acorn Drop A little Blender game where you are a squirrel ... DOWNLOAD
monolithor(sfnet) Monolithor Monolithor creates monolithic installers for Wi... DOWNLOAD
webcollector(sfnet) WebCollector JAVA开源爬虫内核WebCollector,让爬虫开发变得简单... DOWNLOAD
indexgallery(sfnet) IndexGallery Fastest way to create an online image gallery. ... DOWNLOAD
tccreate(sfnet) Table Class Create TableClassCreate programme allows to create aut... DOWNLOAD
xpox(sfnet) XmP² Ox - XMPP Server for OpenWrt The XMPP Ox was a port of the Jabber Server (ja... DOWNLOAD
rtlinux89712(sfnet) RTLinux port to CDB89712 Rev B A Port of OpenRTLinux v3.0 to the ARM7 platform... DOWNLOAD
lotterland2(sfnet) lotterland2 lotterland2 is an Content Management System wit... DOWNLOAD
cdrtoolsfe(sfnet) CDRTools Front End CD tools to read write CDs / DVDs / Images, mo... DOWNLOAD
q2graphicsmod(sfnet) Quake 2 Graphics Mod A Quake 2 mod that adds stencil shadows and GLS... DOWNLOAD
tponguardclx(sfnet) TurboPower OnGuard CLX A port of TurboPower OnGuard to CLX and Linux p... DOWNLOAD
ggirc(sfnet) GGirc the G{r}eek client Just an irc client. Practice our development sk... DOWNLOAD
xhyp(sfnet) x-hyp free X-hyp free is a Open Source hypervisor based on... DOWNLOAD
pagegen(sfnet) Pagegen Pagegen is a collection of Bash scripts for sta... DOWNLOAD
clavierfranaislargi(sfnet) Clavier français élargi Ce pilote de clavier Azerty sous Windows permet... DOWNLOAD
photodynamics(sfnet) Photo Dynamics : All in one PHP album The all in one complete photo album in php, eas... DOWNLOAD
mom-shell(sfnet) Master of Magic Shell The Master of Magic game remake written in Java... DOWNLOAD
newscid(sfnet) New Scid A chess database management system for Linux, W... DOWNLOAD
devrscc(sfnet) ClientControls for ASP.Net Library for ASP.Net which helps developers writ... DOWNLOAD
maxcity(sfnet) MaxCity Mod MaxCity Mod Development SVN DOWNLOAD
lsdvd(sfnet) lsdvd lsdvd is a console application that displays th... DOWNLOAD
netsdf(sfnet) Net-Share Dev files Software to share dev files in a UNIX local Net... DOWNLOAD
fantastiko(sfnet) Fantastiko Fantastiko DOWNLOAD
rtree(sfnet) RTree A disk based production quality RTree based upo... DOWNLOAD
simdock(sfnet) SimDock SimDock is a fast and customizable dockbar. Upd... DOWNLOAD
htmlpath(sfnet) Html command line parser Command line HTML Parser to be used in scripts ... DOWNLOAD
openrds(sfnet) OpenRDS - Java clustering framework OpenRDS (Open Requisition Distribution System) ... DOWNLOAD
compressmp3(sfnet) CompressMP3 A simple command line program that will use LAM... DOWNLOAD
kchmnew(sfnet) KChm This is a chm file viewer + corresponding kpart... DOWNLOAD
sbnc(sfnet) sbnc shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++... DOWNLOAD
smallnixserver(sfnet) Small Linux Server Tiny linux distro with howto that runs solely o... DOWNLOAD
pesync(sfnet) pesync Palm Desktop addin to perform address book sync... DOWNLOAD
openbpmm(sfnet) Open UMM Open source tutorials, implementation,guideline... DOWNLOAD
openregister(sfnet) OpenRegistration OpenRegistration is a simple solution for confe... DOWNLOAD
hahano(sfnet) Save The Queen RPG Save the Queen open RPG /w administrative game ... DOWNLOAD
roommate(sfnet) Bluetooth Chat A very exciting chatting application for androi... DOWNLOAD
banex(sfnet) PHP MySQL Banner Exchange a nice PHP/MySQL Banner Exchange program with a... DOWNLOAD
invisiongaming(sfnet) InvisionGaming srvx+ircu InvisionGaming has taken srvx,X3, and nefarious... DOWNLOAD
gabrielle(sfnet) Gabrielle "Gabrielle" is a PHP and MySQL powere... DOWNLOAD
panny(sfnet) Panasonic Plasma Controller Panasonic Plasma TV Controller. This program en... DOWNLOAD
jbd(sfnet) Jabber Bookmark Directory jbd (Jabber Bookmark Directory) is a jabber com... DOWNLOAD
netrafd(sfnet) A Network Analyzer and Traffic Logger netrafd is a C written (ncurses) linux program,... DOWNLOAD
darkmintblackhatsecedition10(sfnet) Dark Mint (black hat sec edition) 1.0 Dark Mint (Blackhat Edition) 1.0 RELEASED 31 oc... DOWNLOAD
gvna(sfnet) Gnome-Vector-Network-Analyzer A GTK+/Gnome2 graphical front end for the IW3HE... DOWNLOAD
experiencexperia(sfnet) Experience Xperia DOWNLOAD
convex(sfnet) Convex Convex Media Converter is the best way to conve... DOWNLOAD
baixar(sfnet) baixar DOWNLOAD
jsxpserver(sfnet) jsxpserver This soft allows to configure apache, php and m... DOWNLOAD
longbar(sfnet) longbar LongBar is an alternative tile-based sidebar fo... DOWNLOAD
vbholdem(sfnet) VBHoldem An online Texas Holdem Poker Application, utili... DOWNLOAD

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