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netrafd(sfnet) A Network Analyzer and Traffic Logger netrafd is a C written (ncurses) linux program,... DOWNLOAD
darkmintblackhatsecedition10(sfnet) Dark Mint (black hat sec edition) 1.0 Dark Mint (Blackhat Edition) 1.0 RELEASED 31 oc... DOWNLOAD
gvna(sfnet) Gnome-Vector-Network-Analyzer A GTK+/Gnome2 graphical front end for the IW3HE... DOWNLOAD
experiencexperia(sfnet) Experience Xperia DOWNLOAD
convex(sfnet) Convex Convex Media Converter is the best way to conve... DOWNLOAD
baixar(sfnet) baixar DOWNLOAD
jsxpserver(sfnet) jsxpserver This soft allows to configure apache, php and m... DOWNLOAD
longbar(sfnet) longbar LongBar is an alternative tile-based sidebar fo... DOWNLOAD
vbholdem(sfnet) VBHoldem An online Texas Holdem Poker Application, utili... DOWNLOAD
lba-pam-mount(sfnet) lba-pam-mount This module is aimed at environments with SMB (... DOWNLOAD
jabapper(sfnet) Jabapper - Java SAP Bapi Executor A Java SAP Bapi Execution Framework. This frame... DOWNLOAD
jaddrconverter(sfnet) jAddressConverter AddressConverter is written in Java. Currently ... DOWNLOAD
freevo-jamote(sfnet) Freevo Network Remote Control A Java based network remote control for Freevo. DOWNLOAD
lightfirefox(sfnet) Light a light Firefox edition. Many components are s... DOWNLOAD
jarjunkie(sfnet) JarJunkie JarJunkie is a utility application for finding ... DOWNLOAD
simplehasher(sfnet) SimpleHasher Simple Hasher is a Hashing utility for verifyin... DOWNLOAD
cdgtools(sfnet) cdgtools A suite of tools for handling CD+G karaoke disk... DOWNLOAD
openwar(sfnet) openwar Wargamer Tools DOWNLOAD
gbemujs(sfnet) GBEmuJS GBEmuJS is a Gameboy advance emulator written i... DOWNLOAD
sqlstatementextractor(sfnet) SQL Statement Extractor This library is used to extract out individual ... DOWNLOAD
bohmerwald(sfnet) The Böhmerwald The Böhmerwald is an Europa Universalis IV mod ... DOWNLOAD
livetype(sfnet) LiveType Project LiveType Project focuses on the development of ... DOWNLOAD
testgeneration(sfnet) testgeneration Test suites developed for complex software syst... DOWNLOAD
htmlurls(sfnet) HTMLURLs HTMLURLs is a Java class that contains a collec... DOWNLOAD
folders(sfnet) Multi-forum single-login BBS Folders is a PHP/MySQL multi-forum system where... DOWNLOAD
tws(sfnet) TCL WebServer TWS is a Webserver written in TCL (Tool Command... DOWNLOAD
megamanbattle(sfnet) Battle of wiley's robot masters! This is a networked multiplayer clone of the cl... DOWNLOAD
patchwork13(sfnet) Patchwork13! Patchwork13! is a modular synthesis toolkit. DOWNLOAD
lsannpack(sfnet) Lg. Scale Artificial Neural Network Pack Large Scale Artificial Neural Network Package DOWNLOAD
metv(sfnet) MeTV Me TV is a program that turns the media on your... DOWNLOAD
j-controller(sfnet) J-CONTROLLER J-CONTROLLER : an open source framework for bui... DOWNLOAD
gageneralareac(sfnet) GAC_General Area Calculator DOWNLOAD
mdartscorer(sfnet) Micro Dart Scorer Micro Dart Scorer is a Java Micro Edition based... DOWNLOAD
ntnef(sfnet) nTNEF for Lotus Domino servers Provide MS-TNEF attachments translation for Lot... DOWNLOAD
ewad(sfnet) EWAD When starting a new open-source java/ web devel... DOWNLOAD
query-exist(sfnet) PHP and Perl classes to query eXist PHP & Perl classes to query eXist XML:DB. A... DOWNLOAD
sccori-agent(sfnet) SCCORI-Agent Web-controlled intelligent agents which interac... DOWNLOAD
dsmipv6-pts(sfnet) Protocol Testing System This is a protocol testing system of DSMIPv6. U... DOWNLOAD
ploneradio(sfnet) PloneRadio PloneRadio is an archetypes based Plone product... DOWNLOAD
phpsqueek(sfnet) phpSqueek The phpSqueek project is an attempt to create a... DOWNLOAD
agesoflore(sfnet) Ages of Lore Ages of Lore is a single-player isometric role-... DOWNLOAD
phpgtkbuilder(sfnet) PHP-GTK Builder PHP GTK Builder is a RAD tool,which can help yo... DOWNLOAD
phpseclib(sfnet) phpseclib Easy to use, easy to install, actively maintain... DOWNLOAD
crosswise(sfnet) Crosswise Web Calendar The Crosswise project is a web-based community ... DOWNLOAD
devpacks(sfnet) devpacks dev-c++,Orwell dev-c++ devpacks DOWNLOAD
kpicusbbootload(sfnet) kpicusbbootloader Porting on KDE of the PICDEM(TM) FS USB Demo Tool DOWNLOAD
hsdl(sfnet) HSDL - A Haskell binding for SDL HSDL is a Haskell binding to the well known Sim... DOWNLOAD
icd(sfnet) Intelligent Call Distributor - Asterisk Intelligent Call Distributor (ICD) is a module ... DOWNLOAD
bookbind(sfnet) bookbind This project drives a fully automated productio... DOWNLOAD
gbagame(sfnet) Nukenin Project - A GBA game A platform, sidescrooling, map oriented game fo... DOWNLOAD
kanaquizzer(sfnet) KanaQuiz Helps facilitate learning of the Japanese Kana ... DOWNLOAD
isp-support(sfnet) ISP-Support ISP-Support is full functional Management Syste... DOWNLOAD
questionarionline(sfnet) QUESTIONARIONLINE QUESTIONARIONLINE is a software developed in th... DOWNLOAD
winmcc(sfnet) MCC - Music Control Center MusicControlCenter (MCC) is a client applicatio... DOWNLOAD
tcw(sfnet) Test Case Web Test Case Web (TCW) is an online test case mana... DOWNLOAD
dvdslideshow(sfnet) Photo DVD Slideshow With DVD Slideshow you're able to put your phot... DOWNLOAD
minydro(sfnet) minydro A short and simple hydrodynamic Godunov code us... DOWNLOAD
shibeminer(sfnet) ShibeMiner This is a customized version of the original cg... DOWNLOAD
stautomation(sfnet) STAutomation DOWNLOAD
ssmlibrary(sfnet) SSM Library The problems of the unsafe C string functions s... DOWNLOAD
bilderladung(sfnet) BilderLadung Bilderladung is a free image host written in PH... DOWNLOAD
naojabu(sfnet) naoJABU The project's aim was to integer a new type of ... DOWNLOAD
phpauth(sfnet) phpAuthent phpAuthent is a PHP interface for securing web ... DOWNLOAD
animacinvectorial(sfnet) ANIMACIÓN VECTORIAL Desapareció el cuchillo militar y al buscarlo, ... DOWNLOAD
kpolynome(sfnet) kpolynome A KDE program that calculates polynomes based o... DOWNLOAD
qaiml(sfnet) Program Q AIML Program Q AIML is a C++ Qt-based library offeri... DOWNLOAD
graphlab(sfnet) graphlab GraphLab provides a rich environment for resear... DOWNLOAD
bind-secondary(sfnet) bind-secondary This is Python script to automate task of addin... DOWNLOAD
msn-ftp-proactor(sfnet) msn secure ftp proactor implementation msn secure ftp proactor implementation DOWNLOAD
dadoboletim(sfnet) dados Este é um aplicativos que armazena dados DOWNLOAD
g-unix-browser(sfnet) G-Browser G-Browser is G-uniX's Latest Creation . The G-B... DOWNLOAD
phpabstractdb(sfnet) AbstractDB AbstractDB is a PHP database abstraction layer,... DOWNLOAD
gemitis(sfnet) Gem-ITIS Programa para la gestión de pilotos y licencias... DOWNLOAD
cfl(sfnet) C++ Foundation Library C++ Foundation Library is a general framework f... DOWNLOAD
york(sfnet) york York is a free tile-placement game inspired by ... DOWNLOAD
sparkserv(sfnet) Proyecto Sparks Bot de irc que arranca los services en la máqui... DOWNLOAD
dix(sfnet) Dix Is eXtra The Dix is a Unix like kernel using microkernel... DOWNLOAD
srp(sfnet) State Replication Protocol SRP is a serialization framework used for objec... DOWNLOAD
iaa-pascal(sfnet) iaa-pascal This is interpreter of Pascal programming langu... DOWNLOAD
opensync(sfnet) OpenSync OpenSync - A Synchronization Framework DOWNLOAD
socrates-juego(sfnet) ¿Qué sabes de Sócrates? DOWNLOAD
fcrs(sfnet) FCRS FCRS is a software suite running on Linux inten... DOWNLOAD
utstats(sfnet) UTStats PHP game server statistics, initially for Unrea... DOWNLOAD
afet(sfnet) Advanced File-system Editing Tool (AFET) The AFET (Advanced File-system Editing Tool) us... DOWNLOAD
monotypeviewer(sfnet) MonoTypeViewer Lightweight Fontviewer providing easy and quick... DOWNLOAD
jls(sfnet) Java Log Search (JLS) The Fastest Desktop search ever! replacement fo... DOWNLOAD
patientanon(sfnet) Patient Record Anonymization Program This program is designed to take a set of patie... DOWNLOAD
mxeclipse(sfnet) MxEclipse MxEclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Matrix PLM p... DOWNLOAD
flplayer(sfnet) Flash Player with ActionScript support A Flash Player with ActionScript support. Write... DOWNLOAD
elba(sfnet) ELBA Elba has achieved its goal and is dead. For o... DOWNLOAD
pnewiki(sfnet) PostNuke module pnEWiki ErfurtWiki is an implementation of the WikiWiki... DOWNLOAD
bzfed(sfnet) BzfEd is a Linux BZFlag World Editor BzfEd is an Linux application to allow you to c... DOWNLOAD
directxwine(sfnet) DirectX for Wine A set of patches against WINE to implement Dire... DOWNLOAD
concisus(sfnet) Concisus Concisus is a collaborative environment (a grou... DOWNLOAD
pv2devkit(sfnet) PV2DevKit An unofficial dev kit for the PV2 camera. Curre... DOWNLOAD
wldge2sql(sfnet) WLDGE2SQL Konverter ALB-WLDGE to SQL Konverter DOWNLOAD
pith(sfnet) pith Pith ("Perl-Implemented Test Harness"... DOWNLOAD
antab(sfnet) AlienBrain Ant Tasks Library of Ant tasks that encapsulate the comma... DOWNLOAD
picodebian(sfnet) PicoDebian PicoDebian is a thinned-down version of the Deb... DOWNLOAD
slappy(sfnet) Slappy An intelligent irc php bot what is capable of d... DOWNLOAD

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