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a-najafi(sfnet) tar-file DOWNLOAD
jreversi(sfnet) JReversi "The strategic board games Reversi or Othe... DOWNLOAD
adgen(sfnet) adgen - banner ad cgi-bin program Adgen is a simple program for managing banner a... DOWNLOAD
myphotodiary(sfnet) my PhotoDiary If -as many of us- you have tons of pictures st... DOWNLOAD
phpclassbrowser(sfnet) PHP5 Class browser Class/Extension browser for PHP 5. DOWNLOAD
oneos(sfnet) OneOS A operating system maked in Visual Basic 2010 ... DOWNLOAD
killtodeathcalculator(sfnet) killtodeathcalculator A small kill to death ratio calculator written ... DOWNLOAD
cookiecollectoroptimizer(sfnet) CookieCollectorOptimizer A very small program which help you to growth f... DOWNLOAD
staremestomost(sfnet) Stare mesto Most Tento projekt zalozeny na WebGL a OpenGL,je vir... DOWNLOAD
birdpuzzle(sfnet) Bird Puzzle Bird Puzzle looks harmless but is very tricky. ... DOWNLOAD
classlookupgde(sfnet) .NET Class Lookup Deskbar Extension The .NET Class Lookup extension for Google Desk... DOWNLOAD
piowiki(sfnet) pioWiki A PHP/mySQL based Wiki with user management. DOWNLOAD
appinstaller(sfnet) App Installer This utility allows an IT professional to insta... DOWNLOAD
timezonepatch(sfnet) TimeZone Patch The TimeZonePatch is a flexible java based OS f... DOWNLOAD
snipdock(sfnet) SnipDock Snip screenshots and dock them so you can refer... DOWNLOAD
acdev(sfnet) Asheron's Call Development Resources Third-Party tools, utilities and resources for ... DOWNLOAD
mika(sfnet) mika Mobile Informations- und Kommunikations-Anwendu... DOWNLOAD
srobots(sfnet) SRobots Analog CRobots. Support of 4 languages: Pascal,... DOWNLOAD
joomlamrbs(sfnet) Joomla MRBS Bridge MRBS - Joomla - htt... DOWNLOAD
phpbibliography(sfnet) PhpBibliography web based bibliography system DOWNLOAD
meowproject(sfnet) MEOW Project MEOW project is the emulated server for work wi... DOWNLOAD
tankgameinjava(sfnet) 2DTankGame A simple tanks game in Java using LWJGL and Sli... DOWNLOAD
tc24hr(sfnet) TC24HR This is a simple program about temperature moni... DOWNLOAD
escapeflash(sfnet) Html - Php to Flash string escaper Escape-Flash is a simple function to prevent s... DOWNLOAD
goog-perftools(sfnet) google-perftools The fastest malloc we've seen; works particular... DOWNLOAD
vproftpd(sfnet) Virtual ProFTPD Control Perl application to create, delete and maintain... DOWNLOAD
hypermail-smtp(sfnet) Hypermail - SMTP Server Load Tester Threading program provides the ability to contr... DOWNLOAD
mobileckscore(sfnet) CricketScorekeeper Easily keep track of a game of Cricket on your ... DOWNLOAD
projectsynfo(sfnet) Synfo (Linux System Inventory Tool) Name: Synfo (Linux System Inventory Tool) Langu... DOWNLOAD
etplc(sfnet) etplc Welcome E.T. Proxy Logs Checker [ETPLC]. Start... DOWNLOAD
gztc(sfnet) GuzelTurkce Turkce icin lisan modelleme / tahlil programi; ... DOWNLOAD
autosaver(sfnet) AutoSaver Autosaver is a little tool that saves your work... DOWNLOAD
dbmail(sfnet) dbmail DBMail provides a database-backend mail store u... DOWNLOAD
randomgameselectorforsteam(sfnet) Random Game Selector for Steam Select the folder/directory steamapps, usually ... DOWNLOAD
fiberproject(sfnet) FIBER The Fiber project seeks to create a modular ope... DOWNLOAD
sequencesplit(sfnet) Sequence_Splitter This is a small and easy-to-use bio informatics... DOWNLOAD
songo(sfnet) Songo Log analyzer for Cognos Upfront audit logs. DOWNLOAD
haste-ide(sfnet) haste An integrated development environment for the p... DOWNLOAD
gdb-jtag-arm(sfnet) GDB Stub for ARMs JTAG interface GDB Remote Stub Backend for debugging an embedd... DOWNLOAD
ncart(sfnet) Ncartographer Ncartographer takes the xml output from an Nmap... DOWNLOAD
fourfreesystem(sfnet) 4fs projects A collection of Zope / Plone projecs from 4fs DOWNLOAD
gfxlib(sfnet) GFX lib GFX lib is a small C library for developing gra... DOWNLOAD
lyxportable(sfnet) LyX Portable This is a project to create a portable package ... DOWNLOAD
ados-os-nes(sfnet) ados-nes ados-nes is derived from ados and built for the... DOWNLOAD
phpdatagrid(sfnet) phpDataGrid phpDataGrid - Build fast and easy grid with dat... DOWNLOAD
wrt54gaodv(sfnet) HericomMesh HericomMesh is a linux distribution for the Lin... DOWNLOAD
calcsys(sfnet) Calcsys Calcsys is a system tool for the TI-73, TI-83 P... DOWNLOAD
bionanny(sfnet) Bionanny Bionanny is a tool for Web Services providers. ... DOWNLOAD
gis-weather(sfnet) Gis Weather Customizable weather widget DOWNLOAD
hadtranslatorjoomla(sfnet) Joomla translator Software solves the burden of translating jooml... DOWNLOAD
pyhexeditor(sfnet) pyHexEditor Hexagonal tiled map editor designed for game de... DOWNLOAD
towerdefenselysfith(sfnet) TowerDefense My first game with SharpDX, it's a tower defens... DOWNLOAD
kov-raidplaner(sfnet) RaidPlaner RaidPlaner is a web based tool for players of t... DOWNLOAD
xquerybrowser(sfnet) xquerybrowser A simple query browser that lets connect to mul... DOWNLOAD
jsappframework(sfnet) JSAppFramework JSAppFramework is an application development fr... DOWNLOAD
kwars(sfnet) Kingdom Wars Kingdom Wars is a client/server chess daemon de... DOWNLOAD
jfotolog(sfnet) jfotolog A porting of the popular fotolog sy... DOWNLOAD
docudb(sfnet) DocDB DocDB -Simple document management system (PHP) ... DOWNLOAD
j-mail(sfnet) J-MAIL J-MAIL : an Open Source Java technology based e... DOWNLOAD
flashbpelviewer(sfnet) FlashBPELViewer Macromedia Flash ActiveBpel process viewer. Pro... DOWNLOAD
picturesque(sfnet) Picturesque Picturesque is a photo and movie sharing commun... DOWNLOAD
spider(sfnet) Spider The project is a OR Mapping framework for SNMP ... DOWNLOAD
wallis(sfnet) wallis WaLLiS is a web-based system which delivers mat... DOWNLOAD
sysinfo2html(sfnet) SysInfo2Html A phpsysinfo-alike html-page of system-informat... DOWNLOAD
ipodler(sfnet) iPodler iPodler is a butler for your iPod, that analyze... DOWNLOAD
alarm-x(sfnet) Alarm X A java based alarm clock with a skinned main wi... DOWNLOAD
jbatchrunner(sfnet) JBatchRunner This little JAVA program can handle (start, sto... DOWNLOAD
tagtriples(sfnet) TagTriples Tag Triples - A simple structured metadata form... DOWNLOAD
mic11-tetris(sfnet) MiC11 Tetris DOWNLOAD
gpstoreview(sfnet) GPStoreView My own GPLed version of PStoreView, written in ... DOWNLOAD
weddingwebsite(sfnet) wedsite A PHP and PostgreSQL based website for the mana... DOWNLOAD
rts-vbp(sfnet) RTS Ltd. VBP RTS Ltd. VoIP Billing Platform is an billing pl... DOWNLOAD
sleepygraph(sfnet) SleepyGraph Callgraph visualization for the VerySleepy prof... DOWNLOAD
noweberdb(sfnet) noweberdb A simulator/debugger for some computers describ... DOWNLOAD
web4runner(sfnet) forerunner-webtools Tools for creating a dynamic website capable of... DOWNLOAD
walkerwars(sfnet) Walker Wars Walker Wars is a first/third person 3D shootemu... DOWNLOAD
evolveproject(sfnet) Evolve Evolve is a simulation written in java that use... DOWNLOAD
otrs-persian(sfnet) Persian Open Source Ticketing System Persian Translation for OTRS (Open Source Troub... DOWNLOAD
phpcomplocator(sfnet) phpComputerLocator Web interface for monitoring network switches t... DOWNLOAD
proe(sfnet) PROE Pseudo Random Optimized Encryption Powerful 512bit pseudo random encryption, optim... DOWNLOAD
celestum(sfnet) Celestum Framework A core framework based on .net technology to pr... DOWNLOAD
labyrinthe(sfnet) Labyrinthe Labyrinthe is a board game for 2 to 4 players. ... DOWNLOAD
jscanviewer(sfnet) JScanViewer Imageviewer/database combo that lets you import... DOWNLOAD
jcrypt(sfnet) JCrypt JCrypt is a framework for developing cryptologi... DOWNLOAD
iqtestweb(sfnet) Any IQTest WebApplication General purpose Test Anything (IQ) Web Applica... DOWNLOAD
reed-frostepi(sfnet) Reed-Frost Epidemiology Modelling Tool Software implementing various forms of the... DOWNLOAD
micrologos(sfnet) MicroLogos JavaME dictionary. Lightweigted, fast T9 search. DOWNLOAD
rldapd(sfnet) rldapd rldapd is a LDAP proxy, that allows re-writing ... DOWNLOAD
jbtask(sfnet) JBTask, ANT Tasks for JBoss App Server JBTask is a collection of ANT Tasks for JBoss A... DOWNLOAD
mcmsmanager(sfnet) MCMS Manager In Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) a... DOWNLOAD
jxref(sfnet) JxRef JxRef is a tool that will help you identify ref... DOWNLOAD
taxabase(sfnet) Taxabase Taxabase is being developed as an open source, ... DOWNLOAD
nukeleus(sfnet) NUKEleus NUKEleus - A DotNetNuke Installation Program DOWNLOAD
oropuro(sfnet) Oropuro trading system Complete technical analysis & trading syste... DOWNLOAD
whsystems(sfnet) whiteHawkSystems WhiteHawk Project: A GNU/Linux Desktop environm... DOWNLOAD
casse(sfnet) Casse et détruit This is a console mp3 player for linux based on... DOWNLOAD
addgeocoding03(sfnet) ADDRESS_GEOCODING_03 se project on address geocoding DOWNLOAD
flappybirddownloadpc(sfnet) Flappy Bird Download PC DOWNLOAD
egparser(sfnet) Entrez Gene Parser in Perl Perl Entrez Gene Parser project provides Perl p... DOWNLOAD
randomdresser(sfnet) Random Dresser This application allows you chose randomly from... DOWNLOAD

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