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newsbinripper(sfnet) Newsbinripper Newsbinripper is a set of shell scripts that wo... DOWNLOAD
opendnsnet(sfnet) OpenDNS.NET C# DNS Client Library (100% managed code). Quer... DOWNLOAD
dlsciences(sfnet) Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) is a mission-ce... DOWNLOAD
fearbot(sfnet) FearBot Fearbot is a nice and handy irc bot completly w... DOWNLOAD
galinettecendree(sfnet) Galinette cendrée Remote Desktop Service - User Profil Directory ... DOWNLOAD
held(sfnet) HTML eBay Listing Designer HTML eBay Listing Designer (HeLD) is a command ... DOWNLOAD
youtubetinymce4(sfnet) YouTube TinyMCE4 This plugin integrates with the YouTube API; al... DOWNLOAD
joomm(sfnet) JOOMM A Java class to provide mail-merge functionalit... DOWNLOAD
sklog(sfnet) sk.log The sk.log project is aims to be a near-complet... DOWNLOAD
rosephptool(sfnet) RosePhpTool RosePHPTool is an add-in for Rational Rose. Wit... DOWNLOAD
gd31244(sfnet) Intel GD31244 Linux Device Drivers GD31244 Linux Device Drivers DOWNLOAD
algebsql(sfnet) AlgebraSql This Software takes an text with algebra symbol... DOWNLOAD
rsyncwin32(sfnet) RsyncWin32 Rsync port to native Win32. DOWNLOAD
rtpmonitor(sfnet) Windows RTP Quality Monitor The RTP quality monitor includes two parts, dri... DOWNLOAD
pdf417view(sfnet) pdf417View pdf417View is an Interface Builder Palette for ... DOWNLOAD
freevolts(sfnet) FreeVolts A revival of the once-famous Acclaim's game Re-... DOWNLOAD
xmlnode(sfnet) xmlnode XMLNode is a library that represents the XML in... DOWNLOAD
allindip(sfnet) AllinDIP AllinDIP is a digital image processing applicat... DOWNLOAD
phpsh(sfnet) phpsh An easily extensible PHP shell, which allows pe... DOWNLOAD
cupsclient(sfnet) CupsClient CupsClient for Windows connects to a Cups serve... DOWNLOAD
ultbasketball(sfnet) Ultimate Basketball Challenge Ultimate basketball Challenge aims to be a comp... DOWNLOAD
wintvcap(sfnet) Hauppage command-line capture utility Command line capture only application for the H... DOWNLOAD
arcrascent(sfnet) Arcrascent OS UPDATE SITE MOVED PLEASE VISIT http://arcras... DOWNLOAD
tbswwengine(sfnet) TBSWWEngine Turn Based Strategy. Campaign and Single Player... DOWNLOAD
celerbb(sfnet) CelerBB CelerBB is a piece of forum software that is de... DOWNLOAD
firescr(sfnet) Fire Screensaver Fire is a small screensaver (for windows, yet) ... DOWNLOAD
manual-critic(sfnet) Manpage criticism tools Tools for improving manual pages. Examine syst... DOWNLOAD
compierejaper(sfnet) Compiere JasperReports Integration This project provide an add-on for the Compiere... DOWNLOAD
chessclub(sfnet) Chess Club Central PHP/MySQL software for managing rankings for am... DOWNLOAD
pcrower(sfnet) PC-Rower PC-Rower is a piece of software that allows the... DOWNLOAD
file4j(sfnet) file4j file4j is a java based file type recognition li... DOWNLOAD
hiss(sfnet) Hiss... Hiss... A python IRC client with curses and wxW... DOWNLOAD
autoweb(sfnet) Pro Clan Manager The aim of Pro Clan Manager is to create an int... DOWNLOAD
peek(sfnet) Peek Peek is a perl based chat engine. It can be use... DOWNLOAD
freedaisy(sfnet) Freedaisy is a free Daisy implementation Freedaisy is a free implementation of Daisy boo... DOWNLOAD
simpe(sfnet) SimPE: The simple DBPF-Package Editor SimPE is a Tool for editing nearly all aspects ... DOWNLOAD
buffersynth2(sfnet) Buffer Synth 2 A VST plugin designed to allow manipulation of ... DOWNLOAD
fhwswe141(sfnet) FHWSWE2014_1 DOWNLOAD
htseq(sfnet) HTSeq A Python library to facilitate processing and a... DOWNLOAD
chksem(sfnet) ChkSem ChkSem is a static C++ code analyser. This proj... DOWNLOAD
dtev2(sfnet) DTEv2 (PHP template engine) Have you ever thought why you need to use "... DOWNLOAD
cp210x-program(sfnet) CP210x Programmer Library and command line program providing acce... DOWNLOAD
supelecgrimoire(sfnet) SupelecGrimoire Grimoire (set of bahs script to download, compi... DOWNLOAD
ldiftocsv(sfnet) LDIF to CSV LDIFtoCSV Converts LDIF(LDAP Data Interchange F... DOWNLOAD
skuddcms(sfnet) SkuddCMS SkuddCMS is a content management system geared ... DOWNLOAD
pxcam(sfnet) pxcam Desktop Application to use the Pearl PX-3309 We... DOWNLOAD
maztrix(sfnet) Maztrix Maztrix is a matrix library and program (writte... DOWNLOAD
claradiagram(sfnet) ClaraDiagram Class viewer tool. Give a class name and the to... DOWNLOAD
j2mebomber(sfnet) Bomber for MIDP 2.0 phones Fly a WWI plane to take out targets on the grou... DOWNLOAD
groovedirector(sfnet) Model Checking DOWNLOAD
killzone(sfnet) 3dkillzone 3dkillzone is a fun fps classic style game like... DOWNLOAD
phpdict(sfnet) phpDict phpDict is the web-frontend for human language ... DOWNLOAD
sixfour(sfnet) The Six/Four System The Six/Four System is a flexible framework con... DOWNLOAD
xdxclusterclient(sfnet) Xdx DX Cluster client A handy stand-alone GTK+ client for accessing y... DOWNLOAD
optflow(sfnet) OptFlow OptFlow is a C++ -based library for motion dete... DOWNLOAD
cppinter(sfnet) cppinterpreter Simple interpreter of C++ language, which will ... DOWNLOAD
memominder(sfnet) Memo Minder Memo Minder is a allows people to quickly take ... DOWNLOAD
wpnchatd(sfnet) wpnchatd A platform-independent WPN (WinMX Peer Network)... DOWNLOAD
k-map(sfnet) Karnaugh Map Minimizer Program for minimizing boolean functions using ... DOWNLOAD
fraction(sfnet) Fraction Game Engine Fraction is a flexible .NET framework for creat... DOWNLOAD
triviabotsdch(sfnet) TriviaBot for SDCH TriviaBot is a C# trivia engine designed to run... DOWNLOAD
visq(sfnet) Vision Quest Vision Quest is a 3D Rendering Program. It uses... DOWNLOAD
genesisudk(sfnet) genesisudk Project moved. DOWNLOAD
mail2bash(sfnet) mail2bash mail2bash is a script written in php and bash u... DOWNLOAD
superlauncher(sfnet) SuperLauncher SuperLauncher is an alternative launcher for Mi... DOWNLOAD
kados(sfnet) KADOS KADOS (KAnban Dashboard for Online Scrum) is a ... DOWNLOAD
ecosfreescale(sfnet) eCos Freescale For Freescale HAL development before it is acce... DOWNLOAD
glimmr(sfnet) Glimmr Glimmr is a Flickr uploader, written in Mono/.N... DOWNLOAD
jdforum(sfnet) JAVA D.I.Y Forum jdForum is made by struts and ibatis program ba... DOWNLOAD
oraoink(sfnet) oraOink Project oraOink is a cross-platform java swing client f... DOWNLOAD
cpplua(sfnet) CppLua CppLua is an object oriented framework to deal ... DOWNLOAD
larc(sfnet) LifeArchive LifeArchive is a small group sized blog driven ... DOWNLOAD
ocbb(sfnet) Open Concepts Bulletin Board phpBB "Olympus" Fork which will striv... DOWNLOAD
mrxnanopack(sfnet) MR.X Nano PACK Deticado para Passar TV em Jogadores de War Fac... DOWNLOAD
mythcam(sfnet) MythCam MythCam is a digital camera import and filter m... DOWNLOAD
radiotools(sfnet) Radio_Tools A set of Softwarepackages to Manage Pagecontent... DOWNLOAD
velocitybuilder(sfnet) VelocityBuilder Eclipse Plugin integrating Velocity Template En... DOWNLOAD
dbbase(sfnet) DBBASE DOWNLOAD
openmobileplt(sfnet) AOL Open Mobile Platform Thank You for Visiting the AOL Open Mobile Plat... DOWNLOAD
open-sesame(sfnet) open-sesame 基于Web的帐号管理工具 DOWNLOAD
a-najafi(sfnet) tar-file DOWNLOAD
jreversi(sfnet) JReversi "The strategic board games Reversi or Othe... DOWNLOAD
adgen(sfnet) adgen - banner ad cgi-bin program Adgen is a simple program for managing banner a... DOWNLOAD
myphotodiary(sfnet) my PhotoDiary If -as many of us- you have tons of pictures st... DOWNLOAD
phpclassbrowser(sfnet) PHP5 Class browser Class/Extension browser for PHP 5. DOWNLOAD
oneos(sfnet) OneOS A operating system maked in Visual Basic 2010 ... DOWNLOAD
killtodeathcalculator(sfnet) killtodeathcalculator A small kill to death ratio calculator written ... DOWNLOAD
cookiecollectoroptimizer(sfnet) CookieCollectorOptimizer A very small program which help you to growth f... DOWNLOAD
staremestomost(sfnet) Stare mesto Most Tento projekt zalozeny na WebGL a OpenGL,je vir... DOWNLOAD
birdpuzzle(sfnet) Bird Puzzle Bird Puzzle looks harmless but is very tricky. ... DOWNLOAD
classlookupgde(sfnet) .NET Class Lookup Deskbar Extension The .NET Class Lookup extension for Google Desk... DOWNLOAD
piowiki(sfnet) pioWiki A PHP/mySQL based Wiki with user management. DOWNLOAD
appinstaller(sfnet) App Installer This utility allows an IT professional to insta... DOWNLOAD
timezonepatch(sfnet) TimeZone Patch The TimeZonePatch is a flexible java based OS f... DOWNLOAD
snipdock(sfnet) SnipDock Snip screenshots and dock them so you can refer... DOWNLOAD
acdev(sfnet) Asheron's Call Development Resources Third-Party tools, utilities and resources for ... DOWNLOAD
mika(sfnet) mika Mobile Informations- und Kommunikations-Anwendu... DOWNLOAD
srobots(sfnet) SRobots Analog CRobots. Support of 4 languages: Pascal,... DOWNLOAD
joomlamrbs(sfnet) Joomla MRBS Bridge MRBS - Joomla - htt... DOWNLOAD
phpbibliography(sfnet) PhpBibliography web based bibliography system DOWNLOAD

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