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libyam(sfnet) libyam "Yet Another Modbus Library" - Functi... DOWNLOAD
pnetframework(sfnet) DotGNU Portable.NET Mac OS/X Framework DotGNU Portable.NET Mac OS/X framework This is ... DOWNLOAD
ftps-pool(sfnet) Mirage (linux multisite FTP server) A multiple site FTP server pool running as a Li... DOWNLOAD
horsebreeder(sfnet) Horse Breeder A turn-based artificial selection simulation in... DOWNLOAD
arp3051(sfnet) arp-3051 DOWNLOAD
smines(sfnet) SMines - minesweeper clone for Sony Jxx A Minesweeper clone for Sony Jxx series phone R... DOWNLOAD
downloadforfree(sfnet) jakesbeats DOWNLOAD
mhobbit-php(sfnet) MHobbit's PHP Coding All GPL things written by MHobbit are in here. ... DOWNLOAD
linuxconf(sfnet) Linuxconf Linuxconf is a sophisticated administration sys... DOWNLOAD
opensourcemark(sfnet) OpenSourceMark COSBI OpenSourceMark is the definitive, compreh... DOWNLOAD
itawa(sfnet) IT Administration With Access IT Administration With Access (ITAWA) provides ... DOWNLOAD
saga-zemax(sfnet) Selective Assembly GUI Application As the final step of manufacturing, assembly pl... DOWNLOAD
mediawiki2latexguipyqt(sfnet) mediawiki2latex-gui-pyqt the gui uses python 3 and qt4. DOWNLOAD
seveasy(sfnet) SevEasy (Sevici) Gestiona la lista de estaciones Sevici que mas ... DOWNLOAD
gra4joomla(sfnet) GRA4 Social Network for Joomla! Big social networks put many websites out of bu... DOWNLOAD
pyhackerkey(sfnet) PyHackerKey A Simple Encoder/Decoder Application for Hacker... DOWNLOAD
pip3line(sfnet) Pip3line Check GitHub page for more details. https://gi... DOWNLOAD
jorillas(sfnet) Jorillas JGorillas is a small game written in the Java(T... DOWNLOAD
bdreader(sfnet) BDReader BDReader is intended to be a comfortable comics... DOWNLOAD
exchat(sfnet) Exeter Chat Service ExChat - P2P chat program and protocol meant fo... DOWNLOAD
rootmanandroid(sfnet) Root-Man Android Root-Man is an ultimate one-click-root that con... DOWNLOAD
spitfiredvr(sfnet) spitfire: DVR Explorer Spitfire is a freeware program for browsing you... DOWNLOAD
ros(sfnet) ros PROJECT HAS MOVED! ROS is now hosted at https:/... DOWNLOAD
meta-acid(sfnet) Acid: source package manager Acid is a package manager aiming at automatic c... DOWNLOAD
cannot(sfnet) CANNOT - Coyote Annotation Framework CANNOT - Coyote Annotation. This framework was ... DOWNLOAD
geeboss(sfnet) Geeboss (Graphic Effect Editor for BOSS) Geeboss is a Graphic Effect Editor for BOSS uni... DOWNLOAD
tendersystem(sfnet) TenderSystem Web based tender system to source, award and ma... DOWNLOAD
ipfreely(sfnet) IPFreely Simple and secure TCP Proxy daemon. Refuses to ... DOWNLOAD
qonsole-ahk(sfnet) Qonsole A Quake-like Console Emulator written in AutoHo... DOWNLOAD
rezkonv2latex(sfnet) RezKonv to LaTeX The goal of this project is to make it easier f... DOWNLOAD
openefis(sfnet) OpenEFIS Inspired by the success of the BMA EFIS, and th... DOWNLOAD
fofscrape(sfnet) FOFScrape Utility to 'scrape' player information for Fron... DOWNLOAD
lightphpedit(sfnet) lightphpedit PHP editor, Maked to be light, easy and simple,... DOWNLOAD
gra4mybb(sfnet) GRA4 Social Network for MyBB Big social networks put plenty of MyBB websites... DOWNLOAD
maclightpoc(sfnet) MacLightPOC 12 channel Lighting control for Mac OS X. This ... DOWNLOAD
farmrpro(sfnet) farmr pro farmr pro is a highly scalable online-shop-soft... DOWNLOAD
xvrml(sfnet) xVRML Project to develop xVRML specs & related s/... DOWNLOAD
workcounter(sfnet) WorkCounter WorkCounter lets you count the time spent on wo... DOWNLOAD
runpl(sfnet) runpl a new concept for programing: new syntax and a ... DOWNLOAD
mdline189(sfnet) mdline189 isso é apenas um teste, nada mais. DOWNLOAD
potserver(sfnet) POT server/client POT server/client is a program which connects m... DOWNLOAD
g-inspector(sfnet) G-Inspector G-Inspector is a GLib(GTK+) object/class inspec... DOWNLOAD
moka-modeller(sfnet) MOKA - 3D Topological Modeler MOKA is a 3D geometrical modeler based on a top... DOWNLOAD
linesofcode(sfnet) Track Volume Of Modified Code This script reports the number of lines modifie... DOWNLOAD
ajaxmail(sfnet) AjaxMail AjaxMail is a Web-based e-mail system enhanced ... DOWNLOAD
alchema(sfnet) Alchema A game about brewing potions and stuff. DOWNLOAD
inelt-ups(sfnet) Linux kernel driver for INELT UPS/USB Linux kernel driver to connect INELT UPS device... DOWNLOAD
lusid(sfnet) LUSID LUSID is an interactive fully customisable web-... DOWNLOAD
hbloader-uml(sfnet) UMass Lowell Handyboard Loader Easy, reliable, and complete Handy Board / 68HC... DOWNLOAD
bulkren(sfnet) BulkRen Tool to rename a lot of files following a pattern. DOWNLOAD
squclac(sfnet) squclac clamav redirector for squid proxy server. DOWNLOAD
spamipbee(sfnet) spam-ip-bee Spam Trap Software in order to identify spammer... DOWNLOAD
raindrop(sfnet) Raindrop Raindrop is a Java based framework based on SED... DOWNLOAD
uph(sfnet) Universal Protocol Handler Universal Protocol Handler is a windows-based t... DOWNLOAD
jfmusic(sfnet) jfMusic Tracked Music Editor Supports WAV, DLS files. S... DOWNLOAD
spatiale(sfnet) Spatiale Spatiale is a unix only, non-GUI console progra... DOWNLOAD
editas(sfnet) Editas Expanded demo to SynEdit. A source code editor ... DOWNLOAD
xmessage(sfnet) XMessage A library for binary message parsing and assemb... DOWNLOAD
regenerate(sfnet) Regenerate Regenerate aim to develop a decentralized calen... DOWNLOAD
exmmt(sfnet) Eclipse XML Meta-Modeling Tools The Eclipse XML Meta-Modeling Tools project pro... DOWNLOAD
parceltrack(sfnet) Parcel Track Windows application enabling a user to track sh... DOWNLOAD
xmlsocketd(sfnet) Realtime Flash Server: XMLSocketd XMLSocketd is a server written in C++ to be use... DOWNLOAD
gedbrowser(sfnet) gedbrowser HTML- and javascript-based program to browse th... DOWNLOAD
jmonit(sfnet) jmonit jMonit is a thin, performant, easy to use monit... DOWNLOAD
alphadmin(sfnet) AlphAdmin CMS AlphAdmin CMS is a content management system th... DOWNLOAD
sitecrawl(sfnet) sitecrawl Easy to use command line utility for checking t... DOWNLOAD
cryptoserver(sfnet) CryptoServer CryptoServer is the daemon for handling Sign-Ve... DOWNLOAD
extminer(sfnet) ExtMiner An extensible framework and user interface for ... DOWNLOAD
schedulem(sfnet) ScheduleM Work schedule management system for companies w... DOWNLOAD
rat-trap(sfnet) Project Rat-Trap Project Rat Trap offers a possibiltiy to establ... DOWNLOAD
simplehangul(sfnet) SimpleHangul SimpleHangul is a language engine for composing... DOWNLOAD
mypascal(sfnet) MyPascal Interpreter MyPascal is an Open Source project to create a ... DOWNLOAD
python-selinux(sfnet) Python bindings for libselinux Python bindings for libselinux DOWNLOAD
hel(sfnet) hel Content Management System hel is a content management system written in P... DOWNLOAD
hybrids(sfnet) Hybrid Chess This is a graphical chessboard (like XBoard) fo... DOWNLOAD
wowcustomui(sfnet) Pious UI A compilation of modifications to World of Warc... DOWNLOAD
answers(sfnet) Answers - SCORM Compliant LMS Answers from Results International (www.results... DOWNLOAD
pydatr(sfnet) pyDATR pyDATR is an implementation of the DATR languag... DOWNLOAD
tivo-vlc(sfnet) Tivo VLC modules A set of modules for the VLC media project whic... DOWNLOAD
shortcutjava(sfnet) Shortcut Java With ShortcutJava you can write Java code with ... DOWNLOAD
arcangel(sfnet) ArcAngel Backup Utility ArcAngel is a simple backup utility for program... DOWNLOAD
chatin(sfnet) CHATin CHATin is a peer-to-peer communication software... DOWNLOAD
helpdeskcsharp(sfnet) Help Desk C# Help Desk C# is your basic help desk / ticket m... DOWNLOAD
sikher(sfnet) Sikher Sikher gives you access to the Sikh Scriptures ... DOWNLOAD
autogalaktika(sfnet) AutoGalaktika Programma domāta gatavoties CSDD eksāmenam Прог... DOWNLOAD
piece-flow(sfnet) Piece_Flow A Web flow engine DOWNLOAD
customsearchformodifiedshop(sfnet) GoogleCustomSearch for ModifiedShop when your modifiedshop system doesn't find a pr... DOWNLOAD
ideafutures(sfnet) Idea Futures Prediction Market A web-based prediction market (Idea Futures) sy... DOWNLOAD
phpcountdown(sfnet) PHP Countdown PHP Countdown allows you to display the time re... DOWNLOAD
nonsensegen(sfnet) Nonsense Generator Nonsense Generator allows you to display senten... DOWNLOAD
funct(sfnet) Funct If you ever needed to perform a variety of func... DOWNLOAD
jestart(sfnet) Xenoage JEStart This program is useful for Java developers: It ... DOWNLOAD
elcanbus(sfnet) elcanbus ELcanbus - a tool to aid canbus investigation a... DOWNLOAD
pct4g(sfnet) PCT4G PCT4G is a toolkit which automates construction... DOWNLOAD
recuperaxml(sfnet) RecuperaXML Projeto criado para os interessados em manter f... DOWNLOAD
costars(sfnet) C.O.S.T.A.R.S. Collection Of Static Tools And Response Scripts DOWNLOAD
fxnavi(sfnet) FX Navi Engine, Series A Navi Engine is a very basic message board syste... DOWNLOAD
mgen(sfnet) MGEN/PARIS IC Design Environment The comprehensive C++ library MGEN for IC layou... DOWNLOAD
barebonedt(sfnet) Barebone Decision-Tree Framework Highly reusable and extensible Decision-Tree (M... DOWNLOAD
honeypot-tg-ss(sfnet) Honeypot analysis 2005 Projecttarget is to uncover the attacks of spam... DOWNLOAD

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