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rufus(sfnet) Rufus - BitTorrent Client Rufus - A powerful, easy to use, efficient Pyth... DOWNLOAD
jayray(sfnet) JayRay JayRay is a raycast engine (a la Doom) written ... DOWNLOAD
megamap(sfnet) MegaMap A Map (or HashTable) for Java that is backed by... DOWNLOAD
iron-tank(sfnet) Iron Tank Iron Tank is a real-time multiplayer game in Ja... DOWNLOAD
privatewiki(sfnet) Private Wiki A Java-Based, wiki-style application for person... DOWNLOAD
qdcsyslog(sfnet) quick and dirty central syslog qdcs stands for and is the "quick n' dirty... DOWNLOAD
mangusto(sfnet) Mangusto PHP Portal Mangusto is a content management system develop... DOWNLOAD
php-myrecipes(sfnet) phpMyRecipes phpMyRecipes is a simple Web-based application ... DOWNLOAD
vsoup(sfnet) vsoup VSOUP - Multi-threaded message transfer agent f... DOWNLOAD
rssmanage(sfnet) Live-bookmarks Manager Live-bookmarks Manager is a Perl CGI script tha... DOWNLOAD
dotsgame(sfnet) Lines n dots Dots 'n Lines is an implementation of the class... DOWNLOAD
numcalc(sfnet) Numerological Calculator Numerological Calculator is a calculator for Ma... DOWNLOAD
mivec(sfnet) Mivec Framework Mivec Framework is a lightweight MVC framework ... DOWNLOAD
yacoin(sfnet) YACoin YACoin is an alternative coin similar to Bitcoi... DOWNLOAD
jsys(sfnet) Java Simple System Modeller JSys is a simple to use graphical package for s... DOWNLOAD
mailtc(sfnet) mailtc Mail Tray Checker: A lightweight GTK2 mail chec... DOWNLOAD
tip2(sfnet) Tools Integration Project (TIP) This project uses educational interoperability ... DOWNLOAD
mdcog(sfnet) ASK Repository system for storing learning, researc... DOWNLOAD
textdiff(sfnet) TextDiff.NET TextDiff.NET is the .NET component to list diff... DOWNLOAD
jautocomp(sfnet) jautocomp jautocomp is a small java swing package that im... DOWNLOAD
lunrsearchfileanttask(sfnet) LunrSearchFileAntTask This project helps to create search files based... DOWNLOAD
ramble(sfnet) RAMBLE RAMBLE is a JISC-funded project, in which a com... DOWNLOAD
maxromtvlisting(sfnet) Maxrom TV Listings Maxrom TV Listings - A PHP TV listings grabber ... DOWNLOAD
ant-anl(sfnet) 'Antennalyser' C port for PIC16F873A This is a port of PICAXE-28X BASIC software wri... DOWNLOAD
gktmp-to-osp(sfnet) GKTMP to OSP Interface GKTMP to OSP interface provides provides transl... DOWNLOAD
postfixlogparser(sfnet) Postfix Log Parser Postfix log parser is a script to get an idea o... DOWNLOAD
debianliveserver(sfnet) Debian Live Server Wordpress Web Develop WDT Debian Web Server live distribution x86 wit... DOWNLOAD
lsabot(sfnet) LSA-Bot LSA-Bot is a new, powerful kind of Chat-bot inc... DOWNLOAD
javachronometer(sfnet) Java Chronometer This application works as an digital chronomete... DOWNLOAD
dhadmin(sfnet) ISC DHCP dhcpd.conf parser and editor Do you want to edit your /etc/dhcpd.conf file i... DOWNLOAD
dskstructuriser(sfnet) Disk Structuriser Disk structuriser is a program who can help you... DOWNLOAD
extending-soapui(sfnet) Extending SoapUI DOWNLOAD
gessi(sfnet) GeSSi GeSSi - A Generic and Scalable Simulator for P2... DOWNLOAD
multiweather(sfnet) Multi Weather MWeather is a multi weather program with the pu... DOWNLOAD
laptoplinux(sfnet) Laptop Linux A modular linux distribution designed to provid... DOWNLOAD
zclinic(sfnet) zClinic zClinic is a clinic management solution for sma... DOWNLOAD
paypal-tools(sfnet) PayPal Website Tools Various tools for integrating your Website with... DOWNLOAD
sciteco(sfnet) SciTECO SciTECO is an interactive TECO dialect, similar... DOWNLOAD
dialogsearch(sfnet) dialogsearch DialogSearch is an experimental approach to web... DOWNLOAD
shift2ingres(sfnet) Shift2Ingres Shift2Ingres migrates Oracle & DB2 database... DOWNLOAD
jsbp(sfnet) Java Small Business Platform Pure Java implementation of small but powerful,... DOWNLOAD
cygwinexcelauto(sfnet) Scott Pickford Cygwin Excel Zip Program Set of Add-ins to run standard Cygwin/Unix comm... DOWNLOAD
xpilot(sfnet) XPilot upgrade Create a new polygon-based map format for XPilo... DOWNLOAD
pcblog(sfnet) Pretty Cool Blog Pretty Cool Blog is a Simple Weblog Application... DOWNLOAD
rappel(sfnet) Rappel - Reminder Software An intuitive user friendly reminder software th... DOWNLOAD
basti(sfnet) Basti Tools Basti Tools DOWNLOAD
jblasters(sfnet) JavaBlasters This is a Java Based game that includes 2D and ... DOWNLOAD
akarsu-basic(sfnet) Akarsu Basic Akarsu Basic is an implementation of the BASIC ... DOWNLOAD
toxic-chat(sfnet) ToXic Chat ToXic Chat is a server-client, cross-platform, ... DOWNLOAD
countrydb(sfnet) Country Information Database Country Information Database contains names of ... DOWNLOAD
webfielder(sfnet) Webfielder Webfielder is a collection of integrated PHP we... DOWNLOAD
optik(sfnet) Optik Optik is a flexibly, extensible, easy-to-use li... DOWNLOAD
boaedremake(sfnet) BoA Editor Remake A collaborative effort to remake the Blades Of ... DOWNLOAD
subtitleadjustment(sfnet) Subtitle Adjustment The script will: 1. Automate the extract of te... DOWNLOAD
softwareftd(sfnet) Software for Thumb Drives "Software for Thumb Drives" is a coll... DOWNLOAD
subsworkgroup(sfnet) Subtitles Workgroup Subtitles creation/edition with network collabo... DOWNLOAD
persistnet(sfnet) Persistance.NET Persist.NET is an object-relational mapping [OR... DOWNLOAD
supplets(sfnet) Supplets Supplets is a plugin for MS Internet Explorer w... DOWNLOAD
spy007(sfnet) Spy 007 O projeto Spy 007 consiste em um software de mo... DOWNLOAD
tclx(sfnet) Extended Tcl (TclX) Extends Tcl by providing new operating system i... DOWNLOAD
myutils(sfnet) ToolsAndTests General utilities I am using DOWNLOAD
phasemachine(sfnet) PhaseMachine The phase machine program allows supervised cla... DOWNLOAD
digitech(sfnet) digitech digitech analyses boolean expressions and print... DOWNLOAD
todolazylist(sfnet) TODO LazyList Small application that let you create to-do lis... DOWNLOAD
yaobi(sfnet) Yaobi Yaobi is a fast collision detection library for... DOWNLOAD
xslroot(sfnet) XSLT Web Application Server XslRoot is a web application server completely ... DOWNLOAD
fragger(sfnet) fragger Fragger: A graphical representation of files a... DOWNLOAD
ostos(sfnet) Ostos Shopping List Creator Ostos is a Java program for creating product ca... DOWNLOAD
openvrl(sfnet) Open Virtual Reality 'L' OpenVRL - standas for Open Source Virtual Reali... DOWNLOAD
bcsdelphitidy(sfnet) BCS Delphi Tidy Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer This applica... DOWNLOAD
rapple(sfnet) rapple Lightweight XML based transformation tool writt... DOWNLOAD
thaliasscript(sfnet) Thalía's Script Thalía's Script it's a Internet Relay Chat. DOWNLOAD
myeasyshop(sfnet) myEasyShop myEasyShop is a web based solution for e-commer... DOWNLOAD
targ(sfnet) Nomad Interpreting Free Tools This software, called NIFT is a Nomad Interpret... DOWNLOAD
oji(sfnet) Ojubati Next generation releases of Ojuba OS. DOWNLOAD
freedatepicker(sfnet) Free date picker A free javascript date picker. You can open a ... DOWNLOAD
clostamp(sfnet) clostamp - time stamp displayer clostamp is a very simple time stamp displayer ... DOWNLOAD
phpscms(sfnet) phpSCMS A Content Management System written in PHP. It... DOWNLOAD
gasta(sfnet) Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree Analysis This program makes it possible to read a file p... DOWNLOAD
x3dmini(sfnet) X3D Mini X3D Mini is an X3D model viewer intended for mo... DOWNLOAD
phpblogger(sfnet) PHP-Blogger PHP-Blogger is an OS independent blog script. I... DOWNLOAD
jembryos(sfnet) jEmbryoS It can change the world. No less. Just particip... DOWNLOAD
kalliope(sfnet) Calliope Music Server and MP3 Jukebox Calliope: a GPL jukebox music server, content- ... DOWNLOAD
php-template(sfnet) phpTemplate Make updating your website easier with this web... DOWNLOAD
webmailclient(sfnet) WebMail This is a WebMailClient which is able to keep M... DOWNLOAD
venomtwist(sfnet) VenomTwist A Buzz-like music-tracker and player using soft... DOWNLOAD
jeenie(sfnet) Jeenie Jeenie is a Win32 screensaver written in Java a... DOWNLOAD
algomath(sfnet) Algomath Algomath is a portable 32bit integer Arithmetic... DOWNLOAD
arnold(sfnet) Arn0lD A new Web Crawler including sophisticated searc... DOWNLOAD
beehiveware(sfnet) Beehive groupware Client-server modular java-based groupware with... DOWNLOAD
vislpsg(sfnet) VISL Phrase Structure Grammar Compiler The VISL Phrase Structure Grammar Compiler is a... DOWNLOAD
namefind(sfnet) Name::Find Name::Find is a perl module and related files f... DOWNLOAD
tradermissions(sfnet) TraderMissions TraderMissions is a top-down 2D space RPG game,... DOWNLOAD
darkvis(sfnet) DarkVis Winamp Visualization Plugin DarkVis the Open Source OpenGL based Winamp Vis... DOWNLOAD
openjmx(sfnet) OpenJMX This project has changed name to MX4J, see http... DOWNLOAD
unoscores(sfnet) Uno Scores Uno Scores Card-game cardgame calculator DOWNLOAD
machinesync(sfnet) MachineSync - Internet installer A portable Internet installer that downloads on... DOWNLOAD
jfxunit(sfnet) JavaFX Unit This is a xUnit framework implementation for Ja... DOWNLOAD
audiere(sfnet) Audiere Audio System Audiere is a portable audio library which suppo... DOWNLOAD
projetousc(sfnet) Projeto Usc Projeto UsC is a free web chat client DOWNLOAD

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