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codestat(sfnet) CodeStat This is a code quality diagnostic tool. It can ... DOWNLOAD
jreminder(sfnet) JReminder The program JReminder is a scheduler and remind... DOWNLOAD
mjslib(sfnet) mjslib A JavaScript library with tools for form valida... DOWNLOAD
xenaccess(sfnet) XenAccess Library When running multiple domains through the Xen h... DOWNLOAD
farqendoc(sfnet) FarqenDoc A very small stand-alone tool for turning XML d... DOWNLOAD
agenda-snow(sfnet) Agenda SNOW Compiler Development The Agenda is a Linux based PDA (http://www.age... DOWNLOAD
gentorrent(freshmeat) gentorrent gentorrent generates metainfo files, a.k.a. “... DOWNLOAD
newserv2(sfnet) NewServ2 DOWNLOAD
ejce(sfnet) EasyJCE EasyJCE provides an easy to use interface for e... DOWNLOAD
javaguiapplication(sfnet) Java GUI Application Provide all cross platform graphic user interfa... DOWNLOAD
humblit(sfnet) humblit IT company CMS DOWNLOAD
daeron(sfnet) Daeron Daeron is a fast, lightweight, powerful and ver... DOWNLOAD
zmd(sfnet) ZertisMD ZMD is a web based, medical clinic practice man... DOWNLOAD
nand-flash-util(sfnet) NAND flash utilities NAND flash utilities is a set of utilities for ... DOWNLOAD
gnome2mtel(sfnet) Gnome 2 Mtel Gnome2Mtel: This program sends messages to the ... DOWNLOAD
bnbt(sfnet) BNBT BNBT is a complete port of the original Python ... DOWNLOAD
mqat(sfnet) MQAT MQAT - (MathQTI And That). MathQTI is a mathema... DOWNLOAD
fusionblast(sfnet) Fusion Blast 2D FusionBlast 2D is a powerful two dimensional GD... DOWNLOAD
nepsing(sfnet) NePSing NePSing (Network Protocol Simulator, next gener... DOWNLOAD
refdbg(sfnet) GObject reference count debugger GObject reference counting debugger. A tool to... DOWNLOAD
secmap(sfnet) Secure Network Mapping Map local drive to remote Windows network share... DOWNLOAD
livecontrol(sfnet) LiveControls LiveControls is a simple collection of WinForms... DOWNLOAD
teamswitch(sfnet) TeamSwitch TeamSwitch is a perl script connecting an Ameri... DOWNLOAD
nagios-db(sfnet) Nagios-DB Adds database support to Nagios 2, and replaces... DOWNLOAD
shopifylivechatsupportsoftware(sfnet) Shopify live chat support software To integrate live chat on eCommerce website cre... DOWNLOAD
gtkapplet(sfnet) Network Information Gnome Applet Connections applet is a gnome applet to display... DOWNLOAD
nsqlcli(sfnet) nsqlcli Includes three tools; nsqlcli, nsqlsp, and nsql... DOWNLOAD
webrecorder(sfnet) Web Recorder Web Recorder is a testing tool for web-based ap... DOWNLOAD
acdcontrol(sfnet) Apple Cinema Display backlight control Apple Cinema Display backlight brightness contr... DOWNLOAD
winfulldir(sfnet) Windows Full Directory Listing FullDir is a 32-bit Windows command line utilit... DOWNLOAD
aam6000ug(sfnet) Asus AAM6000UG ADSL USB Modem Linux driv Asus AAM6000UG (ADSL USB Modem with Alcatel chi... DOWNLOAD
rolemanager(sfnet) Role Manager Role Manager is a security management framework... DOWNLOAD
jnids(sfnet) jnids Java interface to libnids. DOWNLOAD
patterngen(sfnet) PatternGen An Eclipse Plugin to provide the ability to def... DOWNLOAD
phpgolem(sfnet) phpGolem phpGolem is a lightweight, templatable and exte... DOWNLOAD
firmmod(sfnet) FirmMod FirmMod will be a binary editor oriented to fir... DOWNLOAD
delphibot(sfnet) DelphiBot, The IRC Robot This is an IRC bot written in Delphi. It has a ... DOWNLOAD
nbrpg(sfnet) NBRPG NBRPG is a client-server application used to pl... DOWNLOAD
openaccent(sfnet) OpenAccent OpenAccent inserts accents and special characte... DOWNLOAD
dbsaga(sfnet) The DBSaga MUD Codebase This is the legendary DBSaga (DBS) MUD Codebase. DOWNLOAD
oversaturation(sfnet) oversaturation this game is about random patterns invading the... DOWNLOAD
hosx-official(sfnet) HosX A Advanced Ping tool based on TCP DOWNLOAD
sparksbs(sfnet) SparkleSite This project aims to develop a PHP website cont... DOWNLOAD
starkblog(sfnet) starkBlog starkBlog is an open-source minimalistic bloggi... DOWNLOAD
phpurlsquish(sfnet) PhpUrlSquish PhpUrlSquish squishes your long URLs (and bring... DOWNLOAD
ajaxdo(sfnet) Ajaxdo - Ajax persistent Data Objects Ajax Data Objects (ajaxdo) provides an easy dat... DOWNLOAD
distrib-rsa(sfnet) Distributed RSA Key Generation Compute shared RSA keys for two parties using G... DOWNLOAD
cathnet(sfnet) Cathnet Cathnet is developing the infrastructure for th... DOWNLOAD
kuckmal(sfnet) kuckmal. quick keywords for your picture kuckmal is a tool, that is supposed to help you... DOWNLOAD
dcs(sfnet) DCS Distributed computation software (DCS) for rese... DOWNLOAD
gpurt(sfnet) GPU-RT GPU based Ray Tracer using GLSL and HLSL DOWNLOAD
jlinuxspeaker(sfnet) jLinuxSpeaker (class) jLinuxSpeaker is Java port for Linux of... DOWNLOAD
sacrapute(sfnet) sacrapute A gallery and news php website. The main featur... DOWNLOAD
hcomhl7(sfnet) HCOM ActiveX HCOM (HL7 Component) is an ActiveX component th... DOWNLOAD
icpr0n(sfnet) ViewMonkey ViewMonkey is a Javabased image viewer. The goa... DOWNLOAD
dbcvt(sfnet) Database Converter A generic metadata, data, and progam migration ... DOWNLOAD
jquickdown(sfnet) JQuickDown QuickDown anything,this soft can split files in... DOWNLOAD
ryl2acedevolution(sfnet) RYL Ace Devolution DOWNLOAD
quirck(sfnet) QUIrCK, a Quick IRC Client! Quirck is a Simple IRC Client with a well-comme... DOWNLOAD
portcar-official(sfnet) PortCar Check for open ports DOWNLOAD
unrealgoldfix(sfnet) UnrealGoldFix UnrealGoldFix is a set of .u packages for Unrea... DOWNLOAD
jstp(sfnet) JSTP JSTP is a light-weight template language for Ja... DOWNLOAD
heinanos(sfnet) heinanos HeinanOS is an operating system developed mainl... DOWNLOAD
libmpg123(sfnet) libmpg123 Base on mpg123 mp3 decoder engine, cross-platfo... DOWNLOAD
jkbs(sfnet) JKBS JKBS it's a production system: a knowledge base... DOWNLOAD
langamebridge(sfnet) LAN Game Bridge LanGameBridge is a simple LAN bridge, forwardin... DOWNLOAD
mechanoid(sfnet) mechanoid mechanoid is a programmatic browser written in ... DOWNLOAD
ipodconverter(sfnet) iPodConverter A tool for converting existing files, such as a... DOWNLOAD
chisel-cache(sfnet) chisel Chisel is a semantic cache for Java. It speeds... DOWNLOAD
gazu(sfnet) Gazu, P2P with Gmail Gazu is a p2p software. It uses Gmails accounts... DOWNLOAD
povbroom(sfnet) POV-Broom POV-Broom is a Python/wxPython front-end applic... DOWNLOAD
ferguson(sfnet) Ferguson Real time EverQuest log parser. DOWNLOAD
quimera(sfnet) Quimera Entidad Relacionamiento Modelamiento de Datos en Java para Bases de Dat... DOWNLOAD
process-watcher(sfnet) Process Watcher Process Watcher provides logging service for us... DOWNLOAD
osprofcheck(sfnet) osprofcheck Tools displays information ab... DOWNLOAD
sow2(sfnet) SOW An experimental project designed to separate em... DOWNLOAD
couriervuadmin(sfnet) Courier User Admin for Virtual Users Courier User Admin for virtual user accounts, a... DOWNLOAD
sixqosframework(sfnet) sixQoS Web Platform sixQos is an MVC classic and is ideal for devel... DOWNLOAD
comete-esta(sfnet) cometeEsta : a Crazy Pacman Clone This is a PacMan Clone that we intend to progra... DOWNLOAD
tuxclimber(sfnet) Tux Climber Tux Climber is inspired on Icy Tower. It's a pl... DOWNLOAD
gkrellm-gkfreq(sfnet) gkrellm-gkfreq A plugin to GKrellM that displays the current C... DOWNLOAD
netforge(sfnet) The .Net Custom Class Project The .Net Custom controls project. The custom co... DOWNLOAD
adcviewer(sfnet) ADCViewer ADCViewer visualizes analog signals coming from... DOWNLOAD
rss2fortune(sfnet) rss2fortune Convert RSS files or URLs to a fortune data file. DOWNLOAD
jpaentityutils(sfnet) jpaentityutils DOWNLOAD
adolpy(sfnet) ADOL-Py ADOL-Py is a python extension to the ADOL-C aut... DOWNLOAD
talweg(sfnet) talweg Talweg is a captive portal for wireless network... DOWNLOAD
lib4j(sfnet) Java library Lib4j is a java library with reusable features. DOWNLOAD
os71(sfnet) OS71: An Instructional Operating System OS71 is an instructional operating system with ... DOWNLOAD
naturaldtd(sfnet) Natural DTD NaturalDTD translates a DTD to html pages or an... DOWNLOAD
sitesimple(sfnet) siteSimple siteSimple is web site content management solut... DOWNLOAD
collectionsort(sfnet) File Collection Sorter RAT, is a command line program written in C wri... DOWNLOAD
ddirpg(sfnet) Dungeons and Dragons Independent RPG Dungeons and Dragons Independent RPG DOWNLOAD
pc-xd(sfnet) pc-xd C'estを解除ordinateur virtuel developpéアバク基... DOWNLOAD
plonesgs(sfnet) PloneSGS PloneSGS (Submission and Grading System) is an ... DOWNLOAD
dna-kit(sfnet) DNA construction kit Simplify and speed up design processes of multi... DOWNLOAD
pytan(sfnet) PyTan Python powered BBS/forum software with integrat... DOWNLOAD
cwatchdog(sfnet) Courseware Watchdog The Courseware Watchdog is a tool suite for res... DOWNLOAD
gpack(sfnet) GPack GPack is a C++ graphics library based on SDL (S... DOWNLOAD
pica(sfnet) Perl Installation & Configuration Agent A tool to centrally manage different servers. DOWNLOAD

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