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freebv(sfnet) FIPS (Free Image Processing Software) FIPS is an image processing software, that allo... DOWNLOAD
iewpxysnarfer(sfnet) IEWebProxySnarfer IEWebProxySnarfer: A comprehensive implementati... DOWNLOAD
qube(sfnet) Quantitative Blush Evaluation Quantitative Evalution of Blush: a program to a... DOWNLOAD
backup2l(sfnet) backup2l - low maintenance backup tool backup2l is a lightweight tool for generating, ... DOWNLOAD
wowkarma(sfnet) Karma World of Warcraft, Stand Alone add-on for track... DOWNLOAD
ximplemod(sfnet) XimpleMOD Module Player XimpleMOD is a module (IT/S3M/XM/MTM/MOD/UMX/MO... DOWNLOAD
acceleo(freshmeat) Acceleo Acceleo is a code generator designed to efficie... DOWNLOAD
how-2(sfnet) How2 - Front-end to GNU/Linux HOWTO docs This is a simple, powerful, flexible and effici... DOWNLOAD
mole(sfnet) Mole Mole (Chemistry Calculator) can calculate molar... DOWNLOAD
pympc(sfnet) Pympc Pympc is a client for the Music Player Daemon [... DOWNLOAD
gllb(sfnet) GLLB This is a simplified load balancer script, whic... DOWNLOAD
wmpower-2(freshmeat) wmpower+ wmpower+ is Window Maker laptop power managemen... DOWNLOAD
szapgtk(sfnet) szapgtk szapgtk is a gui of the zapping tool szap for d... DOWNLOAD
pingux(sfnet) PinguX PinguX is an OpenGL Based render library. It wi... DOWNLOAD
feringa(sfnet) Feringa A chess game for the PalmOS platform, based on ... DOWNLOAD
tclsigx(sfnet) TclSigX TclSigX is a client for the SigX dynamic signat... DOWNLOAD
xmailadmin(sfnet) XMailAdmin XmailAdmin is a Win32 program for those who adm... DOWNLOAD
fiber(sfnet) Fiber "Fiber" is a java library which adds ... DOWNLOAD
junitscenario(sfnet) JUnitScenario JUnitScenario is a java tool allowing you to de... DOWNLOAD
scriptlandia(sfnet) Scriptlandia Launching Pad for running various scripts (Ant,... DOWNLOAD
emulinker(sfnet) EmuLinker - NetPlay Emulation EmuLinker is a fully featured Kaillera network ... DOWNLOAD
jaminid(sfnet) Java Mini Daemon This is a very small HTTP server meant to be em... DOWNLOAD
gimp-bilateral(sfnet) GIMP bilateral filter This is a Gimp plugin for noise-removal, simila... DOWNLOAD
leavekojack(sfnet) leave-kojack In general, Pearson correlation coefficients ca... DOWNLOAD
freeamos(sfnet) FreeAmos FreeAmos is an attempt to produce a FREE, porta... DOWNLOAD
gold-ldap(sfnet) GNU obeisance LDAP Deamon/Server (GoLD) A small (and limited) LDAP Deamon / Server to b... DOWNLOAD
yaffle(sfnet) yaffle A reporting framework written in Java and targe... DOWNLOAD
etp(sfnet) etp Template Parser module for Perl. DOWNLOAD
unixtools(sfnet) Open Source UNIX[tm] Tools UNIX[tm] Regular Expression Engine with Sample ... DOWNLOAD
valefore(sfnet) Valefore - IRC Daemon - IRC Services Valefore - Softwares IRC : Serveur de type IRCu... DOWNLOAD
cmtomilimeterquickconverter(sfnet) CM To Milimeter Quick Converter Hello I'm Ethan and i am 12 years of age and i ... DOWNLOAD
deadboys(sfnet) Dead Boys (a game) DOWNLOAD
liveha(sfnet) LiVE-HA The project aimed developing casacading primary... DOWNLOAD
sen3d(sfnet) sen3d sen3d is a simple 3d engine being developed in ... DOWNLOAD
pretty-curved-privacy(freshmeat) Pretty Curved Privacy Pretty Curved Privacy (pcp1) is a commandline u... DOWNLOAD
robotester(sfnet) ROBOTester ROBOTester is a simple unittest framework for C... DOWNLOAD
inicrond(sfnet) inicrond inicrond is a education-oriented content manage... DOWNLOAD
strutsblobapp(sfnet) strutsblobapp A Struts web application that demonstrates how ... DOWNLOAD
kronos(sfnet) Kronos Kronos is a program for store lyrics of songs a... DOWNLOAD
cottoncms(sfnet) Cotton CMS 100% pure Java CMS. Based on Apache Cocoon - us... DOWNLOAD
cz-sb(sfnet) ChatZilla Support Boards Home of the ChatZilla Support Boards. ChatZilla... DOWNLOAD
freecores(sfnet) freecores FreeCores is a project to provide and foster a ... DOWNLOAD
port-apps(sfnet) Port-Apps DOWNLOAD
ewbscola(sfnet) EWB EWB is a software producted by Jida Scola Co.Lt... DOWNLOAD
siger(sfnet) Simple Gesture Recognizer The SiGeR library allows developers to quickly ... DOWNLOAD
logstatsx(sfnet) logstatsx Half Life & mod "log to mySQL" to... DOWNLOAD
gemoss(sfnet) Gmini open source software Tools for development on the Archos Gmini 100 &... DOWNLOAD
aurorax(sfnet) Aurora An innovative Mac OS X weather program with 7 d... DOWNLOAD
darfpga(sfnet) DarFPGA FPGA software and hardware, mainly recreation o... DOWNLOAD
ddaddos(sfnet) ddaddos ddaddos stands for ``detect DAD (Duplicate Addr... DOWNLOAD
gpgpwd(freshmeat) gpgpwd gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. I... DOWNLOAD
carsdb(sfnet) Cars DB A simple app to keep track of statistics about ... DOWNLOAD
mecado(sfnet) Mecado The Mecado library written for PHP5 provides an... DOWNLOAD
carambacomp(sfnet) Caramba Caramba provides you an easy way to build respo... DOWNLOAD
hpvna(sfnet) hpvna This software is used to configure an HP VNA (s... DOWNLOAD
atlantal(sfnet) Atlantal Content Management System Java J2EE Web Portal and Content Management Sys... DOWNLOAD
firefs(sfnet) FireFS FireFS is a forum solution for everyone, being ... DOWNLOAD
note-it(sfnet) Note-It Crie e organize recados facilmente! DOWNLOAD
phptri-2005(sfnet) Extreme-4-PHPtriad Important updates to PHPtriad including php4.3.... DOWNLOAD
sha_http_auth(freshmeat) SHA_HTTP_Auth SHA_HTTP_Auth is a Perl module which allows sec... DOWNLOAD
mycampaign(sfnet) myCampaignManager A template-based email newsletter content manag... DOWNLOAD
mythstreamtv(sfnet) MythStreamTV MythTV addon that allows live transcoding and s... DOWNLOAD
tunneling2java(sfnet) Tunneling2java java & MySQL based invoice making and stock... DOWNLOAD
alldownloads(sfnet) All Downloads All different kinds of downloads hosted here - ... DOWNLOAD
igetpc(sfnet) Get Pc All Download DOWNLOAD
windows81v2(sfnet) windows8.1v2 DOWNLOAD
redshed(sfnet) redshed Code for Mac+WebObjects. DOWNLOAD
phpdivelogger(sfnet) DiveLogger DiveLogger is a program which allow people to e... DOWNLOAD
onefc(sfnet) onefC The onefC project aims to build a digital ident... DOWNLOAD
jdpwdportable(sfnet) JDownloader Password Decryptor Portable JDownloader Password Decryptor Portable is the ... DOWNLOAD
generatexls(sfnet) GenerateXLS GenerateXLS is an ASP script that generates a c... DOWNLOAD
ckeyboard(sfnet) ckeyboard Chinese input method for Zaurus! Support: ... DOWNLOAD
gprof2html(sfnet) gprof2html Given a GCC "gmon.out" file (or outpu... DOWNLOAD
jsoop(sfnet) JSOOP jsoop (Javascript Object Oriented Programming) ... DOWNLOAD
grandslam(sfnet) Grand Slam Firmware upgrade for the Linksys WRT54GS router... DOWNLOAD
wineportscripts(sfnet) wineportscripts Script helper scripts to port software from win... DOWNLOAD
sman1padang(sfnet) SMAN 1 PADANG DOWNLOAD
gaijin-studio(sfnet) Gaijin Studio for Spring MVC Eclipse plugin for graphical design of applicat... DOWNLOAD
formcat(sfnet) Formcat: form validation generator. Formcat 1.01 is a class for form validation in ... DOWNLOAD
mogwai(sfnet) Mogwai Java Tools Java 2D & 3D visual entity relationship des... DOWNLOAD
hjdesktop(sfnet) hjdesktop HJDesktop is a VNC-like remote desktop applicat... DOWNLOAD
nexstarctl(sfnet) NexStarCtl This module implements the serial commands supp... DOWNLOAD
alsub(sfnet) AlSub This is a simple project to add the support to ... DOWNLOAD
phpborg(sfnet) PHPBorg A PHP port of 'PyBorg', an IRC AI bot. DOWNLOAD
hpvm(sfnet) Heterogeneous Parallel Virtual Machine HPVM (Heterogeneous Parallel Virtual Machine) i... DOWNLOAD
etimeman(sfnet) E-Time Manager Online Time and Absentee management system DOWNLOAD
linimage(sfnet) LinImage LinImage is an OS imaging system which uses bas... DOWNLOAD
csframework(sfnet) wMOFFramework The wM Open Framework provides tools for projec... DOWNLOAD
thirteen-moon(sfnet) 13 Moon Harmonic Synchronization The 13 Moon Harmonic Synchronization program is... DOWNLOAD
crdebug(sfnet) CRDebug CRDebug is a debugger application targeted prim... DOWNLOAD
routerpack(sfnet) linux box router management system Projekt sluzy do administracji ruterem pracujac... DOWNLOAD
pmath-ta0kira(sfnet) 'pmath' Path Calculator 'pmath' Path Calculator - converts relative and... DOWNLOAD
perl-itunes(sfnet) iTunes shell Interactive remote control shell for iTunes DOWNLOAD
matjito(sfnet) Fast expression evaluator Pluggable library for fast computation of mathe... DOWNLOAD
photosuite(sfnet) Photo Management Suite PMS eases the process of renaming/sorting, rota... DOWNLOAD
antforms(sfnet) AntForm An Ant task for user interaction based on forms... DOWNLOAD
amaild(sfnet) Amail Amail is a mail deamon with web interface. Writ... DOWNLOAD
distjc(sfnet) distJC Distributed Java compilation - distJC DOWNLOAD
dcmtrainer(sfnet) Dynamic Cheat Manipulator The Dynamic Cheat Manipulator(DCM) is a game tr... DOWNLOAD
mmclib(sfnet) MMC AVR Lib MMC card communication library for Atmel AVR mi... DOWNLOAD

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