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netforge(sfnet) The .Net Custom Class Project The .Net Custom controls project. The custom co... DOWNLOAD
adcviewer(sfnet) ADCViewer ADCViewer visualizes analog signals coming from... DOWNLOAD
rss2fortune(sfnet) rss2fortune Convert RSS files or URLs to a fortune data file. DOWNLOAD
jpaentityutils(sfnet) jpaentityutils DOWNLOAD
adolpy(sfnet) ADOL-Py ADOL-Py is a python extension to the ADOL-C aut... DOWNLOAD
talweg(sfnet) talweg Talweg is a captive portal for wireless network... DOWNLOAD
lib4j(sfnet) Java library Lib4j is a java library with reusable features. DOWNLOAD
os71(sfnet) OS71: An Instructional Operating System OS71 is an instructional operating system with ... DOWNLOAD
naturaldtd(sfnet) Natural DTD NaturalDTD translates a DTD to html pages or an... DOWNLOAD
sitesimple(sfnet) siteSimple siteSimple is web site content management solut... DOWNLOAD
collectionsort(sfnet) File Collection Sorter RAT, is a command line program written in C wri... DOWNLOAD
ddirpg(sfnet) Dungeons and Dragons Independent RPG Dungeons and Dragons Independent RPG DOWNLOAD
pc-xd(sfnet) pc-xd C'estを解除ordinateur virtuel developpéアバク基... DOWNLOAD
plonesgs(sfnet) PloneSGS PloneSGS (Submission and Grading System) is an ... DOWNLOAD
dna-kit(sfnet) DNA construction kit Simplify and speed up design processes of multi... DOWNLOAD
pytan(sfnet) PyTan Python powered BBS/forum software with integrat... DOWNLOAD
cwatchdog(sfnet) Courseware Watchdog The Courseware Watchdog is a tool suite for res... DOWNLOAD
gpack(sfnet) GPack GPack is a C++ graphics library based on SDL (S... DOWNLOAD
pica(sfnet) Perl Installation & Configuration Agent A tool to centrally manage different servers. DOWNLOAD
gestoractes(sfnet) Gestor d'Actes i Reunions Gestor d'Actes i Reunions DOWNLOAD
httunnel(sfnet) HTTunnel A universal HTTP tunnel using Apache, mod_perl ... DOWNLOAD
hunmap(sfnet) hunmap hungarian map for free use DOWNLOAD
electure(sfnet) electure The electure online lecturing system is a free ... DOWNLOAD
shoutdepot(sfnet) ShoutDepot ShoutDepot is a tool that will allow full admin... DOWNLOAD
airblade(sfnet) Airblade A WISP management based on Linux with open sour... DOWNLOAD
hlcfmg(sfnet) Half-life config Manager A launcher and tool for Half-life and mods to h... DOWNLOAD
tamanbasketball(sfnet) Taman Basketball A php/mysql web browser based basketbal managem... DOWNLOAD
openwebstats(sfnet) OpenWebStats OpenWebStats is a php stats application that re... DOWNLOAD
sparql4j(sfnet) sparql4j SPARQL JDBC type 4 driver DOWNLOAD
hvk(sfnet) HV Kernel The HV Kernel to provide a patch that contains ... DOWNLOAD
compieretk(sfnet) CompiereTK CompiereTK - Compiere client for Fyracle/Oracle... DOWNLOAD
movieshare(sfnet) MovieShare MovieShare is a filesharing application for mov... DOWNLOAD
spring-config(sfnet) spring-config spring-config is an extension to the current pr... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-rss(sfnet) phpBB/RSS phpBB/RSS - is a phpBB mod, based on phpBB 2.0.... DOWNLOAD
tlan(sfnet) TLAN Driver for Linux The Linux TLAN driver supports various Ethernet... DOWNLOAD
mnemosyne-proj(sfnet) Mnemosyne Project Mnemosyne resembles a traditional flash-card pr... DOWNLOAD
dotsplus3d(sfnet) DotsPlus3D DotsPlus is a way of integrating tactile captio... DOWNLOAD
bibliotekapkis(sfnet) Biblioteka Zarządzanie książkami znajdującymi się w biblio... DOWNLOAD
napoleon(sfnet) Napoleon - Multi Service Protocol Napoleon is a protocol for serving more than 1 ... DOWNLOAD
imepspiceinterface(sfnet) IMEP-Spice interface The developed graphical interface is based on t... DOWNLOAD
csv-mysql(sfnet) csv to mysql translator A small PHP file that help to translate from a ... DOWNLOAD
lanovision(sfnet) Lanovision Lanovision allows you to stream videos over a l... DOWNLOAD
backupros(sfnet) BackupROS Tool to manage MikroTik RouterOS's backups file... DOWNLOAD
flytracker(sfnet) flytracker DOWNLOAD
meclipseplugpl(sfnet) maven-eclipseplugin-plugin Maven plugin that can be used to build distribu... DOWNLOAD
triplev-mp3(sfnet) TripleV mp3 player TripleV is an java mp3 player. Not just a simpl... DOWNLOAD
proshee(sfnet) Proshee Proshee is a Prolog type-inference system writt... DOWNLOAD
backdraft(sfnet) BACKDRAFT Workgroup Management バック国連アンサンブルd' outils提案gest... DOWNLOAD
elowel(sfnet) Elowel: Blogging Community Engine Elowel is software to build small blogging/jour... DOWNLOAD
ktermemulator(sfnet) KTermEmulator KTermEmulator : Easy to use X-based VT100 emula... DOWNLOAD
aspdns(sfnet) ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000 ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000 has the purpos... DOWNLOAD
iesize(sfnet) ImageResize this small application has been designed to eas... DOWNLOAD
transparentscre(sfnet) transparentscre Project discontinued. DOWNLOAD
xsdtrans(sfnet) xsdTransformer xsdTransformer generates xforms, xhtml, code, s... DOWNLOAD
ignite(sfnet) Ignite Ignite is used to optimize the distribution of ... DOWNLOAD
fishnomore(sfnet) FishNoMore FishNoMore is an internet poker analysis tool. ... DOWNLOAD
diceshop(sfnet) diceShop diceShop is a perl command line dice expression... DOWNLOAD
frachat(sfnet) FracHat A gtk2 Mandelbrot fractal explorer with multipl... DOWNLOAD
wmplayer(sfnet) wmplayer wmplayer (wrapper for mplayer) is a wrapper fun... DOWNLOAD
ess-sim(sfnet) Embedded System Simulator A cross-platform simulator for embedded systems... DOWNLOAD
beepcore-c(sfnet) C/C++ BEEP Core P2P application protocol framework (RFC3080, RF... DOWNLOAD
sqlom(sfnet) Dynamic SQL Framework (Sql Object Model) Dynamic SQL framework eases dynamic SQL generat... DOWNLOAD
swingglue(sfnet) Java Swing MVC Glue Layer SwingGlue introduces a binding layer for Swing ... DOWNLOAD
megawatt(sfnet) Megawatt A tool written in php on mysql db, able to crea... DOWNLOAD
ghelm(sfnet) GHelm GHelm is a cross-platform S57 vector nautical c... DOWNLOAD
excors(sfnet) Excors Natural Language Interpreter Excors is a natural language interpretation sys... DOWNLOAD
aix-storage(sfnet) AIX Storage Presentation Utility for presentation of Physical & Logi... DOWNLOAD
prcs2hg(freshmeat) prcs2hg prcs2hg is a command that converts a PRCS proje... DOWNLOAD
crossfire-extended-release(freshmeat) Crossfire Extended Release Crossfire Extended Release is an extended versi... DOWNLOAD
wysiup(sfnet) WysiUp WysiUp is a new concept of content management s... DOWNLOAD
j-bot(sfnet) J-Bot The j-bot project has been refactored into the ... DOWNLOAD
lagno(sfnet) lagno - modular php framework lagno is framework for PHP with modular design,... DOWNLOAD
ideada(sfnet) IDEADA : An Eclipse ADA IDE A new Eclipse Plugin for ADA developpement. For... DOWNLOAD
begcore(sfnet) begcore Modules dynamic connection core. This simple co... DOWNLOAD
gbap-pool(sfnet) C++ Memory Pool for Apache 2 Apache web server relies on memory pools to eas... DOWNLOAD
rpgrts(sfnet) PHP- RPGRTS RTS meets RPG this game writen in php using a s... DOWNLOAD
passkool(sfnet) PassKool PassKool is a deterministic password generator ... DOWNLOAD
kwartz(sfnet) Kwartz Kwartz - a template system for Ruby/PHP/Java wh... DOWNLOAD
onlinequizzer(sfnet) OnlineQuizzer OnlineQuizzer is a software for easily organisi... DOWNLOAD
noagrid(sfnet) NOAGrid A framework for Grid Computing using thin clien... DOWNLOAD
panneau(sfnet) panneau Réalisation d’un système d’affichage interactif... DOWNLOAD
opensharelive(sfnet) Open ShareLive ShareLive currently stands as an entirely close... DOWNLOAD
mysqlblasy(freshmeat) MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins mysqlblasy is a Perl script for automating MySQ... DOWNLOAD
begback(sfnet) BigBack DOWNLOAD
q3f-teamstats(sfnet) Q3F Teamstats Create teamstats from q3f-logfile. DOWNLOAD
promesa(sfnet) ProMESA ProMESA, Productivity Measurement and Enhancem... DOWNLOAD
jimageconverter(sfnet) JImageConverter Light application in Java to convert images mas... DOWNLOAD
siterecommender(sfnet) GateQuest php Site Recommender Default messages are easily modified. Look n' ... DOWNLOAD
asnmtap(sfnet) Application System Monitoring Tool Application System Network Monitoring Tool Alex... DOWNLOAD
fsmbsearch(sfnet) Fast SMB Search Fast SMB Search is a search engine for local SM... DOWNLOAD
exceptionwizard(sfnet) Exception Wizard Exception Wizard is a debugging tool for progra... DOWNLOAD
use-it(sfnet) use it What is "use it". it is a groupware w... DOWNLOAD
eow(sfnet) eOfficeWare eOfficeWare is a multi-user, web-based groupwar... DOWNLOAD
imggl-pp(sfnet) ImgGL++ A pluggable image loading and texturing library... DOWNLOAD
php-pure(sfnet) Pure PHP5 MVC Framework A PHP5 Model/View/Controller framework includin... DOWNLOAD
hiveboard(sfnet) HiveBoard HiveBoard is an open source shared graphical wh... DOWNLOAD
noas(sfnet) Noas PHP, extreme framework for PHP5 User message support, Web Application manager, ... DOWNLOAD
ndping(sfnet) ndping ndping is a tool that allows users to send Neig... DOWNLOAD
grafx(sfnet) com.nerius.grafx java graphics package Line-drawing and polygon-filling algorithms in ... DOWNLOAD
cfextended(sfnet) Crossfire-Extended Crossfire-Extended is a successor project to th... DOWNLOAD

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