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asteroides(sfnet) Asteroides Juego de Asteroides DOWNLOAD
gitver(freshmeat) gitver giver is a very simple, lightweight, tag-based ... DOWNLOAD
smat(sfnet) System Modular Administration Tool Project smat is mainly oriented on OpenSolaris ... DOWNLOAD
minibar(sfnet) Minibar Minibar is a bartending application designed fo... DOWNLOAD
matlack(sfnet) MatLaCK This project is a math software, which will hel... DOWNLOAD
muffin(sfnet) muffin Muffin is a World Wide Web filtering system wri... DOWNLOAD
underthecarpet(sfnet) UndertheCarpet The aim of the UndertheCarpet project is to dev... DOWNLOAD
axkit-mvc(sfnet) AxKit::MVC AxKit::MVC is a mod_perl Model-View-Controller ... DOWNLOAD
csvobjectloader(sfnet) CSV Object Loader CsvObjectLoader is a Java utility that takes a ... DOWNLOAD
edemocracy(sfnet) Electronic Democracy document containing the requirements necessary ... DOWNLOAD
palmfc(sfnet) PalmFC: Palm Foundation Classes The minimum implementation of the MFC interface... DOWNLOAD
unearth(sfnet) Unearth PHP Cache Engine The Unearth PHP Cache Engine is a flexible, eas... DOWNLOAD
apodtodesktop(sfnet) APOD to Desktop This application sets the Astronomy Picture of ... DOWNLOAD
evetimeconverter(sfnet) Eve Time Converter What more is there to say? It does what it does. DOWNLOAD
ete(sfnet) EvaNet Template Engine Ete is a cms which lets the user choose between... DOWNLOAD
phprpms(sfnet) PHP: The 'missing' RPMs PHPRPMs is a collection of tools required to bu... DOWNLOAD
pfpro(sfnet) PfPro PfPro is a "fat" client for managing ... DOWNLOAD
bionicbots(sfnet) BionicBots BionicBots is a game where you program bots tha... DOWNLOAD
pbnexusforum(sfnet) Nexus Forum This is a flat-file forum made in PHP made by s... DOWNLOAD
modelrun(sfnet) Model Run Model Run Standard. Model Run is that run a mod... DOWNLOAD
qdcas(sfnet) Phatsoft qdCAS qdCAS is a Computer Algebra System for Pocket P... DOWNLOAD
deheader(freshmeat) deheader deheader analyzes C and C++ files to determine ... DOWNLOAD
eobot(sfnet) eobot DOWNLOAD
vno(sfnet) Visual Novel Online Create your own Visual Novels and play them onl... DOWNLOAD
ze-cme(sfnet) ze Content Management Engine ze (pronounced as "zed ee") is a simp... DOWNLOAD
lsslvpns(sfnet) SSLVPNs in Linux It is intended to make SSL VPNs available in Li... DOWNLOAD
new-zatacka(sfnet) Achtung, die Kurve! (ZATACKA) rebuild Game known as "Achtung, die Kurve!" (... DOWNLOAD
eqegg(sfnet) Eggdrop EQIM Channel Tools A Modularized tools script for Eggdrop that is ... DOWNLOAD
phpvalidator(sfnet) Validator Class for PHP This PHP Validator Class is intended to be used... DOWNLOAD
omtk(sfnet) omtk omtk is a platform independent GUI toolkit for ... DOWNLOAD
template84(sfnet) 84 template It's a template system write with PHP, he is ve... DOWNLOAD
groundcad(sfnet) GroundCAD 0.1 Operating System : Windows - Linux - Mac OS Dr... DOWNLOAD
palmrc(sfnet) Palm resource compiler palmrc will eventualy become a drop-in replacem... DOWNLOAD
mote-keys(sfnet) Mote-Keys Mote-Keys is an open source tool for converting... DOWNLOAD
laocoon(sfnet) Laocoon Laocoon is an IRC-bot that allows you to remote... DOWNLOAD
diplomkajn2014(sfnet) diplomkajn2014 cgg mff uk DOWNLOAD
mnemosyne(sfnet) Mnemosyne Mnemosyne is an in-memory object database for J... DOWNLOAD
else(sfnet) ELSE Tool to evolve locomotion and other behaviors w... DOWNLOAD
reduct-cms(sfnet) reduct-cms Reduct CMS is a Web 2.0 CMS based on Yii framwork DOWNLOAD
spamstopper(sfnet) SpamStopper Anti-Email Harvesting tool. This simple utilit... DOWNLOAD
orion2000(sfnet) CrewOrion CrewOrion is programmers group, doing 'all kind... DOWNLOAD
mp3sort(sfnet) Mp3Sort Mp3Sort is a program that takes a folder of Mp3... DOWNLOAD
crab(sfnet) Crab Crab is a sample application that use Web Servi... DOWNLOAD
weaver(sfnet) Weaver Weaver is a pure-Java, XML programmed Controlle... DOWNLOAD
wkscheck(sfnet) Workstation Check The task of this project is to check a workstat... DOWNLOAD
udpeq(sfnet) udpeq udpeq is a program that balances UDP traffic ov... DOWNLOAD
roffice3(sfnet) rOffice3 An graphical java-environment, which includes a... DOWNLOAD
mvinterp(sfnet) mvinterp A High-Order Multi-Variate Approximation Scheme... DOWNLOAD
phpfinance(sfnet) PHPFinance PHPFinance is a web based financial management ... DOWNLOAD
podb(sfnet) PHP Object Persistent Database PHP Object Persistent Database. PODB is impleme... DOWNLOAD
mulesk(sfnet) Mulesk - Virtual/Multiple Desktop Pager Mulesk is a free virtual desktop pager for MS W... DOWNLOAD
sharenet(sfnet) ShareNet ShareNET is a free tiny PHP script based on a p... DOWNLOAD
itms-backup(sfnet) iTmsBackup iTmsBackup is a Mac OS X application that backs... DOWNLOAD
easyquiz(sfnet) EasyQuiz This is a simple, yet very powerful/flexible, P... DOWNLOAD
controltimer(sfnet) controltimer This is timer component written in Pascal which... DOWNLOAD
kapp(sfnet) KAPP A little graphic encyclopedia. The development ... DOWNLOAD
arcadechipplayerosukaruamano(sfnet) ARCADE CHIP PLAYER Osukaru Amano DOWNLOAD
llsm(sfnet) Local Software Manager LSM (Local Software Manager) provides a way to ... DOWNLOAD
sdo-layer(sfnet) ServiceDataObject Framework A lightweight framework for J2EE web applicatio... DOWNLOAD
lyzard(sfnet) A db-less CMS The Lyzard is a CMS working without database. L... DOWNLOAD
kncwebserver(sfnet) KNCwebserver KNCwebserver is a simple multi threaded HTTP (w... DOWNLOAD
csphpserial(sfnet) Sharp Serialization Library Sharp Serialization Library serializes and dese... DOWNLOAD
rockswap(sfnet) Rock Swap Rock Swap is a PocketPC-based clone of the pseu... DOWNLOAD
itoa(sfnet) Good old Integer To Ascii conversion. Fast implementation of the old deprecated itoa(... DOWNLOAD
jungleboogie(sfnet) JungleBoogie JungleBoogie does 3D Physics based evolution of... DOWNLOAD
dealersys(sfnet) DealerSys DealerSys is a flexible retail e-commerce syste... DOWNLOAD
swrapper(sfnet) sWrapper A socket wrapper library for Unix and Linux pla... DOWNLOAD
syntran(sfnet) syntran syntax translator A code generator for Haskell data types, parser... DOWNLOAD
zeldaresurrectionbeta(sfnet) ZELDA Resurrection Beta DOWNLOAD
alternatives(sfnet) Alternatives system Yet another implementation of Debian alternativ... DOWNLOAD
morpheus-fwknop(sfnet) Morpheus Morpheus is a windows client for fwknop, the S... DOWNLOAD
juicybook(sfnet) Juicy Photobook Juicy Photobook is just another php mysql gd ph... DOWNLOAD
quicklecture(sfnet) QuickLecture A system for synchronizing Powerpoint slides (o... DOWNLOAD
quelea(sfnet) Quelea This page will now be the home of Quelea's rele... DOWNLOAD
programs123(sfnet) Programs DOWNLOAD
cdoom(sfnet) cdoom 7 engine DOWNLOAD
zenbakiaasmatu(sfnet) Zenbakia asmatu Joko honen helburua, ausaz sortutako zenbaki ba... DOWNLOAD
myfirsttestonsf(sfnet) myFirstTestOnSF DOWNLOAD
notifyamarok(sfnet) NotifyAmarok Amarok 2.0 script, that shows information about... DOWNLOAD
xdoclet-websphe(sfnet) XDoclet for WebSphere 5.1 Fork on original XDoclet Tags to include WebSph... DOWNLOAD
linradmin(sfnet) Linux Remote Administrator A Remote Administration program for Linux DOWNLOAD
fnv(sfnet) FreeNetView FreeNetView is primarily a naviscope-clone for ... DOWNLOAD
niab(sfnet) niab niab - Network In A Box. Create a virtual lab n... DOWNLOAD
findit2darwinco(sfnet) FindIT2DarwinCore Program designed to extract scientific names st... DOWNLOAD
hgbox(sfnet) HgBox HgBox is a small helper utility for usage with ... DOWNLOAD
clipsit(sfnet) ClipsIt ClipsIt is a screenshot tool with the capabilit... DOWNLOAD
jmod-detector(sfnet) System Modification Detector Java based system modification detector with jd... DOWNLOAD
chickenscratch(sfnet) Chicken Scratch Common Controls These controls are .NET controls developed usin... DOWNLOAD
guiscp(sfnet) guiForScp This is a simple GUI application for scp. This ... DOWNLOAD
chpng(sfnet) Portable Network Graphics in Ch The Ch PNG package is a Ch interface to the PNG... DOWNLOAD
encode2mpeg(sfnet) the mpeg frontend command line frontend for mencoder/mjpegtools DOWNLOAD
chcurl(sfnet) cURL in Ch The Ch cURL package is a Ch interface to the cU... DOWNLOAD
nets-n-filters(sfnet) Networks-n-Filters Networks-n-Filters: Design impedance matching c... DOWNLOAD
citrixts4linux(sfnet) Citrix Terminal Sever for Linux CitrixTS4Linux is a GUI remote access server ap... DOWNLOAD
nutralinux(sfnet) Nutra Linux Nutra Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution based f... DOWNLOAD
gajjlinux(sfnet) Gajj Linux Gajj is a Ubuntu (LTS) based Linux Distro made ... DOWNLOAD
vtplugin(sfnet) VTPlugIn DOWNLOAD
mdbtosql(sfnet) mdbtosql Convert .mdb database to sql srcipt file USAGE... DOWNLOAD
cdoom7(sfnet) compact compatible doom Purpose: do a compatible and compact doom engin... DOWNLOAD
imessage400(sfnet) IMessage/400 iMessage400 is a high speed communications libr... DOWNLOAD

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