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fglib(sfnet) Ferns' Graphics Library An extensive Graphics Library for CA-Clipper th... DOWNLOAD
jados(sfnet) jados DOWNLOAD
xmlclipse(sfnet) Xml Clipse A plugin for Eclipse Platform for creating, vie... DOWNLOAD
nxservliv(sfnet) Remote Sessions with NX NxServLiv allow compressed remote X sessions us... DOWNLOAD
phpdynasite(sfnet) phpDynaSite PHPDynaSite is a free Content Management System... DOWNLOAD
kncforum(sfnet) KNCforum KNCforum is web-based message board software th... DOWNLOAD
gnutellasim2(sfnet) GnutellaSim GnutellaSim is a simulator for the original Gnu... DOWNLOAD
jdcvs(sfnet) JD-CVS JD-CVS automates the downloading of current CVS... DOWNLOAD
dstp(sfnet) PHP Data Source Template Parser With this PHP template parser you can load in o... DOWNLOAD
openaps(sfnet) openAPS Openaps es una aplicación programada en php/mys... DOWNLOAD
wavecat(sfnet) wavecat Joins one or more WAV files together. If you ri... DOWNLOAD
mp3catalogue(sfnet) MP3 Catalogue Project based on an MP3 Catalogue. Will hold da... DOWNLOAD
wgetgui-freeget(sfnet) FreeGet Multi-language GUI for WGet written in Java. DOWNLOAD
web-school-community-edition(freshmeat) Web School Community Edition Web School is a Web-based school management sys... DOWNLOAD
mulumis(sfnet) Simulum Simulation of star movements with great visuali... DOWNLOAD
icards(sfnet) iCards iCards is an OSX application for reviewing card... DOWNLOAD
jlsguest(sfnet) JLS Guest An Open Source guestbook written with PHP and m... DOWNLOAD
phpmyentitygen(sfnet) PHP Class Generator The PHP Class Generator generates Entity classe... DOWNLOAD
civtools(sfnet) civtools A collection of tools for converting stuff from... DOWNLOAD
simple-search(sfnet) simple-search Modular Linux Daemon that indexes FTPs and wind... DOWNLOAD
chiprnaseqpro(sfnet) ChIP-RNA-seqPRO ChIP-RNA-seqPRO: A strategy for identifying reg... DOWNLOAD
burnmymoney(sfnet) Burn my Money Calculates how much time and money you need to ... DOWNLOAD
b-unittesting(sfnet) bunit Unit Testing library for RIM Blackberry based o... DOWNLOAD
nagios-php(sfnet) Nagios PHP Web Interface An alternative Nagios Web interface, written in... DOWNLOAD
winflib(sfnet) WinFLib Lightweight C++ framework library similar to MF... DOWNLOAD
beguestbook(sfnet) BE-Guestbook Small guestbook for implementation on your webs... DOWNLOAD
bdwrap(sfnet) Template for Stacked Block Device Driver BDwrap is a template for writing stackable bloc... DOWNLOAD
enduser4gl(sfnet) EndUser4gl Microsoft Visual 6.0 C++ :New 4gl Windows API,... DOWNLOAD
heuristica(sfnet) Heuristica Heuristica is a font, based on the “Adobe Utopi... DOWNLOAD
firstgame(sfnet) First Game Project Project for class. Create a game of our liking. DOWNLOAD
lreport(sfnet) LReport Database and csv files comparison tool, with so... DOWNLOAD
dosched(sfnet) DoSched Online multiuser time schedule using CGI perl s... DOWNLOAD
darkmaps(sfnet) DarkMaps DarkMaps is a program that reads images and bui... DOWNLOAD
moyoman(sfnet) Moyoman A Go-playing program written in Java. Extensiv... DOWNLOAD
unicode-glib(sfnet) Unicode-GLib Unicode-GLib for PalmOS. Unicode-GLib provides ... DOWNLOAD
installgen(sfnet) SIG - Script Installer Generator An MFC based program designed to generate NSIS ... DOWNLOAD
battleoftanks(sfnet) battle of tanks The game is written on C++/Qt using the Graphic... DOWNLOAD
jabylon(freshmeat) Jabylon Jabylon is an extensible Web-based translation ... DOWNLOAD
shortime(sfnet) shortime Saca los programas que se inician automaticamen... DOWNLOAD
jotazul(sfnet) JotAzul - An Object Oriented Java IDE The JotAzul is a free Object Oriented Java IDE ... DOWNLOAD
kuadra(sfnet) Kuadra Enterprise Server A powerful and dynamic, all-in-one, Server plat... DOWNLOAD
antihex(sfnet) AntiHex AntiHex is a pipe to convert hex values into de... DOWNLOAD
goldlivesupport(sfnet) GoldLiveSupport A live Help support chat system, like Liveperso... DOWNLOAD
ltpanel(sfnet) ltpanel ltpanel is a lightweight window list for the X ... DOWNLOAD
matchmakingsite(sfnet) Free Matrimony Website Free and powerfull Public Matrimony web site DOWNLOAD
p2pcommunity(sfnet) p2pCommunity Bring the power of Internet to your community! ... DOWNLOAD
isnpfc(sfnet) ISN pfc DOWNLOAD
allegropro(sfnet) AllegroPro AllegroPro is a cross-platform 2D game programm... DOWNLOAD
freecnc(sfnet) FreeCNC FreeCNC is a reimplementation of the classic re... DOWNLOAD
tuxguardian(sfnet) TuxGuardian TuxGuardian is an application-based firewall wi... DOWNLOAD
batchrenamer(sfnet) Batch Renamer Batch Renamer is a powerful cross platform grap... DOWNLOAD
chromeeos(sfnet) ChromeeOS DOWNLOAD
airclib(sfnet) airclib Advanced Internet Relay Chat Library(airc) is D... DOWNLOAD
simple-java-executor(freshmeat) Simple Java Executor Executor is a small but perfectly functional Ja... DOWNLOAD
ezforumcomments(sfnet) EZForumComments EZForumComments (requires postnuke and pnphpbb)... DOWNLOAD
scpp(sfnet) SC PreProcessor SCPP is a preprocessor for a C++ like language.... DOWNLOAD
nbpfcrudgen(sfnet) PrimeFaces CRUD Generator for NetBeans This module provides a forked version of the JS... DOWNLOAD
pyanon(sfnet) Pyano Pyano is web interface for the mixmaster remail... DOWNLOAD
clearstory(sfnet) Clearstory Church Portal System A web portal system created specifically for ch... DOWNLOAD
unicoderewriter(sfnet) Unicode Rewriter Unicode Rewriter is a Java tool which converts ... DOWNLOAD
unitrans(sfnet) Universal Transport for SIP Universal Transport For Sip, Including UDP,TCP,... DOWNLOAD
stripesnoop(sfnet) Stripe Snoop Stripe Snoop reads the contents of a magstripes... DOWNLOAD
entitystudio(sfnet) Entity Developer Studio In this project, you can import or design schem... DOWNLOAD
hmsystem(sfnet) Hour Managment System (HMS) Hour allocation System HourManagment for compan... DOWNLOAD
cash2me(sfnet) Cash2ME A J2ME MIDLET that keeps track of expenses. Sup... DOWNLOAD
systeml2000(sfnet) SL2000 Programme serves to payment with points DOWNLOAD
tlstest(sfnet) TLStest TLStest is a command line utility to get detail... DOWNLOAD
easydock(sfnet) EasyDock Class Library EasyDock is a class library for the .NET platfo... DOWNLOAD
ganesha-rdf(sfnet) Ganesha RDF/XML editor Ganesha: An easy to use, graphical RDF/XML editor DOWNLOAD
aepengine(sfnet) AEP Cryptographic Engine OpenSSL crypto engine implementation to support... DOWNLOAD
siscorerescue(sfnet) SiScoreRescue Small tool that can be used to generate score e... DOWNLOAD
chksimframework(sfnet) chksim-framework Esta aplicação é um framework do software ChkSi... DOWNLOAD
subseek(sfnet) SubSeek SubSeek (subtitle downloader) Download your mo... DOWNLOAD
giwebassistant(sfnet) GIWeb Assistant DOWNLOAD
enhancedconsole(sfnet) EnhancedConsole This Java library provides the possibility to b... DOWNLOAD
osqdb(sfnet) Open Source Quotes DataBase Open Source Quotes DataBase: This is a site wri... DOWNLOAD
z80eclipse(sfnet) Z80 plugin for eclipse This project aims to provide an eclipse 3.0 ext... DOWNLOAD
ta-aa(sfnet) ta-aa The most-played dataset for the open-source Spr... DOWNLOAD
facetracker(sfnet) FaceTracker FaceTracker is a webcam-based system for the re... DOWNLOAD
midwatch(sfnet) MidWatch: Automated Build Engine MidWatch is an automated build engine for compi... DOWNLOAD
phoenixgep(sfnet) PhoenixRPOS Game Expansion Project NOTE: The PhoenixRPOS project is on hold untill... DOWNLOAD
ronderra(sfnet) Ronderra Chat A small chat program implemented in Java using ... DOWNLOAD
darkstat(freshmeat) darkstat darkstat is an ntop-workalike network statistic... DOWNLOAD
eshaper(sfnet) Edulix Shaper script Edulix Shaper provides a small script and an in... DOWNLOAD
greppy(sfnet) Greppy A multiplatform visual implementation of the Un... DOWNLOAD
email-reminder(freshmeat) email-reminder Email-reminder allows users to define events th... DOWNLOAD
md5sumgui(sfnet) MD5Sum-gui MD5sum is a little utility that helps you to ca... DOWNLOAD
avantslash(freshmeat) AvantSlash AvantSlash cleans up the presentation of slashd... DOWNLOAD
phi(sfnet) phi PHI is a project for processing geographic images DOWNLOAD
atapanel(sfnet) ATA Panel - v.1.8 XTended Final Version ////// NEW FEATURE on v1.8 XTended Final Versi... DOWNLOAD
bthebookstore(sfnet) BTHEBookStore Electronic book store implemented in Java/Servl... DOWNLOAD
alieninvasion2(sfnet) Alien Invasion Alien Invasion is a game about killing Aliens. DOWNLOAD
biblia(sfnet) Károli Biblia és hozzátartozói A magyar Károli-Biblia forrása, néhány eszközze... DOWNLOAD
tangramlite(sfnet) TangramLite TangramLite is an Application Development Frame... DOWNLOAD
netbbs(sfnet) NetBBS NetBBS is a Telnet BBS Server written in C++. DOWNLOAD
ploticus(sfnet) ploticus data display utility Command line utility to create graphs and plots... DOWNLOAD
sranger(sfnet) Signal Ranger DSP Linux Support Tools This project delivers Linux support (USB driver... DOWNLOAD
atomsthegame(sfnet) Atoms-the game DOWNLOAD
jinja24doc(freshmeat) Jinja24Doc Jinja24Doc is a lightweight documentation gener... DOWNLOAD
acid-rain(sfnet) Acid Rain You are a reporter sent to Varna to investigate... DOWNLOAD

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