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jsedit(sfnet) jsedit A javascript and php based editor for php. Feat... DOWNLOAD
csc329rpg(sfnet) Krul This is a project for our CSC329 class as an ex... DOWNLOAD
deltasql(freshmeat) deltasql deltasql is a tool to synchronize databases wit... DOWNLOAD
filmweb(sfnet) Filmweb Autorskie rozszerzenia dla popularnego polskieg... DOWNLOAD
osxminesweeper(sfnet) osxMineSweeper This is a clone of the ever popular puzzle game... DOWNLOAD
ebussinestest(sfnet) ebussinesTest DOWNLOAD
war2dota(sfnet) War2Dota War2Dota - Dota mod for Warcraft 2 Tides of Dar... DOWNLOAD
shphp(sfnet) Syntax Highlighter in PHP SHPHP is a port to SHJS written in PHP. This sc... DOWNLOAD
abbr-remedy(sfnet) BBCode with ABBR If you are having trouble with BBCode, then ABB... DOWNLOAD
unishell(sfnet) Unishell An alternative to the POSIX standard to be used... DOWNLOAD
openadress(sfnet) OpenAdress OpenAdress is a simple adress management softwa... DOWNLOAD
warzmaplocation(sfnet) Infestation - Survivor Map Location How do you know where your survivors are in gam... DOWNLOAD
stunts-cartography(sfnet) Stunts Cartography Power tools for track map rendering and analysi... DOWNLOAD
saqmap(sfnet) SaqMap SaqMap is a windows open-source flexible 2D map... DOWNLOAD
echofish(freshmeat) Echofish Echofish acts as a centralized syslog monitor. ... DOWNLOAD
debugmsg(sfnet) Debugmsg module for perl There was no module for simple debug messages s... DOWNLOAD
restclient(freshmeat) RESTClient RESTClient is a Java Swing application to test ... DOWNLOAD
nukeet(sfnet) NukeET NukeET es国連のCMS diferente pensadoパラエルusu... DOWNLOAD
tagspaces(freshmeat) TagSpaces TagSpaces lets you organize, tag, and browse yo... DOWNLOAD
vetris(sfnet) Vetris Vetris is an open source version of tetris. Vet... DOWNLOAD
linux-klogger(sfnet) Klogger: Linux Kernel Logging Framework Klogger is a framework for post mortem analysis... DOWNLOAD
tkbuilder(sfnet) tkBuilder tkBuilder is designed to facilitate the constru... DOWNLOAD
file-trf-dsblr(sfnet) FileTransferDisabler This plugin is used to automatically reject all... DOWNLOAD
httpuploader(sfnet) Files' Uploader via HTML Form A CGI to upload files via HTML form. Many confi... DOWNLOAD
packfolder(sfnet) pack_folder pack_folder allows you to compress a folder to ... DOWNLOAD
paint-mixer(sfnet) ATITD Paint Mixer ATITD Paint Mixer is a utility batch tool for t... DOWNLOAD
msre(sfnet) msre msre = MailScanner Ruleset Editor msre provide... DOWNLOAD
ulogd(freshmeat) ulogd The Userspace Logging Daemon (ulogd) is a flexi... DOWNLOAD
ogremail(sfnet) ogremail Java-based Mail User Agent. DOWNLOAD
simplx-1990(sfnet) Simplx ;) Introducing a Web Browser so simple and lite th... DOWNLOAD
phpandqti(sfnet) Ps and Qs: Processing QTI using PHP A lightweight PHP library for interpreting IMS ... DOWNLOAD
lucas-blinda(sfnet) Lucas Blinda's Collection Lucas Blinda's Collection (LBC for short) is de... DOWNLOAD
aepgb(sfnet) AEPgb A Nintendo Gameboy (Color) Emulator written in ... DOWNLOAD
roomproxy(sfnet) RoomProxy HTTP Blocker A HTTP-Proxy (TCP-Forwarder) which allows to me... DOWNLOAD
mathpixel(sfnet) Math-PiXel Edu-ImageProcessor Testlab for Image Processing: You can enter for... DOWNLOAD
messlvin(sfnet) Messlvin Messlvin is a fast-paced arcade-style game stro... DOWNLOAD
shimmer(sfnet) shimmer Shimmer is a Perl implementation of my C3PO (Cr... DOWNLOAD
tw-scripts(sfnet) tw-scripts DOWNLOAD
batchmanager(sfnet) BatchManager BatchManager is intended for commercial use in ... DOWNLOAD
cs310menziesspring14(sfnet) cs310MenziesSpring14 DOWNLOAD
fusefactory42614pdpatches(sfnet) Fuse Factory (4/26/14) PD Patches DOWNLOAD
trabalhoed1(sfnet) TrabalhoED1 DOWNLOAD
xmli(sfnet) XMLi A suite of service programs which enable the ea... DOWNLOAD
sparkylinux(sfnet) SparkyLinux SparkyLinux is a Live Linux distribution create... DOWNLOAD
eck(sfnet) ECK - Easy Configuration Kit The true replacement of Windows Server: a whole... DOWNLOAD
mars(sfnet) Mars, Land of No Mercy A turn based strategy game featuring isometric ... DOWNLOAD
pedit(sfnet) pedit - A PHP-Powered Text Editor pedit is a simple GUI text editor application w... DOWNLOAD
gpl(sfnet) (G)enerate (P)lay(l)ists Playlist Generator for Windows; generate/create... DOWNLOAD
sysview(sfnet) SysView SysView is a Java application to help Linux Adm... DOWNLOAD
minibill(sfnet) Minibill Minibill billing software is easy to modify and... DOWNLOAD
chaosesque-anthology(freshmeat) ChaosEsque Anthology ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter.... DOWNLOAD
turingsym(sfnet) TuringSym This is a GUI based Turing Machine Simulator wr... DOWNLOAD
wlstat(sfnet) wlstat C++ (and QT) kicker applet to show Wireless int... DOWNLOAD
smbriscola(sfnet) sm BrisCola Simulation of the Italian card game named "... DOWNLOAD
wiki-aid(sfnet) Wiki-Aid Wiki-Aid is for the editors of Wikipedia who wa... DOWNLOAD
g-code-ripper(freshmeat) G-Code Ripper G-Code Ripper reads g-code, scales, and rotates... DOWNLOAD
mb-hosts(sfnet) MB Hosts File I compiled a massive, almost 22MB, HOSTS file w... DOWNLOAD
larrymysterworld(sfnet) Larry Myster World Saved and Updated World for the channel fans! DOWNLOAD
ot997djb2(sfnet) OT_997D_JB2 alcatel(OT_997D) JB2 ROM,android 4.2.2 rom for ... DOWNLOAD
efreet1(sfnet) Efreet1 No description DOWNLOAD
java-assign-judge(sfnet) assign-judge 程序作业自动批改系统,作业相似度比较系统 DOWNLOAD
sdaps(freshmeat) SDAPS SDAPS is a collection of scripts that enables y... DOWNLOAD
fantasygmhelper(sfnet) Fantasy Manager Assistant This is an application that assists Yahoo! Fant... DOWNLOAD
odecompute(sfnet) Numerical Differential Equation Solver A Numerical Differential Solver in Visual Basic... DOWNLOAD
freelock(sfnet) FreeLock (discontinued) ***I HAVE DISCOUNTINUED WORK ON THIS PROJECT, A... DOWNLOAD
nwstory(sfnet) nwStory: Tools for the Story Writer nwStory is a pair of utilities to aid Neverwint... DOWNLOAD
noiz2sa(sfnet) Noiz2sa Shootem up game set in an abstract world. 10 st... DOWNLOAD
omap(sfnet) Java Object Mapping Project Object Mapping Project (OMaP) proposes a way to... DOWNLOAD
daisywebplayer(sfnet) Daisy Web Player Daisy Web Player (DWP) is a web application tha... DOWNLOAD
feps(sfnet) EFL Educational programs Here you will find various free educational pro... DOWNLOAD
webdruid(sfnet) The WebDruid A web server log file analyzer that combines ... DOWNLOAD
lemonos(sfnet) LemonOS An Operating System Designed to be Fast and Sta... DOWNLOAD
scichoplot(sfnet) scichoplot - Data plotting and analysis software for s... DOWNLOAD
bbibtex(sfnet) BBibTeX BBibTeX is a php based software that helps brow... DOWNLOAD
rogeralegrelab(sfnet) Rogeralegre Robotic Laboratory Simulate an Automated Scientific Labratory. Phy... DOWNLOAD
slider(sfnet) Slider Mac OS X Finder style column view file explorer... DOWNLOAD
clearsight(sfnet) Clearsight Clearsight is an IE-based Content Management Sy... DOWNLOAD
eclipseti(sfnet) Eclipse Seti status plugin EclipSeti is an eclipse 3.x plugin, that initia... DOWNLOAD
pelanguage(sfnet) Programmable English Language PEL is a structured imperative programming lang... DOWNLOAD
ultimatefrisbee(sfnet) Layout Ultimate 2006 One of the first Ultimate Frisbee video games. ... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-ui(sfnet) MPlayer UI MPlayer UI is cross-platform user interface to ... DOWNLOAD
myalarmwithautoshutdown(sfnet) My Alarm with auto shutdown Display Your Text on Windows Notify Icon Au... DOWNLOAD
hudedit(sfnet) HudEdit After 2012 hud update, League of Legends HUD mo... DOWNLOAD
numphp(sfnet) Numeric PHP The code in this project is incomplete and bugg... DOWNLOAD
jshttptest(sfnet) Javascript based http testing library. A javascript library that duplicates the functi... DOWNLOAD
ssbrenderer(sfnet) SSBRenderer SSBRenderer is a plugin for frameservers on Win... DOWNLOAD
eddyspeak(sfnet) Eddyspeak Eddyspeak is an orrigional translation content ... DOWNLOAD
eunet(sfnet) eunet A cross-platform sockets and networking library... DOWNLOAD
htprotector(sfnet) htprotector .htaccess generation utility that works out of ... DOWNLOAD
mossadx(sfnet) MossadX A IRC chat client made by a team of coders to l... DOWNLOAD
classicmonitor(sfnet) Classic Monitor Android App monitors the charge state of a Midn... DOWNLOAD
xerxesftp(sfnet) XerxesFTP Client Open Source FTP Client, meant to give more feat... DOWNLOAD
doorgets-cms-php-mysql(freshmeat) doorGets doorGets is a content management system that ma... DOWNLOAD
birdchat(sfnet) Bird Chat Bird Chat is a chat client / server software de... DOWNLOAD
rippleopb(sfnet) RippleOPB A modular ordering, provisioning, and billing s... DOWNLOAD
outcasts(sfnet) Outcasts Outcasts is a text-based RPG Console App writte... DOWNLOAD
apache-uima-ducc(freshmeat) Apache UIMA DUCC Apache UIMA DUCC (Distributed UIMA Cluster Comp... DOWNLOAD
telepath(freshmeat) Telepath Telepath provides map/reduce code for processin... DOWNLOAD
gdb(freshmeat) GDB The GNU Debugger (GDB) is a source-level debugg... DOWNLOAD
infovore(freshmeat) Infovore Infovore is a map/reduce framework for processi... DOWNLOAD

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