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macshelltest(sfnet) MacShellTest DOWNLOAD
paislabwidgets(sfnet) PAISLabWidgets DOWNLOAD
ten3pm(sfnet) Web Multimedia Catalog & Player A web-based multimedia database & player de... DOWNLOAD
tscripta(sfnet) TScript TScript is an opensource scripting engine, incl... DOWNLOAD
linkeddatagenerator(sfnet) LinkedDataGenerator Authors: Jesús Río Álvarez, Ana García Serrano ... DOWNLOAD
uni-loop(sfnet) UniLoop The purpose of the UniLoop project is to create... DOWNLOAD
aosurvey(sfnet) AOS - Advanced Online Surveys Advanced Online Surveys for a sophisticated mar... DOWNLOAD
customerregiste(sfnet) CustomerRegister This is a Customer register application. It kee... DOWNLOAD
midcat(sfnet) midcat midcat concatenates MIDI files to standard outp... DOWNLOAD
mp3client(sfnet) WeblistenMP3Client Java based download manager for www.weblisten.c... DOWNLOAD
wallpapoz(sfnet) Gnome wallpapers configuration tool Gnome multi-backgrounds and wallpapers configur... DOWNLOAD
mcro-servermanager(sfnet) MC-RO Server Manager This project is only in Romanian. Această unea... DOWNLOAD
qf-utils(sfnet) Q1st utilities and components Various java components. Virtual file system, o... DOWNLOAD
haplopainter(sfnet) HaploPainter HaploPainter - a pedigree and haplotypes drawin... DOWNLOAD
ocm(sfnet) open Campus Management oCM is a web-based database software, designed ... DOWNLOAD
typekeydotnet(sfnet) ASP.Net TypeKey authentication module A C# module to allow ASP.Net sites to easily us... DOWNLOAD
desipio(sfnet) desipio The software is a cross platform file manager w... DOWNLOAD
jfirewallsim(sfnet) jFirewallSim A java based network and firewall simulator tha... DOWNLOAD
csharputils(sfnet) Data Structures An open-source collection of data structures fo... DOWNLOAD
pddpd(sfnet) Pluggable Distrib Data Processing Daemon Allows creation of a distributed data processin... DOWNLOAD
destiney(sfnet) Destiney Scripts Destiney Scripts is a open source image rating ... DOWNLOAD
shortview(sfnet) ShortView Component driven fileviewer in C#, VB, J# using... DOWNLOAD
codedraw(sfnet) codeDraw codeDraw is an OpenSource tool for creating Act... DOWNLOAD
taot(freshmeat) TAO Translator TAO Translator (formerly, The Advanced Online T... DOWNLOAD
simplehtmlsax(sfnet) simplehtmlsax A simple PHP HTML SAX parser written in PHP5+, ... DOWNLOAD
phpbbplus(sfnet) phpBBPlus due to previously unforseen reasons, I know lon... DOWNLOAD
mozlinker(sfnet) MozLinker MozLinker is a plug-in for mozilla which import... DOWNLOAD
pencube(sfnet) PenCube PenCube, the ONLY kernel for otakus. DOWNLOAD
jlight(sfnet) JLight JLight is a Java GUI component, with the primar... DOWNLOAD
mypoint(sfnet) MyPoint: A complete FidoNet point system MyPoint: A complete FidoNet point system (reade... DOWNLOAD
tasty(sfnet) Tasty Tasty is a small and tasty MVC for PHP5. Its in... DOWNLOAD
shadow-txt(sfnet) Shadow Text Check out our site for updates! http:\\shadowso... DOWNLOAD
phpwebnews(sfnet) Surat kabar / News Management Online online news (Surat Kabar Online) viewed and man... DOWNLOAD
himatrxi(sfnet) Himatrix DOWNLOAD
jpdstore(sfnet) JPDstore A java application that allows you to store fil... DOWNLOAD
csflow(sfnet) csFlow .NET WindowsForms CoverFlow Control in C#. Wrot... DOWNLOAD
trafficmaker(freshmeat) TrafficMaker TrafficMaker is a packet generator tool that al... DOWNLOAD
manticora(sfnet) manticora Some scripts for boolean calculation, including... DOWNLOAD
dslengine(sfnet) DSL Engine Metaprogramming: proof of the concept. DOWNLOAD
menuadd(sfnet) Menuitem Adder Menuitem Adder is a small and simple tool for e... DOWNLOAD
objectextendedc(sfnet) Object-eXtended C DOWNLOAD
xbnet(sfnet) is a free and opensource weblog syste... DOWNLOAD
columntorow(sfnet) column to row Simple tool to convert text in column into one ... DOWNLOAD
madcommander(freshmeat) MadCommander MadCommander is an orthodox file manager for Wi... DOWNLOAD
timeanddayapp(sfnet) TimeAndDayApp This software will show you current day and dat... DOWNLOAD
ozsbookmarkmanager(sfnet) OZS Bookmark Manager DOWNLOAD
xcomic(sfnet) xcomic Xcomic is a comic management script that fits w... DOWNLOAD
itself(sfnet) itsELF itsELF is an ELF analyzer and an antivirus. Wit... DOWNLOAD
pbs_python(freshmeat) pbs_python The pbs_python package is a wrapper class for t... DOWNLOAD
uml-manager(sfnet) uml-manager User-Mode-Linux provides great opportunities to... DOWNLOAD
flexer(sfnet) FleXeR FleXeR is a powerful and flexible HTTP server w... DOWNLOAD
fairylinux(sfnet) FairyLinux FairyLinux is a set of Makefiles usefull for au... DOWNLOAD
zeitkarte(sfnet) Zeitkarte Note - This Project is dead. Tho code created h... DOWNLOAD
palmdisplay(sfnet) PalmDisplay PalmDisplay - Use old Palm PDA's as a universal... DOWNLOAD
mydbphp(sfnet) MYdb MYdb is an alternative database system programm... DOWNLOAD
alt-ide(sfnet) Alt-IDE Alt-IDE is a Lua powered scriptable IDE. It pro... DOWNLOAD
ldplayer(sfnet) Learning Design Player A servlet based Learning Design Player for use ... DOWNLOAD
biber(sfnet) Biber The Biber is a personal bibliography manager. H... DOWNLOAD
explab(sfnet) ExpLab ExpLab is a set of tools that supports the runn... DOWNLOAD
psymon(freshmeat) Psymon Python System Monitor (Psymon) is a cross-platf... DOWNLOAD
fmscene(sfnet) FM Scene FM Scene Firefox-Extension ist the first add-on... DOWNLOAD
integrity(sfnet) Integrity Window Manager QT/X11 based window manager supporting multiple... DOWNLOAD
bitdamaged(sfnet) BitDamaged, 100% Customizable Blog BitDamaged is your one stop shop for the ultima... DOWNLOAD
enemytowers(sfnet) EnemyTowers Mobile game JAVA MIDP DOWNLOAD
novabrowse(sfnet) NovaBrowse This is a web browser.It's simple and fast. Try... DOWNLOAD
asteroides(sfnet) Asteroides Juego de Asteroides DOWNLOAD
gitver(freshmeat) gitver giver is a very simple, lightweight, tag-based ... DOWNLOAD
smat(sfnet) System Modular Administration Tool Project smat is mainly oriented on OpenSolaris ... DOWNLOAD
minibar(sfnet) Minibar Minibar is a bartending application designed fo... DOWNLOAD
matlack(sfnet) MatLaCK This project is a math software, which will hel... DOWNLOAD
muffin(sfnet) muffin Muffin is a World Wide Web filtering system wri... DOWNLOAD
underthecarpet(sfnet) UndertheCarpet The aim of the UndertheCarpet project is to dev... DOWNLOAD
axkit-mvc(sfnet) AxKit::MVC AxKit::MVC is a mod_perl Model-View-Controller ... DOWNLOAD
csvobjectloader(sfnet) CSV Object Loader CsvObjectLoader is a Java utility that takes a ... DOWNLOAD
edemocracy(sfnet) Electronic Democracy document containing the requirements necessary ... DOWNLOAD
palmfc(sfnet) PalmFC: Palm Foundation Classes The minimum implementation of the MFC interface... DOWNLOAD
unearth(sfnet) Unearth PHP Cache Engine The Unearth PHP Cache Engine is a flexible, eas... DOWNLOAD
apodtodesktop(sfnet) APOD to Desktop This application sets the Astronomy Picture of ... DOWNLOAD
evetimeconverter(sfnet) Eve Time Converter What more is there to say? It does what it does. DOWNLOAD
ete(sfnet) EvaNet Template Engine Ete is a cms which lets the user choose between... DOWNLOAD
phprpms(sfnet) PHP: The 'missing' RPMs PHPRPMs is a collection of tools required to bu... DOWNLOAD
pfpro(sfnet) PfPro PfPro is a "fat" client for managing ... DOWNLOAD
bionicbots(sfnet) BionicBots BionicBots is a game where you program bots tha... DOWNLOAD
pbnexusforum(sfnet) Nexus Forum This is a flat-file forum made in PHP made by s... DOWNLOAD
modelrun(sfnet) Model Run Model Run Standard. Model Run is that run a mod... DOWNLOAD
qdcas(sfnet) Phatsoft qdCAS qdCAS is a Computer Algebra System for Pocket P... DOWNLOAD
deheader(freshmeat) deheader deheader analyzes C and C++ files to determine ... DOWNLOAD
eobot(sfnet) eobot DOWNLOAD
vno(sfnet) Visual Novel Online Create your own Visual Novels and play them onl... DOWNLOAD
ze-cme(sfnet) ze Content Management Engine ze (pronounced as "zed ee") is a simp... DOWNLOAD
lsslvpns(sfnet) SSLVPNs in Linux It is intended to make SSL VPNs available in Li... DOWNLOAD
new-zatacka(sfnet) Achtung, die Kurve! (ZATACKA) rebuild Game known as "Achtung, die Kurve!" (... DOWNLOAD
eqegg(sfnet) Eggdrop EQIM Channel Tools A Modularized tools script for Eggdrop that is ... DOWNLOAD
phpvalidator(sfnet) Validator Class for PHP This PHP Validator Class is intended to be used... DOWNLOAD
omtk(sfnet) omtk omtk is a platform independent GUI toolkit for ... DOWNLOAD
template84(sfnet) 84 template It's a template system write with PHP, he is ve... DOWNLOAD
groundcad(sfnet) GroundCAD 0.1 Operating System : Windows - Linux - Mac OS Dr... DOWNLOAD
palmrc(sfnet) Palm resource compiler palmrc will eventualy become a drop-in replacem... DOWNLOAD
mote-keys(sfnet) Mote-Keys Mote-Keys is an open source tool for converting... DOWNLOAD
laocoon(sfnet) Laocoon Laocoon is an IRC-bot that allows you to remote... DOWNLOAD

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