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md5some(sfnet) Md5some Md5some aims to be a clone of the Gnu md5sum ut... DOWNLOAD
apnslterms(sfnet) apnslterms AP NSL Terms DOWNLOAD
letsrocklastchaos(sfnet) Lets'RockLastChaos DOWNLOAD
fmxflyfilesutils(sfnet) FMX FlyFilesUtils FilesUtils for FMX DOWNLOAD
godasm2(sfnet) GODASM2 GODASM is the brief of ".Gff Organized Dat... DOWNLOAD
haqq(sfnet) Haqq Haqq - Al-Qur'an Reading Scoring System DOWNLOAD
privbayes(sfnet) PrivBayes DOWNLOAD
pongu(sfnet) Pong Ultra Pong Ultra is an enhanced remake of the origina... DOWNLOAD
dailyprophet(sfnet) Daily Prophet DailyProphet 'The browser enchanted' is a web b... DOWNLOAD
photoengine(sfnet) Dopostback PhotoEngine Dopostback PhotoEngine is a free-to-use softwar... DOWNLOAD
erymyth(sfnet) Erymyth Mud The Erymyth project's objective is to create a ... DOWNLOAD
bugzilla-pl(sfnet) Polish Templates for Bugzilla Polish Template for Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a bug... DOWNLOAD
syncsim(sfnet) SyncSim SyncSim: A general synchronous circuit simulator DOWNLOAD
singalong(sfnet) Karaoke Research Council PLEASE NOTE: This software has been renamed to ... DOWNLOAD
postannouncement(sfnet) Post Announcement Through this WordPress plugin, user can able to... DOWNLOAD
slaip(sfnet) Simple Linux AVR ISP Programmer Simple serial (SPI) programmer for small AVR MC... DOWNLOAD
ale4net(sfnet) Application Level Environment4Networking Ale4NET used dyn library call diversion to defi... DOWNLOAD
pacman3d(sfnet) PacMan 3D A remake of the classic game PacMan written wit... DOWNLOAD
fluchomat(sfnet) Fluchomat " Schner fluchen MITのDEMデータのMac &... DOWNLOAD
ms4j(sfnet) mineSweeper4Java Proyect is developed in Java. It will be a mult... DOWNLOAD
ulauncher(sfnet) UltraLauncher The ULauncher is a small Java Launcher that use... DOWNLOAD
ganib(sfnet) Ganib | Project Management Software Ganib gives simpler ways to keep your projects ... DOWNLOAD
jfool(sfnet) JFool Famous Russian card game. Currently only one hu... DOWNLOAD
woisthans(sfnet) woisthans DOWNLOAD
base10andbinaryteachingprogram(sfnet) Base 10 and Binary teaching program required you to have Visual Studio (at least 20... DOWNLOAD
kitkatkorea(sfnet) kitkat.korea DOWNLOAD
dongfirstp(sfnet) dongfirstp DOWNLOAD
seedboxeasy(sfnet) seedbox-easy DOWNLOAD
tcpmonplus(sfnet) TCPMonPlus TcpMonPlus version 1.0: A Utility Application t... DOWNLOAD
gaoqiantest(sfnet) gaoqiantest DOWNLOAD
cdstow(sfnet) CDstow CDstow is a CD ripping program that is a front ... DOWNLOAD
jreswrap(sfnet) Java Resource Wrapper JResWrap is utility makes working with textual ... DOWNLOAD
cncc(sfnet) Counter of C/C++ source lines and bytes NAME cncc - count C/C++ source lines and... DOWNLOAD
sdlpango(sfnet) SDL_Pango High quality rendering of internationalized tex... DOWNLOAD
ssreal(sfnet) ssreal a simple software implemented FPU. only 32bit p... DOWNLOAD
logines(sfnet) IAO Login IAO login is Mutipurpose ASP Application with E... DOWNLOAD
mkvbuilder(sfnet) Mkv-Builder a "Hands Free" application which rips... DOWNLOAD
drs-jsdecoder(sfnet) JSDecodeR JSDecodeR is a fast and powerful tool which hel... DOWNLOAD
playengine(sfnet) Easy Use Game Creator Thought to be a program to allow users to creat... DOWNLOAD
evolusync(sfnet) Evolusync Evolusync synchronizes Evolution addressbook wi... DOWNLOAD
crom(sfnet) Crom Laughs at your Puny IM Client CROM aims to be a simple, lightweight C++ / GTK... DOWNLOAD
sssr(sfnet) SSR: Simple Sound Recorder SSR is Simple Sound Recorder, a lightweight GTK... DOWNLOAD
stegogo(sfnet) StegoGO StegoGO is an open source software that allows ... DOWNLOAD
linzentralepro(sfnet) linZentralePro Rocos multiZentralePro uses a USB interface for... DOWNLOAD
mq2014(sfnet) mq14 DOWNLOAD
horrorof505(sfnet) Horror Of 505 DOWNLOAD
kguitar(sfnet) KGuitar KGuitar is powerful KDE-based music tabulature ... DOWNLOAD
brobot(sfnet) BroBot BroBot is an entertainment bot for IRC channels... DOWNLOAD
civilwar1861(sfnet) civilwar1861 Simple strategic-arcade game inspired by the Ci... DOWNLOAD
ttrooper(sfnet) Torus Trooper Speed! More speed! Speeding ship sailing throug... DOWNLOAD
intracreate(sfnet) Intracreate IntraCreate is a web based intranet and communi... DOWNLOAD
hsqa(sfnet) samba-mule HsQA / samba-mule is a set of bash-scripts with... DOWNLOAD
epalite(sfnet) EasyPhpAlbum Lite EasyPhpAlbum Lite is a free, clean, fast, easy ... DOWNLOAD
hw-wdt(sfnet) Linux driver for hardware watchdog timer wdt_s2723.c is a Linux loadable kernel module t... DOWNLOAD
chrootsafe(sfnet) chroot_safe chroot_safe, a tool to chroot any application i... DOWNLOAD
baremetal(sfnet) Bare Metal Recovery Bare Metal Recovery is designed to give almost ... DOWNLOAD
cm11weekly(sfnet) cm11-weekly DOWNLOAD
solar-pluto(sfnet) Pluto Do u have lots of daemon applications to develo... DOWNLOAD
sfmarkitupplugin(freshmeat) sfMarkitupPlugin sfMarkitupPlugin is a useful Markitup widget, t... DOWNLOAD
xiange-gpkg(sfnet) gpkg light and powerful gpkg! every programmer shoul... DOWNLOAD
mebo(sfnet) mebo mebo DOWNLOAD
teachingdemos(sfnet) TeachingDemos Bioinformatics related demos and tutorials usin... DOWNLOAD
actools(sfnet) ACTools Conjunto de ferramentas, implementadas através ... DOWNLOAD
quicktools(sfnet) QuickTools QuickTools is a Bukkit plugin designed to be as... DOWNLOAD
aplikasipenjual(sfnet) aplikasi penjualan Software untuk usaha kecil - menengah (toko/dis... DOWNLOAD
meld-installer(sfnet) meld-installer Bundles Portable Python (with PyGTK) and Meld t... DOWNLOAD
broeselhud(sfnet) broeselhud broeselhud is a HUD that's as minimalist and un... DOWNLOAD
nini(sfnet) Nini Nini is an uncommonly powerful .NET configurati... DOWNLOAD
jscwiz(sfnet) JSourceCodeWizard JSourceCodeWizard is a source code generator wr... DOWNLOAD
win32gui(sfnet) Win32GUI - Win32 GUI Generics C++ Generic lib for Win32 GUI Programming. Fea... DOWNLOAD
gestalt-docs(sfnet) Clinical Systems Validation Documents Gestalt Biotec Corporation plans to release a s... DOWNLOAD
ciphermail(sfnet) ciphermail is a standards based centrally managed email se... DOWNLOAD
synergyperl(sfnet) Telelogic Synergy Perl Module This is a Perl module for Telelogic Synergy ope... DOWNLOAD
knowledgebase2(sfnet) Hyena Knowledgebase Hyena is oriented at providing an open source s... DOWNLOAD
kumo(sfnet) KUMO KUMO Web macro editor / recorder / compiler fo... DOWNLOAD
imageapps(sfnet) SIMAR - Simple IMAging Routines Contains a set of short utilities/macros to use... DOWNLOAD
icyd-uranium(sfnet) Uranium Uranium, is a program which communicates with a... DOWNLOAD
pdmbuilder(sfnet) MDA Based PDM Builder A MDA based PDM application. Product Developmen... DOWNLOAD
jemval(sfnet) JEmval A Java email-verifying library. Given lists of... DOWNLOAD
labyrinthgame(sfnet) Labyrinth Labyrinth is a complicated game for two or more... DOWNLOAD
mvid(sfnet) MVid DOWNLOAD
concourse(sfnet) Concourse Concourse is a schemaless and distributed versi... DOWNLOAD
cdelectrictutorial(sfnet) CastleDoctrine Electronics Tutorial DOWNLOAD
insitu(sfnet) InSitu InSitu is a content-editing system for small an... DOWNLOAD
omniscient(sfnet) Omniscient Debugger Omniscient Debugging "Because the Debugger... DOWNLOAD
nbear(sfnet) NBear NBearLite : NBearLite is a .NET 2.0 data access... DOWNLOAD
myplanewar(sfnet) myPlaneWar DOWNLOAD
caminhos(sfnet) Caminhos Experimente um novo navegador com tradutor, fer... DOWNLOAD
ojmapcoloring(sfnet) ojmapcoloring This is a map coloring plugin intended for Open... DOWNLOAD
sipuradialplan(sfnet) Sipura VoIP Dial Plan Tester Dial plan tester/manager for Sipura 3000 Voice ... DOWNLOAD
zradio(sfnet) zradio ZRadio is a very tiny application that plays We... DOWNLOAD
pureuseradmin(sfnet) PureUserAdmin PureUserAdmin is a PHP webbased user management... DOWNLOAD
neomy2pg(sfnet) neo_my2pg Python script for migration from mysql to postg... DOWNLOAD
tlink(sfnet) TLink A robot for testing dead links on the World Wid... DOWNLOAD
umlwin32(sfnet) User Mode Linux on Win32 UMLWIN32 is a port of linux kernel based on use... DOWNLOAD
jbattleship(sfnet) JBattleship JBattleship is a network-aware battleship game ... DOWNLOAD
maxcollab(sfnet) Max Collab MaxCollab is a database independent .net groupw... DOWNLOAD
dspam-filter(sfnet) dspam-filter dspam-filter is a filter to invoke the anti-spa... DOWNLOAD
lucidengine(sfnet) Lucid Engine-GameAndWatch for all phones LucidEngine is a simple layer over MIDP compati... DOWNLOAD
wincmsseo(sfnet) Wincms Wincms营销型企业网站系统注重用户体验,融汇SEO,整... DOWNLOAD

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