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rsp(sfnet) RSP RSP is a retargetable language for writing web ... DOWNLOAD
callbox(sfnet) Callbox DOWNLOAD
iftp(sfnet) iFtp Client iFtp is FTP, FTPS, SFTP client for iPhoneOS 2.X... DOWNLOAD
indyj(sfnet) IndyJ - Indy for Java An open source suite of beans and API for clien... DOWNLOAD
yacek(sfnet) yacek Projekt na potrzeby przedmiotu MSiA. DOWNLOAD
ucgn(sfnet) Unified Code Generation This project provides an open-source framework ... DOWNLOAD
snort(sfnet) Snort Snort is a libpcap-based sniffer/logger which c... DOWNLOAD
edbcm(sfnet) EDB Content Manager This project is a content manager specially tho... DOWNLOAD
chrtai(sfnet) RTAI with Ch The Ch RTAI package is a Ch interface to the Re... DOWNLOAD
lucid-os(sfnet) lucid-os DOWNLOAD
centraview-eu(sfnet) CentraView - european version CentraView - european version is a (temporary) ... DOWNLOAD
djbackgammon(sfnet) DJ-backgammon A graphical, easy to use backgammon game. You c... DOWNLOAD
stacker-blocks(sfnet) Stacker Blocks 3D Stacker Blocks 3D is a falling blocks game in t... DOWNLOAD
jhotel(sfnet) JHotel JHotel is a software for small and medium-sized... DOWNLOAD
totorcs(sfnet) 2Torcs 2Torcs, the conversion tool that allow you to p... DOWNLOAD
jarchiver(sfnet) Jarchiver Java Archiving Tool Jarchiver is a Java archiving tool for automate... DOWNLOAD
fatplus(sfnet) Freeagent Theater Plus Mod Firmware Firmware and other modifications for the Seagat... DOWNLOAD
c4fibs(sfnet) C4FIBS Backgammon client for FIBS C4FIBS is a client for the First Internet Backg... DOWNLOAD
bpwj(sfnet) Building Parsers with Java BPWJ is Java package that allows users to quick... DOWNLOAD
jsutils(sfnet) Javascript Utilities A comprehensive Javascript library for allowing... DOWNLOAD
winlang3d(sfnet) 3DControls 3DControls is a framework entirely in 3D (OpenG... DOWNLOAD
supersims(sfnet) Supersims I am aiming to produce a variety of simulations... DOWNLOAD
fastld(sfnet) FastLD DOWNLOAD
oaklib(sfnet) oaklib oaklib provides many useful, portable C++ libra... DOWNLOAD
elegance-linux(sfnet) Elegance Elegance is an Archlinux spin-off that is influ... DOWNLOAD
phpdocwriter(sfnet) PHP DocWriter PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that gene... DOWNLOAD
intima(sfnet) IntimaLite POP3 Filter IntimaLite is a standalone client that filters ... DOWNLOAD
s2cbench(sfnet) S2CBench S2CBench provides 12+1 programs written in synt... DOWNLOAD
smartdrivearduinoexamples(sfnet) SmartDRIVE Arduino Examples Demo Examples/Sketches for Arduino + SmartDRIVE... DOWNLOAD
pegotes(sfnet) Pegotes Pegotes es un pastebin sencillo que trata de ge... DOWNLOAD
tweetboard(sfnet) tweetboard Its a regular twitter application developed usi... DOWNLOAD
ogljpeg(sfnet) Ogljpeg Ogljpeg is JPEG decompression library. Primary... DOWNLOAD
dihistoryjoinplugin(sfnet) di-history-join-plugin This plugin supply a method to join two tables ... DOWNLOAD
eggforge(sfnet) Eggdrop IRC Bot TCL Forge Collection of TCL scripts for the eggdrop IRC b... DOWNLOAD
synthclipse(sfnet) Synthclipse Synthclipse is a GLSL shader prototyping tool. ... DOWNLOAD
cmb(sfnet) Circular Multilateral Barter "Circular Multilateral Barter" (CMB) ... DOWNLOAD
minichinput(sfnet) miniChinput miniChinput is a tiny version of Chinput, which... DOWNLOAD
gview(sfnet) GView GView is a very small, very simple, command-lin... DOWNLOAD
tinynicolese(sfnet) tinynicolese Nicole is simple, platform independent implemen... DOWNLOAD
trackalloc(sfnet) Trackalloc Trackalloc is a lightweight, very compatible he... DOWNLOAD
geetika(sfnet) Geetika Framework Professional responsive, html5, css3 and unique... DOWNLOAD
juky(sfnet) Juky A Web-based mp3 Jukebox based on Apache (1.x an... DOWNLOAD
gatelib(sfnet) gatelib DOWNLOAD
netcalc(sfnet) .Net Calc A scientific graphing calculator written in C#.... DOWNLOAD
glpinotifications(sfnet) GLPI Notifications Notifications of new tickets using Web API noti... DOWNLOAD
tmsnc(sfnet) Text-based MSN Client TMSNC is a text-based (console) MSN client writ... DOWNLOAD
rtzme(sfnet) Real-Time Zooming Math Engine Real-Time Zooming Math Engine is a mathematical... DOWNLOAD
httpremoting(sfnet) HTTPRemoting HTTPRemoting is a specific kind of remoting fra... DOWNLOAD
schnulzenradio(sfnet) schnulzenradio (like above) DOWNLOAD
pic-cooler(sfnet) pic-cooler This software is the going to be used in a smal... DOWNLOAD
quantifa(sfnet) quantifa Quantifa is an F# open-source library for quant... DOWNLOAD
xaml(sfnet) XAML - eXtensible App. Markup Language The XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Languag... DOWNLOAD
creativisionemulator(sfnet) creatiVision emulator Creativision Emulator An emulator for the VTec... DOWNLOAD
slackcurrent(sfnet) slackcurrent Script to keep your Slackware box updated with ... DOWNLOAD
pprom(sfnet) pprom - portable shell prompts Use, create, and manage shell prompts written i... DOWNLOAD
guiwget(sfnet) guiwget GUIwget is a GUI program for windows users to u... DOWNLOAD
movielibrarian(sfnet) Movie Librarian A web based movie database to be used within a ... DOWNLOAD
mssv(sfnet) AWSTATS Multiple Site Statistics Viewer PHP addon for AWSTATS to allow viewing of stati... DOWNLOAD
wintexeditor(sfnet) WinTexEditor Inspired by WinEdt, but wanting (a) a simpler, ... DOWNLOAD
kurzfilm(sfnet) Kurzfilm DOWNLOAD
robokick(sfnet) Kicking RoboSapien Humanoid Robots RoboKick is a software that enables a modified ... DOWNLOAD
squarelanguage(sfnet) Square language A code language text. All paragraphs in a squar... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-text(sfnet) Eclipse PLaSM plugin This is a PLaSM Plugin for Eclipse. PLaSM is a ... DOWNLOAD
fydji-portal(sfnet) Fydji Portal Fydji Portal is a portal creation platform prov... DOWNLOAD
knetleds(sfnet) KNetLeds This is a simple KDE Applet which provides some... DOWNLOAD
ftleditor(sfnet) FTLEditor A 3rd-party tool to edit user files for the gam... DOWNLOAD
binary-to-decimal-converter(sfnet) Binary to Decimal Converter A simple GUI program that lets you input a Bina... DOWNLOAD
fireflame(sfnet) fireflame android free web browser DOWNLOAD
fatcatdrifter(sfnet) Fat Cat Drifter A web browser for those who want to have decent... DOWNLOAD
orangehrmapplication(sfnet) OrangeHRM application DOWNLOAD
pocketuplink(sfnet) Pocket Uplink Amazed by Introversions commercial game Uplink,... DOWNLOAD
ipm(sfnet) IPM (Incyte Project Manager) IPM makes project tracking easier. Complete wit... DOWNLOAD
how(sfnet) Helpdesk Over Web A web-based helpdesk/call-logging system design... DOWNLOAD
xiruss-t(sfnet) XIRUSS-T A toy XML-aware (but otherwise generic and exte... DOWNLOAD
xsigmail(sfnet) Xsigmail Xsigmail is a graphical, simple and soft POP ma... DOWNLOAD
push(sfnet) PUSH - Perl User's Shell A shell (coded in perl) aiming to be intelligen... DOWNLOAD
php-socializer(freshmeat) PHP Socializer PHP Socializer is a PHP module that makes addin... DOWNLOAD
spamfox(sfnet) spamfox SpamFox - An anti-spam tool programmed in perl ... DOWNLOAD
vn-canvas(sfnet) vn-canvas A Javascript Visual Novel Engine for HTML5 Canv... DOWNLOAD
sunmaillogproc(sfnet) SUN JES Messaging Log Processor Log parsers for SUN Java System's JES mail log ... DOWNLOAD
i-omba(sfnet) Internet Industrial Aplication Internet Industrial Bussines Aplication DOWNLOAD
bwatch(sfnet) bWatch - Linux cluster monitoring. bWatch - Linux cluster monitoring software. DOWNLOAD
c-box(sfnet) C-BOX C-BOX is a Sniffer (TCP/IP), Graphical statist... DOWNLOAD
gaycomchat(sfnet) GayComChat GayComm Messenger is a client that provides acc... DOWNLOAD
caus(sfnet) Constraint Analysis Using Sampling: CAUS CAUS was developed using Visual Basic Version 6... DOWNLOAD
jqueryfloatingheadertable(sfnet) jQuery Floating Header Table Live Demo: DOWNLOAD
gsquery(sfnet) gsQuery An OO PHP library that can query various game s... DOWNLOAD
webut(sfnet) Baykit WebUT WebUT is a library to support Web application p... DOWNLOAD
datadump(sfnet) Datadump Datadump is an application for Creating DataDum... DOWNLOAD
bns-tools(sfnet) BNS Tools A set of tools for the chinese client of Blade ... DOWNLOAD
btdwokf(sfnet) BattleWokf Battle Wokf Client Connect Patch DOWNLOAD
openbayes(sfnet) Open Data Bayes Pattern recognition system written in Java. Pro... DOWNLOAD
qmml(sfnet) Question Mark Markup Language Question Mark Markup Language is a radical new ... DOWNLOAD
anyinventory(sfnet) anyinventory anyInventory is a customizable inventory system... DOWNLOAD
drcfile(sfnet) drcfile drcfile is a PHP program to make available file... DOWNLOAD
coingreen(sfnet) GreenCoin Identified digital virtual currency over email ... DOWNLOAD
grid-tools(sfnet) Grid-Tools Grid-tools is a collection of scripts to aid in... DOWNLOAD
xulib(sfnet) XUL Utility Library xulib is library of utility classes in JavaScri... DOWNLOAD
gpacalculate(sfnet) GPA Calculator This application is used to compute your GPA. I... DOWNLOAD
ffxivpingcheck(sfnet) FFXIV: ARR Ping Check This application lets you check your ping laten... DOWNLOAD

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