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relativitysim(sfnet) Warp Special Relativity Simulator 3D Special Relativity Simulator - This program ... DOWNLOAD
instigate-sl(sfnet) instigate-sl C++ library that allows to implement TCL, Pytho... DOWNLOAD
mpy(sfnet) MPY (MPi for pYthon) MPY is an MPI implementation for Python using M... DOWNLOAD
easytpl(sfnet) EasyTPL - Easy template EasyTPL - Easy Template is a PHP class for deve... DOWNLOAD
gresik(sfnet) GresiK GresiK is a pyGTK application to play and recor... DOWNLOAD
localink(sfnet) Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs. Making democ... DOWNLOAD
cnw(sfnet) CNW This is ChatNetWorld's Modified version on the ... DOWNLOAD
mp3renamer(sfnet) MP3 Renamer The MP3 renamer is a win32-tool, used to rename... DOWNLOAD
flatfileforum(sfnet) Flat-File Forum Flat-File Forum (FFF) is a project being writte... DOWNLOAD
regutils(sfnet) regutils Regutils is a collection of programs to help in... DOWNLOAD
tetris4sdl(sfnet) tetris4SDL Yes, another tetris game written in C using SDL... DOWNLOAD
ryoset(sfnet) Roll Your Own Search Engine of Things Scripts and database schema to build your own s... DOWNLOAD
sellanms(sfnet) SellaNMS A network management system capable of auto-dis... DOWNLOAD
avatal(sfnet) Avatal Learn Station The Avatal Learn Station is a J2EE compliant Le... DOWNLOAD
qmailadminplus(sfnet) More web management Tools for Qmail webmail based on qmail/maildir/vpopmail,with Si... DOWNLOAD
freedomos(sfnet) The Freedom OS Freedom OS aims to be stable and free operating... DOWNLOAD
easysoa(sfnet) Easy SOA This a project about SOA,to relise the data tra... DOWNLOAD
devtoolkit(sfnet) DevToolkit The application helps with development using th... DOWNLOAD
xmlfacility(sfnet) XmlFacility XmlFacility is a .Net component which can be us... DOWNLOAD
maltego(sfnet) maltego DOWNLOAD
hlwatch(sfnet) HLWatch HLWatch is an Open Source Webinterface for any ... DOWNLOAD
net2serial(sfnet) Net 2 Serial relay Network to serial port data relaying linux kern... DOWNLOAD
zips(sfnet) The Zip Code Database Project The Zip Code Database project exists to provide... DOWNLOAD
knowledgesharing(sfnet) knowledge sharing DOWNLOAD
cvstracnt(sfnet) CVSTracNT CVSTrac is a Web-Based Bug and Patch-Set Tracki... DOWNLOAD
ieadmin(sfnet) IE Admin.NET IE Admin.NET is a Framework 1.1 based administr... DOWNLOAD
cpuxmark(sfnet) LX プロジェクトルクスHWLogic.coms今後のオープンソ... DOWNLOAD
anikas(sfnet) Anikas RSS News Reader A web-based RSS news feeds reader; it classifie... DOWNLOAD
xlightframe(sfnet) xLightFrame - Philips LightFrame2 for X xLightFrame - Philips LightFrame2 for X DOWNLOAD
bigdesk(sfnet) BIGdesk BIGdesk is a customizable Help Desk/Trouble Tic... DOWNLOAD
undnotes(sfnet) Underscore Custom Notepad Skinnable notepad with an HTML coding mode. Con... DOWNLOAD
r-net(sfnet) R-Net R-Net is a project and is an initiative. R-Net ... DOWNLOAD
mlanalsa(sfnet) ALSA driver for mLAN/61883-6 Linux drivers to allow ALSA audio applications ... DOWNLOAD
dacs(sfnet) DACS - Distributed Access Control System DACS,a light-weight single sign-on and role-bas... DOWNLOAD
phpguilib(sfnet) phpGUIlib php pseudo-gui library Class based advanced PHP pseudo-gui. It allows ... DOWNLOAD
castersb(sfnet) CasterSoundboard Lets you hot-key and playback sound effects. De... DOWNLOAD
openoffice2html(sfnet) OpenOffice2html A PHP class to convert a OpenOffice writer docu... DOWNLOAD
corey-ryder-hawaii(sfnet) Corey Ryder Earth Foundation Screensaver Screensaver of the majesty of Hawaii. Ryder has... DOWNLOAD
visualsynapse(sfnet) Visual Synapse Visual Synapse are component wrappers around th... DOWNLOAD
hmailserver-tra(sfnet) hMailServer - translation Icelandic translation for hMailserver Admin DOWNLOAD
nmusicstation(sfnet) Notes Music Station Notes Music Station is an MP3 library and tag e... DOWNLOAD
hqluserdefinedlang(sfnet) hqlUserDefinedLang DOWNLOAD
opensand(sfnet) OpenSANd OpenSANd is a server system that allows access ... DOWNLOAD
cyber-roam(sfnet) cyber-roam Its a very simple browser made with Microsoft V... DOWNLOAD
truco4gnu(sfnet) truco4gnu Truco4gnu es un juego del truco argentino hecho... DOWNLOAD
simplestffmpegvideoencoder(sfnet) simplest ffmpeg video encoder a simplest video encoder based on FFmpeg. The s... DOWNLOAD
gameoveragain(sfnet) Game Over Again The game consists of a rectangular board increa... DOWNLOAD
genre-sort(sfnet) Genre-sort Genre-sort is a Python script that will parse i... DOWNLOAD
thinlet-contrib(sfnet) Thinlet Contributions Thinlet Contrib is a collection of example apps... DOWNLOAD
roap(sfnet) region oriented ascii processor Roap scans a text file, extracts regions that m... DOWNLOAD
livechatsupportforwebsite(sfnet) Live chat support for website Live chat is now an essential part of online bu... DOWNLOAD
jimagemapper(sfnet) JImageMapper JImageMapper is for html editors who needs a to... DOWNLOAD
memodivx(sfnet) MemoDivX MemoDivX est un logiciel vous permettant de gér... DOWNLOAD
tex-fontconfig(sfnet) Type1 and TT Font Configuration for TeX tex-fontconfig creates with little extra inform... DOWNLOAD
rdfpicx(sfnet) RDFPic Extended RDFPic Extended is a web application for image ... DOWNLOAD
jarinspector(sfnet) JarInspector JarInspector is a swing based tool. JarInspecto... DOWNLOAD
pypdfslide(sfnet) PyPDFSlide PyPDFSlide is a python program which permits to... DOWNLOAD
rdsdec(sfnet) RdsDec RdsDec decodes an RDS/RBDS bitstream from a tex... DOWNLOAD
rpal(sfnet) RPAL An interpreter for the Right-reference Pedagogi... DOWNLOAD
fav2dir(sfnet) fav2dir fav2dir (favorites to directory): a small Lin... DOWNLOAD
metadata-tools(sfnet) Metadata tools for A Macro for viewing and removing metadata and h... DOWNLOAD
ndiswrapper(sfnet) ndiswrapper Ndis driver wrapper for the Linux kernel DOWNLOAD
phpdocbook(sfnet) PHP Docbook Displayer PHP Docbook displayers provides XSL and CSS sty... DOWNLOAD
yawte(sfnet) YAWTE YAWTE (Yet Another Web Template Engine) is an a... DOWNLOAD
pigimp(sfnet) piGIMP piGIMP is a project to benchmark GIMP against P... DOWNLOAD
pac4slack(sfnet) pac4slack Arch's Pacman for Slackware Linux DOWNLOAD
adlib(sfnet) adlib ADLIB - a C library of fundamental algorithms a... DOWNLOAD
netforo(sfnet) netForo! netForo! is a full forum-system developed in PH... DOWNLOAD
easygg(sfnet) EasyGG EasyGG to komponent do Delphi obsługujący proto... DOWNLOAD
emacs-manual-chm(sfnet) emacs-manual-chm GNU Emacs manuals in CHM format DOWNLOAD
sdl-dc(sfnet) SDL for Dreamcast porting SDL,Simple Directmedia Layer and relate... DOWNLOAD
adaptivetrapex(sfnet) TRAPEX TRAPEX - solution of quadrature problems on fin... DOWNLOAD
hammurapi(sfnet) hammurapi Java code review tool. DOWNLOAD
kidgal(sfnet) KidGal KidGal - The Gallery for Big People. A unique g... DOWNLOAD
aapr(sfnet) AES Archive Password Recovery AES encrypted RAR archive password recovery tool. DOWNLOAD
bioagenda(sfnet) BioAGENDA AGENDA (Application for mining Gene Ontology Data) DOWNLOAD
flickrwall(sfnet) flickrwall An automatic wallpaper changer powered by Flick... DOWNLOAD
minecraftarttheifminigame(sfnet) Minecraft Art Theif Minigame DOWNLOAD
johnutils(sfnet) johnutils a conglomeration of bits and bytes that do thin... DOWNLOAD
cdock(sfnet) cDock cDock - Unleash your Dock Small program to cus... DOWNLOAD
tyutchev(sfnet) Tyutchev DOWNLOAD
splitcap(sfnet) SplitCap Splits large PCAP files into multiple files wit... DOWNLOAD
idrive(sfnet) iDrive iDrive is a front-end to MapQuest, it will map ... DOWNLOAD
vcstools(sfnet) vcstools, set of virtual console gadgets This is set of tools fittable to almost any kin... DOWNLOAD
slackwifi(sfnet) slackwifi SlackWiFi is a command line wireless lan config... DOWNLOAD
mjic-hiragana(sfnet) Japanese Tools Japanese Language Learning Tools for Hiragana, ... DOWNLOAD
devpanel(sfnet) Open Configuration Framework XML based configuration framework for UNIX base... DOWNLOAD
hurd-system(sfnet) GNU/Hurd From Scratch Scripts and utilities to facilitate the compila... DOWNLOAD
gtools(sfnet) GTools Editor This program allows you to edit EA's c&c Ge... DOWNLOAD
pispaces(sfnet) PiSpaces The goal of PiSpaces project is to create simpl... DOWNLOAD
hanzihelper(sfnet) Hanzi Helper - Chinese study aid Hanzi Helper is a Java application that helps y... DOWNLOAD
fineplatform(sfnet) FinePlatform - HTML Desktop Appl. Platform/skeleton for creating desktop applicat... DOWNLOAD
ccore(sfnet) CrayCore A simulator for the CPU used in the CRAY YMP-EL... DOWNLOAD
soothsayer(sfnet) Soothsayer Predict if storage utilised will exceed capacit... DOWNLOAD
tinalife(sfnet) TIN Artificial Life TIN is an artificial-life program running under... DOWNLOAD
falcontextsearch(sfnet) FALCON - Text Search Java Project ----------------- - What is it? - -------------... DOWNLOAD
hfanotherday(sfnet) HFanotherday DOWNLOAD
rthur(sfnet) Rthur Rthur converts mass spectrometry data in Thermo... DOWNLOAD
prle(sfnet) random Linux experiments DOWNLOAD
sacash(sfnet) saCASH saCash is a Quicken-like financial account mana... DOWNLOAD

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