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hisee(sfnet) HiSee HiSee is a tool for visualizing high dimensiona... DOWNLOAD
icbm(sfnet) ICBM : Internet Citizens Band Messenger ICBM is a threaded, text-only, color ICB client... DOWNLOAD
dbpics(sfnet) DbPics DbPics is a php set of files which provides a c... DOWNLOAD
chainmail(sfnet) Chainmail milter Chainmail is a Sendmail mail filter (milter) th... DOWNLOAD
chjpeg(sfnet) JPEG in Ch Ch JPEG 1.0 is the Ch binding to the JPEG C lib... DOWNLOAD
b00xos(sfnet) b00x OS No description DOWNLOAD
twv3d(sfnet) TankWarsV3D A fast paced, non-turned based, TankWars/Scorch... DOWNLOAD
pavlov(sfnet) Pavlov: Study Via Operant Conditioning Pavlov is a Java multiple choice teaching progr... DOWNLOAD
krass(sfnet) Krass For use in a product development or system main... DOWNLOAD
phploadbalancer(sfnet) phpLoadBalancer phpLoadBalancer enable website load-balancing t... DOWNLOAD
matsig(sfnet) Matsig Matsig is an object-oriented signal class libra... DOWNLOAD
xpbuddy(sfnet) XPBuddy A virtual XtremeProgramming Buddy, for "vi... DOWNLOAD
graxml(sfnet) GraXML GraXML is a Geometric Modeller for handling Hig... DOWNLOAD
often(sfnet) Forma Forma (Framework for resource management applic... DOWNLOAD
laffer(sfnet) Laffer Project Laffer Project is an effort to build complete I... DOWNLOAD
anonymousfury(sfnet) Anonymous FuryRO This is Anonymous Fury Ragnarok Online. Our rat... DOWNLOAD
msapi(sfnet) Martin Studio API Martin Studio API is intended for use by java w... DOWNLOAD
gtknetcat(sfnet) GtkNetCat GtkNetCat is a program that connects to any por... DOWNLOAD
witz(sfnet) Witz Chess Engine Witz is a chess program that is designed to wor... DOWNLOAD
tcpswitch(sfnet) TCP-Switch TCP-Switch currently allows sharing one port fo... DOWNLOAD
educarasurvey(sfnet) Educara SURVEY SURVEY is Educara's research-grade, web-based d... DOWNLOAD
eclipsebb(sfnet) EclipseBB EclipseBB is a pre-modded phpBB forum. It is u... DOWNLOAD
b4browser(sfnet) B4 SCORM Browser B4 SCORM package browser DOWNLOAD
helpdesk-xp(sfnet) @1 Helpdesk XP - Perl A web-based helpdesk ticketing system. It adopt... DOWNLOAD
sotf(sfnet) StreamOnTheFly StreamOnTheFly is a multisite audio archive, ra... DOWNLOAD
worship-planner(sfnet) Worship Service Planning System Web based system for planning Church Services, ... DOWNLOAD
dgc-cn(sfnet) Data Gravitation Based Classification DOWNLOAD
photodir(sfnet) PhotoDir This is my php gallery creator, I call it photo... DOWNLOAD
openwspl(sfnet) OpenWSPL This is an open source implementation of the We... DOWNLOAD
dmguestbook(sfnet) DM Guestbook PHP guestbook witch use MySQL database. It has ... DOWNLOAD
php4flicks(sfnet) php4flicks movie database php4flicks movie database - powerful PHP/MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
midletdict(sfnet) Midlet Dictionary Midlet Dictionary is a Dictionary for java-awar... DOWNLOAD
cryptodispatch(sfnet) StrongHold32 StrongHold32 - is a stand alone crypto program ... DOWNLOAD
ndd(sfnet) ndd File transmission by multicast. For example dis... DOWNLOAD
jcola(sfnet) JCola JCola is a file tailing application written in ... DOWNLOAD
yajal(sfnet) YaJal YaJal is an abstraction layer written in Java o... DOWNLOAD
gadventure(sfnet) General Adventure Game Engine This project's goal is to create a generic adve... DOWNLOAD
dotnetdallib(sfnet) DotNet DAL Library DotNetDALLib is a Data Access Layer library for... DOWNLOAD
sdist(sfnet) sdist Sdist creates a skeletal set of distribution fi... DOWNLOAD
ahkcn(sfnet) AutoHotkey 中文化项目 官方中文子论坛: DOWNLOAD
cudachapcracker(sfnet) GPU CUDA CHAP cracker GPU CHAP MD5 bruteforcer with NVIDIA CUDA accel... DOWNLOAD
libdbms(sfnet) libDBMS A php Library to interact with different DBMS u... DOWNLOAD
dmclient(sfnet) DMClient DMClient is a client program for the web-forum ... DOWNLOAD
chanukah(sfnet) Chanukah - Manage your contacts Chanukah is a small but powerfull address organ... DOWNLOAD
inukshuk(sfnet) Inukshuk CLI Utilities Inukshuk is a set of utilities that replicate s... DOWNLOAD
netdevmon(sfnet) Simple Network Device Monitor snut - simple network usage totaler snut... DOWNLOAD
ex-naryan(sfnet) Expanses of Naryan The Expanses of Naryan will be a fully fledged ... DOWNLOAD
iomrrdtools(sfnet) DVD/CD UDF Tools (especially RRD Drive) DVD/CD UDF disc drive tools, esp. for the Iomeg... DOWNLOAD
pypfpro(sfnet) PyPayflowPro With PyPayflowPro, you can use the Verisign Pay... DOWNLOAD
fts2db(sfnet) Pure text to Docbook translator The tool FTS2DB is a translator from FTS (pure ... DOWNLOAD
newbanner(sfnet) banner Banner is a port of the Unix and Linux command-... DOWNLOAD
inflection(sfnet) Inflection Inflection is a multi-protocol blog client wri... DOWNLOAD
wxpyatol(sfnet) wxPyAtol wxPyAtol is a coproject of Miroslav Rajcic's At... DOWNLOAD
openrdl(sfnet) OpenRDL OpenRDL is an open source alternative to Micros... DOWNLOAD
muspa(sfnet) MUSPA ええとpainelデ制御パラMUSPAウェブサイト/ベムmod... DOWNLOAD
crapstufftree(sfnet) CrapStuff ASP TreeView The CrapStuff TreeView control is a powerful al... DOWNLOAD
domjcaconnector(sfnet) Lotus Domino J2EE Connector Lotus Domino DIIOP J2EE Connector. This JCA con... DOWNLOAD
photogenie(sfnet) Easily manage your digital photographs Manage your digital photographs using this Mono... DOWNLOAD
w32torrentmake(sfnet) Torrentrain Utility for editing torrent files (used with a ... DOWNLOAD
vcmu(sfnet) Videotron Cable Modem Usage Videotron Cable Modem Usage is a freeware utili... DOWNLOAD
brothersinarms(sfnet) brothersinarms This project features a codebase for Super Mari... DOWNLOAD
kijijioneclickrepost(sfnet) Kijiji One-Click Repost DOWNLOAD
yan(sfnet) Yan A micro IOC (Inversion of Control) container th... DOWNLOAD
musicmaker(sfnet) Music Maker Music Maker is a music synthesizer with the abi... DOWNLOAD
umail(sfnet) uMail uMail is a VERY SIMPLE message box for local sy... DOWNLOAD
cvmlib(sfnet) CVM Class Library CVM C++ Class Library encapsulates concepts of ... DOWNLOAD
opcion(sfnet) Opcion Font Viewer Opcion Font Viewer is a Java based font viewer ... DOWNLOAD
javadoc2help(sfnet) Javadoc2Help Javadoc2Help is a java based command line tool ... DOWNLOAD
caribou(sfnet) Caribou Caribou is a Java application that complements ... DOWNLOAD
cpan-search(sfnet) CPAN-Search-Lite Set up and maintain a lightweight searchable da... DOWNLOAD
jgo(sfnet) jGo - A Java Go Game jGo is a Java Implementation of the popular Go ... DOWNLOAD
lancomm(sfnet) .LAN Communicator A free IRC-based messaging client designed for ... DOWNLOAD
sydekiq(sfnet) SydeKIQ - Sybase IQ Log Parser SydeKIQ (pronounced sidekick) is a Sybase IQ Lo... DOWNLOAD
ispprogrammer(sfnet) ISP Programmer This software supports programming of Atmel mic... DOWNLOAD
periodictables(sfnet) Periodic Tables Package The Periodic Tables Package is an advanced suit... DOWNLOAD
tikipro(sfnet) TikiPro Web Framework ### Project Renamed to bitweaver ### CMS with: ... DOWNLOAD
suremth(sfnet) Pseudo Remote Threads (Suremth) The software provides a means to form a simple ... DOWNLOAD
webvoctrainer(sfnet) Internet Vocabulary Trainer A simple multi-lingual vocabulary trainer based... DOWNLOAD
ircd-immortal(sfnet) ircd-immortal A resource-conscientious, flexible, modular, pl... DOWNLOAD
detox(sfnet) detox Detox is a utility designed to clean up filenam... DOWNLOAD
rms(sfnet) Ruby web-based Modem Search Web-based Modem Search written in Ruby to searc... DOWNLOAD
chibre(sfnet) Chibre A chibre card game simulator. Chibre (also know... DOWNLOAD
openefm(sfnet) OpenEFM OpenEFM is an open source Filing Manager design... DOWNLOAD
crabbypanel(sfnet) CrabbyPanel CrabbyPanel is a lightweight and simple GTK2 pa... DOWNLOAD
bissa(sfnet) bissa Bissa ( බිස්ස ) is a Open Source Highly Scalabl... DOWNLOAD
barcr-reader(sfnet) BarcR UPC Code Reader Barcr is a UPC code reader library and sample a... DOWNLOAD
clubgear(sfnet) ClubGear ClubGear - A supporting system for a small/medi... DOWNLOAD
mayaalembicimport(sfnet) Maya Alembic Import Maya Alembic Import plug-in with correct faceSe... DOWNLOAD
pypaint(sfnet) PyPaint - Python Paint Module This library provides a light wrapper of the li... DOWNLOAD
winbran(sfnet) WinBran This project allows to convert files of Nimegue... DOWNLOAD
hackthecodewot(sfnet) hackthecodewot DOWNLOAD
msjdbcproxy(sfnet) Microsoft JDBC Driver Proxy Tired of the Microsoft JDBC Driver running slow... DOWNLOAD
open-qub(sfnet) Open QUB Open QUB is a tool where developers easily can ... DOWNLOAD
whassup(sfnet) Whassup Whassup provides RSS newsreader capabilities an... DOWNLOAD
mimerpm(sfnet) Mimer Provider Manager Mimer Provider Manager (Mpm) for Microsoft ADO.... DOWNLOAD
navette(sfnet) navette Navette: An abstract J2EE Navigation Project. B... DOWNLOAD
actr-sos(sfnet) ACTR/SOS A Simple Object System for ACT-R (ACT-R/SOS) DOWNLOAD
winplaceshow(sfnet) WPS Horse Racing Simulation Shelton High School: Win, Place, and Show Horce... DOWNLOAD
madirishwebmail(sfnet) Madirish Webmail Madirish Webmail is a PHP based email agent (wi... DOWNLOAD
gtkprint(sfnet) gtkprint gtkprint is a program to print photographs. Use... DOWNLOAD

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