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bioswr(sfnet) bioswr The registry supports WSDL 1.1 / 2.0 and BioMob... DOWNLOAD
postgres-xl(sfnet) Postgres-XL Postgres-XL is a PostgreSQL-based scale-out clu... DOWNLOAD
openpsa(sfnet) OpenPSA OpenPSA is open source software for Probabilist... DOWNLOAD
calculavetor(sfnet) Calcula Vetor Calcule a soma ou a diferença entre dois vetore... DOWNLOAD
jdbnuke(sfnet) JDBNuke JDBNuke is a Java package for jdbc based applic... DOWNLOAD
enjoythetime(sfnet) EnjoyTheTime EnjoyTheTime is a .NET based programm for contr... DOWNLOAD
twordis(sfnet) Tetris-like game to learn foreign words Tetris-like game written in Java to learn any f... DOWNLOAD
sqledit(sfnet) SQLEdit WebGUI Wobject A WebGUI Wobject to create simply web database ... DOWNLOAD
phpman(sfnet) phpman PHP/MySQL based system to publish your manuals ... DOWNLOAD
phpgb(sfnet) phpgb phpGB is a guestbook made with mod_rewrite DOWNLOAD
ili2sql(sfnet) ili2sql Converts the INTERLIS2-Model and Data to sql-St... DOWNLOAD
gosiege(sfnet) Go Siege Go Siege is a transformation of the ancient Chi... DOWNLOAD
linux-802-15-4(sfnet) Linux Wireless Sensor LAN Project Drivers and utility set for 802.15.4 standard l... DOWNLOAD
jayvz17(sfnet) jayvz17 DOWNLOAD
sybcontrol(sfnet) Sybcontrol Sybase monitoring, replication, and configurati... DOWNLOAD
ubatcher(sfnet) ubatcher uBatcher is used to generate list of continuous... DOWNLOAD
ekitty(sfnet) E-Kitty E-Kitty is a virtual pet cat network over the i... DOWNLOAD
klahowya2(sfnet) Klahowya Student Portfolio Solution Klahowya is a cross-platform, easy-to-use, open... DOWNLOAD
tasktime(sfnet) Tasktime - time tracking software Tasktime lets a single user track and report ti... DOWNLOAD
qradio(sfnet) qradio Software to Radio automation for Linux OS DOWNLOAD
springrandd(sfnet) SpringRandD DOWNLOAD
frameworkphtl(sfnet) Framework PHTL The purpose of this is to facilitate the creati... DOWNLOAD
downcalc(freshmeat) DownCalc DownCalc is a program for the PalmOS to estimat... DOWNLOAD
originator(sfnet) originator Originator is an open source, RPG rapid prototy... DOWNLOAD
tabladeamortizacion(sfnet) Tabla de amortizacion Este programa calcula, dadas una condiciones in... DOWNLOAD
lyncstatuseditor(sfnet) Lync Status Editor DOWNLOAD
jreportinggrid(sfnet) JReportingGrid JReportingGrid is a 100% pure java GUI tool to ... DOWNLOAD
unichrome(sfnet) Unichrome The Unichrome Project provides Free and Open So... DOWNLOAD
bluprint(sfnet) Bluprint Bluprint is an Agile-MDA code generator. It is ... DOWNLOAD
osxpass(sfnet) OS X Password Change Web Application Web application for changing passwords on an Ap... DOWNLOAD
gisesagil(sfnet) AGIL: Desarrollos por el GIS Libre AgisLibre is an opensource iniciative to impel ... DOWNLOAD
mysql2php(sfnet) Mysql2Php A tool for generating php files that help acces... DOWNLOAD
pfjdbc(sfnet) PFJDBC Driver A wrapper over any JDBC driver, it corrects som... DOWNLOAD
sunproject(sfnet) sunproject The goal of Sun Project Interactive is able to ... DOWNLOAD
opennet-srv(sfnet) openNet: open network services The open network services project develops expe... DOWNLOAD
preclipse(sfnet) Preclipse Preclipse is an Eclipse plugin providing extens... DOWNLOAD
emsim(sfnet) EMERGY SIMULATOR Diagram (JGraph) driven simulator. Bondgraphs &... DOWNLOAD
efwiki(sfnet) efWiki - the community wiki efWiki is a Wiki-System based on PHP and MySQL.... DOWNLOAD
objectbrowser(sfnet) ObjectBrowser Application-Framework Java-Framework for fast and easy creation of ap... DOWNLOAD
entity(sfnet) Entity Entity is an engine that allows you to build ap... DOWNLOAD
ald(sfnet) Assembly Language Debugger The Assembly Language Debugger is a tool for de... DOWNLOAD
dompres(sfnet) The DOM Presentation Layer (DPL) The DOM Presentation Layer (DPL) is a Java-base... DOWNLOAD
yawda(sfnet) Yawda Yawda is an MVC Web development application fra... DOWNLOAD
biopro(sfnet) BioPro BioPro project has been moved to DOWNLOAD
svp-hpc(sfnet) Simple Versatile Plotting The Simple Versatile Plotting (SVP) tools creat... DOWNLOAD
crossfire(freshmeat) Crossfire Crossfire is a multi-player graphical arcade an... DOWNLOAD
xulrunnerinstal(sfnet) XULRunner Installer NSIS based XULRunner 1.9 Installer for Windows DOWNLOAD
gpycalc(sfnet) GPyCalc A new simple calculator written in PyGTK DOWNLOAD
jtcode2(sfnet) JTcode JTcode is java code generation framework. It im... DOWNLOAD
antversiontool(sfnet) Ant Task Version_Tool Version_Tool is an Ant Task which allows you to... DOWNLOAD
coriolis3d(sfnet) Coriolis 3D 3D Carom billiards simulation / simulation 3D d... DOWNLOAD
minshara(sfnet) Minshara Java Bluetooth Stack Minshara Java Bluetooth Stack is a Java (JSR-82... DOWNLOAD
amee-client(sfnet) AMEE client example A User Interface implementation of a "CO2/... DOWNLOAD
machinetmail(sfnet) machiNET Mailserver Machinet mailserver is a setup for a (small) en... DOWNLOAD
thor-cms(sfnet) THoRCMS THoRCMS is intended as an add-on for phpBB, wit... DOWNLOAD
openxfem(sfnet) OpenXfem++ OpenXfem++ is an XFEM (eXtended Finite Element ... DOWNLOAD
rdqlplus(sfnet) RDQLPlus A Java-based GUI for querying RDF, featuring gr... DOWNLOAD
theeye(sfnet) TheEye - monitoring/alert system TheEye is a php-based remote monitor. Executes ... DOWNLOAD
filera(sfnet) File Resource Adapter The JCA 1.5 compliant resource adapter provided... DOWNLOAD
panthera-bot(sfnet) Panthera IRC Bot Panthera is a fully modular IRC bot written in ... DOWNLOAD
kalzip(sfnet) Kalzip a kalzip is KDE ported alzip and compress/decom... DOWNLOAD
isl3893(sfnet) isl3893 The isl3893 is a arm9 System On Chip for wirele... DOWNLOAD
castleengine(sfnet) CastleEngine CastleEngine is a 2d platforming engine with th... DOWNLOAD
ripsec(sfnet) Remiss IPSec configurator GUI written in java to make configuration files... DOWNLOAD
drpac(sfnet) drPAC An ASCII Pacman game written in C++. DOWNLOAD
swiss-gd-knife(sfnet) Swiss GD Knife Swiss GD Knife is a C++ middleware library for ... DOWNLOAD
jobnet(sfnet) jobnet JobNet an employment package for osc2nuke and P... DOWNLOAD
netpadd(sfnet) Netpadd Netpadd is a free open-source Win text editor f... DOWNLOAD
eggdroptcl(sfnet) DAVEScript Lite This is an Eggdrop IRC script written in TcL fo... DOWNLOAD
twistedsnmp(sfnet) TwistedSNMP Python SNMP Manager and Agent Protocols and API... DOWNLOAD
wxappbar(sfnet) wxAppBar wxPython "Application Bar" or "T... DOWNLOAD
mail-toaster(sfnet) Mail::Toaster A suite of perl scripts used to build, maintain... DOWNLOAD
dimetools(sfnet) DIME-Tools It's a collection of Perl modules to parse and ... DOWNLOAD
phpmib(sfnet) php Modular Irc Bot phpMIB is an os independent Modular Irc Bot (as... DOWNLOAD
fruitshow(sfnet) Fruit Show Fruit Show is a minimalist forum package based ... DOWNLOAD
bbm(sfnet) Balls Blocks and Mazes A 3D puzzle game written in python and develope... DOWNLOAD
socrates-lang(sfnet) The Socrates programming language A programming language embedded in PLT Scheme t... DOWNLOAD
zugzug(sfnet) ZugZug ZugZug is a chat client for Mac OS X which conn... DOWNLOAD
az-music-player(sfnet) MusicPlayer This music player is supposed to be simple and ... DOWNLOAD
eeedaemon(sfnet) eeedaemon The main goal is to centralize control of camer... DOWNLOAD
eightballstrike(sfnet) Eightball Strike A bowling alley, pool and snooker, usage manage... DOWNLOAD
pyrasun(sfnet) Pyrasun Java Libraries The Pyrasun Libraries Project is a collection o... DOWNLOAD
gsitranslator(sfnet) GSI Translator Application to help the localization of OpenOff... DOWNLOAD
osmle(sfnet) osmle The project OSMLE (Open Scientific Mathematical... DOWNLOAD
fathead(sfnet) FatHead FatHead is an album-based full-screen remote co... DOWNLOAD
bumperjack(sfnet) bumperjack DOWNLOAD
fabbysrandomprovinces(sfnet) Fabby's Random Provinces A mod for EUIV that randomizes country locations. DOWNLOAD
palmin(sfnet) Palm Desktop Plugins Some plug-ins for the Palm Desktop Application ... DOWNLOAD
qmailnmx(sfnet) Qmail NMX Qmail NMX is a project that intends to bring co... DOWNLOAD
menuet(sfnet) MenuetOS MenuetOS - a fully 32 assembly written OS for x86. DOWNLOAD
ogl-lib(sfnet) OGL Library "Open GPS / LBS library" is a C# base... DOWNLOAD
bcl(sfnet) bcl Basic Compression Library is a portable library... DOWNLOAD
uique(sfnet) Uique Uique is a Wiki implementation written in PHP w... DOWNLOAD
pq-poi(sfnet) pq-poi Kleines Skript, das aus einer GPX-Datei (Pocket... DOWNLOAD
mediadatabase(sfnet) Offline media content database Database to store filesystem metadata (director... DOWNLOAD
hotkeybind(sfnet) HotKeyBind HotKeyBind is a program that let you use hotkey... DOWNLOAD
myrt(sfnet) MyRTv Graphic tool for Linux to recording from analog... DOWNLOAD
netbookboot(sfnet) netBook Booting A project to develop and document the boot proc... DOWNLOAD
pymonitor(sfnet) PyMonitor PyMonitor module is used to add support for ena... DOWNLOAD
finddouble(sfnet) finddouble 'finddouble' application searches into a direct... DOWNLOAD

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