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math-editor(sfnet) Fast Math Formula Editor for MS Word Mathematics formula renderer for Microsoft Word... DOWNLOAD
siestta(sfnet) siestta Aplicación web que gestiona la información del ... DOWNLOAD
u6edit(sfnet) U6Edit An editor for modifying Ultima 6's game files, ... DOWNLOAD
passgenerator(sfnet) Another Password Generator The program generates random passwords using ra... DOWNLOAD
vcgh(sfnet) vcgh vCGH (virtual CGH) is a program that use microa... DOWNLOAD
myopia(sfnet) OnCite - online publications database System for administering a public listing of a ... DOWNLOAD
sameosx(sfnet) Same OSX A simple game played by removing groups of adja... DOWNLOAD
lvplayer(sfnet) Linux Video Player The Linux Video Project attempts to create a Li... DOWNLOAD
formsgenerator(sfnet) FormsGenerator (form generator) is a WYSIWYG ed... DOWNLOAD
jtflow(sfnet) JTflow JTflow is a project for automately generate UML... DOWNLOAD
phpdevshell(sfnet) phpdevshell Please DOWNLOAD from DOWNLOAD
lightstorm(sfnet) LightStorm LightStorm is a photorealistic multi-processor ... DOWNLOAD
msdk(sfnet) MSDK - Multithreading SDK Multithreading SDK: cross-platform synchronizat... DOWNLOAD
pdfman(sfnet) PDFman An editor to create PDF and HTML files DOWNLOAD
mrtg2database(sfnet) MRTG2db MRTG-2-DataBase adds RDBMS database compatibili... DOWNLOAD
pandoras-jar(sfnet) Pandora Timeshifting Pandora's Jar enables timeshifting on pandora-b... DOWNLOAD
d3www(sfnet) D3WWW/MVWWW - HTTP Integration for Pick D3WWW is a RainingData license-friendly, non-pe... DOWNLOAD
vims(sfnet) ViMS, PVR - Digital TV Recorder Digital TV Recorder - PVR. ViMS - Video Mnemoni... DOWNLOAD
nicic(sfnet) NICIC NICIC is supposed to assist the user while usin... DOWNLOAD
winblast(sfnet) WinBlast WinBlast is a Windows graphical front-end for N... DOWNLOAD
root123dummy(sfnet) tail implementation in java I wrote it because it is fun to write a new imp... DOWNLOAD
logcheck(sfnet) logcheck Logcheck is software package that is designed t... DOWNLOAD
struts-workflow(sfnet) Struts Workflow extension This extension to struts provides the ability t... DOWNLOAD
jtranslit(sfnet) jTranslit Transliterator - program for converting English... DOWNLOAD
synackflood(sfnet) SynAckFlood SynAckFlood protect your linux box from portsca... DOWNLOAD
jcad(sfnet) JCadServices Joint submission team developing a CORBA interf... DOWNLOAD
sqlbooster(sfnet) Xolutions Data Access Widgets for .NET This project is currently devoted two to SOA-en... DOWNLOAD
wmunit(sfnet) WmUnit WmUnit is a unit testing framework for testing ... DOWNLOAD
dmaxx(sfnet) Openmark Openmark will be a Open Source benchmark that w... DOWNLOAD
uircbot(sfnet) uIrcBot uIrcBot is a irc bot written in C++ for windows... DOWNLOAD
cubump(sfnet) cubump A game made in Blender3d for four Players. Ever... DOWNLOAD
vxplib(sfnet) VXPLib Win32 COM Server DLL implements a generic drawi... DOWNLOAD
marryboyun(sfnet) marryboyun DOWNLOAD
imap-agent(sfnet) IMAP-Agent IMAP-Agent is an automated IMAP mail folder man... DOWNLOAD
nukemap(sfnet) Nuke Map This is a map voting system written for the PHP... DOWNLOAD
gxparse(sfnet) GXPARSE: XML stream parser API Generic Java XML stream parser API makes it muc... DOWNLOAD
k-li(sfnet) Serenity (Chatroom) A CGI chatroom that is relatively small in size... DOWNLOAD
autodl-irssi(sfnet) autodl-irssi Plugin for Irssi which monitors torrent IRC ann... DOWNLOAD
spolan(sfnet) SPOofedLAN Slan - utility to use IP protocol in restricted... DOWNLOAD
ktell(sfnet) ktell The ktell utility is a user level daemon that m... DOWNLOAD
webutils(sfnet) WebUtils WebUtils provides a set of tools to assist surf... DOWNLOAD
wkb(sfnet) Web knowledge Base Upload files, Information and Organize/Search t... DOWNLOAD
lector-ocr(sfnet) lector An interface to tesseract ocr DOWNLOAD
pmp3m(sfnet) huehnerhoses Portable MP3 Manager This script gives you an easy interface to copy... DOWNLOAD
jbytecode(sfnet) jbytecode jbytecode is a Java bytecode disassembler/assem... DOWNLOAD
rmt-installer(sfnet) RMT-Installer RMT-Installer is a Kommander Project. RMT-Insta... DOWNLOAD
robostopwatch(sfnet) RoboStopwatch This program schedules, launches and monitors a... DOWNLOAD
eckbox(sfnet) Eckbox Software for a van eck phreaking device. Pleas... DOWNLOAD
windcmt(sfnet) windCMT windCMT is a pure perl based network device con... DOWNLOAD
fswg(sfnet) Flexible Simple Web Gallery A php and MySQL driven web-gallery. Unlike thos... DOWNLOAD
bmt(sfnet) Berkeley DB Manipulation Tool Berkeley batabase Manipulation Tool (BMT) wants... DOWNLOAD
inkaddressbar(sfnet) Ink Address Bar The Ink Address Bar is a utitlity that helps Ta... DOWNLOAD
hc-new(sfnet) HC DOWNLOAD
htmltoubb(sfnet) Html 2 (to) Ubb (IBF, BB) code converter Simply code converter from html 2 (to) Invision... DOWNLOAD
jparsec(sfnet) jparsec a higher order parser combinator library writte... DOWNLOAD
maestro-metrnme(sfnet) maestro-metronome Maestro Metronome is a cross platform useful me... DOWNLOAD
swtext(sfnet) SwtExt English Desc: Some swt extensions like TableVie... DOWNLOAD
mocap(sfnet) Motion Capture Data Acquisiton Tool The tool allows for data acquisition from triad... DOWNLOAD
neurorazerenglish(sfnet) NeuroRazer-ENGLISH NeuroRazer is a video game designed as a "... DOWNLOAD
sdvplayer(sfnet) sdvplayer A video player featuring dictionary look up for... DOWNLOAD
yadgame(sfnet) Yet Another Dungeon-game YAD is "Yet Another Dungeon-game." It... DOWNLOAD
gstat(sfnet) Real-Time Web-Statistics for Gameservers Perl-script that generates a web-page (dhtml, c... DOWNLOAD
opstation-qt(sfnet) OpStation_Qt OpStation_Qt: Operator Station for controlling... DOWNLOAD
nfcount(sfnet) nfcount The nfcount can be used for count network flows... DOWNLOAD
caravel(sfnet) Caravel Content Management System Caravel is a modular, enterprise-level Content ... DOWNLOAD
affy(sfnet) Affymetrix/GCOS Python Integration Affymetrix GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) i... DOWNLOAD
hisee(sfnet) HiSee HiSee is a tool for visualizing high dimensiona... DOWNLOAD
icbm(sfnet) ICBM : Internet Citizens Band Messenger ICBM is a threaded, text-only, color ICB client... DOWNLOAD
dbpics(sfnet) DbPics DbPics is a php set of files which provides a c... DOWNLOAD
chainmail(sfnet) Chainmail milter Chainmail is a Sendmail mail filter (milter) th... DOWNLOAD
chjpeg(sfnet) JPEG in Ch Ch JPEG 1.0 is the Ch binding to the JPEG C lib... DOWNLOAD
twv3d(sfnet) TankWarsV3D A fast paced, non-turned based, TankWars/Scorch... DOWNLOAD
pavlov(sfnet) Pavlov: Study Via Operant Conditioning Pavlov is a Java multiple choice teaching progr... DOWNLOAD
krass(sfnet) Krass For use in a product development or system main... DOWNLOAD
phploadbalancer(sfnet) phpLoadBalancer phpLoadBalancer enable website load-balancing t... DOWNLOAD
matsig(sfnet) Matsig Matsig is an object-oriented signal class libra... DOWNLOAD
xpbuddy(sfnet) XPBuddy A virtual XtremeProgramming Buddy, for "vi... DOWNLOAD
graxml(sfnet) GraXML GraXML is a Geometric Modeller for handling Hig... DOWNLOAD
often(sfnet) Forma Forma (Framework for resource management applic... DOWNLOAD
laffer(sfnet) Laffer Project Laffer Project is an effort to build complete I... DOWNLOAD
anonymousfury(sfnet) Anonymous FuryRO This is Anonymous Fury Ragnarok Online. Our rat... DOWNLOAD
msapi(sfnet) Martin Studio API Martin Studio API is intended for use by java w... DOWNLOAD
gtknetcat(sfnet) GtkNetCat GtkNetCat is a program that connects to any por... DOWNLOAD
witz(sfnet) Witz Chess Engine Witz is a chess program that is designed to wor... DOWNLOAD
tcpswitch(sfnet) TCP-Switch TCP-Switch currently allows sharing one port fo... DOWNLOAD
educarasurvey(sfnet) Educara SURVEY SURVEY is Educara's research-grade, web-based d... DOWNLOAD
eclipsebb(sfnet) EclipseBB EclipseBB is a pre-modded phpBB forum. It is u... DOWNLOAD
b4browser(sfnet) B4 SCORM Browser B4 SCORM package browser DOWNLOAD
helpdesk-xp(sfnet) @1 Helpdesk XP - Perl A web-based helpdesk ticketing system. It adopt... DOWNLOAD
sotf(sfnet) StreamOnTheFly StreamOnTheFly is a multisite audio archive, ra... DOWNLOAD
worship-planner(sfnet) Worship Service Planning System Web based system for planning Church Services, ... DOWNLOAD
dgc-cn(sfnet) Data Gravitation Based Classification DOWNLOAD
photodir(sfnet) PhotoDir This is my php gallery creator, I call it photo... DOWNLOAD
openwspl(sfnet) OpenWSPL This is an open source implementation of the We... DOWNLOAD
dmguestbook(sfnet) DM Guestbook PHP guestbook witch use MySQL database. It has ... DOWNLOAD
php4flicks(sfnet) php4flicks movie database php4flicks movie database - powerful PHP/MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
midletdict(sfnet) Midlet Dictionary Midlet Dictionary is a Dictionary for java-awar... DOWNLOAD
cryptodispatch(sfnet) StrongHold32 StrongHold32 - is a stand alone crypto program ... DOWNLOAD
ndd(sfnet) ndd File transmission by multicast. For example dis... DOWNLOAD
jcola(sfnet) JCola JCola is a file tailing application written in ... DOWNLOAD

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