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agent-see(sfnet) Agent-See Agent-See Allows you to publish your property d... DOWNLOAD
amazoop(sfnet) amazOOP: a PHP OOP API for AWS amazOOP is an Object Oriented Programming API w... DOWNLOAD
fastbudget(sfnet) FastBudget FastBudget is a java application useful for eas... DOWNLOAD
tnos(sfnet) Tampa Network Operating System Tampa Network Operating System (TNOS) is an Ama... DOWNLOAD
onepassword(sfnet) OnePassword OnePassword aims to take away the burden of pas... DOWNLOAD
pxattr(freshmeat) pxattr Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X all provide simila... DOWNLOAD
gwainy(sfnet) Legend of Eildon Simple Turn-Based Strategy Game (Warlords Clone) DOWNLOAD
mojito(sfnet) mojito Wanted-to-be a language... well now it's here j... DOWNLOAD
necroshredder(sfnet) NecroShredder The program works the same way a paper shredder... DOWNLOAD
dctm(sfnet) DCTM DQL / API Eclipse Documentum DQL/API plug-in with the mai... DOWNLOAD
clonch(sfnet) Clonch Clonch is an alternative to the Dock for launch... DOWNLOAD
ntidy(sfnet) ntidy NTidy, a .Net wrapper for Tidy (Tidy is the fam... DOWNLOAD
jbiclone(sfnet) JBI - Java Battle Isle JBI - Java Battle Isle A remake of the turn-bas... DOWNLOAD
toshibacpi(sfnet) Toshibacpi Toshibacpi is a graphical front end of the Linu... DOWNLOAD
protokoltypesetting(sfnet) Protocol Typesetting ProtocolTypesetting was build to transform note... DOWNLOAD
uhexen(sfnet) UHexen Yet another port of Raven Software/Id software ... DOWNLOAD
hyperlatex(sfnet) Hyperlatex Hyperlatex allows the development of documents ... DOWNLOAD
koolpoker(sfnet) koolpoker koolpoker - An online multiplayer , texax poker... DOWNLOAD
lit(sfnet) Lithium CMS CMS for creation of a site of portal type. Does... DOWNLOAD
digiqual(sfnet) digiqual Use Digiqual for manage a quality and environme... DOWNLOAD
z88free(sfnet) z88 free finite elements program Z88 a free finite elements program featuring 20... DOWNLOAD
slwriter(sfnet) SLWriter - Write Sinhala with Samanala Free Software to support transliteration system... DOWNLOAD
winex-gui(sfnet) Winex-GUI A GTK+ 2 frontend to Transgaming's Winex DOWNLOAD
lodel(sfnet) Lodel Lodel is a high quality web publishing system. ... DOWNLOAD
openvpnmanager(sfnet) OpenVPNManager OpenVPNManager is a GUI front-end for starting ... DOWNLOAD
scandiff(sfnet) scandiff Scandiff is a tool used to find the differences... DOWNLOAD
openpilotlog(sfnet) OpenPilot Logbook Open Logbook is an open source pilot logbook pr... DOWNLOAD
geexbox-vdr(sfnet) geexbox-vdr GeexBoX Vdr : standalone media player Small boo... DOWNLOAD
luastudio(sfnet) LuaStudio IDE de desarrollo para el lenguaje de programac... DOWNLOAD
androidseekbarpreferencesample(sfnet) AndroidSeekBarPreferenceExample This project contains an example App, which imp... DOWNLOAD
kafe(sfnet) kafe The C++ programming framework that is compatiab... DOWNLOAD
einvigi(sfnet) Einvigi Einvigi is a game prototype that aims to simula... DOWNLOAD
nwpedit(sfnet) nwpedit nwpedit is a small tool to cache, edit and send... DOWNLOAD
tine(sfnet) TINE TINE Is Not Elite, TINE is cross-platform space... DOWNLOAD
hiddenbackup(sfnet) Hidden Backup With this program you can specify directories t... DOWNLOAD
sutofbiz(sfnet) sutofbiz Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning for Sc... DOWNLOAD
rfc3442svc(sfnet) RFC 3442 DHCP Listener Service rfc3442svc is an implementation of DHCP Classle... DOWNLOAD
opened(sfnet) OpenEd The OpenEd project allows instructors of Inform... DOWNLOAD
linklog(sfnet) LinkLog A PHP/MySQL solution for aggregating links, com... DOWNLOAD
descdataplottin(sfnet) Descriptive Data Plotting Graphing program in 2D. Input from comma delimi... DOWNLOAD
qdom(sfnet) QueryDOM QueryDOM is a C# library that implements an ext... DOWNLOAD
qtzzndphap(sfnet) QTzzndphap SK: Alternatívny program pre vyhľadávanie v zoz... DOWNLOAD
lottasophie(sfnet) lottasophie PostNuke Modules A variety of modules for PostNuke. DOWNLOAD
dboxjffs2(sfnet) yadi - yet another DBox2 image Yadi versucht den Prozess der Imageerstellung b... DOWNLOAD
indexer-sh(sfnet) is a bash script designed to create ... DOWNLOAD
daxcer3(sfnet) Dax AIML Dax AIML allows Alice (A Chatbot that uses AIML... DOWNLOAD
kastrometry(sfnet) KAstrometry KAstrometry is a Astrometry program for the KDE... DOWNLOAD
octaviz(sfnet) octaviz Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave DOWNLOAD
tdmv(sfnet) 3D Midi Visualization System Cross platform 3D midi and audio visualization ... DOWNLOAD
dymoum(sfnet) DYMOUM DYMOUM is an implementation of the DYMO (Dynami... DOWNLOAD
photodirectory(sfnet) PhotoDirectory I am no longer working on PhotoDirectory; I hav... DOWNLOAD
swraid2web(sfnet) SoftwareRAID2web Obtain information about the status of your sof... DOWNLOAD
obiewebsite(sfnet) Obie Website Free PHP and Javascript website. Ad manager, Vi... DOWNLOAD
xjal(sfnet) XML Java Assembly Language XJAL is an assembly language for the Java 2 Pla... DOWNLOAD
labjackjni(sfnet) LabJackJNI LabJackJNI provides a Java API for the LabJack ... DOWNLOAD
budgtmaintainer(sfnet) The Budget Maintainer BudgetMaintainer is a simple accounting project... DOWNLOAD
jek(sfnet) JEK (Java Ms Exchange Kit) A Java library to handle the Microsoft Exchange... DOWNLOAD
sposkpat(freshmeat) sposkpat sposkpat (Single Purpose Operating System: KPat... DOWNLOAD
swtcalendar(sfnet) SWTCalendar SWTCalendar is a port of Kai Toedter's JCalenda... DOWNLOAD
jpackit(sfnet) JPackIt JPackIt is a Java application for packaging a J... DOWNLOAD
complearn(sfnet) CompLearn Toolkit CompLearn is a general-purpose compression-base... DOWNLOAD
hrlib(sfnet) hrlib hrlib is a python library to read Heredis (a ge... DOWNLOAD
pouloute(sfnet) pouloute 3d framework Framework for 3d simulation, or only 3d renderi... DOWNLOAD
colladablender(sfnet) Collada plug-in for Blender This is a COLLADA (1.3.1 / 1.4) Plug-in for Ble... DOWNLOAD
igx(sfnet) Intergalactics A realtime java based multiplayer strategy game... DOWNLOAD
vritech-ev-2011(sfnet) vritech-ev-2011 This is a public copy of the EV-201102 project. DOWNLOAD
ndub(sfnet) Nandub Specialized AVI-files encoder/editor DOWNLOAD
kksbill(sfnet) KKS-BILL Billing System KKS-BILL Is a free-of-charge billing system and... DOWNLOAD
kspam(sfnet) kSpam - Spam filter for Domino A spam filter for Lotus Domino, including simpl... DOWNLOAD
bluex(sfnet) BlueX BlueX is a CrossPlatform Explorer cum Environme... DOWNLOAD
ninjabattles(sfnet) Ninja Battles Gorillas meets Worms, but with Ninjas. NO LONGE... DOWNLOAD
uniquecms(sfnet) UniqueCMS UniqueCMS is a Content Management System, which... DOWNLOAD
gtk-ogg(sfnet) GTK OGG GTK-OGG is an extremely simple MP3/OGG player w... DOWNLOAD
opencfd(sfnet) OpenCFD General CFD package, including grid generator a... DOWNLOAD
trayam(sfnet) Trayamslator Japanese learning tool and lookup utility for J... DOWNLOAD
hr2ged(sfnet) hr2ged hr2ged is a python program that will transcribe... DOWNLOAD
cameratransfer(sfnet) CameraTransfer CameraTransfer is a GNUstep front-end to the gp... DOWNLOAD
mariotcp(sfnet) MarioTCP MrioTCP,超级马里奥,顾名思义,他不仅高效,而且... DOWNLOAD
mrclasses(sfnet) Mental Ray Classes A C++ wrapper and utility classes for the menta... DOWNLOAD
myrddinplugin(sfnet) Myrddin Landscape Plugin for MOgre/Ogre Myrddin Landscape Plugin (MLP) is a Ogre Scene ... DOWNLOAD
php-wfw(sfnet) PHP Webjects FrameWork This is a PHP framework. It's Object Oriented a... DOWNLOAD
group-ccs(sfnet) Group - CCS - CodeCharge Studio Group-CCS development Components, templates, to... DOWNLOAD
ampasteleria(sfnet) AMPasteleria DOWNLOAD
delphiforumsarc(sfnet) Delphi Forums Archiver Delphi Forums Archiver - A tool that allows you... DOWNLOAD
nomad(sfnet) Nomad - Tiny Search Engine Nomad is tiny but efficient search engine and w... DOWNLOAD
a-s-t(sfnet) Another System Tool Another System Tool is an open source applicati... DOWNLOAD
pdfdom(sfnet) pdfDOM pdfDOM is a PHP library for creating PDF Docume... DOWNLOAD
caxo(sfnet) Caxo XML Outliner CAXO (Component for Accessing XML based Objects... DOWNLOAD
jpaul(sfnet) jpaul jpaul is a Java implementation of several algor... DOWNLOAD
androidseekbarpreferencetest(sfnet) AndroidSeekBarPreferenceTest This project contains JUnit tests for the Andro... DOWNLOAD
janat(sfnet) Just Another Non-Artistic Tool (Janat : Just Another Non-Artistic Tool) is a s... DOWNLOAD
pcif(sfnet) pcif PCif is a small, but accurate and fast C progra... DOWNLOAD
hanasueki(sfnet) Hanasu Eki DOWNLOAD
tictactoenmasic(sfnet) TicTacToeNMASIC DOWNLOAD
p2p-grab(sfnet) P2P Grab The p2p_grab script will make a log which is us... DOWNLOAD
aspnetcontent(sfnet) ASP.Net Content, Blog, & Photo Gallery The Content Control is a user-editable content ... DOWNLOAD
openmosixsim(sfnet) OpenMosix Simulation OpenMosix Sim is a simulation of the algorithm ... DOWNLOAD
wyrd(freshmeat) Wyrd Wyrd is a curses front-end for Remind, a powerf... DOWNLOAD
gnewsticker(sfnet) GNewsTicker Small desktop application to display newsitems ... DOWNLOAD
prehravac(sfnet) Prehravac Multimedia player for blind DOWNLOAD

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