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love-sources(sfnet) Love-Sources Love-Sources is a Linux kernel patchset maintai... DOWNLOAD
gpsportsams(sfnet) AMS Borland C++ application for the acceptance, ana... DOWNLOAD
dbgenerator(sfnet) Db Update Generator A db_update.php generator for SQL alterations f... DOWNLOAD
mbtpdfasm(sfnet) Mad Builder PDF Assembler Mad Builder PDF Assembler allows you to merge s... DOWNLOAD
jsmenudesigner(sfnet) jsMenuDesigner By the help of this small application you can b... DOWNLOAD
orphne(sfnet) Orphne Orphne is a highly specialized web browser, opt... DOWNLOAD
logwatcher(sfnet) LogWatcher LogWatcher is an application for monitoring www... DOWNLOAD
licore(sfnet) A Linux comic reader A Comic reader for Linux. Can read *.cbr and *.... DOWNLOAD
distributeddns(sfnet) Distributed DNS DDNS is a P2P software that aims to build a dec... DOWNLOAD
ts-client(sfnet) TS Client TS Client is a multi-user desktop application t... DOWNLOAD
flycatcher(sfnet) Yoshibot Web Spider A basic Perl web spider with grandiose aspirati... DOWNLOAD
shadowed(sfnet) Shadowed Horizons Shadowed Horizons is a gaming software developm... DOWNLOAD
rnaviz(sfnet) RnaViz RnaViz is a user-friendly, portable, GUI progra... DOWNLOAD
jpreference(sfnet) JPreference Framework JPreference is a preference system framework mo... DOWNLOAD
spam-x(sfnet) Spam-X Spam-X is a small CGI script that seeks to entr... DOWNLOAD
ci-monitor-lib(sfnet) Continuous Integration Monitor Library A Java Swing based library that allows a user t... DOWNLOAD
jffp(sfnet) FFP - Flat File Parsing Library A Java library for flat (positional) file parsi... DOWNLOAD
nlk(sfnet) The ISCAS-VHDL-CIR converting tool (nlk) The ISCAS-VHDL-CIR netlist converting tool. The... DOWNLOAD
msiprogramming(sfnet) Programming for Windows Installer Programming custom actions in C/C++ in Visual S... DOWNLOAD
igraph(sfnet) The igraph library This is a library for creating and manipulating... DOWNLOAD
probedeeper(sfnet) Probe Deeper PHP Probe Deeper PHP will provide class libraries f... DOWNLOAD
ebrasha-dos-attacker(sfnet) EbraSha Dos Attacker EbraSha Dos Attacker Create By Ebrahim Shafiei... DOWNLOAD
eventmanager(sfnet) Event Manager Java enterprise internet-enabled system for man... DOWNLOAD
centterminal(sfnet) CentTerminal CentTerminal 6 Created And Written By Kieran Wa... DOWNLOAD
ccain(sfnet) CCA INtegration framework (CCAIN) A Common Component Architecture (CCA) Integrati... DOWNLOAD
ivataopenportal(sfnet) ivata groupware ivata groupware is a Groupware/Exchange/Intrane... DOWNLOAD
argopt(sfnet) argopt, an alternative getopt(3) This project grew out of frustration with getop... DOWNLOAD
fjtag(sfnet) FJtag Language used: c++ Libraries used: fltk OS: Lin... DOWNLOAD
entitlelib(sfnet) Entitlements Library The Entitlements Library provides for the enfor... DOWNLOAD
la-quete-de-douin(sfnet) La Quete de Douin Projet de jeu RPG DOWNLOAD
flaazureusviewr(sfnet) FLA AZUREUS STATS VIEWER A Flash Script and Projector for viewing the Az... DOWNLOAD
logger-net(sfnet) Logger.NET Logger.NET is a logging framework which enables... DOWNLOAD
wsjl(sfnet) WickedSpiral Java Library Collection of small utilities, classes and game... DOWNLOAD
libyasl(sfnet) libyasl Libyasl is a C++ class library to easily realiz... DOWNLOAD
webudget(sfnet) WeBudget Simple, easy to use, php and mysql web based pe... DOWNLOAD
ixon-cms(sfnet) iXon CMS iXon CMS is a web application to manage weblogs... DOWNLOAD
octave-robotics(sfnet) octave-robotics A Robotics Toolbox for Octave. As Peter Corke's... DOWNLOAD
jtbtaskmanager(sfnet) JtB TaskManager This program executes some basic tasks at the s... DOWNLOAD
photoshowoff(sfnet) Photo ShowOff Photo ShowOff aims to be the easiest to use and... DOWNLOAD
backuppc4afs(sfnet) BackupPC4AFS BackupPC4AFS is a version of BackupPC modified ... DOWNLOAD
mailscanner(sfnet) MailScanner MailScanner is an email virus scanner, vulnerab... DOWNLOAD
dplay-masq(sfnet) IP Masq DirectPlay Module This is a module for the Linux ip_masq system t... DOWNLOAD
knusmaug(sfnet) SLAM-GTP A complete cleanup (for readability and ease of... DOWNLOAD
manjaro-mate(sfnet) Manjaro Mate CE The video preview is what the 0.8.10 final rele... DOWNLOAD
firstmud(sfnet) Firstmud A multi user dungeon based on diku/merc/rom sou... DOWNLOAD
pgsqlclient(sfnet) PostgreSqlClient PostgreSqlClient - ADO.NET Data provider for Po... DOWNLOAD
vvwifi(sfnet) Virtual Router it create a virtual infrastructure network with... DOWNLOAD
jdxfview(sfnet) jdxfview DXF viewer in Java DOWNLOAD
n9phpgallery(sfnet) n9PHPGallery PHP / mySQL based image gallery with built-in a... DOWNLOAD
uowebmap(sfnet) UO Web Map UO Web Map is web based map over the different ... DOWNLOAD
smokingclover(sfnet) Smoking Clover Smoking Clover (in C) - A graphics hack from th... DOWNLOAD
lkcdrtools(sfnet) lkCDRtools CDR/CDRwriter tools, incl. _forked_ version of ... DOWNLOAD
silverowl(sfnet) Silver Owl The programme tells the user abour her or his p... DOWNLOAD
spamcruncher(sfnet) spamcruncher -- DISCONTINUED! see Homepage -- SpamCruncher i... DOWNLOAD
javcalc(sfnet) JCalc JCalc is GUI calculator written entirely in Jav... DOWNLOAD
frogpics(sfnet) frogpics Creating WebPhotoAlbums. Simple copy your image... DOWNLOAD
drempels(sfnet) Drempels Drempels Desktop Enhancer and Psychedelic Wallp... DOWNLOAD
joffad(sfnet) JOFFAD JOFFAD is a generic development framework to fa... DOWNLOAD
winfuge(sfnet) WinFuGE BBS System A Visual Port of teh Unix Style YAWC (Doc) BBS ... DOWNLOAD
glist(sfnet) Guified Simple Shopping List This is the brother of the Super Simple Shoppin... DOWNLOAD
timecodecounter(sfnet) Timecode Counter 时码计数器 timecode counter DOWNLOAD
aspinyin(sfnet) asPinyin DOWNLOAD
bigint(sfnet) TBigNum TBigNum is a new number type for Delphi and Pas... DOWNLOAD
stardicx(sfnet) Stardic X Stardic X is a Chinese dictionary for Mac OS X ... DOWNLOAD
xrlphp(sfnet) xrlphp The XML Resume Library repackaged and extended ... DOWNLOAD
porntoolkit(sfnet) Porn Toolkit The Porn Toolkit is a collection of scripts or ... DOWNLOAD
jarcon(sfnet) JarCon Remote Server Connection Tool JarCon, previously known as \"Joe@Rcon\&qu... DOWNLOAD
dvd-homevideo(sfnet) DVD Home Video Project dvd-homevideo is a project that I developed bec... DOWNLOAD
wcopy(sfnet) wcopy for windows Simple Win32-based console utility to copy the ... DOWNLOAD
karamba(sfnet) karamba KDE program to display information on a desktop DOWNLOAD
silkroute(sfnet) SilkRoute A framework for exporting relational data as XM... DOWNLOAD
oopbot(sfnet) PHP-BOT An IRC-Bot coded in PHP for use in standard irc... DOWNLOAD
midirouter(sfnet) Midi Router « Midi Router » is a software acting as a Midi ... DOWNLOAD
capturetf(sfnet) capture the flag A really really good Capture the Flag computer ... DOWNLOAD
mercator(sfnet) Mercator, Java Point of Sale Mercator is a Point of Sale (POS) application w... DOWNLOAD
xmlswingrender(sfnet) XMLSwing Project This project was started in an effort to ease d... DOWNLOAD
agbe(sfnet) aGBe an Open Source Gameboy Emulator for the Playsta... DOWNLOAD
jhc(sfnet) Java Help Collection Java Help Collection allows Java developers to ... DOWNLOAD
alox(sfnet) ALOx Alo is an abbreviation for \"Austrian lite... DOWNLOAD
dexterquad(sfnet) Dexter Quad Dexter Quad is a 2D top-down scrolling game wri... DOWNLOAD
planetary-force(sfnet) Planetary Force Planetary Force is a platform shooter spaceship... DOWNLOAD
remoting-corba(sfnet) Remoting.Corba Remoting.Corba is a .NET library that provides ... DOWNLOAD
codesourceproj(sfnet) Code Source Project Code Source Project is a code library applicati... DOWNLOAD
sool(sfnet) Simple Object Oriented Lanaguage (SOOL) Simple Object Oriented Language and Compiler (S... DOWNLOAD
proxcine(sfnet) proxcine ProXCine ByPass Megavideo DOWNLOAD
phpmydbint(sfnet) phpMyDbInterface A php class to make all basic database action r... DOWNLOAD
ozcdplayer(sfnet) OZcdplayer ozcdplayer provides a simple interface to play ... DOWNLOAD
erlangopenzip(sfnet) erlangopenzip DOWNLOAD
specialeditionlauncher(sfnet) Carmageddon Special Edition Launcher This launcher is for Carmageddon Special Editon... DOWNLOAD
smartpool(sfnet) SmartPool SmartPool is a connection pooling Java componen... DOWNLOAD
rl-pomdp(sfnet) RL-POMDP RL-POMDP is a Reinforcement Learning (RL) based... DOWNLOAD
fpsstats(sfnet) fps:stats This project is a J2EE application that analyze... DOWNLOAD
findakanji(sfnet) FindAKanji The basic principle behind this program is 'Lea... DOWNLOAD
mobilerpc(sfnet) MobileRPC MobilerRPC enables remote procedure calls betwe... DOWNLOAD
ubot(sfnet) UBot Small irc bot written on C. Has modular structu... DOWNLOAD
pagefetch(sfnet) PageFetch A small Perl script which interacts with an IMA... DOWNLOAD
dccassist(sfnet) DccAssist DccAssist is a clever plugin for the GNU/Linux ... DOWNLOAD
girtools(sfnet) girtools "girtools" is an implementation of Gr... DOWNLOAD
aisf(sfnet) AISF A framework of drivers on which generic astrono... DOWNLOAD
sourcemm(sfnet) Metamod:Source Metamod:Source is an API manager that sits in b... DOWNLOAD

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