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narya-project(sfnet) Narya Project Incubator and Forum Narya is a forum/incubator software, based on a... DOWNLOAD
ecolosim(sfnet) EcoloSim - Ecology Simulation Framework EcoloSim is a Simulation Framework for simple s... DOWNLOAD
ui-dialog(sfnet) UI::Dialog UI::Dialog is a Object Oriented Perl wrapper fo... DOWNLOAD
jwamutil(sfnet) JWAMUtil JWAMUtil contains utility functions and classes... DOWNLOAD
nesim(sfnet) NESim NESim (neural engineering simulator) is a compu... DOWNLOAD
db-everywhere(sfnet) DB-Everywhere Web DataBase Administration Application for mys... DOWNLOAD
recsveditor(freshmeat) reCsvEditor reCsvEditor is a cross platform CSV file editor... DOWNLOAD
downroll(sfnet) DownRoll DownRoll: The downloadable RickRoll. How many p... DOWNLOAD
visecas(sfnet) Visecas Visecas is a graphical user interface (GTK+) fo... DOWNLOAD
mythicallibrari(sfnet) mythicalLibrarian mythicalLibrarian interfaces to ren... DOWNLOAD
openguestbook(sfnet) Open Guestbook Open Guestbook is a PHP Guestbook, powered by M... DOWNLOAD
ngetdaemon(sfnet) ngetdaemon Web frontend to nget, a usenet binaries downloa... DOWNLOAD
openpms(sfnet) OpenPMS HIPAA compliant medical billing, scheduling, an... DOWNLOAD
windivide(sfnet) WinDivide WinDivide splits files into smaller pieces, in ... DOWNLOAD
grisbi4win(sfnet) GRISBI for Windows Port of GRISBI a GPL accounting manager (http:/... DOWNLOAD
fiqn(sfnet) fiqn FIQN is a small Java-IRC-Client (and maybe some... DOWNLOAD
webn(sfnet) Web Notifier A customizable web page listener that will noti... DOWNLOAD
gap-plugin(sfnet) GAP GAP ( Guilherme's Audio Plugin ) is a plugin so... DOWNLOAD
mytracker(sfnet) mytracker MyTracker is open tracking and collaboration sy... DOWNLOAD
gimpex(sfnet) GIMPex GIMPex is an extension for GIMP for Windows. It... DOWNLOAD
redacle(sfnet) REDACLE A tool for the development and customization of... DOWNLOAD
roger(sfnet) roger Roger: money management software for PocketPC. ... DOWNLOAD
xaradon-spammer(sfnet) Spammer This Spammer is not a normal spammer. It can be... DOWNLOAD
uts(sfnet) uts UTS: Unified Telescope System. A modular system... DOWNLOAD
opencal(sfnet) opencal OpenCAL (Open Computer Animation Library) is a ... DOWNLOAD
carbux(sfnet) Carbux This project implements the TransSkel API as a ... DOWNLOAD
jbrowser(sfnet) jbrowser This project aims to create a java-based web br... DOWNLOAD
ifs(sfnet) ifs IFS is a full Fleet Management System for Star ... DOWNLOAD
guile-pvm(sfnet) guile-pvm Parallel Virtual Machine bindings for Scheme - ... DOWNLOAD
perl-stopwatch(sfnet) Stopwatch Perl Module Perf::Stopwatch is a Perl Module that can be qu... DOWNLOAD
sznake(sfnet) SZnake_SHnake New version of Snake. There is Duel Mode, The L... DOWNLOAD
kanren(sfnet) A declarative logic programming system A declarative logic programming system with fir... DOWNLOAD
nuketreasury(sfnet) NukeTreasury NukeTreasury mod for PHP-Nuke. This mod integr... DOWNLOAD
cx777es-rs232(sfnet) Sony DVP-CX777ES RS232 controller Windows program to control your Sony DVP-CX777E... DOWNLOAD
xibble(sfnet) Xibble Xibble is a crossword game for Palm handheld de... DOWNLOAD
coverhog(sfnet) CoverHog CoverHog will fetch album cover art from the in... DOWNLOAD
times(sfnet) Triton Instant Messenger This project is an instant messenger created in... DOWNLOAD
pyxlwriter(sfnet) pyXLWriter pyXLWriter is a Python library for generating E... DOWNLOAD
esk(sfnet) Esysma Karaoke Esysma Karaoke (eSK) - a Powerful Karaoke Playe... DOWNLOAD
doublets(sfnet) Word Game - Doublets An implementation of the Doublets word game, de... DOWNLOAD
ltrain(sfnet) ltrain ltrain is intended to be an open source, client... DOWNLOAD
app-rover(sfnet) AppRover AppRover is a package management system designe... DOWNLOAD
efi11(sfnet) Electronic Fuel Injection Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft Engine Management DOWNLOAD
spitwad(sfnet) Community-driven Dynamic Site Management Allows a site developer to host a community of ... DOWNLOAD
springui(sfnet) Spring UI Plugin for Eclipse Provides a set of plugins for the Eclipse platf... DOWNLOAD
portmedia(sfnet) PortMedia PortMedia offers free, cross-platform, open-sou... DOWNLOAD
mygrid(sfnet) MyGrid - Distributed Grid Open, fast, robust grid for distributing comput... DOWNLOAD
xgomoku(sfnet) MFC Gomoku Play Gomoku, a connect 5 board game, against an... DOWNLOAD
knofault(sfnet) KNoFault KNoFault is a KDE program written in C++ that e... DOWNLOAD
glc-player(sfnet) GLC-Player GLC_Player is a OpenGL Open Source 3D viewer us... DOWNLOAD
pg-toolbox(sfnet) Progear Toolbox Monitor your battery status and control the LCD... DOWNLOAD
ngstatistics1(sfnet) Newsgroup Statistics version 1 NGStatistics is an advanced newsgroup statistic... DOWNLOAD
skiputler(sfnet) skiputler skiputler makes your Topcom "Butler 4012 U... DOWNLOAD
uavphoto(sfnet) UAVphoto UAVphoto is a simple tool that allows to calcul... DOWNLOAD
vmail-pl(sfnet) Interactive command-line Perl script that lets ... DOWNLOAD
plstrutsit(sfnet) struts-it The project is inactive. DOWNLOAD
velleman-k8055(sfnet) velleman-K8055 This project provides a linux kernel module dri... DOWNLOAD
telecms(sfnet) telecms The telecms is a fast and simple Content-Manage... DOWNLOAD
muxulator(sfnet) MUXulator MUXulator is a project that seeks to provide /g... DOWNLOAD
codequery(sfnet) codequery A code-understanding tool based on cscope and c... DOWNLOAD
documentseer(sfnet) DocumentSeer DocumentSeer is a full blown program to organiz... DOWNLOAD
jawiki(sfnet) JaWiki JaWiki is Java Wiki with a file based database ... DOWNLOAD
mmsnfs(sfnet) Multicasting Master-Slave Net Filesystem Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem - ... DOWNLOAD
simplesim(sfnet) SimpleSim SimpleSim is a program to simulate a SPS with 8... DOWNLOAD
winampstarter(sfnet) winampstarter Winapstarter is a plugin for winamp. It was wri... DOWNLOAD
joustsim(sfnet) Joust Secure IM Lite A secure AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) applicatio... DOWNLOAD
daocmaps(sfnet) Complete Dark Age of Camelot Maps This project is a UI modification of the curren... DOWNLOAD
pprof2cg-cpp(sfnet) Pprof2calltree-cpp Pprof2calltree-cpp is a C++ port of pprof2callt... DOWNLOAD
farenv(sfnet) FARENV FARENV is a small C library for Microsoft MS-DO... DOWNLOAD
blogspeak(sfnet) Open BlogSpeak Open source version of the once popular blog co... DOWNLOAD
kdslbroadband(sfnet) kdsl Kdsl is a frontend to pppd specifically designe... DOWNLOAD
newsoutlook(sfnet) NewsOutlook NewsOutlook lets you set rules to receive, in y... DOWNLOAD
unseenservant(sfnet) Unseen Servant Unseen Servant is a extensible character utilit... DOWNLOAD
love-sources(sfnet) Love-Sources Love-Sources is a Linux kernel patchset maintai... DOWNLOAD
gpsportsams(sfnet) AMS Borland C++ application for the acceptance, ana... DOWNLOAD
dbgenerator(sfnet) Db Update Generator A db_update.php generator for SQL alterations f... DOWNLOAD
mbtpdfasm(sfnet) Mad Builder PDF Assembler Mad Builder PDF Assembler allows you to merge s... DOWNLOAD
jsmenudesigner(sfnet) jsMenuDesigner By the help of this small application you can b... DOWNLOAD
orphne(sfnet) Orphne Orphne is a highly specialized web browser, opt... DOWNLOAD
logwatcher(sfnet) LogWatcher LogWatcher is an application for monitoring www... DOWNLOAD
licore(sfnet) A Linux comic reader A Comic reader for Linux. Can read *.cbr and *.... DOWNLOAD
distributeddns(sfnet) Distributed DNS DDNS is a P2P software that aims to build a dec... DOWNLOAD
ts-client(sfnet) TS Client TS Client is a multi-user desktop application t... DOWNLOAD
flycatcher(sfnet) Yoshibot Web Spider A basic Perl web spider with grandiose aspirati... DOWNLOAD
shadowed(sfnet) Shadowed Horizons Shadowed Horizons is a gaming software developm... DOWNLOAD
rnaviz(sfnet) RnaViz RnaViz is a user-friendly, portable, GUI progra... DOWNLOAD
jpreference(sfnet) JPreference Framework JPreference is a preference system framework mo... DOWNLOAD
spam-x(sfnet) Spam-X Spam-X is a small CGI script that seeks to entr... DOWNLOAD
ci-monitor-lib(sfnet) Continuous Integration Monitor Library A Java Swing based library that allows a user t... DOWNLOAD
jffp(sfnet) FFP - Flat File Parsing Library A Java library for flat (positional) file parsi... DOWNLOAD
nlk(sfnet) The ISCAS-VHDL-CIR converting tool (nlk) The ISCAS-VHDL-CIR netlist converting tool. The... DOWNLOAD
msiprogramming(sfnet) Programming for Windows Installer Programming custom actions in C/C++ in Visual S... DOWNLOAD
igraph(sfnet) The igraph library This is a library for creating and manipulating... DOWNLOAD
probedeeper(sfnet) Probe Deeper PHP Probe Deeper PHP will provide class libraries f... DOWNLOAD
ebrasha-dos-attacker(sfnet) EbraSha Dos Attacker EbraSha Dos Attacker Create By Ebrahim Shafiei... DOWNLOAD
eventmanager(sfnet) Event Manager Java enterprise internet-enabled system for man... DOWNLOAD
centterminal(sfnet) CentTerminal CentTerminal 6 Created And Written By Kieran Wa... DOWNLOAD
ccain(sfnet) CCA INtegration framework (CCAIN) A Common Component Architecture (CCA) Integrati... DOWNLOAD
ivataopenportal(sfnet) ivata groupware ivata groupware is a Groupware/Exchange/Intrane... DOWNLOAD
argopt(sfnet) argopt, an alternative getopt(3) This project grew out of frustration with getop... DOWNLOAD

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