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alox(sfnet) ALOx Alo is an abbreviation for \"Austrian lite... DOWNLOAD
dexterquad(sfnet) Dexter Quad Dexter Quad is a 2D top-down scrolling game wri... DOWNLOAD
planetary-force(sfnet) Planetary Force Planetary Force is a platform shooter spaceship... DOWNLOAD
remoting-corba(sfnet) Remoting.Corba Remoting.Corba is a .NET library that provides ... DOWNLOAD
codesourceproj(sfnet) Code Source Project Code Source Project is a code library applicati... DOWNLOAD
sool(sfnet) Simple Object Oriented Lanaguage (SOOL) Simple Object Oriented Language and Compiler (S... DOWNLOAD
proxcine(sfnet) proxcine ProXCine ByPass Megavideo DOWNLOAD
phpmydbint(sfnet) phpMyDbInterface A php class to make all basic database action r... DOWNLOAD
ozcdplayer(sfnet) OZcdplayer ozcdplayer provides a simple interface to play ... DOWNLOAD
erlangopenzip(sfnet) erlangopenzip DOWNLOAD
specialeditionlauncher(sfnet) Carmageddon Special Edition Launcher This launcher is for Carmageddon Special Editon... DOWNLOAD
smartpool(sfnet) SmartPool SmartPool is a connection pooling Java componen... DOWNLOAD
rl-pomdp(sfnet) RL-POMDP RL-POMDP is a Reinforcement Learning (RL) based... DOWNLOAD
fpsstats(sfnet) fps:stats This project is a J2EE application that analyze... DOWNLOAD
findakanji(sfnet) FindAKanji The basic principle behind this program is 'Lea... DOWNLOAD
mobilerpc(sfnet) MobileRPC MobilerRPC enables remote procedure calls betwe... DOWNLOAD
ubot(sfnet) UBot Small irc bot written on C. Has modular structu... DOWNLOAD
pagefetch(sfnet) PageFetch A small Perl script which interacts with an IMA... DOWNLOAD
dccassist(sfnet) DccAssist DccAssist is a clever plugin for the GNU/Linux ... DOWNLOAD
girtools(sfnet) girtools "girtools" is an implementation of Gr... DOWNLOAD
aisf(sfnet) AISF A framework of drivers on which generic astrono... DOWNLOAD
sourcemm(sfnet) Metamod:Source Metamod:Source is an API manager that sits in b... DOWNLOAD
gaimosd(sfnet) Gaim OSD Plugin Provides an overlay notification of events whil... DOWNLOAD
xdel(sfnet) xdel This command-line program is an extended versio... DOWNLOAD
fst(sfnet) fst File System Tool -- detects problems on FAT and... DOWNLOAD
ccounter(sfnet) CodeCounter CodeCounter is a tool to count - code lines / e... DOWNLOAD
toolwrap(sfnet) toolwrap toolwrap - improved wrapper for packages execut... DOWNLOAD
nettext(sfnet) NetText This is a partial work-alike of GNU gettext (ht... DOWNLOAD
parity(sfnet) parity Moved to DOWNLOAD
simple2d(sfnet) Simple2D Simple2D is a Java library containing a plethor... DOWNLOAD
oophp(sfnet) Object-Orientated-PHP-HTML-Page Object-Orientated-PHP-HTML-Page A set of classe... DOWNLOAD
tasktrack9(sfnet) TaskTracker (SE Design Project) A PIM/Task Scheduler written entirely in Java N... DOWNLOAD
e-cron(sfnet) extended cron (e-cron) Extended cron is a frame-work of batch control ... DOWNLOAD
fanda(sfnet) Fanda DOWNLOAD
opcxml(sfnet) OPenDA A .net toolkit providing publish-subscribe and/... DOWNLOAD
maxxhi5(sfnet) MaxxHi5 MaxxHi5 was focusing originally a VST Plug-in's... DOWNLOAD
isapirewrite(sfnet) ISAPIRewrite An IIS ISAPI filter, similar in functionality t... DOWNLOAD
loggy(sfnet) Loggy - Linux Advanced Logcleaner Loggy is a Linux Advanced Logcleaner and a tool... DOWNLOAD
scontrol(sfnet) Serial Control Deamon Scontrol is a small deamon which can handle som... DOWNLOAD
postmail(sfnet) postmail This is a command line utility to send emails.T... DOWNLOAD
pythonsoap(sfnet) Python SOAP Python SOAP is a free library implementing W3C&... DOWNLOAD
tiwarriors(sfnet) TiWarriors Asteroids Game This is an arcade style game based on the class... DOWNLOAD
comsci309g11(sfnet) Com Sci 309 Group 11 Project A tetris-type game being developed for our Com ... DOWNLOAD
sandfish(sfnet) Sandfish Encoder Sandfish is a small encryption/decryption tool ... DOWNLOAD
financequotebehrnl(sfnet) Finance::Quote::BehrNL A perl Finance::Quote parser for Behr.NL. http... DOWNLOAD
jspwebsite(sfnet) JSPersonal WebSite JSPersonal WebSite is a java based website solu... DOWNLOAD
casiopea-frwk(sfnet) CASIOPEA::framework CASIOPEA::framework is a completely object-orie... DOWNLOAD
gemsites(sfnet) Gemsites Gemsites is a blog suite with robust features f... DOWNLOAD
ctsplit(sfnet) File Splitter ctsplit is a program designed to split a large ... DOWNLOAD
deduce(sfnet) Deduce Deduce is an artificial intelligence program wh... DOWNLOAD
gismapgen(sfnet) GIS Map Generator A GIS map generation server using TIGER data. DOWNLOAD
pdfpamphlet(sfnet) Dynamic PDF Pamphlet Tool Dynamic PDF Pamphlet is a tool designed to allo... DOWNLOAD
knowit(sfnet) KnowIt KnowIt is a simple tool for managing rich-text ... DOWNLOAD
homeworkmanager(sfnet) Homework Manager Homework Manager is a site where Students my Li... DOWNLOAD
pn-teamspeak(sfnet) Postnuke Teamspeak Module A Postnuke module that shows who is connected t... DOWNLOAD
xinepascal(sfnet) xinePascal xinePascal is an Object Pascal wrapper for libx... DOWNLOAD
sybercorp(sfnet) SyberCorp Software I created the Windows Product Key Viewer to giv... DOWNLOAD
csopf(sfnet) C# Object Persistent Framework A C# Object Persistent Framework. Allows the u... DOWNLOAD
ajax4jmx(sfnet) ajax4jmx Framework AJAX4JMX is a framework for easy development of... DOWNLOAD
load4j(sfnet) load4j Load4J provides a framework for developing and ... DOWNLOAD
lwneuralnetplus(sfnet) Lightweight Neural Network++ Lightweight backpropagation neural network in C... DOWNLOAD
smsdumper(sfnet) SmsDumper SmsDumper is a Java client for the Clickatell s... DOWNLOAD
ghash(sfnet) Graphical desktop, hashing utility ghash is a simple file hashing program with a G... DOWNLOAD
easybrake(sfnet) EasyBrake The conversion has been never easy. Several swi... DOWNLOAD
funblog(sfnet) FunBlog Interactive Website FunBlog is designed to be an out-of-the-box web... DOWNLOAD
nmon-webifier(sfnet) NMON data gatherer and web front-end These tools are for newly released NMON perform... DOWNLOAD
amiwall(sfnet) AmiWall Reduce employee personal Internet usage during ... DOWNLOAD
jmtf(sfnet) Java MTF Reader JMTF is an application and set of Java classes ... DOWNLOAD
gangup(sfnet) Framework for Game Related Research The aim of this project is to develop a framewo... DOWNLOAD
sxencrypt(sfnet) Simple XOR Encryption Simple XOR Encryption is written in c++ and can... DOWNLOAD
gast-viz(sfnet) GAST-Viz - Atomistic Simulation Toolkit GAST-Viz is a toolkit allowing for the creation... DOWNLOAD
favlinks(sfnet) FavLinks Favorites Manager Favlinks is a Favorites manager. It helps you t... DOWNLOAD
fireball12(sfnet) Fireball 12 Fireball 12 is an arcade game project. You cont... DOWNLOAD
jeyeme(sfnet) JeyeMe JeyeMe is a Puzzle Game similar to Spin Doctor ... DOWNLOAD
livesupportchat(sfnet) Live Support Chat using SignalR LiveSupportChat is an open source simple online... DOWNLOAD
foomtools(sfnet) FoomTools Practical utilities which do one particular thi... DOWNLOAD
windowsmarts(sfnet) window smart screen protector DOWNLOAD
imageim(sfnet) ImageIM ImageIM is a plugin for Gaim that lets you send... DOWNLOAD
pljson(sfnet) PL/JSON PL/JSON is a generic JSON object written in PL/... DOWNLOAD
eqfs(sfnet) Elastic Quota File System Project aim is to optmize the use of user quota... DOWNLOAD
jkinship(sfnet) Java Kinship JKINSHIP: Java open source port of Macintosh Cl... DOWNLOAD
javrprog(sfnet) JAvrProg A quick & clean GUI Java AVR bootloading pr... DOWNLOAD
phpchara(sfnet) PHPchara - character test engine PHPchara is a character test engine based on PH... DOWNLOAD
ftglfordevcpp(sfnet) FTGLforDEVC++ this is a devpak that contains all the needed ... DOWNLOAD
rsa-encoding(sfnet) rsa-encoding RSA-encoding est un logiciel de cryptage utilis... DOWNLOAD
amcpostpack(sfnet) AMC Postprocessing Package The AMC Postprocessing Package is a program de... DOWNLOAD
eventwatcher(sfnet) EventWatcher EventWatcher is a KDE application which lives i... DOWNLOAD
crossthemall(sfnet) CrossThemAll CTA (CrossThemAll) is a portable crosswords gam... DOWNLOAD
liladb(sfnet) liladb Database object for java DOWNLOAD
php-attcodec(sfnet) PHP AttCodec The purpose of this work is to realize a module... DOWNLOAD
md5crk(sfnet) md5crk Distributed computing project to find text coll... DOWNLOAD
afkcfg(sfnet) 4fkCfg 4fkCfg is a generic Lib, that provides tools fo... DOWNLOAD
logscratch(sfnet) Robocup Log Scratcher Robocup log analyser. Analyses log files genera... DOWNLOAD
sc4ore(sfnet) SCORE SCORE Stands for SimCity Online Region Exchange... DOWNLOAD
carputer(sfnet) Linux Trip Computer This program allows the user's laptop to act as... DOWNLOAD
comicviewer(sfnet) ComicViewer ComicViewer is a time-saving tool for avid read... DOWNLOAD
pnpjchat(sfnet) pnPJChat - pjIRC module for PostNuke pnPJChat is a PostNuke module for pjIRC DOWNLOAD
hypertextarea(sfnet) HyperTextArea: The simple WYSIWYG editor A drop-in replacement for HTML TextArea element... DOWNLOAD
agent-see(sfnet) Agent-See Agent-See Allows you to publish your property d... DOWNLOAD
amazoop(sfnet) amazOOP: a PHP OOP API for AWS amazOOP is an Object Oriented Programming API w... DOWNLOAD

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