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athens(sfnet) Athens Prototyping Application Framework Athens is a J2EE web application UI framework t... DOWNLOAD
mouvieconverter(sfnet) MOUvie Converter MOUvie Converter is a little movie converter sc... DOWNLOAD
lapenv(sfnet) Slackware Network Environment Selector Lapenv Program , work like Debian netenv but fo... DOWNLOAD
burnoutstudios(sfnet) BurnOut Studios - Super Street Racer ******************** NEW PROJECT WEBSITE ******... DOWNLOAD
nni(sfnet) nni - [n]ni's [n]ot [i]rc nni creates a connection between users that fea... DOWNLOAD
starws(sfnet) StarWebService StarWebService 2.0 is an open-source Web Servic... DOWNLOAD
jveda(sfnet) jVeDa jVeDa is a programm written in JAVA which index... DOWNLOAD
contractchecker(sfnet) ContractChecker ContractChecker is a small tool to provide supp... DOWNLOAD
mmapps(sfnet) mmapps Java Applications and development tools support... DOWNLOAD
ice-upd(sfnet) ice Updater ice Updater - sriptable solution for automated ... DOWNLOAD
hstream(sfnet) hstream HStream provides a basic layer to send/receive ... DOWNLOAD
imp3link(sfnet) iMP3Link This tool to re-organizes your media files to s... DOWNLOAD
binjs(freshmeat) /bin/js /bin/js is a Bash/JavaScript-based shell script... DOWNLOAD
rodbc(sfnet) RODBC Wrapper to connect to database servers using OD... DOWNLOAD
getfo(sfnet) TeXML: an XML syntax for TeX TeXML is an XML vocabulary for TeX. The process... DOWNLOAD
guppie(sfnet) GUPPIE GUPPIE - "Grand Unified Physics Programmat... DOWNLOAD
stratus(sfnet) Stratus Stratus is a tag-based filesystem overlay using... DOWNLOAD
sqlshout(sfnet) SQL Shout SQLShout is an application designed to use a SQ... DOWNLOAD
flux4eclipse(sfnet) Flux - The Smart Struts Config Generator Flux is a Java tool available as Eclipse plug-i... DOWNLOAD
cobricks(sfnet) Cobricks (Community Bricks) Cobricks is a Java-based modular Community Supp... DOWNLOAD
qnxplugins(sfnet) QNX Plugins Plugins for various applications/subsystems und... DOWNLOAD
whatsnew(sfnet) WhatsNew File Creator Java utility to easily manage the creation and ... DOWNLOAD
sourcegen(sfnet) SourceGen SourceGen is a java package intended to be use ... DOWNLOAD
providers(sfnet) Providers Providers is a framework to be used with JSP to... DOWNLOAD
scz-compress(sfnet) SCZ-Compress Simple light-weight file compression and decomp... DOWNLOAD
povmosix(sfnet) povmosix Povmosix is a GUI program designed to permit a ... DOWNLOAD
uglyfier(sfnet) Ugly DOWNLOAD
dsnviewer(sfnet) DSN Viewer DSN Viewer provides information for a given DSN... DOWNLOAD
ntkcontactos(sfnet) ntkcontactos Sistema gestor de contactos via web multiusuari... DOWNLOAD
sms-api(sfnet) CLICKATELL SMS API This class is meant to send SMS messages via th... DOWNLOAD
heron(sfnet) Heron The Heron Programming Language - A general purp... DOWNLOAD
prontonote(sfnet) ProntoNote A Java note taking application using multiple f... DOWNLOAD
libmrim(sfnet) MRIM Protocol Implementation Library This project brings you an implementation of fa... DOWNLOAD
hypercast(sfnet) HyperCast HyperCast software builds and maintains applica... DOWNLOAD
tuss(sfnet) Tiny Usefull Scripts Tiny usefull scripts is a collection of scripts... DOWNLOAD
jhlib(sfnet) JHLib JHLib is a mathematical software library writte... DOWNLOAD
sgbackup(sfnet) SG Backup An intelligent backup solution for smallscale b... DOWNLOAD
desruptor(sfnet) Desruptor This is my first game, I've created it with C# ... DOWNLOAD
httpgift(sfnet) HTTPgiFT HTTPgiFT is a web interface to the file sharing... DOWNLOAD
noisebox(sfnet) NoiseBox This is a GTK2.0 application to browse your mus... DOWNLOAD
jelcrow(sfnet) Jelcrow Jelcrow is a simple event driven Java Rule Engi... DOWNLOAD
replica(sfnet) Replica Database replication software, based on a group... DOWNLOAD
windtalker(sfnet) WindTalker A lightweight server-less Instant Messenger pro... DOWNLOAD
quyu(sfnet) QuYu Modules DOWNLOAD
fisimula(sfnet) Fisimula Fisimula is an extensible calculator/simulator ... DOWNLOAD
tkgate(sfnet) tkgate TkGate is a event driven digital circuit simula... DOWNLOAD
ummc(sfnet) uMMC Use uMMC to remotely control WinAmp from your P... DOWNLOAD
databaseone(sfnet) DataBaseOne DataBaseOne is a proyect for the generation of ... DOWNLOAD
ingenix(sfnet) Ingenix Ingenix is a novel approach to distributed comp... DOWNLOAD
bulwinkle(sfnet) Bulwinkle Engine Vector Tangent is dedicated to bringing the gam... DOWNLOAD
logsup(freshmeat) LogSup Logsup takes a file, encrypts it, and uploads i... DOWNLOAD
bibtoonto(sfnet) BibToOnto The goal of BibToOnto is to transform plain Bib... DOWNLOAD
higgins(sfnet) Higgins Higgins helps you publish or backup your ideas,... DOWNLOAD
libjackmm(sfnet) libJackMM libJackMM is a C++ interface to the jack audio ... DOWNLOAD
kisdnmonitor(sfnet) Kisdnmonitor KDE-Application for isdnserver. It logs and tra... DOWNLOAD
rkcmf(sfnet) RkCMF RkCMF is a CMF designed to manage big ammounts ... DOWNLOAD
mozillaqs(sfnet) Mozilla QuickStarter A quicklaunch utility for mozilla under kde. DOWNLOAD
gspatch(sfnet) GSPatch GSPatch: A simple, free Windows patching system... DOWNLOAD
thoughtthing(sfnet) ThoughtThing ThoughtThing allows you to organise your 'stuff... DOWNLOAD
nwatoolset(sfnet) NWA Toolset NWA Toolset, a software package for accessing a... DOWNLOAD
osdk-tools(sfnet) OSDK Tools OSDK Tools - Provides simplified Java interface... DOWNLOAD
graphitekde(sfnet) KDE Graphite Iconsets Iconset for KDE constructed from ico... DOWNLOAD
t3d(sfnet) Tom's 3D Engine A flexible and dynamic multimedia engine design... DOWNLOAD
phpmyschema(sfnet) phpMySchema phpMySchema is a tool written in PHP for genera... DOWNLOAD
gmrj(sfnet) GNU MMORPG for Java The GMRJ is an open-source, freely-playable, GN... DOWNLOAD
myphpbikelog(sfnet) myPHPBikeLog This project will allow you to record your bike... DOWNLOAD
narya-project(sfnet) Narya Project Incubator and Forum Narya is a forum/incubator software, based on a... DOWNLOAD
ecolosim(sfnet) EcoloSim - Ecology Simulation Framework EcoloSim is a Simulation Framework for simple s... DOWNLOAD
ui-dialog(sfnet) UI::Dialog UI::Dialog is a Object Oriented Perl wrapper fo... DOWNLOAD
jwamutil(sfnet) JWAMUtil JWAMUtil contains utility functions and classes... DOWNLOAD
nesim(sfnet) NESim NESim (neural engineering simulator) is a compu... DOWNLOAD
db-everywhere(sfnet) DB-Everywhere Web DataBase Administration Application for mys... DOWNLOAD
recsveditor(freshmeat) reCsvEditor reCsvEditor is a cross platform CSV file editor... DOWNLOAD
downroll(sfnet) DownRoll DownRoll: The downloadable RickRoll. How many p... DOWNLOAD
visecas(sfnet) Visecas Visecas is a graphical user interface (GTK+) fo... DOWNLOAD
mythicallibrari(sfnet) mythicalLibrarian mythicalLibrarian interfaces to ren... DOWNLOAD
openguestbook(sfnet) Open Guestbook Open Guestbook is a PHP Guestbook, powered by M... DOWNLOAD
ngetdaemon(sfnet) ngetdaemon Web frontend to nget, a usenet binaries downloa... DOWNLOAD
openpms(sfnet) OpenPMS HIPAA compliant medical billing, scheduling, an... DOWNLOAD
windivide(sfnet) WinDivide WinDivide splits files into smaller pieces, in ... DOWNLOAD
grisbi4win(sfnet) GRISBI for Windows Port of GRISBI a GPL accounting manager (http:/... DOWNLOAD
fiqn(sfnet) fiqn FIQN is a small Java-IRC-Client (and maybe some... DOWNLOAD
webn(sfnet) Web Notifier A customizable web page listener that will noti... DOWNLOAD
gap-plugin(sfnet) GAP GAP ( Guilherme's Audio Plugin ) is a plugin so... DOWNLOAD
mytracker(sfnet) mytracker MyTracker is open tracking and collaboration sy... DOWNLOAD
gimpex(sfnet) GIMPex GIMPex is an extension for GIMP for Windows. It... DOWNLOAD
redacle(sfnet) REDACLE A tool for the development and customization of... DOWNLOAD
roger(sfnet) roger Roger: money management software for PocketPC. ... DOWNLOAD
xaradon-spammer(sfnet) Spammer This Spammer is not a normal spammer. It can be... DOWNLOAD
uts(sfnet) uts UTS: Unified Telescope System. A modular system... DOWNLOAD
opencal(sfnet) opencal OpenCAL (Open Computer Animation Library) is a ... DOWNLOAD
carbux(sfnet) Carbux This project implements the TransSkel API as a ... DOWNLOAD
jbrowser(sfnet) jbrowser This project aims to create a java-based web br... DOWNLOAD
ifs(sfnet) ifs IFS is a full Fleet Management System for Star ... DOWNLOAD
guile-pvm(sfnet) guile-pvm Parallel Virtual Machine bindings for Scheme - ... DOWNLOAD
perl-stopwatch(sfnet) Stopwatch Perl Module Perf::Stopwatch is a Perl Module that can be qu... DOWNLOAD
sznake(sfnet) SZnake_SHnake New version of Snake. There is Duel Mode, The L... DOWNLOAD
kanren(sfnet) A declarative logic programming system A declarative logic programming system with fir... DOWNLOAD
nuketreasury(sfnet) NukeTreasury NukeTreasury mod for PHP-Nuke. This mod integr... DOWNLOAD
cx777es-rs232(sfnet) Sony DVP-CX777ES RS232 controller Windows program to control your Sony DVP-CX777E... DOWNLOAD

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