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tokamakp(sfnet) Tokamak Physics Engine Tokamak Physics Engine is a high performance re... DOWNLOAD
adcarouseljs(sfnet) AdCarouselJS "Ad Carousel in JavaScript" is a brow... DOWNLOAD
lightsoff(sfnet) lightsoff Clone of the famous "Lights Off" game... DOWNLOAD
pafemulators(sfnet) PAF Emulators a repository for emulators packaged in the PAF ... DOWNLOAD
trueneononline(sfnet) trueneononline Runescape Private Server DOWNLOAD
nmock(sfnet) NMock Dynamic mock object library for .NET. DOWNLOAD
adodb-xmlschema(sfnet) adodb-xmlschema adodb-xmlschema is a class that allows the user... DOWNLOAD
simpleguestbook(sfnet) Simple guestbook A very simple guestbook that is easy to include... DOWNLOAD
mets(sfnet) mets Web Service for Mathematical Expression Translator DOWNLOAD
urlshort(sfnet) urlShort urlShort is a free open source URL shortener bu... DOWNLOAD
tunesviewer(sfnet) TunesViewer A small, easy-to-use program to access itunesU ... DOWNLOAD
javascript-visual-html-templat(freshmeat) JavaScript Visual HTML Template Editor JavaScript Visual HTML Template Editor can be u... DOWNLOAD
mailmagic(sfnet) MailMagic DOWNLOAD
pynetsim(freshmeat) PyNetSim PyNetSim targets the generation of background t... DOWNLOAD
htmtools(freshmeat) htmTools This program changes the text of multiple files... DOWNLOAD
fragthereg(sfnet) frag the reg DOWNLOAD
aardvarkjava(sfnet) aardvark Build Manager tool. Java Graphical User interfa... DOWNLOAD
metawidget(sfnet) Metawidget Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget tha... DOWNLOAD
ailen(sfnet) Ailén Programa de composición digital de imágenes a p... DOWNLOAD
squeezebar(sfnet) squeezebar taskbar/panel widget for controlling a squeezeb... DOWNLOAD
niceprojects(sfnet) niceprojects DOWNLOAD
primedesktop(freshmeat) PrimeDesktop PrimeDesktop is a tool for planning, mapping, a... DOWNLOAD
phpbbheb(sfnet) phpBB (Hebrew) - The Official Hebrew Translation o... DOWNLOAD
xmlbeans(sfnet) xmlbeans An extension over the Java XPath API in order t... DOWNLOAD
mindscaperpg(sfnet) Mindscape Rpg Tools This project is a character generator and other... DOWNLOAD
raspberrypiemulator(sfnet) Raspberry Pi Emulator Raspberry Pi Emulator for Mac OS X. Uses emulat... DOWNLOAD
plcloggerlight(sfnet) PLCLoggerLight PLCLoggerLight allows Data capturing from Remot... DOWNLOAD
featurecpp(sfnet) featurecpp FeatureC++ is an extension of C++ that supports... DOWNLOAD
davetest-new2(sfnet) davetest-new2 DOWNLOAD
killerimageeditor(sfnet) Killer Image Editor A cool Image editor in python and pygame . It a... DOWNLOAD
aidear(sfnet) Aidear family management system Aidear is a family management project, function... DOWNLOAD
xxm(sfnet) xxm xxm is a web platform for Delphi. Combine Delph... DOWNLOAD
freebootstraptemplatecorporate(sfnet) Free Bootstrap Template Corporate A responsive template based on the Bootstrap fr... DOWNLOAD
kfz(sfnet) KFZ-KaufenFahrenZahlen This is a car cost control software, modular th... DOWNLOAD
rejacker(sfnet) ReJacker Rejacker is an toolkit set for PE repair, manua... DOWNLOAD
saturndiskimage(sfnet) Saturn disk image Saturn disk image is a tool for working with di... DOWNLOAD
openxp5(sfnet) OpenXP 5 OpenXP 5 is a multi-protocol offline mail and n... DOWNLOAD
test7042(sfnet) test7042 DOWNLOAD
spacewalklib(sfnet) spacewalklib The goal of this project is to create a Java li... DOWNLOAD
mehari(sfnet) MEHARI MEHARI est une méthode d'appréciation et de man... DOWNLOAD
fre4(sfnet) FRE4 Graphics engine using OpenGL 4 DOWNLOAD
xircmodular(sfnet) XiRC Completely modular mIRC script which lets you c... DOWNLOAD
avrparser(sfnet) AvRparser Tool for MMORPG Anarchy Online used to read and... DOWNLOAD
kwb(sfnet) Knowledge Workbench This project has been abandoned. Please ignore... DOWNLOAD
twitterpost(sfnet) twitterpost A twitter status posting plug-in for Joomla DOWNLOAD
skichung(sfnet) ski_chung ski chung is a 3D skiing simulation game with f... DOWNLOAD
rlogin(freshmeat) Rlogin Rlogin is a remote shell client (like SSH), whi... DOWNLOAD
halmumbles(sfnet) HAL Mumbles HAL Mumbles is a skin for Mumble designed from ... DOWNLOAD
perldoxygen(sfnet) PerlDoxygen This is a doxygen pre-filter for Perl source code. DOWNLOAD
kernelrebuild(sfnet) Linux kernel rebuild DOWNLOAD
odexvnthemefors3(sfnet) [Odex] VN Theme For S3 DOWNLOAD
translet(sfnet) XML documents from XPath and it's data. Application for creating XML documents from raw... DOWNLOAD
aqhbci(sfnet) AqHBCI Since version 1.3.0beta AqBanking includes all ... DOWNLOAD
kopenhbci(sfnet) KOpenHBCI A KDE program which allows managing your bank a... DOWNLOAD
libchipcard(sfnet) libchipcard This is a library for easy accessing chip cards... DOWNLOAD
trotinet(sfnet) TrotiNet TrotiNet is a HTTP proxy library implemented in... DOWNLOAD
ex-fusion(sfnet) ex-Fusion This project is opensource LT CMS. :) DOWNLOAD
mailboypromotio(sfnet) MailBoy Promotional Intelligence It will help any growing or superior organizati... DOWNLOAD
netscripter(sfnet) NetScripter NetScripter is a web-based cross-browser interp... DOWNLOAD
dhw(sfnet) dhw DOWNLOAD
cmrlgenerator(sfnet) CMRL Generator CMRL Generator builds SMS SHort Code using the... DOWNLOAD
workresultsgenerator(sfnet) Workresults Generator DOWNLOAD
sshuserlogin(sfnet) user login No description DOWNLOAD
at2-osp(sfnet) subz3ro's Adlib Tracker II (OSP) DOS version: Source code to be compiled with TM... DOWNLOAD
embeddedfileman(sfnet) embedded file manager EFM is a simple console (VT100) file manager fo... DOWNLOAD
exptools(sfnet) ExpTools ATTENTION! ExpTools has been renamed to ExpLab... DOWNLOAD
davcommander(sfnet) DAVCommander Java WebDAV client with commander-style file ma... DOWNLOAD
routingtablegui(sfnet) Routing table GUI GUI for routing table in Windows based on route... DOWNLOAD
amk(sfnet) Achtung mehr Kurve Achtung mehr Kurve ist ein aufregendes und span... DOWNLOAD
extcv(sfnet) extcv Expand a TrueCrypt volume on the fly without re... DOWNLOAD
emgeno(sfnet) emgeno Java Engine for music composition. Main feature... DOWNLOAD
libvs(freshmeat) libvs Library Version Sort is a version sorting libra... DOWNLOAD
simplegmapapi(freshmeat) SimpleGMapAPI SimpleGMapAPI is a PHP class for using the Goog... DOWNLOAD
git-annex(freshmeat) git-annex git-annex allows managing files with git withou... DOWNLOAD
ocad2mp(sfnet) ocad2mp The goal of this project is to develop converte... DOWNLOAD
svgtoandroidpng(sfnet) SVG To Android PNG This is a tool for creating PNG files in LDPI, ... DOWNLOAD
abanq(sfnet) Proyecto de desarrollo y comunidad de soporte d... DOWNLOAD
bottlepyweb(sfnet) bottlepyweb Can you help me for bottle in py, wait for you! DOWNLOAD
buzzmania(sfnet) Buzzmania! Buzzmania! Is a PC quiz game based very loosely... DOWNLOAD
ereditor(sfnet) Entity Relationship Editor Entity Relationship Editor written by Gert Hels... DOWNLOAD
seasoned-advice-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Seasoned Advice Flair Module Seasoned Advice Flair is a simple Joomla! modul... DOWNLOAD
profilepicker(sfnet) CMS for an employment search system This is a CMS for an employment search system w... DOWNLOAD
movesize(sfnet) movesize To move one folder's file(s) into another folde... DOWNLOAD
vimode(sfnet) Vim模式化软件 vimode为Vim-mode的缩写,用于推广具有类似Vim模式... DOWNLOAD
gftest1(sfnet) gftest1 DOWNLOAD
usb-vhci(sfnet) USB Virtual Host Controller Interface This project consists of a linux kernel module ... DOWNLOAD
slaptget(freshmeat) slapt-get slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware p... DOWNLOAD
sm-photo-tool(sfnet) sm-photo-tool Welcome to the home of sm-photo-tool. This a sm... DOWNLOAD
funkgen(sfnet) funkGen funkGen is a software function generator intend... DOWNLOAD
gmphp(sfnet) GeoMath Calcule le volume et la surface d'un rectangle,... DOWNLOAD
pythonpmon(sfnet) pythonpmon Python developmen that allows to control proces... DOWNLOAD
elbe(sfnet) Eclipse LDAP Browser and Editor An Eclipse plugin for browsing and editing LDAP... DOWNLOAD
pinoy-luckywire(sfnet) pinoy-luckywire Pinoy LuckyWire is a Philippine pinoy peer-to-p... DOWNLOAD
laplacianxml(sfnet) Laplacian + XML DOWNLOAD
citywineryclone(sfnet) citywineryclone This is a complete e-commerce web application d... DOWNLOAD
binclock-win(sfnet) Binary Clock for WinXP A tiny binary clock display integrated into Win... DOWNLOAD
fhaes(sfnet) FHAES Toolkit for exploring and analyzing file histor... DOWNLOAD
dnarand(sfnet) dnarand dnarand is a random DNA sequences writer. I sta... DOWNLOAD
fullmetaltetris(sfnet) fullmetaltetris Typical tetris copy. Very nice looking and easy... DOWNLOAD

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