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barrygame(sfnet) BarryGame This is the game of barry. It's a simple ncurse... DOWNLOAD
romvibrant(sfnet) Rom-vibrant DOWNLOAD
grogcon(sfnet) GrogCon GrogCon provides a quick and easy solution to p... DOWNLOAD
diygsm(sfnet) DIYGSM Our goal is make mobile applications easy. DOWNLOAD
jacoxml(sfnet) JACo XML ( java xml ) JACo XML is a handy, tiny component designed to... DOWNLOAD
roguelikef(sfnet) roguelike DOWNLOAD
sc-trans-fe(sfnet) sc-trans-fe Frontend or sc_trans, written in wxPython, buil... DOWNLOAD
tamarux(sfnet) tamarux tamarux is a set of IRC services written from s... DOWNLOAD
jatex(sfnet) Java Templating Engine using XML (Jatex) The templating engine provides a XML based temp... DOWNLOAD
luckyhands(sfnet) LuckyHands This is a fun card game based on the popular ga... DOWNLOAD
spyphonepc(sfnet) spyphonepc Turn your Android cellphone into some kind of s... DOWNLOAD
tocd-tools(sfnet) TOCD tools Content management and build tools for TheOpenC... DOWNLOAD
ip-phone-scanning-made-easy-is(freshmeat) Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) scans a VOIP... DOWNLOAD
wordproblem895(sfnet) wordproblem895 Solution for UVa Online Judge's problem number ... DOWNLOAD
tuxtype(sfnet) Tux Typing Tux Typing is an educational typing program for... DOWNLOAD
entouragegpg(sfnet) EntourageGPG EntourageGPG provides powerful email encryption... DOWNLOAD
qtv(sfnet) QTv A simple program to watch TV on your PC. Requir... DOWNLOAD
steamtr(sfnet) steamtr sxe guncel surumleri DOWNLOAD
apsad(sfnet) APSAD L'Apprentissage Partiellement Supervisé pour l'... DOWNLOAD
archiveoutlook(sfnet) MS Outlook Archiver Outlook Archiver is my first c# project, provid... DOWNLOAD
usringrpthen(sfnet) PHPBB User In Group Then MOD PHPBB User In Group Then MOD DOWNLOAD
iesbellx(sfnet) IES-BellX Alarm Clock for Secondary School based on Linux DOWNLOAD
eweiss(sfnet) Weiss Weiss is a server for MMORPGs. Written in Delph... DOWNLOAD
gitextensions(sfnet) Git Extensions Git Extensions is a toolkit to make working wit... DOWNLOAD
jmnc(sfnet) JMediaNFOCreator JMusicNFOCreator is a powerful and easy-to-use ... DOWNLOAD
weightcalc(sfnet) weight calculus for engineers This software born with the purpose to help Cad... DOWNLOAD
atreyu(sfnet) Atreyu DVD Manager Atreyu was a small PHP-application to archive a... DOWNLOAD
ascii-design(sfnet) ascii-design Ascii Design is an ascii-art program based on f... DOWNLOAD
prvtautmktmplts(sfnet) templates private templates for me to use DOWNLOAD
sfmlsimpleandfastinstaller(sfnet) SFML Simple and Fast Installer SFML Simple and Fast Installer is, simply, an i... DOWNLOAD
jpeganalysis(sfnet) JPEG Analysis A JPEG analysis software based on MFC. It has ... DOWNLOAD
madeb(sfnet) madeb madeb - Debian sid based distro with MATE 1.5.x... DOWNLOAD
wildvine(sfnet) wildvine プロジェクト DAMA は基本 VS2013 .removed webUI/... DOWNLOAD
projectfravel(sfnet) projectfravel A game in pre-alpha 1a DOWNLOAD
ezchatbox(sfnet) EZChatbox An easy to configure PHP chatbox solution for w... DOWNLOAD
mlgame(sfnet) OCaml Game System MLGame is a 2d game library for OCaml built on ... DOWNLOAD
quiver(sfnet) Quiver A small and lightweight PHP library for common ... DOWNLOAD
recommendsite(sfnet) PHPBB Recommend Site MOD DOWNLOAD
modorganizer(sfnet) Mod Organizer Mod Organizer (MO) is a tool for managing mod c... DOWNLOAD
tela(sfnet) TelaMitto TelaMitto is a roleplay-based first-person shoo... DOWNLOAD
dfsoftware(sfnet) DF-Timer DF-Software Quality, são softwares da mais alta... DOWNLOAD
dosfortune(sfnet) DOS fortune(6) DOS port of the UNIX fortune(6) program so MS u... DOWNLOAD
mge(sfnet) Maelstrom Game Engine (MGE) This project is a cross-platform, adaptable, fu... DOWNLOAD
revenuesharing(sfnet) phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD DOWNLOAD
zimmer(sfnet) Ensalamento Criação de um projeto para ensalamento automati... DOWNLOAD
ewmail(sfnet) Easy Web Mail A web mail service based on J2EE and open sourc... DOWNLOAD
mediocrechess(sfnet) Mediocre Chess Mediocre is a Java-based chess engine, implemen... DOWNLOAD
ilk(sfnet) kamil not important really i m just trying it DOWNLOAD
bt878dvr(sfnet) BT878 Windows 2000 Driver bt878 windows 2000 driver, designed to use in D... DOWNLOAD
linkexchange(freshmeat) LinkExchange The LinkExchange library helps to integrate var... DOWNLOAD
jurlmap(freshmeat) jurlmap jurlmap is a Java library for enabling your Web... DOWNLOAD
jsical(freshmeat) JSiCal JSiCal provides a JavaScript agenda application... DOWNLOAD
appdepot(freshmeat) AppDepot A secure portal type application provides four ... DOWNLOAD
nntp2nntp(sfnet) NNTP2NNTP Proxy NNTP2NNTP Proxy allow you to use your NNTP Acco... DOWNLOAD
mirdp(sfnet) mirdp miRDeep-P,miRDP for short, is a computational t... DOWNLOAD
m2fafc-pepit(sfnet) m2fafc-pepit Projet d'étude Master2 MIAGE université Lille1 ... DOWNLOAD
fotorelacjonusz(sfnet) fotorelacjonusz The typical thing of "Forum Polskich Wieżo... DOWNLOAD
brikx(freshmeat) Brikx Brikx is a small puzzle game in which your goal... DOWNLOAD
mp3_check(freshmeat) mp3_check mp3_check helps to identify in explicit detail ... DOWNLOAD
libdmapsharing(freshmeat) libdmapsharing Libdmapsharing is a library you may use to acce... DOWNLOAD
flamerobin(freshmeat) Flamerobin Flamerobin is a database administration tool fo... DOWNLOAD
mythrip(freshmeat) MythRip MythRip is a GUI for exporting recordings from ... DOWNLOAD
openguide(sfnet) openguide OpenGuide is a new generation's information ser... DOWNLOAD
repo-manager(freshmeat) Repo Manager Repo Manager is a repository manager for ArchLi... DOWNLOAD
pandoramon(freshmeat) Pandora Pandora is a distributed system to monitor proc... DOWNLOAD
trojit(freshmeat) Trojita Trojita is a Qt IMAP email client. It is a pur... DOWNLOAD
unitsconverter(sfnet) Unit Converter This app converts length, temperature, and flui... DOWNLOAD
gaeilge(sfnet) Aistriúchán Gaeilge GNU/LINUX Irish language ( Gaeilge ) translation project ... DOWNLOAD
newarabiccorpus(sfnet) Arabic Corpus The Arabic corpus has been developed as part of... DOWNLOAD
gwps(sfnet) gwps PHP scripts to build online graphics in a "... DOWNLOAD
s-bite(sfnet) S-BITE The Structure-Based Internet Topology gEnerator... DOWNLOAD
alfahakupdater(sfnet) ALFA Hak Updater This tool automatically updates the Neverwinter... DOWNLOAD
oldtoolbar(sfnet) OldToolbar Old toolbars for MS Office 2007. DOWNLOAD
wht-mts(sfnet) wht-mts 项目名称:微华公司嵌入式广告推送系统 项目描述:... DOWNLOAD
mydbfree(sfnet) MyDb Aide à la génération de scripts SQL. Les tables... DOWNLOAD
klearnj(sfnet) Keolah Learns Japanese It's a program to learn Japanese written by som... DOWNLOAD
mf2b(sfnet) Micro Fail2Ban Micro Fail2Ban acts as a replacement to the wel... DOWNLOAD
selflexos(sfnet) SelflexOS SelflexOS is a GNU/Linux distribution built fro... DOWNLOAD
thumbs(sfnet) thumbs a simple html picture book generator wrote in b... DOWNLOAD
splits(sfnet) splits splits is a utility to break an MPEG Transport ... DOWNLOAD
pcity(sfnet) PCity PCity is a framework for the procedural generat... DOWNLOAD
jkikonslib(sfnet) jkikonslib An icon library that allows developers to make ... DOWNLOAD
klierautomation(sfnet) klierautomation Various Home Automation code snippets. DOWNLOAD
pentaho-plugins(sfnet) Pentaho Plugins DOWNLOAD
advertool(freshmeat) AdverTool AdverTool is a Web application that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
yateclient(freshmeat) YateClient YateClient is an universal, skinnable VoIP clie... DOWNLOAD
qore-qt4-module(freshmeat) Qore Qt4 Module Qore Qt4 module allows GUIs to be implemented i... DOWNLOAD
dt-ps-tree(freshmeat) DTPSTree DTPSTree shows the running processes as a tree.... DOWNLOAD
nicksstuff(sfnet) nicksstuff just a free website for me to mess with DOWNLOAD
gestaosaicon(sfnet) Gestão Saicon Aplicativo com o intuito de gerenciar ordens de... DOWNLOAD
myphpwebcalenda(sfnet) My Php Web Calendar This project is a very easy and simple web cale... DOWNLOAD
riot-in-ecity(sfnet) Riot in Emerald city Cyberpunk third-person 2100. noir RPG thriller ... DOWNLOAD
changepackbuilder(sfnet) ChangePackBuilder This is a small handy tool that tracks the code... DOWNLOAD
th-scheme-utilities(sfnet) TH Scheme Utilities DOWNLOAD
simagc(sfnet) SimAGC This is an open-soured power system dynamic sim... DOWNLOAD
recorditnow(sfnet) RecordItNow Plugin based desktop recorder for KDE SC 4 DOWNLOAD
edvdozent(sfnet) edvdozent Unterlagenzum EDV-Unterricht DOWNLOAD
pyqtejuice(sfnet) pyqtejuice Simple cross-platform e-Juice calculator for el... DOWNLOAD
ict-at-inno(sfnet) ict-at-inno The ict@innovation programme builds capacities ... DOWNLOAD
xtrkcad-osx(sfnet) xtrkcad-osx moved to xtrkcad-fork DOWNLOAD

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