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proxy-connector(freshmeat) Proxy Connector Proxy Connector is a PHP class that can be used... DOWNLOAD
timedataplotter(freshmeat) TimeDataPlotter TimeDataPlotter is a program to quickly and int... DOWNLOAD
gpxviewer(freshmeat) gpxviewer GPX Viewer is a simple application that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
nil(sfnet) NiL Isn't Liero NiL is a modular multi-purpose gaming engine in... DOWNLOAD
sutoposeo(sfnet) Sutopo SEO DOWNLOAD
oddxcopy(sfnet) oddxcopy Xcopy like utility that copies files to use and... DOWNLOAD
ceiba(sfnet) Ceiba Ceiba is a program for visualization and naviga... DOWNLOAD
webcollaps(sfnet) WebCollAPs WebCollAPs is an IMS-LD Compatible Editor for t... DOWNLOAD
hdaudiorecorder(sfnet) HD Audio Recorder An Android application for recording high defin... DOWNLOAD
idem(freshmeat) iDem iDem is a Web application that lets groups vote... DOWNLOAD
asspa(sfnet) A Stupidly Simple Podcast Aggregator A very simple commandline podcast aggregator, w... DOWNLOAD
jitsi(freshmeat) Jitsi Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) is an audio/v... DOWNLOAD
syslog-server-java(freshmeat) Syslog Server Java Syslog Server Java is an easy to set up syslog ... DOWNLOAD
asyncfp(freshmeat) asyncfp AsyncFP is a Scala project with composable acto... DOWNLOAD
py-x-messages(sfnet) Python X-Messages XMessages for Python lets you easily integrate ... DOWNLOAD
csmail(sfnet) CS Mail API API similar to Java-Mail (TM). This API is to b... DOWNLOAD
qmodelthes(sfnet) QualityModelMasterThesis DOWNLOAD
brcodigopluginnb(sfnet) BrCodigoPluginNB Plugin NetBeans para geração de código. DOWNLOAD
particlestats(sfnet) ParticleStats ParticleStats is software for analysing tracked... DOWNLOAD
wmtbeta(sfnet) Web Monitoring Tool Timed Web Monitoring Tool - monitors predefined... DOWNLOAD
timerdotnet(sfnet) timerdotnet Timer.NET is a simple timer program written in ... DOWNLOAD
atlaunchermodpacks(sfnet) AT Launcher ModPacks DOWNLOAD
rareresourcesv032(sfnet) AT Launcher for SkyFactory DOWNLOAD
fishcap(sfnet) Fishcap Fishcap is a Java framework to develop service ... DOWNLOAD
calenco(freshmeat) Calenco XML CMS Calenco is a collaborative editing Web platform... DOWNLOAD
bersekerengine(sfnet) BERSEKER 3D ENGINE for RedDot A free 3d engine used in FPS games as Red Dot p... DOWNLOAD
pydown(sfnet) pydown downloader PyDown Multiplatform multipart http and ftp dow... DOWNLOAD
hcm(sfnet) HCM calculation method HCM software is used for co-ordination of fixed... DOWNLOAD
typeodia(sfnet) TypeOdia: Type in Odia (Oriya) DOWNLOAD
trailblazer(sfnet) TrailBlazer Trailblazer is a remake of the Classic Arcade G... DOWNLOAD
tonedetect(sfnet) toneDetect A sequential tone decoder geared towards the ty... DOWNLOAD
horoscopecsp(sfnet) horoscopecs Prolog application to get the horoscope DOWNLOAD
fastexcel(sfnet) FastExcel FastExcel is a pure java excel read/write compo... DOWNLOAD
spritesheethelp(sfnet) SpriteSheetHelper This is a Sprite sheet helper application for C... DOWNLOAD
aarmail(sfnet) AarMail - Fake Emailer This anonymous emailer script written in PHP is... DOWNLOAD
wesnothadpdm(sfnet) wesnothadpdm Amos Daragon : Porteur de masques est une campa... DOWNLOAD
eu4cd(sfnet) Unofficial EU4 Country Designer This site is deprecated. See DOWNLOAD
grewordpractice(sfnet) GRE Word Practice Application This application helps you to revise the words ... DOWNLOAD
mgapv3(sfnet) Mats Garry's Mod Addon Project V3 Version 3 of the addon project. DOWNLOAD
cleanerkit(sfnet) Cleaner Kit Cleaner Kit. What does it do? Basically it dele... DOWNLOAD
haveged(freshmeat) haveged haveged is a daemon that feeds the /dev/random ... DOWNLOAD
fame-polito(sfnet) fame-polito Framework for the Analysis and Modification of ... DOWNLOAD
targetedsim(sfnet) TargetedSim TargetedSim is a tool for creating Illumina pai... DOWNLOAD
sagengine(sfnet) SAGE - A Multithreaded Game Engine SAGE stands for Simple Asynchronous Game Engine... DOWNLOAD
o3dge(sfnet) Open 3DGE Open 3DGE is a full featured modular outdoor 3d... DOWNLOAD
jquantum(sfnet) jQuantum jQuantum is a Java program to simulate a quantu... DOWNLOAD
jchords(sfnet) JChords JChords is a cross-platform, java based, guitar... DOWNLOAD
ogflyrics(sfnet) OgF Lyrics Advanced content management system for building... DOWNLOAD
mibparser(sfnet) SNMP MIB Parser Parses multiple mibs into a single spreadsheet ... DOWNLOAD
unifdef(freshmeat) unifdef Unifdef is useful for removing #ifdef'ed lines ... DOWNLOAD
kendotournament(sfnet) Kendo Tournament Generator This software manage different kendo tournament... DOWNLOAD
ownsync(sfnet) ownsync Small java Application to synchronize two folde... DOWNLOAD
id-crm(sfnet) id-crm Business process engine, graphical designer and... DOWNLOAD
jaguars(sfnet) jaguars A system for running quiz bowl and various othe... DOWNLOAD
qte2console(sfnet) qte2console Qt Embedded 2.3.8 terminal emulator for Motomag... DOWNLOAD
ehetarayici(sfnet) Ehe Tarayıcı Geliştirilmiş bir internet tarayıcısı. DOWNLOAD
unyaxmppd(freshmeat) unyaxmppd uNyaXMPPD is a small-footprint XMPP suitable fo... DOWNLOAD
umonlinejudge(sfnet) umonlinejudge This is the open source Online Judge Project, d... DOWNLOAD
cityclone(sfnet) cityclone E-commerce Application DOWNLOAD
codetrue(sfnet) CodeTrue CodeTrue is an open-source, cross platform IDE ... DOWNLOAD
tc-made-simple(sfnet) TC made simple Library of routines for traffic shaping with ht... DOWNLOAD
chipseqanalyzer(sfnet) ChipSeqAnalyzer ChipSeqAnalyzer is a python program aimed at di... DOWNLOAD
ic2(sfnet) Infernal Contractor II Take on the role of the Infernal Contractor and... DOWNLOAD
imethy(sfnet) imethy iMethy for investigation and visualization of D... DOWNLOAD
dlog(sfnet) dlog A group of tools to analyze logfiles for qmail,... DOWNLOAD
webical(sfnet) webical - web based iCalendar editing IMPORTANT NOTE: project moved to http://code.go... DOWNLOAD
eveasusrt-n13u(sfnet) ASUS RT-N13U with 3.5G support Add 3.5G USB dongle support on ASUS RT-N13U The... DOWNLOAD
rstore(sfnet) Rstore DOWNLOAD
spaceromexperim(sfnet) SpaceROM Experimental Builds This is all Experimental Builds for SpaceROM! DOWNLOAD
argtools(sfnet) ArgTools This project is a C++ implementation of abstrac... DOWNLOAD
pdf-images(sfnet) pdf-images PDF-Images is a tool for Mac OS X that extracts... DOWNLOAD
ibmdb2auth(sfnet) Apache Auth Module for IBM DB2 mod_auth_ibmdb2 is an Apache module written in ... DOWNLOAD
apousiologos(sfnet) Apousiologos for Linux Greek secondary education teachers have the obl... DOWNLOAD
debuxxe(sfnet) Debuxxe - Computer Olympiad Trainer Debuxxe is an open source personal grader (or j... DOWNLOAD
wulangzi(sfnet) wulangzi Some Creation and recreation of WULANGZI. DOWNLOAD
yayd(sfnet) yayd A tool to download videos from youtube. DOWNLOAD
efes-scheme(sfnet) Efes Bytecode-based Scheme (R^5RS) implementation. F... DOWNLOAD
subnet(sfnet) SubNet IP subnetting algorithms. Calculate subnets, ne... DOWNLOAD
sinaxe(sfnet) SinaXe A system for developing custom XML editors with... DOWNLOAD
sgads(sfnet) sgads This is a simulator for everybody's fav T.V. sh... DOWNLOAD
analysis-in-c(sfnet) Analysis Solutions in C A collection of compact, powerful programs and ... DOWNLOAD
gwtraphaeldnd(sfnet) GWTRaphaelDND DOWNLOAD
phoenixva(sfnet) phoenixva The Visual Annotator from Health Information Te... DOWNLOAD
mapx(sfnet) MapX MapX is an EverQuest map viewer / annotation to... DOWNLOAD
proyectoopencon(sfnet) proyectoopencon El presente proyecto muestra la planeación Inte... DOWNLOAD
advmenuplus(sfnet) AdvMenuPLUS AdvMenuPLUS is a frontend based on AdvanceMENU ... DOWNLOAD
construccioned(sfnet) Construccion de un Edificio Proyecto de construccion de un edifico de 2 niv... DOWNLOAD
whistlealphatab(sfnet) whistlealphatab A tiny web app enabling MIDI synthesis of tin w... DOWNLOAD
nodino(sfnet) nodino This project is about enhancing user experience... DOWNLOAD
angelplayer(sfnet) apre No description DOWNLOAD
ctx-psi-blast(sfnet) ctx-psi-blast NCBI Toolkit for Linux extended with contextual... DOWNLOAD
canal(sfnet) Canal Runtime concurrency analysis for Java. Instrume... DOWNLOAD
vexdevelopment(sfnet) Vex Development Studio DOWNLOAD
systemct(sfnet) SystemCt This simple SystemCt tool is used to analyze va... DOWNLOAD
waypointfct(sfnet) Waypoint - Faceted Classification tool A fast, configurable faceted classification and... DOWNLOAD
ghztools(sfnet) GHZ Tools GHZ Tools (Magic tool) Properties: 1- Brute Fo... DOWNLOAD
aideen(sfnet) Aideen 3 Tier Code Generator Aideen is a three tier php code generator that ... DOWNLOAD
shutdownapp(sfnet) shutdownapp A very simple shutdown utility for windows base... DOWNLOAD
vertex-documentation(sfnet) VertexBoard DOWNLOAD
bpmn(sfnet) Yaoqiang BPMN Editor Yaoqiang BPMN Editor is a graphical editor for ... DOWNLOAD

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