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posnic-sms-system(sfnet) Posnic SMS System Free SMS Grouping system using core PHP Codeign... DOWNLOAD
jlrfractal(sfnet) JLRFractal: Mandelbrot/Julia Generator JLRFractal is a Mandelbrot/Julia generator writ... DOWNLOAD
pegasusircd(sfnet) Pegasus Services and IRCD Pegasus Ircd + IRC Services, New Secure server ... DOWNLOAD
ubermq(sfnet) UberMQ UberMQ is a clean-room implementation of the JM... DOWNLOAD
php-clamavlib(sfnet) PHP ClamAV Lib PHP ClamaAV Lib is a PHP extension (written in ... DOWNLOAD
photoar(sfnet) Photo Archive CGI Photo archive is a cgi application for archivin... DOWNLOAD
menucracker(sfnet) MenuCracker Building a small bundle for MacOS X 10.2 in ord... DOWNLOAD
terravision(sfnet) TerraVision TerraVision is a real-time multi-threaded 3D te... DOWNLOAD
boss(sfnet) Binary Organism Simulation System This description is going to change and intent ... DOWNLOAD
jstomp(sfnet) Stomp - a bytecode enhancer for Java Stomp is a Java bytecode enhancer for transpare... DOWNLOAD
ubergen(sfnet) Ubergen MDA: UML to anything generator. Java MDA to automate creation of any code, docu... DOWNLOAD
nmap-v-x(sfnet) nmap v.X GUI front-end to nmap. Contains a prebuild vers... DOWNLOAD
statsme(sfnet) StatsMe A game statistic enhancer for Half-Life which f... DOWNLOAD
clanmod(sfnet) ClanMod ClanMod is a Metamod plugin designed to offer e... DOWNLOAD
clanoffice(sfnet) ClanOffice ClanOffice is a planning tool for gaming clans,... DOWNLOAD
toyws(sfnet) Toy Web Server (ToyWS) The Toy Web Server (ToyWS) is a small Web serve... DOWNLOAD
xiaonei(sfnet) xiaonei DOWNLOAD
usertesting(sfnet) usertesting This is an open source application for performi... DOWNLOAD
ulatencyd(freshmeat) ulatencyd ulatencyd is a scriptable daemon which constant... DOWNLOAD
grayd00r(sfnet) Grayd00r DOWNLOAD
v3c-schema(sfnet) v3c-schema Design the layout of your network database and ... DOWNLOAD
bom(sfnet) Biet-O-Matic (Bid-O-Matic) Biet-O-Matic is a tool to watch and bid on auct... DOWNLOAD
scrumdo(freshmeat) ScrumDo ScrumDo is a Web application to manage your agi... DOWNLOAD
vmutool(sfnet) SEGA Dreamcast VMU Tools A SEGA Dreamcast VMU backup utility that allows... DOWNLOAD
libcdk(freshmeat) Curses Development Kit A library of widgets for curses development. DOWNLOAD
pardalcms(sfnet) Pardal Content Managing System O Pardal CMS é um sistema de weblogging simples... DOWNLOAD
rexam(sfnet) rexam hulei's free host by rexam DOWNLOAD
pctultimatelts(sfnet) PCT ULTIMATE LTS DOWNLOAD
netclipboard(sfnet) The Network Clipboard The Network Clipboard is a simple multiplatform... DOWNLOAD
envolution(sfnet) Envolution Next Generation Dynamic Content Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
udengine(sfnet) Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine The Universal Dominance RTS Game Engine will be... DOWNLOAD
kylixlibs(sfnet) Kylix Libs Packaging Applications developed with Kylix usually depen... DOWNLOAD
rakibolana(sfnet) rakibolana Rakibolana is an on-line dictionary in which t... DOWNLOAD
mssd(sfnet) Modular Socket Server Daemon mssd is a modular socket server written in Perl... DOWNLOAD
dc-gui(sfnet) DCGUI-QT DCGUI-QT is a QT GUI Direct Connect filesharing... DOWNLOAD
dmklib(sfnet) dmklib dmklib is a library used to read and write DMK-... DOWNLOAD
xml2java(sfnet) jNerd's XML2Java XML2Java is a DTD driven Java source code gener... DOWNLOAD
msysgitportable(sfnet) MSysGit Portable MSysGit packaged in format DOWNLOAD
tictactoegame(sfnet) tictactoegame A traditional, but addictive java game develope... DOWNLOAD
strutspring(sfnet) StrutSpring StrutSpring is a package to make Struts action ... DOWNLOAD
brie(sfnet) BeOS Rapid Integrated Environment BeOS Rapid Integrated Environment (or BRIE for ... DOWNLOAD
calculationorfcoverage(sfnet) Calculation ORF Coverage This PERL script was used in the study by Marin... DOWNLOAD
v-menu(sfnet) V-Menu V-Menu est une application permettant de gérer ... DOWNLOAD
modular3dengine(sfnet) Modular 3D engine Set of class for 3D programing (Load and visual... DOWNLOAD
googledoctool(sfnet) Google Doc Tool A tool that will allow you to list, search, del... DOWNLOAD
genpasswd(sfnet) genpasswd A useful utility to generate good random passwo... DOWNLOAD
psniff-iiti(sfnet) PSniff This project is a simple packet sniffer using l... DOWNLOAD
cmydb(sfnet) CMyDB CMyDB is an PHP-library for easy accessing data... DOWNLOAD
phpnetpbm(sfnet) PHP-NetPBM PHP-NetPBM is a PHP class that interact with Ne... DOWNLOAD
ejbtool(sfnet) BeanFactory: A XDoclet/EJB IDE Plugin The BeanFactory Tool is a two-way GUI frontend ... DOWNLOAD
jisnview(sfnet) JImage Sort n' View A java image management system, which allows th... DOWNLOAD
freechargecontr(sfnet) freechargecontr The goal of this project is to design a charge ... DOWNLOAD
assetmanagement(sfnet) Asset Management Tracking System Asset management Tracking system. Will help IT... DOWNLOAD
regexpstring(sfnet) regExpString DOWNLOAD
isctheisaacstreamcipher(sfnet) ISC - The ISAAC Stream Cipher ISAAC is a cryptographically secure pseudo-rand... DOWNLOAD
datadensityplot(sfnet) datadensityplot Shows the data density of a 2 dimensional distr... DOWNLOAD
py-stablesort(sfnet) python-stablesort python-stablesort is a back-port of the new Pyt... DOWNLOAD
nymm-genn(sfnet) Nymm - Programmable Text Generator Nymm is a text generator for creating content, ... DOWNLOAD
mntshooter(sfnet) MNTShooter MNT Shooter is a small game that implements man... DOWNLOAD
primerdesigner(sfnet) JCVI Primer Designer This is the high throughput PCR primer design s... DOWNLOAD
drakeadmin(sfnet) Drake Admin Drake Admin is a All-In-One site admin solution... DOWNLOAD
reasy-player(sfnet) Reasy-Player De ReasyPlayer is een online (flash) MP3 stream... DOWNLOAD
strg-c(sfnet) Content Management Development Suite strg-c ist ein modular aufgebautes, PHP-basiert... DOWNLOAD
bos-ruby(sfnet) Bos Broadcast Oracle Select is a interesting Ruby/P... DOWNLOAD
securesms(sfnet) SecureMessenger The SecureMessenger allows secure peer-to-peer ... DOWNLOAD
dcompiler(sfnet) Java Decompiler The aim of this project is to develope a decomp... DOWNLOAD
necropotence(sfnet) NecroTools This is intended to release some tools for UO. ... DOWNLOAD
linda(sfnet) linda linda is an simple library implementation of Li... DOWNLOAD
cppbuild(sfnet) Build This program automates building of projects wit... DOWNLOAD
wis(sfnet) Web is Simple Outil de conception de site Web pour débutants DOWNLOAD
greyhawk(sfnet) Greyhawk NWN Persistent Worlds A multiple phase project based on the Neverwint... DOWNLOAD
tmdcwebpad(sfnet) TMDC WebPad Program for organzing links, such as web sites ... DOWNLOAD
outback(sfnet) Outback - Network analyzer/sniffer Outback is an easy-to-use packet sniffer/packet... DOWNLOAD
pfplms(sfnet) PfP Learning Management System (PfP LMS) PfP LMS powered by Ilias (<a href="http... DOWNLOAD
sotssaveditor(sfnet) sotssaveditor Sword of the Stars Save Game Editor Open and ch... DOWNLOAD
libgtasks(sfnet) libgtasks Library to provide access to Google Tasks via P... DOWNLOAD
j-lzma(sfnet) j-lzma 一个基于LZMA压缩算法的java实现的解压缩小工具。 DOWNLOAD
orbitcpp(sfnet) orbitcpp orbitcpp provides C++ bindings for the ORBit Co... DOWNLOAD
pruebas12(sfnet) prueba DOWNLOAD
firefoxxtreme(sfnet) FirefoxXtreme Firefox version with many addons. High Security... DOWNLOAD
lockme(sfnet) Lock Me Lock your computer with a pretty image/video wi... DOWNLOAD
comicengine(sfnet) Webcomic Engine Cancelled since CUSP is better. DOWNLOAD
pack-paradize(sfnet) pack-paradize Pack avec Vendeur-Téléporteur (je crois)-Pnj Al... DOWNLOAD
minij(sfnet) Mini Journal A lightweight journalling or diary tool for log... DOWNLOAD
syscan(sfnet) Backend for LM9832 based CIS scanners This is an attempt to create a neat backend for... DOWNLOAD
tinybinding(sfnet) tinybinding Tinybinding is a small framework that allows au... DOWNLOAD
vim-n4n0(sfnet) vim-n4n0 sdfasfasdfsadfasdfsadfadsfasdfasdfsad DOWNLOAD
tombot(sfnet) tombot Tom Bot is a Automated Bot the can communicate ... DOWNLOAD
skygbook(sfnet) skygbook Guest book on PHP without any DB. All design in... DOWNLOAD
um6firmware(sfnet) um6firmware Firmware for the UM6 Orientation Sensor from CH... DOWNLOAD
privacyingedit(sfnet) privacyingedit P.I.G.: Privacy In Gedit, a plugin for gedit, e... DOWNLOAD
lavalampmenunav(sfnet) lavalampmenunav Lava Lamp Menu Navigation Theme for Concrete5 CMS DOWNLOAD
globald(sfnet) Global Domination Global Domination is Network monitoring applica... DOWNLOAD
tmslite(sfnet) TMSLite A light weight web based solution to manage you... DOWNLOAD
ilearnnetwork(sfnet) Socialnet We are starting an open source community networ... DOWNLOAD
kuchen-oetkers(sfnet) Oetker Sweet Cakes A little search tool for cake recipes from Dr. ... DOWNLOAD
sinai(sfnet) Sinai Sinai is a scriptable 3D modeler. DOWNLOAD
arsenal-1(sfnet) Arsenal R/T Collaboration (RTC) Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) and conferencing ... DOWNLOAD
slimdep(sfnet) SlimDep A small tool that helps to remove spare .jars f... DOWNLOAD
onlinelicense(sfnet) Online Interaction License's DOWNLOAD

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