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enczilla(sfnet) EncZilla Personal Data Encryption / Decryption Software. DOWNLOAD
dahuaproject(sfnet) DaHuaProject DOWNLOAD
sewerjacks(sfnet) Sewerjacks Sewerjacks is a fast paced graphical roguelike ... DOWNLOAD
mswlogoes(sfnet) MSWLogo Español (Spanish) MSWLogo Castellano. Version traducida al castel... DOWNLOAD
jellyfishquest(sfnet) jellyfishquest Jellyfish Quest is an adventure game in which y... DOWNLOAD
bmhaven(sfnet) Blackmoon Information Portal We are in the process of making an application ... DOWNLOAD
exalizer(sfnet) Exalizer The Webalizer Extractor. Exalizer is a program ... DOWNLOAD
watch-tower(sfnet) WatchTower This toolkit will provide seemless backend supp... DOWNLOAD
finch(sfnet) The Finch Project Data Evolution for Java. Finch is a Data Transf... DOWNLOAD
phdwait(sfnet) phdwait phdwait (PHP Database Web Application Toolkit) ... DOWNLOAD
persogen(sfnet) RPG Character generator (Reve de Dragon) Postnuke module allowing visotors to create rol... DOWNLOAD
zclipse(sfnet) zClipse zClipse is a project for building Eclipse (http... DOWNLOAD
minetest-classic(freshmeat) Minetest Classic Minetest-Classic is a fork of Minetest-C55, an ... DOWNLOAD
sveditor(sfnet) SVEditor SVEditor is an Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated De... DOWNLOAD
inetphone(sfnet) inetphone The flow of work in the current system is ma... DOWNLOAD
xalt(sfnet) xalt DOWNLOAD
pehppy(sfnet) Pehppy Web Application Framework Not just another PHP MVC framework. DOWNLOAD
wiirun(sfnet) WiiRun If you own a balance board, wiimote+nunchuk and... DOWNLOAD
freebvitamins(sfnet) FreeBVitamins A simple PHP-based content management system fo... DOWNLOAD
dchubjava(sfnet) DCHub Java A server written for the DC protocol, which is ... DOWNLOAD
zkfingerd(sfnet) zkfingerd zkfingerd is a replacement for standard finger ... DOWNLOAD
evotcl(sfnet) Evolane PureTcl Extension Evolane PureTcl Extension (EvoTcl) provides a c... DOWNLOAD
pdpe(sfnet) Programmable Distributed Processing Env This project is a distributed processing system... DOWNLOAD
fjreport(sfnet) free java report Swing based report for java with "What You... DOWNLOAD
javen(sfnet) javenlib, hawk search engine Javen library is a framework for developing C++... DOWNLOAD
qtonum(sfnet) QtoNum QtoNum is a calculator for qualitative values (... DOWNLOAD
pythonstringmod(sfnet) pythonstringmod I love Python so much that I decided to port mo... DOWNLOAD
glnlinear(sfnet) GLNLINEAR GLNLINEAR - The Gnu Enterprise Level Non-Linear... DOWNLOAD
personas(sfnet) Personas Console A genealogy application providing "proof o... DOWNLOAD
networkbridgingutility(sfnet) Network Bridging Utility The aim of this small windows network bridging ... DOWNLOAD
java42alphamark(sfnet) java42-alpha-mark Java 42 Alpha Mark is a simple, easy to use to... DOWNLOAD
elderscrollsexplorer(sfnet) ElderScrollsExplorer code can be found on github here https://githu... DOWNLOAD
mintymacmate1404(sfnet) mintyMac-Mate 14.04 Built from 64bit Ubuntu mini (30meg) 14.04 LTR ... DOWNLOAD
rtcvoiceroid(sfnet) rtcVoiceRoid DOWNLOAD
cd-command(freshmeat) CD-Command CD-Command is a primitive commandline CD player... DOWNLOAD
htmlcolors(sfnet) HTMLColors HTMLColors is Java class that contains static m... DOWNLOAD
nemho(sfnet) Nemho Nemho emulatore video tn5250 con accesso sicuro... DOWNLOAD
jadenote(sfnet) jadenote Jade is an extensible multiple document word pr... DOWNLOAD
limecraft(sfnet) Limecraft DOWNLOAD
ddrutility(sfnet) ddrutility Ddrutility is meant to be a compliment to gnudd... DOWNLOAD
demoscript(sfnet) DemoScript DemoScript runs commandline-based demos. It log... DOWNLOAD
java42screenrecorder(sfnet) java42-screen-recorder A simple, easy to use, tool for capturing, reco... DOWNLOAD
easy(sfnet) Easy Framework Easy Framework is an open source framework for ... DOWNLOAD
gridgen(sfnet) Grid Tools A portable program to make grid paper (square, ... DOWNLOAD
xwingreek(sfnet) XWinGreek - keyboard for Classical Greek XWinGreek is small keyboard utility for inputti... DOWNLOAD
midb(sfnet) MiDB MiDB is 1 perl/cgi web-based flat-file database... DOWNLOAD
siu-lgg(sfnet) SIU-LGG . DOWNLOAD
javamms(sfnet) Java MMS Downloader Download MMS served files to your PC. Now, no m... DOWNLOAD
denra(sfnet) denra This project is used to help xml application pr... DOWNLOAD
ocamlspread(sfnet) OcamlSpread OcamlSpread is an Objective Caml wrapper for Sp... DOWNLOAD
punch(sfnet) punch Punch is a J2ME MIDP punch clock application fo... DOWNLOAD
testprocebus(sfnet) Lejeudupendu-pfievet DOWNLOAD
sozluk(sfnet) İngilizce-Türkçe Sözlük Kelimeleri Projeadı.exe'nin Bulunduğu Yerdeki P... DOWNLOAD
rutube-dl(sfnet) Rutube-dl Video downloader from DOWNLOAD
astra-erp(sfnet) astra-erp Astra is a russian ERP software for use in enge... DOWNLOAD
xspot(sfnet) XSpot Provide software to establish wireless hotspots... DOWNLOAD
spaceinv(sfnet) Space Invaders Afx2 Space Invaders for Afx/2 is a Space invaders-li... DOWNLOAD
pastoo(sfnet) pastoo 8GB SD card image for raspberry - linux gentoo ... DOWNLOAD
dupehasher(sfnet) dupehasher dupehasher scans the given directory for files ... DOWNLOAD
phpunitcookbook(sfnet) PHPUnit Cookbook Heard of Unit Testing, but not sure how to use ... DOWNLOAD
gippo(sfnet) GIPPO: Dashboard GPS Map & Sound Minimalistic Dashboard solution for GPS mapping... DOWNLOAD
spamfilter(sfnet) SpamFilter This SPAM fighter is a plugin for IIS SMTP Virt... DOWNLOAD
ds3ctor(sfnet) ds3ctor #cinnamon DOWNLOAD
pt-shell(sfnet) pt-shell O pt-Shell é uma espécie de base de comandos (c... DOWNLOAD
toke(sfnet) Toke : Explore, Index and Search the Web Toke is a webmining toolkit for web exploring, ... DOWNLOAD
ancestra-remake(sfnet) ancestra remake Emulator for dofus 1.29.1 developed in java ope... DOWNLOAD
fflc(sfnet) Facebook fake login's creator Un software per creare rapidamente fake login d... DOWNLOAD
cute(sfnet) CUTE User-friendly Text Editor CUTE is a Qt and Scintilla based programmers te... DOWNLOAD
linksystrap(sfnet) Linksys SNMP-Trap VB application based on the FreeCap project tha... DOWNLOAD
javamake(sfnet) JMake JMake is a tool for Java programmers to make co... DOWNLOAD
gedcomtokml(sfnet) gedcomtokml Converts genealogical file (Gedcom) to maps ite... DOWNLOAD
juliet(sfnet) Juliet Jabber Client for Mac OS X Old project... don\'t pay attention to this, i... DOWNLOAD
linuxvm(sfnet) Linux Voicemail/OpenUMS The purpose of this project is to create an ope... DOWNLOAD
dbfree(sfnet) DBFree: java database manipulation tool A 100% Java solution for manipulating any JDBC-... DOWNLOAD
babb(sfnet) Babbsacks babbiges Board BaBB is a Board written in PHP designed for sma... DOWNLOAD
rssnews(sfnet) RSSNews Growing weary of hopping from one news site to ... DOWNLOAD
sdlblock(sfnet) SDLBlock This is a 3D tetris game similar Blockout and X... DOWNLOAD
widge(sfnet) Widge Extensive C++ IRC moderating bot with advanced ... DOWNLOAD
oblivion(sfnet) Oblivion - An Arcade Shooter An action packed arcade action that captures th... DOWNLOAD
norna(sfnet) Norna Service Framework The Norna Framework is as a dynamic service fra... DOWNLOAD
db-pam(sfnet) Database PAM Database PAM is based on the pam_mysql project ... DOWNLOAD
p4ts(sfnet) p4ts The p4ts library provides the perl modules used... DOWNLOAD
anka(sfnet) anka Anka is a collaborative whiteboard - allowing y... DOWNLOAD
dotnetlayout(sfnet) .NET Layout Manager This is an attempt to port the java-awt layout ... DOWNLOAD
scrim(sfnet) Scrim MIPS compiler DOWNLOAD
btgcms(sfnet) BTG: Content Managment System & Modules This project was started by myself and a few fr... DOWNLOAD
echat(sfnet) Ediks Chat This is project of MY chat - from the beginning. DOWNLOAD
croniaweb(sfnet) Cronia Web An advanced webbrowser written in DOWNLOAD
freejewels(sfnet) Freejewels Freejewels is another clone of the popular game... DOWNLOAD
docxconverter(sfnet) DocxConverter Convertert allows convert simple documents to M... DOWNLOAD
videoder(sfnet) Videoder Videoder is an awesome Video Download Utility t... DOWNLOAD
schwein(sfnet) Schwein Just for a sourceforge project test!! DOWNLOAD
bosquenegro(sfnet) bosque.negro bosque.negro es una pasarela de conexión de bot... DOWNLOAD
byzgl(sfnet) ByzantineOS ByzanineOS is a software internet appliance wit... DOWNLOAD
freeweave(sfnet) Weaving Simulator WeavingSimulator is fabric design software, to ... DOWNLOAD
simpleimageftpuploader(sfnet) Simple Image FTP Uploader C# Very simple image file uploader can do the foll... DOWNLOAD
moabdar(sfnet) Moabdar - a newsgroup archiver A Perl program that archives newsgroups and pro... DOWNLOAD
amphtdig(sfnet) HT://Dig for Ampoliros HT://Dig for Ampoliros is an interface for the ... DOWNLOAD
clearcaseplugin(sfnet) ClearCase Plugin for jEdit A ClearCase plugin for jEdit. Supports the mo... DOWNLOAD

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