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sdb2txtdwds(sfnet) sdb2txtdwds There is a converter for the game Digimon World... DOWNLOAD
spartans(sfnet) SPARTANS Project Sound Propagation and Acoustic Radiation of Tur... DOWNLOAD
securityfilter(sfnet) SecurityFilter SecurityFilter is a Java Servlet Filter that mi... DOWNLOAD
decmpa(sfnet) DecMPA DecMPA is a simple MPEG Audio decoding library,... DOWNLOAD
oooautorun(sfnet) CD-Autorun CD-Autorun is a tool, which can be used as auto... DOWNLOAD
dsa-hl(sfnet) DSA - Half-Life Rastullahs Lockenpracht ist ein neuer Versuch d... DOWNLOAD
jgrabber(sfnet) jGrabber- java webcam grabber jGrabber is a command-line webcam utility that ... DOWNLOAD
zserver(sfnet) zServer homepage uploaded, check it out. more to come&l... DOWNLOAD
rise(sfnet) Realistic Image Synthesis Engine R.I.S.E. is a state of the art engine and frame... DOWNLOAD
jupiter-ftp(sfnet) Jupiter FTP Server The Jupiter FTP Server is written in Java. Our... DOWNLOAD
febrl(sfnet) Febrl Febrl (Freely Extensible Biomedical Record Link... DOWNLOAD
joiibox(sfnet) Joii-BOX DOWNLOAD
terralib(sfnet) TerraLib TerraLib is a Win32/DirectX8 library for genera... DOWNLOAD
cefar(sfnet) CEFAR Projet de fin d'année en C# et Access. 2ème ann... DOWNLOAD
ipfarm(sfnet) IP Farm A simple ip subnet calculator DOWNLOAD
nrh-up2date(sfnet) NRH-up2date NRH-up2date is Not RedHat's up2date - a GPL ser... DOWNLOAD
sipos(sfnet) Session Initiation Protocol Open Stack A pure java implemtation of the Session Initati... DOWNLOAD
finalscratch(sfnet) Final Scratch Tools Tools, Apps and Docs related to Final Scratch DOWNLOAD
keepassautoexport(sfnet) Keepass AutoExport Allows to automatically save a database as othe... DOWNLOAD
ktiny(sfnet) KTiny Erp Client KTiny is a TinyErp client based on Qt4 and KDE4... DOWNLOAD
webspheresubnet(sfnet) webspheresubnet Websphere Subnet Calculator DOWNLOAD
jarios(sfnet) Jari OS Jari OS is a real-time microkernel operating sy... DOWNLOAD
ir-problemas-distrib(sfnet) ir-problemas-distrib Executables distribution page for app ir-proble... DOWNLOAD
ssu2(sfnet) system security from unauthorized user DOWNLOAD
ultimatemathtool(sfnet) Ultimate Math Tool Need help with your math? Here is a easy tool f... DOWNLOAD
sherpafilters(sfnet) Sherpa Filters Sherpa enables you to define your own set of ri... DOWNLOAD
mkbck(sfnet) Make Backup (then edit/destroy/burn...) Small and handy shell script to backup importan... DOWNLOAD
wtfw(sfnet) WikiTypeFramework WTF is a generic Web content management engine ... DOWNLOAD
rarch(sfnet) rarch rarch (Removable Archive) is a program that kee... DOWNLOAD
cbshellext(sfnet) CBShellExt CBShellExt is a Windows Explorer Extension with... DOWNLOAD
w2w(sfnet) w2w The W2W project aims to develop a distributed i... DOWNLOAD
phpbulitipp(sfnet) PHPBulitipp PHPBulitipp ermöglicht es, eine Tippgemeinschaf... DOWNLOAD
nmstools(sfnet) Network Management System Helper Tools Tools for Cisco IOS devices management. Short d... DOWNLOAD
pmemo(sfnet) PMemo PMemo is a PalmOS based memo editor, that provi... DOWNLOAD
arachnicord(sfnet) Arachnicord Arachnicord will validate the html of an entire... DOWNLOAD
gspoof(sfnet) Gspoof Gspoof is a GTK+ program written in C language ... DOWNLOAD
tamencs2unicode(sfnet) tamencs2unicode This project is to create a common algorithm th... DOWNLOAD
sipes(sfnet) SIPES SIPES (Security Incident Pollicy Enforcement Sy... DOWNLOAD
efactuurnl2pdf(sfnet) EFactuurNL2PDF DOWNLOAD
theforgottengenesis(sfnet) The Forgotten: Genesis DOWNLOAD
citiportjs(sfnet) citiportjs Javascript Component library is adapted from Ci... DOWNLOAD
cvga(sfnet) CVGA CVGA is a managerial software. It may be used t... DOWNLOAD
xfcesmooth(sfnet) Xfce_Smooth My Xfce Built 14.04 Distro 32 bit only at thi... DOWNLOAD
squatgrid(sfnet) SQUANTO SQUANTO (Semantic QUalitative ANnotation TOol) ... DOWNLOAD
labrea(sfnet) labrea Intrusion detection / "sticky" honey ... DOWNLOAD
smartsitepubl(sfnet) SmartSite Publisher A simple to use, yet extremely flexible and pow... DOWNLOAD
mydata123321(sfnet) mydata123321 DOWNLOAD
webimageeditor(sfnet) Web Based Image Editor DOWNLOAD
fotortsel(sfnet) fotorätsel DOWNLOAD
team-purple(sfnet) Team Purple The Imprudence and Kokua open source metaverse ... DOWNLOAD
jchirp(sfnet) JChirp JChirp is a multiplatform Twitter Client made i... DOWNLOAD
bcbdirectx(sfnet) BCB DirectX BCB DirectX uses the Borland/Inprise C++Builder... DOWNLOAD
java3dgamesdk(sfnet) Java 3D Game SDK Java 3D Game SDK based on J2SE 1.4 and Java 3D ... DOWNLOAD
playlistcreator(sfnet) KPlaylistCreator KPlaylistCreator is an other KDE jukebox, not t... DOWNLOAD
single-honeypot(sfnet) single-honeypot Single-honeypot is a powerfull tool, for securi... DOWNLOAD
slimdata(sfnet) Slim Data Compression Slim is a data compression system for scientifi... DOWNLOAD
ticktacktoe3d(sfnet) Tick-Tack-Toe 3D Tick-Tack-Toe 3D is intended to be a game "... DOWNLOAD
javamechanic(sfnet) Java Mechanic Java Mechanic can modify public, private and pr... DOWNLOAD
clickomania(sfnet) clickomania (k)Clickomania is a port of the popular Windows... DOWNLOAD
gups(sfnet) GroundUP MUD Server Linux based MUD server program. Partially multi... DOWNLOAD
xwdb(sfnet) XML Database Integration Tools XWDB is an XML database integration toolkit for... DOWNLOAD
sharploaderloader(sfnet) Sharploader DOWNLOAD
devproject(sfnet) DevProject A simple, lightweight project manager for softw... DOWNLOAD
php-onlineshop(sfnet) Onlineshop OnlineShop written in PHP with mysql binding. S... DOWNLOAD
embeddedloconet(sfnet) Embedded LocoNet A set of C language API's and firmware applicat... DOWNLOAD
marica(sfnet) marica ps te va acargar el choristo mijo jaja ya te tr... DOWNLOAD
chet(sfnet) CheT Chemnitzer Thesaurus CheT is a frontend for WordNet written in PHP. ... DOWNLOAD
copsandrobbers(sfnet) Cops and Robbers Cops and Robbers is a multiplayer platformer ga... DOWNLOAD
prosum(sfnet) ProSum ProSum is a terminal based program that protect... DOWNLOAD
cser(sfnet) C++Serialization CSer, pronounced like the emperor, will be a li... DOWNLOAD
siloalert(sfnet) Silo Alert Silo Alert is the software part of a simple sol... DOWNLOAD
jishosan(sfnet) Jisho-san A Japanese Dictionary. DOWNLOAD
odyssipki(sfnet) Odyssi PKI Odyssi PKI aims to be a complete PKI suite writ... DOWNLOAD
kkk1234(sfnet) kkk1234 tertertetetertertertertetr DOWNLOAD
evilspoof(sfnet) EvilSpoof Little program that spoofs a file of your choic... DOWNLOAD
scapexec(sfnet) SCAP Interpreter DOWNLOAD
upms(sfnet) Universal Package Managment System UPMS is based on BSD ports system, it can be us... DOWNLOAD
saturn(sfnet) saturn Network Job Scheduler Saturn (AKA Chronos by the greeks) was the god ... DOWNLOAD
rmp3(sfnet) rmp3 rmp3 is a receiver for the rmp3 broadcast proto... DOWNLOAD
netstrain(sfnet) NetStrain Both a network throughput testing tool and a si... DOWNLOAD
ibar(sfnet) iBar iBar is a sort of a Deskbar for BeOS DOWNLOAD
nahblog(sfnet) nahblog NahBlog is a simple Blog Bloard written in PHP ... DOWNLOAD
online-exam4j(sfnet) Online Exam System Online examination system using JEE where syste... DOWNLOAD
stamps(sfnet) Stamps -- Web Templates Stamps is a lightweight template system that al... DOWNLOAD
asposetasks-for-java(freshmeat) Aspose.Tasks for Java Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical Java Project ma... DOWNLOAD
tlear-assassin-a(sfnet) "Assassin" See for more infor... DOWNLOAD
probstat(sfnet) Probability and Stastics for python C and Python code for basic probability and sta... DOWNLOAD
iicontrol(sfnet) IIControl IIControl is a library for controlling fischert... DOWNLOAD
xwepgen(sfnet) xwepgen xwepgen lets Mac OS X users use WEP passphrases... DOWNLOAD
jaxor(sfnet) Jaxor Jaxor provides a java code generation engine fo... DOWNLOAD
ubiksim(sfnet) UbikSim UbikSim is an infrastructure to study complex A... DOWNLOAD
sirex(sfnet) sirex Sirex - simple, remote command execution withou... DOWNLOAD
esstp(sfnet) ESSTP ESSTP (Eclipse SourceSafe Team Provider) integr... DOWNLOAD
freeroamertextg(sfnet) FreeRoamer This is an Interactive-Fiction I'm working on. ... DOWNLOAD
csvclass(sfnet) Csv Klasse (tabellen) DOWNLOAD
opc2file(sfnet) opc2file Read data from one or more OPC-DA servers and w... DOWNLOAD
jadx(sfnet) jadx Dex to Java decompiler DOWNLOAD
enczilla(sfnet) EncZilla Personal Data Encryption / Decryption Software. DOWNLOAD
dahuaproject(sfnet) DaHuaProject DOWNLOAD
sewerjacks(sfnet) Sewerjacks Sewerjacks is a fast paced graphical roguelike ... DOWNLOAD

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