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simplecomponentsforada(sfnet) Simple components for Ada The Simple components for Ada library provides ... DOWNLOAD
remotemonitor(sfnet) remotemonitor Remote Monitor - program for working with remot... DOWNLOAD
congruity(freshmeat) congruity congruity is a GUI application for programming ... DOWNLOAD
sysbior(sfnet) sysbior Biological Data and Scripting with R. Also incl... DOWNLOAD
gnu-gama-builds(sfnet) GNU Gama builds GNU Gama is a project dedicated to adjustment o... DOWNLOAD
mikey4j(sfnet) MIKEY4J Java implementation of MIKEY (Multimedia Intern... DOWNLOAD
olheatmap(sfnet) OLHeatmap A layer for OpenLayers to create dynamic client... DOWNLOAD
farsea(sfnet) FarSea With this software you can Stream Video/Audio f... DOWNLOAD
fu-rch(freshmeat) Evo/Lution Evo/Lution is a live CD with a graphical instal... DOWNLOAD
trafmetux(sfnet) trafmetux It's a Traffic Meter for Linux. It tells you ho... DOWNLOAD
js-menu(sfnet) JS-Menu Very nice JavaScript menu for web pages with fl... DOWNLOAD
literatexml(sfnet) Literate Programming XML Tools Provide tools to support Donald Knuth's Literat... DOWNLOAD
jfunction(sfnet) jFunction Function visualizer written in Java. DOWNLOAD
crypt-xor(sfnet) crypt-XOR This is a program which just does crypting by u... DOWNLOAD
axeframework(sfnet) Architectural XML Editing framework This is a client side XML Editing and XML Messa... DOWNLOAD
wordtest-java(sfnet) WordTest Simple Java app which tests your knowledge of w... DOWNLOAD
rasmp(sfnet) raSMP raSMP is a fast, simple and completely flexible... DOWNLOAD
deliveryboy(sfnet) Delivery Boy Delivery Boy is a a web-based file delivery sys... DOWNLOAD
phpglos(sfnet) PHPGlos This is a glossary program written in PHP (4.2.... DOWNLOAD
modesto(sfnet) modesto Modesto is a professional non-linear video-, au... DOWNLOAD
webgift(sfnet) webgift WebgiFT is to become the opensource alternative... DOWNLOAD
mwaytogo(sfnet) mWayToGo Written in perl, mWayToGo, converts palm databa... DOWNLOAD
tag-redir(sfnet) TAG_Redir This package implements a redirection handler t... DOWNLOAD
pagingmon(sfnet) PagingMon The PagingMon (Paging Monitor) project aims to ... DOWNLOAD
mccppimp(sfnet) PiMP the PiMP is an open-source, GUI, MCCP proxy cli... DOWNLOAD
openstackinstallercentos6(sfnet) OpenStack-Installer-Centos6 This is a bash-script based, totally controllab... DOWNLOAD
guncat(sfnet) guncat Guncat (Gpg UNencrypting CAT) was designed to t... DOWNLOAD
ferminx360mod(sfnet) FerminX360Mod Proyecto ROMs android DOWNLOAD
mcf(sfnet) MCF MCF - Models Construct Framework DOWNLOAD
howc(sfnet) Heroes of Wing Commander A fan base strategy game based on the Origin's ... DOWNLOAD
cvswc(sfnet) CVS Web Client full cvs web based client using original cvs ba... DOWNLOAD
shifta(sfnet) Calculation of shifts for Android The program can expect for any date the state o... DOWNLOAD
shishirgupta(sfnet) shishirgupta This game has been developed in c/c++ and using... DOWNLOAD
aajguestbook(sfnet) aaJGuestBook aaJGuestBook is and advanced guestbook writen i... DOWNLOAD
base-apps(sfnet) BaseApps Annotate your POJOs to create a fully-functiona... DOWNLOAD
bossa(sfnet) Bossa Workflow Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The... DOWNLOAD
libecc(sfnet) C++ Elliptic Curve library Libecc is an Elliptic Curve Cryptography C++ li... DOWNLOAD
phpcdb(sfnet) phpCDB This is a web project. This is to organize any ... DOWNLOAD
anaxagora(sfnet) AnaXagora The AnaXagora platform is a change management p... DOWNLOAD
sangam(sfnet) Sangam - A plugin for collaboration An Eclipse Plugin to achieve distributed pair p... DOWNLOAD
siscob4k(sfnet) siscob4k Siscob da empresa 4K DOWNLOAD
clustlib(sfnet) ClustLib The ClustLib project is intended to build sever... DOWNLOAD
dvbpic(sfnet) dvbpic Dvbpic is an image converter, encoder and viewe... DOWNLOAD
sensen(sfnet) SENSEN (SENSible/Epidiptic Network) SENSEN (SENSible/Epidiptic Network) suite is a ... DOWNLOAD
musicom(sfnet) Musicom Musicom is a fully fledged P2P client written i... DOWNLOAD
cvlg(sfnet) Cisco voice web interface Cisco voice web interface is a web tool designe... DOWNLOAD
xmen(sfnet) X-Men - an XML plugin for Eclipse A XML plugin for eclipse <BR>Planned feat... DOWNLOAD
jfox(sfnet) JFox - J2EE Application Server JFox is an Open Source, standards-compliant, J2... DOWNLOAD
itas(sfnet) ITAS (In The Agent's Shoes) ITAS puts a human user in the place of a Robocu... DOWNLOAD
atm8260(sfnet) Linux ATM driver for Motorola MPC8260 This project is to create a linux ATM driver fo... DOWNLOAD
pyopyo(sfnet) Pyo Pyo Pyo pyo is a python/pygame falling blobs game, ... DOWNLOAD
ag-mlf(sfnet) The Model Layer Framework The MLF System is a .NET framework and tool-set... DOWNLOAD
j3d-netbeans(sfnet) j3d-netbeans Support for Java 3D in NetBeans IDE. Currently ... DOWNLOAD
bluescanner(sfnet) BlueScanner BlueScanner is a bash script that implements a ... DOWNLOAD
wmt(sfnet) CPS Wildfire Management Tool The Wildfire Management Tool (WMT) predicts the... DOWNLOAD
zbotwars(sfnet) Zbots- Battling breeding robots A robot wars variant. A computer game in which... DOWNLOAD
spawner(sfnet) Spawner Data Generator Spawner is a generator of sample/test data for ... DOWNLOAD
blog4j(sfnet) blog4j A project to build Java tools on top of the var... DOWNLOAD
mubo(sfnet) mubo This is a very simple (or simplistic) OBO ontol... DOWNLOAD
mbox2mysql(sfnet) mbox2mysql mbox2mysql processes mailboxes and stores messa... DOWNLOAD
cfactory(sfnet) CFactory Temporary repository of java native interface (... DOWNLOAD
publicake(sfnet) PubliCake PubliCake is an ansi-C checkers engine, playing... DOWNLOAD
gmtodo(sfnet) Gmail Todo Gmail Todo is another todo application that use... DOWNLOAD
check-tasks(sfnet) Check-Tasks When executed, CHECK-TASKS identifies the tasks... DOWNLOAD
cryptme(sfnet) cryptme A command line tool to create secure encrypted ... DOWNLOAD
isem-16(sfnet) isem-16 papers of the 16th ISEM. DOWNLOAD
groupsmanagegui(sfnet) groupsmanagegui Groups Management GUI DOWNLOAD
php-diary(sfnet) PHP-Diary for MySQL or file phpDiary is a modular and fast online diary or ... DOWNLOAD
kmtraceviewer(sfnet) kmtraceviewer kmtraceviewer as a graphical user interface for... DOWNLOAD
oslearning(sfnet) OSLearning OSLearning is an e-learning platform that enabl... DOWNLOAD
syncml-ctoolkit(sfnet) SyncML C Toolkit SyncML C Reference Toolkit. The purpose of thi... DOWNLOAD
phpbbmodsandup(sfnet) phpBBmods All downloads here are free for use and distrib... DOWNLOAD
iisemul8(sfnet) IIS Emulator The goal of this project is to create a functio... DOWNLOAD
bibdeskwordoscola(sfnet) BibDeskWord-OSCOLA Implements a OSCOLA compatible citation managem... DOWNLOAD
phpchurch(sfnet) phpChurch phpChurch is a module-based framework for websi... DOWNLOAD
textdenoisingtool(sfnet) Text Denoising Tool DOWNLOAD
hbbieshooter(sfnet) hbbieshooter My first self-coded video game! Yeah, it's not ... DOWNLOAD
alpheratz(sfnet) Alpheratz Field calculator for Astronomical photography, ... DOWNLOAD
luciowwwinamp(sfnet) Lucio WWWinamp Winamp WEB Based controller, WWWinamp continuat... DOWNLOAD
solitaire4j(sfnet) Solitaire game for J2ME Solitaire4j, a J2ME card game. This project is ... DOWNLOAD
snappybackup(sfnet) snappybackup Created for windows based systems in the event ... DOWNLOAD
phpeasydownload(sfnet) phpeasydownload This is a php class that can be used to downloa... DOWNLOAD
erda(sfnet) Erda This script is supplementary to the article &qu... DOWNLOAD
sssvmtoolbox(sfnet) ssSVMToolbox ssSVMToolbox is a Java application capable of p... DOWNLOAD
freereminder(sfnet) FreeReminder Free Reminder allow you to save all of your sch... DOWNLOAD
pariguide(sfnet) pariGUIde PariGUIde is a GUI for Pari-GP, a math.-program... DOWNLOAD
tetrinetx(sfnet) Tetrinetx - GNU Tetrinet Server Tetrinetx is a server program for the popular T... DOWNLOAD
township(sfnet) township A suite of apps for viewing and editing data fi... DOWNLOAD
dayon(sfnet) Dayon Dayon is a freely available personal contact an... DOWNLOAD
fastrix(sfnet) FasTrix FasTrix is a tool for the Shadowrun Role playin... DOWNLOAD
ktools(sfnet) kTools Web Suite kTools aims to provide a complete multi-user we... DOWNLOAD
fractical(sfnet) Fractical --yet another fractal program. Fractical is a fractal program, currently able ... DOWNLOAD
kyatzy2000(sfnet) KYatzy2000 KYatzy2000 is a network based YATZEE implementa... DOWNLOAD
xsupervisor(sfnet) The X Supervisor Extension The X Supervisor Extension is a patch for the p... DOWNLOAD
phplibex(sfnet) PHP-Lib-Xtreme PHP-Lib-Xtreme is a package containing many obj... DOWNLOAD
triton572(sfnet) Triton5.7.2 TRITON 5.7(2) est une distribution Linux basée ... DOWNLOAD
ipphonelib(sfnet) IPPhone Lib IPPhone Lib is aimed at being a convenient API ... DOWNLOAD
whurle(sfnet) WHURLE - web-based XML/XSLT learning env WHURLE - Web-based Hierarchical Universal React... DOWNLOAD
mpmanf10(sfnet) MPMAN F-10 manager for Win9x/ME/2K/XP MPMAN F10 - MP3 player manager. The original so... DOWNLOAD
chgwphp(sfnet) Common HTML GUI Widgets library for PHP Common HTML GUI Widgets library for PHP that is... DOWNLOAD

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