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gportal(sfnet) gportal - Linux parallel port control Control up to 8 electrical devices with gportal... DOWNLOAD
extcalc-linux(sfnet) Extcalc Extcalc is a multifunctional scientific graphic... DOWNLOAD
mysqlwebadmin(sfnet) MySQL Web Database Admin Web based tool for the administration of MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
perfdesign(sfnet) PerfDesign PerfDesign is a small application for quickly d... DOWNLOAD
dropdead(sfnet) Drop Dead Loot Management This is an implementation of the Drop Dead loot... DOWNLOAD
eqhook(sfnet) EverQuest Hook New description needed. DOWNLOAD
sheanrc(sfnet) sheanrc Draw anything you want sadly this is the demo s... DOWNLOAD
cybersecuritytool(sfnet) Cyber Security Tool A cyber security tool to help you guide to serv... DOWNLOAD
sporttracksplugins(sfnet) Sporttracks-plugins Varios SportTracks plugins, currently on Google... DOWNLOAD
xnode(sfnet) XNode The XNode framework is a PHP 5.3+ implementatio... DOWNLOAD
downloadtumblr(sfnet) DownloadTumblr This tool is able to download all pictures from... DOWNLOAD
compare2files(sfnet) Compare2Files Compare two files using the command line. Works... DOWNLOAD
uno-darmstadt(sfnet) UNO - card game A multi-user text based (via telnet) server app... DOWNLOAD
winsip(sfnet) WinSip: Simple Windows SIP Proxy Simple RFC3261 Compliant SIP Proxy. DOWNLOAD
gconjugue(freshmeat) GConjugue GConjugue is a program that conjugates Portugue... DOWNLOAD
tctest(freshmeat) tctest tctest exercises the termcap library (or emulat... DOWNLOAD
pipa(freshmeat) Pipa Pipa reads data from stdin and does various thi... DOWNLOAD
ani-shell(freshmeat) Ani-Shell Ani-Shell is a simple PHP shell with some uniqu... DOWNLOAD
tinwhistler(sfnet) Tin Whilstler A set of Perl CGI scripts that turns any webser... DOWNLOAD
moviecricketpodcasts(sfnet) Movie Cricket Podcast DOWNLOAD
cip-reporting(freshmeat) CIP Reporting CIP Reporting is a customizable Web-based incid... DOWNLOAD
cexev(sfnet) CExEv C Expression Evaluator in C++ This is a package of C++ classes intended to be... DOWNLOAD
jicyshout(sfnet) jicyshout Java library to better support http-based strea... DOWNLOAD
freenburecover(sfnet) freenburecover A free tool to scan Nokia Content Copier's back... DOWNLOAD
jusithfansite(sfnet) jusithfansite Het is voor een website over Judith Cornelissen DOWNLOAD
glakkeclock(sfnet) glakkeclock Overclock utility for AMD/ATI graphic cards. Co... DOWNLOAD
junzip(sfnet) junzip junzip is an unzip utility for J2ME mobile devi... DOWNLOAD
bidwell(sfnet) Bidwell Bidwell allows you to send documents to your em... DOWNLOAD
spaceinvader(sfnet) spaceinvader A simple space invaders clone based on the code... DOWNLOAD
grub2rc(sfnet) grub2rc the goal of project is to make alternative grub... DOWNLOAD
openprofile(sfnet) OpenProfile Open Source subprofile project for AOL Instant ... DOWNLOAD
dnal(sfnet) Dnal Dnal is a CircleMUD (BPL18) that is being modif... DOWNLOAD
webumleditor(sfnet) webUMLeditor JAVA UML editor for web pages. Can save and rea... DOWNLOAD
motionjavascriptviewer(sfnet) Motion JavaScript viewer This simple application provides a simple Javas... DOWNLOAD
cppmudengine(sfnet) MUD Engine This project is a complete rewrite of the Circl... DOWNLOAD
robodj(sfnet) Bash DJ The Bash DJ is currently a BASH script that can... DOWNLOAD
agsm(sfnet) a gsm sim manager a gsm sim manager for browsing, managing, and m... DOWNLOAD
mbuff(sfnet) kernel/userspace shared memory driver The mbuff.o module and /dev/mbuff is intended t... DOWNLOAD
jui(sfnet) jui - Java GUI Builder jui is a tool for creating Java GUI layout comp... DOWNLOAD
phpaint(sfnet) PHPaint PHPaint is a PHP-based web interface for the ra... DOWNLOAD
xspirit(sfnet) Xspirit A deejay system based on the xaudio dll's.The n... DOWNLOAD
playgroundwebbr(sfnet) playgroundwebbr Playground browser. new browser special from pl... DOWNLOAD
jxforms(sfnet) jXForms jXForms is an easy way to work with XForms insi... DOWNLOAD
gesture(sfnet) Gesture A compact gesture recognition program (currentl... DOWNLOAD
adamo(sfnet) adamo: address database with openoffice OpenOffice address book: Address management for... DOWNLOAD
gridiron(sfnet) Gridiron A simple web application framework written in j... DOWNLOAD
metavol(sfnet) Metavol Metavol is a use-friendly tool that makes tumor... DOWNLOAD
vis(sfnet) Visualization System Visualization System is a server application fo... DOWNLOAD
dodoblog(sfnet) DoDoBlog DOWNLOAD
rr-rr(sfnet) shu Официальный тред: DOWNLOAD
jlojchandroid(sfnet) JLojch Android JLojch is a program that lets you see the list ... DOWNLOAD
franklinmath(sfnet) Franklin Math Franklin Math is an open source Java symbolic c... DOWNLOAD
lzop(sfnet) lzop - a fast file compressor lzop is a file compressor similar to gzip. Its ... DOWNLOAD
linux-daq-pci(sfnet) Linux-DAQ-PCI The Linux-DAQ-PCI project develops and maintain... DOWNLOAD
ethiopica(sfnet) Ethiopica Calendar Ethiopica Calendar is a perpetual Ethiopian cal... DOWNLOAD
antviz(sfnet) AntViz - visualize/debug ANT-scripts AntViz is a graphical Ant-script-dependency vie... DOWNLOAD
p-im(sfnet) Mail Notifier If you have a free e-mail at then... DOWNLOAD
joecap(sfnet) JoeCAP: Directshow WDM Video Capture This is a simple video capture application for ... DOWNLOAD
ks-mkv2avi(sfnet) KS Mkv 2 Avi Tool for easily convert a .mkv video made with ... DOWNLOAD
profileman(sfnet) ProfileMan - X36/X45 Profile Creator Profile Manager for Saitek X36/X45 Joysticks us... DOWNLOAD
javalb(sfnet) Java based IP load balancer The project is a fully functional Java based IP... DOWNLOAD
beasy(sfnet) bEasy bEasy lets you use the same set of bookmarks fr... DOWNLOAD
pebrot(sfnet) Pebrot Pebrot is a text mode MSN messenger client impl... DOWNLOAD
dharma(sfnet) Dharma - Visual Source Safe Client Check-in, check-out, and history for Visual Sou... DOWNLOAD
parsercap(sfnet) ParserCap ParserCap is a visual tool for information secu... DOWNLOAD
zaval0005(sfnet) Zaval Database Export Utility The Zaval Database Export Utility is a light-we... DOWNLOAD
koalaxml(sfnet) koalaXML Extremely simple Java XML data type, very usefu... DOWNLOAD
wmacpi(sfnet) wmacpi This is a battery monitor that uses ACPI to que... DOWNLOAD
androidprojectaudiowallpaper(sfnet) androidprojectaudiowallpaper DOWNLOAD
xcon(sfnet) xcon xcon is a simple xaml to raster conversion tool... DOWNLOAD
requesttracker(freshmeat) Request Tracker RT is an industrial-grade trouble ticketing sys... DOWNLOAD
intermodalmobilityassistant(sfnet) Intermodal Mobility Assistant DOWNLOAD
fdesktop(sfnet) FDesktop FDesktop is a web-desktop based on javascript/c... DOWNLOAD
lesitedejeuxenl(sfnet) lesitedejeuxenligne bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb... DOWNLOAD
clonescripts(sfnet) CloneScripts The clonescripts team provides duplicates of th... DOWNLOAD
fpl(sfnet) Frame Processing Language The Frame Processing Language (FPL) is an XML l... DOWNLOAD
showkey(freshmeat) showkey showkey is a program that reads keystrokes and ... DOWNLOAD
univis2typo3(freshmeat) univis2typo3 univis2typo3 is a tool to import data from Univ... DOWNLOAD
xmlif(freshmeat) xmlif xmlif is a tool that interprets certain process... DOWNLOAD
xve(freshmeat) X Video Explorer X Video Explorer automates calculations for gen... DOWNLOAD
airplanes(sfnet) Airplanes DOWNLOAD
youtubedles(sfnet) youtube-dl-es programa para descargar videos de youtube DOWNLOAD
groupa(sfnet) groupa Visualizer to facilitate browsing of data provi... DOWNLOAD
ahsdomination(sfnet) Domination A networked, two-dimensional, multiplatform, mu... DOWNLOAD
senaris(sfnet) senaris Few applications that a windows XP needs when y... DOWNLOAD
x2x(freshmeat) x2x x2x allows the keyboard and mouse on one (&quo... DOWNLOAD
fastmail(sfnet) Hızlı Maill(Fast Mail) SMTP İle Hızlıca Mail Gönderebileceğiniz Bir Pr... DOWNLOAD
canavar(sfnet) CaNaVaR CaNaVaR mIRC ScripT DOWNLOAD
myencoder(sfnet) myencoder myencoder is a php extension used for encrypt p... DOWNLOAD
mops3(sfnet) MoPs - Schreiben und Lesen mit Häusern MoPs is an interactive intelligent tutoring sys... DOWNLOAD
xdbs(sfnet) xml database management system xdb is a native xml database designed to store,... DOWNLOAD
vizant(sfnet) Vizant Vizant is an Apache Ant task to visualize an an... DOWNLOAD
ypsetup(sfnet) ypsetup - YP Server Configuration An easy to use GUI Control Panel for the YP Ser... DOWNLOAD
passkeeper1(sfnet) PassKeeper This is a simple but robust application to mana... DOWNLOAD
lovefire(sfnet) Love Fire DOWNLOAD
chordsheet(sfnet) Guitar Chord Sheet Generator Generate great-looking guitar chord sheets DOWNLOAD
rusms(sfnet) RuSMS RuSMS allows to send SMS in Russian if acceptin... DOWNLOAD
streamsuite(sfnet) StreamSuite (NTFS file stream utilities) The StreamSuite is a suite of commandline utili... DOWNLOAD
robocodepythonwrapper(sfnet) Robocode Python Wrapper A wrapper to allow Robocode ( DOWNLOAD
pandora-fms(freshmeat) Pandora FMS Pandora FMS is a software-monitoring tool creat... DOWNLOAD

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