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threedlaser(sfnet) 3D Laser This project consists in a set of challenges to... DOWNLOAD
searchdirlists(sfnet) SearchDirLists Rapidly saves directory listings of your hard d... DOWNLOAD
phpcommunity2(sfnet) phpCommunity 2 Eine PHP/mySQL Community mit vielen Erweiterung... DOWNLOAD
bakersgamesolve(sfnet) Bakers Game Solver Quick solver for Bakers Game. The code is ucrr... DOWNLOAD
wahovios(sfnet) wahovios A simple operating system project written in x8... DOWNLOAD
fastpoint(sfnet) fastpoint Aplicativo desenvolvido com a finalidade de rea... DOWNLOAD
virtuanetupdate(sfnet) virtuanetupdate Virtua NetUpdate is a python written applicatio... DOWNLOAD
harisreetamil(sfnet) HariSree Tamil Software Pack HariSree features an easy to use virtual keyboa... DOWNLOAD
snat(sfnet) pySNAT pySNAT is a analysis tool for getting the signa... DOWNLOAD
bwmonitor(sfnet) Subnet Bandwidth Monitor Bwmonitor Suite is a collection of programs (da... DOWNLOAD
simyo(sfnet) simyo fetch simyo call history and current credits fr... DOWNLOAD
osdsh(sfnet) osdsh display clock, battery, connection and volume w... DOWNLOAD
jzgraph(sfnet) JzGraph This project is officially dead. DOWNLOAD
centos-asterisk(sfnet) centOS-asterisk DOWNLOAD
cancenswork(sfnet) 1901 Canadian Census Workbench Workbench for easier and faster transcription o... DOWNLOAD
phpi18n(sfnet) PHP i18n PHP framework and function libraries to do inte... DOWNLOAD
ldbc(sfnet) LDBC Liberty Database Connectivity LDBC (Liberty Data Base Connectivity) is a JDBC... DOWNLOAD
objectlibdoc(sfnet) Object Library Documentation Project The Object Library Documentation Project define... DOWNLOAD
simedesktop(sfnet) simedesktop Haz ejercicios de matematicas de forma repetiti... DOWNLOAD
nups(sfnet) Network Usage Prediction System Java based application wich accepts performance... DOWNLOAD
crget(sfnet) crget crget is a command-line utility for retrieving... DOWNLOAD
eis-board(sfnet) Education and Information System (EIS) EIS is a web-based system for schools and unive... DOWNLOAD
spitv(sfnet) sPi-TV XBMC-Plugin DOWNLOAD
csroute(sfnet) Cedrat Stats Route This project can be used by webmasters to analy... DOWNLOAD
toothchart(sfnet) toothchart The Baby Tooth chart is a PHP script which grap... DOWNLOAD
jorgchart(sfnet) JOrgChart JOrgChart is a plug-in component built in Java.... DOWNLOAD
flipsource(sfnet) Flip Flip is free, loosely licensed PHP weblog meant... DOWNLOAD
eloadrunner(sfnet) eLoadRunner It's a LoadRunner game clone for embedded devic... DOWNLOAD
imservices(sfnet) Proteus Service Controller Proteus is a multi service instant messaging ap... DOWNLOAD
sshmgr(sfnet) SSH ManaGeR (sshmgr) sshmgr ("SSH ManaGeR") is a Perl wrap... DOWNLOAD
vtkdesigner(sfnet) VTK Designer VTK Designer is an object oriented, plugin base... DOWNLOAD
twentydead1(sfnet) twentydead1 A small, experimental game involving some upsid... DOWNLOAD
lk300tv-x64(sfnet) Casio LK-300TV Driver for Win7 x64 DOWNLOAD
editorsvg(sfnet) Editor SVG ** Requisitos de Software ** - Ter Java Runtime... DOWNLOAD
discussionweb(sfnet) Discussionweb Discussionweb is a free PL/SQL-based discussion... DOWNLOAD
suntikkueri(sfnet) Phreakerworld Suntik Kueri++ With Phreakerworld Suntik Kueri++ , you can : ... DOWNLOAD
fallingshapes(sfnet) Shapes Catch the shapes before they fall! DOWNLOAD
isr(sfnet) isr Computer Vision Project DOWNLOAD
oldtomato(sfnet) oldtomato Timer for using (hopefully) Pomodoro Technique ... DOWNLOAD
devcardude-rssfeed(sfnet) Simple Feeds A small, out-of-the-way, RSS feed reader for yo... DOWNLOAD
yourshop(sfnet) YourShop is a MS BASED E-SHOP YourShop is a Free Internet Shop based on MS te... DOWNLOAD
ipa(sfnet) IPA Image Processing Algorithm in perl DOWNLOAD
jeplite(sfnet) JEPLite: java expression parser enlited JEPLite is a light-weighted (re)implementation ... DOWNLOAD
appp(sfnet) Alliciga's Process Partner Project It is a Process Monitoring Toolkit with the abi... DOWNLOAD
xpadvisor(sfnet) XP Advisor plug-in for Asheron's Call Decal plug-in to maximize use of experience in ... DOWNLOAD
openfreebb(sfnet) OpenFreeBB OpenFreeBB picks up further free development of... DOWNLOAD
naquela(sfnet) Naquela - a NAmed QUEry Logfile Analyser Naquela will analyse your BIND 8 or 9 query log... DOWNLOAD
orbitsm(sfnet) Space Orbits Manipulator Orbits is a Mathematica package to handle Keple... DOWNLOAD
ocvolume(sfnet) OC Volume OC Volume is a speech recognition engine writte... DOWNLOAD
ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32(sfnet) ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32 The ios-webkit-debug-proxy allows developers to... DOWNLOAD
sccalc(sfnet) Seth's C# Calculator C# scientific calculator and math expression pa... DOWNLOAD
mcast(sfnet) mCast mCast is an application that broadcasts short t... DOWNLOAD
observ(sfnet) Observ Observ is a very small webserver which is desig... DOWNLOAD
gretant(sfnet) GretAnt Gretant is a tool that integrates Gretel (a too... DOWNLOAD
recurrance(sfnet) Recur Gregorian calendar date recurrance as described... DOWNLOAD
xgrind(sfnet) XGrind: A Query-Friendly XML Compressor XGrind: A Query-Friendly XML Compressor DOWNLOAD
simplifiedimreg(sfnet) Simplified Registration For Multiple IM With this package you will be able to register ... DOWNLOAD
myphpdatabase(sfnet) My Php Database If u host ur site on a limited resources, and d... DOWNLOAD
pcde(sfnet) PCDE - Perl CD Encoder PCDE is a platform-independant, text-based, CD ... DOWNLOAD
vbutils(sfnet) Visual Basic utilities Utilities and source code libraries written in ... DOWNLOAD
nimbuzzmessanger(sfnet) Nimbuzz Messanger DOWNLOAD
ossdiscovery(sfnet) OSS Discovery OSS Discovery finds the open source software em... DOWNLOAD
lksctp(sfnet) Linux Kernel SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is ... DOWNLOAD
mymacromanager(sfnet) MyMacroManager.Net MyMacroManager.Net was written in C# 2.0 for .N... DOWNLOAD
packcc(sfnet) PackCC PackCC is a packrat parser generator for C, whi... DOWNLOAD
ltiger(sfnet) ltiger tigers file release for game data For game data... DOWNLOAD
hj9(sfnet) hj9 DOWNLOAD
vimath(sfnet) VIMath Its a simple Math Tutor for Visually Impaired P... DOWNLOAD
tkf(sfnet) The Krumms DirectX Framework DirectX 8 framework that takes care of the nitt... DOWNLOAD
xiaoququ(sfnet) xiaoququ DOWNLOAD
easywebnotes(sfnet) easy-web-notes Easy web notes helps non web programmers author... DOWNLOAD
tesseracthindi(sfnet) Sanskrit / Hindi - Tesseract OCR Tesseract OCR 3.02 provides hin.traineddata for... DOWNLOAD
activatemodloader(sfnet) activate_Modloader DOWNLOAD
tictactoe3d(sfnet) 3-D Tic Tac Toe A 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe game using OpenGL to allow th... DOWNLOAD
procmail-cgi(sfnet) Procmail-CGI Procmail-CGI is a cgi-based procmail recipe edi... DOWNLOAD
golemulator(sfnet) Life Life is a Conway's Game of Life emulator. The ... DOWNLOAD
laaad(sfnet) LAAAD This is a collection of modules and HOWTOs that... DOWNLOAD
pagetimer(sfnet) Web page Timer Small applet which gives to stat-companies the ... DOWNLOAD
stringulator(sfnet) stringulator Stringulator uses a physical model of strings, ... DOWNLOAD
jfacedbc(sfnet) JFaceDbc JFaceDbc 2.0 is a plugin for Eclipse. It allows... DOWNLOAD
bosskey(sfnet) BossKey Are you worry about be catched by your parents ... DOWNLOAD
websentation(sfnet) Websentation Websentation is a Java program for publishing W... DOWNLOAD
gdbf95(sfnet) GDB FORTRAN 95 Support Patch to GDB 5.1 to support FORTRAN 95 DOWNLOAD
findthematch(sfnet) FindTheMatch DOWNLOAD
sminic(sfnet) Steini\\\'s Mini Compiler Steini\\\'s Mini Compiler is a fast DOS 16 bit ... DOWNLOAD
bagpipe(sfnet) bagpipe DOWNLOAD
gestiondecollocation(sfnet) Gestion de Collocation This projects aims to solve problems bound to t... DOWNLOAD
gutcheck(sfnet) Automated Text Proofing Tools Text proofing tools in support of Project Guten... DOWNLOAD
sharpquery(sfnet) SharpQuery A database acess plugin for SharpDevelop, simmi... DOWNLOAD
openlabel(sfnet) OpenLabel OpenLabel is a label placement tool and declutt... DOWNLOAD
fortresstheory(sfnet) Fortress Theory DOWNLOAD
ovo2nagios(sfnet) ovo2nagios This project is a perl tool that will assist in... DOWNLOAD
drpccleaner(sfnet) Dr.PCCleaner DOWNLOAD
image4web(sfnet) image4web image4web is a script to convert big image file... DOWNLOAD
cerberun(sfnet) cerbeRun a software runner cerbeRun is a software runner.The applications ... DOWNLOAD
imagio2-message(sfnet) imagio2-message "Imagio 2 MessageBox" (i2m) can be us... DOWNLOAD
iccxml(sfnet) IccXML The IccXML project acts as an extension of Samp... DOWNLOAD
scldesktop(sfnet) scldesktop Sistema Comercial Linformatica Desktop Edition DOWNLOAD
dwxhighlighter(sfnet) DreamworX Highlighter The DreamworX Media highlighter is a Flash CS3 ... DOWNLOAD
screenstudio(sfnet) ScreenStudio ScreenStudio allows you to record screen action... DOWNLOAD

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