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fileevent(freshmeat) Fileevent Fileevent is a rules-based utility that matches... DOWNLOAD
cli-dasm(sfnet) CLI-Dasm CLI-Dasm(Common Language Infrastructure - Disas... DOWNLOAD
irj(sfnet) Internet Relay Jabber Internet Relay Jabber (or IRJ) is a Jabber clie... DOWNLOAD
memephage(sfnet) memephage - meme eater Memephage is an automated web log (blog). It pa... DOWNLOAD
virtualyou(sfnet) Virtual You Virtually live your life in a chat room with re... DOWNLOAD
uclibclinux(sfnet) uClibcLinux uClibcLinux is a Linux distribution based on uC... DOWNLOAD
keepback(sfnet) KeepBack KeepBack is a simple backup solution which pres... DOWNLOAD
vm-dbsd(sfnet) vm-dbsd VMware image with preinstalled DesktopBSD 1.7 i... DOWNLOAD
motifrecog(sfnet) motifrecog This project is meant to provide an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
azdaa-osse(sfnet) AZDAA - Open Source Search Engine This is an another open-source search engine, w... DOWNLOAD
rgkredirect(sfnet) rgkredirect RgkRedirect for counter-strike 1.6 public server DOWNLOAD
phpbattlecode(sfnet) phpbattlecode Battle Code/Engine made in PHP and intended for... DOWNLOAD
axisforphoenixc(sfnet) Axis for Phoenix(CZ) Axis do Phoenixu ... prozatím jen verze 1.2 pře... DOWNLOAD
openrct(sfnet) Open Remote Collaboration Tool, OpenRCT OpenRCT is a multidisciplinary effort to enhanc... DOWNLOAD
frontiertech(sfnet) Frontier Data System Frontier Data System is a collection programs f... DOWNLOAD
freelife(sfnet) Free Life freelife is a Conway's Game of Life implementat... DOWNLOAD
icmd(sfnet) i-Commander a class-based filecommander. will have all poss... DOWNLOAD
epptt(sfnet) EPP Testing Tool The EPPTT is a flexible, script based EPP clien... DOWNLOAD
jcseg(sfnet) jcseg 一. 关于jcseg[dʒɛ'​ke'sɛ]: jcseg是使用Java开... DOWNLOAD
sharplib(sfnet) SharpLib SharpLib is a library of useful (mostly Windows... DOWNLOAD
deletefrompop3(sfnet) DeleteFromPOP3 Two Perl scripts for deleting of selected messa... DOWNLOAD
his(sfnet) Honeypots in Spanish Honeynet in Spanish. Documents, translations, c... DOWNLOAD
minecraft11(sfnet) Minecraft DOWNLOAD
sidebar(sfnet) Gnome Sidebar Sidebar offers an alternative to file managers ... DOWNLOAD
fcontexttweaker(sfnet) FContext Tweaker Context Tweaker is a windows utility which allo... DOWNLOAD
elibs(sfnet) Echidna Libraries Cross platform libraries and tools that may mak... DOWNLOAD
korpsofkrieg(sfnet) KorpsOFKrieg DOWNLOAD
azrar(sfnet) Azrar Most of today's cryptographic standards will be... DOWNLOAD
southparkdownloader(sfnet) South Park Downloader (Loader) Mit dem Einzigen kostenlosen Programm, da Open-... DOWNLOAD
tjdreamweaver(sfnet) dreamweaver DOWNLOAD
archassault(sfnet) ArchAssault The ArchAssault Project is an Arch Linux based ... DOWNLOAD
twjcalc(sfnet) Tin Whistle Calculator A tool to calculate placement of holes on a tin... DOWNLOAD
soften(sfnet) soften นายชาญชัย นาคเบญจพร 51211508 นายธีรภัทร์ อังคะ... DOWNLOAD
stardroid(sfnet) stardroid Il nostro obiettivo è quello di installare una ... DOWNLOAD
e2manual(sfnet) E2_Manual E2_Manual is a program to manually place Eterni... DOWNLOAD
autobg(sfnet) AutoBG AutoBG is a program for Windows 7 which dynamic... DOWNLOAD
usbfmradio(sfnet) usbfmradio platform Linux fedora 11+/Ubuntu Program execut... DOWNLOAD
wift(sfnet) wiFT wiFT - a native win32 front end for giFT DOWNLOAD
xmlreminder(freshmeat) XMLReminder XMLReminder is a tool which helps people organi... DOWNLOAD
snarsshe(freshmeat) snarsshe SnaRSShE (Snapshots via Rsync in a Simple Shell... DOWNLOAD
jpropel-light(freshmeat) jpropel-light jpropel-light is a language-integrated query li... DOWNLOAD
icingen(freshmeat) icingen Icingen is a configuration generator for the Ic... DOWNLOAD
2dbuildinggame(freshmeat) 2DBuildingGame 2DBuildingGame is a building game written in Py... DOWNLOAD
picartesius(sfnet) Picartesius Picartesius is a VBA library created by Lorenz ... DOWNLOAD
kbd-tapper(sfnet) tapper Тapper — keyboard layout selector for X Window ... DOWNLOAD
medard(sfnet) medard Desktop application for managing spatial metadata. DOWNLOAD
pinkstorm(sfnet) pinkstorm tiny tools 100% free for all . DOWNLOAD
editirr(sfnet) EditIrr EditIrr is a scene editor for the Irrlicht engi... DOWNLOAD
smsystem(sfnet) Spare Management System This is a material management system using at w... DOWNLOAD
cemosshe(freshmeat) cemosshe CeMoSShE (CEntral MOnitoring in a Simple SHell ... DOWNLOAD
anaphraseus(sfnet) Anaphraseus Anaphraseus is a CAT (Computer Aided Translatio... DOWNLOAD
vm-fedora13(sfnet) vm-fedora13 VMware image with preinstalled Fedora 14 i686. DOWNLOAD
trubsee-egc(sfnet) VectorX VectorX is a game similar to Spaceinvaders and ... DOWNLOAD
sdlpl(sfnet) SDL Perl SDL Perl is a multimedia binding for Perl, usin... DOWNLOAD
whatsinitforme(sfnet) What's In It For Me? This project is to develop a series of document... DOWNLOAD
dftc(sfnet) dropframetimecode Reference library for performing dropframetimec... DOWNLOAD
ajax4one(sfnet) Ajax4One Develop web Applications which support collbora... DOWNLOAD
govictor(sfnet) GoVictor GoVictor is a channel changer for the popular w... DOWNLOAD
pacmanx(sfnet) PacMan X PacMan X is a fully featured PacMan implementat... DOWNLOAD
musicgenre(sfnet) MAT - Music Analysis Toolkit A fast, simple method of establishing musical g... DOWNLOAD
solc(sfnet) Sol Crystal Sol Crystal is a simple Level Editor for Crysta... DOWNLOAD
mysqldblib(sfnet) MySQL Database wrapper lib This simple wrapper module written in Python th... DOWNLOAD
testproj257(sfnet) testproj257 This is my test project to try out sourceforge ... DOWNLOAD
okle(sfnet) oKle A KDE frontend to the OGLE DVD player DOWNLOAD
vapilot(sfnet) VA Project The VA Project is a new name for the VA Pilot P... DOWNLOAD
cryptodemo(sfnet) CryptoAPI simple implementation Encrypts, decrypts, sign, and verify text and b... DOWNLOAD
csbatch03(sfnet) Prolog DOWNLOAD
netusegui(sfnet) netusegui NET USE GUI is designed to be used in conjuncti... DOWNLOAD
lightcubecrypt(sfnet) lightcubecrypt LightcubeCrypt is a fast lightweight program th... DOWNLOAD
seqlib(sfnet) seqlib EggLib has moved to http://egglib.sourceforge.n... DOWNLOAD
baconforall(sfnet) baconforall Breaking All Computers Over at the NSA (BACON) DOWNLOAD
curvilinear-rectilinear-motion(sfnet) Curvilinear and Rectilinear Motions This project has the role of simulating sim... DOWNLOAD
disfm(sfnet) Group Forum Topics can be created by anyone. If you open di... DOWNLOAD
multizoneclock(sfnet) Multi Zone Clock Multi Zone Clock is a simple and highly configu... DOWNLOAD
mtda(sfnet) Multi Threaded Download Accelerator FTP/HTTP;Resume Broken Downloads;Split file int... DOWNLOAD
aibash(sfnet) AIBash The purpose of the project is to make the bash ... DOWNLOAD
trytestfoo(sfnet) trytestfoo just a trial application DOWNLOAD
lti(sfnet) lti Codename Alpha will (when finished) be a realti... DOWNLOAD
qpt(sfnet) QPT QPT is a toolkit for developing Qt-based softwa... DOWNLOAD
silexcollectra(sfnet) silex-collectra DOWNLOAD
fisca(sfnet) FISCA DOWNLOAD
arknetblogreader(sfnet) Blog Reader No description DOWNLOAD
w2k-renamexp(sfnet) W2k\'s Rename XP A flexible, powerful and easy to use batch rena... DOWNLOAD
mingw-w64-dgn(sfnet) mingw-w64-dgn drangon's mingw-w64 build, toolchain and some l... DOWNLOAD
mikebuckleyprojects(sfnet) MikeBuckleyProjects DOWNLOAD
miasci(sfnet) MIASCI Although many millions of dollars have been spe... DOWNLOAD
stripbandunk(sfnet) stripbandunk OpenSource Project of StripBandunk DOWNLOAD
metabollique(sfnet) metabollique Site officiel du serveur metabollique DOWNLOAD
commlparser(sfnet) COM Markup Language Parser Create or parse ANY Mark-up Language (HTML XML ... DOWNLOAD
tccivonaldomdq(sfnet) TCC_Ivonaldo_MDQ DOWNLOAD
tacxfortiusread(sfnet) TacxFortiusReader This package can be used to read files from the... DOWNLOAD
vtgrep(sfnet) vtgrep Vtgrep stands for Visual Tree Grep and is a GUI... DOWNLOAD
jumpup(sfnet) jumpup Jump from stage to stage. DOWNLOAD
xrooms-ng(sfnet) xrooms-ng XRooms-ng is a project to produce the ultimate ... DOWNLOAD
s60radio(sfnet) s60radio Internet radio player for S60 3rd Edition, 5th ... DOWNLOAD
nclog(sfnet) Neocron Persistant R.P.O.S. Console Log ncLog is the only tool to save the information ... DOWNLOAD
fl-j2ee(sfnet) Novosoft FL for J2EE FL is OR mapper that generates code that is abl... DOWNLOAD
pypong(sfnet) Pypong Pypong is a (ICMP) ping detector which allow to... DOWNLOAD
sprelayd(sfnet) SMTPd POP Relay Daemon Provides pop before smtp for the SMTPd daemon. ... DOWNLOAD
siport(sfnet) SiPort Very basic 'portal' system written for Apache i... DOWNLOAD

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