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holreg(sfnet) Holiday Register DOWNLOAD
turnoffdisplay(sfnet) Turn off display "Turn off display" is a free tool to ... DOWNLOAD
marnifra(sfnet) epice epice is a delphi clone of winzip DOWNLOAD
funkboard(sfnet) FunkBoard This is a web-based message board system writte... DOWNLOAD
freeflow(sfnet) FreeFlow DOWNLOAD
jforum2(sfnet) jforum2 What is JForum? JForum is a powerful and robust... DOWNLOAD
easymda(sfnet) EasyMda easyMda is an Eclipse plugin that can generate ... DOWNLOAD
tweetsieve(sfnet) TweetSieve TweetSieve is a system that allows obtaining ne... DOWNLOAD
datacoin(sfnet) datacoin DOWNLOAD
cppeasyserializ(sfnet) cppeasyserializ An easy to use serialization framework for C++. DOWNLOAD
neticap(freshmeat) Net::ICAP Net::ICAP is a suite of Perl modules (also avai... DOWNLOAD
databaseman(sfnet) databaseman Database manager for creating, reading and modi... DOWNLOAD
voicela(sfnet) voicela DOWNLOAD
easyl0gin(sfnet) Easy Login DOWNLOAD
comptescopains(sfnet) ComptesCopains This tool will help you to balance expenses bet... DOWNLOAD
aimlogphp(sfnet) AimLogPhP AimLogPhP is a PHP based front end for a MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
anonymousbrowse(sfnet) anonymousBrowser Anonymous browser based on Qt and WebKit DOWNLOAD
lazymofo(sfnet) Lazy Mofo PHP MySQL Datagrid Lazy Mofo (LM) is a single PHP5 class for perfo... DOWNLOAD
verilog2cpp(sfnet) Verilog2C++ Verilog2C++: A translater from Verilog to C++ DOWNLOAD
sixpack(sfnet) Sixpack bibliography database manager, and electronic a... DOWNLOAD
ducttape(sfnet) DuctTape A development integration and project building ... DOWNLOAD
pyshotdetect(sfnet) pyShotDetect Update Node: R3 incorporates a variety of UI im... DOWNLOAD
clinidal(sfnet) clinidal A Clinical Data Analytics Language DOWNLOAD
phonedirectoryforciscovoip(sfnet) Phonebook directory for Cisco VoIP Multiple scripts when you want to have a corpor... DOWNLOAD
lok-beispiel(sfnet) lok-beispiel Hi. Dies ist ein TEST_PROJEKT Josa, Aladin, Su... DOWNLOAD
gpal(sfnet) GPAL The name stands for "General Purpose Abstr... DOWNLOAD
sosoc(sfnet) SOSoC Software Optimization using a System on Chip DOWNLOAD
sharescanner(sfnet) Netscan for Linux (advanced) Discover shares on linux and windows and open t... DOWNLOAD
up2(sfnet) uploader DOWNLOAD
pydnd3e(sfnet) pyD20 Python Based D20 combat assistant. DOWNLOAD
mcpn(sfnet) mcpn Multi-Core optimized Perceptron Network is a hi... DOWNLOAD
queryconstruct(sfnet) queryconstruct Structured visual SQL text constructor. Help ma... DOWNLOAD
skybluecanvas(sfnet) SkyBlueCanvas SkyBlueCanvas is a light-weight web content man... DOWNLOAD
cookiegen(sfnet) Cookie Clicker save generator DOWNLOAD
rapicorn(freshmeat) Rapicorn Rapicorn is an experimental UI toolkit. It stri... DOWNLOAD
fretscpp(freshmeat) fretscpp fretscpp is strongly inspired by the original F... DOWNLOAD
install_track(freshmeat) install_track is a small shell (zsh) script ... DOWNLOAD
swing-formbuilder(freshmeat) swing-formbuilder swing-formbuilder is a Java library that genera... DOWNLOAD
dulce(sfnet) Howard languages. Howard languages are intended to be domain spec... DOWNLOAD
hwport-ftpd(sfnet) hwport-ftpd Linux&Windows FTP Server library DOWNLOAD
hddcare(sfnet) HDDCare This little tool is developed to protect files,... DOWNLOAD
btdomorg(sfnet) source DOWNLOAD
pinkalicious(sfnet) Pinkalicious DOWNLOAD
medicom-puj(sfnet) medicom-puj MediCom es un sistema de Telemedicina stand-alo... DOWNLOAD
aparkertest(sfnet) AparkerTest DOWNLOAD
otakufreak(sfnet) OtakuFreak! I created this application because I felt that ... DOWNLOAD
proma-alpha(sfnet) ProMa DOWNLOAD
goaheadz(sfnet) GoaheadZ Translate HTML to *.c file and use zlib to comp... DOWNLOAD
jseg(sfnet) JSearch Light weight Javascript client based search eng... DOWNLOAD
ninjaclick(sfnet) NinjaClick NinjaClick is a free easy and simple open sourc... DOWNLOAD
dansguardiancmn(sfnet) dansguardiancm(ncurses version) Esta versión de dansguardiancm reescrita totalm... DOWNLOAD
offload(sfnet) OFFLOAD - p2p Download Manager OFFLOAD is a p2p filesharing client with WxWidg... DOWNLOAD
glfusion-sb(sfnet) glfusion-sb Shoutbox Plugin for the glFusion CMS DOWNLOAD
thejoker(sfnet) The Joker! The Joker! will be a small, fast cross os Perl/... DOWNLOAD
solutionstij4(sfnet) solutionstij4 The project has didactic intentions. The aim of... DOWNLOAD
recsparql(sfnet) ReSPARQL - RecSPARQL SPARQL, a declarative query language for queryi... DOWNLOAD
vstock(sfnet) vstock Es un sistema creado en java para llevar el con... DOWNLOAD
rtfss(sfnet) Real Time Free Surface Solver (RTFSS) A Fast MAC based 3D Free surface fuid solver. C... DOWNLOAD
netiaspotwrt(sfnet) NetiaSpotWRT W przygotowaniu DOWNLOAD
fm-gambas(sfnet) filemanager DOWNLOAD
episodenotifier(sfnet) New Episode Notifier New Episode Notifier is a simple and handy tool... DOWNLOAD
svideomanager(sfnet) Simple Video Manager A software based on MFC to manage your Video Re... DOWNLOAD
edipracticas(sfnet) edipracticas Aqui estan reunidas las practicas de EDI que ha... DOWNLOAD
samscope(sfnet) samscope A lightweight OpenGL based interactive SAM/BAM ... DOWNLOAD
signedunsignedmulti(sfnet) Signed_ Unsigned _Multi Signed Multiplication&Unsigned Multiplication DOWNLOAD
bluej-ide(sfnet) BlueJ Java IDE BlueJ, a simple, yet powerful Integrated Develo... DOWNLOAD
lottose(sfnet) LottoSE Full Lotto Wheel Generator. LottoSE is a genera... DOWNLOAD
keso-project(sfnet) Keso Keso is a tracker interface to the powerful sof... DOWNLOAD
gdrsimagecache(freshmeat) GDRSImageCache GDRSImageCache is a minimalistic caching and im... DOWNLOAD
jakeamores(sfnet) jakeamores misc. photography by Jake DOWNLOAD
trianglegame(sfnet) Triangle Game I created this game to help me understand how t... DOWNLOAD
minimalshell(sfnet) minimalshell A minimal utility shell for linux that supports... DOWNLOAD
eregia2eseedm(sfnet) ERegia 2 ESE - EDM Reference-transformation for keeping control on... DOWNLOAD
rmsbuilder(sfnet) RMS Builder DOWNLOAD
cotson(sfnet) cotson COTSon scalable simulation infrastructure DOWNLOAD
mwaccelerator(sfnet) Mouse Wheel Accelerator Mouse Wheel Accelerator improves the wheel scro... DOWNLOAD
rclauncher(sfnet) RC Launcher Simple graphical browser to launch multimedia f... DOWNLOAD
kcdlabel(sfnet) KCDLabel KCDLabel is a KDE program used to create covers... DOWNLOAD
cadrepalm(sfnet) The CADRE Palm Project ... a wireless brainstorming tool facilitated b... DOWNLOAD
webpda(sfnet) online webmailer, calendar, addressbook The idea of webpda is to dispatch the problem t... DOWNLOAD
mockobjects(sfnet) Mock Objects Generic unit testing framework and methodology ... DOWNLOAD
vulntotex(sfnet) vulntotex TotexVuln es una aplicacion desarrollado en PHP... DOWNLOAD
xlinux(sfnet) XLinux XLinux is a Linux distribution based on openSUS... DOWNLOAD
slaballocator(sfnet) slab allocator in application layer In all , I want to implement a slab cached memo... DOWNLOAD
alcibiadechess(sfnet) Alcibiade Chess From the creator of MKGI Chess Club comes this ... DOWNLOAD
extrude-lang(sfnet) Extrude_by Portuguese language translation files for the e... DOWNLOAD
minmaxtictactoe(sfnet) TicTacToe Solver Classic game solved with MinMax algorithm (full... DOWNLOAD
lamentboxogl(sfnet) lamentboxogl OpenGL implementation of the Hellraiser Puzzle ... DOWNLOAD
bmi-calculation(sfnet) BMI Calculator DOWNLOAD
styledesktopiga(sfnet) STYLE DESKTOP STYLE DESKTOP-виртуальный рабочий стол с красив... DOWNLOAD
gloryorbit(sfnet) Unofficial Earth and Beyond Emulator Some new and modified content for the earth and... DOWNLOAD
datatable(sfnet) datatable DataTable is a small database browser written i... DOWNLOAD
last(sfnet) LDAP Administration Super Tool This tool allows you to create user-friendly HT... DOWNLOAD
thecook(sfnet) The Cook DOWNLOAD
e0x64kp(sfnet) The e0x64k processor project DOWNLOAD
maxsite110(sfnet) maxsite110 Easy to start learning php code DOWNLOAD
project-azure(sfnet) project-azure our great project int garibong DOWNLOAD
phpsimplelogin(sfnet) phpsimplelogin Dit is een loginsysteem geschreven in php. Het ... DOWNLOAD
astyle(sfnet) Artistic Style A Free, Fast and Small Automatic Formatter for ... DOWNLOAD
fckglite(sfnet) fckgLite fckgLite is a WYSIWYG editor for DokuWiki. It u... DOWNLOAD

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