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simplespa(sfnet) simplespa This application consists of a single packet au... DOWNLOAD
wdutil(sfnet) wdutil An utility for the Web Dynpro Developers. DOWNLOAD
latexwordcount(sfnet) latexwordcount A simple python script which takes any .tex fil... DOWNLOAD
block2me(sfnet) blockme It's a simple IIS web application firewall made... DOWNLOAD
kvm-qt(sfnet) kvm-qt manager kvm machine in qt4 librairies DOWNLOAD
streamchat(sfnet) StreamChat United Chat for Streamers and Stream Viewers Su... DOWNLOAD
jaulpswing(sfnet) jaulp.swing The jaup.swing project is a subproject from the... DOWNLOAD
slicedbread(freshmeat) SlicedBread SlicedBread is a library that makes it simpler ... DOWNLOAD
srcon-103(freshmeat) srcon srcon is a small command line tool that allows ... DOWNLOAD
gpgkeymgr(freshmeat) gpgkeymgr gpgkeymgr is a tool for cleaning up and managin... DOWNLOAD
yad-2(freshmeat) Yad Yad (yet another dialog) is a fork of Zenity, a... DOWNLOAD
virtualx(freshmeat) VirtualX VirtualX is an online examination management sy... DOWNLOAD
lasercalc(sfnet) LaserCalc LaserCalc is an Open Source wxWidgets applicati... DOWNLOAD
xemacschillmode(freshmeat) XEmacs CHILL Mode XEmacs CHILL Mode helps you edit CHILL (CCITT H... DOWNLOAD
rio600(freshmeat) Rio600 KDE IO Slave The Rio600 KDE IO Slave allows the user to acce... DOWNLOAD
simian(freshmeat) Simian Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software... DOWNLOAD
kitsune(freshmeat) Kitsune Kitsune is very simple blogging software writte... DOWNLOAD
forxx(freshmeat) Forxx Forxx is a language for text processing, inspir... DOWNLOAD
php-identity-map(freshmeat) php-identity-map php-identity-map is a registry for loaded domai... DOWNLOAD
botspotter(freshmeat) Wolf Software BotSpotter Class Wolf Software BotSpotter is a simple class for ... DOWNLOAD
jfinancecalc(sfnet) jfinancecalc jFinancialCalc is a java-based software designe... DOWNLOAD
rpgcore(sfnet) RPG-Core DOWNLOAD
seal4data(sfnet) seal4data the pupose of this program is seal the data in ... DOWNLOAD
bvhplay(sfnet) BVHplay BVHplay is a free, lightweight, Python-based, m... DOWNLOAD
qproject(sfnet) Q!Project Q!Project - it's simple "all-in-box" ... DOWNLOAD
hundirlaflota1(sfnet) Hundir La Flota DAI Juego escrito en Java de Hundir la Flota DOWNLOAD
eriset(sfnet) eriset Jurnal ilmiah yang pernah dipublikasikan DOWNLOAD
grief(sfnet) Grief Grief is a full-featured console based editor o... DOWNLOAD
sherleydogssupp(sfnet) sherleydogssupp Search for All Dog Supplies. DOWNLOAD
joch(sfnet) joch Joch-Hotel.Co.De is a fast Client, for Joch-Hot... DOWNLOAD
aklib(sfnet) akLib akLib - small lib for PHP. Project moved here h... DOWNLOAD
dspchip(sfnet) dspchip DOWNLOAD
abackupsystem(sfnet) A Backup System (ABS) ABS has moved to GitHub. For future updates, pl... DOWNLOAD
sqlxsswaf(sfnet) sqlxsswaf C Based Open Source Web application firewall (W... DOWNLOAD
pysaper(sfnet) pysaper Projekt zaliczeniowy - saper napisany w pythonie DOWNLOAD
tickletext(sfnet) TickleText TickleText is a fast, lightweight text editor w... DOWNLOAD
reannotator(sfnet) Re-Annotator The microarray technology is an established app... DOWNLOAD
mssolutions(sfnet) mssolutions These programs make magic squares using "C... DOWNLOAD
irp(sfnet) Internet Radio Player DOWNLOAD
arospdf(sfnet) AROSPDF PDF reader for AROS using MUI. Based on XPDF 3... DOWNLOAD
cce(sfnet) CCE basic network low-layer DOWNLOAD
cutesms(sfnet) cutesms PHP script to integrate way2sms sms gateway. DOWNLOAD
uiustudentassistant(sfnet) UIU Student Assistant UIU Student Assistant is a android app by which... DOWNLOAD
nwm(sfnet) ncurses window manager selector nwm allow user to run a user defined window man... DOWNLOAD
tutorials(sfnet) tutorials DOWNLOAD
pongpruneauteam(sfnet) pongpruneauteam Projet dans le cadre du cours de qualité de l'I... DOWNLOAD
bingtranslate(sfnet) Bing Translate a simple translate which is import Bing API. DOWNLOAD
the1sh(sfnet) Unix Shell with Extra Features This is a project containing a simple Unix Shel... DOWNLOAD
expense-ss(sfnet) Expense Submittal System The Expense Submittal System (ESS) is a Web-bas... DOWNLOAD
pchat(sfnet) pchat This is a chat solution which can be embedded i... DOWNLOAD
fullauto(sfnet) FullAuto FullAuto is a groundbreaking secure programming... DOWNLOAD
mvezelisdraw(sfnet) M_Vezelis_Draw The application 'M_Vezelis_Draw' can perform es... DOWNLOAD
tros(sfnet) tros TR OS bir hobi işletim sistemi projesidir. Teme... DOWNLOAD
akadmin(sfnet) akAdmin akAdmin - PHP CMS Systems (Using akLib) Project... DOWNLOAD
testois(sfnet) testois DOWNLOAD
catqc(sfnet) catqc catqc is a utility for analyzing MARC 21 files.... DOWNLOAD
friendsapp(sfnet) FriendsAPP DOWNLOAD
russianhelper(sfnet) Russian Helper DOWNLOAD
idmsproject(sfnet) idmsproject This is an assignment to prepare the project pl... DOWNLOAD
cactuswizard(sfnet) CactusWizard CactusWizard offers a JBuilder Wizard to genera... DOWNLOAD
jsdialgauge(sfnet) jsdialgauge A javascript utility to create/display dial gau... DOWNLOAD
rsbasic(sfnet) rsbasic Rs Basic is a runescape client, similar to othe... DOWNLOAD
bdshahab(sfnet) Basic Financial Calculator This program is for some basic personal financi... DOWNLOAD
cimediaplayer(sfnet) cimediaplayer Web based media player written in CI and jQuery. DOWNLOAD
nsilk(sfnet) nsilk DOWNLOAD
radiodump(sfnet) radiodump A Tk frontend for mplayer to record Internet ra... DOWNLOAD
gnumake(freshmeat) GNU make GNU Make examines the timestamps on a set of in... DOWNLOAD
puwudonkeykong(sfnet) puwudonkeykong simple 2D DonkeyKong 80s style C++ DOWNLOAD
wordsgame(sfnet) wordsgame a simple hangman / guess word DOWNLOAD
threadweaver(sfnet) ThreadWeaver Based on GroundhogReader DOWNLOAD
millscript(sfnet) millscript MillScript is a full featured, yet easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
whs-homebase(sfnet) HomeBase The software for your Mobile Phone lets you do... DOWNLOAD
simplepdfindexer(sfnet) Simple PDFIndexer Simple PDF-Indexer for Datasheets. You need PyQ... DOWNLOAD
arodssh(sfnet) Second String Heroes DOWNLOAD
marbleremote(sfnet) MarbleRemote MarbleRemote est une application Android qui pe... DOWNLOAD
qfootprints(sfnet) qfootprints Footprints is an App provided by HTC Android ba... DOWNLOAD
jcr-shell(freshmeat) JCR Shell JCR Shell is a shell interface to manage JCR re... DOWNLOAD
videokiosk(freshmeat) Videokiosk VideoKiosk is designed as a means of providing ... DOWNLOAD
pdfpirate(freshmeat) PDFpirate PDFpirate is an online PDF document processor d... DOWNLOAD
dojolist(freshmeat) DojoList DojoList ( is a project to cre... DOWNLOAD
eggdrop(freshmeat) eggdrop Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot tha... DOWNLOAD
dynom(sfnet) DynOM DynOM (Dynamic Object Managment) is a free open... DOWNLOAD
raffs(sfnet) Raffs Program based on DCraw library (with GUI) to co... DOWNLOAD
fedora-upgrader(sfnet) fedora-upgrader Upgrade to the newest releases of Fedora, Scien... DOWNLOAD
mocwebapi(sfnet) mocwebapi music player WebApi for Linux DOWNLOAD
brcampaignassis(sfnet) BR Campaign Assistant BR Campaign Assistant will be a web based appli... DOWNLOAD
ukando-viewer(sfnet) UKanDo Viewer UKanDo (Pronounced: U-can-do), is based on the ... DOWNLOAD
huigou(sfnet) huigou 以"惠天下"为理念,以"帮助百姓降... DOWNLOAD
vc-clearcase(sfnet) vc-clearcase support for ClearCase version control system in... DOWNLOAD
jack244(sfnet) jack DOWNLOAD
xpect(sfnet) XPect XPect allows test developers to describe regres... DOWNLOAD
peptidemanager-lrno(sfnet) PeptideManager_LRNO PeptideManager is aimed to help the pre-selecti... DOWNLOAD
crudefx(sfnet) CrudeFx Desktop database application development framew... DOWNLOAD
tarea2lp(sfnet) Tarea2 Personal Projects DOWNLOAD
cmodular(sfnet) Modular Modular is a mod for Sauerbraten which allows y... DOWNLOAD
adi-eval-isoxcvr(sfnet) adi-eval-isoxcvr The ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Develo... DOWNLOAD
switchit(sfnet) switchit DOWNLOAD
metamaster(sfnet) MetaMaster MetaMaster is a Java-based desktop application ... DOWNLOAD
vanb-viva(sfnet) vanb's Input Verification Assistant VIVA is a tool to help verify programming conte... DOWNLOAD

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