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threadweaver(sfnet) ThreadWeaver Based on GroundhogReader DOWNLOAD
millscript(sfnet) millscript MillScript is a full featured, yet easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
whs-homebase(sfnet) HomeBase The software for your Mobile Phone lets you do... DOWNLOAD
simplepdfindexer(sfnet) Simple PDFIndexer Simple PDF-Indexer for Datasheets. You need PyQ... DOWNLOAD
arodssh(sfnet) Second String Heroes DOWNLOAD
marbleremote(sfnet) MarbleRemote MarbleRemote est une application Android qui pe... DOWNLOAD
qfootprints(sfnet) qfootprints Footprints is an App provided by HTC Android ba... DOWNLOAD
jcr-shell(freshmeat) JCR Shell JCR Shell is a shell interface to manage JCR re... DOWNLOAD
videokiosk(freshmeat) Videokiosk VideoKiosk is designed as a means of providing ... DOWNLOAD
pdfpirate(freshmeat) PDFpirate PDFpirate is an online PDF document processor d... DOWNLOAD
dojolist(freshmeat) DojoList DojoList ( is a project to cre... DOWNLOAD
eggdrop(freshmeat) eggdrop Eggdrop is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot tha... DOWNLOAD
dynom(sfnet) DynOM DynOM (Dynamic Object Managment) is a free open... DOWNLOAD
raffs(sfnet) Raffs Program based on DCraw library (with GUI) to co... DOWNLOAD
fedora-upgrader(sfnet) fedora-upgrader Upgrade to the newest releases of Fedora, Scien... DOWNLOAD
mocwebapi(sfnet) mocwebapi music player WebApi for Linux DOWNLOAD
brcampaignassis(sfnet) BR Campaign Assistant BR Campaign Assistant will be a web based appli... DOWNLOAD
ukando-viewer(sfnet) UKanDo Viewer UKanDo (Pronounced: U-can-do), is based on the ... DOWNLOAD
huigou(sfnet) huigou 以"惠天下"为理念,以"帮助百姓降... DOWNLOAD
vc-clearcase(sfnet) vc-clearcase support for ClearCase version control system in... DOWNLOAD
jack244(sfnet) jack DOWNLOAD
xpect(sfnet) XPect XPect allows test developers to describe regres... DOWNLOAD
peptidemanager-lrno(sfnet) PeptideManager_LRNO PeptideManager is aimed to help the pre-selecti... DOWNLOAD
crudefx(sfnet) CrudeFx Desktop database application development framew... DOWNLOAD
tarea2lp(sfnet) Tarea2 Personal Projects DOWNLOAD
cmodular(sfnet) Modular Modular is a mod for Sauerbraten which allows y... DOWNLOAD
adi-eval-isoxcvr(sfnet) adi-eval-isoxcvr The ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Develo... DOWNLOAD
switchit(sfnet) switchit DOWNLOAD
metamaster(sfnet) MetaMaster MetaMaster is a Java-based desktop application ... DOWNLOAD
vanb-viva(sfnet) vanb's Input Verification Assistant VIVA is a tool to help verify programming conte... DOWNLOAD
slightlybetterstickynotes(sfnet) Slightly Better StickyNotes This is a sticky notes app I made one evening b... DOWNLOAD
pmcp(sfnet) PMCP (Portable Master Control Program) Gives you the ability to operate Windows using ... DOWNLOAD
courseregistra(sfnet) course registration This is a course registration application,which... DOWNLOAD
codbeni(sfnet) codbeni search engine in the cultural heritage domain DOWNLOAD
mdamda(sfnet) mdamda fghdgfdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd DOWNLOAD
astersystemspos(sfnet) astersystemspos point of sale software DOWNLOAD
hafileappender(sfnet) hafileappender This is a rolling file appender for Log4J optim... DOWNLOAD
galeriadefotossembancodedados(sfnet) Galeria de Fotos sem Banco de Dados Galeria de Fotos sem Banco de Dados é uma adapt... DOWNLOAD
implementor(sfnet) osisc The osisc project has a broad focus on creating... DOWNLOAD
silversurfinc(sfnet) silversurfinc This browser is designed to be faster than any ... DOWNLOAD
pic-creator-web(sfnet) pic-creator-web Pic Creator for web. DOWNLOAD
isrse(sfnet) isrse Computer Vision Project - Search Part DOWNLOAD
mylarm(sfnet) mylarm code for a alarm clock using arduino. DOWNLOAD
apre(sfnet) apre a web for selling closing, maybe a sale store DOWNLOAD
tifad(sfnet) Tifad Tifad is a framework to deal with Natural Gas (... DOWNLOAD
vulcanengine(sfnet) vulcanengine Code snippets from the Vulcan game Engine that ... DOWNLOAD
modeloslibreoffice(sfnet) Modelos Libre Office Diversos modelos gratuitos para o Libre Office ... DOWNLOAD
qstranscodegui(sfnet) QSTranscodeGUI This is a quick GUI application with profile su... DOWNLOAD
avrecord2(sfnet) AVRecord2 It is an audio-video recorder daemon with motio... DOWNLOAD
parkmeecrazyforsailfishos(sfnet) ParkMeeCrazy for Sailfish OS This is a port of ParkMeeCrazy (https://sourcef... DOWNLOAD
sfv1(sfnet) sfv1 PHP Class untuk memudahkan pengecekan validasi ... DOWNLOAD
gtxzpy-console(sfnet) GtXzpy console Console GtXzpy DOWNLOAD
opengbook(sfnet) opengbook OpenGBook ist ein Open Source Gästebuch. Infor... DOWNLOAD
ponte-project(sfnet) Ponte PONTE is a European project standing for Effici... DOWNLOAD
qinit(sfnet) qinit qinit is a fast, small, simple replacement for ... DOWNLOAD
yanniksdeapp(sfnet) yanniksdeapp Dieses ist das yanniks.deApp das hier zum Downl... DOWNLOAD
motonyx2014(sfnet) motonyx2014 DOWNLOAD
dynappp(sfnet) Dynamic Application Platform Dynamic Applicaiton platform provides osgi appl... DOWNLOAD
securo(sfnet) Securo See the far more advanced alternative to Securo... DOWNLOAD
pvft1(sfnet) pvft1 PVFT (Pour Vous Faciliter le Travail) a pour bu... DOWNLOAD
transform-swf(sfnet) transform-swf Transform SWF is an easy to use library for rea... DOWNLOAD
gpsmonitor(sfnet) KP GPSMonitor KP GPSmonitor is monitoring software for GPS ba... DOWNLOAD
lockmyi(sfnet) lockmyi "useful" lockscreen apps by @dsig3g DOWNLOAD
maximumtext(sfnet) maximumtext Multiple file name find and replace graphical u... DOWNLOAD
grxromstest(sfnet) GrxRomsTest DOWNLOAD
richdata(sfnet) richdata 本框架的目标是尽量减少改变不适用框架的习惯,让... DOWNLOAD
pagul(sfnet) pagul Pagul is a Free Font for Sourashtra Language wi... DOWNLOAD
simplemee(sfnet) simplemee This is mini-project that parses, evaluates and... DOWNLOAD
duwanjiang(sfnet) duwanjiang Open source project DOWNLOAD
receme(sfnet) RECEME REmote Command Execution through eMail Exchange... DOWNLOAD
roxcom(sfnet) roxCom Communication program that allows one instance ... DOWNLOAD
simplephpforum(sfnet) simplephpforum Einfaches PHP-Forum Script was unter PHP 5 oder... DOWNLOAD
dsatestmon(sfnet) dsatestmon =DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE AS DSA HAS PUT CAPTCHA= ... DOWNLOAD
podatabase(sfnet) podatabase Purchase Order Database for a small project. wh... DOWNLOAD
simpletest(sfnet) SimpleTest Unit testing, mock objects and web testing fram... DOWNLOAD
pcsc-tools(freshmeat) pcsc-tools pcsc-tools is a set of tools used to test a PC/... DOWNLOAD
law-library(freshmeat) LAW library The LAW library is a set of classes that contai... DOWNLOAD
filebutcher(sfnet) filebutcher FileButcher is a file splitter written in Java ... DOWNLOAD
swfspritesheet(sfnet) swfspritesheet application to generate a PNG spritesheet file ... DOWNLOAD
aceford(sfnet) Negerns ACE for D Negerns is a code editor for the D programming ... DOWNLOAD
brianseo(sfnet) SEO project DOWNLOAD
bdjunit(sfnet) BDJUnit BDJUnit is a BD-J library containing a unit tes... DOWNLOAD
risedrivehack(sfnet) risedrivehack On Connecting the external drive(pendrive,hardd... DOWNLOAD
openstl(sfnet) openstl A GUI-based STL (stereolithography) file viewer... DOWNLOAD
twgetmentions(sfnet) tw-get-mentions DOWNLOAD
cpproto(sfnet) CPProto C++ library inspired by Protocol Buffers. Simpl... DOWNLOAD
reap(sfnet) Reap Reap repackages open-source software to remove ... DOWNLOAD
php-billing(sfnet) php-billing Online Billing Software for all types of shops.... DOWNLOAD
associationview(sfnet) AssociationViewer A Java application used in whole genome analysi... DOWNLOAD
enjoyt(sfnet) enjoythinking It is a homepage DOWNLOAD
tipodetrianguloapartirdoslados(sfnet) Tipo de triangulo a partir dos lados Inseri-se três valores que serão atribuídos aos... DOWNLOAD
xbmcdude-addons(sfnet) xbmcdude-addons Addons for xbmc by xbmcdude - Actual project: o... DOWNLOAD
cpardatamining(sfnet) CPAR Program Data Mining ... DOWNLOAD
jfugue2me(sfnet) jfugue2me It allows you to use JFugue-2.1 API to program ... DOWNLOAD
backauto(sfnet) backauto Backauto backup all databases that the user has... DOWNLOAD
wincachebox(sfnet) WinCachebox Windows frontend for the Geocaching software Ca... DOWNLOAD
missingtreasure(sfnet) Om@r Missing Treasure In the Middle Ages, A Captain Wanted to get a t... DOWNLOAD
sindesk(sfnet) Sinhala Desktop Sinhala Desktop is a Sinhala Version of Windows... DOWNLOAD
developeractivenoty(sfnet) Noty Vous avez oublié votre agenda ? Votre stylo ? U... DOWNLOAD

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