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mos6502(sfnet) mos_6502 Interactive Assembler An interactive assembler for the MOS 6502 Micro... DOWNLOAD
statspy(sfnet) statspy DOWNLOAD
expocalc(sfnet) ExpoCalc Take the light measure with a regular APN, then... DOWNLOAD
boomthepenguin(sfnet) Boom the Penguin A small game to write the time DOWNLOAD
money-generator(sfnet) Money Generator do you try more ways to generate money on inter... DOWNLOAD
evosw(sfnet) evosw Proyecto escolar de la materia Evolución de Sof... DOWNLOAD
freqharmonica(sfnet) Freqharmonica A program who calculate overtones. DOWNLOAD
edesktop(sfnet) Ericsson Desktop Ericsson Desktop it is the complex utility for ... DOWNLOAD
swiftsearch(sfnet) SwiftSearch SwiftSearch is a lightweight program whose purp... DOWNLOAD
prog-dota-tool(sfnet) prog-dota-tool Dota tools ------------------------ DOWNLOAD
ethzigem10(sfnet) ethzigem10 Matlab/Simulink Toolbox for ETHZ's 2010 iGEM pr... DOWNLOAD
paperengine2(sfnet) Paper Engine 2 Fully featured 2D Game Engine with complete bui... DOWNLOAD
charmappino(sfnet) Charmappino Charmappino is a light tool that opens any ASCI... DOWNLOAD
gescolarint(sfnet) Integracion Gestion Escolar DOWNLOAD
osnetcms(sfnet) OSNET - Open Source ASP.NET MVC CMS OSNET - Open Source ASP.NET MVC CMS Quick start... DOWNLOAD
lxdvdrip(sfnet) lxdvdrip DOWNLOAD
anitaos2(sfnet) DAZOS (For Machines 6-10 Years old) This Distro is following a minimalism approach ... DOWNLOAD
dogecoindebianbinaries(sfnet) Dogecoin Debian Binaries DOWNLOAD
csvcomparator(sfnet) CSV Comparator CSV Comparator is a tool for comparing files wh... DOWNLOAD
touch-fix(sfnet) touch-fix Touch-Fix is a GUI interface for synclient to c... DOWNLOAD
eman-tools(sfnet) eManage Tools Language: C# Framework:Microsoft .NET Framework... DOWNLOAD
ruqyahsyariyyah(sfnet) Ruqyah Syar'iyyah Ruqyah Syar'iyyah DOWNLOAD
pavonis(sfnet) Pavonis Pavonis is visual editor for Nullsoft Scriptabl... DOWNLOAD
isync-nokia-723(sfnet) isync-nokia-723 A plugin for use the Nokia 7320 from iSync unde... DOWNLOAD
mucounter(sfnet) mucounter MU Counter, MUC or µC is a basic win ratio per ... DOWNLOAD
slackuseful(sfnet) slackuseful These scripts helps slackware users to configur... DOWNLOAD
numbergame(sfnet) numbergame This is a Number Game which works like Mastermind DOWNLOAD
trike(sfnet) Trike Trike is a platform-independent tool for system... DOWNLOAD
adultweb(sfnet) Adult Webmaster php website Niche website for webmasters promoting adult co... DOWNLOAD
elistor11(sfnet) admin der DOWNLOAD
edite(sfnet) English dictation tests This software is directed to children and schoo... DOWNLOAD
theaquarium(sfnet) theaquarium An application I designed with animated fish sw... DOWNLOAD
darkestofnights(sfnet) The Darkest Nights More later... DOWNLOAD
tattvalisting(sfnet) tattvalisting TattvaListing is very simple open source c++ cr... DOWNLOAD
jsipgateconnect(sfnet) jsipgateconnect jSipgateConnect library allows Java-based acces... DOWNLOAD
efegeka(sfnet) Efegeka This software written in php do pages DOWNLOAD
phpvoctramysql(sfnet) phpvoctramysql A Web-based PHP vocabulary trainer written in P... DOWNLOAD
gnumedj(sfnet) gnumedj GNUmedJ is the Java version of GNUmed, focusing... DOWNLOAD
phileas(sfnet) phileas Software para recomendaciones de lugares visita... DOWNLOAD
wxcalc(sfnet) wxCalculator 単純なRPNの電卓は、wxWidgetsを使用して実装され... DOWNLOAD
directmemory(sfnet) Direct Memory GPIO Direct memory driver for GPIO DOWNLOAD
hashhelper(sfnet) Hashhelper A small utility written in C# to perform comput... DOWNLOAD
fishos(sfnet) Fish OS This is a simple os coded in batch and soon to ... DOWNLOAD
workercl(sfnet) Worker Command Line ATTENTION : Non compatible avec Windows 8 ! Co... DOWNLOAD
stupidblox(sfnet) Stupid Falling Blocks Game This is a stupid falling blocks game made in py... DOWNLOAD
enmep(sfnet) Enmep A little interface to scan your network. DOWNLOAD
eap6brand(sfnet) EAP6 Publican Brand The Publican brand used by the EAP6 documentation DOWNLOAD
bossa(freshmeat) Bossa Workflow Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The... DOWNLOAD
projetbulettin(sfnet) ProjetBulettin Projet d'Ada proposé par la L3 Miage de la Facu... DOWNLOAD
projetbulettins(sfnet) ProjetBulettins Projet d'Ada proposé par la licence 3 Miage de ... DOWNLOAD
ultrapersonalserver4(sfnet) UltraPersonal_server4 DOWNLOAD
wherefm(sfnet) whereFM A file manager that's not fully functional , wr... DOWNLOAD
rpowr(sfnet) rpowr RPowr is a simple calculator for planning corre... DOWNLOAD
stardrive(sfnet) StarDrive HDD & Lite |EN| StarDrive is a pendrive application launch... DOWNLOAD
wehelposm(sfnet) We help OSM JavaME GPS Waypoints-Logger, designed for OpenS... DOWNLOAD
nemetszotar(sfnet) NemetSzotar Német-Magyar szótár, ami mobiltelefonokra íródo... DOWNLOAD
invoice1234(sfnet) invoice1234 DOWNLOAD
uniecommerce(sfnet) Uni-eCart Free Open Source Ecommerce UnieCart Uni-eCart is an exclusive shopping s... DOWNLOAD
pirates(sfnet) Pirates パイレーツオブカリビアン:デッドマンズチェスト... DOWNLOAD
dofus-kamas-generator-v4-5(sfnet) Dofus Kamas Generator v4.5 Dofus est un 2D rôle massivement multijoueur en... DOWNLOAD
scenarioeditorandvisualizer(sfnet) Scenario Editor And Visualizer Software Assistive Systems supporting visualiza... DOWNLOAD
tp4pythonskare(sfnet) TP4-Python_SKARE DOWNLOAD
pgexpertpowerfullpgresqlst(sfnet) PGExpert - Powerfull PostgreSQL(Student) PGExpert Student is a more basic tool full vers... DOWNLOAD
luadch-scripts(sfnet) Luadch Scripts Collection of available free additional scripts... DOWNLOAD
celldiff(sfnet) WBC Differential Counter 2.1 This software allows clinical lab staff to perf... DOWNLOAD
demoiti(sfnet) DemoProject DOWNLOAD
it261ultraproject(sfnet) IT261UltraProject DOWNLOAD
tokenme(sfnet) tokenme A TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) generator... DOWNLOAD
bunkr-composer-cache(sfnet) Bunkr Composer Cache DOWNLOAD
quickplaybeta(sfnet) QuickPlay QuickPlay brings you closer to the world, by co... DOWNLOAD
graphpack(sfnet) Graph Package Graph Package (GPack) is a solution for develop... DOWNLOAD
gsmx-sb(sfnet) GSMX ShoutBox Pop-up Rozszerzenie do Google Chrome, które pozwala na... DOWNLOAD
m2maiequationsystem(sfnet) M2MAI-EquationSystem M2 MAI - Outils Informatiques Chappellet Kevin ... DOWNLOAD
ribot(sfnet) ribot Mixima is a collection of software that aids tr... DOWNLOAD
discotula(sfnet) DisCo Tula Distributed computing over the web. DOWNLOAD
smokingunsunofficial(sfnet) Smokin' Guns - Unofficial Release Smokin' Guns is a GPLv2 licensed first person W... DOWNLOAD
jcow(sfnet) Jcow Social Networking Script Jcow makes it easy&interesting to create So... DOWNLOAD
codebreakergame(sfnet) Codebreaker - The Game Codebreaker is a small game that runs in your b... DOWNLOAD
jamesbondracing(sfnet) jamesbondracing James Bond Racing brings the awesome racing wit... DOWNLOAD
proclsprites(sfnet) proclsprites Bachelor project at Bergen University College. DOWNLOAD
gpsgyan(sfnet) gpsgyan This work presents an objected oriented system ... DOWNLOAD
surveymaster(sfnet) Survey Master This is a simple web application designed for a... DOWNLOAD
risikodlv(sfnet) Risiko DLV Risiko with Artificial Intelligence For TESTING... DOWNLOAD
j8085sim(sfnet) j8085sim An 8085 simulator on Java platform. Supports al... DOWNLOAD
waf-fle(freshmeat) WAF-FLE WAF-FLE is a console for ModSecurity. It allows... DOWNLOAD
unofficialwamp2(sfnet) unofficialwamp2 This is an Unofficial Build of WampServer built... DOWNLOAD
touchdynamicsauthentication(sfnet) Touch Dynamics-Based Authentication In this project, we employ behavioral biometric... DOWNLOAD
qtiextention(sfnet) qtiextention QTI assessment item model involves information ... DOWNLOAD
huffmancode(sfnet) huffmancode In computer science and information theory, Huf... DOWNLOAD
wordpress-seo-stats(sfnet) Wordpress SEO STATS This little plugin allows you to: - To know t... DOWNLOAD
datavisualizationtool(sfnet) Data visualization tool View/plot/graph scientific data such as time hi... DOWNLOAD
ffdefluc(sfnet) ffdefluc DOWNLOAD
cm2010(sfnet) CM2010 Project Software for the Conrad/Voltcraft Charge Manage... DOWNLOAD
midpath(sfnet) MIDPath A MIDP2 implementation which targets free JVMs. DOWNLOAD
ezilla-nchc(sfnet) Ezilla Ezilla (Easy La) helps users quickly and easily... DOWNLOAD
findsid(sfnet) FindSID Just enter the name and press Search. You can s... DOWNLOAD
wcrt(sfnet) WCRT - Win32API based C Runtime Library WCRT is a small C runtime library for Windows, ... DOWNLOAD
morpho(sfnet) MintJams CR5-based CMS and Tools Morpho project provides an open source enterpri... DOWNLOAD

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