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rimric(freshmeat) rimric interactive rimric interactive offers complete intranet/Int... DOWNLOAD
wp-popeye(freshmeat) wp-popeye wp-popeye (Popeye) presents images from the Wor... DOWNLOAD
jsfcdi-cdi(sfnet) jsf-cdi DOWNLOAD
numix-banshee-tray-icons(sfnet) Numix - Banshee Tray Icons "Numix - Banshee Tray Icons" is a ico... DOWNLOAD
jqstylefileinpu(sfnet) jQuery Style File Input The Style File Input jQuery plugin provides a m... DOWNLOAD
boahttpd(sfnet) boahttpd The library, boahttpd, is designed to creat... DOWNLOAD
rizzi(sfnet) Rizzi If you need it, I either got it or can get it. DOWNLOAD
mostwanmei(sfnet) MostWanMei DOWNLOAD
cloudmigxpress(sfnet) CloudMIG Xpress To reduce resource over and under-provisioning,... DOWNLOAD
txtbus(sfnet) txtbus Txt-Bus is a microsocial network written in Rub... DOWNLOAD
jcvi-vigor(sfnet) JCVI VIGOR VIGOR (Viral Genome ORF Reader) is a perl appli... DOWNLOAD
scrotgui(sfnet) Scrot GUI Scrot GUI is a Front End GUI for the light weig... DOWNLOAD
maroniecoder(sfnet) Maroniecoder *** IMPORTANT *** I am currently making a compl... DOWNLOAD
cpcinajar(sfnet) CPCInAJar Small Amstrad CPC 6128 emulator in exact 128k! ... DOWNLOAD
mpgraph(sfnet) mapgraph MapGraph is Massively Parallel Graph processing... DOWNLOAD
sps(sfnet) Socket ProcesS sps (Socket ProcesS) is a Python script which s... DOWNLOAD
gpalbumdownloader(sfnet) Google+ Album Downloader This project is still heavily in development. ... DOWNLOAD
mcheck(sfnet) mcheck A checklist application written in java with re... DOWNLOAD
kritoria(sfnet) Kritoria Reborn Wil be edited later. DOWNLOAD
otrointentomas(sfnet) otrointentomas Otro intento mas por volverse ricos DOWNLOAD
starshop(sfnet) *starShop - Call Shop Billing Software *starShop is a professional billing and monitor... DOWNLOAD
pvaas(sfnet) pvaas Alternative splicing is a precisely regulated p... DOWNLOAD
theadventuregame(sfnet) The Adventure Game The Adventure Game is al little VB.Net Game. Yo... DOWNLOAD
inmobigest(sfnet) Inmobigest Real Estate management software. It publishes a... DOWNLOAD
cwebmail(sfnet) CWebmail Web based IMAP mail channel for uPortal, using ... DOWNLOAD
jgarudaeditor(sfnet) jgarudaeditor An editor and styler written fully in DOWNLOAD
intellekt(sfnet) intellekt Artificial intelligence that communicates with ... DOWNLOAD
ikonboard(sfnet) ikonboard Ikonboard is a comprehensive web bulletin board... DOWNLOAD
strips(sfnet) STRIPS in C++ Implementation in C++ of the popular algorithm ... DOWNLOAD
anggit(sfnet) anggit Testing Testing Testing Testing DOWNLOAD
dozenerp(sfnet) dozen 大众erp 史上第一套免安装的ERP,随处可用,甚至可... DOWNLOAD
scanme(sfnet) scanme A primitive network scanner DOWNLOAD
grub2hack(sfnet) Grub2Hack lists grub.cfg menu entries. move / delete entr... DOWNLOAD
ldoaresults2011(sfnet) LDOAresults2011 DOWNLOAD
tabc(sfnet) T-ABC DOWNLOAD
barcode-2d(sfnet) barcode DOWNLOAD
dwarf-ng(freshmeat) dwarf-ng dwarf-ng is a small and powerful object file ma... DOWNLOAD
py-ad-ldap(freshmeat) py-ad-ldap py-ad-ldap uses the python-ldap module to conne... DOWNLOAD
fall-i18n(sfnet) Fall-i18n simple library to develop better internationali... DOWNLOAD
awstats_update_all(freshmeat) awstats_update_all awstats_update_all is a script that runs the AW... DOWNLOAD
ftplibrary(sfnet) FTPLibrary C# library for ftp connection. Now support only... DOWNLOAD
icaruspp(sfnet) icaruspp aplicação para bibliotecas e controle de atendi... DOWNLOAD
octopuslog(sfnet) Octopus Log Octopus Log is a digital log for divers. It is ... DOWNLOAD
mutt-themes(freshmeat) mutt themes mutt themes provides a diverse set of themes fo... DOWNLOAD
eiffe-l(sfnet) EIFFE-L EIFFE-L (EnvIronment For Freedom in E-Learning)... DOWNLOAD
libsundial(sfnet) Sundial Sundial is a c++ library that minimizes earth s... DOWNLOAD
pybywire(sfnet) pybywire Leverage the power of python scripting from in ... DOWNLOAD
scruffmi(sfnet) Scruffohio Mod Installer Add mods easily to Minecraft! Just open the mod... DOWNLOAD
cryptolock(sfnet) CryptoLock A small encryption application that is very small. DOWNLOAD
arthromorphs(sfnet) Arthromorphs An open-source port of Richard Dawkins' Arthrom... DOWNLOAD
numix-pidgin-tray-icons(sfnet) Numix - Pidgin Tray Icons "Numix - Pidgin Tray Icons" is a icon... DOWNLOAD
m2tt(sfnet) Moodle2 Tools for Teachers Publishing updates of resources on a Moodle ser... DOWNLOAD
titas-pimped(sfnet) titas-pimped Mano kurti/redaguoti failai on pimped and php f... DOWNLOAD
csvedit(sfnet) CsvEdit DOWNLOAD
cwebdav(sfnet) CWebDAV A WebDAV file manager channel for uPortal. An e... DOWNLOAD
mobilenetworkfr(sfnet) Mobile Network Framework We make the MNF. it means 'Mobile Network Frame... DOWNLOAD
primesbench(sfnet) PrimesBench This tool was created to bench your computer. I... DOWNLOAD
randomness2(sfnet) Randomness II The sequel to the original random puzzle platfo... DOWNLOAD
jyotishdb(sfnet) JyotishDB Atlas database for jyotish appplications DOWNLOAD
squery7(sfnet) squery7 A game Server module to output to a webserver DOWNLOAD
phamcs1102proj(sfnet) cs1102proj DOWNLOAD
persiancal(sfnet) persiancal Persian Calendar and Date Convertor ( Miladi to... DOWNLOAD
pmgenerator(sfnet) PMGenerator Password Generator. Past programm. DOWNLOAD
mutil(sfnet) mutil Mutil is a set of standard utilities that have ... DOWNLOAD
qpyde(sfnet) qpyde Qpyde is an IDE for using python and Qt. The go... DOWNLOAD
netdifmodel(sfnet) Network Diffusion of Innovation Model Dynamical time-stepping model for innovation di... DOWNLOAD
refly(sfnet) Refly Refly is a wrapper around the MS code dom. DOWNLOAD
easygambling(sfnet) Easy Gambling Online CPSC 410 Project UBC DOWNLOAD
inc-squeak(sfnet) InC-EPL * Internationalization of squeak etoys version ... DOWNLOAD
webbutler(sfnet) webbutler more to come soon so please come back DOWNLOAD
phpcrossword(sfnet) PHP Crossword PHP Crossword is PHP and MySQL based crossword ... DOWNLOAD
kistenschieben(sfnet) Kistenschieben Der kleine rote Ball wohnt auf einer Insel in d... DOWNLOAD
nuipro(sfnet) nuipro Project privat end free DOWNLOAD
stella(sfnet) Stella - Atari 2600 Emulator Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emula... DOWNLOAD
erptw(sfnet) erptw Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems inte... DOWNLOAD
leosoftlocker(sfnet) Leo Folder Locker Leo Folder Locker is a software specially desig... DOWNLOAD
raviiyerteaches(sfnet) raviiyerteaches Source code related to raviiyerteaches.wordpres... DOWNLOAD
fs-sceditor(sfnet) FS2004/FSX Scenery Config Editor A java based Scenery Config Editor. Provides gr... DOWNLOAD
ice3(sfnet) iCE³ C++ clone of Minecraft. DOWNLOAD
mos6502(sfnet) mos_6502 Interactive Assembler An interactive assembler for the MOS 6502 Micro... DOWNLOAD
statspy(sfnet) statspy DOWNLOAD
expocalc(sfnet) ExpoCalc Take the light measure with a regular APN, then... DOWNLOAD
boomthepenguin(sfnet) Boom the Penguin A small game to write the time DOWNLOAD
money-generator(sfnet) Money Generator do you try more ways to generate money on inter... DOWNLOAD
evosw(sfnet) evosw Proyecto escolar de la materia Evolución de Sof... DOWNLOAD
freqharmonica(sfnet) Freqharmonica A program who calculate overtones. DOWNLOAD
edesktop(sfnet) Ericsson Desktop Ericsson Desktop it is the complex utility for ... DOWNLOAD
swiftsearch(sfnet) SwiftSearch SwiftSearch is a lightweight program whose purp... DOWNLOAD
prog-dota-tool(sfnet) prog-dota-tool Dota tools ------------------------ DOWNLOAD
ethzigem10(sfnet) ethzigem10 Matlab/Simulink Toolbox for ETHZ's 2010 iGEM pr... DOWNLOAD
paperengine2(sfnet) Paper Engine 2 Fully featured 2D Game Engine with complete bui... DOWNLOAD
charmappino(sfnet) Charmappino Charmappino is a light tool that opens any ASCI... DOWNLOAD
gescolarint(sfnet) Integracion Gestion Escolar DOWNLOAD
osnetcms(sfnet) OSNET - Open Source ASP.NET MVC CMS OSNET - Open Source ASP.NET MVC CMS Quick start... DOWNLOAD
lxdvdrip(sfnet) lxdvdrip DOWNLOAD
anitaos2(sfnet) DAZOS (For Machines 6-10 Years old) This Distro is following a minimalism approach ... DOWNLOAD
dogecoindebianbinaries(sfnet) Dogecoin Debian Binaries DOWNLOAD
csvcomparator(sfnet) CSV Comparator CSV Comparator is a tool for comparing files wh... DOWNLOAD
touch-fix(sfnet) touch-fix Touch-Fix is a GUI interface for synclient to c... DOWNLOAD
eman-tools(sfnet) eManage Tools Language: C# Framework:Microsoft .NET Framework... DOWNLOAD

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