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filesplitjava(sfnet) FileSplitter_java Java based filesplitter similar to chainsaw fil... DOWNLOAD
carassius(freshmeat) Carassius Carassius is an application to manage your fish... DOWNLOAD
officialdlinkfirmware(sfnet) Official D-Link Firmware Factory firmware source code for D-Link Devices DOWNLOAD
winampmatrixmix(sfnet) WinampMatrixMixer WinampMatrixMixer is a winamp output plugin. It... DOWNLOAD
unlockedcellpho(sfnet) unlockedcellpho Blog About Cellphones DOWNLOAD
svgpersonalizat(sfnet) svgpersonalizat SVG opensource persnalization script for inkska... DOWNLOAD
jumbo(sfnet) Jumbo Website Manager Jumbo is an extensible website manager/CMS whic... DOWNLOAD
breedingsim(sfnet) Mouse Breeding Simulator DOWNLOAD
hashcalc(sfnet) HashCalc Calculator to compute message digests, checksum... DOWNLOAD
yokoso(sfnet) Yokoso! Yokoso is a project geared toward fingerprintin... DOWNLOAD
jvntextpro(sfnet) jvntextpro A Java-based text processing tool for Vietnamese DOWNLOAD
passkeyper(sfnet) Passkeyper Passkeyper is an encrypted password keeper prog... DOWNLOAD
aptgal(sfnet) Apartment Gallery apartment properties for display on website DOWNLOAD
kikostock(sfnet) kikostock Projeto acadêmico para sistema de estoque. Obje... DOWNLOAD
soho-account(sfnet) soho-account A book keeping program for personal / home / of... DOWNLOAD
minecraftinstallerforlinux(sfnet) Minecraft Installer for Linux Minecraft Installer will install the current ve... DOWNLOAD
ip-portanalyzer(sfnet) IP-Port Analyzer A JAVA base application that will scan a list o... DOWNLOAD
tactical-ops(sfnet) tactical-ops Pour tous les fans de Tactical Ops, Tactical Op... DOWNLOAD
bladeonao145(sfnet) BladeonAO 1.4.5 BladeonAO 1.4.5 By Vham DOWNLOAD
usbblockerforallwindows(sfnet) USB Blocker for ALL Windows Created by Sécurité Multi-Secteurs from Montrea... DOWNLOAD
rpersistence(sfnet) rpersistence This is a simple PHP 5 persistence solution wit... DOWNLOAD
mocholoco(sfnet) Mocho Loco RPG game developed on Sphere engine about a hor... DOWNLOAD
mibooks(sfnet) mibooks A desktop app to exchange accounting data betwe... DOWNLOAD
xsphplib(sfnet) XS PHP Library The XS PHP Library is a object oriented library... DOWNLOAD
xseticon(sfnet) xseticon Change TaskBar program icons. Tested on Ubuntu... DOWNLOAD
duskrpg(sfnet) Dusk Graphical RPG Engine Dusk is a multiplayer game engine, written in j... DOWNLOAD
discalv(sfnet) Discalv Simple tool to calculate distance, provided the... DOWNLOAD
cursorcontroller(sfnet) Cursor Control Cursor Control is a program that can generate m... DOWNLOAD
changemyip(sfnet) Change My IP The program creates profiles and the user can u... DOWNLOAD
knxnetipdissect(sfnet) KNXnet/IP Wireshark dissector Wireshark plugin for dissecting KNXnet/IP packages DOWNLOAD
d4net(sfnet) Dialogic for .NET Based on D4J (, D4N... DOWNLOAD
secheck(sfnet) secheck secheck is a script which imitates currently ex... DOWNLOAD
widgedit(sfnet) Widgedit Widgedit is a SmallTalk like online web app. de... DOWNLOAD
ephc2409(sfnet) EasyPHPHitCounter An easy to set up hit counter will return value... DOWNLOAD
pirobject(sfnet) PirObject PirObject is a Perl module that provides a simp... DOWNLOAD
aspshell(sfnet) ASPShell ASPShell is a simple AJAX/ASP application that ... DOWNLOAD
mops(sfnet) Matrix Operations Matrix Operations is a program designed to do b... DOWNLOAD
suprnovadj(sfnet) SuprnovaDJ Console SuprnovaDJ is an app designed to allow Shoutcas... DOWNLOAD
txt2xml(sfnet) txt2xml: parsing text to xml txt2xml is a simple Java library for parsing ar... DOWNLOAD
sea(sfnet) SEA Control system base on new vdb technology. Name... DOWNLOAD
porque(sfnet) porque From an xml-defined data-schema, a db schema an... DOWNLOAD
jleggetteproj2(sfnet) jleggetteproj2 This project will create a proof table DOWNLOAD
perihelion(sfnet) Perihelion Perihelion is a 2D Strategy Game. You are in an... DOWNLOAD
libcurledk2(sfnet) libcurl-edk2 libcurl-edk2 is a port of the libcurl file tran... DOWNLOAD
sdusbformatter(sfnet) SD USB Formatter Help You to Format a damaged USB/SD card up to... DOWNLOAD
squashfs30(sfnet) squashfs 3.0 DOWNLOAD
neodevapplauncher(sfnet) neo-dev AppLauncher This tool helps downloading and installing all ... DOWNLOAD
glbase(sfnet) glBase A simple base application framework for Opengl ... DOWNLOAD
openmsx(sfnet) openMSX The MSX emulator that aims for perfection. DOWNLOAD
sshutdown(sfnet) Simple Shutdown Scheduler Simple Shutdown Scheduler (also named 'SSS') is... DOWNLOAD
jtemperusb(sfnet) jtemper-usb An extensible multi-platform Java-based USB dri... DOWNLOAD
coolbutton(sfnet) Coolbutton酷纽 酷纽是一个web2.0按钮设计框架,通过本框架,可以方... DOWNLOAD
serialportloger(sfnet) serialportloger Logger for serial port. Primary use for debuggi... DOWNLOAD
grey4pineapple(sfnet) grey4pineapple this firmware is created base on blue for pinea... DOWNLOAD
openanimator(sfnet) OpenAnimator This project aims at creating an open source al... DOWNLOAD
burdshell(freshmeat) BURDShell BURDShell is a shell with common commands to he... DOWNLOAD
leapinto(sfnet) LeapInto LeapInto provides a simplified interface to the... DOWNLOAD
mmpc-wl(sfnet) mmpc-wl Mobile Multimedia Player Client - a cell phone ... DOWNLOAD
wcflatencysim(sfnet) WCF Latency Simulator A simple utility to simulate WAN latency and ba... DOWNLOAD
rainbowbricks(sfnet) Rainbow Bricks An open source arkanoid clone written in Ruby p... DOWNLOAD
mainspring(sfnet) Mainspring - Employee Time Clock If all goes as planned, what we will have here ... DOWNLOAD
ppseq(sfnet) PPSeq High-throughput next generation sequencing (NGS... DOWNLOAD
mediadropbox(sfnet) mediadropbox A GUI for audio and video encoding and playing ... DOWNLOAD
redimages(sfnet) RedImages RedImages is a program to resize images. Curren... DOWNLOAD
loaderos(sfnet) loaderos Provide data loading for products in OScommerce... DOWNLOAD
dirpatcher(sfnet) DirPatcher This tool can interest you, if you want to copy... DOWNLOAD
circematis(sfnet) circematis Cartographic projection program based on Proj.4... DOWNLOAD
bldgblcksvol1(sfnet) Building Blocks DOWNLOAD
javadesignpatternsframework(sfnet) JavaDesignPatternsFramework JavaDesignPatternsFramework is a Java Framework... DOWNLOAD
ubuntu1204conselleria(sfnet) Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Xarxipelag Distribució d'Ubuntu 12.04 LTS de la Conselleri... DOWNLOAD
fastq2vcf(sfnet) fastq2vcf fasq2vcf is a program that generates an analysi... DOWNLOAD
sorskody(sfnet) sorskody DOWNLOAD
metamodeler(sfnet) metamodeler OpenSoul Metamodeler is a MOF 1.4 based metamod... DOWNLOAD
mpbookmark(sfnet) mpbookmark mplayer wrapper script written in python which ... DOWNLOAD
rfedit(sfnet) rfedit RFEdit is a Soccer Simulation 2d formation edit... DOWNLOAD
describeformssql(sfnet) DESC[RIBE] for MSSQL The package contains two T_SQL procedures: sp_d... DOWNLOAD
blackjackserver(sfnet) Blackjack Server A simple multiplayer blackjack server, connecte... DOWNLOAD
dylan(sfnet) DyLan (Dynamics of Language) This is an implementation continuously under de... DOWNLOAD
tomoon(sfnet) ToMoon DOWNLOAD
udkclassviewer(sfnet) UDK class viewer DOWNLOAD
openalchemistbf(sfnet) Open Alchemist BFW Graphics An extra graphics set for Open Alchemist DOWNLOAD
mp3nameeditor(sfnet) mp3nameeditor Open source software project to rename your Mp3... DOWNLOAD
facerecogpro(sfnet) facerecogpro FacerecogPro es una aplicación de reconocimient... DOWNLOAD
libeurocodes(sfnet) libeurocodes Ce projet vise à créer des bibliothèques de fon... DOWNLOAD
easyrpm(sfnet) easyRPM easyRPM - package management tool for RPM-based... DOWNLOAD
bfupatcher(sfnet) BFU Patcher DOWNLOAD
chamomile(sfnet) Chamomile - Chamomile is both a development framework an... DOWNLOAD
lwks-arch(sfnet) Lightworks - Arch This is a Lightworks PKGBUILD for Arch Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
coremod(freshmeat) Coremod The Libxmp Core Mod Player, or Coremod for shor... DOWNLOAD
elocator(freshmeat) ibocator ibocator (formerly elocator) is a program that ... DOWNLOAD
userware(sfnet) IC-Station Productivity Suite This is a collection of (hopefully) useful prod... DOWNLOAD
notafiscal(sfnet) notafiscal Emissor de Nota Fiscal Eletrônica, este projeto... DOWNLOAD
vexnet(sfnet) a light wait connector between the Vex robot an... DOWNLOAD
pythia(sfnet) pythia Pythia is a thermodynamically based PCR primer ... DOWNLOAD
chipublib(sfnet) ChiPubLib Native Android application to interact with the... DOWNLOAD
havi-soft(sfnet) havi-soft Havisoft's Projects Site DOWNLOAD
ipeek(sfnet) ipeek A simple IPv4 Address Calculator. It's a free P... DOWNLOAD
speechsegmentbm(sfnet) speechsegmentbm This set of audio files intends to be a benchma... DOWNLOAD
ohb(sfnet) ohb Oyhan Hasan Bıldırki DOWNLOAD
kludge3d(sfnet) kludge3d Kludge3d is a simple 3d editor, in the spirit o... DOWNLOAD

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