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jflota(sfnet) jflota "Hundir la flota en Java" para el cur... DOWNLOAD
pixia(sfnet) pixia Pixia a tiny memory pixel/bitmap operation libr... DOWNLOAD
ftt2drive(sfnet) ftt2drive This is a repository to my project Steer-By-Wir... DOWNLOAD
webgiz(sfnet) webgiz Cliente do WebGiz da UNIVAR que permite o acess... DOWNLOAD
ecognomeics(sfnet) Ecognomeics Ecognomeics is a simple tool to keep track of p... DOWNLOAD
zakai(sfnet) Zakai Biology Generator DOWNLOAD
ken(sfnet) ken Kendisk DOWNLOAD
ndu(sfnet) NDU DOWNLOAD
svqn(sfnet) svqn Good Uploader Person DOWNLOAD
rmtctrl(sfnet) rmtctrl this is a project for remote controller, such a... DOWNLOAD
triayami(sfnet) triayami This is a simple computer graphics project with... DOWNLOAD
bearbot(sfnet) Bearbot A verry complete lua irc bot. Easy to use and t... DOWNLOAD
flashbrowse(sfnet) FlashBrowse This is FlashBrowse. It is a basic browser. I... DOWNLOAD
tempconvert(sfnet) tempconvert A small C++ program to convert from Fahrenheit ... DOWNLOAD
hasassd(sfnet) has DOWNLOAD
netkitty(freshmeat) NetKitty NetKitty is a stripped version of Netcat suppor... DOWNLOAD
fenx91(sfnet) fenx91 DOWNLOAD
dynamic-ad-hoc-routing-simulat(freshmeat) Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator (DARS) is a pl... DOWNLOAD
cinvoke(freshmeat) C/Invoke C/Invoke is a library which can call C function... DOWNLOAD
myhometv(sfnet) myhometv Application to watch available stream TV channels. DOWNLOAD
geska(sfnet) Geska PHP/MySQL Blogging engine. DOWNLOAD
iobitrpg(sfnet) iobitrpg Random Password Generator is designed to help y... DOWNLOAD
qinworks(sfnet) qinworks the qinworks home site DOWNLOAD
binarydoess(sfnet) binaryDOEss Simulation for binary DOEs. DOWNLOAD
echobeat(sfnet) EchoBeat EchoBeat uses the Echo Nest API to look for the... DOWNLOAD
likee(sfnet) LiKee LIne KEEper, a monitoring system for supervisio... DOWNLOAD
tomarpentathlon(sfnet) ToMarPentathlon ToMar Pentathlon is an application that runs on... DOWNLOAD
natesddoser(sfnet) Nates ddoser A ddoser made by nate its the best ddoser made ... DOWNLOAD
esolutionlive(sfnet) eSolution A whole new approach to school management… Educ... DOWNLOAD
megatvhd(sfnet) megatvhd Programa para entretenimento , tv online , radi... DOWNLOAD
stealthplayer(sfnet) Stealth Player Stealth Player is a music player without GUI. Y... DOWNLOAD
pgbackupagent(sfnet) PGBackup Agent PGBackup Agent is a Win32 backup service for Po... DOWNLOAD
pycontrol(sfnet) pycontrol Pycontrol lets you control a PLC using libnodav... DOWNLOAD
ssdj(sfnet) ssdj This is a Joomla 1.5 component it allows you to... DOWNLOAD
restricted-shell-rbash(freshmeat) Restricted Shell Rbash A tool for setting up account environment using... DOWNLOAD
airsonar(sfnet) SONAR This application shows a spectrogram (STFT) of ... DOWNLOAD
netlib4games(sfnet) NetLib4Games NetLib4Games is a C++ networking library/protoc... DOWNLOAD
zametki(sfnet) zametki (РУ) Программа позволяющая размещать небольшие ... DOWNLOAD
ezskintm(sfnet) EZ Skin Time Machine An EZ Flash V Skin converter that convert 1.x s... DOWNLOAD
cock(freshmeat) cock Cock provides a digital version of a petcock. A... DOWNLOAD
arwuautochip(sfnet) arwu-autochip DOWNLOAD
arteye(sfnet) Presence Recognizer/ Artificial eye detect human presence Uses artificial neural ne... DOWNLOAD
s4ync(sfnet) S3 Sync This project has moved to github https://github... DOWNLOAD
photoprocess(sfnet) photoprocess Kills unwanted processes on *nix, in a single c... DOWNLOAD
cryptit(sfnet) cryptit A free (as in beer) OpenSSL GUI for encrypting,... DOWNLOAD
tap4pascal(sfnet) tap4pascal A very easy-to-use, but powerful unit testing s... DOWNLOAD
cdautorun(sfnet) CD autorun, Automatic launch assoc. file Small utility to facilitate automatically to op... DOWNLOAD
bctool(sfnet) bctool BCTool is an open-source software tool for comp... DOWNLOAD
firstphppage(sfnet) first php page test my first php page ,about an idea. DOWNLOAD
raknet-python(sfnet) RakNet-Python The goal of this project is to provide a set of... DOWNLOAD
vss3waymerge(sfnet) VSS 3-Way Merge Here is only release files. Project hosted here... DOWNLOAD
remind-me(sfnet) remind-me A gentle nag program for the forgetful. It's pu... DOWNLOAD
phptgeaccounts(sfnet) phpTGEAccounts This is a online account system for use with th... DOWNLOAD
blast(freshmeat) Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST is a set of similarity search programs de... DOWNLOAD
passwordratings(sfnet) Password Ratings -> Absolutely free. No hidden cost. NO ADS. ... DOWNLOAD
docvision(sfnet) Documento de la vision DOWNLOAD
runsv(sfnet) runsv A very simple watchdog application. It starts t... DOWNLOAD
guprecords(freshmeat) guprecords guprecords shows the uprecord stats of several ... DOWNLOAD
typewriterbasicnet(sfnet) typewriter basicnet As a gift for 85th burthday - no mouse interact... DOWNLOAD
dismgui(sfnet) dismgui dismGUI is a Graphical User Interface written i... DOWNLOAD
planproyecto(sfnet) Plan del Proyecto DOWNLOAD
nestedcluster(sfnet) nestedcluster Probabilistic biclustering method for protein c... DOWNLOAD
gogoball(sfnet) Go Go Ball It is a game demo so far that has been made wit... DOWNLOAD
sowu(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
perl-gpsql(sfnet) perl-gpsql Insert Trk_date.xml data into postgresql databa... DOWNLOAD
xchatrssgrabber(sfnet) xchatrssgrabber Improved slightly for windows support, as I was... DOWNLOAD
l33ttranslator(sfnet) l33ttranslator Translates to and from the advanced language fo... DOWNLOAD
seqcrawler(sfnet) seqcrawler Index biological data (genbank sheets, Uniprot.... DOWNLOAD
linuxguist(sfnet) Linux Guist - Multi Lingual OS for Asia Linux Guist - is a Multi Lingual OS, designed f... DOWNLOAD
filesplitjava(sfnet) FileSplitter_java Java based filesplitter similar to chainsaw fil... DOWNLOAD
carassius(freshmeat) Carassius Carassius is an application to manage your fish... DOWNLOAD
officialdlinkfirmware(sfnet) Official D-Link Firmware Factory firmware source code for D-Link Devices DOWNLOAD
winampmatrixmix(sfnet) WinampMatrixMixer WinampMatrixMixer is a winamp output plugin. It... DOWNLOAD
unlockedcellpho(sfnet) unlockedcellpho Blog About Cellphones DOWNLOAD
svgpersonalizat(sfnet) svgpersonalizat SVG opensource persnalization script for inkska... DOWNLOAD
jumbo(sfnet) Jumbo Website Manager Jumbo is an extensible website manager/CMS whic... DOWNLOAD
breedingsim(sfnet) Mouse Breeding Simulator DOWNLOAD
hashcalc(sfnet) HashCalc Calculator to compute message digests, checksum... DOWNLOAD
yokoso(sfnet) Yokoso! Yokoso is a project geared toward fingerprintin... DOWNLOAD
jvntextpro(sfnet) jvntextpro A Java-based text processing tool for Vietnamese DOWNLOAD
passkeyper(sfnet) Passkeyper Passkeyper is an encrypted password keeper prog... DOWNLOAD
aptgal(sfnet) Apartment Gallery apartment properties for display on website DOWNLOAD
kikostock(sfnet) kikostock Projeto acadêmico para sistema de estoque. Obje... DOWNLOAD
soho-account(sfnet) soho-account A book keeping program for personal / home / of... DOWNLOAD
minecraftinstallerforlinux(sfnet) Minecraft Installer for Linux Minecraft Installer will install the current ve... DOWNLOAD
ip-portanalyzer(sfnet) IP-Port Analyzer A JAVA base application that will scan a list o... DOWNLOAD
tactical-ops(sfnet) tactical-ops Pour tous les fans de Tactical Ops, Tactical Op... DOWNLOAD
bladeonao145(sfnet) BladeonAO 1.4.5 BladeonAO 1.4.5 By Vham DOWNLOAD
usbblockerforallwindows(sfnet) USB Blocker for ALL Windows Created by Sécurité Multi-Secteurs from Montrea... DOWNLOAD
rpersistence(sfnet) rpersistence This is a simple PHP 5 persistence solution wit... DOWNLOAD
mocholoco(sfnet) Mocho Loco RPG game developed on Sphere engine about a hor... DOWNLOAD
mibooks(sfnet) mibooks A desktop app to exchange accounting data betwe... DOWNLOAD
xsphplib(sfnet) XS PHP Library The XS PHP Library is a object oriented library... DOWNLOAD
xseticon(sfnet) xseticon Change TaskBar program icons. Tested on Ubuntu... DOWNLOAD
duskrpg(sfnet) Dusk Graphical RPG Engine Dusk is a multiplayer game engine, written in j... DOWNLOAD
discalv(sfnet) Discalv Simple tool to calculate distance, provided the... DOWNLOAD
cursorcontroller(sfnet) Cursor Control Cursor Control is a program that can generate m... DOWNLOAD
changemyip(sfnet) Change My IP The program creates profiles and the user can u... DOWNLOAD
knxnetipdissect(sfnet) KNXnet/IP Wireshark dissector Wireshark plugin for dissecting KNXnet/IP packages DOWNLOAD
d4net(sfnet) Dialogic for .NET Based on D4J (, D4N... DOWNLOAD

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