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dbfloading(sfnet) DBFLoading DBF files load into sql server DOWNLOAD
nadawb(sfnet) nadawb Welcome project. Trrial project in source forge. DOWNLOAD
joomla-graphic-design-flair(freshmeat) Joomla Graphic Design Flair Joomla Graphic Design Flair is a simple Joomla!... DOWNLOAD
wbchn(sfnet) wbchn WBCHN项目 DOWNLOAD
lwjglgame(sfnet) LWJGL Game DOWNLOAD
cisco-config-manager(freshmeat) Cisco Configuration Manager Cisco Configuration Manager is a set of tools t... DOWNLOAD
defi-badminton(sfnet) Defi Badminton Logiciel de gestion de défis de badminton, d'ap... DOWNLOAD
xosal(sfnet) XOSAL 添加对中断与定时器的封装,使得在EDK系统中添加硬... DOWNLOAD
timeralarm(sfnet) TimerAlarm Written as a pet project using python & wxp... DOWNLOAD
sinhalaya(sfnet) Sinhalaya - Sinhala Unicode Converter Sinhalaya is a free tool for converting sinhala... DOWNLOAD
filewatcher(sfnet) filewatcher The filewatcher program monitors system files. ... DOWNLOAD
embperl(freshmeat) Embperl Embperl gives you the power to embed Perl code ... DOWNLOAD
ad-network(freshmeat) AD-Network AD-Network is a tool for security auditing and ... DOWNLOAD
mapventure(sfnet) mapventure MapVenture ist ein Projekt im Rahmen der Lehrve... DOWNLOAD
javascript-auto-complete(freshmeat) JavaScript Auto Complete JavaScript Auto Complete is an object that prov... DOWNLOAD
ns4300n-nagios-utils(freshmeat) NS4300N Nagios Utils NS4300N Nagios Utils is a collection of tools f... DOWNLOAD
rpm-depend(freshmeat) rpm-depend rpm-depend can easily find packages fitting the... DOWNLOAD
jellyfissh-to-securecrt-conver(freshmeat) is a utility that converts Jellyf... DOWNLOAD
ntcpcalc(sfnet) - command line python script that calculates th... DOWNLOAD
persync(sfnet) persync "persync" is for the lazy person who ... DOWNLOAD
selfesteem(sfnet) selfesteem Self Esteem is a graphical presentation of Acce... DOWNLOAD
nicdiag(sfnet) Webmin NIC Diagnostics This project will release a Webmin module that ... DOWNLOAD
libitunesdb(sfnet) iTunesDB parsing Library Library to parse the iTunesDB database and rela... DOWNLOAD
pythongff(sfnet) Python GFF library A python library for handling and analyzing bio... DOWNLOAD
mojohostpanel(sfnet) Mojopanel Hosting Panel It is a free web-hosting control panel written ... DOWNLOAD
c2pas(sfnet) OpenC2Pas OpenC2Pas is a C/C++/BCB to Object Pascal (Delp... DOWNLOAD
gnutfinger(sfnet) Gnutella (P2P) Experiment System gnutfinger is a Java based system allowing the ... DOWNLOAD
gestures(sfnet) Gestures Engine This project aims at developing a strokes/gestu... DOWNLOAD
peeweelinux(freshmeat) PeeWeeLinux PeeWeeLinux is a small Linux distribution for e... DOWNLOAD
stormyphysics(sfnet) Stormy DOWNLOAD
apcompscirpg(sfnet) APCompSci RPG DOWNLOAD
rosi(sfnet) RoSi The aim of this project is to provide a tool in... DOWNLOAD
fod(sfnet) Fields of Destiny Team-oriented Multi-player Web strategy game wh... DOWNLOAD
pcmt(sfnet) Personal Content Management Toolkit This is a toolkit for creating custom desktop C... DOWNLOAD
ats-automatedtestingsystem(sfnet) ats - Automated Testing System The Automated Testing System (ATS) is a Python-... DOWNLOAD
codepage(sfnet) codepage converter A GUI frontend for the iconv, command line util... DOWNLOAD
launcherstup(sfnet) launcherstup LauncherStup permet de crée votre UpLauncher to... DOWNLOAD
jsuggestbox(sfnet) jsuggestbox JSuggest is yet another auto-completer for your... DOWNLOAD
watermarke(sfnet) watermarke I needed a tool to add some watermarks to image... DOWNLOAD
jdon(sfnet) JdonFramework 1. INTRODUCTION -------------------------------... DOWNLOAD
elementalphp(sfnet) Elemental PHP A lightweight set of Object Oriented PHP classe... DOWNLOAD
directpython11(sfnet) DirectPython 11 DirectPython 11 is a C++ extension to the Pytho... DOWNLOAD
mysystempinger(sfnet) mysystempinger Pinger free pings and make actions DOWNLOAD
projectxnovaes(sfnet) xNova: Regenesis This is new reincarnation of all-known xNova pr... DOWNLOAD
bluetoothgeiger(sfnet) Bluetooth Geiger Counter Hosts files used for a homebrew Bluetooth Geige... DOWNLOAD
powertagger(sfnet) PowerTagger Console and library-based windows app for taggi... DOWNLOAD
opendic(sfnet) OpenDic DOWNLOAD
ecifs(sfnet) Enterprise CIFS Stabilized Enterprise CIFS kernel modules (both... DOWNLOAD
byte-me(sfnet) byteme byte-me is a quota system for IPtables, written... DOWNLOAD
transposonpsi(sfnet) TransposonPSI TransposonPSI is an analysis tool to identify p... DOWNLOAD
tex-gen(sfnet) tex-gen TexGen is an automated heightmap texture genera... DOWNLOAD
junace(sfnet) junace Java JNI library to extract ACE archives using ... DOWNLOAD
jlogicsimulator(sfnet) jlogicsimulator A text-driven logic circuit simulator. Currentl... DOWNLOAD
xxpkmj(sfnet) xxpkmj Little Poker Mahjong is a card game using the 5... DOWNLOAD
cynapspro-edp(sfnet) cynapspro Endpoint Data Protection 2010 cynapspro Endpoint Data Protection umfasst den ... DOWNLOAD
webpageparser(sfnet) Web Page Parser The purpose of this script is to "beautify... DOWNLOAD
dvtestrepo(sfnet) test-repo DOWNLOAD
persianmobical(sfnet) Persian Mobile Calendar this project implements special calender in mob... DOWNLOAD
bibtex2rdf(sfnet) bibtex2rdf This tool converts bibtex entries to RDF DOWNLOAD
rortsa(sfnet) RoR TSA Version This was a modified version of Rigs of Rods, cr... DOWNLOAD
radargun(sfnet) radargun RadarGun is a data grid and distributed cache b... DOWNLOAD
mf2t-win32(sfnet) mf2t/t2mf for Win32 mf2t/t2mf for Win32 is a port of the mf2t/t2mf ... DOWNLOAD
bfinteger(sfnet) Big Freakin' Integer A dynamic .NET library to operate on really big... DOWNLOAD
eclipsegcp(sfnet) Eclipse Graph Coverage Plugin A plugin for the Eclipse IDE to generate contro... DOWNLOAD
homsi(sfnet) HomSI In consanguineous families, as a result of inhe... DOWNLOAD
rxforprint(sfnet) RXforPrint RXforPrint, available here under Apache 2.0 lic... DOWNLOAD
minitoolbar(sfnet) MiniToolbar Mit diesem Programm haben Sie immer ein Suchein... DOWNLOAD
vladmytestproje(sfnet) vladmytestproje This is my first source forge project. It is in... DOWNLOAD
multicellxml(sfnet) multicellxml This project will develop standardized data for... DOWNLOAD
memjog(sfnet) Memjog http://memjog.sourceforge memjog -NBR_DAYS Prin... DOWNLOAD
barada(freshmeat) Barada Barada (Barada Aint Respecting Any Deceptive Ad... DOWNLOAD
brutis(sfnet) Brutis Design files for Brutis RepRap DOWNLOAD
flickrmashup(sfnet) Laboratorio de Software - FlickrMashup Proyecto creado para la materia Laboratorio de ... DOWNLOAD
icogen(sfnet) icogen Application that generates whole new icon sets ... DOWNLOAD
lolripot(sfnet) LoLRipot LoLRipot is a project for debugging LoLCamera ! DOWNLOAD
wiibitte(sfnet) wiibitte A library for using a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiim... DOWNLOAD
xtime(sfnet) xTime xTime is a Java/HSQLDB based PSP time tracking ... DOWNLOAD
powertool(sfnet) powertool An easy to install and use toolbox for octave f... DOWNLOAD
annotationtool(sfnet) Annotation tool The Annotation tool offers an effective online ... DOWNLOAD
teian(sfnet) teian Teian is an web-based annotator and limited edi... DOWNLOAD
himetase(sfnet) HI Meta Search Engine Script created to help you to create your own p... DOWNLOAD
gait-cad(sfnet) Gait-CAD (Data Mining for MATLAB) The Matlab toolbox Gait-CAD is designed for the... DOWNLOAD
guitartoolboxsa(sfnet) guitartoolboxsa Right now it's just a simple metronom. In the f... DOWNLOAD
tmtool(sfnet) tmtool TMT is a test management harness designed to ma... DOWNLOAD
octreemethodforparticles(sfnet) Octree Method For Particles Similiar to the fast multipole method i guess. ... DOWNLOAD
jtmdb(sfnet) JTMDB UPDATE: This project has been migrated to GitHu... DOWNLOAD
downproject(sfnet) Download Project Esses serão os meus downloads =DD DOWNLOAD
mysfstats(sfnet) mysfstats This Java based gui shows at a glance a user co... DOWNLOAD
dlugopisxxx(sfnet) XX Entuth detutg gertuh su matur ja gultos werbas ... DOWNLOAD
smutdetect(sfnet) SmutDetect Development stop on the standalone application,... DOWNLOAD
html-writr(freshmeat) Html Writr Html Writr is an innovative system that allows ... DOWNLOAD
odstatistics(sfnet) ODStatistics A set of LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets with mac... DOWNLOAD
deploymanager(sfnet) Deployment Manager This .Net Winform application will move files f... DOWNLOAD
pawayusacafeman(sfnet) pawayusacafeman Manages computers in an internet cafe. DOWNLOAD
ikariama(sfnet) ikariama a true simulation for the official browser game... DOWNLOAD
aikosmartsoft(sfnet) Smart Solutions for Managers of the Privet Busi... DOWNLOAD
controlepatrimo(sfnet) Controle Patrimonial - Pat Free 3.4 Contele simple de patrimonio, o programa gera r... DOWNLOAD
n801x(sfnet) N801X Android for Galaxy Tab Note 10.1 N8010 and N8013 DOWNLOAD
bakapatch(sfnet) Baka Patch xdelta is a binary patching program written by ... DOWNLOAD

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