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gbirthday(sfnet) GBirthday Birthday Reminder that can be used with Evoluti... DOWNLOAD
goosle(sfnet) goosle The "gc" language is a script languag... DOWNLOAD
picsrename(sfnet) PicsRename Multimedia files renaming utility based on digi... DOWNLOAD
tmstorage(sfnet) TmStorage With TmStorage, you can store multiple data str... DOWNLOAD
sculptyworld(sfnet) SculptyWorld The goal is a MUD in which the actions of the p... DOWNLOAD
gothogre(sfnet) gothogre GothOgre is an open-source reimplementation of ... DOWNLOAD
bloggeruniverse(sfnet) bloggeruniverse A blogging system written in php. Note: I have... DOWNLOAD
strongdc(sfnet) StrongDC++ This project allows connecting, file sharing an... DOWNLOAD
joqs(sfnet) Java Object Query System Java Object Query System(JOQS)- JOQS is a simpl... DOWNLOAD
errorparser(sfnet) Error Parser Using an input XML source file, the parser gene... DOWNLOAD
sb2jmsbridge(sfnet) sb2jmsbridge Service Broker 2 JMS Bridge is an integration s... DOWNLOAD
d2xx(sfnet) FTDI D2XX Bindings Several language bindings for the FTDI D2XX dri... DOWNLOAD
goonabrowser(sfnet) Goona Browser Goona Browser is a webbrowser, using the Gecko ... DOWNLOAD
gpdftext(sfnet) ebook PDF editor for GTK+ gPDFText is a text editor for GTK+ that opens P... DOWNLOAD
vncsara(sfnet) VNCSara Follow us on Twitter DOWNLOAD
giplet(sfnet) Giplet Giplet is a GNOME panel applet that simply disp... DOWNLOAD
o42a-programming-language(freshmeat) o42a o42a is a high-level general purpose programmin... DOWNLOAD
ntdisp(freshmeat) ntdisp ntdisp, short for NtD In System Programming, is... DOWNLOAD
nokix(sfnet) NokiX NokiX is a tool used to modify firmwares of the... DOWNLOAD
cairo(freshmeat) Cairo Cairo is a vector graphics library with cross-... DOWNLOAD
sbergcti(sfnet) sbergCTI Client sbergCTI Client for Gnome Desktop DOWNLOAD
eris512(sfnet) Eristic Cryptographic Toolkit The Eristic Cryptographic Toolkit based on the ... DOWNLOAD
picbasedusbrgbl(sfnet) PIC based USB RGB LED Notifier pic18f2455 based USB device to notify user a e... DOWNLOAD
minidlnawebmin(sfnet) MiniDLNA Webmin Module Webmin Module for administration of minidlna se... DOWNLOAD
cursedearth(sfnet) Cursed Earth Cursed Earth is an open source, cross-platform ... DOWNLOAD
xins(freshmeat) XINS XINS is a technology used to define, create, an... DOWNLOAD
tvprg(sfnet) TVprg.php TVprg.php is a set of PHP4 pages displaying TV-... DOWNLOAD
the-maker(freshmeat) the maker The Maker is a content management system (CMS) ... DOWNLOAD
arptables(freshmeat) arptables arptables is an administrative utility for mana... DOWNLOAD
iptables(freshmeat) iptables iptables is built on top of netfilter, the pack... DOWNLOAD
vuurmuur(freshmeat) Vuurmuur Vuurmuur is a firewall manager for Linux that s... DOWNLOAD
geneticfighters(sfnet) GeneticFighters Genetic algorithms using assembly-instructions ... DOWNLOAD
dos2unix(freshmeat) dos2unix dos2unix includes utilities to convert text fil... DOWNLOAD
gmyth(sfnet) GMyth Frontend Library GMyth is a library to access MythTV backend ser... DOWNLOAD
duklan(freshmeat) Duklan Duklan is a project management Web application ... DOWNLOAD
usbdm(sfnet) USBDM USBDM BDM Interface for Freescale Microcontroll... DOWNLOAD
pkg-config(freshmeat) pkg-config pkg-config is a system for managing library com... DOWNLOAD
u1mbrombuilder(sfnet) Ultimate 1MB (U1MB) Rom Builder This utility is used to create/maintain ROM ima... DOWNLOAD
saunit(sfnet) saunit System Administrator's UNIT: A collection of ut... DOWNLOAD
kb1oiq-andysham(sfnet) KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux This is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
audiolink(sfnet) AudioLink AudioLink is a content manager. Its main goal i... DOWNLOAD
javilonas(sfnet) ROMs, Kernels & Tools by lonas Desde aquí podréis descarga de ahora en adelant... DOWNLOAD
sayavideoeditor(sfnet) Saya Video Editor Saya will be a cross-platform non Linear Video ... DOWNLOAD
role-manager(sfnet) WordPress Role Manager "Role Manager" is a WordPress-Plugin ... DOWNLOAD
cstitch(sfnet) CStitch Convert images to cross stitch patterns: choose... DOWNLOAD
freeseasahoy(sfnet) Free Seas Ahoy! Free Seas Ahoy! is an open source software for ... DOWNLOAD
gwave2l(sfnet) gWave2L Audio Sequencer gWave2L is a Gnome audio sequencer written in C... DOWNLOAD
smartmailpp(sfnet) smartMail++ a smart E-Mail Program for Windows, build using... DOWNLOAD
kshutdown(sfnet) KShutdown KShutdown is a graphical shutdown utility for L... DOWNLOAD
websurffer(sfnet) Web surffer Web Surffer is an open source web browser made ... DOWNLOAD
scape3d(sfnet) 3DScape 3DScape is the first plug-in which enables thre... DOWNLOAD
exploder(sfnet) exploder Explode is an all archive exploder providing a ... DOWNLOAD
darkjumper(sfnet) darkjumper Developed by : mywisdom & gu... DOWNLOAD
boltgamez(sfnet) Bolt Gamez Bolt Gamez is a subscription based game service... DOWNLOAD
compat32pkg(sfnet) compat32pkg Compat32pkg is an automated tool that provides ... DOWNLOAD
winraidmonitor(sfnet) WinRaidMonitor This little utility monitors the health of your... DOWNLOAD
labinventory(sfnet) Lab Inventory Request new Lab Inventory feature or module and... DOWNLOAD
labprocesses(sfnet) Lab Processes Help us to improve Lab Processes. We want to he... DOWNLOAD
axis2m(sfnet) axis2M axis2M increase the usability of Apache Axis2 b... DOWNLOAD
obst-ab(sfnet) OBST_ab OBST is a webbased tool for the multilingual br... DOWNLOAD
jsoncpp(sfnet) json-cpp jsoncpp is an implementation of a JSON (http://... DOWNLOAD
savisap(sfnet) SAVI-SAP SAVI-SAP is a shared library which links betwee... DOWNLOAD
gdesk(sfnet) GDesk GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop ... DOWNLOAD
gptgen(sfnet) gptgen Gptgen is a tool to non-destructively convert h... DOWNLOAD
artimagen(sfnet) ARTIMAGEN The Artificial SEM Image Generator (ARTIMAGEN) ... DOWNLOAD
ambientmp(sfnet) Ambient The Ambient Music Player project is a lite vers... DOWNLOAD
keyboardhero(sfnet) Keyboard Hero Keyboard Hero is an online mmorpg game similar ... DOWNLOAD
oois(sfnet) OOIS Orienteering Information System Real-time result and information service for or... DOWNLOAD
jonpy(sfnet) Jon's Python modules Simple yet powerful multi-threaded object-orien... DOWNLOAD
grainstrip(sfnet) GrainStrip An OSC-controllable instrument that enables you... DOWNLOAD
dancecues(sfnet) DanceCues Desktop application for creating cue sheets for... DOWNLOAD
grocerylister(sfnet) GroceryLister GroceryLister is an easy-to-use desktop program... DOWNLOAD
readable(sfnet) Readable Lisp S-expressions This project is dedicated to developing more re... DOWNLOAD
openavitogif(sfnet) openAviToGif With openAviToGif you can convert video into an... DOWNLOAD
diff-ext(sfnet) Diff shell extension Diff-ext is an extension for filemanagers such ... DOWNLOAD
ccide(sfnet) Decision Table Preprocessor Ccide reads a source program, in one of sever... DOWNLOAD
mmconvert(sfnet) MMConvert This is a Media Converter, which helps you Conv... DOWNLOAD
frypos(sfnet) fryPOS Ein Kassensystem für Cafes, Bars, Restaurants. ... DOWNLOAD
icebb(sfnet) IceBB IceBB is a powerful, fast, free, and open-sourc... DOWNLOAD
kelp(sfnet) Kelp - source code annotation framework Kelp is a source code annotation framework. Wri... DOWNLOAD
spaceproject(sfnet) AMAC AMAC is a tactical air combat game on PC (Windo... DOWNLOAD
antlion(sfnet) Antlion Antlion helps Apache Ant build files manage ext... DOWNLOAD
kafenio(sfnet) kafenio Kafenio is a Wysiwyg HTML Editor for Browsers t... DOWNLOAD
fbchungvst(sfnet) fb_chungVST fb chung VST is an audio multi effects VST load... DOWNLOAD
mig(sfnet) My Image Gallery Mig is designed to be a simple but flexible pro... DOWNLOAD
gnupylot(sfnet) Gnupylot Gnupylot is a GUI for gnuplot (the widely used ... DOWNLOAD
namcap(sfnet) Namcap Run around as a translucent square and try to e... DOWNLOAD
vistaprevrsrcvr(sfnet) Previous Version File Recoverer Starting with Vista, Windows allows the recover... DOWNLOAD
sbsms(sfnet) Subband Sinusoidal Modeling A subband sinusoidal modeling library/command l... DOWNLOAD
mapitemeditor(sfnet) MapItemEditor The program for creating and modifying Minecraf... DOWNLOAD
bonzayrts(sfnet) BonzayRTS engine BonzayRTS project will build an RTS engine. An ... DOWNLOAD
exploitresolver(sfnet) Resolver Resolver is a windows based tool which designed... DOWNLOAD
tactileimage(sfnet) Tactile Image TactileImage is a simple cross platform 2D-to-3... DOWNLOAD
googlesync(sfnet) GSync GSync (capital G) is a tool to keep Google Serv... DOWNLOAD
javapathfinder(sfnet) JavaPathFinder PLEASE NOTE - JAVAPATHFINDER HAS MOVED TO: http... DOWNLOAD
labstorage(sfnet) Lab Storage Help us to improve Freezer Web Access. We want ... DOWNLOAD
easystroke(sfnet) easystroke easystroke is a gesture-recognition application... DOWNLOAD
dawnlighttoolki(sfnet) DawnLightToolkit GUI library, like gtk+, xynth, minigui, but con... DOWNLOAD
kitchengarden(sfnet) Kitchen garden aid An easy to use application to design your kitch... DOWNLOAD
gbchen(sfnet) UGMDR GMDR provide a unified framework for detecting ... DOWNLOAD

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