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biosigplot(sfnet) BioSigPlot Matlab tool to help visualizing biomedical sign... DOWNLOAD
bolprocessor(sfnet) Bol Processor Bol Processor is a program for music compositio... DOWNLOAD
pivotrevolution(sfnet) Pivot: Revolution Pivot: Revolution is a remake of the highly pop... DOWNLOAD
flujotrabajo(sfnet) WorkFlow Project created in php for implementing a workf... DOWNLOAD
kpictorial(sfnet) Kpictorial Kpictorial is a logic game for KDE 3.0.x You ha... DOWNLOAD
orememberme(sfnet) ORememberME Remember what you want to remember, at any time... DOWNLOAD
openldap-ma(sfnet) OpenLDAP MA This project aims at providing connectivity for... DOWNLOAD
segs(sfnet) Super Entity Game Server (S.E.G.S.) S.E.G.S. (Super Entity Game Server) is a free, ... DOWNLOAD
pixelart(sfnet) PIXMATRIX Videos generation from java code DOWNLOAD
schemaspy(sfnet) SchemaSpy SchemaSpy analyzes database metadata to reverse... DOWNLOAD
commanderx(sfnet) Commander A simple webserver in Perl. DOWNLOAD
findershell(sfnet) Finder Shell Search phpshells in Google. DOWNLOAD
dhplayer(sfnet) DH Player Find and play music in Perl. DOWNLOAD
findermailsx(sfnet) Finder Mails A simple finder mails. DOWNLOAD
evinceportable(sfnet) evinceportable A package of Evince. On Februa... DOWNLOAD
epicsarchiverap(sfnet) EPICS Archiver Appliance An implementation of an archiver appliance for ... DOWNLOAD
fakemsn(sfnet) Fake MSN Fake MSN coded in delphi by Doddy H DOWNLOAD
wecowi(sfnet) Web Community Wiki The Web Community Wiki aims to create a base fo... DOWNLOAD
wwh(sfnet) Wiki Web Help AJAX based wiki designed to operate like a desk... DOWNLOAD
darkcrash(sfnet) Dark Crash Web Vulnerability Scanner. DOWNLOAD
gen-vii(sfnet) Gen VII A generator of virus in Perl. DOWNLOAD
ysmv7(sfnet) YSM ICQ - You Sick Me - ICQ Client YSM is a simple ICQ client based on the v7/v8 i... DOWNLOAD
pk2aux(sfnet) pk2aux PK2Aux is a library and suite of command-line u... DOWNLOAD
pktping(sfnet) Pocket Ping for S60 Ping utility for Symbian S60. DOWNLOAD
opensesame(sfnet) opensesame Open Sesame is a Open Source Enterprise Passwor... DOWNLOAD
linux-zigbee(sfnet) IEEE 802.15.4 stack for Linux IEEE 802.15.4 networkong stack covers PHY and M... DOWNLOAD
libipfix(sfnet) IPFIX library Libipfix is a C-library implementing the IPFIX ... DOWNLOAD
pjmoo(sfnet) PJMOO - Games Multiplataforma Objetivo de disseminar conhecimentos das divers... DOWNLOAD
concerto(sfnet) Concerto Digital Assets Management Tool A PHP/Harmoni digital asset management tool, Co... DOWNLOAD
pixasso(sfnet) PiXasso PiXasso is an easy-to-use application (inspired... DOWNLOAD
pin780netbeans(sfnet) PIN 780 Netbeans plugin This is an Open Source project that is a fork o... DOWNLOAD
duet-lib-pjlink(sfnet) AMX Duet PJLink Module This library contains the code for NetLinx or D... DOWNLOAD
fll(sfnet) Featureless Linux Library When computer power increases, programmers gene... DOWNLOAD
i-java(sfnet) I-Java I-Java is an extension of Java for implementing... DOWNLOAD
h-tag(sfnet) H-Tag H-Tag or Hierarchical Meta-Labeled Abstract Fil... DOWNLOAD
enotes(sfnet) Encrypted Notepad "Encrypted Notepad" does only one thi... DOWNLOAD
phxeventmanager(sfnet) phxEventManager phxEventManager is an event resource calendar s... DOWNLOAD
autorealm(sfnet) AutoREALM AutoREALM is a free role-playing game mapping p... DOWNLOAD
paps(sfnet) paps paps is a UTF-8 to PostScript converter that ma... DOWNLOAD
placeholder(sfnet) Placeholder Crawler to index all websites using google serv... DOWNLOAD
dspgwprofile(sfnet) DSP Global Groundwork Profile A series of scripts and profiles to be implemen... DOWNLOAD
reactos(sfnet) ReactOS ReactOS is an open source effort to develop a q... DOWNLOAD
framakey(sfnet) Framakey Framakey is a package of ready-to-use Free Soft... DOWNLOAD
neodatis-odb(sfnet) NeoDatis ODB NeoDatis ODB is a new generation Object Oriente... DOWNLOAD
keycagator(sfnet) KeyCagator A Simple Keylogger in Perl. DOWNLOAD
nefaster(sfnet) Nefaster A Simple Trojan in Perl. DOWNLOAD
dssctrl(sfnet) dssctrl Software to control a Television DSS receiver a... DOWNLOAD
heavendoor(sfnet) Heaven Door A simple backdoor in Perl. DOWNLOAD
k0bra(sfnet) K0bra SQLI Scanner. DOWNLOAD
ffcp(sfnet) ffcp Fried to Friend copy. Copy files from your clie... DOWNLOAD
fijuu2(sfnet) fijuu2 the software part of an interactive sound-based... DOWNLOAD
trashcleaner(sfnet) TrashCleaner The aim of this project is to provide an automa... DOWNLOAD
nightvision(sfnet) NightVision You can see and close process in your computer. DOWNLOAD
filestash(sfnet) Stash Stash implements an efficient virtual filesyste... DOWNLOAD
pixtagger(sfnet) PixTagger PixTagger is all about finding the lost picture... DOWNLOAD
octopus(sfnet) Octopus Octopus is a plugin for Eclipse provides an IDE... DOWNLOAD
hoople-org(sfnet) The HOOPLE Libraries (version 1) HOOPLE is a portable collection of C++ source c... DOWNLOAD
dsgametools(sfnet) GamEditorDS A collection of developer tools for game-making... DOWNLOAD
piccbuilder(sfnet) PIC C Builder for Eclipse Source code has been migrated to Github: https... DOWNLOAD
adsoftdownload(sfnet) AD SoftWare Downloader Ottimo software che serve a scaricare programmi... DOWNLOAD
mod-antiloris(sfnet) mod_antiloris With this module, apache is protected against t... DOWNLOAD
playerkiller(sfnet) Sia Player Killer The best programs to preview partial movie file... DOWNLOAD
motdstat(freshmeat) MOTDstat MOTDstat (Message Of The Day - System Status) w... DOWNLOAD
taskmgr(sfnet) Task Manager The task manager is a program with support peop... DOWNLOAD
injector(freshmeat) Zero Install Injector Zero Install is a decentralized cross-distribut... DOWNLOAD
escher(sfnet) Java X11 Library Escher is a collection of libraries for X Windo... DOWNLOAD
subeditor(sfnet) Eclipse Plugin Subtitle Editor The Eclipse plugin Subtitle Editor offers: - di... DOWNLOAD
rainbarf(freshmeat) rainbarf rainbarf provides fancy resource usage charts t... DOWNLOAD
pomm(freshmeat) Pomm Pomm is an object oriented database access fram... DOWNLOAD
ebag(freshmeat) eBag eBag is software project focused on company (fa... DOWNLOAD
airtime(freshmeat) Airtime Airtime lets you take total control of your rad... DOWNLOAD
fileeditor(sfnet) FileEditor Provides a Java programmable only text file edi... DOWNLOAD
fossil(freshmeat) Fossil Fossil is a distributed software configuration ... DOWNLOAD
jamwiki(freshmeat) JAMWiki JAMWiki is a Java-based Wiki engine. It feature... DOWNLOAD
snmp-info(sfnet) SNMP::Info SNMP::Info - Provides a Perl-5 object oriented ... DOWNLOAD
iodd(sfnet) iodd It's iodd's storage for firmware DOWNLOAD
mpg321(sfnet) mpg321 mpg321 is a completely Free drop-in replacement... DOWNLOAD
primerseq(sfnet) PrimerSeq DOWNLOAD
alfresco(sfnet) Alfresco Community Edition Alfresco is an open source enterprise content m... DOWNLOAD
plonexp(sfnet) Plone Project Management Plone Project Management (PloneXP) is a light w... DOWNLOAD
ustl(sfnet) uSTL uSTL is a partial implementation of the STL tha... DOWNLOAD
freenfs(sfnet) FreeNFS FreeNFS is a NFS 2.0 and 3.0 Compliant Server f... DOWNLOAD
alsamodular(sfnet) AlsaModularSynth AlsaModularSynth is a MIDI controlled realtime ... DOWNLOAD
gxsm(sfnet) GXSM GXSM -- Gnome X Scanning Microscopy: A multi-ch... DOWNLOAD
cookiemaze(sfnet) Cookie Maze An open source, cross-platform game, featuring ... DOWNLOAD
domination(sfnet) Domination (Risk Board Game) Domination is a game that is a bit like the wel... DOWNLOAD
officefloor(sfnet) OfficeFloor OfficeFloor is true inversion of control for bu... DOWNLOAD
openrave(sfnet) OpenRAVE Moved to A... DOWNLOAD
picasa2flickr(sfnet) Picasa to flickr A Java applet and a cgi script that allow users... DOWNLOAD
gmat(sfnet) GMAT Do you want to go Mars but don't know when to l... DOWNLOAD
pubmedparser(sfnet) PubmedParser An extension for the MediaWiki software that ad... DOWNLOAD
powermops(sfnet) PowerMops Mops is a full-featured, object-oriented stand-... DOWNLOAD
htmlincludes(sfnet) htmlincludes htmlinc is a Python program that manages static... DOWNLOAD
kscope4(sfnet) kscope4 Kscope4 is a graphical frontend for cscope, the... DOWNLOAD
bebcast(sfnet) BebCast BebCast is a simple , easy to use PHP web-page... DOWNLOAD
jdesignerp(sfnet) JDesigner® Platform 웹 애플리케이션 개발 시간을 단축합니다. JDesi... DOWNLOAD
prjexposeurl(sfnet) Blog URL Exposer This application is part of a research project ... DOWNLOAD
pingutil(sfnet) Windows GUI Ping Utility A graphical Windows ping utility written in C# ... DOWNLOAD
hard-search(sfnet) Hard Search Hard Search is a program for windows written en... DOWNLOAD
beaucode(sfnet) Bite .NET Bite Is a Tracker of Errors DOWNLOAD

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