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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
four-k-download(sfnet) 4k Download 4k Download is a free, open source and cross-pl... DOWNLOAD
asperger(sfnet) asperger Asperger is a simple, no bullshit web app to ma... DOWNLOAD
pos-tech(freshmeat) Pastèque Pastèque is point-of-sale software for touchscr... DOWNLOAD
mnemo(freshmeat) Mnemo Mnemo Note Manager is the Horde notes/memos app... DOWNLOAD
scex(sfnet) Scex scex is a documentation project for the Sami Sh... DOWNLOAD
gwave(sfnet) gwave Gwave is a waveform viewer for the output of an... DOWNLOAD
murphy(sfnet) Web Site Portfolio This will be my portfolio of all the websites I... DOWNLOAD
photostudio(sfnet) PhotoStudio Photo studio manual work automation, DOWNLOAD
dregisterwordpr(sfnet) DRegister WordPress plugin WP 2.7 plugin : - Require first/last name on re... DOWNLOAD
motorbac(sfnet) MotOrBAC MotOrBAC is a tool to help you design and imple... DOWNLOAD
lilac--reloaded(sfnet) Lilac-Reloaded - Nagios Configuration lilac-reloaded is an easy to use webinterface f... DOWNLOAD
fxl-project(sfnet) FXL Code Generation and Transformation The FXL Project Eclipse Plugin leverages the in... DOWNLOAD
orbitalgame(sfnet) Orbital Game 2D topdown shoot'em up developed in Pygame. Pl... DOWNLOAD
congruity(sfnet) congruity congruity is a GUI application for programming ... DOWNLOAD
snifflib(sfnet) Snifflib Numerical Library The Snifflib numerical library provides honest-... DOWNLOAD
php-cbviewer(sfnet) PHP Comic Viewer PHP web-based viewer for .cbr and .cbz comic bo... DOWNLOAD
todomoo(sfnet) Todomoo Todomoo is a todo manager specially designed to... DOWNLOAD
havafun(sfnet) Vulkano Hava Fun A set of tools/code to facilitate communicating... DOWNLOAD
nurse(sfnet) NURSE A nurse scheduling system that takes into accou... DOWNLOAD
hironico(sfnet) The Hironico Db Tool The Hironico Db Tool is a graphical database cl... DOWNLOAD
custwinapi(sfnet) Custom Window API Possibly the most powerful custom Window API fo... DOWNLOAD
xmm(sfnet) MeD's Movie Manager A simple to use, yet customizable, movie manage... DOWNLOAD
jweather(sfnet) Java Weather Library jweather is a Java library for parsing raw weat... DOWNLOAD
kororaproject(sfnet) Korora Project Korora is an installable Fedora Remix Live DVD,... DOWNLOAD
phpbbturkiye(sfnet) phpBB Turkiye phpBB mods, Turkish language files, themes, codes DOWNLOAD
laptimer(sfnet) LapTimer A wxPython program for recoding lap times for a... DOWNLOAD
scalaray(sfnet) Scala Ray Tracer A basic ray tracer written in the Scala languag... DOWNLOAD
rezound(sfnet) ReZound ReZound aims to be a stable, open source, and g... DOWNLOAD
pakiti(sfnet) Pakiti Pakiti (formally called Yumit) provides a monit... DOWNLOAD
dvisvgm(sfnet) dvisvgm The command line tool dvisvgm converts DVI file... DOWNLOAD
qbc(sfnet) Quick Base Converter An ANSI C command line base convertor. It also... DOWNLOAD
geo-gmap(sfnet) GMAP GMAP allows registered users to add locations t... DOWNLOAD
gnuguitarinux(sfnet) GNUGuitarINUX GNUGuitarINUX is a GNU/Linux Live CD with a Rea... DOWNLOAD
cflo(sfnet) cFlo Cash Flow Forecaster cFlo Cash Flow Forecaster helps users achieve t... DOWNLOAD
rssowl(sfnet) RSS Owl | RSS / RDF / Atom Feed Reader RSS Owl is a powerful application to organize, ... DOWNLOAD
gnote(sfnet) GNotes GNotes是专为开发者打造的笔记本应用程序,在很多... DOWNLOAD
twmanplus(sfnet) Malware Analysis Network in Taiwan Malware Analysis Network in Taiwan <Man in T... DOWNLOAD
ontolinnaeus(sfnet) OntoLinnaeus An ontology for the living ones, following the ... DOWNLOAD
wormhole(sfnet) wormhole Wormhole is a AUTOMATIC & REAL-TIME O/R Map... DOWNLOAD
sokobanp(sfnet) SokobanP Sokoban game for Windows including 3000 levels ... DOWNLOAD
slyde(sfnet) Slyde Essentials Storage All-purpose data and notes dashboard. Stores ad... DOWNLOAD
lawnetdownload(sfnet) Lawnet Downloader ANNOUNCEMENT: Caselist Free Beta now released! ... DOWNLOAD
hicuda(sfnet) hiCUDA: high-level CUDA hiCUDA is a directive-based abstraction that si... DOWNLOAD
styrofoamrobot(sfnet) StyroFoamRobot A robotic DIY styrofoam cutter consisting of on... DOWNLOAD
hmte(sfnet) Heap Memory Test Engine Stand alone Java application used simulate a me... DOWNLOAD
avl-array(sfnet) AVL Array AVL Array is a sequence container (like std::ve... DOWNLOAD
qcms(sfnet) Qcms Qcms is a quick and dirty, easy to use CMS Syst... DOWNLOAD
activelock(sfnet) ActiveLock ActiveLock is an open-source copy protection, s... DOWNLOAD
openclinic(sfnet) OpenClinic OpenClinic is an easy to use, open source, medi... DOWNLOAD
regain(sfnet) regain Regain is a Java search engine based on Jakarta... DOWNLOAD
dvdtools(sfnet) DVD Tools Some useful tools for copying, ripping, backing... DOWNLOAD
xfiregamecustom(sfnet) PlexiGames Game Creater Development has been resumed. If you wish to he... DOWNLOAD
slight(sfnet) SLight theater lighting control software SLight controls professional theater dimmers us... DOWNLOAD
pubsearch(sfnet) PubSearch With PubSearch you can search for publications ... DOWNLOAD
textticker4win(sfnet) Textticker 4 Windows [Project is ON HOLD! Code will be completely re... DOWNLOAD
spheregl(sfnet) sphereGL This is a java application using JMonkey API. T... DOWNLOAD
aaec-2000(sfnet) Linux port to the Agilent AAEC-2000 chip This project will be focused on porting Linux t... DOWNLOAD
webpaf(sfnet) webPAF WebPAF is a web-based, collaborative genealogy ... DOWNLOAD
ipconfig(sfnet) IPConfig IPConfig is a simple tool to centralize all you... DOWNLOAD
ytnef(sfnet) Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader DEPRECATED - This is now hosted at https://gith... DOWNLOAD
trean(freshmeat) Trean Trean is the Horde bookmarks manager. DOWNLOAD
libreofficeplus(sfnet) LibreOfficePlus Office suite need extra stuff like ClipArt, tem... DOWNLOAD
cmwysi(sfnet) CMWysi CMWysi is a JavaScript WYSIWYG that uses jQuery... DOWNLOAD
talend-open-profiler(freshmeat) Talend Open Studio for Data Quality Talend Open Studio for Data Quality helps you t... DOWNLOAD
qbb(sfnet) Quality Bulletin Board QBB is an open source BBS with many features su... DOWNLOAD
env-man(sfnet) Windows Environment Variables Manager Environment Variables Manager (EnvMan) is a too... DOWNLOAD
phpmbbcms(sfnet) php MBB cms PHP MBB, sebuah CMS sederhana cocok digunakan u... DOWNLOAD
widhuradic(sfnet) WIDHURA Dictionary Welcome to WIDHURA on-Line Dictionary Basically... DOWNLOAD
dry-wit(sfnet) dry-wit Dry-wit is a framework for writing fancy and po... DOWNLOAD
classea(sfnet) classe A+ Una soluzione open-source per la certificazione... DOWNLOAD
sbsi(sfnet) SBSI SBSI (Systems Biology Software Infrastructure) ... DOWNLOAD
thumbsupcs(sfnet) ThumbsUp! ThumbsUp! is a multi-threaded image resizing to... DOWNLOAD
hnm(sfnet) Hikou no mizu Hikou no mizu has moved to DOWNLOAD
tems(sfnet) TEMS -Time and Expense Management System Keeps track of times entry and expenses reports... DOWNLOAD
eiffelstudio(sfnet) EiffelStudio EiffelStudio is an IDE for the Eiffel language ... DOWNLOAD
grufifractalgen(sfnet) wxChaos wxChaos aims to be relatively simple and yet p... DOWNLOAD
jlinalg(sfnet) JLinAlg JLinAlg is a Java Library for Linear Algebra wi... DOWNLOAD
chatit(sfnet) Chat it ! Server/Client chat for windows This is a client-server chat made with Delphi, ... DOWNLOAD
optionsmanager(sfnet) OptionsManager Manages Java application/tool options. Options ... DOWNLOAD
cpsstopwatch(sfnet) CPS StopWatch A project to deliver inside DELL enviroment a t... DOWNLOAD
krikkit(sfnet) Krikkit Krikkit is an audio playback system that is bas... DOWNLOAD
phpodpworld(sfnet) phpODPWorld A PHP application that enables you to display a... DOWNLOAD
scantwain(sfnet) ScanTWAIN ScanTWAIN is an Open Source TWAIN production qu... DOWNLOAD
netopmanager(sfnet) Net Manager Net Manager - system administrator tool for man... DOWNLOAD
bowlingstats(sfnet) Bowling Stats Tracker A bowling score tracking and statistics trackin... DOWNLOAD
codrcon(sfnet) Call of Duty RCON console A simple Java console application which connect... DOWNLOAD
housespider(sfnet) HouseSpider HouseSpider is a Java applet that adds search c... DOWNLOAD
texpower(sfnet) TeXPower TeXPower is a bundle of style and class files f... DOWNLOAD
vstar(sfnet) VStar VStar is a multi-platform, easy-to-use variable... DOWNLOAD
fakoli(sfnet) Fakoli Fakoli is an entity-based Rapid Application Dev... DOWNLOAD
supremacy(sfnet) Supremacy Errands Supremacy Errands wants to be a FPS with some R... DOWNLOAD
codonphyml(sfnet) codonPhyML codonPhyML uses Markovian codon models of evolu... DOWNLOAD
confusedfs(sfnet) ConFUSEd ConFUSEd provides a FUSE filesystem containing ... DOWNLOAD
opensignature(sfnet) Opensignature OpenSignature is an open source project for the... DOWNLOAD
openss(sfnet) Open|SpeedShop Open|SpeedShop is an open source multi platform... DOWNLOAD
aoopencom(sfnet) AO-OpenCom Framework AO-OpenCom platform is an aspect-oriented middl... DOWNLOAD
screwdriverplus(sfnet) Screwdriver++ Package with various tools for the programmer i... DOWNLOAD
photoresizer(sfnet) SIMP SIMP is a portable very easy to use straightfor... DOWNLOAD
quicksharp(sfnet) QuickSharp QuickSharp is a minimalist IDE for Microsoft .NET DOWNLOAD
freemapkapor(sfnet) freemap KaPor JOSM plug-in for importing of map data from Cad... DOWNLOAD

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