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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ethylic(sfnet) EThyLic Simple ETL project that contains: - an ETL engi... DOWNLOAD
crunchcalc(sfnet) Note Cruncher Console based notepad number cruncher makes cal... DOWNLOAD
pear(sfnet) PEAR PEAR provides a lightweight message delivery fr... DOWNLOAD
webworkspace(sfnet) CSCL Workspace The workspace is developed to support collabora... DOWNLOAD
uscustom(sfnet) U.S. custom keyboard layout An unintrusive Mac OS X keyboard layout similar... DOWNLOAD
gizzle(sfnet) Gizzles Gizzles is a game about creatures that eat frui... DOWNLOAD
gisvm(sfnet) gisvm GISVM is a free(dom) and ready to use anywhere ... DOWNLOAD
stfc(sfnet) Star Trek Frontline Combat Star Trek Frontline Combat (in short STFC), is ... DOWNLOAD
nasame2013(sfnet) Nasame 2013 ** UPDATE ** Sources available on SVN ** Develo... DOWNLOAD
devkitpro(sfnet) devkitPro This project is for homebrew console developmen... DOWNLOAD
moodle(sfnet) Moodle Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), als... DOWNLOAD
soccermafia(sfnet) SoccerMafia Social game on cheating on soccer games and bet... DOWNLOAD
x264gui(sfnet) x264Gui This program is a simple GUI for the x264 codec... DOWNLOAD
rudebuild(sfnet) RudeBuild RudeBuild is a non-intrusive bulk/unity C++ bui... DOWNLOAD
stat466(sfnet) Stat466 Stat466 has moved to: DOWNLOAD
saferhoneypot(sfnet) SAFER Honeypot The SAFER Honeypot (Spoofing Active Fingerprint... DOWNLOAD
astrovideoguide(sfnet) astrovideoguide Videoguide allows you to correct star position ... DOWNLOAD
sahitsutil(sfnet) Sahits Utilities Sahits Java Utilities is a collection of utilit... DOWNLOAD
phpesp(sfnet) phpESP - php Easy Survey Package PHP script to let non-technical users create an... DOWNLOAD
glogger(sfnet) glogger Glogger is being developed with the vision of b... DOWNLOAD
simple-quiz(sfnet) simple-quiz Simple quiz app using PHP >= 5.3 and MySQL. ... DOWNLOAD
gmaillib(sfnet) gmaillib A python lib for accessing mail data on gmail DOWNLOAD
nflnews(sfnet) NFL NEWS New Orleans is about to front a fresh face and... DOWNLOAD
biorhythmview(sfnet) BioCalc It is a user control made in c# that displays t... DOWNLOAD
tableplus(sfnet) Kordaci TablePlus Kordaci TablePlus is a javascript based solutio... DOWNLOAD
ginkotempoand(sfnet) GinkoTempoAndroid Service GinkoTempo de Besançon pour Android (de... DOWNLOAD
gmcb(sfnet) Green Mountain Callbook Green Mountain Callbook enables its user to sea... DOWNLOAD
htsserver(sfnet) Holsham Traders Server htsserver is the server application for Holsham... DOWNLOAD
vlc-qt(sfnet) VLC-Qt Qt用のLibVLCバインディング DOWNLOAD
dolserver(sfnet) Dawn of Light Framework for interacting with the Dark Age of ... DOWNLOAD
scusi(sfnet) Scusi A Windows CE port of Qt 4.2. (obsolete by offic... DOWNLOAD
cryptexbox(sfnet) Cryptex Box Cryptex Box is an encryption software written i... DOWNLOAD
pianoroll(sfnet) Piano Roll This program generates quirky piano music. It w... DOWNLOAD
crumplezone(sfnet) crumplezone An awesome application for converting data into... DOWNLOAD
vpinball(sfnet) Visual Pinball Visual Pinball - Original by Randy Davis. Sourc... DOWNLOAD
hmgs-minigui(sfnet) Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. HARBOUR MINIG... DOWNLOAD
slim(sfnet) SLIM , multiple users on one computer the SLIM, ( Simultaneous Local Independent Mult... DOWNLOAD
phpwebsockets(sfnet) PHP Websockets This project provides 6 new functions to PHP th... DOWNLOAD
husky(sfnet) Husky husky is a bunch of os-independent software for... DOWNLOAD
cubtrix(sfnet) CubTrix a Cubical Real-Time Kernel CubTrix is a graphical user interface with supp... DOWNLOAD
exert(sfnet) Exert Fitness Log Exert is a Fitness/Workout Log application. DOWNLOAD
onj(sfnet) ONJ An online judge for programming contests thats ... DOWNLOAD
concordance(sfnet) Concordance This software supports programming Logitech(R) ... DOWNLOAD
cartago(sfnet) CArtAgO CArtAgO is a framework for programming and exec... DOWNLOAD
simpa(sfnet) simpA simpA is an agent-oriented framework on top of ... DOWNLOAD
csvimporter(sfnet) CSV Importer / Reader / Writer C# This is a C# class handling all known CSV file ... DOWNLOAD
simpal(sfnet) simpAL simpAL (simple Agent Language) is an experiment... DOWNLOAD
dmf(freshmeat) Distributed Multiplatform Framework Distributed Multiplatform Framework is a compon... DOWNLOAD
ocmx(sfnet) OpenCms JMX Integration A library for management and monitoring an Open... DOWNLOAD
oseb(sfnet) OpenSource ERP Brazilian Localization Brazilian Localization Project for Adempiere ER... DOWNLOAD
vmimagemanager(sfnet) vmimagemanager This is the old version of vmimagemanager and i... DOWNLOAD
ctwee(sfnet) c:twee Almost featureless Twitter client for Android p... DOWNLOAD
pinoypuplinux(sfnet) Pinoy Pup Linux OS An open-source operating system based on Puppy ... DOWNLOAD
pedalsemailextr(sfnet) PeDALS Email Extractor Email message to XML file extractor for digital... DOWNLOAD
floodeur(sfnet) Floodeur Floodeur scripté en autoit par Fish-Panai. Fonc... DOWNLOAD
quantcomponents(freshmeat) QuantComponents QuantComponents is a framework for financial ti... DOWNLOAD
commentari(freshmeat) Commentari Commentari is a Disqus like commenting written ... DOWNLOAD
squirrelmail(sfnet) SquirrelMail SquirrelMail is a PHP-based Web email client. I... DOWNLOAD
sabre-library(sfnet) Simple API for Binary REpresentations This project defines the Simple API for Binary ... DOWNLOAD
pdfsharp(sfnet) PDFsharp PDFsharp is a .NET library for creating and mod... DOWNLOAD
imperiumrevelat(sfnet) Imperium Revelation Imperium Revelation client version of ORE 1.0 R... DOWNLOAD
lustre-roll(sfnet) lustre-roll This roll provides rpm packages to mount the lu... DOWNLOAD
vienna-rss(sfnet) Vienna Vienna is an open source Mac OSX RSS reader wit... DOWNLOAD
smartmythtv(sfnet) SmartMythTV A MythTV frontend for Samsung SmartTV. Note Sm... DOWNLOAD
cs-obexftp(sfnet) Cs-ObexFtp Using the new C# Dll from swig portability of O... DOWNLOAD
salsa(sfnet) Self-Adapting Large-scale Solver Arch. Self-Adapting Large-scale Solver Architecture: ... DOWNLOAD
globonote(sfnet) GloboNote GloboNote is a free and easy to use desktop not... DOWNLOAD
ctfsamout(sfnet) CTF-SAM-OUT, superposing CTF SAM and MRI A tool to register and superpose CTF MEG SAM(g2... DOWNLOAD
patterncreator(sfnet) LDPatternCreator The LDPatternCreator is the vector based develo... DOWNLOAD
dmxdesk(sfnet) DMX Lighting Desk DMX Desk is a Lighting Control desk in software... DOWNLOAD
estab(sfnet) eStab - elektonischer Vierfachvordruck eStab is a XAMPP-based command post communicati... DOWNLOAD
evidyon(sfnet) Evidyon - Isometric 3d Fantasy MMORPG Evidyon is a real-time online 3d fantasy video ... DOWNLOAD
w3af(sfnet) w3af w3af, is a Web Application Attack and Audit Fra... DOWNLOAD
ndpmon(sfnet) NDPMon The Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor (NDPMon... DOWNLOAD
gnumerology(sfnet) GNU Numerology System The gNumerolgy is a numerology calculator progr... DOWNLOAD
folhaplus(sfnet) Folha Plus DOWNLOAD
j-messenger(sfnet) J-Messenger J-Messenger is a platform independent LAN Messe... DOWNLOAD
avsn(sfnet) Avoision Avoision is a straightforward, yet captivating ... DOWNLOAD
pediatricianrpt(sfnet) PediatricianRpt PediatricianRpt is a statistical report of the ... DOWNLOAD
tap4j(sfnet) tap4j tap4J is a Java implementation of the Test Anyt... DOWNLOAD
freeboleto(sfnet) FreeBoleto Componente VCL para Delphi para geracao de bole... DOWNLOAD
nvftools(sfnet) Nomad II Voice Format (NVF) Tools NVFTools is a set of utilities for converting N... DOWNLOAD
glean-gene(sfnet) GLEAN GLEAN is an unsupervised learning system to int... DOWNLOAD
hover(sfnet) Hover Hover Carnage is a multiplayer 3D action/strate... DOWNLOAD
gamerstats(sfnet) Gamer Football Statistics A Java program for tracking your results in foo... DOWNLOAD
pennet(sfnet) penNet (Penetration testing with .NET) PenNet was developed like a master's thesis. It... DOWNLOAD
crclib(sfnet) CRCLIB CRCLIB is a small library of CRC calculations w... DOWNLOAD
pic16f87vm(sfnet) PIC16F87X Virtual Machine A virtual machine for PIC16F87X family through ... DOWNLOAD
cylform(sfnet) cylform Technique, C-subroutine, and starter applicatio... DOWNLOAD
excommgr(sfnet) ExComMgr A simple program to handle combat initiatives i... DOWNLOAD
crony(sfnet) Crony Instant Messenger It is an instant messaging client. Crony IM has... DOWNLOAD
samixos(sfnet) SAMIXOS SAMIXOS is an XML to Object Serializer. Write o... DOWNLOAD
jclate(sfnet) jClaTe jClaTe stands for Java Class Testing and is a F... DOWNLOAD
sagaengine(sfnet) SagaEngine SagaEngine is a platform independent game engin... DOWNLOAD
instagramdownlo(sfnet) InstagramDownloader Instagram Downloader ( Public Accounts) DOWNLOAD
salomesmesh(sfnet) SALOME Smesh Module A complete OpenCascade based MESH framework.Not... DOWNLOAD
wifiadmin(sfnet) WiFiAdmin, The Free WiFi Web Interface Wifiadmin is a PHP web interface for managing l... DOWNLOAD
shareworld(sfnet) openSOAM open source SOA middleware DOWNLOAD
lscreamer(sfnet) LScreamer-Wireless Downloader for Linux See the latest revision at https://bitbucket.or... DOWNLOAD
soapindel(sfnet) SOAPindel2 Requirements SOAPindel2 needs two input data so... DOWNLOAD

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