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estab(sfnet) eStab - elektonischer Vierfachvordruck eStab is a XAMPP-based command post communicati... DOWNLOAD
evidyon(sfnet) Evidyon - Isometric 3d Fantasy MMORPG Evidyon is a real-time online 3d fantasy video ... DOWNLOAD
w3af(sfnet) w3af w3af, is a Web Application Attack and Audit Fra... DOWNLOAD
ndpmon(sfnet) NDPMon The Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor (NDPMon... DOWNLOAD
gnumerology(sfnet) GNU Numerology System The gNumerolgy is a numerology calculator progr... DOWNLOAD
folhaplus(sfnet) Folha Plus DOWNLOAD
j-messenger(sfnet) J-Messenger J-Messenger is a platform independent LAN Messe... DOWNLOAD
avsn(sfnet) Avoision Avoision is a straightforward, yet captivating ... DOWNLOAD
pediatricianrpt(sfnet) PediatricianRpt PediatricianRpt is a statistical report of the ... DOWNLOAD
tap4j(sfnet) tap4j tap4J is a Java implementation of the Test Anyt... DOWNLOAD
freeboleto(sfnet) FreeBoleto Componente VCL para Delphi para geracao de bole... DOWNLOAD
nvftools(sfnet) Nomad II Voice Format (NVF) Tools NVFTools is a set of utilities for converting N... DOWNLOAD
glean-gene(sfnet) GLEAN GLEAN is an unsupervised learning system to int... DOWNLOAD
hover(sfnet) Hover Hover Carnage is a multiplayer 3D action/strate... DOWNLOAD
gamerstats(sfnet) Gamer Football Statistics A Java program for tracking your results in foo... DOWNLOAD
pennet(sfnet) penNet (Penetration testing with .NET) PenNet was developed like a master's thesis. It... DOWNLOAD
crclib(sfnet) CRCLIB CRCLIB is a small library of CRC calculations w... DOWNLOAD
pic16f87vm(sfnet) PIC16F87X Virtual Machine A virtual machine for PIC16F87X family through ... DOWNLOAD
cylform(sfnet) cylform Technique, C-subroutine, and starter applicatio... DOWNLOAD
excommgr(sfnet) ExComMgr A simple program to handle combat initiatives i... DOWNLOAD
crony(sfnet) Crony Instant Messenger It is an instant messaging client. Crony IM has... DOWNLOAD
samixos(sfnet) SAMIXOS SAMIXOS is an XML to Object Serializer. Write o... DOWNLOAD
jclate(sfnet) jClaTe jClaTe stands for Java Class Testing and is a F... DOWNLOAD
sagaengine(sfnet) SagaEngine SagaEngine is a platform independent game engin... DOWNLOAD
instagramdownlo(sfnet) InstagramDownloader Instagram Downloader ( Public Accounts) DOWNLOAD
salomesmesh(sfnet) SALOME Smesh Module A complete OpenCascade based MESH framework.Not... DOWNLOAD
wifiadmin(sfnet) WiFiAdmin, The Free WiFi Web Interface Wifiadmin is a PHP web interface for managing l... DOWNLOAD
shareworld(sfnet) openSOAM open source SOA middleware DOWNLOAD
lscreamer(sfnet) LScreamer-Wireless Downloader for Linux See the latest revision at https://bitbucket.or... DOWNLOAD
soapindel(sfnet) SOAPindel2 Requirements SOAPindel2 needs two input data so... DOWNLOAD
e-commerce-web(sfnet) E-Commerce Website Template ♦ NO VIRUSES, NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE — NO MALWAR... DOWNLOAD
phpgacl(sfnet) phpGACL A set of PHP functions giving web developers a ... DOWNLOAD
arkatetris(sfnet) arkatetris This is my second pygame project, I used some g... DOWNLOAD
slimhttpd(sfnet) Slim HTTPD The goal is to provide the smallest HTTP server... DOWNLOAD
slawscript(sfnet) SLAWscript SLAWscript is a simple interpreted scripting la... DOWNLOAD
gfuel(sfnet) GFuel Give your old-school game collection some gas w... DOWNLOAD
shuttleultra(sfnet) Space Shuttle Ultra Orbiter Space Flight Simulator addon. On top of... DOWNLOAD
sapscada(sfnet) SAP SCADA An ABAP based distributed application for monit... DOWNLOAD
dynafabric(freshmeat) DynaFabric DynaFabric is an SSH-based command dispatching ... DOWNLOAD
xineplaylistedt(sfnet) Xine Playlist Editor Xine is a very good free media player. BUT the... DOWNLOAD
omxmulti(sfnet) OMXmulti “OMXmulti” is a user library for Ircam's OpenMu... DOWNLOAD
ecksdee(sfnet) Ecksdee Ecksdee is a futuristic "Race & Destro... DOWNLOAD
opensoc(sfnet) open.SoC The World's first Open Source Hardware project ... DOWNLOAD
boats(sfnet) boats DOWNLOAD
azzul(sfnet) Azzul The purpose of this application is to help you ... DOWNLOAD
thancad(sfnet) ThanCad ThanCad is a 2dimensional cad, with limited 3d ... DOWNLOAD
tiled(sfnet) Tiled Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor, bui... DOWNLOAD
jvoicesearch(sfnet) J-Voice Search NOTICE: If you're facing problem to download &q... DOWNLOAD
libewf(sfnet) libewf This project is moved to: DOWNLOAD
sleepyhead(sfnet) SleepyHead Open-source, cross platform, sleep tracking sof... DOWNLOAD
pwdcontrol(sfnet) PerfectWave DAC Control Point The PerfectWave DAC Control Point software is a... DOWNLOAD
gettingapi(sfnet) GettingAPI GettingAPI - the best choose for organizing rem... DOWNLOAD
kahelos(sfnet) KahelOS KahelOS is an Arch-based distro that has a desk... DOWNLOAD
timecollect(sfnet) TimeCollect TimeCollect records time you spent on your deve... DOWNLOAD
derbyman(sfnet) DerbyMan Apache, MySQL, PHP - Pinewood Derby Management.... DOWNLOAD
arduinosclib(sfnet) Smartcard Lib for Arduino compat. boards Smartcard access lib for Arduino based boards c... DOWNLOAD
infadbmetadata(sfnet) Informatica DBMetadata Dbmetadata is a Java utility that reads the met... DOWNLOAD
hpeak(sfnet) HPeak HPeak is a hidden Markov model-based approach t... DOWNLOAD
gomapgen(sfnet) gomapgen gomapgen (GOogle MAP GEnerator) generates a goo... DOWNLOAD
beet(sfnet) beet Beet adds user behavior and performance trackin... DOWNLOAD
glibwmi(sfnet) GLibWMI VCL Component Library GLibWMI is a Component Library for Delphi that ... DOWNLOAD
texrex(sfnet) texrex texrex is a free software for processing ARC da... DOWNLOAD
winflexbison(sfnet) Win flex-bison Win flex-bison is a windows port the Flex (the ... DOWNLOAD
islec(sfnet) islec ISL Equilibrium Calculator,which process solid-... DOWNLOAD
diffusive(sfnet) Diffusive The goal of diffusive programming is to make ta... DOWNLOAD
ghitx(sfnet) gHitx gHitx is a small php script that has the functi... DOWNLOAD
bitarray(sfnet) BitArray BitArray is a framework that provides a scalabl... DOWNLOAD
golos(sfnet) Golos GUI for Festival tts Пользовательский Графическ... DOWNLOAD
abstrasy(sfnet) abstrasy Abstrasy is a programming language inspired by ... DOWNLOAD
mongojdbcdriver(sfnet) Mongo JDBC Driver This project builds upon the MongoDB Java drive... DOWNLOAD
phoebe(sfnet) PHOEBE: PHysics Of Eclipsing Binaries PHOEBE (Physics Of Eclipsing Binaries): scienti... DOWNLOAD
morarchat(sfnet) Morar Chat An advanced third-party chat client for DOWNLOAD
pycdisplay(sfnet) PyCdisplay A Comic book reader that is made with python an... DOWNLOAD
loid(sfnet) Loid Loid is used to work with Java and Objective-C ... DOWNLOAD
autotoolset(sfnet) autotoolset Autotoolset is both a colection of small tools ... DOWNLOAD
first4279(sfnet) FIRST 4279 The project exists to make the FIRST 4279's Rob... DOWNLOAD
lyz(sfnet) LYZ Freeware (Stopwatch & Timer) This project contains 2 programs. 1. Stopwatch ... DOWNLOAD
bastionx(sfnet) BastionX BastionX is a suite of bash scripts which provi... DOWNLOAD
modmumblelink(sfnet) mod_MumbleLink A Mod so that Minecraft now natively supports M... DOWNLOAD
osspd(sfnet) osspd OSS Proxy Daemon is a Linux userland OSS sound ... DOWNLOAD
sasl(sfnet) Small Additional Spring Libraries The aim of the project is to offer some small a... DOWNLOAD
php-b2b(sfnet) The old phpb2b part Please visit because our ... DOWNLOAD
e57-3d-imgfmt(sfnet) E57 3D Imaging Format Reference Implementation of the ASTM 3D Imaging... DOWNLOAD
wp-typo-deutsch(sfnet) Deutsche Typografie in Wordpress Wordpress-Sprachdateien mit deutscher Typografi... DOWNLOAD
mx-database(sfnet) mx mx is a Ruby/Rails code base with broad applica... DOWNLOAD
justniffer(sfnet) justniffer justniffer is a TCP sniffer. It reassembles and... DOWNLOAD
obbb(sfnet) Open Black Box Builder Modular application for biomedical data process... DOWNLOAD
gdk(sfnet) Grammar Deployment Kit Grammar deployment is the process of turning a ... DOWNLOAD
rtsim(sfnet) RTSim RTSim is a simulator for real-time systems writ... DOWNLOAD
angiesquest(sfnet) Angie's Quest Angie's quest tells the story of an average wom... DOWNLOAD
fjavastickynote(sfnet) 3F Java Sticky Notes EN: Free Sticky Note in java 1.6+ for Desktop; ... DOWNLOAD
cozy(sfnet) Cozy Cozy is a backup solution for Linux. It aims to... DOWNLOAD
goaproject(sfnet) GOA Project GOA Project is home of the open source projects... DOWNLOAD
cuatrovientos(sfnet) 4Vientos 4vientos is a web file manager that allows to s... DOWNLOAD
zbiget(sfnet) Z bigets Open source #Donwload Server.rar And Client.rar Z bigets e... DOWNLOAD
mvboscron(sfnet) mvbos Cron Cronômetro regressivo-progressivo onde se pode... DOWNLOAD
cocolib(sfnet) cocolib / light field suite Library for continuous convex optimization in i... DOWNLOAD
pyramidis(sfnet) Pyramidis Pyramidis is a singleplayer PC-conversion of th... DOWNLOAD
goofilelib(sfnet) GooFileLib I hope that this open source project which can ... DOWNLOAD
perlcppsectools(sfnet) synsec Eine Sammlung von Perl Scripten. Die Programme ... DOWNLOAD

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