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exif-py-3(sfnet) Python3 port Python library to extract EXIF data from tiff a... DOWNLOAD
lem-online(sfnet) lem-online Webpage for agcultural parts exchange DOWNLOAD
d2switcher(sfnet) d2switcher Python script that allows the running of multip... DOWNLOAD
granite(sfnet) Granite Data Services *** WARNING ***: THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GITH... DOWNLOAD
jcblock(sfnet) Telemarketing (Junk) Call Blocker Program to block junk calls. Connects to a mode... DOWNLOAD
devellivecd(sfnet) Devel Live CD Devel Live CD includes a minimal toolchain from... DOWNLOAD
mlvocabtrainer(sfnet) Multi-Lingual Vocabulary Trainer Cross-platform application aimed at helping use... DOWNLOAD
wavelet(sfnet) Wavelet Wavelet, a C++ class library for Wavelet transf... DOWNLOAD
sqs-xml(sfnet) Shared Questionnaire System Shared Questionnaire System(SQS) is a full-func... DOWNLOAD
grag(sfnet) Grails Application Generator Reverse engineer a legacy database to a Grails ... DOWNLOAD
javapwordgen(sfnet) Mass Password Generator Originally for my school's IT Department, I hav... DOWNLOAD
pytksms(sfnet) pyTkSMS pyTkSMS is a interface for gsmlib, which allowe... DOWNLOAD
evoversum(sfnet) Evoversum Evoversum is a fast Darwinian evolution simulat... DOWNLOAD
opsus(sfnet) EXTON OpSuS EXTON OpSuS 13.1 Mini 32bit/Gnome 32bit/KDE 64b... DOWNLOAD
gpde(sfnet) GPDE The GPDE is a biological protein database based... DOWNLOAD
esup-casgeneric(sfnet) ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler is a plugin gi... DOWNLOAD
file-folder-ren(sfnet) Métamorphose File and Folder Renamer A cross platform file and folder mass renamer, ... DOWNLOAD
geocosm(sfnet) GeoCosm GeoCosm is an Open Street Map map Viewer that a... DOWNLOAD
lincopier(sfnet) LinCopier LinCopier aims to be an advanced copy manager. ... DOWNLOAD
jarajar(sfnet) Jar Ajar Jar Ajar is a JAR-based self-extractor for zip ... DOWNLOAD
alchemist(sfnet) Alchemist and Korg Triton Tools ALCHEMIST is a Korg Trinity to Triton PCG and S... DOWNLOAD
xplosion(sfnet) Xplosion - Web Site Engine Xplosion's purpose is to be as simple as possib... DOWNLOAD
dbnote(sfnet) dbnote This is a pad for notes in tree-style, written ... DOWNLOAD
firstappvillage(sfnet) first app village claims my first app built to take a list of villages f... DOWNLOAD
arinuke(sfnet) PHPNuke Hybrid Hybrid esta optimizado para cargarse mucho más ... DOWNLOAD
zebrafishimage(sfnet) Zebrafish Image Processing Software collection for zebrafish image process... DOWNLOAD
gmap-module(sfnet) Gallery 2 Google Map Integration Google Map integration for Gallery v2. There is... DOWNLOAD
gpixpod(sfnet) GPixPod A PyGTK app to manage photos and photo albums w... DOWNLOAD
gcalendar-nuke(sfnet) GCalendar for PHP-Nuke GCalendar is an event calendar module for PHP-N... DOWNLOAD
prototypephp(sfnet) Prototype of an PHP application PrototypePHP is a MVC application written in ph... DOWNLOAD
open-mhdutil(sfnet) open-mhdutil Solaris tools, command to manage SCSI-3 reserva... DOWNLOAD
myoutubebuddy(sfnet) musiclick Offline video & audio converter packing a b... DOWNLOAD
grepclipse(sfnet) GrepClipse GrepClipse is an easy way to filter an Eclipse ... DOWNLOAD
pvle(sfnet) PVLE PVLE is a C++ lightweight cross-platform game e... DOWNLOAD
pybzedit(sfnet) pyBzEdit pyBzEdit is a wxPython program designed to edit... DOWNLOAD
emftrace(sfnet) EMFTrace EMFTrace extends the EMFStore repository by eli... DOWNLOAD
micropanel(sfnet) micropanel MicroPanel (uPanel) is the next generation of F... DOWNLOAD
lazarus(sfnet) Lazarus The Lazarus IDE is a stable and feature rich vi... DOWNLOAD
taglibhandler(sfnet) Taglib Property Handler A Windows Property Handler which backs onto Tag... DOWNLOAD
worldcupratings(sfnet) WorldCupRatings Unique football (soccer) World Cup, European Cu... DOWNLOAD
davincivs(sfnet) Davinci VS Davinci Projekt der HTW DOWNLOAD
openplayout(sfnet) Open Playout Open source alternative to Video Toaster and Ch... DOWNLOAD
kfrwork(sfnet) kfrwork My Web Framework, A mini framework DOWNLOAD
jpicedt(sfnet) jPicEdt jPicEdt is a vector-based drawing editor for La... DOWNLOAD
simple-viewer(sfnet) Simple Javascript Image Viewer Simple Javascript Image Viewer is an easy-to-em... DOWNLOAD
gplib(sfnet) GPLib++ - Geophysical Library Geophysical Library is a C++-library to handle ... DOWNLOAD
joccotxes(sfnet) Carreres, perilloses! Joc de cotxes fet per mi. DOWNLOAD
db2rdf(sfnet) DB2RDF DB2RDF is a a software tool that will convert d... DOWNLOAD
jumpingspider(sfnet) JumpingSpider Jumping Spider is a privacy tool to insure that... DOWNLOAD
onkur(sfnet) Bangla-অঙ্কুর for Mac This project aims to develop a phonetic based B... DOWNLOAD
phppms(sfnet) phpPMS phpPMS es ahora sysPass... http://sourceforge.... DOWNLOAD
roblib(sfnet) Robotics Library Open source software in robotics (mathematics, ... DOWNLOAD
doolin-guif(sfnet) Doolin The Doolin framework allows the rapid developme... DOWNLOAD
peapodpy(sfnet) Peapod Podcast Download Client peapod is a command-line podcast download clien... DOWNLOAD
fritivi(sfnet) Fritivi.NET Fritivi.NET est un lecteur multimedia permettan... DOWNLOAD
pythonprop(sfnet) pythonProp pythonProp is a collection of Python scripts de... DOWNLOAD
dataseteditor(sfnet) DataSetEditor DataSetEditor is a graphical editor for dbUnit ... DOWNLOAD
qrmessage(sfnet) Android: QR-Message This app can be opened by clicking on contact o... DOWNLOAD
giant(sfnet) giant GIAnT (Generic Implementation ANalysis Toolkit)... DOWNLOAD
j1939-84(sfnet) J1939-84 Heavy Duty Vehicle OBD test This project is an Open-Source (GPL) implementa... DOWNLOAD
mod-icon-geom(sfnet) mod-icon-geom This is a command line utility that allows the ... DOWNLOAD
tab2mage(sfnet) ArrayExpress Tab2MAGE Tab2MAGE uses a flexible spreadsheet format for... DOWNLOAD
evaristo-sim(sfnet) Evaristo Simulator for Siemens S7-200 PLC. It supports b... DOWNLOAD
aestel(sfnet) Aestel "Information is data in action", and,... DOWNLOAD
stuntcarremake(sfnet) Stunt Car Racer Remake Stunt Car Racer for PC/Windows This is a Window... DOWNLOAD
icewm-themes(sfnet) Project Permafrost The project intends to gather all IceWM themes ... DOWNLOAD
pythie-template(sfnet) Pythie - PHP dictionary template web dictionary template. DOWNLOAD
freemp3chung(sfnet) freemp3_chung freemp3 chung is a compact MP3 player with mult... DOWNLOAD
yaxkin(sfnet) Yaxkin Linux O Yaxkin Linux é uma distribuição baseada no Ge... DOWNLOAD
autodao(sfnet) AutoDAO AutoDAO is a Generic DAO on steroids implementa... DOWNLOAD
persiste(sfnet) persiste A framework of Object-Relational Persistence , ... DOWNLOAD
yellowpim(sfnet) Yellow PIM Yellow PIM is a collection of features found in... DOWNLOAD
pyxmame(sfnet) PyXmame A PyGTK frontend for xmame. PyXmame allows you ... DOWNLOAD
twaindelphi(sfnet) Twain for Delphi Twain interface (twain.h) for Delphi DOWNLOAD
asterwin(sfnet) Code_Aster for Windows Code_Aster Windows is the Windows port of the O... DOWNLOAD
wikindx(sfnet) WIKINDX WIKINDX is a single or multi-user Virtual Resea... DOWNLOAD
accessmodifier(sfnet) Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in The AccessModifer Plug-in for Eclipse allows th... DOWNLOAD
permoto(sfnet) PerMoTo PerMoTo is a Performance Modelling Tool suite f... DOWNLOAD
pfen(sfnet) PFen Implement window system for SDL. The idea is to... DOWNLOAD
pgid3(sfnet) PGID3 Tag Editor PGID3 is a fully custom ID3 tag editor written ... DOWNLOAD
openamt(sfnet) Intel AMT Open-source Tools and Drivers Linux Kernel drivers and tools supporting Intel... DOWNLOAD
pf-rpg-gm-db(sfnet) Pathfinder RPG Database Online Database for Gamemasters and Players wri... DOWNLOAD
grepolistool(sfnet) Grepolis Truppentool Un truppentool per grepolis in italiano, progge... DOWNLOAD
trucodivertido(sfnet) Truco Divertido!! Truco Divertido!! possui muitas opções que outr... DOWNLOAD
greyface(sfnet) greyface Greyface is an open source AJAX based web inter... DOWNLOAD
mysafekey(sfnet) mysafekey MySafeKey provides a strong authentication with... DOWNLOAD
planeta(sfnet) is a Instant Messenger wit... DOWNLOAD
ddn-game(sfnet) Donjon de Naheulbeuk Game Jeu créé à partir de l'univers du "Donjon ... DOWNLOAD
pffj(sfnet) Plugin Framework for Java The Plugin Framework for Java is a distributed ... DOWNLOAD
randomtoolkit(sfnet) Random Toolkit This is a personal project to host a few tools ... DOWNLOAD
webrad(sfnet) Web Rapid Application Development WebRAD is a web application development framewo... DOWNLOAD
grubix(sfnet) GrubiX Grubix is a sophisticated and scalable discrete... DOWNLOAD
scrumbanpanel(sfnet) SCRUMBANpanel SCRUMBANpanel offers tools to manage different ... DOWNLOAD
astrotortilla(sfnet) AstroTortilla AstroTortilla is a wrapper around common astrop... DOWNLOAD
breezycalc(sfnet) BreezyCalc BreezyCalc is a calculator for algebra, trigono... DOWNLOAD
ircbnx(sfnet) IRCBNX Chatterbot IRCBNX Chatterbot is a moderation IRC bot writt... DOWNLOAD
gscopelog(sfnet) gScopeLog Note: this tool has moved to github, this repos... DOWNLOAD
wineasio(sfnet) wineasio WineASIO provides an ASIO to JACK driver for WI... DOWNLOAD
oldskooltech(sfnet) Old Skool Tech This project is a effort to develop open source... DOWNLOAD
plansch(sfnet) plansch particle playground/simulation SDL/OpenGL based particle simulation. GPU suppo... DOWNLOAD

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