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rrdmonitor(sfnet) RRDMonitor Monitoring framework for core Linux performance... DOWNLOAD
me4m-properties(sfnet) MakeEasy4Me: Properties One desktop application to make more easy put e... DOWNLOAD
wl24xx(sfnet) 2.4.x WL24XX radiolan driver this will (when completed) be a kernel module f... DOWNLOAD
ourschool(sfnet) OurSchool OurSchool project is like triangle between pupi... DOWNLOAD
linkdb-afrosoft(sfnet) LinkDB LinkDB is a Link DataDase. This means that Link... DOWNLOAD
rsensing(sfnet) rsensing Several functions for spatial analysis DOWNLOAD
garlicsim(sfnet) GarlicSim GarlicSim is an ambitious open-source project t... DOWNLOAD
ntiscreensaver(sfnet) NTI screen saver NT I screen saver software application is free ... DOWNLOAD
oclibrary(sfnet) Object Conversion Library The Object Conversion Library aims to provide d... DOWNLOAD
vemsql(sfnet) Vemsql Gestor de bases de datos diseñado para trabajar... DOWNLOAD
checkhuman(sfnet) check-human-captcha Very simple way of stopping robots using specif... DOWNLOAD
dragonms(sfnet) DragonMS No description DOWNLOAD
areaone(sfnet) Areaone IRC Daemon The Areaone IRCd is an extensive implementation... DOWNLOAD
osprey-network(sfnet) Osprey Network Visualization System Osprey is a software platform for visualization... DOWNLOAD
fsight(sfnet) Foresight Foresight is a LGPLed wrapper that currently b... DOWNLOAD
softart(sfnet) SoftArt SoftArt has been moved to google code server. C... DOWNLOAD
mcecontroller(sfnet) MCE Controller MCE Controller home page: http://mcec.codeplex... DOWNLOAD
satierfsofware(sfnet) OtanersatierF Software This is the installer of all applications creat... DOWNLOAD
u8800cm9(sfnet) U8800 CM9 DOWNLOAD
pronac(sfnet) Pronac MediaMonkey Extension A music recommendation engine. It is meant to b... DOWNLOAD
baofengloader(sfnet) baofeng loader The project name has changed to the Chirp LiveC... DOWNLOAD
smallticket(sfnet) ticket Small ticket management system designed to be u... DOWNLOAD
jhyenae(sfnet) JHyenae JHyenae is an entirely overworked Java port of ... DOWNLOAD
ipacrack(sfnet) ipa-crack No description DOWNLOAD
fangsatz(sfnet) Fangsatz Make sure UDP port 1110 is open on the host mac... DOWNLOAD
armyz(sfnet) Armyz DOWNLOAD
jbookshelf(sfnet) Jbookshelf Jbookshelf is a Bookcase and a book/video/colle... DOWNLOAD
libfuzzyengine(sfnet) libFuzzyEngine++ A C++ port of Fuzzy Engine for Java in a form o... DOWNLOAD
qore(sfnet) Qore Programming Language Qore is a scripting language supporting threadi... DOWNLOAD
lxgui(sfnet) lxgui lxgui is an open source, portable, and data dri... DOWNLOAD
weg-1(sfnet) Web Earth Gate Earth gate is a turn based online web war-game ... DOWNLOAD
openwam(sfnet) OpenWAM The 1-dimensional gas-dynamics code. More infor... DOWNLOAD
licensegenerate(sfnet) License Generator This is a free and open source java library to ... DOWNLOAD
lecteurpdf14(sfnet) Lecteur PDF.14 généralement les plupart des lecteur PDF n'ont ... DOWNLOAD
mcautopack(sfnet) Automation Pack This is a modpack i have put together containin... DOWNLOAD
pspemulator(sfnet) psp-emulator It's an psp emulator based on PPSSPP on android. DOWNLOAD
magichack(sfnet) magicHack DOWNLOAD
risk234(sfnet) risk234 DOWNLOAD
binconverter(sfnet) Binary Converter NET Binary Converter NET is a program created in vb... DOWNLOAD
xrcpad(sfnet) XrcPad XrcPad is a simple interactive XML resource edi... DOWNLOAD
camprocessor(sfnet) XML Editor/Validator/Designer with CAMV The CAM editor is the leading open source XML E... DOWNLOAD
hhcaesarcipher(sfnet) CaesarCipher CaesarCipher is a simple tool which helps you d... DOWNLOAD
qtebe(sfnet) Easy Beginner's Environment in QT The ebe programming environment is a nice IDE d... DOWNLOAD
guessguess(sfnet) guessguess Auto Suggest Search Dropdown DOWNLOAD
moego(sfnet) moego DOWNLOAD
ice-webbrowser(sfnet) ICE# ICE# is a simlpe and easy usable web browser ap... DOWNLOAD
oxff(sfnet) oxFF oxFlexFramework is a Java 100% open source proj... DOWNLOAD
fastdmr(sfnet) FastDMA FastDMA is a software analyzing Illumina Infini... DOWNLOAD
jip2(sfnet) IP/Links Scanner 2 for Java This will read IPs or Links to get links. These... DOWNLOAD
pqsql2labview(sfnet) PostgreSQL2LabVIEW This Library enables accessing PostgreSQL with ... DOWNLOAD
ads-project(sfnet) Advanced Drone system This project intends to modelize a framework fo... DOWNLOAD
shrutipettige(sfnet) YakshaShruti Yakshagana Shruti software. DOWNLOAD
nikoncswrapper(sfnet) Nikon SDK C# Wrapper This project aims to provide an easy-to-use C# ... DOWNLOAD
freeman(sfnet) freeman Storage of all my libs, programs that i develop... DOWNLOAD
omegaii(sfnet) Omega II Follows up later !!!! DOWNLOAD
winsshaskpass(sfnet) win-ssh-askpass helper tool for ssh-add on windows. inspired by... DOWNLOAD
funkspielsoftwa(sfnet) Funkspiel Software Die Funkspiel Software ist ein Netzwerkbasierte... DOWNLOAD
p2p-ipv6(sfnet) Monitoring IPv6 activities for libtorren Monitoring the activities in the libtorrent pee... DOWNLOAD
wlc(sfnet) Widget Layout Compiler A programming tool to simplify the initial setu... DOWNLOAD
lonbattlesim(sfnet) Light Of Nova Battle Simulator A tool designed to aid the user in determinin... DOWNLOAD
cryptolibraryre(sfnet) CryptoLibraryRefImpl This library exposes security functionality to ... DOWNLOAD
ecell(sfnet) E-Cell System """ E-Cell's source code reposit... DOWNLOAD
vslm(sfnet) Virtual Sound Level Meter This project is the MATLAB development of a vir... DOWNLOAD
comet-ms(sfnet) Comet MS/MS search engine Comet is an open source tandem mass spectrometr... DOWNLOAD
gnssmithchart(sfnet) Smith Chart Calculator A small tool which allows all basic smith chart... DOWNLOAD
freeog(sfnet) FROG GPS web application for the sport of orienteeri... DOWNLOAD
xtunes(sfnet) sumi sumi (formerly xtunes) is a comprehensive digit... DOWNLOAD
smartbody(sfnet) SmartBody SmartBody is available for download for Windows... DOWNLOAD
appleverse(sfnet) Appleverse Wizard This program teaches you how to install some Wi... DOWNLOAD
v4l2ucp(sfnet) v4l2ucp A universal control panel for Video for Linux T... DOWNLOAD
wiki2xhtml(sfnet) wiki2xhtml wiki2xhtml converts wiki syntax into (X)HTML co... DOWNLOAD
oxtail(sfnet) OxTail An open source windows application providing *N... DOWNLOAD
jgloss(sfnet) JGloss JGloss lets you import Japanese text documents ... DOWNLOAD
poormans(sfnet) Poor Man's CMS Poor Man's CMS (poormans) is a very basic CMS r... DOWNLOAD
amino-cbbs(sfnet) Concurrent Building Block Project provides a set of concurrent building b... DOWNLOAD
bmics(sfnet) Block based Multi Identity Cryptographic Blocked based Multi Identity Cryptographic Stor... DOWNLOAD
packsearch(sfnet) Package Search - Search a missing package or classes inside ja... DOWNLOAD
gauchegc(sfnet) gauche garbage collection Gauche Garbage Collection (ggc) is a collection... DOWNLOAD
p2pmobileagent(sfnet) P2P Mobile Agent Network A java RMI implementation of a mobile agent bas... DOWNLOAD
p4s(sfnet) Projects4Schools A web application for a planned not-for-profit ... DOWNLOAD
sims3modmanager(sfnet) simsidii's Sims 3 Tools My Sims 3 Tools :D DOWNLOAD
rss-downloader(sfnet) rss-downloader Python app used to download (torrent) files fro... DOWNLOAD
fxp2(sfnet) Final Experience 2 Le RPG en ligne Final Experience 2 est un jeu 2... DOWNLOAD
glsve(sfnet) GLSVe The Graphics Library Stereo Vision Engine (GLSV... DOWNLOAD
mojopanelshs(sfnet) MojoPanel MojoPanel is a free hosting panel for offering ... DOWNLOAD
packlet(sfnet) Packlet Packlet is a simple installer for Java applicat... DOWNLOAD
bubblegame(sfnet) Bubble Game Game created with playrix engine. Very small pr... DOWNLOAD
sdictviewer(sfnet) SDict Viewer SDict Viewer is a viewer for dictionaries in op... DOWNLOAD
fripp-studio(sfnet) Fripp Fripp is a music composition environment that u... DOWNLOAD
tencoder(sfnet) TEncoder Video Converter TEncoder is a multithreaded video and audio con... DOWNLOAD
scenarlang(sfnet) ScenarLang This domain specific language lets you declare ... DOWNLOAD
npptfs(sfnet) Notepad++ TFS plugin Notepad++ plugin allows to attach files to Micr... DOWNLOAD
bika(sfnet) Bika Open Source LIS/LIMS A web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Manage... DOWNLOAD
sinergia(sfnet) Sinergia Sinergia is web based framework for developing ... DOWNLOAD
meshserializer(sfnet) jPCT-AE Mesh Serializer DOWNLOAD
omaemona(sfnet) Omaemona 2ch/Linux Omaemona 2ch/Linux (DQN) is a project to develo... DOWNLOAD
bracineve(sfnet) BraCiNeVe DOWNLOAD
three-d-marker(sfnet) 3DMarker 3DMarker is a tool for the tagging of sections ... DOWNLOAD
mysqlwithmysqli(sfnet) Mysql using Mysqli This is a mysql functions library rewritten in ... DOWNLOAD
jiu(sfnet) JIU - Java Imaging Utilities A Java library for loading, editing, analyzing ... DOWNLOAD

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