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sniffmykeys(sfnet) SniffMyKeys DOWNLOAD
dbm-project(sfnet) Database Deployment Manager DBM is a Database Deployment Manager applicatio... DOWNLOAD
jlightchesslib(sfnet) JLightChessLib This chess library will focus on checking legal... DOWNLOAD
flog(sfnet) Flash Frontend for CMS and blogs Flash Frontend for CMS and blogging softwares l... DOWNLOAD
excompcel(sfnet) EXcompCEL An easy to use Java Desktop Tool to compare Exc... DOWNLOAD
astrolabium2(sfnet) AstrolabiumPlus Virtual Planetarium and other astronomical calc... DOWNLOAD
cqinet(sfnet) CQiNet Voice over IP (VoIP) software specifically for ... DOWNLOAD
pennysms(sfnet) PennySMS PennySMS is an easy to use application that all... DOWNLOAD
residualvm(sfnet) ResidualVM ResidualVM is a cross-platform 3D game interpre... DOWNLOAD
tds2dbg(sfnet) tds2dbg A tool to convert Borland tds debug symbol file... DOWNLOAD
coccigrep(freshmeat) coccigrep Coccigrep is a semantic grep for the C language... DOWNLOAD
apmp(sfnet) APMP Another distribution of apache that contains Ap... DOWNLOAD
opensharepoint(sfnet) GroupSuite OSP is alternative groupware that provide a pla... DOWNLOAD
miscellaneous-container-templa(freshmeat) Miscellaneous Container Templates Miscellaneous Container Templates is a C++ libr... DOWNLOAD
rednotebook(freshmeat) RedNotebook RedNotebook is a graphical diary and journal to... DOWNLOAD
lifeograph(freshmeat) Lifeograph Lifeograph is a personal journal and note takin... DOWNLOAD
pyschemadiff(sfnet) Python Schema Diff Python Schema Diff is a python-based tool which... DOWNLOAD
synthclone(freshmeat) synthclone synthclone "clones" MIDI-capable inst... DOWNLOAD
username-anarchy(freshmeat) Username-Anarchy Username-Anarchy is a commandline tool for the ... DOWNLOAD
auto-irc-bot(freshmeat) Auto Auto IRC Bot is an advanced, lightweight, modul... DOWNLOAD
toppler(freshmeat) tower toppler Tower Toppler (aka Nebulous) is the reimplement... DOWNLOAD
kypeless(freshmeat) Kypeless Kypeless is a fully decentralised chat and file... DOWNLOAD
f4d(sfnet) Fiskalizacija za Delphi Delphi biblioteka za CIS porezne uprave u Hrvat... DOWNLOAD
gcc-melt(freshmeat) GCC-MELT GCC-MELT is a high-level domain specific langua... DOWNLOAD
java-kalender(sfnet) Kalender Kalender zum Eintragen von Ereignissen mit Erin... DOWNLOAD
pgformatter(freshmeat) pgFormatter pgFormatter is a SQL formatter/beautifier which... DOWNLOAD
python-ogre(sfnet) Ogre3d Python bindings (Python-Ogre) Python bindings for Ogre3d graphics engine, bui... DOWNLOAD
ccvisualizer(sfnet) CCVisualizer CCVisualizer is a multiplatform Closed Caption ... DOWNLOAD
jdiskcat(sfnet) JDiskCat Easy-to-use multi-platform cataloguing program ... DOWNLOAD
bomweather(sfnet) bomWeather Skin for Rainmeter This Rainmeter skin extracts weather from the A... DOWNLOAD
lildiskcleaner(sfnet) Little Disk Cleaner Little Disk Cleaner is a open source program wr... DOWNLOAD
reptilews(sfnet) Reptile Web Server Reptile is a web server made in Python. It supp... DOWNLOAD
pybit(freshmeat) pybit- pyBit uses AMQP to create a distributed, cross-... DOWNLOAD
adaptcms(sfnet) AdaptCMS AdaptCMS is a PHP content management system pow... DOWNLOAD
javamp3jukebox(sfnet) Java Internet Jukebox Java Internet Jukebox, a web application for br... DOWNLOAD
lmo(sfnet) Liga Manager Online The Liga Manager Online is a php-script for man... DOWNLOAD
freeplane(sfnet) Freeplane Application for Mind Mapping, Knowledge Managem... DOWNLOAD
fossa(sfnet) fossa Fossa is a runtime CUDA memory extender for Lin... DOWNLOAD
dopus5allamigas(sfnet) Dopus5 – Directory Opus 5 (OpenSource) Dopus5 (short for Directory Opus 5) is a well-k... DOWNLOAD
oracle-of-maiya(sfnet) Oracle of Maiya Oracle of Maiya is a Persona database and fusio... DOWNLOAD
wavesorter(sfnet) WaveSorter WaveSorter emphasizes dynamic visualization and... DOWNLOAD
wossname(sfnet) Wossname "Where's Wossname?" is a multiplayer ... DOWNLOAD
spaxehilk(sfnet) Spaxe Hilk Spaxe Hilk is a turn based tactical battle game... DOWNLOAD
gnu-efi(sfnet) gnu-efi Develop EFI applications for ARM-64, ARM-32, x8... DOWNLOAD
harisree(sfnet) HariSree Malayalam Software Pack To get അങ്ങനെ simply type "angane" th... DOWNLOAD
sojo(sfnet) Simplify Old Java Objects Are Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) to complex? ... DOWNLOAD
fpalsa(sfnet) fpALSA fpALSA is a Free Pascal translation of the ALSA... DOWNLOAD
makedumpfile(sfnet) makedumpfile By using the makedumpfile command, it is possib... DOWNLOAD
identikit(sfnet) Identikit A basic and easy java program to make black and... DOWNLOAD
d-p-m(sfnet) Data Processing Model Qt5 application for data linking and filtering.... DOWNLOAD
mypasswords7(sfnet) MyPasswords What you need for managing your passwords, incl... DOWNLOAD
manganoid(sfnet) MangaNoid a simple arkanoid stile's game. DOWNLOAD
pyropost(sfnet) Pyro_Fusion ColdFusion tag library that include, but not li... DOWNLOAD
hext(sfnet) hext Heavily extensible (via plugins) editor of text... DOWNLOAD
ezprogressbar(sfnet) ezProgressBar Three easy to use C++ progress bar classes: ezP... DOWNLOAD
cstringlibrary(sfnet) RDBMS4C in memory database C API NOSQL No persistent data on disc Non-tran... DOWNLOAD
lavaafm(sfnet) LAVA for AFM This MATLAB-based program enables analysis of A... DOWNLOAD
simdilema(sfnet) Sim Dilema Este é um aplicativo de simulação baseado no di... DOWNLOAD
qryff(sfnet) Query for Free "qryff" is a command that runs on the... DOWNLOAD
oscloud(sfnet) RAT for OS Cloud Reliability Assessment Tool for Open Source Clo... DOWNLOAD
openusb(sfnet) OpenUSB: an MT-safe libusb OpenUSB takes a fork of the libusb 1.0 project ... DOWNLOAD
cubedimension(sfnet) cube dimension The game was modeled on Minecraft designed to c... DOWNLOAD
aventurasolo(sfnet) Aventura-solo Crie aventuras-solo usando as regras do Mini GU... DOWNLOAD
jumpy-plugin(sfnet) jumpy Jumpy is a general purpose framework for script... DOWNLOAD
mmooog(sfnet) ParadigM O projeto tem como objetivo promover o estudo e... DOWNLOAD
popframework(sfnet) Pop Framework Pop is a J2EE framework that can be used to bui... DOWNLOAD
enterprisemon(sfnet) Enterprise Enterprise is an open source monitor and advanc... DOWNLOAD
zebra(sfnet) zebra projekt zebra1 by mandy28 DOWNLOAD
compiere(sfnet) Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution Compiere ERP+CRM is the leading open source ERP... DOWNLOAD
webze(sfnet) WebZE WebZE - new russian CMS DOWNLOAD
orca-lang(sfnet) The Orca Programming Language orca is yet another script language which suppo... DOWNLOAD
zorba(sfnet) Zorba - The XQuery Processor NOTE: Zorba is now hosted on Launchpad. Please ... DOWNLOAD
ropr-tft(sfnet) ROPR-TFT Cílem projektu je vytvoření webové aplikace, kt... DOWNLOAD
lxr(sfnet) LXR Cross Referencer A general purpose source code indexer and cross... DOWNLOAD
wiicraft(sfnet) Wiicraft MOVING!!: DOWNLOAD
advantrigoncalc(sfnet) Advanced Trigonometry Calculator Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is an open sou... DOWNLOAD
colorconvertz0r(sfnet) ColorConvertz0r New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
widmexam(sfnet) WIDM Exam WIDM Exam is dé Wie is de Mol test maker van he... DOWNLOAD
parallaxdb(sfnet) ParallaxDB Framework de persistencia, rapido e simples, cr... DOWNLOAD
damechinoise(sfnet) DameChinoise DOWNLOAD
onlinetranslate(sfnet) 在线翻译库 this is a online translation library. Through t... DOWNLOAD
knowceans(sfnet) knowceans Collection of several multi-purpose Java librar... DOWNLOAD
zcalm(sfnet) Wikidsmart Context Server by zAgile The Wikidsmart Context Server (WCS) is a Jena, ... DOWNLOAD
fluidweb(sfnet) Digital Content Component and Fluid Web Digital Content Component (DCC) is a self-descr... DOWNLOAD
formunculous(sfnet) Formunculous This is a Django based application for creating... DOWNLOAD
pdf-inc(sfnet) PDF Include MOVED: This project has moved to OE Hive at www... DOWNLOAD
manitou-mail(sfnet) Manitou-Mail Manitou-Mail is a free Qt-based database-driven... DOWNLOAD
slabs(sfnet) slabs Slabs is a software for analysing the optical r... DOWNLOAD
mumpscompiler(sfnet) Mumps to C Compiler Translator from Mumps to C DOWNLOAD
lockscreenpro(sfnet) Lockscreen Pro Lockscreen Pro's main feature is to lock your c... DOWNLOAD
namal-dic(sfnet) Engrisi:English Sinhala Learn Dictionary En Dictionary is Free, Efficiency Dictionary an... DOWNLOAD
solarex(sfnet) Solarex - Travel and Explore the Galaxy Solarex is a space traveling, trading and prosp... DOWNLOAD
blackmax(sfnet) BlackMax A Monte Carlo Micro Black Hole event generator... DOWNLOAD
applemods(sfnet) AppleMods The AppleMods project consists of AppleMods Loa... DOWNLOAD
jbernstein(sfnet) JBernstein JBernstein is a tool implemented in Java that e... DOWNLOAD
ratmoss(sfnet) RAT for Mobile OSS Reliability Assessment Tool for Mobile Open Sou... DOWNLOAD
flawfinder(sfnet) Flawfinder Flawfinder is a program that examines C source ... DOWNLOAD
orasash(sfnet) Oracle ASH Simulation Oracle Active Session History is available from... DOWNLOAD
santafu(sfnet) Santafu Santafu is a hardware monitoring tool for KDE a... DOWNLOAD
phscrs(sfnet) PhScrs - Photon Screensavers PhScrs is a library-framework like xscreensaver... DOWNLOAD

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