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megui(sfnet) MeGUI MeGUI is the most comprehensive GUI based ISO M... DOWNLOAD
taccgl(freshmeat) taccGL taccGL is a JavaScript canvas library for anima... DOWNLOAD
hotkeywatcher(sfnet) KeyboardWatcher.Net Small wrapper that uses the keyboard WindowsHoo... DOWNLOAD
guipro(sfnet) Graphical User Interface Productivity Graphical User Interface Productivity tools is ... DOWNLOAD
javadownloader(sfnet) Java Downloader(JDM) This download manager is purely written in java... DOWNLOAD
marcelojunior(sfnet) SimuladoWeb SimuladoWeb DOWNLOAD
goorm(sfnet) goorm We prepare to re-release npm install goorm go... DOWNLOAD
cloudium-os(sfnet) Cloudium OS Cloudium OS is being written in pure ASM. It's ... DOWNLOAD
lanhunt(sfnet) LanHunt LanHunt is a lan based search engine, which ena... DOWNLOAD
islam-cms(sfnet) Islam CMS برنامج إدارة محتوى المواقع الإسلامية هو نظام مج... DOWNLOAD
air-sched(sfnet) C++ Airline Travel Solution Provider The name has changed: that project has become t... DOWNLOAD
dsim(sfnet) C++ Airline Travel Market Simulator That project aims at studying and comparing typ... DOWNLOAD
fosdem-maemo(sfnet) fosdem-maemo FOSDEM Maemo application makes the conference s... DOWNLOAD
zarafa(freshmeat) Zarafa Zarafa allows you to share Outlook email and ca... DOWNLOAD
pystarter(sfnet) PyStarter PyStarter is a language and IDE intended for le... DOWNLOAD
gtktetris(sfnet) tetris-gtk A tetris clone for Linux with GTK+ interface. F... DOWNLOAD
geshi-phpbb(sfnet) phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD geshi-phpbb provides a MOD for phpBB for syntax... DOWNLOAD
bonelib(sfnet) bonelib A set of C++ classes and PERL modules to abstra... DOWNLOAD
portablegui(sfnet) PortableGUI PortableGUI is a C++ framework (Java-like class... DOWNLOAD
glx(sfnet) GLE - Graphics Layout Engine GLE is a graphics scripting language designed f... DOWNLOAD
tfieldedtext(sfnet) TFieldedText TFieldedText is a component which allows you to... DOWNLOAD
avstodvd(sfnet) AVStoDVD AVStoDVD is a flexible tool to convert various ... DOWNLOAD
tladmin(sfnet) Tennis Ladder Administrator The Tennis Ladder Administrator is a Java appli... DOWNLOAD
clus(sfnet) Clus Clus is an open source machine learning system ... DOWNLOAD
semagic(sfnet) Semagic Windows blog client for LiveJournal, Blogger an... DOWNLOAD
rle-tool(sfnet) RLE and LRE easy tool this tool is like a On-Screen Keyboard but it's... DOWNLOAD
aud-subsplitter(sfnet) AudSub Splitter this program is a GUI for and trimsubs ... DOWNLOAD
crazyepicawesom(sfnet) CrazyEpicAwesomeRandomness Crazy Epic Awesome Randomness is a simulation g... DOWNLOAD
pspxgames(sfnet) Psp X Games DOWNLOAD
python-games(sfnet) Python games A nice page of python games without need of ins... DOWNLOAD
unrimp(sfnet) Unrimp Unified renderer implementation ("Un r imp... DOWNLOAD
voynex-email-guard(freshmeat) Voynex Email Guard Voynex Email Guard is a JavaScript script desig... DOWNLOAD
custobackuppro(sfnet) CustoBackupPro CustoBackupPro is a free file backup system des... DOWNLOAD
thespg(sfnet) The Software Project Guide The Software Project Guide provides a developme... DOWNLOAD
jwebchart(sfnet) JWebChart Simple, easy to use Charting servlet developed ... DOWNLOAD
freeprograms(sfnet) FreePrograms Free Programs Is Your Source For Free Converter... DOWNLOAD
freesql-net(sfnet) FreeSQL Tool for query and manage database such as Micr... DOWNLOAD
rdbmssr(sfnet) RDBMSSR RDBMSSR: RDBMS Software Redundancy Proposal. P... DOWNLOAD
beeframework(sfnet) Bee Framework The Bee Framework is a PHP 5 DI/IoC application... DOWNLOAD
mxgraph(freshmeat) mxGraph mxGraph is a JavaScript library that uses built... DOWNLOAD
thf(sfnet) Transporting Host Files Thf is a tool for sharing an downloading files.... DOWNLOAD
terese(sfnet) Terese OCR verifier Terese is a tool for proofreading OCR text. Ter... DOWNLOAD
pystext(sfnet) PyStext PyStext displays song lyrics / songtexts indepe... DOWNLOAD
pmmlab(sfnet) PMM-Lab PMM-Lab is an open-source extension to the Kons... DOWNLOAD
postgrestats(sfnet) PostgreStats PostgreStats is a powerful set of fully automat... DOWNLOAD
the-felix(sfnet) The Felix The Felix can propagate accross a network witho... DOWNLOAD
stphplib(sfnet) SpeedTech PHP Library "SpeedTech PHP Library" is an OOP lib... DOWNLOAD
freejack(sfnet) freejack Freejack is a MVC framework for quickly buildin... DOWNLOAD
gothiccw(sfnet) GothicCreatingWeapons Program został napisany w Microsoft Visual Basi... DOWNLOAD
freescale-cusur(sfnet) FreeScale-CUSUR Programacion para el PIC (?) que se usara en el... DOWNLOAD
oragir(sfnet) Oragir Oragir project implements an alternative multip... DOWNLOAD
rfccw(sfnet) RFC Classical World A Rhye's and Fall modmod for Civilization IV se... DOWNLOAD
nagiostcpperf(sfnet) Nagios TCP Degradation Detection Plugin This Nagios plugin estimates the TCP traffic pe... DOWNLOAD
mcmanager2(sfnet) MCManager Install mods, texture packs, save files, and ja... DOWNLOAD
wristsaver(sfnet) WristSaver WristSaver is a rest reminder application for M... DOWNLOAD
pybem(sfnet) The Python play by email project PyBEM is a simple project: Python. Play by Emai... DOWNLOAD
ghmm(sfnet) General Hidden Markov Model Library The General Hidden Markov Model Library (GHMM) ... DOWNLOAD
gato(sfnet) Gato (Graph Animation Toolbox) Gato (Graph Animation Toolbox): Animate graph a... DOWNLOAD
jcprogress(sfnet) Java Console Progress Indicator Provide a java library for easily displaying di... DOWNLOAD
swatmysql(sfnet) swatmysql This project includes remote control functional... DOWNLOAD
x-itools(sfnet) X-Itools: Enterprise Collaboration X-Itools: eXtended Internet Tools. Suite of too... DOWNLOAD
eworld(sfnet) eWorld eWorld is a framework to import mapping data fr... DOWNLOAD
freefrommalaria(sfnet) Free From Malaria OLPC This project is an educational game for the Sug... DOWNLOAD
iptadmin(sfnet) iptadmin Web interface for linux firewall written in has... DOWNLOAD
dataunification(sfnet) Data Unification and manipulation API This is a simple and easy to learn javascript p... DOWNLOAD
pico-usb-adc11(sfnet) PICO USB ADC 11/12 This is a user space driver to log data from PI... DOWNLOAD
rpi-mc-project(sfnet) RPI_MultiCinema_project A new application witch is made to assist manag... DOWNLOAD
jlips(sfnet) JLIPS jLips is a lightweight Java persistence contain... DOWNLOAD
thunderpad(sfnet) Thunderpad (formerly Textpad) Thunderpad is a simple, general-purpose and cro... DOWNLOAD
craigslister(sfnet) CraigsLister Searches one or more categories on Craiglist fo... DOWNLOAD
pr2nntp(sfnet) pr2nntp pr2nntp is a gateway from RSS to NNTP. DOWNLOAD
toften-net(sfnet) tools Various modules for software developers DOWNLOAD
ontocase(sfnet) OntoCASE OntoCASE est un outil d'ingénierie ontologique ... DOWNLOAD
vrenamer(sfnet) vRenamer vRenamer is an easy to use mass renamer with a ... DOWNLOAD
vocabbuilder(sfnet) Vocabulary Builder "A picture is worth a thousand words."... DOWNLOAD
osgxi(sfnet) osgXI osgXI is a general interface of GPU effects, re... DOWNLOAD
misgames(sfnet) Missing Games This project is an initiative to create "m... DOWNLOAD
goodbyeftp(sfnet) GoodbyeFtp GoodbyeFtp is a rich, web alternative to FileZi... DOWNLOAD
vsstools(sfnet) VSSTools VSSTools is a package designed to make Visual S... DOWNLOAD
laymansys(sfnet) LayManSys LayManSys - Layout Management System - is a PHP... DOWNLOAD
spring1944(sfnet) Spring: 1944 Spring:1944 is a WWII themed game based on the ... DOWNLOAD
fx3load(sfnet) fx3load This is a branch from the fxload project, origi... DOWNLOAD
foldermenu(sfnet) Folder Menu Folder Menu - a tiny, portable folder switching... DOWNLOAD
frobenius(sfnet) Frobenius A small footprint, rapid-application, files-bas... DOWNLOAD
goldchest(sfnet) goldchest Gold Chest is a new game engine inspired by the... DOWNLOAD
tetrifast(sfnet) tetrifast tetrifast is a modified version of Tetrinet for... DOWNLOAD
osgdesigner(sfnet) osgDesigner osgDesigner is a graphical tool used to modify ... DOWNLOAD
frog(sfnet) FROG FROG is an applicative framework which is inten... DOWNLOAD
your-cms(sfnet) YourCMS YourCMS is a little content management system. ... DOWNLOAD
dingoflashxml(sfnet) Dingo Flash XML Flash XML Socket Server using Apache MINA and J... DOWNLOAD
dosage(freshmeat) Dosage Dosage is designed to keep a local copy of spec... DOWNLOAD
bleedingedge(sfnet) Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge is a shell script designed for Mi... DOWNLOAD
jillion(sfnet) Jillion Java bio-informatics library to analyze and con... DOWNLOAD
ttoogg(sfnet) ttoogg - convert audio tto ogg Convert a variety of audio formats to Ogg Vorbi... DOWNLOAD
phpmyfaq(freshmeat) phpMyFAQ phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database... DOWNLOAD
gpfinder(freshmeat) gpFinder gpFinder is a file manager based on the elFinde... DOWNLOAD
zebra_pagination(freshmeat) Zebra_Pagination Zebra_Pagination is a generic pagination PHP li... DOWNLOAD
wingdns(sfnet) G Diffuse Network Servant A Visual Basic servant for the G Diffuse Networ... DOWNLOAD
tguntella(sfnet) TGUNtella TGUNtella is an gnutella servent component suit... DOWNLOAD
cmocka(freshmeat) cmocka cmocka is a unit testing framework for C with m... DOWNLOAD

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