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ahottsmultiling(sfnet) AhoTTS Multilingual, a Multilingual TTS Text-to-Speech conversor for Basque, Spanish, C... DOWNLOAD
openttd(sfnet) OpenTTD OpenTTD is an open source clone of the Micropro... DOWNLOAD
geoserver(freshmeat) GeoServer GeoServer is a software server that allows user... DOWNLOAD
openxdas(sfnet) OpenXDAS - Distributed Auditing Service OpenXDAS is an open source implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
y-a-terminal(sfnet) YAT YAT :: Yet Another Terminal :: Operate, test an... DOWNLOAD
vxl(sfnet) The VXL Project A multi-platform collection of C++ software lib... DOWNLOAD
sysmy(sfnet) Sysmy info "Sysmy" is a simple System informatio... DOWNLOAD
epik(sfnet) Epik Utilities Epikscan is a cluster aware, diagnostic script ... DOWNLOAD
cheesyforum(sfnet) Cheesy Forum Cheesy Forum came to be since many forums eithe... DOWNLOAD
first2012(sfnet) first2012 DOWNLOAD
jasperreportapi(sfnet) Jasper-Report-Api It is the wrapper api on top of Jasper report a... DOWNLOAD
freeircd2(sfnet) freeircd Freeircd is a irc server, it has built-in servi... DOWNLOAD
mklinkgui(sfnet) MKLink_GUI Convenient GUI of mklink.exe, which may help so... DOWNLOAD
dicomparser(sfnet) DICOMParser DICOMParser is a small, lightweight C++ toolkit... DOWNLOAD
unipair(freshmeat) unipair unipair automatically searches a receiver and a... DOWNLOAD
openbrainstim(sfnet) OpenStim OpenStim is a set of open-source hardware and s... DOWNLOAD
phpmybackup(sfnet) phpMyBackupPro phpMyBackupPro is a web-based MySQL backup appl... DOWNLOAD
ordi(sfnet) ordi Ontology Representation and Data Integration (O... DOWNLOAD
freefarmfeed(sfnet) freefarmfeed/atmosfeed Freefarmfeed/Atmosfeed is an automatic twitter ... DOWNLOAD
comtor(sfnet) COMTOR Comment Mentor (COMTOR) is a tool for automatic... DOWNLOAD
phlymail(freshmeat) phlyMail phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It... DOWNLOAD
geotools(freshmeat) GeoTools GeoTools is a GIS toolkit that is used for OGC-... DOWNLOAD
oscconverters(sfnet) OSC Converters Interfaces to convert MIDI controllers to OSC c... DOWNLOAD
ledgersmb(freshmeat) LedgerSMB LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework wh... DOWNLOAD
babelz(freshmeat) BabelZ BabelZ displays a Yahoo Babel Fish widget in yo... DOWNLOAD
jamms(sfnet) Java Advanced Media Management System The Java Advanced Media Management System provi... DOWNLOAD
amavisnewsql(freshmeat) AmavisNewSQL SquirrelMail Plugin The AmavisNewSQL SquirrelMail plugin gives you ... DOWNLOAD
cardrive1(sfnet) cardrive1 It is a simulative program to give xperience of... DOWNLOAD
qhacc(freshmeat) QHacc QHacc is a personal accounting program based on... DOWNLOAD
ikkiboot(sfnet) Ikki Boot Ikki Boot is a Live CD multiboot which aims tro... DOWNLOAD
opennms(freshmeat) OpenNMS OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network m... DOWNLOAD
oscjavaformax(sfnet) OSC Java Objects For Max Objects for Max/MSP for all-round OSC support, ... DOWNLOAD
bootstrap-datetime-picker(freshmeat) Bootstrap DateTime Picker Bootstrap DateTime Picker is a picker which su... DOWNLOAD
tboot(sfnet) Trusted Boot Trusted Boot (tboot) is an open source, pre- ke... DOWNLOAD
ghspammer(sfnet) GH Spammer GH Spammer is a advanced spamming tool. It can ... DOWNLOAD
xartnote(sfnet) xartnote XartNote is an open source diary, note and jour... DOWNLOAD
didyoureadme(sfnet) didyoureadme System to control who and when a group reads a ... DOWNLOAD
freedem(sfnet) FreeDEM FreeDEM is an implementation of a process-based... DOWNLOAD
shellnewhandler(sfnet) ShellNewHandler ShellNewHandler is an Open-Source Tool to enabl... DOWNLOAD
swfdestructor(sfnet) SwfDestructor Console application for extracting parts of .sw... DOWNLOAD
vipertracker(sfnet) ViperTracker ViperTracker is a CGI script written in Perl. I... DOWNLOAD
freejeweled(sfnet) FreeJeweled FreeJeweled is a simple match-3 game inspired b... DOWNLOAD
ccutil(sfnet) Automatic CueCat Formatter Handles capture, decoding, formatting and outpu... DOWNLOAD
bmrsa(sfnet) RSA Cryptographic Text Processor Generate RSA key pairs of arbitrary length; con... DOWNLOAD
gamedevprj(sfnet) Scrolling Game Development Kit Games A collection of games created with the Scrollin... DOWNLOAD
learnforall(sfnet) LearnForAll Program for learning vocabulary and flash cards... DOWNLOAD
repetitnettsqli(sfnet) Repetit.Net.T.SQLite Repetit (homoeopathisches Repetitorium) ist ein... DOWNLOAD
tellico(freshmeat) Tellico Tellico is a collection manager for KDE. It inc... DOWNLOAD
awvoronoi(sfnet) awVoronoi A console application that reads points with we... DOWNLOAD
gamedev(sfnet) Scrolling Game Development Kit Create a complete game or game components for e... DOWNLOAD
sgdk2(sfnet) Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 All-in-one program for creating 2D scrolling ga... DOWNLOAD
retab(sfnet) Retab Retab is a command line utility that allows you... DOWNLOAD
msgparser(sfnet) msgparser msgparser is a small open source Java library t... DOWNLOAD
dvd-at-home(sfnet) DVD@Home Your movies (DVD & more) library ... Using ... DOWNLOAD
bdi4jade(sfnet) BDI4JADE BDI4JADE is an agent platform based on the BDI ... DOWNLOAD
jchemistry(sfnet) jchemistry - Enum containing all elements from periodic ta... DOWNLOAD
validity(sfnet) Validity With use of annotations Validity can validate j... DOWNLOAD
deas(sfnet) Data Envelopment Analysis using Stata The goal of this project is to develop a Data E... DOWNLOAD
travel-ccm(sfnet) C++ Travel Customer Choice Model Library That project aims at providing a clean API, and... DOWNLOAD
avlcal(sfnet) C++ Seat Availability Calculator Library That project aims at providing a clean API and ... DOWNLOAD
dofei(sfnet) dofei my web sites projects DOWNLOAD
cgstmad(sfnet) cgstmad Cgstmad is an experimental articulatory speech ... DOWNLOAD
mtr-gen(sfnet) Migration Test Report Generator It's a template for migration test report gener... DOWNLOAD
xbps(freshmeat) XBPS The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is ... DOWNLOAD
denovoassembly(sfnet) De Novo Assembly From Clinical Trials UPDATES/ NOTICES WILL BE POSTED TO THE DISCUSSI... DOWNLOAD
rmol(sfnet) C++ Revenue Management Open Library That project (RMOL) aims at giving developers c... DOWNLOAD
minimagasm(freshmeat) MiniMagAsm MiniMagAsm is minimalistic, but powerful and fl... DOWNLOAD
megui(sfnet) MeGUI MeGUI is the most comprehensive GUI based ISO M... DOWNLOAD
taccgl(freshmeat) taccGL taccGL is a JavaScript canvas library for anima... DOWNLOAD
hotkeywatcher(sfnet) KeyboardWatcher.Net Small wrapper that uses the keyboard WindowsHoo... DOWNLOAD
guipro(sfnet) Graphical User Interface Productivity Graphical User Interface Productivity tools is ... DOWNLOAD
javadownloader(sfnet) Java Downloader(JDM) This download manager is purely written in java... DOWNLOAD
marcelojunior(sfnet) SimuladoWeb SimuladoWeb DOWNLOAD
goorm(sfnet) goorm We prepare to re-release npm install goorm go... DOWNLOAD
cloudium-os(sfnet) Cloudium OS Cloudium OS is being written in pure ASM. It's ... DOWNLOAD
lanhunt(sfnet) LanHunt LanHunt is a lan based search engine, which ena... DOWNLOAD
islam-cms(sfnet) Islam CMS برنامج إدارة محتوى المواقع الإسلامية هو نظام مج... DOWNLOAD
air-sched(sfnet) C++ Airline Travel Solution Provider The name has changed: that project has become t... DOWNLOAD
dsim(sfnet) C++ Airline Travel Market Simulator That project aims at studying and comparing typ... DOWNLOAD
fosdem-maemo(sfnet) fosdem-maemo FOSDEM Maemo application makes the conference s... DOWNLOAD
zarafa(freshmeat) Zarafa Zarafa allows you to share Outlook email and ca... DOWNLOAD
pystarter(sfnet) PyStarter PyStarter is a language and IDE intended for le... DOWNLOAD
gtktetris(sfnet) tetris-gtk A tetris clone for Linux with GTK+ interface. F... DOWNLOAD
geshi-phpbb(sfnet) phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD geshi-phpbb provides a MOD for phpBB for syntax... DOWNLOAD
bonelib(sfnet) bonelib A set of C++ classes and PERL modules to abstra... DOWNLOAD
portablegui(sfnet) PortableGUI PortableGUI is a C++ framework (Java-like class... DOWNLOAD
glx(sfnet) GLE - Graphics Layout Engine GLE is a graphics scripting language designed f... DOWNLOAD
tfieldedtext(sfnet) TFieldedText TFieldedText is a component which allows you to... DOWNLOAD
avstodvd(sfnet) AVStoDVD AVStoDVD is a flexible tool to convert various ... DOWNLOAD
tladmin(sfnet) Tennis Ladder Administrator The Tennis Ladder Administrator is a Java appli... DOWNLOAD
clus(sfnet) Clus Clus is an open source machine learning system ... DOWNLOAD
semagic(sfnet) Semagic Windows blog client for LiveJournal, Blogger an... DOWNLOAD
rle-tool(sfnet) RLE and LRE easy tool this tool is like a On-Screen Keyboard but it's... DOWNLOAD
aud-subsplitter(sfnet) AudSub Splitter this program is a GUI for and trimsubs ... DOWNLOAD
crazyepicawesom(sfnet) CrazyEpicAwesomeRandomness Crazy Epic Awesome Randomness is a simulation g... DOWNLOAD
pspxgames(sfnet) Psp X Games DOWNLOAD
python-games(sfnet) Python games A nice page of python games without need of ins... DOWNLOAD
unrimp(sfnet) Unrimp Unified renderer implementation ("Un r imp... DOWNLOAD
voynex-email-guard(freshmeat) Voynex Email Guard Voynex Email Guard is a JavaScript script desig... DOWNLOAD
custobackuppro(sfnet) CustoBackupPro CustoBackupPro is a free file backup system des... DOWNLOAD

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