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spring1944(sfnet) Spring: 1944 Spring:1944 is a WWII themed game based on the ... DOWNLOAD
fx3load(sfnet) fx3load This is a branch from the fxload project, origi... DOWNLOAD
foldermenu(sfnet) Folder Menu Folder Menu - a tiny, portable folder switching... DOWNLOAD
frobenius(sfnet) Frobenius A small footprint, rapid-application, files-bas... DOWNLOAD
goldchest(sfnet) goldchest Gold Chest is a new game engine inspired by the... DOWNLOAD
tetrifast(sfnet) tetrifast tetrifast is a modified version of Tetrinet for... DOWNLOAD
osgdesigner(sfnet) osgDesigner osgDesigner is a graphical tool used to modify ... DOWNLOAD
frog(sfnet) FROG FROG is an applicative framework which is inten... DOWNLOAD
your-cms(sfnet) YourCMS YourCMS is a little content management system. ... DOWNLOAD
dingoflashxml(sfnet) Dingo Flash XML Flash XML Socket Server using Apache MINA and J... DOWNLOAD
dosage(freshmeat) Dosage Dosage is designed to keep a local copy of spec... DOWNLOAD
bleedingedge(sfnet) Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge is a shell script designed for Mi... DOWNLOAD
jillion(sfnet) Jillion Java bio-informatics library to analyze and con... DOWNLOAD
ttoogg(sfnet) ttoogg - convert audio tto ogg Convert a variety of audio formats to Ogg Vorbi... DOWNLOAD
phpmyfaq(freshmeat) phpMyFAQ phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database... DOWNLOAD
gpfinder(freshmeat) gpFinder gpFinder is a file manager based on the elFinde... DOWNLOAD
zebra_pagination(freshmeat) Zebra_Pagination Zebra_Pagination is a generic pagination PHP li... DOWNLOAD
wingdns(sfnet) G Diffuse Network Servant A Visual Basic servant for the G Diffuse Networ... DOWNLOAD
tguntella(sfnet) TGUNtella TGUNtella is an gnutella servent component suit... DOWNLOAD
cmocka(freshmeat) cmocka cmocka is a unit testing framework for C with m... DOWNLOAD
lbdmf(sfnet) DMF: Distributed Multiplatform Framework A component based programming framework. This p... DOWNLOAD
974-application-server(freshmeat) 974 Application Server 974 Application Server helps with development o... DOWNLOAD
freezeattrib(sfnet) freezeattrib Save/restore filesystem meta data to/from a SVN... DOWNLOAD
jasocket(freshmeat) JASocket JASocket is a lock-free, scalable, and robust s... DOWNLOAD
osdfs(sfnet) OSD File Sytem (osdfs) Osdfs is a file system that uses IBM's object s... DOWNLOAD
osmaps(sfnet) OSMaps OSMaps is a free client application for renderi... DOWNLOAD
yasr(sfnet) Yet Another Screen Reader (yasr) Yasr is a light-weight, portable console screen... DOWNLOAD
lqfbanalyser(sfnet) LQFB-analyser A rich client to analyse data from a liquid-fee... DOWNLOAD
smallsocks(freshmeat) smallSocks smallSocks is a small SOCKS server implementati... DOWNLOAD
phpsessionsmanagement(freshmeat) Zebra_Session Zebra_Session is a PHP class that acts as a wra... DOWNLOAD
corporate-bullshit-generator(freshmeat) Corporate Bullshit Generator The Corporate Bullshit Generator is a high-perf... DOWNLOAD
globe_3d(freshmeat) GLOBE_3D GLOBE_3D is a real-time 3D engine. It features ... DOWNLOAD
ondine(freshmeat) Ondine Ondine is an audio player based on the GStreame... DOWNLOAD
excel-writer(freshmeat) Excel Writer Excel Writer is a package for easily writing Ex... DOWNLOAD
htmlchecker(sfnet) HTML checker This is a HTML, XHTML and XML validator and rep... DOWNLOAD
free3dphotomake(sfnet) Free 3D Photo Maker The program allows you to create 3D pictures us... DOWNLOAD
manuos(sfnet) ManuOS Currently ManuOS kernel is under development. O... DOWNLOAD
zanyblue(sfnet) ZanyBlue ZanyBlue: Ada libraries towards a finite elemen... DOWNLOAD
vapp(sfnet) Vapp IVR framework A Python library to create sophisticated multil... DOWNLOAD
homeaccount(sfnet) HomeAccount HomeAccount is an application to record and cal... DOWNLOAD
diskmarkstream(sfnet) DiskMarkStream DiskMarkStream is an automatic macro tool speci... DOWNLOAD
chatmeimapps(sfnet) XMPP Client Grazie a questa pagina è possibile scaricare il... DOWNLOAD
myliwebro(sfnet) MyLiWeBro DOWNLOAD
language-popularity-index(freshmeat) Language Popularity Index The Language Popularity Index tool is a fully a... DOWNLOAD
mediapalyergo(sfnet) MediaGo Player MediaGo Player is a multi media player . Suppor... DOWNLOAD
worldenginprj(sfnet) The WorldEngin Project This project has been shutdown by the author du... DOWNLOAD
winappdbg(sfnet) WinAppDbg Debugger The WinAppDbg python module allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
simpy(sfnet) SimPy Simulation Package SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulat... DOWNLOAD
prrescue(freshmeat) PrRescue PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64/i... DOWNLOAD
pyris(sfnet) Pyris Blogging Tool Pyris is a completely customizable blogging too... DOWNLOAD
lizaronote(sfnet) Lizaro Note ++ This project content a note pad with advanced f... DOWNLOAD
vrapper(freshmeat) Vrapper Vrapper is an Eclipse plugin which acts as a wr... DOWNLOAD
bputilsutils(sfnet) BPUtils BPUtils is a Sterling Integrator BP file manipu... DOWNLOAD
swissfileknife(sfnet) Swiss File Knife A hundred command line tools in one executable.... DOWNLOAD
pythonnet(sfnet) Python for .NET Python for .NET is a package that gives Python ... DOWNLOAD
lizarosnooper(sfnet) Lizaro Snooper Este aplicativo realiza buscas na Internet, atr... DOWNLOAD
fsbdit(sfnet) FSB Data Integrity Tester When data is being transfered between CPU and m... DOWNLOAD
dacs(freshmeat) Distributed Access Control System DACS is a light-weight single sign-on and role-... DOWNLOAD
swab(sfnet) swab: System Wide Address Book for Linux This is swab, the System Wide Address Book for ... DOWNLOAD
tkwebbud(sfnet) Tk Web form Buddy Tk Web form buddy helps one fill out Web forms ... DOWNLOAD
canui(sfnet) canui A generic user interface library for the html5 ... DOWNLOAD
way2sms-client(sfnet) way2smsclient Way2sms client tool is an utility which sends s... DOWNLOAD
libftdi(freshmeat) libftdi libftdi is a library that talks to FTDI's FT232... DOWNLOAD
vivo(sfnet) VIVO VIVO is a semantic web project built on the Jen... DOWNLOAD
ic-parallelssh(sfnet) IdeaConnect parallelSSH IdeaConnect parallelSSH (pSSH) is a Secure Shel... DOWNLOAD
threed4wins(sfnet) 3D4Wins This is a 3D-Version of the famous 4 Wins game.... DOWNLOAD
bitscoursesync(sfnet) CourseSync The program automatically synchronizes (one way... DOWNLOAD
nine9(sfnet) nine9 DOWNLOAD
chemclean1(sfnet) chemclean DOWNLOAD
ultralog(freshmeat) ultralog ultralog is a logging framework for Java that o... DOWNLOAD
opencobol2java(sfnet) RES - An Open Cobol To Java Translator RES is a pure Java based Open Source Cobol to J... DOWNLOAD
bkc(sfnet) BKC Bkc is short for blade kit of c language. Bkc i... DOWNLOAD
pcemu(sfnet) PCEmu PCEmu is a software-only PC emulator. It emulat... DOWNLOAD
pystshell(sfnet) pyst An experimental shell which tries to blend the ... DOWNLOAD
impositor(sfnet) impositor The script for create of imposition of pdf file... DOWNLOAD
pylsbtoolkit(sfnet) pylsb-toolkit This is a small and simple toolkit that might b... DOWNLOAD
enigmagick(sfnet) EnigMagick A simple web based tool for analysing a text st... DOWNLOAD
pwds2013(sfnet) Password Strength No description DOWNLOAD
x86emu(sfnet) Pokas x86 Emulator Pokas x86 Emulator is an Application-Only emula... DOWNLOAD
openemm(freshmeat) OpenEMM OpenEMM is a Web-based enterprise application f... DOWNLOAD
ecajax(sfnet) ecAjax Introduction Since the introduction of Ajax, se... DOWNLOAD
grabbytemper(sfnet) grabbyTEMPer For newer devices, listed in lsusb like this on... DOWNLOAD
filteredpush(sfnet) FilteredPush Network software for annotation and quality con... DOWNLOAD
skipr(sfnet) Windows Media Player Plug-in Windows Media Player Plug-in for quick commerci... DOWNLOAD
fourpane(sfnet) 4Pane 4Pane is a highly configurable Linux filemanage... DOWNLOAD
penetwork(sfnet) PENetwork PENM ("PE Network Manager") is a smal... DOWNLOAD
vmware-svga(sfnet) VMware SVGA Device Developer Kit Documentation, examples, and reference driver c... DOWNLOAD
mercuriusclient(sfnet) Tracefrog Tracefrog is a program that gives you the real ... DOWNLOAD
fest(sfnet) Festival Event Support Tool A configurable website/database (PHP/MySQL) to ... DOWNLOAD
cogitant(sfnet) Cogitant The Cogitant library is a set of C++ classes en... DOWNLOAD
fsscanner(sfnet) Filesystemscanner If you have a filesystem where many different f... DOWNLOAD
opensc(sfnet) OpenSC The OpenSC project allows the use of PKCS #15 c... DOWNLOAD
rezgo(sfnet) Rezgo Open Source Booking Engine The Rezgo Open Source Booking Engine allows you... DOWNLOAD
speech2text(sfnet) simon The project provides a ready-to-use interface f... DOWNLOAD
osbl(sfnet) Open Source Block Language (OSBL) OSBL is a tool for programming with blocks whos... DOWNLOAD
asterix(sfnet) AsterixInspector AsterixInspector - displays contents of files i... DOWNLOAD
ccglue(sfnet) ccglue ccglue is a complementary tool to cscope and ct... DOWNLOAD
wifimetropolis(sfnet) Wifi Metropolis 3 Wifi Metropolis its for Wireless Audit DOWNLOAD
encrypterapp(sfnet) Encrypter Encrypter is a free folder encrypting and hidin... DOWNLOAD

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