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libmicrohttpd(freshmeat) GNU libmicrohttpd GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library for embe... DOWNLOAD
openturns(sfnet) OpenTURNS OpenTURNS is a Unix/Linux software with two mai... DOWNLOAD
gnunet(freshmeat) GNUnet GNUnet is a peer-to-peer framework with focus o... DOWNLOAD
gsn(sfnet) Global Sensor Networks (GSN) GSN is a middleware (extendible software infras... DOWNLOAD
pandoraxmpp(sfnet) Pandora XMPP Client A simple Jabber / XMPP client for GNOME Un simp... DOWNLOAD
ohpass(sfnet) OhPass Password Generator Tiny but powerful java-based password generator... DOWNLOAD
rtw-stethoscope(sfnet) EHAS-Fundatel RT Wireless Stethoscope Libre Software to manage audio/video connection... DOWNLOAD
okok88(sfnet) okok88 otherwise use encryption DOWNLOAD
extutils(sfnet) PatentX - EPOScan extra utilities This is a software to operate some functions ov... DOWNLOAD
hbasemanagergui(sfnet) HBase Manager HBase Manager provides a simple GU Interface to... DOWNLOAD
fravidofilekill(sfnet) FileEraser Aktuelle Version 0.2.2013.111 Changelog: http:/... DOWNLOAD
ehelper(sfnet) ehelper DOWNLOAD
contra-captcha(sfnet) contraCaptcha ContraCaptcha is a Java-based libary for solvin... DOWNLOAD
gamepad(sfnet) Wavepacket Gamepad Library Multiplatform library built with minimal or no ... DOWNLOAD
pampoo(sfnet) pampoo Pampoo is a lightweight php MVC framework for e... DOWNLOAD
aproject(sfnet) projectTesting This is a first project for testing svn control DOWNLOAD
moviepaint(sfnet) MoviePaint MoviePaint is an open source paint program, bas... DOWNLOAD
lazyweb-tweets(freshmeat) Lazyweb tweets Lazyweb tweets is a simple Web site that allows... DOWNLOAD
cothello(sfnet) C# Othello Just messing around, attempt to create an Othel... DOWNLOAD
tchatchepartage(sfnet) peer to peer tchatche and share see a demo: DOWNLOAD
kanapi(sfnet) kanapi Projects goals are: * Prepare operating system ... DOWNLOAD
simpledungeonbb(sfnet) Simple dungeon : Avator chat/MMO enabler Simple dungeon is a web API based MUD server. T... DOWNLOAD
downinggames(sfnet) Andrew Downing's ActionScript Obfuscator DowningGames's open source portal, currently ho... DOWNLOAD
urgbenri(sfnet) UrgBenri A useful tool for viewing, recording and replay... DOWNLOAD
javaroguelike(sfnet) roguelike latté a java roguelike thing with pookeyballs and stuff DOWNLOAD
gialamp(sfnet) Giala Media Player The newest media player DOWNLOAD
scbugdb(sfnet) Completely Self-Contained Bug Database A bug database that requires no additional soft... DOWNLOAD
hackout(sfnet) Hackathon for Outbreak Analysis in R This is the sourceforge project supporting &quo... DOWNLOAD
patonline(sfnet) PatOnline PatOnline is the game of pittyPat that can be p... DOWNLOAD
jenes(sfnet) Jenes - Genetic Algorithms for Java An optimized java library for genetic algorithm... DOWNLOAD
ismrmrd(sfnet) ismrmrd DOWNLOAD
newsgrowler(sfnet) NewsGrowler Command line tool to watch an RSS feed and grow... DOWNLOAD
coldbrewhelpdes(sfnet) LynxHD LynxHD is a PHP helpdesk that is stylish and fu... DOWNLOAD
fsp-lnxdrv(sfnet) Linux Finger-sensing Pad Driver The Linux driver and control program for Sentel... DOWNLOAD
pamvotis(sfnet) Pamvotis - IEEE 802.11 WLAN Simulator Pamvotis is a Wireless LAN Simulator for all th... DOWNLOAD
notus(sfnet) Notus Modern GUI/GDI template library. Notus is an at... DOWNLOAD
greasyspoon(sfnet) GreasySpoon HTTPトラフィックを介してサービスを作成するため... DOWNLOAD
jui-pagination(sfnet) jui_pagination jQuery pagination plugin (using jQuery UI) jui... DOWNLOAD
pgstatsinfo(sfnet) pg_statsinfo Pg_statsinfo is a utility that monitor statisti... DOWNLOAD
darwine(sfnet) WINE for Darwin and Mac OS X Use Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) to run Windo... DOWNLOAD
bsfperl(sfnet) BSFPerl BSFPerl is a Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) eng... DOWNLOAD
chemcleantool(sfnet) chemclean tool DOWNLOAD
rikudou-cv(sfnet) Computer Vision DOWNLOAD
dlfss(sfnet) Drive Live For Speed Server DLFSS Project is an reference OpenSource addons... DOWNLOAD
cyberknight(sfnet) Cyber Knight Cyber Knight is a game engine for developing ed... DOWNLOAD
imoodupdater(sfnet) iMood Updater Update your internet mood ( via a loc... DOWNLOAD
einsteinpuzzles(sfnet) Einstein's Puzzle Solver Solver for Einstein's Puzzle Using scopes, fact... DOWNLOAD
meshcms(sfnet) MeshCMS MeshCMS is a CMS (Content Management System) de... DOWNLOAD
nebula-irc(sfnet) Nebula IRC Nebula: A small and lean IRC client written for... DOWNLOAD
it2(sfnet) Intruder's Thunder 2 Intruder's Thunder 2 is a stealth/action game w... DOWNLOAD
colllib(sfnet) CollLib CollLib is a library of functions, interfaces, ... DOWNLOAD
gamepad-opengl(sfnet) Gamepad OpenGL Sample This is a simple OpenGL-based library to demons... DOWNLOAD
digital-gaffiot(sfnet) Digital Gaffiot This project aims at providing TEI-compliant XM... DOWNLOAD
cybertester(sfnet) CyberTester Web-based application to allow teachers to crea... DOWNLOAD
ggseq(sfnet) Gungirl Sequencer Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequen... DOWNLOAD
openkm(sfnet) OpenKM Document Management - DMS OpenKM is a powerful and scalable multiplatform... DOWNLOAD
vidsync(sfnet) VidSync A scientific videogrammetry program for Mac OS ... DOWNLOAD
testguesser(sfnet) TestGuesser TestGuesser guesses the answers to simulated te... DOWNLOAD
cygnetxiv(sfnet) Cygnet XIV Cygnet XIV compliments users by selecting a ran... DOWNLOAD
cop3223(sfnet) COP3223 COP3223 is a set of programs written for Mr. Ar... DOWNLOAD
printprogress(sfnet) printProgress printProgress prints out a progress bar given a... DOWNLOAD
cop3330(sfnet) COP3330 In the fall semester of 2011, I attended an Obj... DOWNLOAD
jsoapserver(sfnet) jSoapServer a java library that implements a multi-threaded... DOWNLOAD
tiendaonliness(sfnet) Sistema Bibliotecario Organizador Este es un software para la administración y ge... DOWNLOAD
cop3502h(sfnet) COP3502H In the spring semester of 2012, I attended a &q... DOWNLOAD
quill(sfnet) quill Gesture Designer quill lets you create gestures for your pen-bas... DOWNLOAD
ahe3(sfnet) AHE3 The Application Hosting Environment 3 is a ligh... DOWNLOAD
infotokens(sfnet) InfoTokens InfoTokens simulates the accumulation of inform... DOWNLOAD
mcy(sfnet) Mcyber 2.1.0 Sistemas Operativos Linux para Locutorios y Cib... DOWNLOAD
mcversioonchoos(sfnet) MCVersioonChooser DOWNLOAD
e107german(sfnet) e107 german Deutsches Support Projekt für das e107 CMS, Spr... DOWNLOAD
dasit(sfnet) DASiT DASiT is a simulation teaching tool based on DL... DOWNLOAD
frogger-hspec(sfnet) 5Frogger This is the first time I programmed a game! It'... DOWNLOAD
vendettaproject(sfnet) Vendetta Vendetta is software to create and administrate... DOWNLOAD
penusator(sfnet) Penusator Penusator obfuscates filenames. DOWNLOAD
bossfight(sfnet) BossFight BossFight is a console-based boss fight game ba... DOWNLOAD
matchinggame(sfnet) Matching Game A simple color matching game I wrote in a Java ... DOWNLOAD
etd(sfnet) EscapeTheDungeon EscapeTheDungeon is a text-based RPG-style game... DOWNLOAD
agoogletranslat(sfnet) GoogleTranslateAPI.DLL This library (the DLL), to work with the online... DOWNLOAD
pserv(sfnet) pServ The aim of pServ (pico Server) is to create a p... DOWNLOAD
price(sfnet) PRICE - image filtering and manipulation PRICE: a high-quality image manipulation and en... DOWNLOAD
gameplayer(sfnet) Game Player Basically, Game Player is an object-oriented wr... DOWNLOAD
mockftpserver(sfnet) MockFtpServer The MockFtpServer project provides a mock/dummy... DOWNLOAD
usebb(sfnet) UseBB UseBB 1, a classic PHP 4 based bulletin board p... DOWNLOAD
fpgalibre(sfnet) Free tools and cores for FPGAs Tools for FPGA development and IP cores. This p... DOWNLOAD
libmigdb(sfnet) GDB/Machine Interface library A GDB/MI interface library for C and C++. It im... DOWNLOAD
setedit(sfnet) SET's Editor, a friendly text editor SETEdit is a friendly text editor. It is a text... DOWNLOAD
phpdtaus(sfnet) PHP DTAUS PHP5-Classes, that creates/parses the german DT... DOWNLOAD
mongolantern(sfnet) MongoLantern - MongoDB Fulltext Search MongoLantern is an open source full text search... DOWNLOAD
openfablab(sfnet) openfablab Software script assembly to be executed on cnc ... DOWNLOAD
commopt(sfnet) CommOpt Description and source files are in preparation... DOWNLOAD
orabra(sfnet) Orabra This project was designed as fork of Arbaro tre... DOWNLOAD
votesim(sfnet) VoteSim VoteSim simulates three main types of elections... DOWNLOAD
smschat(sfnet) SMS Chat SMS Chat application. Operators replay to SMS m... DOWNLOAD
sharpdownload(sfnet) SharpDownload Open source download manager built using the Mi... DOWNLOAD
crdatacenter(sfnet) Data Center DOWNLOAD
phpip(sfnet) phpIP Management phpIP Management is a complete IPv4 IPAM (IP ad... DOWNLOAD
phpmassshopping(sfnet) UnoCarts System UnoCarts is a open source Shopping Cart Softwar... DOWNLOAD
puddletag(sfnet) puddletag puddletag is an audio tag editor (primarily cre... DOWNLOAD
filtokai(sfnet) Filtokai Filtokai est un système permettant d’attribuer ... DOWNLOAD

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