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acmultiplex(sfnet) ACMultiPlex A package of loosely-coupled tools to assist fa... DOWNLOAD
openlook(sfnet) openlook Sun's OpenLook Desktop - xview library, olvwm w... DOWNLOAD
jpcap(sfnet) Network Packet Capture Facility for Java jpcap is a set of Java classes which provide an... DOWNLOAD
mockejb(sfnet) MockEJB Lightweight framework allowing to run EJBs with... DOWNLOAD
cynote(sfnet) CyNote Laboratory notebook using version control syste... DOWNLOAD
diredesire(sfnet) Dire Desire Full working 3D Role Playing Game developed fro... DOWNLOAD
smuje2d(sfnet) Smuje2d Shoot 'em Up Java Engine 2 Dimensional (Smuje2d... DOWNLOAD
abgate(sfnet) abGate LV2 abGate - Noise gate plugin DOWNLOAD
geocrimedata(sfnet) geocrimedata A code repository for the GeoCrimeData project ... DOWNLOAD
enviidlcodelibr(sfnet) Colibri - The ENVI / IDL Code Library Colibri is a repository for source code develop... DOWNLOAD
codetimer(sfnet) Code Timer Code Timer keeps track the time you spent learn... DOWNLOAD
dsicmtools(sfnet) DSICM network monitoring tools A set of tools used in DSICM UW - Core Network ... DOWNLOAD
genreman(sfnet) iTunes Genre Art Manager The iTunes Genre Art Manager allows you to cust... DOWNLOAD
spodek(sfnet) Spodek Supreme Driver WindowsNT 5.x kernel driver designed to hide th... DOWNLOAD
sersync(sfnet) sersync sersync is mainly used in server synchronizatio... DOWNLOAD
directfb-vnc(sfnet) DirectFB-VNC Integration Project A project undertaken to integrate VNC(Virtual N... DOWNLOAD
gilligan(sfnet) GilliGan - don't stay on your island GilliGan is outdated! I recommend to use Doctri... DOWNLOAD
copads(sfnet) copads A collection of pure Python algorithms and data... DOWNLOAD
reflexil(sfnet) Reflexil Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a pl... DOWNLOAD
metat(sfnet) Metatest Metatest is an integration and load testing fra... DOWNLOAD
ifcexporter(sfnet) IFC for Revit This is the .NET code used by the Revit 2015 fa... DOWNLOAD
cp2103-config(sfnet) cp2103-config This is a simple command line tool to customize... DOWNLOAD
aupparser(sfnet) AUP parser AUP parser is a parser of Air Use Plan specific... DOWNLOAD
briskas(sfnet) Spanish Napiers Spanish Napiers, is a card game based on the po... DOWNLOAD
denovoassembler(sfnet) Ray: scalable assembly de novo genome assembly is now a challenge beca... DOWNLOAD
grisbi(sfnet) Grisbi Grisbi is a very functional personal financial ... DOWNLOAD
geobake(sfnet) geobake geoBake Maya geometry caching plugin DOWNLOAD
pbotagger(sfnet) PowerBuilder Object Tagger The PowerBuilder Object Tagger tags object so t... DOWNLOAD
the7scales(sfnet) The 7-Scales The 7-Scales project aims to establish a simple... DOWNLOAD
infopad(sfnet) InfoPad InfoPad is a utility to store short notes and o... DOWNLOAD
ftop(sfnet) ftop Ftop displays progress information for the open... DOWNLOAD
cplreminder(sfnet) Chicago Public Library Reminder I wanted to get reacquainted with C++ and a due... DOWNLOAD
k2devel(sfnet) k2development k2development consists of Assembler,Linker and ... DOWNLOAD
trdatasync(sfnet) TR Data Sync TR Data Sync is an application for folder synch... DOWNLOAD
peardevbuild(sfnet) Pear Linux Dev Build Development page of Pear Linux. DOWNLOAD
veavrcclasslibr(sfnet) VE_AVR C++ Class Library VE_AVR C++ Class Library is the extendable set ... DOWNLOAD
veduino(sfnet) VEduino Library for Arduino VE_AVR C++ Class Library is the extendable set ... DOWNLOAD
dumpmon(sfnet) Simple Dumping Monitor for Arduino Simple Dumping Monitor Library (DumpMon) for Ar... DOWNLOAD
trgameengine(sfnet) TR Game Engine This library providing a simple 2D real-time re... DOWNLOAD
fx-player(sfnet) FX Player : yet another streaming server FX Player is a Web-based streaming server with ... DOWNLOAD
steamengine(sfnet) SteamEngine SteamEngine is a new open-source UO server emul... DOWNLOAD
kwamoja(sfnet) KwaMoja KwaMoja is designed to help you manage your bus... DOWNLOAD
opennx(sfnet) OpenNX Client OpenNX is an OSS drop-in replacement for Nomach... DOWNLOAD
silexblog(sfnet) silex-blog 这是一个使用Silex微型框架开发的博客系统 DOWNLOAD
geomi2(sfnet) GEOMI2 GEOMI (Geometry for Maximum Insight) is a visua... DOWNLOAD
geom4j(sfnet) geom4j Geom4J is a computational geometry library for ... DOWNLOAD
coralfsp(sfnet) FSP - Simple Persistence Framework FSP is a simple persistence framework for relat... DOWNLOAD
kaf(sfnet) Khelben Arcade Frontend Khelben Arcade Frontend (KAF) is a Mame fronten... DOWNLOAD
emboslab(sfnet) eMBosLab A lot of embedded systems are free. We create a... DOWNLOAD
palooca(sfnet) PalOOCa OpenOffice Extension for Palo The PalOOCa Project offers a fast, flexible and... DOWNLOAD
biblesuper(sfnet) Bible SuperSearch Advanced web-based Bible passage lookup and sea... DOWNLOAD
cdat(sfnet) UV-CDAT Ultrascale Visualization Climate Data Analysis ... DOWNLOAD
libcommerce(sfnet) libcommerce We provide tools to create your own online stor... DOWNLOAD
incrtcl(sfnet) [incr Tcl] [incr Tcl] is the most widely used O-O system f... DOWNLOAD
remote-support(sfnet) Remote Support Remote Support is a simple solution aimed at pr... DOWNLOAD
genode-fx(sfnet) Genode FPGA Graphics Genode FX is a composition of hardware and soft... DOWNLOAD
simelo(sfnet) simelo Our goal is to find out useful and funny ways f... DOWNLOAD
e-xml(sfnet) E-XML Parsing Library A XML pull-parse library for Java 1.2, designed... DOWNLOAD
notepro(sfnet) Programmers Extendable Text Editor The Programmers Extendable Text Editor project ... DOWNLOAD
warzone2100(sfnet) Warzone 2100 You command the forces of “The Project” in a ba... DOWNLOAD
roninlinux(sfnet) RŌNIN RŌNIN is a linux security distribution (based o... DOWNLOAD
gingkgo(sfnet) GingkgoTravel This is the announcement of an initiative to es... DOWNLOAD
genesiscomp(sfnet) KENS KENS is a group of libraries that allow to comp... DOWNLOAD
jtrazabilidad(sfnet) JTrazabilidad Software de Trazabilidad animal DOWNLOAD
uiunit(sfnet) UiUnit UiUnit is a tool that assists test generation f... DOWNLOAD
webcollab(sfnet) WebCollab A web-based project management tool for workgro... DOWNLOAD
azip(sfnet) AZip Zip Archive Manager with a portable user interf... DOWNLOAD
stanford-wbc(sfnet) The Whole-Body Control Framework The Whole-Body Control framework jointly develo... DOWNLOAD
willilinux(sfnet) WilliLinux WilliLinux Is a Lubuntu base OS so its lightwei... DOWNLOAD
onedesign(sfnet) OneDesign OneDesign is a convenient scoring program for o... DOWNLOAD
mathdom(sfnet) MathDOM DOM library for Content MathML written in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
navitconfigurat(sfnet) NavitConfigurator NavitConfigurator is an editor for configuring ... DOWNLOAD
geoclipse(sfnet) Geoclipse Geoclipse is a collection of Eclipse plugins, t... DOWNLOAD
pclintwizard(sfnet) PC-Lint Wizard A GUI tool for easily setting up and maintainin... DOWNLOAD
apachetune(sfnet) ApacheTune GUI for configuring Apache HTTP Server DOWNLOAD
cookie-monster(sfnet) CookieMonster CookieMonster that demonstrates HTTP session hi... DOWNLOAD
cagi(sfnet) Asterisk C AGI Toolkit CAGI is an API for writing AGI applications in ... DOWNLOAD
lightbsd(sfnet) LightBSD LightBSD is an Open Source distribution based o... DOWNLOAD
bidibwizard(sfnet) BiDiB-Wizard This is a configuration tool with graphical use... DOWNLOAD
seymoursys(sfnet) Seymour A collection of modeling tools for system compr... DOWNLOAD
lioncms(sfnet) LionCMS LionCMS - Content Management System, written in... DOWNLOAD
geophylobuilder(sfnet) GeoPhyloBuilder Geophylobuilder is an extension for ArcGIS that... DOWNLOAD
secpassgen(sfnet) Secure Password Generator Secure Password Generator, is a generator that ... DOWNLOAD
linaos(sfnet) Laos A - possibly - lightweight passive automation t... DOWNLOAD
geodress(sfnet) GeoDress GeoDress is a program for reverse geocoding of ... DOWNLOAD
o3202(sfnet) OpenSagem3202 This project is place where i'll collect things... DOWNLOAD
rt-wmp(sfnet) RT-WMP RT-WMP is a wireless protocol for real-time com... DOWNLOAD
ipath(sfnet) iPath Telemedicine Platform iPath is providing an free and open plattform f... DOWNLOAD
icradius(sfnet) ICRadius ICRadius is an Open Source RADIUS package utili... DOWNLOAD
tsignals(sfnet) Traffic Signals TSignals is an application that is meant to sim... DOWNLOAD
unison-db(sfnet) Unison Protein Database Unison is a database and web interface of integ... DOWNLOAD
fr201toolkit(sfnet) Forerunner X01 Toolkit ForeRunner X01 toolkit provides an easy access ... DOWNLOAD
prospect-if(sfnet) Prospect Interface Bio::Prospect:: is a Perl API to the PROSPECT t... DOWNLOAD
geotod(sfnet) GeoTOD An open source linked-data infrastructure devel... DOWNLOAD
davinciwars(sfnet) Da Vinci Wars Da Vinci Wars is a multiplataform OpenSource RT... DOWNLOAD
pcdotnet(sfnet) Personal Calculator.NET Personal Calculator.NET is a text mode calculat... DOWNLOAD
littool(sfnet) LitTool A small collection of tools for organizing refe... DOWNLOAD
easycounter(sfnet) The simplest manual counter This totally open source manual counter offers ... DOWNLOAD
iratio(sfnet) IRatio Iratio (image ratio) is a small utility designe... DOWNLOAD

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