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modusml(sfnet) Modus - C++ Music Library Modus is an open source, cross-platform C++ lib... DOWNLOAD
jug(freshmeat) jug Jug is a task-based parallelism framework. Jug ... DOWNLOAD
mcabber(freshmeat) mcabber MCabber is a small Jabber console client. It fe... DOWNLOAD
pizza0223(sfnet) pizza0223 DOWNLOAD
topicmodelalig(sfnet) Topic Model Alignment This script aligns two topic models produced by... DOWNLOAD
fuschajavaapi(sfnet) Fusion Charts Java Api This is a simple, straight forward API for Jav... DOWNLOAD
vavrdisasm(freshmeat) vAVRdisasm vAVRdisasm is an Atmel 8-bit AVR firmware disas... DOWNLOAD
extraantivirus(sfnet) Extra Software Antivirus DOWNLOAD
bluelightningjb(sfnet) bluelightningjb BlueLightning OC/UV 1.83Ghz JB Galaxy Blaze DOWNLOAD
jhepwork(sfnet) jHepWork jHepWork (jWork) is an environment for scientif... DOWNLOAD
dmsbarcodegener(sfnet) DMS Barcode Label Generator DMS Bar-code Generator is Total Free software f... DOWNLOAD
gnaural(sfnet) Gnaural A programmable audio generator intended as an a... DOWNLOAD
sushi-huh(sfnet) Sushi, huh? - Linux package downloader Sushi, huh? is an aplication for download GNU/L... DOWNLOAD
nazizombiesport(sfnet) Nazi Zombies Portable (MAC) DOWNLOAD
zerobugrom(sfnet) [ZERO]BUG rom DOWNLOAD
file4everyone(sfnet) file4everyone DOWNLOAD
kshownow(sfnet) kshownow DOWNLOAD
mncubes(sfnet) MNCubes A 2D line can be rasterized into a 8-connected ... DOWNLOAD
kshutdown(freshmeat) KShutdown KShutdown is a graphical shutdown utility for L... DOWNLOAD
ssterm(freshmeat) ssterm ssterm is a console-based simple serial port te... DOWNLOAD
stars-nova(sfnet) Stars! Nova Stars! Nova is a clone of the classic 4X space ... DOWNLOAD
virtualdub(sfnet) VirtualDub Do you need quick capture and encoding capabili... DOWNLOAD
beamingester(sfnet) BEAM Ingester Stage One in the BEAM digital preservation work... DOWNLOAD
linknx(sfnet) Linknx Linknx is an automation platform providing high... DOWNLOAD
getsimpleportfr(sfnet) getsimpleportfr DOWNLOAD
gm-tools(sfnet) GM Tools GM Tools is currently innactive. GM Tools is a ... DOWNLOAD
gtkbb(sfnet) Gtk Button Bar Very simple ButtonBar. DOWNLOAD
gtklp(sfnet) GtkLP GtkLP is a graphical Frontend to CUPS. It is in... DOWNLOAD
ajax-star-rating-script(freshmeat) Ajax Star Rating Script Ajax Star Rating Script adds a rating system (w... DOWNLOAD
fruit-project(sfnet) FRUIT A Java-based framework which allows thorough te... DOWNLOAD
ict4pesantren(sfnet) ICT4Pesantren DOWNLOAD
rom103e(sfnet) RoM 103E No description DOWNLOAD
winflashtool(sfnet) WinFLASHTool This tool allows writing disk images directly t... DOWNLOAD
gamebuilder3d(sfnet) 3D Game Builder The 3D Game Builder is a tool for 3D game creat... DOWNLOAD
vpicdisasm(freshmeat) vPICdisasm vPICdisasm is a Microchip PIC firmware disassem... DOWNLOAD
doc5(freshmeat) Doc5 Doc5 is a system for managing archived scanned... DOWNLOAD
w3chess(sfnet) WebChess Play chess via mail and web. DOWNLOAD
erp-crm-advant(sfnet) VIENNA Advantage (ERP CRM DMS) VIENNA Advantage is a full ERP and CRM covering... DOWNLOAD
unipantory(sfnet) UNI-Pantory DOWNLOAD
linuxseca2(sfnet) LinuxSeca Well, this is the new official page for LinuxSe... DOWNLOAD
grius(sfnet) Grius the vr develop DOWNLOAD
scralyze(sfnet) SCRalyze SCRalyze is a powerful tool for model-based ana... DOWNLOAD
pyphone(sfnet) pyPhone pyPhone is an address book written in python us... DOWNLOAD
madwifi(sfnet) MADWIFI Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi (MADWIFI): Li... DOWNLOAD
trx(freshmeat) trx trx is a toolset for broadcasting live audio fr... DOWNLOAD
heuraa(sfnet) heurAA HeurAA aligns reads from multiplexed NGS sequen... DOWNLOAD
dictionarylaw(sfnet) Dictionary law Dictionary law DOWNLOAD
armtoolchain(sfnet) ARM_Toolchain Software package for quick start programming fo... DOWNLOAD
khmerdictionary(sfnet) Khmer Dictionary Chuon Nath v.2 No description DOWNLOAD
ajax-voting-script(freshmeat) Ajax Voting Script Ajax Voting Script allows users to vote up/down... DOWNLOAD
cppannotations(sfnet) C++ Annotations The C++ Annotations offer an extensive tutorial... DOWNLOAD
workrave(sfnet) Workrave Workrave is a program that assists in the recov... DOWNLOAD
picclib(sfnet) PIC C Library This is an ongoing attempt to produce a set of ... DOWNLOAD
spdc(sfnet) spdc This is a simulator for 3D distributed circuit ... DOWNLOAD
roninsh(sfnet) RoninSH - Screenshooter RoninSH, small and effective tool for capturing... DOWNLOAD
ekocalc(sfnet) EkoCalc Questa applicazione è adatta a chi non ama trop... DOWNLOAD
sourcenote(sfnet) SourceNote SourceNote is a program for taking notes. It i... DOWNLOAD
krzy(sfnet) Krzyżowiec Krzyżowiec to aplikacja do układania krzyżówek ... DOWNLOAD
achat(sfnet) AChat AChat enables you to chat on your local network... DOWNLOAD
eugkpc(sfnet) eugkpc i like this very mush DOWNLOAD
mediainfo(sfnet) MediaInfo MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of th... DOWNLOAD
weatherman(freshmeat) weatherman weatherman displays weather information from We... DOWNLOAD
sg3_utils(freshmeat) sg3_utils sg3_utils is a package of utilities for accessi... DOWNLOAD
libgxim(freshmeat) libgxim libgxim is an X Input Method (a.k.a. XIM) proto... DOWNLOAD
tilp(sfnet) TiLP - Ti Linking Program TiLP (formerly GtkTiLink) can transfer data bet... DOWNLOAD
ohmflip(sfnet) FL!P Flip is a data model library, designed as a fra... DOWNLOAD
fiskalizacijapo(sfnet) Fiskalizacija - potpisivanje i slanje Fiskalizacija u hrvatskoj. JAVA implementacija ... DOWNLOAD
ekoconv(sfnet) EkoConv EkoConv è una utility semplice ed intuitiva per... DOWNLOAD
dnacompact(sfnet) DNAcompact As the technique of acquiring genome sequences ... DOWNLOAD
ocomonphp(sfnet) OcoMon - PHP O Ocomon é um sistema de Helpdesk voltado para ... DOWNLOAD
ashttpd(freshmeat) ashttpd ashttpd was originally a testbed for a kernel a... DOWNLOAD
jmgf(sfnet) JMGF JMGF is a lightweight framework for handling MG... DOWNLOAD
ada-lapack(sfnet) Ada Lapack These files provide a native Ada implementation... DOWNLOAD
e-constructor(sfnet) Electronic Constructor DOWNLOAD
instarch(sfnet) instarch InstArch aims to be a simple LiveCD/installer f... DOWNLOAD
dvdtonookhd(sfnet) DVD to Nook HD converter Want to watch DVD & Blu-ray movies on B&... DOWNLOAD
binarysearchdeb(sfnet) Binary Search Debugger an autoIt script to do binary search debugging.... DOWNLOAD
linneo(sfnet) Linneo linneo is a scripting programming language in b... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-camera(freshmeat) DeforaOS Camera DeforaOS Camera is a simple webcam or camera ca... DOWNLOAD
fastest-cvsup(sfnet) fastest cvsup Finds fastest CVSup mirror server for FreeBSD /... DOWNLOAD
wizapply(sfnet) Wizapply Wizapply is a coined word which it consists of ... DOWNLOAD
loveyy143(sfnet) loveyy143 Have you tried our new Beta Forge? What made yo... DOWNLOAD
mcskintool(sfnet) Minecraft Skin Tool New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
axebot(sfnet) AXEBot DOWNLOAD
dots-and-dashes(sfnet) Dots&Boxes No description DOWNLOAD
servingxml(sfnet) ServingXML ServingXML is an open source, Apache 2.0 licens... DOWNLOAD
easyobject(sfnet) easyObject easyObject is an intuitive tool that enables to... DOWNLOAD
jgaeproxy(sfnet) jgaeproxy A Full Proxy Server (with https/ssl support) th... DOWNLOAD
umsservices(sfnet) UMS Services UMS is a collection of Mac OS X Services. Servi... DOWNLOAD
mbreader(sfnet) MBReader MBReader, a mobile e-book reader to Android OS ... DOWNLOAD
selfcloud(sfnet) SelfCloud 2.3.0 Now a days many people enjoy and share their co... DOWNLOAD
arduinoaureltra(sfnet) Arduino - Aurel Transceiver Library Arduino Library: Aurel RTX-MID-3V transceiver. DOWNLOAD
pivot-weblog(sfnet) PivotX PivotX is a tool to create weblogs, without the... DOWNLOAD
bsdcontrol(sfnet) bsdcontrol Web Manager Firewall/Proxy for FreeBSD DOWNLOAD
archivescmntpro(sfnet) Archives Comment Pro Archives Comment Pro Is A Program Designed To A... DOWNLOAD
vrgis(sfnet) VR GIS Vector Raster Geographic Information Synthesis.... DOWNLOAD
rpmrebuild(freshmeat) rpmrebuild rpmrebuild is a tool to build an RPM file from ... DOWNLOAD
fanmadeslender(sfnet) FanMadeSlenderGame This is a fan made Slender game created by CryN... DOWNLOAD
jphonelite(sfnet) jphonelite jphonelite is a Java SIP VoIP SoftPhone for Des... DOWNLOAD
mt4cpp(sfnet) mt4cpp the C++ header-only library for multi-thread pr... DOWNLOAD

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