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click2callforbr(sfnet) Click2Call for Broadworks project allows operators who uses broadsoft's b... DOWNLOAD
sector5(sfnet) Sector 5 Sector 5 is space battle game based on Open Inv... DOWNLOAD
ck2plus(sfnet) CK2Plus The CK2Plus mod for Crusader Kings 2 DOWNLOAD
qtothello(sfnet) Othello my first game with qt DOWNLOAD
besharat(sfnet) Besharat Besharat is a Persian Quran software for Window... DOWNLOAD
crrptoffcxtrctr(sfnet) Corrupt Extractor for Microsoft Office Corrupt Office 2007 Extractor will extract the ... DOWNLOAD
egnla(sfnet) EGNLA This project deals with a new concept of the he... DOWNLOAD
fdtareas(sfnet) FDTareas -Plataforma para publicacion de proyecto -tambi... DOWNLOAD
freewebnow(sfnet) freewebnow freethewebnow DOWNLOAD
subhub(sfnet) SubHub A post-OCR correction tool for SRT subtitle files. DOWNLOAD
epubpack(sfnet) ePubPack A simple GUI utility to write a compliant ePub ... DOWNLOAD
lsperf(sfnet) lsperf lsperf is an utility listing performance of var... DOWNLOAD
resistancerom(sfnet) RESISTANCE ROM DOWNLOAD
avedponggame(sfnet) AVED PONG Un remake del clasico juego de pong hecho con c... DOWNLOAD
epri-openetran(sfnet) EPRI-OpenETran During the period from 1990 through 2002, EPRI ... DOWNLOAD
ixbar3000(sfnet) ixbar3000 ixbar3000 is a frontend, it allows you to brows... DOWNLOAD
builwo(sfnet) Builwo Creative building 2d game! "Build your ima... DOWNLOAD
phpexact(sfnet) phpexact DOWNLOAD
hanchen(sfnet) hanchen DOWNLOAD
roses(sfnet) roses The roses project is C programming language and... DOWNLOAD
epubhub(sfnet) ePubHub A structured document editor designed for creat... DOWNLOAD
geographiclib(sfnet) GeographicLib GeographicLib is a small set of C++ classes for... DOWNLOAD
kaboodle(sfnet) Kaboodle LAN-management software Kaboodle is an application which delivers a num... DOWNLOAD
znuli(sfnet) Znuli Cross platform gui for quickly creating gif ani... DOWNLOAD
forotest(sfnet) forotest DOWNLOAD
vimpal(sfnet) VIM Pal This application does not intend to provide the... DOWNLOAD
svn-notify(sfnet) Subversion Notify for Windows A small executable that enables Subversion admi... DOWNLOAD
benchmark4j(sfnet) Benchmark One Java のクロスプラット フォーム CPU のベンチマー... DOWNLOAD
mimsms(sfnet) MIM-SMS Una aplicación desarrollada con Python GTK para... DOWNLOAD
vimuiex(sfnet) Vimuiex Vimuiex is a library and a set of plugins for t... DOWNLOAD
distribunet(sfnet) distribunet Tool to visually create and analyse a simple el... DOWNLOAD
fdmx(freshmeat) fetch and deliver mail fdm (fetch and deliver mail) is a simple, light... DOWNLOAD
datamesh(sfnet) DATAMESH DOWNLOAD
semantria-sdk(sfnet) Semantria Multilingual SDK is a text analytics and sentiment... DOWNLOAD
genpuppet(freshmeat) genpuppet genpuppet is a script to automatically generate... DOWNLOAD
pynetwork(sfnet) pygraph Python library for a fast and flexible graph da... DOWNLOAD
prestashopclick(sfnet) ClickandBuy PrestaShop Module ClickandBuy payment module for PrestaShop. DOWNLOAD
t12eksandbox(sfnet) t12ek sandbox Sandboxes are for playing in... Note: this is a... DOWNLOAD
cupsaddons(sfnet) Filters and backends for CUPS Filters and backends for CUPS that implement fe... DOWNLOAD
niresh12495(sfnet) Niresh12495 No description DOWNLOAD
jiraclient(sfnet) JiraClient DOWNLOAD
opendict(sfnet) OpenDict OpenDict is a free multiplatform dictionary. DOWNLOAD
sajberjukebox(sfnet) The Sajber Jukebox Sajber Jukebox is a mpeg layer 3 player with a ... DOWNLOAD
obde3(sfnet) obde3 interpreter No description DOWNLOAD
gamcat(sfnet) GamCat CD, DVD and folder cataloging program for LINUX... DOWNLOAD
muhordesofchaos(sfnet) Mu Hordes Of Chaos Servidor de Mu Online en Español DOWNLOAD
fourdown(sfnet) 4Chan Downloader Download all pictures from a 4Chan Thread with ... DOWNLOAD
ylibcontrols(sfnet) ylibcontrols yLibrary Controls is a graphical widget library... DOWNLOAD
esc0b4rshell(sfnet) Esc0b4r Shell Esc0b4r is a Shell programmed in PHP DOWNLOAD
chatserv-v2(sfnet) ChatServ v2 No description DOWNLOAD
tafeassessment(sfnet) tafe assessment DOWNLOAD
clientsbook(sfnet) Clients' Book The program can store and manage your clients/c... DOWNLOAD
mp3-diags(freshmeat) MP3 Diags MP3 Diags finds problems in MP3 files and helps... DOWNLOAD
pynetlibs(sfnet) py_net_libs a python module to dissect network packets DOWNLOAD
cube-trains(freshmeat) Cube Trains Cube Trains is a puzzle game where you build el... DOWNLOAD
scrap2rtf(freshmeat) scrap2rtf scrap2rtf is a simple program to convert Shell ... DOWNLOAD
silico(sfnet) silico A perl molecular toolkit designed to assist in ... DOWNLOAD
kirisurf(sfnet) Kirisurf Kirisurf is an open-source internet traffic int... DOWNLOAD
unipersparser(sfnet) Unipers Parser DOWNLOAD
ltc(sfnet) Linguistic Tree Constructor Linguistic Tree Constructor (LTC) is a tool for... DOWNLOAD
upmon(sfnet) upmon upmon is a simple uptime monitoring tool with b... DOWNLOAD
royalgoobrowser(sfnet) RoyalGoo Browser A software created in .NET for RoyalGoo fan sub... DOWNLOAD
buildprop(sfnet) BuildProp Program do edycji pliku build.prop dla systemu ... DOWNLOAD
taskprotector(sfnet) Task Protector DOWNLOAD
signpdf(freshmeat) SignPDF SignPDF is a simple command line application t... DOWNLOAD
montecarlo(sfnet) EMC: Enhanced Monte Carlo EMC: Enhanced Monte Carlo; A multi-purpose modu... DOWNLOAD
texstudio(sfnet) TeXstudio - A LaTeX Editor TeXstudio is a fully featured LaTeX editor. Our... DOWNLOAD
modusml(sfnet) Modus - C++ Music Library Modus is an open source, cross-platform C++ lib... DOWNLOAD
jug(freshmeat) jug Jug is a task-based parallelism framework. Jug ... DOWNLOAD
mcabber(freshmeat) mcabber MCabber is a small Jabber console client. It fe... DOWNLOAD
pizza0223(sfnet) pizza0223 DOWNLOAD
topicmodelalig(sfnet) Topic Model Alignment This script aligns two topic models produced by... DOWNLOAD
fuschajavaapi(sfnet) Fusion Charts Java Api This is a simple, straight forward API for Jav... DOWNLOAD
vavrdisasm(freshmeat) vAVRdisasm vAVRdisasm is an Atmel 8-bit AVR firmware disas... DOWNLOAD
extraantivirus(sfnet) Extra Software Antivirus DOWNLOAD
bluelightningjb(sfnet) bluelightningjb BlueLightning OC/UV 1.83Ghz JB Galaxy Blaze DOWNLOAD
jhepwork(sfnet) jHepWork jHepWork (jWork) is an environment for scientif... DOWNLOAD
dmsbarcodegener(sfnet) DMS Barcode Label Generator DMS Bar-code Generator is Total Free software f... DOWNLOAD
gnaural(sfnet) Gnaural A programmable audio generator intended as an a... DOWNLOAD
sushi-huh(sfnet) Sushi, huh? - Linux package downloader Sushi, huh? is an aplication for download GNU/L... DOWNLOAD
nazizombiesport(sfnet) Nazi Zombies Portable (MAC) DOWNLOAD
zerobugrom(sfnet) [ZERO]BUG rom DOWNLOAD
file4everyone(sfnet) file4everyone DOWNLOAD
kshownow(sfnet) kshownow DOWNLOAD
mncubes(sfnet) MNCubes A 2D line can be rasterized into a 8-connected ... DOWNLOAD
kshutdown(freshmeat) KShutdown KShutdown is a graphical shutdown utility for L... DOWNLOAD
ssterm(freshmeat) ssterm ssterm is a console-based simple serial port te... DOWNLOAD
stars-nova(sfnet) Stars! Nova Stars! Nova is a clone of the classic 4X space ... DOWNLOAD
virtualdub(sfnet) VirtualDub Do you need quick capture and encoding capabili... DOWNLOAD
beamingester(sfnet) BEAM Ingester Stage One in the BEAM digital preservation work... DOWNLOAD
linknx(sfnet) Linknx Linknx is an automation platform providing high... DOWNLOAD
getsimpleportfr(sfnet) getsimpleportfr DOWNLOAD
gm-tools(sfnet) GM Tools GM Tools is currently innactive. GM Tools is a ... DOWNLOAD
gtkbb(sfnet) Gtk Button Bar Very simple ButtonBar. DOWNLOAD
gtklp(sfnet) GtkLP GtkLP is a graphical Frontend to CUPS. It is in... DOWNLOAD
ajax-star-rating-script(freshmeat) Ajax Star Rating Script Ajax Star Rating Script adds a rating system (w... DOWNLOAD
fruit-project(sfnet) FRUIT A Java-based framework which allows thorough te... DOWNLOAD
ict4pesantren(sfnet) ICT4Pesantren DOWNLOAD
rom103e(sfnet) RoM 103E No description DOWNLOAD
winflashtool(sfnet) WinFLASHTool This tool allows writing disk images directly t... DOWNLOAD

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