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iiop-net(sfnet) IIOP.NET IIOP.NET allows a seamless interoperation betwe... DOWNLOAD
mabuntu(sfnet) mateu Mateu is a ubuntu-based distro with the classic... DOWNLOAD
orsochpasswd(sfnet) chpasswd chpasswd is a cgi utility that allow your Squid... DOWNLOAD
openhotornot(sfnet) Open Hot or Not Open Hot or Not is a free implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
devtool(sfnet) devtool The devtool project is developed under terms of... DOWNLOAD
ccruncher(sfnet) CCruncher CCruncher is a project for quantifying portfoli... DOWNLOAD
g19unocardgame(sfnet) G19 - Uno Card Game An Uno card game for the G19 Logitech keyboard.... DOWNLOAD
appscript(sfnet) appscript Appscript is a high level, user-friendly Apple ... DOWNLOAD
sleepsharp(sfnet) Sleep#: Save Power. No More Noise! Do you use your computer for playback of films,... DOWNLOAD
biogenie(sfnet) BioGenie Bioinformatics as an emerging research area spr... DOWNLOAD
metawatt(sfnet) metawatt The Metawatt binner is a graphical binning tool... DOWNLOAD
uranus4abm(sfnet) uranus4abm The purpose of URaNuS (Universal Random Number ... DOWNLOAD
masterlog(sfnet) Master Log MasterLog is Centralized SSH Authentication Sys... DOWNLOAD
sifasubtitle(sfnet) Sifa Subtitle Maker Create Subtitle only on play and pause. Sifa(si... DOWNLOAD
lapdogapi(sfnet) LapDogAPI An API for Labview developers using LVOOP. DOWNLOAD
vb-zoom(sfnet) Visual Basic Binding of ZOOM Z39.50 API VB-ZOOM is an ActiveX COMponent, written in Vis... DOWNLOAD
gwplnet(sfnet) Google Weather Parser Library for .NET This connects to Google's Weather API and can g... DOWNLOAD
robotsascii(sfnet) robotsascii A round-based ascii game. You are the @ in the ... DOWNLOAD
pupil(sfnet) PUPIL PUPIL (Program for User Package Interface and L... DOWNLOAD
faint(sfnet) faint - The Face Annotation Interface Java framework for face detection and face reco... DOWNLOAD
jsptree-simple(sfnet) jsp tree This JSP Tree viewer comes with fewer Java Scri... DOWNLOAD
radiolualiveos(sfnet) Radio Lua Live Os un sistema operativo de gnu linux una distro pa... DOWNLOAD
appdriverupdate(sfnet) WinApp_Manager WinApp_Manager is like the linux package manage... DOWNLOAD
mapexport(sfnet) Map export 3dsmax map export plugins. Export scene in map ... DOWNLOAD
gnhoi(sfnet) GNhoi This program is a Graphical User Interface for ... DOWNLOAD
ogreoggsound(sfnet) OgreOggSound OgreOggSound is a wrapper around OpenAL to quic... DOWNLOAD
anubisstegano(sfnet) Anubis Steganography is the art of masking files behin... DOWNLOAD
openfoam21win64(sfnet) OpenFOAM-2.1.x for Win64 Cross compiled binaries of OpenFOAM-2.1.x using... DOWNLOAD
clfredclient(sfnet) Coherent Logic FRED Client The FRED Client is a Java-based internal domain... DOWNLOAD
phpvalleymicro(sfnet) PHPValley Micro Jobs Script Full featured PHP Micro Jobs Site script. To do... DOWNLOAD
planetbng(sfnet) Board Game and Card Game Building Download or help build opensource board games a... DOWNLOAD
scancleaner(sfnet) ScanCleaner This little Java tool was written for condition... DOWNLOAD
cuebee(sfnet) Cuebee Cuebee is a flexible, extensible application fo... DOWNLOAD
ffpojo(sfnet) FFPOJO - Flat File POJO Parser The FFPOJO Project is a Flat-File Parser, POJO ... DOWNLOAD
parma(sfnet) ParMa ParMa provides several ways to define and read ... DOWNLOAD
skimpygimpy(sfnet) Skimpy PNG/ASCII/WAVE tools A collection of tools for generating audio and ... DOWNLOAD
indiforjava(sfnet) INDI for Java A Java library implementing the INDI distribute... DOWNLOAD
sosftp(sfnet) JADE (SOSFTP) JADE (former SOSFTP) is a batch file transfer s... DOWNLOAD
travelagencyos(sfnet) Travel Agency Open Source CMS An Open Source CMS in PHP and MySql to manage a... DOWNLOAD
christmastree(sfnet) ChristmasTree Open source Qt / Silverlight-based entertainmen... DOWNLOAD
redrogue(sfnet) Red Rogue A computer game written in Actionscript 3 of th... DOWNLOAD
karlyriceditor(sfnet) karlyriceditor Karaoke Lyric Editor is Qt-based GUI applicatio... DOWNLOAD
mkmap(sfnet) mkmap Mkmap is a map maker by downloading map tiles f... DOWNLOAD
eegseizure(sfnet) eeg_seizure DOWNLOAD
terminus-font(sfnet) terminus-font Monospaced font designed for long (8+ hours per... DOWNLOAD
georaptor(sfnet) Spatial Viewer for Oracle SQL Developer The purpose of GeoRaptor project is to extend O... DOWNLOAD
multipleoptima(sfnet) Multiple optima R scripts and sequence data used in the paper &... DOWNLOAD
owndms(sfnet) owndms Do you have the same problem, to save your docu... DOWNLOAD
patx(sfnet) Pattern Extractor Pattern Extractor helps you to extract tile ima... DOWNLOAD
globalplatform(sfnet) GlobalPlatform The GlobalPlatform card specification is a stan... DOWNLOAD
osmius(sfnet) Osmius Osmius: The Open Source Monitoring Tool is C++ ... DOWNLOAD
skyjump(sfnet) SkyJUMP SkyJUMP is an open source GIS program for the c... DOWNLOAD
filepusher(sfnet) File Pusher An Android application which provides peer-to-p... DOWNLOAD
diffimg(sfnet) DiffImg DiffImg is a simple image comparison tool which... DOWNLOAD
banman(sfnet) Banman Banman is a complete, stand-alone, automatic IP... DOWNLOAD
tdxxx(sfnet) TD_xxx TD_xxx is a toolkit of matlab objects and funct... DOWNLOAD
electronexewin6(sfnet) electron.exe Win64 According to recent visual inspection made by S... DOWNLOAD
projecteggy(sfnet) project eggy DOWNLOAD
opensips-cp(sfnet) Opensips Control Panel A Web Control Panel Application for the OpenSIP... DOWNLOAD
pidderaddon(sfnet) pidder Firefox Add-On A Firefox Add-On for connecting to your pidder ... DOWNLOAD
nrpsolver(sfnet) nrpsolver solver for the nurse rostering problem, further... DOWNLOAD
cmus(sfnet) C* Music Player Small, fast and powerful console music player f... DOWNLOAD
cspace-ir(sfnet) CSpace 机构知识库开源软件CSpace (A Open Source Institu... DOWNLOAD
rock(sfnet) Rock this page is for all rockers Rockkkk!!! forever DOWNLOAD
php-rb(sfnet) PHP-Redis-Admin A simple, one-file PHP based admin console and ... DOWNLOAD
pypidtune(sfnet) pyPIDTune pyPIDTune is a free python-based tool for PID c... DOWNLOAD
magicphotos(sfnet) MagicPhotos Open source Qt / Silverlight-based application ... DOWNLOAD
markup(sfnet) is an intuitive, light-weight and cus... DOWNLOAD
exehdaad(sfnet) EXEHDA-AD This work has as central objective the concepti... DOWNLOAD
youtune0(sfnet) YouTune YouTune lets you play YouTube videos like in a ... DOWNLOAD
modxsite(sfnet) modxSite This MODX Extra automatically installing most p... DOWNLOAD
oozieworkflowvw(sfnet) OozieWorkflowViewer Eclipse plugin for view Appache Hadoop Oozie wo... DOWNLOAD
pidcrypt(sfnet) pidCrypt pidCrypt is a crypto library offering modular c... DOWNLOAD
winmerge(sfnet) WinMerge WinMerge is a Windows tool for visual differenc... DOWNLOAD
vim-pal(freshmeat) VIM Pal VIM Pal is a separate application providing a f... DOWNLOAD
openantz(sfnet) ANTz ANTz is an interactive realtime 3D data visuali... DOWNLOAD
openobex(sfnet) OpenOBEX The overall goal of this project is to make an ... DOWNLOAD
phplogcon(freshmeat) LogAnalyzer LogAnalyzer is a Web front-end for syslog and o... DOWNLOAD
loopjam(freshmeat) LoopJam LoopJam lets you play with music sample loops i... DOWNLOAD
emacs-tiny-tools(freshmeat) Emacs tiny tools Emacs Tiny Tools is a collection of packages (e... DOWNLOAD
fraqtive(freshmeat) Fraqtive Fraqtive is a multi-platform generator of the M... DOWNLOAD
calcurse(freshmeat) Calcurse Calcurse is a text-based calendar and schedulin... DOWNLOAD
zutils(freshmeat) Zutils Zutils is a collection of utilities able to dea... DOWNLOAD
a400opkg(sfnet) a400opkg DOWNLOAD
fl-validation(sfnet) Java Validation Framework This framework allows to modify (correct) test ... DOWNLOAD
memoryfilemappi(sfnet) MemoryFileMapping DOWNLOAD
lcventure(sfnet) LCVenture DOWNLOAD
skingen(sfnet) SkinGen Various "Skin Generators" for a selec... DOWNLOAD
openidhack(sfnet) openidhack This project presents a formal analysis of the ... DOWNLOAD
texture-pack(freshmeat) texture pack texture pack is a texture pack library based on... DOWNLOAD
campsite(sfnet) Campsite Campsite is no longer being developed. Campsite... DOWNLOAD
fth(sfnet) FTH Forth Scripting FTH provides running stand alone Forth scripts ... DOWNLOAD
ff0000(sfnet) ff0000 DOWNLOAD
asriedu(sfnet) asriedu Bienvenue sur le dépôt de l'association ASRI éd... DOWNLOAD
audible-tts(freshmeat) Audible TTS Audible TTS reads text aloud from other apps, t... DOWNLOAD
simplechatclien(sfnet) Simple Chat Client Simple Chat Client is a lightweight and simple ... DOWNLOAD
sportstracker(freshmeat) SportsTracker SportsTracker is an application for recording s... DOWNLOAD
fcraft(sfnet) fCraft Open-source implementation of the Minecraft Cla... DOWNLOAD
toofast2curious(sfnet) 2 Fast 2 Curious 2 Fast 2 Curious is a program created using pyt... DOWNLOAD
ubersnake(sfnet) UberSnake Features: - Highscores - A snake game ... DOWNLOAD

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