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contalinex(sfnet) ContaLinEx Integrated management accounting with multi-imp... DOWNLOAD
moodle-joomla(sfnet) Joomdle - Moodle and Joomla Integration Joomdle consists of a series of extensions for ... DOWNLOAD
cibet(sfnet) Cibet The cibet framework provides developers with fu... DOWNLOAD
afbackup(sfnet) afbackup afbackup is a client-server backup system allow... DOWNLOAD
churchinfo(sfnet) ChurchInfo ChurchInfo is a free church database network ap... DOWNLOAD
cnv-tools(sfnet) CNVtools Collection of tools for performing robust case-... DOWNLOAD
tsuru(freshmeat) tsuru tsuru is a platform as a service with a compone... DOWNLOAD
objectwiz(sfnet) Objectwiz Objectwiz is a phpMyAdmin-like for ORM framewor... DOWNLOAD
jofuzzyytools(sfnet) JoFuzzyy Gidder egentlig ikke å forklare alt her, last n... DOWNLOAD
astlib(sfnet) astLib astLib is a set of python modules that provides... DOWNLOAD
emgucv(sfnet) Emgu CV Emgu CV is a cross platform .Net wrapper to the... DOWNLOAD
rechne-exe(sfnet) rechne.exe Easy-to-use command-line calculator for basic a... DOWNLOAD
jedigoodybag(sfnet) Jedi Goodybag Here you find all the apps that were pulled out... DOWNLOAD
fixupr(sfnet) FixUp Restrictions FixUp Restrictions can bring back your task man... DOWNLOAD
foswiki(sfnet) Foswiki Foswiki is an Enterprise wiki, typically used t... DOWNLOAD
abc-sysbio(sfnet) ABC-SysBio ABC-SysBio implements likelihood free parameter... DOWNLOAD
kiwi-ltsp(sfnet) kiwi-ltsp KIWI-LTSP utilizes ease of deployment and manag... DOWNLOAD
cuda-sim(sfnet) cuda-sim A python package for simulation of deterministi... DOWNLOAD
cojen(sfnet) Cojen - Java bytecode generator Moved to GitHub: DOWNLOAD
boardmod(sfnet) BoardMod BoardMod is a free tool which has been designed... DOWNLOAD
socialcalc2(sfnet) SocialCalc What's Your Social Networking Score? We have c... DOWNLOAD
ibkey(sfnet) ibkey Electronic signature applications made in Balea... DOWNLOAD
wonder(sfnet) Project WONDER Project WONDER (WebObjects Nodes for Distributi... DOWNLOAD
su1x(sfnet) SU1X This is a tool designed to automatically config... DOWNLOAD
sharpdevaddins(sfnet) Some SharpDevelop Add-ins This project hosts currently two sharpdevelop a... DOWNLOAD
webuseorg(sfnet) webuseorg Учет товарно-материальных ценностей (например о... DOWNLOAD
wosclib(sfnet) WOscLib A complete (server and client, UDP and TCP tran... DOWNLOAD
cosmogonia(sfnet) cosmogoniA Linux Live cosmogoniA is created with the intent to produc... DOWNLOAD
pyq2clip(sfnet) PyQ2Clip PyQ2Clip allows you to search through The Holy ... DOWNLOAD
pimbackupdroid(sfnet) PimBackup SMS Importer to Android This Windows XP/2003/Vista/Seven software conve... DOWNLOAD
fiftyone-java(sfnet) 51Degrees-Java Add mobile device detection to Java the easy wa... DOWNLOAD
kylehys(sfnet) kylehys kylehyskylehyskylehys DOWNLOAD
ezvidscreenreco(sfnet) Ezvid Screen Recorder DOWNLOAD
frincbackup(sfnet) FrincBackup FrincBackup means free incremental backup. It i... DOWNLOAD
chmuk(sfnet) Chmuk A really wonderful software to visualise and an... DOWNLOAD
cplexa(sfnet) CplexA CplexA is a Mathematica package to compute prob... DOWNLOAD
structio(sfnet) Structio. Constructing Knowledge in Col Structio produces tools and contents with sourc... DOWNLOAD
quickrev(sfnet) QuickRev A code review tool for Subversion and ClearCase... DOWNLOAD
manta(sfnet) ManTa ManTa is an equational specification language a... DOWNLOAD
midori-pl(sfnet) midori programming language Programming language based off pure type system... DOWNLOAD
sivel(sfnet) SIVeL Permite registrar casos de violencia socio-polí... DOWNLOAD
robocode(sfnet) Robocode Robocode is a programming game, where the goal ... DOWNLOAD
ca-pieces(sfnet) Cellular automata music in Basic CApieces is a compact win32 program for generat... DOWNLOAD
dreirad(sfnet) 3RAD 3RAD is a MDSD tool for generating 3-tier appli... DOWNLOAD
cube-grid(sfnet) Cube Platform Cube Platform is a decentralized grid computing... DOWNLOAD
octclipse(sfnet) Octclipse Octave development environment built upon Eclip... DOWNLOAD
cataquavice(sfnet) Cataquavice Framework A openArchitectureWare based Generator for deri... DOWNLOAD
iameter(sfnet) IA-Meter Abstract—Implementation attacks, including side... DOWNLOAD
processhacker(sfnet) Process Hacker Process Hacker is a free and open source proces... DOWNLOAD
open3dgis(sfnet) Open 3D GIS A Open Source project with the main goal to mak... DOWNLOAD
evemeep(sfnet) Eve-MEEP Eve-Meep is the host for a wide array of tools ... DOWNLOAD
barnacle-rna(sfnet) BARNACLE BARNACLE is a Python library for RNA 3D structu... DOWNLOAD
texttest(sfnet) TextTest TextTest is an application-independent tool for... DOWNLOAD
mathpaqs(sfnet) Mathpaqs Various mathematical packages including algebra... DOWNLOAD
sunlightlb(sfnet) SunlightLB SunlightLB is an open-source 3d lattice Boltzma... DOWNLOAD
cgru(sfnet) Render Farm Manager, CG-Tools&CG-RUles. CGRU is an open source CG tools pack, includes ... DOWNLOAD
sunlightcbm(sfnet) SunlightCBM SunlightCBM is a suite of perl scripts for cons... DOWNLOAD
sqlivulnerables(sfnet) SQLi Vulnerable Scanner SQLi Vulnerable Scanner is a tool written in pe... DOWNLOAD
asoovir(sfnet) asoovir ASOoViR is a set of Ruby modules to annotate co... DOWNLOAD
soplanning(sfnet) SO Planning SO Planning is a Simple Online Planning tool. A... DOWNLOAD
gweather(sfnet) GWeather GWeather is a open source J2ME weather forecast... DOWNLOAD
fain-snap(sfnet) FAIN SNMP Activator FAIN SNAP provides an active network programmin... DOWNLOAD
ini-files(sfnet) Ini file manager Config is a package for parsing configuration f... DOWNLOAD
gen-img-dec(sfnet) Generic Image Decoder The Generic Image Decoder is a package for deco... DOWNLOAD
pyusecase(sfnet) StoryText StoryText (formerly PyUseCase) is an unconventi... DOWNLOAD
dephicodetodoc(sfnet) DelphiCodeToDoc DelphiCodeToDoc is a free documentation system ... DOWNLOAD
zenlib(sfnet) ZenLib Small C++ derivate class to have a simpler life DOWNLOAD
minila(sfnet) MiniLA - logic analyzer SW & HW MiniLA logic analyzer software and hardware DOWNLOAD
gamera(sfnet) Gamera Gamera is a framework for the creation of struc... DOWNLOAD
tclmon(sfnet) TclMon TclMon is a network monitoring system written i... DOWNLOAD
retroshare(sfnet) RetroShare RetroShare is a cross-platform private p2p shar... DOWNLOAD
brasquid(sfnet) BRASquid BRASquid is a customized Linux Debian Distribut... DOWNLOAD
loadtube(sfnet) LoadTube LoadTube is a open source YouTube video downloa... DOWNLOAD
muninn(sfnet) Muninn Muninn is a software package for estimating gen... DOWNLOAD
tclradclient(sfnet) TclRadClient TclRadClient Tcl package provides RADIUS client... DOWNLOAD
privacyguard(sfnet) DICOM Confidential DICOM Confidential project develops an open sou... DOWNLOAD
openerp(sfnet) OpenERP Insignis OpenERP is driven by the urge to creat... DOWNLOAD
lincmd(sfnet) LinCommander It is another clone of Norton/Windows/Midnight ... DOWNLOAD
phpmm(sfnet) phpModuleManager phpModuleManager provides a way to modularize p... DOWNLOAD
infotreeview(sfnet) Information TreeView The Information TreeView is a framework for vie... DOWNLOAD
ddw(sfnet) Digital Direct for Windows Digital Direct for Windows (DDW) is a program t... DOWNLOAD
campusproject(sfnet) Campus Project Campus Project is an Open Source middleware tha... DOWNLOAD
vuurmuur(sfnet) Vuurmuur Vuurmuur is a powerful firewall manager for Lin... DOWNLOAD
compframe(sfnet) CompFrame CompFrame is a component framework used for bui... DOWNLOAD
brickwalkeriv(sfnet) BrickWalker IV A 2D Side Scrolling Platformer game written in ... DOWNLOAD
achecker(sfnet) AChecker Accessibility Reviewer AChecker is a second generation evaluation tool... DOWNLOAD
dwarfmanager(sfnet) Dwarf Manager Dwarf Manager is a third-party utility for the ... DOWNLOAD
esforhaiku(sfnet) Einsteinium for Haiku Einsteinium provides smarter monitoring of appl... DOWNLOAD
proiectt(sfnet) ProiectT ProiectT - Software for PVC and Aluminum Joiner... DOWNLOAD
acontent(sfnet) AContent AContent is a free web content authoring tool a... DOWNLOAD
imotion(sfnet) Insignis iMotion iMotion is a straight forward media player for ... DOWNLOAD
pysavi(sfnet) Python SAVi Wrapper Python wrapper around the Sophos Anti-Virus Int... DOWNLOAD
xmaker(sfnet) Exam maker Exammaker is a software for teachers and instru... DOWNLOAD
proxytest(sfnet) Proxy Tester and WPAD Generator Proxy Tester is a proxy list tester and then it... DOWNLOAD
javacurses(sfnet) Java Curses Library The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a library ... DOWNLOAD
utio(sfnet) Useful Terminal IO Library This Useful Terminal IO library is a C++ altern... DOWNLOAD
junicode(sfnet) Junicode font A font family especially for medieval scholars,... DOWNLOAD
xgridfit(sfnet) Xgridfit Xgridfit is an XML-based high-level language fo... DOWNLOAD
phtools(sfnet) pHtools Software for modeling pH and buffer capacity in... DOWNLOAD
matroska(sfnet) Matroska Matroska is an open standard audio/video contai... DOWNLOAD

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