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odbcshell(sfnet) ODBC Shell ODBC Shell is a command line ODBC client for Un... DOWNLOAD
fedclu(sfnet) FedClu Ziel dieses Projektes ist es verschiedene virtu... DOWNLOAD
applianceos(sfnet) Appliance OS Appliance OS is an OS based on ubuntu core, wit... DOWNLOAD
batterystate(sfnet) BatteryState BatteryState is a small tool to read and show y... DOWNLOAD
dcue(sfnet) DCue DCue is a command line tool for automatically g... DOWNLOAD
corruptxlsx2csv(sfnet) Corrupt XLSX Salvager This program allows you to recover data from so... DOWNLOAD
memaid(sfnet) MemAid A flash card program with a twist, that uses a ... DOWNLOAD
ccgilib(sfnet) c-cgi-lib This library allow you to simply create CGI for... DOWNLOAD
sporz(sfnet) Sporz La Terre a été ravagée par une terrible épidémi... DOWNLOAD
rhythmdb(sfnet) RhythmDB RhythmDB is a digital music database program wi... DOWNLOAD
etinyplugins(sfnet) Eclipse Tiny Plugins Small plug-ins for bug-fixing or extending Ecli... DOWNLOAD
ipset-bash-completion(freshmeat) ipset-bash-completion ipset-bash-completion is programmable completio... DOWNLOAD
igcover(sfnet) iGCover iGCover is a simple Mac OS X application for se... DOWNLOAD
mathgl(sfnet) MathGL A free cross-platform library of fast C++ routi... DOWNLOAD
mctorn(sfnet) MCTorn Minecraft server software DOWNLOAD
wcfg(freshmeat) wcfg wcfg is a flexible and easy to customise script... DOWNLOAD
klf(sfnet) Kylix Leak Finder Kylix Leak Finder is a small, non-intrusive uni... DOWNLOAD
webbrowser3d(sfnet) WebBrowser 3D 24-Dec-2012 - WebBrowser3D is a three dimension... DOWNLOAD
relaunch64(sfnet) Relaunch64 Relaunch64 is a program (text-editor) for asm-c... DOWNLOAD
prologpluscg(sfnet) Prolog+CG Prolog+CG is a Java implementation of Prolog wi... DOWNLOAD
raspv180(sfnet) RASP v1.80 RASP is a protein side-chain structure predicti... DOWNLOAD
tabletmagic(sfnet) TabletMagic for Mac OS X NOTE: PROJECT MOVED TO GITHUB. https://github.c... DOWNLOAD
rails(sfnet) Rails: an 18xx game system Rails is a Java game engine intended to play an... DOWNLOAD
tomoe(sfnet) Tomoe Tomoe is a handwriting character recognition en... DOWNLOAD
salcal(sfnet) salcal This is only for tax rates in New Zealand. DOWNLOAD
feistymeow(sfnet) Feisty Meow® Concerns Codebase This is a codebase of Free and Open Source soft... DOWNLOAD
dingomm(sfnet) Dingo Media Manager Dingo Media Manager is an open-source software ... DOWNLOAD
xbmcstreams(sfnet) XBMC-Streams XBMC addon for watching Finnish TV stations str... DOWNLOAD
simplexbb(sfnet) simplex with branch and bound This is a tool for teaching simplex and branch ... DOWNLOAD
redesigner(sfnet) Redesigner ASP.NET is a powerful website development frame... DOWNLOAD
br-flashlight(sfnet) FlashLight Simple FlashLight app for Android 2.2 and above... DOWNLOAD
dwebproj(sfnet) DWeb DWeb is a JQuery based framework used to facili... DOWNLOAD
acrylic(sfnet) Acrylic DNS Proxy Acrylic is a local DNS proxy which improves the... DOWNLOAD
superfrog(sfnet) Superfrog This page is created to collect all the develop... DOWNLOAD
simpleauction(sfnet) WeBid - auction script Open source php/mysql fully featured auction sc... DOWNLOAD
wind1986(sfnet) wind1986 DOWNLOAD
spgameframework(sfnet) SP Game Framework Simple Playing - Game Framework : An easy to us... DOWNLOAD
pymoodss(sfnet) moodss extension library in python Pymoodss is a multithreading python extension l... DOWNLOAD
btnet(sfnet) BugTracker.NET A web-based bug or issue tracker written using ... DOWNLOAD
makagiga(freshmeat) Makagiga Makagiga is an easy-to-use, portable applicatio... DOWNLOAD
regradesarrus(sfnet) Regra de Sarrus Este software, obtém a determinante de uma matr... DOWNLOAD
elettrotecnica(sfnet) Elettrotecnica Elettrotecnica Questa applicazione è stata pr... DOWNLOAD
libops(sfnet) Ops Ops is a C++ library and a Python module for re... DOWNLOAD
sokosolve(sfnet) SokoSolve Sokoban SokoSolve is a Sokoban game and enthusiast tool... DOWNLOAD
juel(sfnet) Java Unified Expression Language JUEL is an implementation of the Unified Expres... DOWNLOAD
procexp(sfnet) linux process explorer Graphical process explorer for Linux. Shows pro... DOWNLOAD
dgantt(sfnet) DGantt A simple yet powerful Gantt chart library for J... DOWNLOAD
extremetuxracer(sfnet) Extreme Tux Racer High speed arctic racing game based on Tux Racer. DOWNLOAD
piob(sfnet) PIOB PIOB is PL/SQL Input Output benchmarking tool. ... DOWNLOAD
imperiumclient(sfnet) ImperiumClient DOWNLOAD
chessgameai(sfnet) Chess Game AI Phantoms Phantoms Chess Where Pawns Can become Queens Ch... DOWNLOAD
rpem3d(sfnet) rPem3D Various utilities useful for handling PET data ... DOWNLOAD
feindura(sfnet) feindura - Flat File CMS feindura is lightweight flat file based content... DOWNLOAD
qtnp(freshmeat) Qtnp Qtnp is program for math\physics teachers and s... DOWNLOAD
minserverconfig(sfnet) Minecraft Server Configuration Tool This is a little tool than I'm doing to learn J... DOWNLOAD
genkiz(sfnet) GenKIZ Logiciel de création de mots de passe basés sur... DOWNLOAD
realsimunleashe(sfnet) Realsim Unleashed This Project has been created to unleash the be... DOWNLOAD
m2tc(sfnet) m2-tc DOWNLOAD
elseifkk(sfnet) kpop A dynamic message box KDE application. Be caref... DOWNLOAD
jsystemtest(sfnet) JSystem IMPORTANT: JSystem sources were moved to GitHub... DOWNLOAD
netfastdlserver(sfnet) .Net FastDL Server A very simple but effective FastDL Server for C... DOWNLOAD
relkinema(sfnet) RelKinema Relativistic 2-body kinematics calculator for n... DOWNLOAD
xroar(freshmeat) XRoar XRoar is a cross-platform emulator for the Drag... DOWNLOAD
einklib(sfnet) einklib Simple and fast library application for e-ink a... DOWNLOAD
simsportsutils(sfnet) SimSports Utilities The LeagueCommissioner is a collection of utili... DOWNLOAD
realterm(sfnet) RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal Serial terminal program partcularly targeted at... DOWNLOAD
metroidprime(sfnet) MetroidPrime DOWNLOAD
python-pptx(freshmeat) python-pptx python-pptx is a pure Python library for manipu... DOWNLOAD
ptms-motif(sfnet) PTMs_Motif The PTMs_Motif project is freely available bioi... DOWNLOAD
physicsim(sfnet) PhysicSim DOWNLOAD
treegross(sfnet) TreeGrOSS Forest Growth Simulation Tree Growth Open Source Software is a Java base... DOWNLOAD
easyfsm(sfnet) EasyFsm EasyFSM is aimed to automatically generate code... DOWNLOAD
sqorlatti(sfnet) Sqorlatti Music notation editor. DOWNLOAD
engr230(sfnet) engr230 DOWNLOAD
advants(sfnet) Advanced Normalization Tools ( ANTs ) Image registration with variable transformation... DOWNLOAD
pikzie(sfnet) Pikzie Pikzie is an Unit Testing Framework for Python.... DOWNLOAD
starwarsvshalo(sfnet) Star Wars VS Halo An amazing RTS Game DOWNLOAD
vertigini(sfnet) Vertigini Cliparts A package of artistic images and cliparts freel... DOWNLOAD
poltoretvect(sfnet) POLtoRETVectors POLtoRETVector è un'App per Smartphone e Tablet... DOWNLOAD
gtkwave(sfnet) gtkwave GTKWave is a fully featured GTK+ based wave vie... DOWNLOAD
jppf-project(sfnet) JPPF JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computational... DOWNLOAD
fxmm(freshmeat) fxmoviemanager FxMovieManager is a file manager which can disp... DOWNLOAD
ravl(sfnet) RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library. General C++ Library, with modules for Computer ... DOWNLOAD
fastformat(sfnet) FastFormat - Fast, Safe C++ Formatting A C++ format library that provides localised te... DOWNLOAD
protocoltool(sfnet) Protocol tool This is a software/hardware development tool th... DOWNLOAD
opencryobank(sfnet) OpenCryobank OpenCryobank is an attempt to develop a simple,... DOWNLOAD
clustercons(sfnet) clusterCons An R package implementation of a consensus clus... DOWNLOAD
ibike(sfnet) iBike This app is an easy-to-use bike sticker generat... DOWNLOAD
solarapp(sfnet) SolarApp A somewhat similar SolarApp from Logitech for L... DOWNLOAD
simplelzw(sfnet) SimpleLZW This is an implementation of LZW algorithm for ... DOWNLOAD
tacxcourseinfon(sfnet) TacxCourseInfo.NET With TacxCourseInfo.NET you can manage courses ... DOWNLOAD
shumamislinux(sfnet) Shumamis Linux Shumamis Linux é uma distro derivada do DreamSt... DOWNLOAD
glsdk(sfnet) OpenGL Software Development Kit The Unofficial OpenGL SDK is a collection of ut... DOWNLOAD
tser(sfnet) TechSurveyor for eRiders eRiders (knowledgeable technology practitioners... DOWNLOAD
autodefinition(sfnet) Auto Definition For most Chinese students, memorizing English v... DOWNLOAD
alacritypc(sfnet) AlacrityPC AlacrityPC is a utility designed to help you ge... DOWNLOAD
gpe4gtk(sfnet) Grid Programming Environment (GPE) The Grid Programming Environment (GPE) turns a ... DOWNLOAD
pktrate(sfnet) PacketRate This network monitoring tool takes a pcap expre... DOWNLOAD
internetid(sfnet) indicator-internet DOWNLOAD
advlauncher(sfnet) Advanced Launcher The Advanced Launcher add-on is able to launch ... DOWNLOAD

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