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xtf(sfnet) eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) The eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) is an archi... DOWNLOAD
botworx(sfnet) Botworx A C++ framework and applications for experiment... DOWNLOAD
irc-amigo(sfnet) AmiGo DOWNLOAD
processblocker(sfnet) Autorun Process Blocker ProcessBlocker is application for block starup ... DOWNLOAD
ant4docbook(sfnet) ant4docbook ANT4DOCBOOK is an ANT task for DOCBOOK, a seman... DOWNLOAD
ubsa-osx(sfnet) BELKIN F5U103 driver for Mac OS X BELKIN USB Serial Adapter and Delock USB Infrar... DOWNLOAD
fourtogether(sfnet) 4together Small Java game such as "Connect Four"... DOWNLOAD
qcv(sfnet) qcv QCV is a Qt-based computer vision framework lib... DOWNLOAD
coffeedrink(sfnet) CoffeeDrink Drink tha coffee and listen to tha funk!Drink t... DOWNLOAD
usbirboy(sfnet) USB-IR-Boy USB-IR-Boy is an LIRC compatible home brew USB ... DOWNLOAD
ircd-hybrid(sfnet) IRCD-Hybrid IRCD-Hybrid is a lightweight, high-performance ... DOWNLOAD
eigenbase(sfnet) The Eigenbase Project The Eigenbase Project is an open-source platfor... DOWNLOAD
evtviewer(sfnet) evtViewer evtViewer is a viewer for Ms event (*.evt) log ... DOWNLOAD
robotypo(sfnet) Robotypo Robotypo is a Web app which hosts battles betwe... DOWNLOAD
maxpackageinst(sfnet) Maximo Package Installer This tool allows you to create one installation... DOWNLOAD
batchrename(sfnet) JRename A little renamer written in java. DOWNLOAD
simplepki(sfnet) SimplePKI A Public Key Cryptographic system based on Open... DOWNLOAD
lbp-software(sfnet) LBP in multiple platforms The Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is a texture ope... DOWNLOAD
cyzrlyzr(sfnet) CYZRLYZR CYZRLYZR is an open-source add-in for Microsoft... DOWNLOAD
farmereducation(sfnet) FarmerEducation This project is crested by Dinesh Bhavsar on be... DOWNLOAD
mod-gnutls(sfnet) mod_gnutls mod_gnutls uses the GnuTLS library to provide S... DOWNLOAD
lexoview(sfnet) LexoView LexoView is 3D model viewer with focus on CAD d... DOWNLOAD
opendisc(sfnet) OpenDisc OpenDisc is a selection of free high quality Op... DOWNLOAD
inventor-tools(sfnet) Inventor Tools Set of utilities for Open Inventor / Coin devel... DOWNLOAD
sangoma(sfnet) SANGOMA Development of new data assimilation techniques... DOWNLOAD
cond0r(sfnet) cond0r DOWNLOAD
milter-manager(sfnet) milter manager milter manager protects you from spam mails and... DOWNLOAD
mightymaxim(sfnet) MightyMaxim Update your site with a random proverb, news it... DOWNLOAD
gehelium(sfnet) helium Gestor d'expedients administratius DOWNLOAD
lnxesyadmutil(sfnet) Linux Easy Admin Utilities The IT Infrastructure Analyst, IT Ops Engg., Sy... DOWNLOAD
tdiary(sfnet) tDiary tDiary project was moved to GitHub. See https:/... DOWNLOAD
truthtablesolve(sfnet) TRUTH TABLE SOLVER Truth Table Solver is a program that solves the... DOWNLOAD
gnuexplorer(sfnet) GNU tool like Sun Explorer A GNU tool to get run-time system snapshot, use... DOWNLOAD
pyano(sfnet) LET'S 3D ! LET'S 3D! (Little Easy Techniques for Simple 3D... DOWNLOAD
avantfax(sfnet) AvantFAX Multiuser HylaFAX PHP/MySQL Web interface for v... DOWNLOAD
tinydtls(sfnet) tinyDTLS A very basic single-threaded UDP server with op... DOWNLOAD
codeeditor9630(sfnet) CodeEditor9630 DOWNLOAD
qalculate(sfnet) Qalculate! Qalculate! is a modern multi-purpose desktop ca... DOWNLOAD
fastmrclib(sfnet) FastMRCLib A small and simple library for reading and pars... DOWNLOAD
oorecovery(sfnet) Corrupt Open Office Recovery A simple GUI program that attempts to fully rec... DOWNLOAD
frafshwchk(sfnet) FRAFS Hardware Check At, we get a lot of requests for... DOWNLOAD
fastmapunix(sfnet) FastMap FastMap is Java based software that performs qu... DOWNLOAD
nvergent(sfnet) Nvergent Nvergent is a light weight extension library fo... DOWNLOAD
primamembership(sfnet) Prima Membership This our long term start-up that we decided to ... DOWNLOAD
tuxclassroom(sfnet) Tux Classroom This is a virtual classroom for Linux newbies i... DOWNLOAD
fattura-veloce(sfnet) Fattura Veloce Software per la creazione, l'archiviazione e la... DOWNLOAD
openadams(sfnet) openADAMS openADAMS is an "Artifact Documentation An... DOWNLOAD
obiblio(sfnet) OpenBiblio OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library... DOWNLOAD
system7(sfnet) System-7 A team of developers and enthusiasts who develo... DOWNLOAD
moleculardynami(sfnet) Molecular Dynamics Studio This is a collection of software modifications ... DOWNLOAD
lanchesaudavel(sfnet) LancheSaudavel O jogador escolhe os alimentos arrastando-os pa... DOWNLOAD
dwos(sfnet) dwos dwos is a distribute WEB-desktop OS. It mainly ... DOWNLOAD
faw(sfnet) fangwei good DOWNLOAD
osop(sfnet) OSOp OSOp, (standing for: Operating System Op), is a... DOWNLOAD
termatrix(sfnet) termatrix Matrix screen in a terminal DOWNLOAD
ultraminiguestb(sfnet) Ultra Mini Guestbook Ultra Mini Guestbook is a guestbook that can ea... DOWNLOAD
fabriq(sfnet) Fabriq Framework Fabriq, a rapid development framework for PHP t... DOWNLOAD
wowcastparty(sfnet) CastParty CastParty is a compact player framework for dis... DOWNLOAD
web-cat(sfnet) Web-CAT Web-CAT is a plug-in based web application for ... DOWNLOAD
opensuse-edu(sfnet) openSUSE Education openSUSE Education is a community driven projec... DOWNLOAD
nzportable(sfnet) NZ:P free rip off version of nazi zombies (but has m... DOWNLOAD
opendcc(sfnet) The OpenDCC Project The OpenDCC project provides hardware designs a... DOWNLOAD
quran7viewer(sfnet) Quran7 Viewer Holy Quran Visual learning Tool with complete I... DOWNLOAD
wiiki12(sfnet) wki 12 DOWNLOAD
vodigi(sfnet) Vodigi 6.0 Vodigi is a free, open source, interactive digi... DOWNLOAD
tagfind(sfnet) Tag-find Tag-find is a python script developed to clean ... DOWNLOAD
kernelcleanup(sfnet) Kernel-Cleanup DOWNLOAD
pmplus(sfnet) Password Manager+ This is a very efficient password management pr... DOWNLOAD
dreamboxedit(sfnet) DreamboxEdit An application to administer the Dreambox satel... DOWNLOAD
view3d(sfnet) View3D Calculation of radiation view factors by adapti... DOWNLOAD
quexs(freshmeat) queXS queXS is a Web-based CATI (computer assisted te... DOWNLOAD
comstudio(sfnet) comStudio COM Studio utility helps to develop and test a ... DOWNLOAD
rubberduck(sfnet) rubberduck Rubberduck is a simple TODO Manager using MySQL... DOWNLOAD
nyagua(sfnet) Nyagua A java based aquarium management database. DOWNLOAD
extrema(sfnet) extrema EXTREMA is an interactive program with publicat... DOWNLOAD
antcripjava(sfnet) AntolliCrippi Java AntolliCrippi Java is a simple, easy to use and... DOWNLOAD
mvv(sfnet) MVV, die Musikvereinsverwaltung a web-based management tool for musical societi... DOWNLOAD
openann(sfnet) OpenANN OpenANN is a basic artificial neural network to... DOWNLOAD
sivmodeler(sfnet) SivModeler This program is built for mainly Game Maker use... DOWNLOAD
eepp(sfnet) Entropia Engine++ Entropia Engine++ is a 2D Game Engine designed ... DOWNLOAD
degenio-gmap(sfnet) gmap Javabean for Oracle Forms that allows the displ... DOWNLOAD
ani2d(sfnet) Advanced Numerical Instruments 2D Ani2D provides portable libraries for each step... DOWNLOAD
litepos(sfnet) LITE POS ( Point of Sale Software) LITE POS is a free, Powerful, easy to use point... DOWNLOAD
jeuron(sfnet) Jeuron The Jeuron Application Platform is a java based... DOWNLOAD
crhtetris(sfnet) Christian's Tetris This is my version of tetris written in Java an... DOWNLOAD
newbreeze(sfnet) NewBreeze Built on top of the Powerful Qt4 GUI Toolkit, t... DOWNLOAD
xmltrncatorfixr(sfnet) XML Truncator-Fixer XML is intolerant of errors. This program will ... DOWNLOAD
pramfs(sfnet) pramfs Persistent and Protected RAM-based Special File... DOWNLOAD
fbad(sfnet) FBAd General purpose single threaded TCP server daem... DOWNLOAD
arymateya(sfnet) Arymateya Moduł pierwszego polskiego serwera nwn2 DOWNLOAD
mikaos(sfnet) mikaos Very old os project start, obsolete but uploade... DOWNLOAD
jquery-simple-slideshow(freshmeat) jquery-simple-slideshow jquery-simple-slideshow is a simple, low-config... DOWNLOAD
ivritex(sfnet) Hebrew LaTeX IvriTeX is a project spunned off heblatex and i... DOWNLOAD
ors(sfnet) ORS - On-line Resource Scheduler ORS (On-line Resource Scheduler) is a full feat... DOWNLOAD
portable-utf8-library-for-unic(freshmeat) Portable UTF-8 Portable UTF-8 is a library that enables Unicod... DOWNLOAD
pycalendargen(sfnet) PyCalendarGen PyCalendarGen generates customizable calendar p... DOWNLOAD
libdc1394(sfnet) IIDC Camera Control Library libdc1394 is a library that provides a high lev... DOWNLOAD
darchina(sfnet) darchinProject this project used for students DOWNLOAD
classicbible(sfnet) The Classic Scriptures 5 つ星の の本の著者から権利」、イン... DOWNLOAD
aspeqt(sfnet) AspeQt AspeQt is the free Atari serial peripheral emul... DOWNLOAD

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